The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 8
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BAKERSFmn CAUFORNUN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, State Highway Patrol Had Modest Beginning in 1907 DOWNTOWN SALINAS IS SCENE OF CONFLICT 11 nllnl I'rrti S AC'lLOIISNTo. Sf'l'l. -I.—C'nllfor- nla'H stiitp highway patrol, with it fmrwiMti''! of "IS officers ami pa- trolmrn. hint a modosi slnrl I in r It In ]!I07 \V|KMI i IIP wcTPtary uf Htnlp up- polntPil 11 fiunll isrriup of lnnpi'iMoi-H tO COllrCt IkTMNf! IIMll WPluht fPCH. Slnco that time. iirfiirilliiK tn stnto It cords, (tin piilrnl hns urnwn Hlcml- lly to bppomo the prrwiit sta|p\vlrl'< unit iMiuliippil with nullo nml Mi" typo oommiinlriillon fnHlllli-H nml thf nuiRt mndprii motor piinlpniPiit. I'rlor to I!r.'!l tlii- pnlnil WIIH Bwllrlvrl liiirli nml forth hplwppn HIP fli'jwrt MlPIlt uf flnnnrP anil Mi* (If partniPiit of puhlli- works Indl vldunl countlPH hml thPlr own motor patrnl nnilpr Infill Jurlsillrtlnii. lint thorp WIIH nn nnlfnrin cnlnri'i'inrni Of tniffli- IIKVK I.MPI Ihr Hlntp .lolnpil with the roimtli'H In pinlnK n porilon of tin- nfflrppB 1 milnrlps. In 1!!?!' KM rirl rn-nllriir th' 1 Hlnl" lilRhwriy pnl ml ;\n n «ln|pwlfl<' '"lit nniliT Ihp drpnrtiiipul of pnhllf vorltn WIH PIIKUM! by HIP l,«'KHlni nrr-, am! fniir ji-nrn IniiT n MPpiiriili- il' 1 piirlnvnl "I' motm- vc-hlr-lpn In which the piilrol w.'it n iniijor unit unn rrfiit •(!. Mr-ant Inn-. Hi'' oiKfinl/nllon w/i» lita'fil Vlri-i being expanded gradually to Include county utillH under the direction of n cnptriln. with Inspectors In charge of districts which Include Bovorul counties, depending on population. MOH| recent expnn/don of the pn- (ml WHS voted liy the 10,15 legltdu- tun 1 m providing additional police powers for the highway officers. 'flip new net provided: "All rii'-mliei-H of i ho f'nllfnrnln HlKhwny I'ntrol Hbiill Imve the power (Al of peace offli.'erii providing Hint tin prlniiiry duly of tin 1 hlghwny pnlrol Mbnll !»• enforcement of the motor vehicle code and of nny mid till other nets relating to (lie IIHP 11 nil uppnilloii uf vehicles on the pulillc I'.HrbwnVN unit mnioherp thereof Hlifill not net IM PCIIP" rii'lcprH In enforcing HIM' oilier Inw except M) when In pursuit of liny off' ndci or suspected offpndpr. r.'i When rnnhlng nrroHts for crlmeM coniinl' led In tltclr prPH- PIIPP or upon iiny bl(,'h WH y. Ill) At nil limes lo illrcpl nil truffle In con forimiTici. with provlRlonti of the tnw nml In Hie event of n fire or oilier emcr^encx or I' 1 expedite truffle or lo Insure sit felv mid lo direct Iriit'llc /IM conditions mnv require notwlth- stmidliit; provision 1 ' of Hie rode." IT'S A WOKDERFUL DRINK Fingerprinting of All Is Favored 1 itH 1'rrn l.rimril H'trf I KANHAH rtTY. Ncpt '.M I, C. Schlldcr. fingerprint chief of the federal bnrenii of lii vent IKH t Ion, would Illte to sec rvery innii, woniiin mid child In Die nnlloii finger ' printed \ Here for the iinnujil con ven! Ion of Hie Itileriinlloiiiil AKMoclnllon of fillers of foil,-p. opeulllK toilll.V, Si hllilcr exphilncd lil'i motive "\Vl- l-cei-lve 1,11 I|VCHI|(< of tlOlin flriK"' prlnlM " \ cur from police dc purl menls of perilous they IIIIM- been liniible lo Idelillf.V "l-'or < xiimple, we «i-i-(. NPMI Ihe prlntM of I'nii iierMomi hilled In n l''lorl'ln h HiTlcii ne IIIM! .\'eiir We could Identify otlh five Tlllilic five bud lii-i-n Inchy enough to Imve been nrri-fdiil " The other HI.'I renuilni'd nnhnown ti" fur HIT the fedenil biirenu of In ! vent IKHI Ion WIIM eoiieerned. They were "iinlnchy" "lioiiKb not to bnve been nrreMli d "AmnVnln vli HIIIH, perHtiiiH In i .lured In nccldeiiiH nml not eiirryliiK Idenl Ificii I Ion piipern, HcoreM of pen pie hill.,I In dlHIIHlcrtl. Illl could be i Idenlllled <|ll|i lily nml poHlllyely If j Ihe liiirenii hud their prlnlM," Hchll i der Hiild Hope Wafting for Simi Cafe Owner i 1 ixiclilli ll I'rrtf l.rtitnl Illiri VI-:\'TI'IIA. Hepl 21. -llopi- wane.I lodnr for I •nve Iv u\ )H-IM|.i hi. Shnl owner, after n Inrge pnmio lulled tn find him In the limn nl u In- nl"iin lower SeHpe (feck, north nl Klllmorc Kll vkendnhl \\-IIM hlllln/: l-'llil;i\ \\llh l 1 ^ \V l'>i|e«. M rnneher. ^^•hell he nppnrenlly «'»n Mrlclieit Minldenlv with nn lllnc.HK whl< h deprived Itltit of bin moiuorv One of Hie biiHloHl IntorHecllons In Hie hiiHliioHH iiectlon of HallnriH, I'nllf., WIIH HID Hceno of a pitched buttle In (be pnrnly/.lng leltucn workern' Htillie, when n crowd of pickets, driven hnrji hy tear and gn» In their efforts agaltiHt pnc.klng shuds, attacked a convoy of letlueo being moved throtiKh town. Kpecltil deputies Joined In tho melee, and two were shot, men wore beaten on both Hides, and noveral cnsos of lottueo wom dumped In the street before state highway police arrived and took charge. Photo, taken at tho scene, shows Henry Strobel, lead- Ing lettuce shipper, being supported by two deputies after he was badly beaten In tho fight. Tiger-Puma Fight Told by Zoo Men IA niiiH'lnlril /'rrn/i l,ratril Wire) I,')H ANdlOLI-IH. Hi-pl. 21. -The Htorj of how n (loll pound HuiiKitl lli,"-r hroko throiiKh I wo IIIKC doom nml neiiih- lillled n pinnii. welnhlllK I no ponmlM, cnme today Iroin Hie. old WellK /.no, lletwei-n them WIIH nn empty CIIKO. Their CIIKOH hml dooiH lending Into Ihe vncniil iipnce. In Miippinied Htirely. tho pnnin Krowled dellnnlly ill Hin IlKer. I'I nntly the il).;er hecante enriiKcd nnd i innlied through KM door Into tho empty cell, (hen Inlo the pnimi.'M iti^e. I'inn melhiR the pmoiL Inlo MIllillllHNlotl, Hie tl|>ef I'lllMped II hy tin- nceh nml M\vnK){cred httch Inlo ll'< OVVII lil^e. * inly i|ii|i h \vorK hy Anhiuil Super- Inli'iidenl Melyln Koonl/. nod |I|M ;c'i H|M|;I,,|,| ,<,,\. ,| ||,,. ||fi- ,,l Ihe l|.,u I- IllK pltmil Tliey tmllled fire hoileN on I he t li!'T nml lii-Inliori'd II ullh Iron IIIII-H. The llj;ei loowncd KM denlh Kilp mid tin- puma crnwled I ill, 1-, to tt M OU-ll Cell l)|. I ' A \\lllle. Ullil lte:ited the plltmi. h-tld Iliei 1 ,- UIDI n friti lure lii HM hach, liul II \\ III I ccover. -*-»-•*- - - IIKNTISTS IN CONVUNTION l,i iS ANiilll.KM. S,p(. 111. (A. I 1 .1 - I'rcvohlliin of teeth decny nml earn of Hie inoiiiliM of chllilren and iidnltH ent'-Hj'.eil the nttetilloii ul noiilhi-rn Cnllfnrlnn dentliitN nl lltelr .Ihlrty nlnlh iinitu,,! cottv i-til Inn here todny Death Valley Scotty Takes Refuge from Tourist Horde 1'rcni 'PoNOI'All, Nov., Heyt. 21.— Walter JL "Death Valley Hcolty" Heott will «eel< n-fugi! Ill bis $12,000 "shark" D mllpH down (Jrnpnvlne runyon when winter HeiiHon liiurlsts start Invading blH $2.000,000 easlln on tho oast.- ern frlngt'H of I>enth valley, tho PC- epiitrli' ileHorl eharactor told tho I'tilled 1'i-eHs today. "These d scavengers," ho Hald, piinctiinllnK his ri'furenco to tho IboiiHundH of vIsltnrH with colorful but unprintable expletives, "climb over the fences, trump nil over tho placo nnd would even tnUo It away If we didn't wntch 'ern." Koolly IIIIM punted Inrge Hlgns warn- Ing tonrlfiix thm the )J|IK:O IH "positively cloned," and recent cloud- luirHlN have made the trail from Stovepipe WC||N llllplLHHIlllle. "Thiil HemlH 'em all iiround by the N'evnda road IbroiiKb Tonopah or ttently," Scutty drawled, "but I haven't decided yet whether I'll let miy rubher-iuicherH In thu cuallo thin winter. "If I do, I'll hlgh-tnil It down to my HbacU In the canyon. I'vo got an JHii.oon fence nrountl there that they cmi't climb over. I've got a HOW Hiring of milieu down (hero that would linoch your P.VPH out. Ono of I hem will tin a hult-mllo In fel seconds. "Vo(( Idiow. I KOI my easllo bnch from those blnnhet ,\'-blanlt jcovern- Lnancd Wire) rncnt fellers, thanks to tho press. If 't hadn't heon for you newspaper men tho park anrvlco would have tho 'astlo (IH part of Death Valley National Monument." Keotly, munching avocado salad ind spongo cnho prepared by the flllplno cook with obvious dlngiiBt at such in bin delicacies, motioned tho iorrnspondont to Mrs. A. M. Johnson, kindly wife of Kcotty'H partner, former Chicago millionaire. "Mabel will show you tho big IIOIIHP," ho wild. Returning to tho desert mansion this week after a summer's ah- Hence, Mrs. Johnson already has Do- Bun prcparatlonH for tho avalanche •if visitors. Two Filipino houseboys ind thrco workmen tiro mul^hiK re- liulrs and cleaning the luxurious home, n replica of an old Camllllan entitle. "Visitors eomo In hordes during tho winter," Mrs. Johnson said. "They'll bo starting In u few days and we haven't got tho placo fixed up yot. It doesn't matter how bad tho roads nro; they Mill file. In hero In everything from Rolls-Royces to Austins." Muring the winter Reason the owners employ a dozen young men and women to act as guides and guards. "\Vo used to bnve all young men here," Mrs. Johnson siild, "but the Klrls, dressed In pretty frocks, mako tho visitors feel more eomt'or.lablo. "The trip through the GO rooniH of i! east In and adjoining buildings taken a full hour. Furnishings, valued at $1,000,000, Include many antiques. Imported from Knropo, retaining the old world atmosphere. "l.iist year all the members of tho Rockefeller family were our house guests." tho quiet hostess explained. "This year we expect Kdsel Ford to spend a few days. Living In Fear Of DENTURE STATIC? Do you hiss, (furglo or niumblu when you tnlli? Nervoiin hocnimn platex slip. dick, or pop out? ("oncoal all ti'lltiile evldi-ni;« of faleo tooth. «top nil truiibln, hy ttsliiB FAHTISHTH. ThlH now Improved powder Brlvis platoH HKht for 21 bourn. Special al- kullno oontPiit provnntB sore RUIIIB, biirnliig. Inn) hi-nath. Oot l-'ASTIOMTIl at any drug Htorp. Wlinn moutli ilKHueii chiuiBo, sco your don- tln1. Adv. Dr. Van Meter Gives Special Attention to Artificial Teeth All plntoB ninilo In our own laboratory. DR.E.H.VAN NETER NFI./7J DENTIST Tfl.US UIINIHIHIHrH It BAKimuiD.CAl. "They DO hit the spot!" LUNCH Served Prom 11 a- m. to J :30 p. m. Beit In the City 35c Oakcrilleld'» Flncil Cale St. Francis Cafe | 1717 Chcilcr Avenue (AIM 30e U 4& Club BruMMtl Denies Me Stated President Willingly Received Aid „. From Radicals (Anoclatcd I'reit Leaned Wfrej NMW YORK, Sept. 21.—William Randolph Hearst, 73-year-old operator of 26 newspapers, published today "a reply to tho President" in which ho said he had shown Mr. .Roosevelt recelveB "tho support of . . . enemies of tho American system of government." The thousand-word statement wa» cabled by the, vacationing Hearst from Amsterdam, a day after tho White lioune In a statement aald "a certain notorious newspaper publisher" wa» attempting "to make It appear that the President passively accupts tho support of alien organizations hostile to the American form of government." Tho memorandum sakl "Such articles are conceived In malice and born of political spite." Hoarst'H "reply"' followed his newspapers' publication of an article asserting Russia and tho Communist party of tho United States were taking part In tho presidential campaign "on tho side of the Now Deal." Tho White Ilotiso made no comment beyond Its original statement. Hearst In his "reply to tho president" expressed a desire to "correct Mr. Roosovclt's mlsstatenients." "I havo not HtatRd at nny time whother tho President willingly or unwillingly rccolved tho support of tho Karl Marx Socialists, tho Frankfurter Radicals, Communists and Anarchists, tho Tugwoll Bolshvlks and the Rlnhbcrg Revolutionists which constitute the bulk of his following," tho former congressman assorted. "I havo simply said und shown thnt ho does receive tho support of these enemies of tho American system of government, and that he had done his best to deserve the support of nil such disturbing and destructive elements. Ancient Pine Tree Used for Lookout in Early History CITY, Sept. 21.—A Hugo pine tree which had been a landmark and offered shelter near here since the days of '49 was cut recently by C. A. Ward. tt wan found the branches had been trimmed to a height of 60 feet to form a ladder. Old timers here declared it was done to permit a lookout, as the Modoc Indiana in those days were NOT over friendly. Three rings indicated an age of 800 years. Henry I must have been ruling England when the pine was a seedling. Cutting Hawaiian TraveKtost Urged 4 fVniled I'rcn* Seated Wire) HONOLULU, Sept. 21.— Hawaii, shtfuld lower Its sights to tho "average man's" pocketbook for a new and most • important source of tourist trade, believes W. A. Harrlman, chairman of the board of* tho Union Pacific Railway. • ,i The wealthy tourist is flcklo and goes where tho whim takes him but tho lower-bracket traveler Is more, consistent, he says. "Some means , should bo provided for his transportation to the Islands and low priced accommodations for his comfort after he gets here," Harrlman said. "A new social ordisr Is arising throughout the world today, riot only" In Europe but In 'trie United States aa well," he said. PHILCO 6-10-J $64.95 Complete with all-wave aerial. Nothing else to buy. EASY TERMS DON'T GUESS! 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