The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1944 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1944
Page 11
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Anneune*m«nt» .' WANT AIDS Olnnirieit Advertising column! of The BaktrafKld Citllfnrnlan clni* promptly •t l« o'clock each mornlna (or all one- column ads. Two-column nr laraer ads mint b* placed the dsv btfor* publicB- _ tlon. Phon* 7-7«81. 1-14-tt For rtnt—Trucka. 11ckupa, trailer*. Park- •r'a. Blchtb and Union avanu*. Phone _ --»»4i. 1-ll-tt ALL kind* of w.ltbta and wldthi of oan- vai. Canvaa cooda mad* to ordar at Hornun«'a. 1»0« Nlnatatnth atraat. 1-i-tf A.ND NOTART PUBLIC at 1812 "By*" street. Phone 1-0653. »-14-tr REFUNDS on classified advertisements which have been canceled before the expiration date must b* called for WITH • CASH RECEIPTS within one month from date of cancellation. There will be a service charge of one Insertion for classified ads placed and canceled before publication. The Bakersfleld Californlan. T 5-21-tf LADIES' ateam cabinet bath. 1012 Union avertue. Phone_3-_05Cp_or 2^4587. R4 BI.IIK BIRD f'AMP No. 8208. Royal Neiuh- bors of America, will have a runimaBe sale Thursday, October 12. at SIS Baker i^reet. **-' ^ Lost—Found—Strayed LOST—Red Persian cat. male: answers to "Puss": hi vicinity of Bernard street nnd Alta Vista Drive. Phone 4-4677. Reward. i? LOST—From Olldsle achool. a tan purse with child'a (tlasses. Child needs classes. Reward. Pr-one 2-3652. 61 REAVARD for return or Information of Irish Keller, male, strayed from Mount View district. Notify McDonald, Route 6, Box .124, Bahersficld. _6_2 LOST—One 5.25x20 Goodyear truck tire and wheel. Phone S 9589, Fresno. Rewa rd. .li - F1VK-MONTH-OLD black Cocker Spaniel, while spot on thesi: answers to Rex: children's pet: reward. Phone 9-9293, or 2Ji^fi Calitorn'q avtnile^ f 1 WOMAN'S wrist watch, lost on bun en route from East Bakernfield to Oildale. Please call 3-228C It found. 62 LOST—Old. all-black Cocker Spaniel near Stoikdale Rond and Knnts Lane. An- Mwers to name of Queen. Any information wi!l be apprecialed. Call 2-407H. fJ2 LOST—Handmade billfold with initials (', H. i'.. Ill Fox theater or near: con- tJilninK Has stamps anil operator's license. S- r » rtward. 212U East Ca'.'.- foiuia avenue. . ( '.' ! LOST — A wallet. Saturday. October S. and wishes 10 know ihm if it Is found 10 be returned to June I,ills Illnzu, 5'J-I East Ninih stieet. Uakersflcld, Calif. ljnimrunil__p«pe_rj! : . LEFT, by Harmon Anderson, a Kinall puit- cane or satchel in Home business house a]»iiin(l the seventh of September: has union papers and set of. false teeth in 11. Phone 2-7331. "._, LOST—Lower plate fatae. teeth. 105 Hardins street. Reward. ^_ ( > ; j WILL PARTY who picked IIP Boston St-rewtall black nnd while bulldop return ramp immediately to 321 1 street, or phone '--02'i.1. . LOST—Brown billfold, near I'SO. containing about $30. pas stamp*, driver'!* license ami -also some Important papers. RfWHrd. Write l.'oipnra! Cliff Archer, medical department, air base, Gardner Field. Calif.. PKRSON flndlnit clrl'w red coat sweater at Chester and Truxtun bus stop Monday p. m . please phone 2-4710. Financial Furniture Salary PREWAR SERVICE 1712 Chester Phone 2-3337 8-16-tf Business Opportunities Personals HEMORRHO1D SUFFERERS — No hoa- pltallzation nor loaa n. time No aurKtry nor Injactlnna. New, aafa. palnleaa method of ellmlnstinj hemorrhoids now available from Dr. L. R. Pennlnaton. D. r... aulte I. Professional bulldlnl. Phone »-tlOO. «-«-tf •ACRO-ILIAC LESIONS, low bach palna. arthritis, constipation and proatata dla- order* coriacted. Dr. D. 17. Pariah. D C., 40? Habtrfald* bulldln.. Phone B. D. MoBrMe Detective A«»ncT. room 11». Hay bu'ldlut Rakeriftelo Llcanaafl and bonded. Confidential lnveatl«atlnn. Phone 3-3SOO or l-««5» l-T-tf WHO OWES TOUT I for accounui. notes nnd Judrmenti. Commercial Builness Bureau, O. H. Slack, manager. 1S21 Twentieth atreet. phona 7-7584. 74 ANTON B wiHhlnit to see Henry Kgirer. former mimaier of Eastern, please call at 1*2" Chester avenue. Financial A MONTH REPAT3 $100 LOAN IN FULL IN 12 MONTHS. NO CO-SIGNERS. § $25 to $11 made on salary, furniture, nutos tr> office employee, skilled and unskilled Industrial workers, civil service employees, business executives, etc. Private. Prompt. Come In. write or phone first—when approved pick up ca^h. You gel full amount of loan. Private soles of automobile* and furniture financed. • Nationwide Credit Cards Uaued and honored heie. 341) Sill Building (Under the hiB Coca-Cola *lgn) 150S Eighteenth Street W. Verhaag, Hgr. Phone 6-S595 CASI LOANS for INCOME TAX PAYMHJNTS BCHOOb NERDS NECESSiriKB ETC. BORROW ON Automobile. Furniture Salary Truckg Farm Ecjulpt. FOR SALE—Cafe. norl(] of railroad nn Baker street. Complete line of fixtures. dnii'K good business now. £oe by appomttnenL only. ;c,B Maker Ptieet. f'hone _-n_:« fil Mt'ST SHcritice for immediate sale, groins In servl:* Drive-in; 18 stools, completely equipped. Any reasonable .offer accepted Call st 1H8 Sixteenth atreet between AT and X or nhone _-97.'»7. fio WANTKD to make conne'-tion with hnllder interested in mihdivisinn work. Call in ;>erson. 1S1J "l-;.ve" H*.r,'ei. r>- HK11IWAY Wl.'SINKSS—1.10 frontHije, :0 niilefl from Baker^l'leld. flas slat inn. proi-ery sluie, liyhl lutu-heH; five Knod ratlins anil li\-ins rtuartei-s. Price Iflll.'iO. cash *:',700. which Includes KI-IIC- ery Ktni k, fixtures. KIIS anrl oil. Nnw otieratiiiK. moneym.iker fur a couple. Krililk Day. 191 r, "Kye." r,?, Schools—Instruction Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Male INTBRNATIONAL Corresoondence School offer* lob trnlnlne. Spare tlmo: home aludy Frer ratologue. Cai: Le> Manfull 7-7535 or write Box 438. 78 Transportation—Buses FRKK t-UAI.B AND PILLOWS Lowest Fares to All Potnte .\t,T,-AMERICAN BUS LINK INC. :02« Cheater Ellle L. Ball Phone J-H88 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 3-6-tf Contractors and Builders FOLKS. Yor'IJ BUTTER GKT THAT ROOK PAIXTKI) BKFORK Til 10 RAIXY SKASOX fSKTS HEIIK: i sPi-XMALiXK ix HOOKS ANU ALL TYPES OF SPRAYlXi',. A. (',. WELIJXCHAM. r'AIXTIXC, « DECORATIXU CONTRACTOR. L'-fifiSI!. fiTi Occupational Services 3 ce Service Pruning Topping- Taking Trees Out Free Estimates L. G. Flovd Phone 6-6674 65 KST plnmhlnp service. The heat costs less. Repair and remodeline: little 1olis flet first atlenlion. Countv license. Phone 2-2192. 64 "PAID FOR OR NOT" Too may atlll borrow for •» long a* It monthi. Prlvtt* Salss of Automobiles. Truck! and Furniture Financed 100* LOCALLY OWNED Trad* with local p*ople who understand local condition*. W. J (BID) Bergman Maurice it. Clalr tsth enrt Che*t*r Opp. Montgomery Ward Phone |.«TI6 Appointment* Made EMERGENCT CASH LOANS Borrow $100 C««h tor Thirty Day* R«pay $102.60—Total Coit ONLY I2.6C If You Prefer, Tali* Up to Twelve Month* to Pay Only You Have to Sl_n— t No Co-«lgn*r« AUTOMOBILE, PURNITURH TRUCK LOANS Private Sale* ot Automobile* and Furniture Financed SBABOAHD FINAN'JB COMPANY ISOO Cbeate. Telephone >->4I 1-21-t Short term business loan. Can give good security and return. Tel 7-7549. MONIT TO LOAN Long term, all type 'arm loan*, _ _ c.nt talirit. No aommlaalon •* her r«w*r. J. B WARRKN HRAI.TT CO. TULARK THKATKH HIllLDINO .1 TUI.AHB. CALI )?_ PHONE II rmST ani «econd money avallabl* fc RUCK HAULING—Anythlnu any time, anywhere. Furniture moving a epeclalt.v. Phone S-8S25 Whltle Morehead. 106 Pecatur street. Uildale. «J HUMAN'S TRANSFER—Long distance and local. 812 North Chester, Oildale. Phone 2-8914. 66 1VB DO TREE topping, removing: fence building, team work, plowing, general work: Just work; have truck. Phone B-5740. «9 TREE SERVICK CO Pruning. Shaping. Topping A IPO Tree* Taken Out B. Parker Free Estimating 180? H Stieet Phone S-3119 OR general contracting and repair work, call 3-0675. 63 GENERAL PAINTING CONTRACTOR 1. 8. Druey. phone 2-6300. Spray or brush. Home or industrial. Estimates free. 71 Careful, expert work at reasonable prices. Have your brakes Inspected every 6000 miles. No charge for this service. Firestone Stores Twenty-fourth and Chester 9-27-tf SLECTRIC irons, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners repaired. Killebrews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1509 West Eighth street. Phone 9-9437. 79 EI-ECTRIC motor rewlndtne and repair. Fast service and fork guaranteed. Delta Electric and Machine Shop, 1.00 Pacific street. 80 PAINTING Residential, ranch and Industrial. Jrush and complete spray equipment. Free estimates. Phone 3-2432. Contractor O. H. Hines 80 FOR REMODELING and carpenter work. call 2-8411. 62 REFRIGERATORS and washing machines overhauled and rebuilt. V\'e also move tliPin. .28 Washington, Oildnle: phonp _;-7_87_8. 65 RI.T.IABLB PAINTlr.'O. DECORATING Residence, Commercial. Spray Painting SID L. HKI.l.ER Licensed and Bonded Contractor '409 "Eye" Stieet Phone 2-2492 10-2-tf Jerace Dxpert repair service on all makes. Adequate stocks of parts and most types of tubes. Pre-war OPA approved prices. URXER'S .006 Chester Avenue qIdest Rad_lo_Dea]er_in^_OIty 10-9 : tf. •ACin.'.M SWIOErKKS. hair dryers, irons. heat puds toasters, motors—everythliitt electrical repiiired. -Money-back guarantee. \\'\}\ pick nil mid deliver. Htlntley Appliance Service and Hepulr. !U7 Water street. flume .-•1570 or L'-V.1.4. WANTED—Dressinakintr and Rlterations. Airs. I, li. Lincoln, 618 Lincoln streel I'hune 2-8386. (S Have your old fur coat made like new. Repairing, restyllng, rcdye- ing, cleaning and glazing. Expert wormunHhlp. Free estimates gladly griven at S2^ Chester Ave. Phone 2-5580 Quick service and sensible prices. Hip stnrk ut' prexvar pans. We ha^'e a t'e\v used i-Hili'ih for Hiile.. Buck Hudio Service, Tlo \\'it8hlnBlun avenue, Oildale H*lp Wanted—Male AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED INTERVIEW DAILT 4:30 TO 5:30 P. M. £. 727 East Twenty-first Street Certificate R» al Security Card PLEASE APPLY AT THE at Seventcpnth and L LOCKHEED AIRCRAFT CORPORATION, BAKERSFIELD lo-n-tf AT TAFT Oiler for Gas Engine Compressor Plant — Male Draftsman, Veteran or Female Chatnman, Wale AT BAKERSFIELD Helpers for Installing and repairing pipe lines — male. AT WASCO Serviceman — male. AT LEBEC Pipeline repairman — male. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Apply to Phones Taft 464, Bakersfield 7-7501, Wasco 4231, Lebec 18 79 MAN FOR TIRE AND SERVICE DEPARTMENT STEADY JOB WITH POSTWAR FUTURE TWENTY-FIFTH AND CHESTER PHONE 7-7871 62 BY STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA EXPERIENCE NOT ESSENTIAL . STEADY WORK IN THIS AREA SEE OIL COMPANY REPRESENTATIVE AT UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT OFFICE, BAKERSFIELD, EVERY MONDAY, TUESDAY, THURSDAY AND FRIDAY OF EACH WEEK. Availability Certificate Required 63 An engineering company with widespread operations has a few openings for young men with technical ability for field and laboratory work, in California. A permanent base is maintained in Bakersfield. Starting pay is good and chances for advancement are excellent. See Mr. Roland at U. S. Employment office for appointment. Certificate of Availability required. 61 WANTED. AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PERMANENT WORK: TOP WAGES. APPLY BAKER-ADAMS PONT1AC OARAGE, 2701 CHESTER. , f-22-tj WANTED—Experienced »uto mechanic. Good hnurt and pay. In an eaientlal job. Hand toola and availability certificate necessary. See Mr. Reed. Kltchen-Boyd Motor Company, 2220 Chester avenue. l-25-tf Jobs available In this war essential Industry with p postwar future Apply to Vic Ingham nr George Sheeham. 3301 Chester Avenue At S P. Railroad Tracks «7 AUTO MECHANIC and helper wanted. Apply Chftseman's Garage. 1909 Union avenui. 61 64 EXPERIKNCED TIRB MAN. GOOD I POBXW A R _ •wi WANTED—Tire service man. Good future, good salary. Apply Smart Tire Store. 830 Twenty-tlr-t atreet, M WANTED—Auto mechanic, bodv repairman, unholsterv man. aulo electrician. Stendv employment, top WHKCS. larae and well eoulpped shop. Prepare for postwar employment now. Contact Frank Klnc Motor Center. Chevrolet. Buk-k. Cadillac dealers. Twent v-see«nd and Cheater avenue, Bakersfleld, California. 61 MAN WANTED—Kern County Cotton Cin. MagunUcrk til! OIL WELL pump »ervlre man: permanent poBtwiu- position: experience not necessary: statement of availiibtlity required. Neilsen Pump Company, 1125 Thirty- fourth atrecl. 63 WANTED—Man to work In Owens Toy Store: no sales experience necessary, good wages. Apply at store, 1228 Nine rieeth. 62 OFFICE WORK for oil company: some bookkeeping experience: man or woman. Must have own transportation. Phon 8-8750. «a DOORMAN wanted. Apply after f p. m. Granada, theater, (15 Kentucky atreet. 10-10-tf WANTED—Man to work In part* department; ateady employment with pleasant working crndltions. Apply Couslna Tractor Company. 424 Twenty-fourth. 65 WANTED—Man or woman to cook for duck club. Good pay. Call 2-8063. 63 WANTED IMMEDIATELY—Combination bus drive: and achnol cuttodlan. Muet be able to handlt all maintenance work. Eicclleir. Hilary plua house water and gas. 4ppl> to C. E. Owln, McKlttrlck. Calif. Punic Black »». «| WANTED—Trimmer to owratt •)••> .ail rmtt ervers HEEBEB BY UNITED GEOPHYSICAL CO, For work on seismograph prospecting crew in Venezuela. Apply Iflltt Union Avenue or U. S. Employment Office Help Wanted—Male Petrolen an cssonti;il inrhistry WESTSIDE OILFIFU.DS Good opportunity for nrlvniiroment Board and room on lease XO EXPERIENCE HEQl'IHED Ask for OfiiPr:il Pctrolouni representative UNITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SEP. VICE 1300 Seventeenth Street. Bakcrsficld U. H. E. S. Referral require"! 61 BKLLMAN—Must be over 11. Apply Hotel Padre. T-l-tf fill SCHOOL ROT. OVER Ifl. FOR PART-TIME WUIl I. IN LAUNDRY. n.MvKIiSKlKT.D LAI'NDRV ASSOCIATION. CORNER NINETEENTH AND S. SI WANTED—Oil field workers, roustabouts, lotitry helpers, firemen. 6 and 7-day work week schedules. Phone I*-'.M61. Tidewater Associated__011__C.ompj^ny. t>7 EXPERIENCED mnn in prune orchard. Onll nt'tei 4. Phone 2-ti08l 61 WANTED — Tractor mechanics. Twenty-fourth and Highway 9!». Ace Tractor Company. , 65 WANTED — TRUCK AND AUTO ME CHANICS. APPLY SOUTHERN GARAGE. TWENTY-THIRD AND I STREETS. 12-31-tf DERRICKMEN AND ROTART HELPERS NEEDED; STEAD- WORK FOR EXPERIENCED MEN. APPLY BETWEEN AND 3:30 P. M. 10:3 A. M RICHFIELD OIL CORPORATION 666 HABERFELDE BUILDING BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. 8-26-tf EXPERIENCED (hoe ulealadr or Mica- man wanted Write Bra G-IHI. The Callfornlan l-l-tf NE10DED 10 heir maintain transportation auto and tiuck mechanics and bnd» men rul! tlin. work. Motor Center. Bulck Chevrolet and Cadillac dealer. See Back, man, Tw«ntr-«econd and Cheater. LICENHI2D oil lease Balesinan wanted _ Call in iieison, 1812 "Eye" street. jj WANTED—A licensed Insurance Balenrnai to tHke charge of insurance depfirtnienl Sevenf -five per cent commission. Cal In poifon. 1812 "Eye" street. 6_i WANTED—A licensed real estate sales man. A perfect opportunity for larg Income. Call in person, San Joaquin Agencies. 1812 "Eye" street. MECHANICb wanted. Attractive offer Muat havr hand tools; availability cer teflcate /rqulred. Seo shop foreman Packard Agency. 1210 Cheater avenue WANTED—Bui boy. AoplT El Telon hot* dining room See Mr. Rowen, I WANTED—Repair and delivery man to work in furniture store. Appl; Day la Furniture Compa'ny, HOi Chester avenue- 10-7-tf COTTON PICKERS WANTED. % ml It) south of roundhouse un Oak atreet G. W. Solomon. * EXPERIENCED -ervice Nation salesman. Good salary and excel lent future. Must have fair edu caljfon and able to awum* respon •ibllity of training and directing other.. Firestone Storti, 233: Che»Ur, Baktntiold. »-SO-tf P. and stnrknmn. light delivery truck; union pro IP. five-day week: white _onl.v_. ^8JO_L .«ttcct._ K- ULI.-TIMK POUTER. B"Od jnli: ,Milt,Inyinr in. Apply .-.-eei eta i y, ICIks rlilb. f, 1 "\'.\ N'T I'. U — l-^xpei ;enred hrii.k keeper, famil- ia r wn:i double enlrv s\slem This 1i,i> is not n wnr iKiltv-. bill n bic postwar piniioHit ion. Should «nrk inlo .some- lliinc \-eiv ttorifl tor the riuht t>art\. See .lini_CaI|!iK.v_ 1 (;iij_J'hcsler. In-il-tf \".\ N"riOP--'r\vo lielpei-M for pot table drill lie 61.1 Waahirigion. Oildale. Phon,.-;;;;). c.i 1ELPF.R WANTED on scismocraph crew Experience not required : steady 1ob in an essential Industry: «vnilabilitv certificate required Apply 126 Georce Hav bulldlnir 10-2-tf VANTED—NIGHT OAHAC5E ATTENDANT. APPLY UNITED GARAGE. 1301 EIGHTEENTH STREET, 6J WANT—Experienced frv cook. Apnlv I r redilie's Cafe. 89 HiRhwav and Twentv- foui-th street. 10-B-tf TOREMAN—For old established oil field supply company. Permanent position. Write Box E-768, The Californian. 62 AbORERS IN ESSENTIAL INDUSTRY. STEADY EMPLOYMENT. APPLY CONSOLIDATED Plf'E COMPANY OFFICE, TRUXTUN AND UNION AVENUE. «1 OTTON PICKERS wanted. H mile aouth Fairfax School Route 6. Box 562. Phone 2-5066. See Neely or Vernnn Wallis. 63 WANTED—One truck mechanic and one lubrication man. Permanent to right men. Kern Rock Company. Callowny. Phone 2-15913. 61 Help Want.d—F«ma»« TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fascinating Work—Essential Peacetime Future PACIFIC TELEPHONE AND TELEGRAPH COMPANY 1520 Twentieth Street 6-29-tf EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN FOR MEN'S FURNISHINGS AND SHOES. GOOD SALARX. PERMANENT POSITION. APPLY MANAGER EASTERN. 1629 NINETEENTH STREET. S-14-tf EXPERIENCED waitress wanted. Freddie's Cafe, Twenty-fourth and _Hifhway 99. 10-6-tf WANTKD—WoniHn for checkinK and »e\v- inu; availability certificate required. Apply in person. Pioneer Allen ClcuncrH. lion l-;nst Nineteenth street. (n WANT experienced fry cook. Apply Freddie's Cafe. 99 Highway and Twentv- fourth streets. 10-6-tf POSITIONS AVAILABLE AS SERVICE STATION SALESWOMAN. PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE NOT ESSENTIAL. OPPORTUNITY FOR VALUABLE TRAINING WITH PAY. PERSONS CUR- Rli.VTLV EMPLOYED IN WAR INDUSTRIES WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. APPLY SHELL OIL COMPANY INC., 900 SACRAMENTO. BAKERSFIELD, OR ANY SHELL, OFFICE. IO-6-tf H.lp Wanted—F.mal* WANTED gfae Wanted to Rent—Houses Ca.tfo.nian Tuesday, October 10, 1944 |] Far ««!•— Improved Property XI'Knir.Ni'KI) S.\I,KS[,AnV IN" Fri;\rrn:i: ST<>I;I-:. coon SALAIIV C'.M.l. IX PI.KSON. i STM.MKKS. U" KAST NIXK- Ti:KXTH STIIKKT 10-10. if OPKRATUl: WAX T|.;i> -.1,1 U «'s HrMiity tiv ;inil . .imnn^sMin. Appiv ii',;: N .IHM. >.•!.- h sti,-,>t '', ', .,ik MI t» \VI>MA\ liiiai-il I \\'ii.MA\ .'••' Kcn,'i;il hn'i«sr\vmk H rul I.i'in- i\r\ II.H.r I L' to X; In wpf'k or T'tll time. \vitn l>n;tr«l ami : onrn . Knod Wfl rin.n» .Al.'v l?< I'i.ifi,. __ I. ADV Co .•:,!.• I .-ir !l.\.,iu -nld girl wh,:,- mother wi'i k.«, * p. m. to 12 mi<ln;Kli'. 7 1 ". t.'\ p, t»s~ s! i "or or ;ihont; o ', 7 I , I'.v- tnliniini_4 I ._ ilfl.T 4 p rn. ___ _ _____ i> ! S.\l.l-;sl,.\r>V. wi'h knmvlnili:.' <if Mt.MC h,'lt,*r uriiilr, l.-ul',.,. 1 inn] ihiMrcn's Hh,,<>s. pail-timf on].\. 1J ID .'i.'Ul. Itnlpli « Sh,>" i"nni!ort Sh, ip. 1 .. 1 _ KiKhtcellth. 'i .' SALESMAN WANTED—M<-Mahan'« Furniture Company. Eighteenth and H. 9-.6-tf SALESMEN — Insulation. Can make SHOO H month nml tip. its use recommended bv the crovernnient. Inquire C L* Vnn Voast. Pntlie hotel. Bnkersfleld. 10-4-tf HAI.KSMAX or ?:ili> si v. for i hi lilr i li;i 1 :i< (<>!• I'lrMin^ pinyi.nM. Hir'tt to HIM li<>i s-. Kisi. ,|ir,k MiMii''vm,.iU,M-. Will HIV Iliikci-sl•'.-!.l ,'\r!u"i\,' l.j liKht pnr!\. llm,m .Mii. II"!, •! i'i,lii\ :if|,-i •I .'!" p. Ill li-.' 'KriM \ M:N r >" v i.i \.v rorpr.i: \vrnf Yi: » [I i M.I • ''HI i .1" WANT ri'CN |SHKI> ri\s-; i >'i >'v r.iioM noi SK w H.I. I'vV ill"! V Mi'Vril Ill: AlflFiK. <'.M.I, Ml; i ill Mi: - N.v.-H. f'HUM: «->! 1 "• • 11 'liKsKNT ii'iMK sm.n HY I..VNPI.OP. r> Ai-n: 1 : in VKVHS mnrKM TO .MOVK. WITIIIV TIII:I:I-: r»,vs won.n I.IKK 2 mi .Mil- M'.IIIIM i r[:\isilKii Hfiisr. nil! K'>rh AIM l.TS i-.M.I, ;..!741 __ •> .1 KII\ i' K I;H:I.. •< 'h •!-, Mil ?.'• ar.<\ 5 ni'.nih*. u- «i < •, "M ^h i '••• v iom<? or " !! < < • <• t<.r , h :.! n "V>h:i;iK<. tor hn:ir:l iiml i. i,mi. I'li'in* l:-ixr,. Mr.'. M-Meil Wanted to Rent— Apartments Cl VII. I. \.V-Kn, plm oil cnniilc win? fur- ni^he'l npaiMiniMi'. in rhiMr^n. °\ r °\]«r! I'll" CII.T i ;ini--. d . : ^f»r"n' ••«. Call M'-. Mn«i'n. f) ."> 7 '!. hP!'"'-f> ;, '«i p m., or L'-'.'l.j: o^•eI|]n^J^ .in,l S: iiilav •> I SINIII.K Ki:l \v.intx a II.T rt m-Tit oi - urnall house fVrmn n^i.r ; im pfr« Musi np i\\rf or ilon't rail "tti.n't chare. Pai H. " - 0 S 7 ."• : n i R h I * . li t; ' ." I ii fi nm.-rl liv . SAI.KS.MK.V- Isxp.'i .I'M. •• nut M..., I'MSi tmin I'nc e\,"ini\-e pnnitinns: tup puiil whlie tlaiumtf. Ler-il H Shoe in Situations Wanted—Male I RENOVATE, rewd .-inrl fertllUe lawns and haul nwny the runbi*h. 2o a cnuaie foot. Phon- 4-4100 Richard Hailev Claidenin^ Servue 80 TREES AVe Trim We Remove \\'o 'l'iu> We Shape I'lione 2-7SS1 REPAIR. f' EXPKHIHNCI-:!! janitor wishes sli-ii.|y ploynii'iit. Avnilabiliiy. (~all ;-:«4J. Situations Wanted—Female PUBLIC •tenogriphtr desires work In own office. 1813 "Eye" drift. Phone 8-0653. 9-l«.tt WE CLEAN kitchens. 85c hour: slso blinds, windows: floors hy the floor. Lnrko Clesneis. Phono 7-7462 before S. _ after 6. U5 HfPBAND IN SER\'1CE—Will do wash- iPK atul ironins m my home. Phone 2-7<lgn. fij WILL HO ironltiic 70c an hour, also care for two small children. Phone 5-"iGl!i. lil WANTED — Mitldle-aRed American woman wishes to exrhnime ser^'ii es for a (rood home. P. O. Bex 171. C.lnrbei yille. _JJ_umhokU__frinnty._("al^r. ___ _ _ r,4 WANTED— Janitn-Ks or dinhwashini; joh. __Phone_2-S;7H.__l 1 l_l^a ye.". ___ «ti COMT'TOMKTErt operalnr, experienced all operations, wants temporary position. _Phone,_-'-!KU>7._ ___ ____ _ __ IT! EXI'ERl ENTED ns telet>'tie operator and offlco jtroreilure. Wants permanent position, Salary $135. Phone 2-3'.iM. Can WANTED—Typist and stenographer. Apply Acme Finance, Twenty-fifth and Chester. 9-36-tt WANT trnv hop and fountain rlrl. El Patio Drive Inn, Union and California avenue. 63 WOMAN wanted, foul.lain work, meals furnished. Availability required. Lucky's. isis K. y WANT, beauty operator: Bond salary and commission, full time or part-time. 6-6004. «.' WHITE WOMAN; half day« ceneral IIOUKCwork: 4 (lays a week. Phone 8-8218. 61 PBX OPKRATOR WANTED—WE WILL TRAIN IT APPLICANT IS OVER 21 ANM IS PAMIL1AII WITH THE TOWN. APPLY IN PKRSON AT THF! VELLOW CAB COMPA.Ni'. 1301 EIGHTEENTH STREET. «1 SALESLADY wanlcrl. Good opportunity for experienced ready-lo-wear saleswoman. Good salary. AhboU'i, 1618 Nineteenth ulrcet. 02 WANT GIRT, OR WOMAN TO PICK !'P PARTS AND TAKE CARE OF SMALL SET OF hOOKS. PHONE 4-4097. til WANTED — Laundry workeri: experience nnneccasaiy. Citizena Laundry. 0:11 Sixteenth street. WANTED—Women workeri Experkme unnerewHary. Family Service Laundrv. Phone C-6435. Eveinns« 2-1883. 61 * A hESLA DIES WANTED No Experlenco Nccescary Steady Employment F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 14U8 Nineteenth Street WANT HO — Wiilnrn ivurkur*: cxpei :-"'•' unlK.TC'HKH i >. Kaniily SorviiM LuutKlry fhiini.' fi-m:i.i: cvriiinsii 3-1SS3. RKLIAIlLli! party to stay with chililren foi-ennoiiB at 331 Highland Drive. Phon• WANTED — Saleswoman: 7'i-holir dii Apply UweliB Toy iStorc. 1228 .Ninetconili ajreet. __ __.„_ TWO PREMIERS for army shirts: stearly work, top wages, plus production honnn. Can arrunire tor transportation. Apply Post Cleaneri). II inter Field. 1'hnne 7-7C01. HXteiialon 337. Cjl OFFICR work for oil company: some bookkeeping nxperience. Man or woman Must have own transporlRtlon. 1'hone g-gvr.o. (i:| COLORED GIRL, wanted. Voting energetic colored girl wanted a> janitress and for work In stoclt- room. Permanent position; good salary. Abbott's, 1518 Nineteenth Btrect. WANTED—Woman to learn machine pii'»s- Inif; availability i^ertlfifale reitulrml. Apply In pumon. Pioneer Alien Cleaners «no East Nineteenth street. «•' WANTED—Man or woman to rook foi .duck club. Good rmy. Call i-sutiji. «a ALTERATION lidy or sssittdnt wanted •ither full or part-tlroo. Apply •- EM«r'», 1*21 CbMter. 10-»-t£ OI.ORF.D woman wants house work the hour. 75c an hour. Ask for Vi toria. phone 2-"8t-. __ l For Rent—Rooms tOO.U fur rent, to sent l^men. six Modes west_of Fox the,TJer._ Phonc_S-099S. _ ti: 1 , ''OH KENT — Hedrooin, downstairs: rnrnace heal. Near hu« Hue and eatilif? places. AN'oi kins uiil preferted. Phono 3-1-10. ARdE front room, tloso in. air conditioned. individual lu'at; gentlemen only, -1011 Seventeenth. For Rent—Houses ONE-ROOM furnished house with bath: facilities for cookimr. Only Rontlemen n?ed apply. 2115 East California avenue. 6j^ nEAI'TIFl'LLY furnished 'J-heiiroom house and ganmc. $80 per month. Wtllo Box r-li!>. The Californian. For Rent—Apartments iVJLI, EX(.,'HAN(1E large furnished apartment for small furnished, apartment. Call :-4788 after 6. 6:: For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital bedi with Inneriprlnc m»ttr*ss««: walkeri. rubber iheetlng: «v«rythln« (or tick room. Fold- Inc chair*. Phont 7-748i» or 1-0067. l-l-tf FOR HIRE—Two-ton flat rack truck. Call 2-4310. 01 FOR RENT—Caterpillar tractor with driver. Phone L'-1!IG1. 61 Wanted to Rent—Rooms ,O<-'A \ t yomi£ ladv would like room In vii-inlly of .Southern Pacific. Call 3-1748 Hfter Ti p. m. IKNTLEMAN wants room in pi ivate home Phone fl-liTfi-l. *i Wanted to Rent—Houses No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartment* or courti. Only those meeting your requirement* •will call. Phone early, San Joaquin Agencies. Edward W. Moody, 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. ir no answer, call 2-0653. 8-25-tt MANAGER local business would Ilk* to rent 2-be<1room, unfurnished. Reference. Phone 3-0265. 62 JIIDDLE-ACJED couple badly In need of 2-bedroom furnished house or apartment Tiansfcrred hare indefinitely. Pay to $75 a month. No children, no pets Phone S-8463. extension 21. 62 TWO OP. THREE-BEDROOM UNFURNISHED MOUSE NEEDED BT BRANCH MANAGER MAJOR OIL COMPANY. PERMANENTLY SITUATED AND R KSPONSIBLE: WILL LEASE. TWO ADULTS NO CHILDREN OR PETS. I'HO.V : MR LEWIS, 8-8481. EXTENSION 31. OR EL TEJON HOTEL. ROOM SOU. «1 WANTED—Furnished or partly furnished house, one or two bedrooms. Two children: permanent. Phone .-7443, til WANTED--Two or three-bedroom furnished house hy permanently employed family. Ph°ne_y; M ^1. .Mr. Radeker. ti WANTED—A nice house or apartment, furnished or partly furnished. Permanent, dependable couple; luishnnd discharged from service, no children or pets. Can WANTED—One or 2-heUroom IIOIIKO liy youim coup], 1 ; two .small children, perllm:- lit. References if wanted Fully in piirtlv tnrnliJled. Phnne :i-_l_ti0"•. ii 1 YDl'NtJ prrnia riuiit coutilt! wiwh house ;i [,jt rlnielit Nil "-Inhlrcii or petH. Phone li.'iTL'T. lOtu liil Hotel, flooin I 4.____ i:. 1IINTKR KIIOI.1' •itrieer and wife from llluo <|espei ulelv nfi-il funiishetl hnili^e or ;i P:I r tnient; "evitcrt inn" in Decernher. NV'i) thii* k-.c'ti us hoin'-lepf:'.' Phone ti-iiV76. I'l-^RMANENT couple would like apnrt- ment or houae. rcfert l oc',.'n offered. Di call 4-4.7C, after 6 call 2-14,5. 61 PERMANENTLY liu-ated couple wsnt furnished or unfurnished house. No children. References. Cull Tom Huff. 9-a 513_ .Ii WANTED—Furnished house or apartment for two quiet, reliable Indies. Must be close to bsu line. Call 3-0750 before 6 p. m. or 2-4S54 after 6. Ask for Mrs J .__M 1 _LoEan. 6 2 PKRMANKNT CIVILIAN AVANTS 2-BKDROO.M HfUJSK, FCRN- ISHKD OR T'NFHRNr.SHED. MONTHS KKXT IX ADVANTR. nRPKRRNC'KS CJ1VRN. CAM, 7-75LM. WANTED—Furnished or partly furnished apartment or small holme by local lady alone, UOI.IK essential work. No children or pets. Call 2-6810 or Bob Coats at Kern Print inv Company. Mrs. Helen Coats Smith. *•! SOLDIER" wives and 6-month-old bahy need two-bedrnoni I'ltrnlslKMl house in vicinity of Kern County Airport. Phone 3-2140. \V.\\TKP. liv lefme.l lailv. '.' or li-iimrn np:ii:in"nl, i lime MI. (.'all IVs-Mrr ti'itei. mom M 1 "', tu-n\pi'n 2 nnrl 4 p. m.. r>r ii ! ! rr 7 p ni S ?. MAN In t-rliu-al defense work, iluat hsve furiilnhed or unfurnished housa or «iv< IIP Jon. Christian people, will He re •ponnible for propeny. Three months rent la advance. Phone 3-1237. iS Wanted to Rent—Farm Land WANTED TO RENT—30 to 10 arres. alf;tlt,i or vircln lan'l preferred, mu^l I.e sut't. 1C Bi-shuslan. The Club. Delano fit Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 501 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4603 6-14-tf DIAMONDS, watches and old jewtlry of any description; highest market prices paid In cash. Earl McEvoy, precision watchmaker. 118 Haberfeld* biilldlnc. Phone 6-6397. 11-30-tf WANT ho*» of all kinds and sprinjrer •owg. Phone 3-707.1. 68 WANT furniture of all kinds, wood stoves, oil stoves, beds, springs or whatever you wish to sell Phone .-707S. 6S BROWK'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call us for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-8-tf WANTED, despeiateiyl—Ona 28-inch bi- •ycle ure. Please call Caward. 39-F-ll. WANTED TO BUY — Easy washer, in good _on ilj u on. Phone 2-l'045. __ fi^ WANTED — A lawn mower in good condition, with all attachments. 1000 R st reel . Phone 4-4 1_1 !)'.'. __ *^ WANTED — tlootl-size lato model cooking stove: must be lu good condition. Phone I 1 - 13 13. _____ _________ _*' HHIHEPT prices paid for your furniture. atiplla ni-es. et<\ We buy everything. I'romtit rnuiteoiis seivtrc. \"ictory Kur- il M ure v;xrhanKe. ti 1 S t'nion avenue. ^I'hone^lOO:,. _____ S6 WANTED — Child's tricyle for HKWAtt tublPtop clnrk-nven control. Inrce gas rniise. I'huiH 1 after 3 p. m., 3-15.:t. WANTED TO BU Y— Uirl's bicycle, full size; must be Rood condition. Phone afterS p. m.. 7-774IJ. ___ _ ____ ____ A III'TA.N'iO lank. 3T,0 IQ fiOO-Ka lion capacity; tested at not lens than IL'n-oound pressure. Write ROM 314.!. Phone 612. .1. H. Keith. liS Wanted to Buy—Property SMALT, HOUSE TO BE MOVED. 2 .1 ROOMS. PHONE 3-0520. List Your Homo or Farm With. RICHARDSON ft SIDDALL REALTORS COS Hopkins Buildint Phone 7-7031 NEED listings for cash buyer! on large and small homes, acre homes, farms nnrt Income property. Elwood's, 19L'3 "Eye." 82 WANT TO Bl.. r Y 2 or 3-bedroom modern home: will pay cash. Phone 5-5538.62 We need more Hating*. Lilt yo-r bom*, (arm. ranch or Incom* with BOTDSTTJN * LANCASTER 1817 h Street Phon* l-ICit DEWEY A. HORTON If you have a home, small Improved acreage, or farm land for sale CALL, 2-6379 1704 K Street 71 List your property with ui tot quick. cnurt-oiii ronlt*. Homts—Incoiu.' R«ncbe« Chester N. Beard Phone 6-5909 Bill Alltn, Aneoclat* »-8-tf li you want your property sold. WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 2-OCEiS »-28-tf SELLING horn* or firm? Phnn« 2-0653. Liatlnga not necessary. HHV« buyers >valt!n«. Kan Joaqutn AgincleB. Edward _W_Moody 1812 "Eye" stuet. 10-4-tt WANTIOn. by private party, from owner (no br(,ker), five-room house In La l.'resta area.: must have fair size hvint? and dining room. Will pity cash. Phon It will pity you to phono When you want to sell homos or .small fiirtnM. f'S \\-\-: NKKI) PlIOPKRTY to sell, liave buyers wnitliiB, quick action Kiiiiranteoil. Call Wicker, plione _-n^;!!i. llili" I'lu.'Stei 1 . 05 1 \VILL huy ininiedia lely a 2 or ,'t-heilroom house, if almost new mid pi-iced rmln. < loud liicalion Uiukf'is do not call. Phon e^JJ :U - <>J: WANTED—Business iol within HI hloi-Us of downtown. What have sou.' AS'rn P. O. Box tiu1. llakcrtilield. ii MtiPKKN U or 4-bcdrootii horn*,., In good In. iitton. I'holK- -'-is;,7. Ii.'. r.M.L RLMKR MARTIN WHK.V ViH' WANT i-ASH ANH Qrii'K Ai'TICN IN SEI.LINiJ Yi'VI! HOME (lit ItANCII. NO 1JEAU TUO LARC.E Hit SMALL I-HONE :-'ii;ii( ROOM 220 HAHKRI-ELDK UL'lLPINll 10-10-tf Ittcwey A. For Sale—Improved Property L'nni-uu lly u-cll-l'Uilt horn,* xvilh teat flin- UIK tuu.n. t u D bfili UIHIIH. IIIIKM !i\ > n^ rut,in anrl hreHkO* st. ii-mk, dmit'le K;t- r.tuc', 1'HH uf stiitde, iniiiictlmia lu'^frt-s- si'MI. Olil,-1-. \vi-ll-hnilt. hum" of Ihii-e lii-drooms. rt'ii 1 lip't'iai". liirKi 1 lufiiiis: lutH n,'\\ t;i hi,' In], i-iin^'\ l.ii^t 1 rt-i'i lycrat'M , ,f,M, ,1 i My*. inncrniMiim ina tti 'jw.i", \'a'ant; 1111- nii'diate ln.iMHrHpLiin. Cull! 1 DI ta h],' ul,l, J hull.-;., nit acit-. v-M t'<liJUMH'i.l td 1-iii.s, 1 < hi, U,-nn. lias 1'rtin !> or, hard ol" asMirtfd \ouiitf I'tuit trees, all fenced. IminiHliaiM posHe«»:itn. Clitso In Chest,M- avciiii,.'. Oildale. ohU'r house with honi' 1 Kotnl turnitui-p. This is an t-xi-ellent lucmiim. Immediate pos- HCHHUm. Small court with Inexpensive rentals and a (wave rented. Will pay ti per cent in- tCll-Ht On IIU PHtmtMlt. Wfll-locat-d huaineHS corner on well-trav- P|IM| lioitlevnrd. ('loae in and has two well-built hoilBea and nhop. CltiH^ lo ChePU'f avenue. Oildalp. well- hiiilt home. Can he turned into three bedroom* or two nice apartment*. L.OMITA VF.RDK—Immed.ste pnHeillnn; two hoo-rooms and den. living room, din- :r,s r'.om. ni<-e kitchen with dual *tnk. hieakfast nonk. hardwood floor*, floor f'irnar«. plenty of tile, lot* of cupboard and .lo-ct »pai-.e. very clean inside and n-it, ni'» Int. double ffaraKe. $1700 worth tif furniture Included at the price ot «in..-|i-]ii HICHI.AND AfANOR— Five-room home. all iHt-e-" 1 rooms, ovfr 1COO feet of floor spa'-e: this is a well-constructed horn*. in excellent condition, entry hall, real frrepla-e. hardwood floors, floor fur- on • e. plenty of tile, ttenerou* cupboard ami clmet space: nice lot, double ga- raz": »HSOO. RAST BAKKRSFIELD — Two-b«droom ^i,m,--. plaster and stucco, hardwood fli,on. nlo flraln. etc., lara"e lot, plenty : nf fruit and shade. J39SO. WKST BKI.LK—Home and Income. Twn- heiifom home, frame and plaster, nil laieM. modern convenience*; also mod- " ern .-hedroom adobe In rear, completely furnished SUSOO. 1.000 down. ANOTHEK HOME A_ND INCOME!—One 1 i-.edioom and a 1-hedroom home: »fi, ,o nnrt plaster, about three year* "Id: hnrdwood flrmrs. tile drain*, etc.. On* house completely furnished. 16000. FOrP. I'NIT C'OI'RT—Completely furnished: nood rental district, will net 1« per cent $6.">fin. 1.000 down. SOt.'TH 99—Five ac.res. :»4-foot front*** on 119 Highway: 4'3 miles from Eighteenth and Union: itood well and pre**ura sNS'em. store building, stock, fixture* and livm-- quarters. 19500, $3009 down. WINC5LAND SQUARE — Two-bedroom hnm^. in snod condition instde and out: h.ia all latest modern convemencee; nlc* Ifit S.-.-if down. Dl'PLEX—Plaster and stuccn. about 5 .\enrs old in excellent condition, four , room? each sid». all latest modern con- ' venienres: one side completely furniehed: In fond rental district, close to tran*- poriation and markets: $7100. 61 FOR SAI.K, by owner, five-mom alucco house, H!| hardwood floors: lar.e living- room. rlm'nK room, two large bedrooms. nice bath with tile vanity, hall with linen cl.iaet and extra clothea eloeet: lovely kitchen, tile drain, lota of cup- bout'd at>ace. service norch, double laun- Ory ira>-s: lartre yards buck and front. vvrll lumlscaped with back fenced, *.a- iHiie. See at :'4I» Alia Vi»la Prlve. 63 VERY modern, well located 5-room Hturco home on corner lot, pi-Iced at $5000, $1500 cash, balance $45 month. See Mel Hay, 1524. Eighteenth street. Phone 2-0878. S3 Kvwninfts 2-5."8 I70( K Street «3 Southwest—Two hedrooms. Targe living and dlninK rooms, til* In kltch*n. ga- tnce. ni<-e lawn; near high ichool. Eleafnnable down. One .-hedroom nnd one 1-hedroom furnished, on lar.e lot close to bu* line and shopping center. $4100, term*. General morehnndise store and stock, en highway, sood location. Large concrete stoVc building with living quarter*, own wiiter system. nl«-e fixture* with large walk-ln ri-trigerator. cooler*. 4-purap gas station; atnci: in complete: off-flat* beer license. Paved parking space. OB corner one acre. Call for complete Information. NlfK COURT near Highway 9». good in- cnme Rcaaonable down, balance ISO a month. 170S K street Fhtm* Close In r n Qulncy—Two bedroom*: room has beamed celllnc and fireplace. : hardwood floor*, tiled floor in batB, tiled t aink in kitchen, larce service or *l*e»- Inir porch, nice b*«ement. yard under avirinkllni ayitern, for only I6»*0. $3509 ; down. $37.50 per month. WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 5-OJSS , 10-e-tr ONB acre with 5-room house and double garage. Equipped with all Harden tool*. also a Harden tractor. This property 1* planted lo flower* for commercial MlltaK. Has plenty of water. Price 15750. terrna. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Eighteenth *tr**t. SEE BEARD On I.oma, Linda—Practically n*w J-bedroom home with nice den. Thl* horn* IB excellent condition, tare* yard with bar> beetle pit, double Karate: house has »ene- tian blind* arid floor furnac* and overlooks the city. Prlc* $790». On "Eye" Street—A comfortable elder . home: with .1u*t a little work can be, \ innrJo Into just what you want; baa tw*> hedrooms with aleepinv room. Let -• show you thia. Price I3»SO. A Good-J'aylne Motor Court—Pot your money to work. Here In an excellent motor court on 99 Highway jult l*uth of town that ha* been a real ma-ney maker: £4 rentals located en two acre* with fine ahade tree* and room to expand. Income $900 per month. Require* Jfi.50 :o handle. On Rrundate Lane—A swell 25 acre* that is highly developed, food well and priced to sell. Will raise anytnlnc. Give u* CHESTER -V. BEARD 1S07 H Street Phone 6-S90I er 2.45JJ Skyline—Immediate possession, extra tare* .-bedruom home. This wae built far a home and has all the latest modern convenience*: 100-foot frentafe. 11.60, terms. Wiii«land Square — Two-bedroom home. floor furnace, tile drain, Venetian *had*« and large lot. $(250. term*. Duplex—Furnished and In good condition in»:rle. Walking diatanc* to downtown East Bakersfleld. $5750. $2060 down. El famine—Two-bedroom home, choice la- cation, only 4 years old and in nod condition. $5500. terms. Phone 3-1210 Residence 1-Sllt 1704 K Street «I CASA I.OMA DRIVE--Bxtra neat I-b4o'- room horiw on large corner lot. Almest new and In fine condition. Price 132(0; down payment, $1000; month, 135. BRUNDAOB LAXE>—Large »-bedr«om home on half acre lot. Can eell fur- nishod for $<i750 or unfurnished. $*009» TJowa payment. $C500. DKAN R. HURLET 411 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0275 10-3-tf • PAR VALUES Beautiful S-room bom* with *unro«m. ta perfect condition In eouthweat dletrlct. near Bealo Park. Has three larg* feed* rooms with lota of window apace. Clo»*t> and linen closet* ara plentiful. Larf* living room with fireplace and built-in bookcase, large dining room with btltlt- in buffet. Large well-arranged kUehea with tilo drain, larg* breakfaat nook. Basement and spacioue Mrvlc* porch. La re* bath with built-in vanity and stall shower. beautiful lawn and shrtibe. Full price 1(009. doivn. 1615 Chester Phone I-IISI 10-3-tf See Us for Trades OlI.DALo:—HOME ANU INCOME. OB» .-bedroom home, hardwood floor*, tore* .ivirr room and dining room, nice kiteben and ceiv'ce porch. Alao 3-bedroam horn*. completely furnished: 3-car carafe, all on lar.e corner lot with plenty at ahadet near Lus an* markets, only S*000. ISI60 (ion.,. «35 monthly. Will trad* for amall house. OILDM.E—Nice .-bedroom horn*, --car Bara.e. lar«e lot. plenty of (hade, near r>u> nnd markets, only 13159. IJ090 rinwn, 130 monthly, or will trade for small hotist. SOl'THWEST DISTRICT—Nice dunl*i. completely furnished, clo*e IB, incem* s«5 mon'hly. only $5250. lieon 4own. Mi monthly, or will trade for small house. OX THESE PROPERTIES phone S-3»34. evenings 1-1170. LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nicbola »516 K Str«et Fl'RNISHBD AND UNFURNIBH5O KOUK-ROOM hou.e. fireplace, lar.e alee»- niu iMirch nnd cement baaement, luat off OU-ander; will tell with or without furnl. tur,>: h>t t,o\175 feet; quick roaaaMiom. Price, unfuruiahed, 14950: $1(50 down. TVVu-BEDROOM hou«e. only few year* old. on lots 60x130. ,u*t w**t of M HiKhwa". aouth of town. Price HfOO; 51.00 down. ONE ACRE with 4-room boua* and two Bleeping porcbea. eeveral oul6ulldla«»: t-ooi! sroucd. plenty water; near Fairfax Grange. 137(0. or will trad* for (MOM 16.0 CHESTElf'AVENDS. MK>N« «.•!*• WIN'OLAND SQUARE—For *ale by owpcr, modern tf-room houi*. 1 bedroom*, ler** living room, dining room. MUheB. MM porch: Venetian blind* throu>M«tj floor In bath, dual floor*. 4 garage; back yard twicedi HIM and asiium* FHA payoMalr 8-939:. or see hous* at Tit 1 blocks north ot Norrla Hoad. IN BEAUTIFUL lot IftOxlOC teat, love" three large bedroom*; ' jgpubl* garage, MDara *nor Quarter*, Many vrriet? o< grape* _„ a mtlaanaye •*•*. 1 BOW clear. VIMM MtU.

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