The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 7
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l - '.- .•'< ' -- h - - -T. i •. - ' I ' i I * /, >, i n i .'- -' -, t' - .' .-'- ' . ' i* \- ' ' I ' . i-V *-.'» A. trans ted »NBW YOnk. Sept at! antic cross word puzzle,.Involving Sarah Churchill, daughter of tho British statesman, and Vic Oliver, American comedian, brought her brother to.American shores today on Ihd; line* Qupon Mary. But there the matter stood. Whether Oliver and the daughter of Winston Churchill had a romantic relationship eVoked only thifl Comment from Randolph Churchill: "I'm terribly sorry, but I am not going to give out an interview now. I Jimy have something t6 say later." Sarah and her brother embraced as. he stepped down the gangplank and raced to the customs officials. It was indicated that after a family conference later in tho day Mlsa Churchill or Randolph might an nounce whether she and Oliver intended -to marry. ' j Nurserymen Name B. A. Mitchell Head r K ' r ^^m^^^^^mm^^mm^^^^^f^^^^^f^^^^^^f^^^^^^m^^mmmm^ (United Press Leased Wire) SAN JOSH, Sept. 21.—-B. A. Mitchell of Orenco, Ore., has been elected president of the Pacific Coast Association of Nurserymen. Portland waa selected as tho 1037 convention city. .Tho Pacific coast association convention waa held In conjunction with th.o California Association of Nurs cry men meeting. James Crombie, Oakland, waa named president of tho state association and Oakland was selected for the 1937 mooting. Mitchell succeeds R. D. Hart man of San Jose. Other officers of tho coast association are: S. M. Eddie, Sardi/B. C., vice- president; Walter R. Dimni, Portland; secretary-treasurer; stata vlce-presl- denta C. IT. Stocking, San Jose; Karl Hotiscwaft, Woodburn, Ore., P. W. May, Yaklma, Wash.; Richard Layritz. Victoria, B. C.i Lloyd Wright, tCimerly, Idaho; arid J. A, Walton, Salt Lake City, Utah. Albert B. Morris, San Fernando, was elected vice-president of the state association, H. W. Kruckcmborg of Los Angelea was named secretary; and Jess Watt of Ontario, treasurer. N M 'ACMtfttON Tl 1.440 Lnrrrr: ow ow "When Love Light If Herbert MARSHALL CHATTERTON K •^^r mm M mm mmm ^^ *r DORMnonr ««;>« £*:. B» *--x# :*fc*>j«: >v f v 11 \* •^?' & ••vv x ' ^ H i .: -.- -i *£f m, ntroducine i H*w Screen *erional L«T t*.y f. • '^.. .•.- . r J .-V J '/ '.*.*: M &* «?* Tonlg • Fl Stf IN ALSO ph Bull a my In M h! STRAIGHT OM C03TUM FR H MOULDER ft Novelty • N«wi Jilt^,C. % . Ends WEDNESDAY HiTS Your Friendly Theatre Warner BAXTER Myrna LOY "TO MARY—WITH LOVE" Hugh HERBERT "LOVE BEGINS AT 20" L f Silly Symphony "3 LITTLE WOLVES" TURES LLEY OMN II TO IIMA. TODAY—2 BIQ FEATURES and Otto KRUGER . Gloria HOLDEN IN "ORAOULA'S DAUGHTER" COMEDY CARTOON NEWS -- •- 1 . THE ; ;BAKE|S|?iELp GALlt|f(||b{lAN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER II,. 1936 •L _ .. - - - H, I- I I i It. 1 ,-- I - r ," Tl .1. » ^ir****jfc ^^ A* ^b** *. Jfc^ ^ir m &*a> ^P- fv Wedding Rumors ft/it fterf 7Ve« jt/caaetf'Wire;"' HOLLtWOOD, Sept. 2i;~-Uecur* ring rumors that she would marry Buddy Hogewi, orchestra leader, were denied again today by Mary Pick ford.. The latest report waa baaed upon plans the former actress IB making for a trip to Murope. "There is no truth to these ru* mora," she said emphatically. Sho said she would sail on Uner Normandte next month with her niece, Owynno Pickford; her secretary, and a, maid, Miss Plckford. now a film pro* ducer. and Uoffers have been linked in matrimonial rumors for more than a year. Both have taken great point*, to deny them, although they appear together frequently at public functions. Powell, Blondell Wed; off to N. Y. LOVE «• Warner Baxter and Myrna -James Dunn and Mae Clarke H different motion t picture sets were built for the stirring action in the 350 scenes of "Hearts In Bondage" the romantic drama of the Civil War which opened its engagement at tho Kilo theater yesterday on a near double feature program with "Don't Turn 'Em Loose." James T>unn, Mao Clarke. David Manners, Henry Walthali and Fritz Leihor play the leading roles. "Hearts in Bondage" marks the upward step of Lew Ayres from acting into directing, and features as tho climax tho epic naval battle between the Monitor and Merrimac during the Civil War. - ^—— - - ^^^^^^^^^^^^^— - • I • • • I I ^^^^^^^^v^^v^^r-B mil m —m—^^^rw—m—r ml m m ^ I •••• I I 1— T^r^m—^ m m Radio Programs Tonight * KGO-KPO—Nnttonal Brotdctillng Company—Suppllei program* to: KFI, KECA, KFBD, KGW. KEX, KOMO, KHQ. KJR. KQA, KOA t KQHL, KDYL. KQIR. KTAR. KFRC-CBS—Don Let and Columbia—Sup til lei program* to: KHJ. KQS, K08, KMJ. KQW, KFBK, KERN. KOL. KVI, KSL, KOIN, KEPY. (Atnoctotcd Press Leased Wire) HOLLYWOOD, Sept, 21 .—Joan Blondoll and Dick Powell sailed down tho coafct of Mexico today, starting 1 a honeymoon that will take —. , them to New York. They were mar- (PrOdUCCr rled Saturday night aboard the liner Santa l*aula shortly before it left its San Pedro dock, Thousands of persons jammed tho piers but wore not allowed aboard tho boat to seo the ceremony that united the movie couple. Powell nnd his wlfo will spend two weeks In New York and then return to Hollywood to resume their film careers. great attractionn the program showing today, tomorrow and AVednc^day at tho Fox California theater. The first 18 tho Saturday Evening Post story "To Mary With Love" starring Warner Buxter and Myrna Lay with Ian Hunter, Clalro Trevor and Jean Dlxon. The second Is the hilariously funny "t-ovo Begins at Twenty* 1 with- Hugh Herbert, Patricia Kills, AVarren Hull, The third attraction is the Silly Symphony in technicolor "Three L1U19 Wolves." Walt Dianey'fl so- quel to "Three Ulttlo Pigs/ 1 Lnt- est news events complete tho program. f Open House to Be Held at Jensen's The Jensen Optical Company, recently established in one of the finest optomfttrlcal offices In the San Joaqutn valley* arc holding "open house'* nil this week at 1921 Chester avenue. Irnmfcdlatftly following the disastrous fire in the Fish building which destroyed their equipment, the Jensen Company immediately laid plans to reestablish their business. They leased their new quarters and purchased tho finest equipment avail* uble for an up-to-the-minute optical company. Tho remodeled quarters are now composed rtf a larger reception room furnished In the latent mode. To NOW FOX v. • • ' , ' . - I'- 1 . '»' * fJOi.flJ .H-^^-i^M • - • -. .-> i -ffv* - j. 1 'vVf;r/?»i:i • I • L*. '.— ' 'ff * ll*H''l' h "'J'rt Vl • m-4 '' !J * itf't' 'I'-hv *'>wi*^ '. p .vf£ >v'^^---:/<3d( .< i^^-s-w&m : . : rl J -^ 4- P I ' I -' '> . b f 20 Hurt; Newspaper, ChurcK Wrecked; Hundreds Put Under Arrest i Is Called by Death (Unite* Press Leased Wire) SOUTHPORT, Conn., Sopt. 21.— Mark A. IjUescher. 63, theatrical producer and prows agent who handled such stars as Elsie Jnnls, Marry Houdlnl, Annette Kollermnn, Chris- Mo MtictJonald and MlUlo Hujos, dlod yesterday from a stroke. rear of this room are several examination rooms containing- tho very latest types of opt arnica] in- j Rtruments, There l» also a lenae- grlndlng room, and offices upon u rear balcony. According to Mrs. .Uena Jensen Turner, it is possible for RakorstteUl people lo obtain as highly specialized service at the Jensen Company as can bo obtained in the largest onion, with tholr installation of tho very latest equipment. Ambassador Club Has Anniversary Tho Ambassador Club, 2320 North C. street, under the management of j Frank Lucas, celebrated Us first an* i nlvorsary Saturday evening, with a I large crowd dining n»d dnnotng on [ the occasion. Tho club, with Us ro- \ fined atmosphere nnd high cln*N entertainment, Is a populiir render- VOUB. t'htckon und stenk dinners ni*o featured on the menu. kj DAY DAY Stars TWO FLA TRAIL Cartoon "THREE DAY RYO* AST rrun NT1N LATJME REVOLT* a Od Shorti Huth Clinttnrtoti and Herbert Mnrshnll QHOW1NO nt the Fox today and Tuesday In "Girls' Dormitory." the atory of every young: girl eager to live, yet half afraid, caught hy omoilon «ho doea nut untUsratand. Tho picture Introducea a numt exciting personality, tho newly dla- covered star, Slmone Simon (pro- nouncod aee-moan aee-monn) and also hna In Us loads Herbert Mar- Khali and Huth Chatlerton. Tho Hocond plctura in "Straight From the Shoulder," a great heart drama packed wilh exciting action and a thrilling story of H boy's devotion to hla father. In tho coat aro lUilph l)«lliuny, Kathorlno 1,-ooko. David Holt and Andy Olyilo. An nddod attraction, "Palm Springs." in color, «howH ("n.ltfor- nla'« playground In all its Bplon- dor and aettinff. A Kox Movlotono NOWH with Itfi newa of tho nations, f«flhlon« and sport flushes, com- ploto tho moat t'.\ot»llont program. Tt>nlght on th<» sttigo tboro will VH> a frontier Days ro.vuo of pkv noor costumes nnd tho fir«t 50 in coatuinca will bo admitted froo who take iiort In Iho rt*vue. I'rlzoH will bo offorod for varloim eoHtunum. (Associated Press Leased Wire) HAVANA, Sept. 21.—Hundreds ot prisoners jammed Havana's city jail today as police, aided by cabinet of* j ficlala, pushed investigation of a j dynamite blast which killed four per* sons and wrecked two buildings. Informed authorities expressed be-.'. \M the explosion was planned by. Spanish residents who bncame angry, i over publication of Spantah civil war news In two Havana nows- papera. The blast yesterday wrecked the plant of ihn newspaper KI Pals. Police prevented dynamiting of Iho offices of tho newspaper Olario De Ka Marina by breaking wires attached to 1000 sticks of dynamite outsldn the lutter'a establishment. Four persons were injured fatally In tho oxploplon and nt least 20 1 others wero sent to hospitals. Only Blight hope for recovery of Home oC tho injured was expressed by physicians. In addition to tho newspaper plant. I the hlnst demolished tho Catholic Church Xuostra Senora Bo Monscr- nito across tho street from tho Kl i I ais offices - 1 h ANTIQUE CANOE KUKNV1LL15, Mich., Sept. 21. (I*. V.v—An Indian birch bnrk canoo believed to hnve been used as dis- pntch boat on I*nke I3rie during th« War of 1S11!. has been found by Frank L. \Vlxotn. local water power 5:00 to 5:30 p. m. KRUN and network—Lux Radio Theater. XBC network-—Visiting with Captain Dobhs. W6X AT—Recordings. KNX—Dick Tracy; C:16, Maurice's Orchestra to 5:45. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KKRNT and network—Lux Radio Theater. NBC network—Blue Prelude. AVflXAI—Recordings. KNX—6:45, Jack Armstrong. 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. KERN* and network—"Wayne King and Orchestra. NBC network—Contented Pro- K ram. WJXA1—News Plashes; C:16, Dinner Concert to 6:45. KNX—Catallna Quartet; 6:15, News, 6:30 to 7:00 p. m. KERN ad network—March of Time; 0:45, The Mills Brother**. NBC network—Great Lukes Symphony. \VfiXAI—0:45, Tonic Tunes. KNX—Mary Martin; 6:45, Dinner Dansant. 4 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. K13RN and network—William Hard; 7:15, Renfrew of the Mounted. NBo network—Amos 'n* Andy; 7:15. Lum and Abner, •VVBXAI—Lot's Dance; 7:16, World Dances. KNX—Elmer Goon Hollywood; 7:15, Pomona Fair. BIG HITS TONIQHT 7 and 9 ^. M 31 THC MARCH «f CRIME! th« vast trmy vUleui erimlHili *w»tpiniUw country p P" *• •^rm'vi LOOS LEWIS STONE LEASON CABOT .LATIMER JAMES DUNN MAE CLARKE "HEARTS IN BONDAGE" Bakorafleld'a Most Unique Cafe 3 Shows tfightly -• Gazan "The Dlrl Houdlnl" Vanline "The Mad Maflolan" Revalon Trio Red-Hot Songs, Dances Patsy Stiner Mistress of Ceremonies Laurie Foster and Hfs Rhythm Boys DINE • DANCE - DRINK ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H \ Dclfcloui Chln«t« and American Dinners 7t30 to 8100 p. m. KERN and network—Pick and Pat. NBC network—William Daly's Orchestra. W6XAI—t,ove Story; 7:45, Ceoll and Rally. KNX—Newlyweds; 7:15. King Cowboy. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. ICJ3HN and network—Jan Garbor Orchestra; 8:15, Hollywood Whispers. NBC network—Fibber McOco and Molly. W«XAI—Holly wood on Parade; 8:15, Frank Watnnabe. KNX—Officer of the Day; 8:15, World Dances. 8:30 to 9:00 p. m, ICKRN and network—Hawaii Calls. NBC network—Richard Himber'a Orchestra. W6XAI—Cub Reporters; 8:45, Hits and Encores. KNX—Musical; 8:45, Townsend Plan. 9:00 to 9:30 p. m. KERN and network—California's Hour. NBC network—Hawthorne House. mXAI—XeWB Flashes; 9:15, Vic Fraser. KNX—News; 0:15, Rubinoff. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KERN and network—California's Hour. NBC network—Oriental Gardens Orchestra. WBXAI—Dramas of Life; 9:45, Rhythm and Romance. KNX—Crockett Family, 10:00 to 10i30 p. m. KERN and network—World in Review; 10:10, Dlok Jurgens Orchestra; NBC network—News Flashes; 10:15. Southern Harmony Four. WGXA1—All Request Program. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. W6XAI—All Request Program. Seven Lose Lives In L. A. Accidents (Associated Press Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept 21.—Seven victims of traffic accidents died in LOB Angeles over the week end. While more than a score were injured and police arrested 12 on suspicion of drunk driving, these fatalities were reported: Mrs. Lewis W. Moore, 70. HarumI Izumi, 4. Mrs. Emily Russell, 73. John Triggs, D4, and his wife, Hose, 52. Virgil Cornelius, 70. Harry Burgett, C5. -* -^ ^ 1 '•'•'»•' -*»^^*^-^»BUSINESS RECORD STOCKHOLM. Sept. 21. (VI. P. The oldest chartered industrial concern In the world is the copper mine at Falun, in Dalecarlla. The mine has been under the same continuous ownership since 1220, and so much oro has been taken from .It that Its excavations would hold tho CUcopa Pyramid. TWO GUESTS-ONE PRICE No extra charge for two parsons occupying the samt room THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANGELES' NEWtST moit centrally located downtown hotel. 1924 Stre Directly across from tho Blttmor* adjoining beautiful Library Park RATES GUARANTEED AS PUBLISHED 350 CVf.ST rtOOJMJ Double Beds Choice. Twin or Double $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 /VOJYB HIC.HKHt You rfon** fc«t>* lit bartmtn! All Outside Rooms-All equipped with tub.shower orcomblnatlonbath* MONTEREY COCKTAIL ROOM Dignified • Intimate • Smart Gar*$t—Strt'ict to rfoor 5 Of-"*«**</ ow/ 11 MAYFLOWER HOTEL 535 SOUTH GRAND AVt. ONE PRICE-TWO GUESTS Succe bookie should read Everyone Per Copy BOOK SHOP Street September V alues THREE-PIECE BED OUTFIT Consists of a renuine *'Slmmons H full slxe bed, helical top-tied ooil springs and In- nersprinr mattress. The three pieces complete, priced exceptionally low— $| Down, 750 Wttk SUIT TWIN STUDIO COUCH A ftudio ttoMfth f«r thi thrifty shtpptr. Can b« midt instantly into twt twins or on« fwll-slzt bod or a oomfortablo oouoh for MO. Comploto wltk roTors- Innortprinc mattrou and throo pillows to match. Try to match this valui anywhoro for only $1,00 DOWN 75c WEEK $8,95 DOWN-$1,96 WEEK NO INTEREST * Famous "Krochler" two-piece modern living room suite includes massive davenport and club chair to match. Covered in contrasting pile fabrics, insuring long wear. Kroehler famous steel construction, smartly designed suite. These features give you extra value found only in a Krochler suite. Panels are handsomely carved. UTYR ATTR DOWN THREE-PIECE MODERN BEDROOM This suite includes full size bed, four-drawer chest and vanity \vith adjustable French plate mirror. Finished in selected walnut finish with contrasting panels. Priced far below today's market value. Three pieces complete.....,.,.. mff^^^^^^fm^^^^^^m+^mffmmi^mmmm^mm^^^^^^^^^^^^^mmmmm^m^mmmmmmmmmm^^mm^.m^^m^^^mm^m^m^^^^mM.^- ^ ^^^^^^^^^^m^^^^^^^m^^^^m^Hmfmmt BABY CRIB A full-vise ivory crib with link •print*. Hardwood construction, wtih GrftfieUnt WIEK $3.96 DOWN SSeWEEK A famous "Simmon*" HcaulyrrU Nationally advertised. Built upon a foundation of 837 soft, redltent coll «p rings, individually cncttwd and collectively nested. Guarantees Of ft millionaire, and may be purchased on McMahan'* extremely low terms ------ ...... Other Jimersprlitff inattreiuMMi JM low us (8.95 deep •'W;'.5S':?SR. Bakersfietd V ' , t, BUGY BABY heel*. Th«»e . I - -. ~i M •• >*;.<** -' * ' PJ v J*. . r nn I - * * t j , : •i . . - -... - -. \- '^ vV '*•" -\ --.- t 11 - - -.-'

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