Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 16, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
Page 5
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Diinlap's.... Celebrated HatS. Silk, Stiff and Soft. BATTED IT -Spring Styles.- Blackburn Collegians Win Game. 1 by Stick Work. ; SPRING NECKWEAR, SPRING OVERCOATS. WE'LL BEAT 'EH TODAY Didn't do a Thing to the Indiana* polis Club. , DEWENTE The Hatter and Furnisher, $15. WE WILL $18. Dissolve Partnership July i. Anil must hnve Cash for retiring partner, for that reason we make suits to order for $15, $18, $20 and choice of our Summer Suitings for $35. This is no fake, but actual facts. Tucker &?SharpeCo. ? Tailors. KJ * $20. 3-5 Pear, Street. RED TAPE Can tiito your measure for clothing as well as miy oilier if i't is taken riglir. Her/, takes your measure for a snlt of clothing in the quickest, neatest manner and turns you out a suit of clothing dint is ,'u-tlsUc in style, fit and material :i.t prices tluit will astonisb you, when you consider workmanship'and quality. Seeing is boll eying. • 409 HARKET STREET. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY, JUNE 1C, 1SOO. Subscribe for The Journal. Ha nun. -12-1 Fifties; root for screens. Geo. Harrison tins the finest line of • hammocks In the city. £3 cents for children's shoos at Kaufman & Co.'s Grand shmglir.ur of wai.srts nt our introductory sale.—Trade Palace. Remarkable values at Kaufman & Co.'s in iadies' and misses' shoes. The High school senior class will entertain the junior class one evening next week at tlie Hif, r h school building. If you can be fitted you are sure to save money at Kaufman & Co.'s bar- pain shoo store, as they deal only in bargains. WILL WED TOXIG-I1T. This evc'iilatr at S o'clock at the residence of Karl Sclierer, at tlto corner of Fifteenth and AVrijrUt streets, will uc- cur the inawiago of Mr. Albert Scliorer aud 3Iiss FoWcitas Konn. Buth cou- tracrtlug parties are of this city. Mr. Seharer is employed by Carl Keller the Market street tailor. WEDDING ANNOUNCED. The marriage of Miss EsUOIn C. IjOicham ami Jlr. Eldrixljje IleHart Booth is announced. Miss Lelcliam itt •the tlauRhtoi 1 of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Lo^dliatn, oC All.Hiquerque, N. M., and Mr. Boo<th Is a former rcskloiit of Cas* county, and a brother of Burl Booth of tula city. Of a.11 Uie nura«o<us Instruments era- ployed 'in our tlunm the oldest and most widely known'nr/Rhe dnim, liarp ami bagpipes. The first of these, simple as •Its construction is, .has literally played an important part In music. It originated in the North of Asia and was for more flian 2,000' years., the only instrument knowTi to the rude 1 and wring Tartars. Awarded Highest Honors—World's Fair. INTERESTING WAR RELICS. F. M. Lucas Sends The Journal a Box of Mementoes. A box containing a number of interesting relics was received at The .Tour- .itil ollice yesterday from Frauk M. Lucas, of Da.rden, Tennessee. Mr. Lucas formerly lived in this city :md is well remembered by many, .'ind especially by his old army comrades, to whom he sent I lie tokens of the wav of the rebellion. Tlie box eoutaiuod eight canes, eiit from saplings which grew ou tie site Of the battilelieJd of Shlloh church'; the barrel of an old cavalry carbine; a piece of oak wood in whir-It are Imbedded two mliiie balls within lialr-au-iuch of each other; an old rusted and battered belt liuckli? of tlie United Suites army; several iron' grapo shot and numerous leaden ininic balls; a nnmber of buttons of boIJi the Federal and Confederate armies, a.nd other small f/inkets. These articles were nlJ picked op oa the battilelields of Shiloli and Cross Roads cm Uejiiwidl .Day by Mr. L'ticas, and are forwarded litre that Iris old comrades may have a look at. tucm. They are on exhibition a: The Journal olllce, and all wlio'ure J<7irerouted are cordially invited to come in and see Uiem. Each cane is marked with a card anil the follow-in*: are remembcrecl by Mr. I.ucas with a wiilktas -stick: Ca.pt. A. H. Hardy, .Tiklge D. H. Cliasa, Jwlgo D. H. McGonue.il, city; Isaac BiuiiiJard- ner. A. AV. Herreld, .Tohn Fair, Jlames C. Cliidester, VaJton. In a carcl-lo The ..Toiirnal Mr. Lucas says; ''1 send by express a box containing war relics. Please jrlvc them out as marked, 1 sent each one a card to caH at your ofli.ce and get his cnno. AYe had n splendid time on tin? UittJeuelrt on Decoration Day. FIIAKK M. LUCAS." That co-ni-biuailon of 'base ball play- et'.s, collejfe-brud, J'anu-raisi.'d, fed on milk or raised a poty It dotvji't matter whJch, Is a pretty sw.ift combination. They >>:>» from' CarHnville. HI., a litrl? low.n away back in the hills'.' of the Sucker Sla-te. where they raise liig corn and base 'ball- players, Tliry have a school there they call -tilacklnirn University," ami If the coiim of hall iiJayers .had been chn-steued \vit,li a view to propriety, it eoiiId iioi have/ been named better. They •'Mjiek-burned" iho Jio-me learn in a gamo Uuif, i hough it seemed slow at times, was i)!ayed.in short tlmn ;iud had a number of catchy features, pt'incip:il among wlnic-ii were the good catches of ball maik' by the playi.'rs oi: bul.li sides, .ienlvii'.s. the si-cond-bi'.sc- inan' of t'.lie HlacUlu;i-ns, made a 'scnsa- tioual- loft-li.-tniled catcli of a liuu'liit Iliat broiigW forl'h applause, and Hack- eft captured the ci'imks l.iy tiie way-he "ate up" cvi'iytliing tliiH dropped in left fii-Jd, wlii.li 1 the work of the.home team in all the positions was excellent. In spire o-i' ihis, we Ip.sf. The gun.io was a Ho, wil.Ii 'four runs on the score board credited to each side, until Uic l.-i.st half of the ninth inning, wlie.n rho heavy ba.vte'.s 0!' the visitors wont or the ball and jiou-ndeil out two runs vn'rii two singles and a iwo-baggor. Sl-.ew- iiion wa,s in the box for the locals and pitched a very good ga-mo. but .ho demonstrated the fact that -tlie company was too fast for him, 'Ho N'a "heady' 1 yonii'g fellow, who will do good work with a JittJe more experience to bacK. him. It was a clow game, and. cue ; M-.Jiii.-!) kept tlio small, .crowd on 1 the ragged edge nil tlie time. This afternoon, will be a stiff snuggle, aod H' the locals do not take the game away from the corn fed gentlemen from tao/stati^ of black mud, it will lie bewui.se' there is too much bail held in- reserve-«p the sleeves of -l.hoh' uniform shirts. They win have to play a long way better bail than, they ilkl yesterday to win.today. Following is the score: JOS. Q. GRACE WILL 5ELL YOU A SPRING SUIT TO DAY EOR LES5 MONEY THAN ANY OTHER CLOTHIER IN ^LOGANSPORT. LINE COfiPLETE. Buy a Lougley Hat and be up to Date 426 Broadway. OTTOS Shaver, ss AP. ..3 Hanley, 2b 4 Hac-kett, If 4' Bniton, 3b 4 Stoicler, Cf 3 May. rf 4 Kcnneally, c :? Shfwmon. p 3 H 0 3 0 0 a i i 2 0 FO o P. S. If you want a Tailor Made Suit don't forget my line of the Celebrated Stein Block Clothing. Baltimore ,.:.: 1'S IS ,'GlLCinuatl ...,'. ...2!) • 20 'I'b'iladolphia"-. ..'...28 21 Boston !....2.'i 10 Washington Brooklyn Pitr.sbiirg- Cliicago New York . St. f.oiii? Louisville .. 24 -•"> 20 22 .)O 24 .20 .13 .10 .(ion .3!12 .57.1 .ufiS .5-ir> .532 .Ml .510 .423 .250 Totals SI 4 •'! *No o'nc out when winning scored. BLACK-BURX -AB It H Murphy, ss 3 0 .1 McC'omieM. <• ':: '0 0 Bennett, :Ui 2 2 0 Mosser, p 4 2 .•>, Jenkins, 2b : -1- 2 2 Mutr, cf Anderson, 3b .. 2-1* 7 3 runs were Carbellin, v-f '\VoMe.rt. IV .. '•" MOST PERFECT MADE. -». rr.K Gnr'3 Crjr-rn of Tartir Powder. Fre« j' r AiTifi-.on':,A!i:n'. or any^ot'ieradulterant 40-YearJ fee Standard. DEATI-T OF MRS. KAUFFMAX. Mrs. Lewis Knuft'intin died Sunday, moniinf,' in tlie liosp-ital in Indianapolis, Mrs. Kauffman reslvlutl eiprlit milcs^ Soulli of tlie city. IPlic remains wore whipped lo Dayton, Ohio, where tlie fn.nornl will bo bcld this nl'tcrnoon at •2 oVloclc. The '.rollo-winp friends wont to Daylon yesterilay to attend the funeral: Mr. (ind .Mrs. John limner, Sir;-. Amthanicr. Mrs. liittcr. Katie Krnnt, Mr. Gcvnvre Knulfman. Mr. Henry Kanft'miin, Mr, l.on AVwin, Mr. Al(?x .Small. JJr. .a.iid Mrs. Ed Martin. Mrs. Fred Burjrman. Mr. and Mrs/ George Stemler. Totals ..... 1!!) (!• .S '11 II. 1 4 Scure by inuinu's: Ottos -. ........... 0 M 1 0 0 6 0 0 0—1 BlackbilirJi ..... .1 (1 1 2 •() 0 0 '0 2-0 Summary: Karncd mns— Elackburns 2: stolen ba.sc.-— Otnos 0, Bl-ackbnrns -i; two-base hits— H.-inley, Sreniler, Matt; wild pitch— Shewmon: base on. balls-oft.' Shcwmo-n .4, oil' Moisscr 3; struclc OTI t— by Shewmon 4, by-Mosser 0; double 'play— Hanley to Bolan, Sliaver, unassisted; time of game. 1 hour, 83 minutes, T^npire. .Tolmston. . . • . •• TJic Indiauapoli? c.Jub of ball IOSSM-S. Ave.re too "kidd-ish" to play bull in fasti company. The Ottos took, thorn into camp Sunday nfrei'nooii.lo-tlie tune of 20 to u. It was a "slaughter of. the iu- BY A SHORT HEAD. Clevela.nd Still Leeds in t!i(-' National League Race. XOTICE. . This is to twtiJ'y- n-1! those OH-IJIR us to cull and settle by cnsli or. note n's nil accinm-t'S must be closed. Bun & Meavn' men's finps-f shoes on Kaiii'man & Ce.'n bargaJii tables nt .lor- dan. Hec-ht's old stand. Itfiin prevented Clevi-huul from -winning n pirnc from Lo-uisvilie yesterdtiy. In spite of this, the Spiders arc still in the lead, by irrncc of a loss by Balti-. more. Citicliuiati t'.'ittcuod IIOT per cent;, at the expense.of St.. Louis..and Phila- Vlulph-iil drojipcd a gajiv; to tlifc Seiiii: tors. J^oltow'iDtf an; rhi; scores.of yes- terilay'.s PIMII.^: • .-" ' At. Pitwbm-g-Chic.-iBO 11, Pitt*. bwrg 3. '.. '. .-..At Ciricinun-tr—S't: Louis 1. -. Cin'cin- nati 7. . : .'•' . At Bixioklyn—Baltim-tii:n --'2, . Brooklyn -i. - - - - •..--. '-..- At VpisWugtoji--railndelubia :,',',, Wnslilnptori 0. . • .- . .. • ;.'-. '.. ."'. ... Rain prevented the Clevelhud-Lquls- ville )?Qmc nt Louisville, iindj'he -Ne\v- York-Boston pnnc, n^.Bosrou. ''."i"~ .' •. STANDING 'OF.'THE CI^UBS.. 'V., Ciubs \Voii- Lxist Tcr Ot. Cleveland •'.'..',•".'!'.'.'.20 , 10'- -'-.'ef*- .PERSONAL : -Dr. .T.--AV; Stewart is at Indianapolis. 'TM-of. Win. C. Stciubart will go to Delphi today on business. Mr.' H. A. Luce lias go:iu to I.ogan, roAvii, for a hvo weeks' stay. '1l'ab;ish Tribune; Mr?. Kousch went. to'Logauspo-rt this r.;oniing. .Mrs. AViH Bott was licre yesterday ou- ]m- way from Star City to Indianapolis. Inspector Trice' of the Metropolitan Lite insnviuice effinp.iny has gone to Cincinnati. !• "The Misses Anna and Mary Dean have gwiU'-to Chk-ago to spend a month with friewTs, George A, Cooler lias re'.urm'd froi)' Indiana nnivcr-sily when 1 ho has bocij attending Jaw scliool. Marion Chronicle: Murat Wallet and Johii Clark will siiend Sunday wi-'b frrwids in Lojransport. Jliiss. I'ea.rl> Carter nf Kokomo will spend :i dny or fwo in l.oganspnrt on •her way in South Bernl.. DJ-. Powi^l rind Stewart Krazee went 10 St. Louis "Sunday to aiteuil (he Republican National convention. ."*!". W. A. De-wcnfi'i' nf Lafayutle spent Sunday in ihis city the guest o;' his brothers, Herman and .Tohu C. ; Richmond Jrem: Oliver Ilooloy. oC Logansport. and Misses Edna Johnson mid Katie S-hsiflfer of the Sralu Duivpv- :siry. are in fhc city to attend the ban- Vimff of the 4."'s this evening. A'aJpara.iso A'idtM-ic: John S. Louder- buck rotliiy received word from his wift 1 that ht'i; father..Dr. Cleve.n-ger. died at. .":.'!0 yrsterday afternoon at his home in Logans] 10rt. He was also the fatlier of .Mrs, T. B. Loiiderbacl;. Kokoino iTVi-tnitie: Mi's. M. AV. CoatC returned a few days ago from Logansport whure she.was aleniliu.tr tlie beil- 'skli! of Jicr fla.u.gh'iej-. Mrs. Madge Gonsor. The nia.ny' friends, of Mre. .Gonscr will be trlad-io learn That .sl)i> 1* sir 1m- provi-uT Iliiif'slu' 1 Is able to sit'tip awl gi'iHlnaily DON'T TURN AND STARE. It IB Well, After All, Tbat Women Lore Pretty Drpa.lnff. Two women pass each other in the street of a provincial town; they are not acquainted, yet it is long odds that cue of them turns nround to look after the other—very short oddsagainst both doing- so. It is not the g-ait, says the Nineteenth Century, or the figure, or the hair of the stranger that has attracted attention, it is the dress, and not the person within it. Theg-entle anarchists who aro busy organizing- the debrutali- x.ation of roan will, of course, attribute this little failing to the vacuity of the feminine mind by reason of man's tyranny in excluding- women from boards of "directors and other intellectual kren.oa. It may be conceded that psychology and betterment are more recondite fields than millinery, but this would be but a dull world and far uglier than it is, if every woman had a soul above. chifEons. Odds grenadine and tarlatan I that were a consiuuiria- tiou by no Means desirable. No, let nil' men who have eyes to see withal or hearts to lose set great store by the pains bestowed on pretty dressing-; but if one may speak and -live, theartshould be studied with subtler tact than is sometimes seen. It. should be better concealed; it is distressing to see a young woman's eyes wandering- over the dress of her with whom she is talk- in?, for if tbft mind be engaged in taking- note of external detail, conversation ceases to bo intercourse, and becomes the crackling of thorns under the pot. TJjan.Ta.ii aucy-onomeansotoseel et et DOG BURIES A CAT. Con- . The Koktiiim j'-aiis willl bn .over next Sunday .in .t'nlll force. Onu of tlie )n:ig- natrs of tlie club -there was in ilKJ : cit." Sjiturday ni.crht and said that-n ciitnvd of from ni'o ro'-Jliree Jnindreil -.wo'iild bo ovev will/ Jhc'.tt'a-nl. and they would hnve nllkijKts ofmmiey to-but flint :bey wn.nhl win. . ': .The marrfage . of Mr. L.-AV. Pilling anil Miss'Bertha Seybpld will cecur :it rhti homo .of tin: .linrto five.-miles AV.e.«t •p.t"tlie.tiry,'-,tli1f! O.iyiiins nt ,'• '.Snbsa'ibe' tor The -Journal. ' A Little 1'sycholocleal Spocnlatloi ccrnlnc the luclUnnc. A clog and a cat,,belonging to the same muster, were the best friends in the world, and spent their time in frolicking tog-ether. One day, while playing as UKii::l. the cat died suddenly, falling a-t •k:' dog's feet. The latter, at first, did r.oi- realize what hnd happened, but eonthr.H'd his play, pulling, pushing and caressing his companion, bi^t with evident astonishment nt her inertness, A-Tier some time hp appeared'to xnider- ST-r.nd T.he situation, awl his grief founu vent i;i prolonged howls. Presently he was seized v.-ith the idea of burying-the cat. He pulled her into the garde:), where he soon dngn bole with hispa.ws, and p-jt in the body of his fcn'mer companion. He then refilled the hole with tlivl. and, stretching himsoif mil. on tic grave, resumed his mournful howling. The i'iea of burying the cnt was extraordinary. \Thcnce canie the tho-ught- .fnlr.e.ss? Could 'it be imitation, or. >viiic!i i.s a better .explanation, did Hie .Oo£" iia.vo a vngue idea of-eonce.'ili^g-f.he •ovi.-:it which miglH be imputed to him'.' 1 Bnt then it would seem unronsonalile for iiim 10 enII attention rn tJi: 1 fact- by install'inc 1 liimsflf on the irr.ive nnd ho-A'Tiiiu'. Unwi'Vi-: 1 . even hmntin cr:::;- iutils nro «i:rneilines .('.'qually .incn 1 .!- •sistent. It. is difficult to form an '.'S.ici idcn of v]int. q-nvt-rise (.0 ti'.o ilpfr's 0011- duot- in this t-rise. A pr«at n«w .Gvi'inun :company has ticen .forme'<J. ivirh :« ..<-:ijiira! .of-Jf-'WOii.- .1)00. 3.0 X'Stalilifh iron-iWor'Ks sind :i rnHi way X'njihie/factory--in •.souUicrn llns.-ia. For $2.98 Otto Offers Choice of Men's Tan Shoes worth up to $6.00 including the Wide Toe Ox Blood R. S. Shoe and Smith & Stoughton's best. Choice of all $2.98 Ladies' New Shade Tans Worth $3 for $1.9?' The Celebrated "Otto" $2.50 Button and Lace $1,48 The Free Distribution of WATCHES WITH SUITS Closes this Week. Otto Kraus "Of Course" ,luuo 2ls(. l.!u; V:mil:ilfcl Li-m> will pu: OH r<'A.'iiiai- Sunday "Ouliiij;'' trains for The snnuner, and will s^H tickets at out fare for lite round in'p wlx'j) l.bc oue- fjire rate <Joc,s n<n. fall bi'low i!?>e or cs- iwl .?:!."><). DEATH OF CHAUl-OTTK Charlonv BIVWIM-. UK- fonr-year-olil iI.-iHi.'Wer f>f Mr. :i»d Mrs. William Brewer, diod :ii. the fa,mily residence at. No. HiOfl Market scii:et Sunday after- iioon ;H 3 o'clock. T,!n; funeral was liclil ai 0:MO oYloi-k from the residence services were i-oi)tUK'ti-'<l Iiy Th<* K<*v. ]•. M. Hn<-kU'biHTy. RKFUBLIOAN DKUMMKRS. 'Him- will ln> M business moi.-liug tin- Republican dnnn corps ihis cvcui ii'i. headquarters. Run & Kaufman at .loin) S'-lnvii>r's,wiili A Russian jnedioal .man Ji:'.s -noiic-i'd .Tha.r. .the .human .*ye -namr.'illy wink- three tiv four jinws. k-ss -«l'ren whvn reh'iluiR fl.iy plecti'io lisl^^'aiv -wiici) .:i candle 5s iifed. ; 4 _ .., , - puri:"y,':iml bc:nr.ify JTL T '.\'iA :rrr* -lion, 10 l . m*ilca free.

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