The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 10, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 10, 1944
Page 10
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*•' M THIS Cl'RIOtvS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON KKHN' T1KSRAY *:00 In 6:30 p. m. Xews, 6:15, Kung« t>>- in Lfon KKl .. . KTMO-Hjabnel iltaitct; f.15. Screen Test, fl:30 to 7:00 P. m. KKRV— Ppniii. B hl Bund*; ('>;>,", Coronrt Story Teller. KF1— Kibhor AfuTre an.J MMIy. KPMC— Ijihnr rnun.'il; fi:4i, California Democrat sc Commission. 7:00 tn ?:SO p. m. KFflN" — Raymond Cram .Swing; 7:15. li*o;«*» Hjfkf KCJIQJ nnjr. KF1 — Hi.b Hope. KTMC — <!rrpi 7:15, LCI w* II 7:30 (o 8:00 p, m, KrnN— T,H VnuiRplf CM. KK» — f\H leiRh fimim with IT MPR-I i KrMC--Jan Kins; 7 *;>, \Vahx Tiive. *:00 to 8:30 t». m. KKHN— VHI h the Woi Id Ui> H> . S.I 5, nnrl vi<nfv-, he M;J.«JC Shop; S:i;.. riff Ion. KPMC— Cour.l <-f Muii IP *:30 to 0:00 p. in. KKKX— Ailnn Yniiiifz Show. KFI — Jr-hnny Pro* 1 * 1 !] is* i ; 'tin v S • ruins, KTMC— i-'iredoin of t ippni 9:00 to 9:30 p. KKR.V--Cluh Hood O,.^r. KI-'I — Evc-r yihMiR fur Uic Roy*. KPMC— News. H:H, Ttrx M-ilcr. 0:30 to 10:00 p. m. KF.nN*— 'tlpin-y J. Taylor; 9.45, Music; 9 no. Npwp. KFI — DnwnMHRp i">nlrr. KPMC— FuHon Lewis. Jr.; 9,45. N>wa. 10:00 (o 10:80 p. m. KKRN — Ral Tnhflnn Onhcsn-«. KFI— The Reporter. 10:H. Chr Music. Kr.MC— Rill M^Cune'e Oixh«Mi-K; 10.15, Joe Rcichnmn. 10:30 tn 11:00 p. m, V" U r KKFIN— Harry Owrn«* Or-ciif*itr«. FI — \nf\Ae th*> Npws; ld.4:,. THilor- K KPMf— Air I.nnc Tiin; lf).4G. Joe Mar$ala> On bemra. 11:00 to 11:30 p. m. KKRN — Contemporary Cnnipnscra; 11 2 KFI —KUvenUvllour N>\vs; 11:10. Blltmnrn Hot* 1 ! Oirhotiirn. K. B. Wiltiamn; II 05. Silvrr 11:»0 P. m. to 17MMI Mldnlxhl KKRN" — r iv<l \\CPITIK »nd H:t- uu KFI — R«do r-'ttnfnrp: 11--JO, Ted WPIMIIH; 1 1 '.'iri MlSir- -, f ,- KPMC — Silver Nn WKI>M.M>AY «;«» fo 6:30 H. m. KKR.V— Minh niul ^hirln.^.^ ; fi.l.',. II C'lMl Ml! MM Mil. fi:»0 In 7:00 H, m. KKRN" — DayliniP flHanifs; ;. •( :. The Willarrt Mch^cneei 1 ; 6:50. ,M\i»n.-,ii On Ihfl KFI— Torn OWPIIH: fi 4?>, KPMC— Mufin.Hl Clock; 6:^0. Farm. 7:00 In 7:30 H. m. KKRN— Xrwh; 7:iri. ,M;irtln KFI — Oraerne Flcu-her; 7:lo, NCWF. 7:15. Melodies of Today. 7:30 In 3:00 n. m. .Tamps Abbe. ObncrvcHi 7:45. The KPMC KKRN KFI — Reveille Roundup; 7:4, r i. Sam Tlaye*. KPMC— Top Tunrs; 7. -10. Wolll's Newn- 7:45. News. 11V KR 1 1'IS K M K N T ORN Petrol Pete A company ought to have some reason for existing besides making money. Anyway, we think so. Our outfit is run with this idea in mind; Take an independent dealer, a guy who runs his own gas station; give him a line of the test products to sell: help him sell them but let him run his own affairs — then lay your dough on the man in business for himself. PDQ PETROL isn't Bakersfield, but it is, it will be sold by independent dealers, and you have my word on that, suh. PETE sold in if ever «;<m (n *:aft n. m. KKHN- rVtuwoud LawLiin, vlj. Vuiniy M*l. li- ;-. KK( -.Inh'iny Murifiy; S 1.". T. B. : — MlJi'ly V;il!ry H:-'!0 (n 0:00 n. <'\n\>. TCKRN KJ''l— A p :)\ .(I Hot i In 0:00 to B:ao ». in. K i:il.\- Xf.\vs nf U,.. \\,,i!<l, P in. I.,,t;il \f-w«; '.'-\;.. Thp \Vnm, ni'< I'HB". KFI - X»-\vs PpjuKl; !t ii... K'iMiin] Ji-r- i, J,«:ry Sii):Mi. cm-ipr; ;• !o. .\ainrs Hi s .iv thp. N"r\v*«. 9:311 tn 10:00 M . m. K i:n,V — Rrp;*kf»?*t i ' 1,',. I'r-|i|- fj M. KI'.Mi - Mn!);ii,fi. I . S. A . r- 1.,, Th« A tiTHjtiUK .I"iuul"f-r I.*i t riii. 10:00 tii 10:;ti> H. in. K r;p, V Tniiv M<M^"-; ]i| I... J; H . V U'l> ;.. _ H 1 , ! f ) : .' i ' « I ' 1 1 1 ^ i 1 1 [ i *• Kl'.MC — \»« H. ](( I.', TiirVs I'uny. IO::U) in 1 1:00 ti. m. 'UN' — My Ti uo rii-Jiy, in ;,.,. TI, C . Aunt .'"in :in;i Shnu'. K Kl - Aunt Mm y: J 0 t r . At! lt;ik"r -Mi'—Tinn Ttlili.MtK-. Ann i i- :HI \Vntiinn> Jui > . 11:00 tn II ::m n. m. ':i:\-.n«ukhiiK^ Talk UK. 11 M- ]nr| |Jt. K I'l— f.u.iMiir \inht : 1 I.].".. ' 'Ii i lih *•') . T;,,,K f ,M 11 :].*,, W;iltx Tmi". II :3« n. m. tn 11:00 Nnnn lEN- ( Jhnn.Fi- .M:»nor . K Kl- -Wnni' n in \VhHr, M r, H\MIH« KPMr- Xn/ntiin rinuifOf. n I.-. S \- w- to -. p. m N.--«S i.r tho \\-n,tr). 1 ;• I fi_ .i.r nl \I-HK; ] L' l.-i. Ifnllywnrii] St. -I rl iiTn* Kfl- \(«m I'nnn Hr]>i,iUi, JUIT,. MB f '"I'll Ml* — Npwn; i:: IT.. Xr»nn T.niP Ndik to i-.oo K ici rift n'?= < 'ti KT'I- -Popnrr V H ichi '» 11 n p JCI"1'' -c'niiiitt -\hlWli, 1:0(1 F;miily: KV4."i. ti'-,«p ( . 1 'J 1".. 1 :: p. K Tl I 1 .;.. UMii^n \\ ilr; I ] .",. S K.".MC W;ilfiM- rninpli.i), I 13, at Win. I :SO (it '.MM) p. m. K I'M! V - -T:MM- \i.\\s (In- .\i\\(.. i t '1.1 MT ; i :,n. i-; KP.MC- KI-'I I.nrrin: \V nlir' I! r n'\ n riciiilliiifs In ll;tr III..MV . '-'.'OO to '.':;<« n. m . -- \\'iir.ii j ( CM I Aim i i,.-s; : IT,. Port i;i |-';i i fM I ,' fc I-'J -\\hni a (.;,,! .MIIIMI-H; ^.1."., Pi.rtia |-'H" f n Life. |-'H" f n Life. KPAI*'-- Kiniiiy Ainn; II li>, Mutiny on the It gh Sr.iM .::*<» lo a-.(W p. m. . . . . K KK.N -\Vliat s Jifiin 1 L;nlipK? KIM -.IU^L I'linn Jlill. LM;I. J-'rnnl I'n |'"M i it'll KPMI' IviriK CuU 1 Tun; L 1 IT,. K;my JEli.vthin. »e .1:00 to 3:30 p. in Pi . . KMKN- N»\v n-iiuitiiiK Pi i.cttiiu ; ;i Mil! Her Hi Ti HI. Kl'l - P.niid of J,iir, .T 13, Slnr JM.'iyl.nns' . KPM*'- i in r fin Ilri-ortiriB. a;15. Lust tn 1:00 p, m. KRP.X— National PITHS I'luh. 3.43, The Hlrni] Tr'>nliitr]oitr. KKI-- KnNL'innry; 3:4b. AVoinr A run ir,-) . KP.MC ThlncF. Worth \Vhlle: Johnson Kamily. of 3 13, •"•.' i-x : "' ':"• '•'•* • * v '•' "' .'" lj "t *',-' ;v:-:" *' v .' 'xX-j 1 ' ' •'""* ••" • ' i.. j j h • • • ri \.-v. •.' '.' - • • * - Lovely Nita Rosa Featured \\'it]i Xavicr Cu^at's Orchestra TONIGHT'S "Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands" Xavier (jiLal and His Orclu'sln Will Mniiin.' l-'nuu Muroc Army Air Base at 6:30 P. M. 1110 ON YOUR DIAL MC Presents Opera Company FOR THIS WEEK Wednesday "LUCIA" 10 P. Starring LILY PONS SALOME" 10 P. M. Starring LILY DJANEL 1560 ON YOUR DIAL Sponsored If/ Safeway Stores, Inc. ^' J ,. \- * ' ''" j ', 111 11 mm i P mf fe-4^. .-..,-' fe^,:;MiJiiiL4, •'. i- ,--..- •• OVEB OCTOBER. J2TH, 1492....BUT (F YOUW4NT YOUJ? ) CHRISTMAS GIFFS TO ARRIVE OVER TH£&£ BY CHRISTMAS THEN AVAIL THEM NO LATER THAN 7H. . 19M BY NEA SERVICE. INC. . M. RtO. U S. PfcT. OFF All . 7* 5PHNDS AS A BABY, ASJPONLV & W££KS- AS AM ADULT/ .\^\VKK; In LmitJon, Thr "Old l.nrl.v of Threailm'i'fJIv Slrrrt" N I lie Hunk nf l-inchnul. THESE WOMEN! V!.v d'ALKSSIO **Yon-lnm! I>i> you mind if wi» play FIANY 11LSINESS P,y IIKRSIIIJEROKH "It'8 a lunch box — hf'». riuiiilnir for office on n 'full ifdificr pail ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ON RELIGION Jt levt li-iiilr-rH. anil voi nf Inruj-inatinn AIISWIMM -HU) rv^yiln ns; varmus tjrr«|s; i u ml al»otil tho KMML minions nf the \vnrld .im>st IHIIK H|M>UL ihy llihlp, il« pei J-I Ii hrKtuj-y arul * i hiiM-h Injilitinirs, Timoly. uifiirinuLivc, IMHIUI IHK: 48 s-r This i."iiui>nn MI>J n;; I ."j trnts in ^ inn *'-ar S 'tuMy WUHMU'M] in lur U tupy t"l' the bnuklii Annuois ID gjt A sDons on HcliRion Street ur Hural t Mil *) i-i Wa.0i,fi- ? tiin, ] i t 1 .) - i ^, »* -, .-*, ;- L > \ ^ N Tune in to and His Fam the Men of This us Orchestra Playing to uroc Army Air Base ning, 6:3O P. IN THE OUT OL'B WAS By J. R. WILLIAMS 1 .** ^ GOOD GOSH/ WE BEEM WA1TIM' UWPER TH'WROWC3 WINDER! WHEN 1 ROPE 7H' GOAT INJ THIS LODCbE I COME OU1TH' WINDER. WE WAS A-WAITI UMDER,'ROUMP"TH' ALLEV THAC/ .If ME, TOO/ THEY'VE MADE A HORRYBUL OH, WES, ' t \\ • i rrrr^:—^>:*.- VICTORY PARADE OF Spotlight K:A- ^ OVW THI UUf NITWOWt • ON Every week-day night a famous Coca-Cola Spotlight Band visits *. new army camp, naval training base or war production plant to entertain the Fighting Sons of Freedom. May be you can't join your boy in camp—but you can join him at hia favor* ite radio program—the Victory Parade of Spotlight Band broadcast over the Blue Netwfrk—coast to coast, ev«ry night! Monday through Saturday, same time, same station. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of ••Irarcfloltf <^ HEROES ARE MADE - MOT to -to T M HfG U. ft, p*r Off. COPO t»M BY P«C« SCRVfCt, INC. OUR BOARDING HOUSE I THiMK TM. 3USTLV ENTITLED TO DOUBLE A-I PRIORITY ONi THE LA*ST CHOP/ ONE \MHO A VALUABLE INDUSTRY ALL N161AT MOGT FOR.TIFN THE NOU SHOMELINM3 IT IN\TH& WAV MOO DlD* NOD'LL BE A9 ,FIED AS ANi NV67AHJK. 1 f i X, TFith MA JOB HOOPLA ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ro BETTER LET A LITTL& OUT OP * • BALUOONi r/. WHAT DO DO, BITE EX PLOD ""^1 -..* •y. •x, \ ^ \\ i u g/ . 10-10 ' DEFL VJILL H • COM 1*U IY suvicr inc. T.M. f*I, THE GUMFS True, ami Blue SUPPOSE I OUGH BE THE HAPPIE H WOLP SHA.' VOU'LL U6T WOW 'EM IN T BEAUTIFUL WRAP.' SOMEHOW 10 -10 v v, :\ S> 'i \ 1 UNPERSTANP PEAR. HOW LONfi HA^S (T VOU HEARP FROM JOM? iTHREG MONTHS ANP SIX PAVS- IF OKUYI KNEW HEWtSWEUI [OH-I'VE TRIED TO PUT MIM PROM MY MINP- BUT IT'S UKE NMEAR PARK (SLA^SCS AHP PRETENPIN6 THE SUN By GUS EDSON ^^^H^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^u YES, PEAR. ALWAYS.. FOR Ket** • - • t • ?, . l. A/''/ •- -*• i '•> \'\ .• GASOLINE ALLEY VES SIC, Wt?. KiALLET, CW THAT NJO^MANPV B£4CH LAMDIM', W£ ^evTHiNo AT BUT TWe < PWT THfN< P/PN'T THje^iV TK/MC5 AT US. IT MUST HAVE seew HOT SPOT: Overseas Report m ' SiJT WE HAD SOME SURPRISES FOR THBM. wev£ pevisf P >* LOT of SECZZT WEAPONS o? OUR OWN. TH5 FULL STO*?V OF THAT !$ V£T TO 05 TOLP. XVO' We've fMPCOVfP SOM£ Of FVcMVS >^MP TOSSEP '£M 04C< 4T W/M. By KING IPPA IS NOT ONLV TO MOSTEST; BUT TO 8£!MG 'M05T£ST TO TELL. US ABOUT IT, ' F Ir"^ t o -0 *"7 r ''-* \ ' • - HOOTS AND HER BIDDIES To Whom, Boots? By EDGAR MARTIN Yb Mt O 60 OOVi'T TPsYV TO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Obedient ONE EVEM WEEMSV MOULD POLITIC AL OPPOM6MT/ PEED nor By MERRILL BLOSSER CAN OKAY YOU WERE A GENTtE- MAM.VOU'D WITMDPAW FROM TMS CAMPAIGN AMD LET ME OMLV THE ILDA FAR NG CON EAK ERNED YOU CAN MP THE LAK BY NEA SERVlC T. M. «EC. U. S. PAT, OFT WASH TUBDS rrsViav iSMPORTAWT THAT i CONTACT SE<?6EANT ttNK. J05E! Under Observation By LESLIE TURNEBf v ." VERY lL.SE CAPTAIN. HC SHAH HEAR TySJUHA TO SAV ; i MO IMPOSTOR COULD 60 ALONE TO HIS BAMP OF AND6ETOUT j *r *i if- *tifr -••* .Gyy x •*#****• j EVEM «(5 MEW HTMOW YOU SEEK 5CN09 MU5TBESUW yOU AQE A FRIEND :v . ' '.-. f f T S j - >/'<' '/• /"', ' :'-• % y. v REIIRVDER TELL BRDf EATHER TO LET WHEW HE'5 BOTHERED BY. Double Check By FRED HARMAN ON I'LL GET RID OF RYDER. \ ^ 11! I. 1\L DEPEND OU IT'S DONE-NOT BEFORE: .' 10- /. JOE LA5T ALLEY OOP \ViIl He Remember? * • m ^^- * • « * ^^ ^^r • V ^^ f^ VOU WANT TO SEE, HERE'S A COUPLE OP DOOZIE9-- BOTH FOUND tkl A PA7EP OFF IN "ANO HOW/ THlft ONE CLAIMS TO THE KEEPER OF KINO SOLOMON^ WIVES' CATS/ ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS? ^ HM*f PERHAPS HE IS/ AND THIS ONE CAULS HIMSELF AZRO, AtD TO THE GREATEST WARftiOg ON EAfTTH.' EVER HEAR ANVTHIN& SO CRAZY ? ODPLV By V. T. HAMLTN, ^WELL.MV DEAR. 'LL" TWO ALON6 WITH ME THti t r to? fe 4 • H ' -^ii< L - ,. " ;. v - .1 J

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