The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 5
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THURSDAY, OCTOBER W, IJOOLf COOBIBR MGWI B-50 Loaded with Live Bombs C rashes! Into Wheat Field m England; All 12 Aboard Killed ISLE1UM, Eng., Oct. 13. OT—A' U. 8. Air Force B-M bomber with » load of live bombs dived into a 'wheat field today and exploded with » roar heard 12 miles away. All 12 crew member* were killed. The plane, designed as the atom-* —— * 'bomb carrying version of the B-29, was on a 180-mile practice mission lo the North Sea Island of Helgo- land with Twelve 500-pound bombs. Villagers said the plane^ppeared to burst lnto_ flames just before it dropped through a light ground fog and struck the field. Haming bits of the lour-enginea craft were blown hundreds of yards In ' all 1 directions from the huge central crater dug by the blast.' Burning gasoline set fire to > ring of farm buildings and to 60 tons of stacked .wheat. Windows |i shattered and plaster ceilings fell V in Isleham houses. Fire equipment was summoned from nearby New, market, 60 miles northeast of London, and from Cambridge, Mildenhall and Oxfordham. The u. S. Third Air Division In 'London said the plane crashed at 9:25 a.m., local time (2:25 am., CST), only a few minutes after It left Lakenhealh Airfield, seven miles away in adjoining Norfolk County, for its Helgoland mission. Both 'British and American aircraft regularly use Helgoland for live bombing practice. Helgoland was a Nazi .submarine and anti-aircraft base iduring the war. ( First B-50 Accident The Third Air Division- said this '.was the first accident involving a ,B-50 since the 43rd group of these •craft arrived Aug. 18 from their Tucson, Ariz., base. The group is • stationed at Seolthorpe, Norfolk i County, tor 90 days of operational ; training. A B-50 bomber crashed i'near Fairbanks, Alaska, last Dec. 22, ' killing all ten men aboard. The Third Air Division withheld the names of today's dead until next of kin are notified It also declined''to-furnish' the nickname of the plane, since tills would serve to Identify the crew to persons familiar with the 43rd group, when it was in Tucson. The B-50's usually hear nicknames, the most famous of which is "Lucky Lady," which new non-stop around the • world this year. ' •'•- ;.-• I A Royal Air Force rescue squadron recovered the 12 bodies from the smoking, twisted wreckage within'two hours after Hie crash. The 1 plane, one of the newest types' in the U.S , Air Force, Is designed to carry- conventional bombs as well as the atom bomb. The RAF threw a - guard around the wreckage to protect secret equipment. Cardinal Denies Financing 'Plot' Spellman Refutes Charge He Provided' Funds for Mindszenty NEW YORK Oct 13-W- Plan- CIS Cardinal Spellimn on his arrival from Rome jeslerday, denied a f° v ' et fharge that he had given 530,000 to Josef Cardinal Mindzenty 10 finance a plot against the Com- First Woman Ambassador in U.S > Named. . . WASHINGTON, Oct. 13. <fl*l Mrs. Eugenie Anderson of Red Win?, Minn.,'has been nominated :to represent the United States in Denmark a.-, this country's -first woman ambassador. President Truman sent the name of the 40-year-old Democratic National Commitieewoman. to the Senate yesterday to succeed Josiah Marvel, who vacated the Copen• hagen post some months ago. .' : At the 500-acre Minnesota' farm where she and her '.artisUhusband live, Mrs. Anderson said she "ardent supporter" of Mr. Truman's foreign policy' and 'added that she was "especially happy to be nominated as 'ambassador to Denmark." There have been women ministers representing the United' States abroad—Mrs. Pcrle Mestn at Luxembourg is one; Marvel's predecessor in Denmark, Mrs'. Ruth Bryan Owen^ was another—but no woman ever before,.has held the full ambassadorial rank. Since ' Mrs. Owen was In Denmark, the rank of the top U.S. diplomat there has been raised from minister to ambassador. Mrs. Anderson entered pni'tlcs as a memb'er of the League of Women Voiere about sis yrors ago. She became active in the. Democratic Party In 1944 and was'named to the national committee four years later. Two Deaths Increase Week's Toll to Eight By The Associated Press The violent death toll in Arkansas tliis week 'how stands at eight. Two mishaps occurred yesterday. ; Four-year-old Crlend- Lucille Harrelson of Atkim ; was injured fatally when she ?\-as s'ruck down by a truck as she attempted to cro*s a road near her home. The body of Clarence;Bishop, <6, was found on a Frisco switching [rack there Wednesday morning. R IT Z THEATRE Manila, Ark. Time Today "STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN" with Daytd' Niren and Kim Hunter News & Cartoon Kriday A Saturday BRAND OF FEAR with Jimmy Wakely Cartoon and Serial munist regime in Hungary. Com. Cardinal Spellman said the New York archdiocese had distributed several million dollars in Europe, but, the money was only for relief, and was sent through accredited agencies. He added: , "If for $30,000 democncy with its Ii-cdoms could be secured In any of the coimtiies under feouet domination, all oui soldiers and I heir relatives would know that it was the greatest bargain slice Manhattan daitis. The was bought from the In- Cardinal arrived by plane at New York International Airport from Paris, after a visit to Pope Pi»c XII at Vatican city. The charge that he had helped finance revolutionary plotting in Hungary was made Monday in the United Nations at Lake,Success,by Diinlry Z Manuilsky. delegate to the U.S. from the Soviet Ukraine • Cardinal Mindzenty, convicted by Hungary oil treason charges, now is serving a ur e sentence . The Concstofrii wagon, famous in U.S. pioneer days was first made in Pennsylvania about 1750. ^ :^s:^^= NEW Box Opens W«k IJlj Alatinee SiitnrdaT A .MaU-Snn. 1 p.m C Manila, Ark. Shows EVERV NIGHT Last Time Today "THE UNTAMED BREED" with • Sonny Tufts Also Shorts Briday "KAZAN" with Stephen Panne Also Short* Saturday "PHANTOM OF THE PLAINS" with William Elliott Also Shorts 1 —Courier New* Photo MA10R OPUSS NEW THEVTtR-Mayor Doyle Henderson (right center! is shown *E he 'ml the .-tbbon oiwmng the new Starvue Theater on Hignway 61 last night. Others in the picture are cfvohi the lelt) W. L Moxley. owner of the theater; Mrs. c. J. Besliears,' ol...Memphis and mother of Mrs. Moxley; Mrs. Moxley; Mayor Henderson and Mrs. Henderson. " ' .'• :.-,.-: .- • PACE m* Got, OH Agtmey to M**f i> DORADO, Alt, Oct. 1J—<«!— The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission will meet »t the union courthouse Oct. IS to discuss conservation policies. > • Main topic to be discussed, jays Lester P. Danforth, commission conservation director, is whether there is any waste of oil'br natural gas in Arkansas' 38 oil pools. 'Hie eyes are among the first organs of the body to start development In the hiunan embyro. At a very early stage, the two retinas are icen as a pair of dimples on that area which,Is destined eventually , to 'become' the forcbraln. 'Chuting Prisoner Recaptured, Held For Court-Martial SHRF.VEFORT, .La., Oct. 13-/./P) —A 22-yeay-oId' soldier '.-. who p'ara- chiitcd frorirhis hying prison, only to be recaptured four hours later, was held here today for court- martini. Pvt- Howard Shinneman said he had no idea of making a permanent escape when he "hit the silk" from a c-82 in which he and nine other military prisoners were being transferred from Forbes Air Force Base at Topeka, Kas., to Barksdale Field here.' ' ', - , ! : The "Clinton, 111., war veteran, after a jump from an , altitude' of about 3,000 feet, landed near--Nashville, Ark. He hid his parachute, trudged five miles across muddy fields,*,, a rid i then : -,< thumbed a ; Tide with Howard County Sheriff Arthur Hicks. Hicks had been notified of the escape and was seeking the soldier. "I-know you can't get away," Shinneman said.-:"I guess I was goiiig to Nashville, then I prohably 'would have come.on to Barksdale. I just jumped on a hunch." Incidentally, he added, he Jumped to win a S5 wager. At Barksdale, Shinneman faces court-martial on charges of theft of a government pistol and of being absent without .leave. Notorious Criminal To Die in Chair . LOUISVILLE, Ky., Oct 13—W)— EarlD. Birch'am. 45, called a notorious public .enemy by the FBI, must die in the electric chair for the slaying of a Louisville policeman. An all-male jury deliberated a little more than an "hour Tuesday night before returning a verdict of guilty of murder in the shooting of patrolman John Tennyson. | Bircham. the prosecution charged, • shot Tennyson to-death in a running battle here on the night of Aug. M and wounded another policeman, John Allen Ross, six tlrr'vs. Ross testified, >>ie officers recognized Bircham as a wanted man. Birchnni, who is under indicti v u on a bank robbery charge in Nashville. Tenn., was captured fay a former Marine, Luther Williams, when he';.',ran into the backyard Of Williams;.'home after shooting Tennyson. * " Well Child Clinic Conducted for Negro Children Nine negro children/ eight of which were under one and a half years old, were examined yesterday at the Well Child Conferenc at the North Mississippi County Health Unit. • '. ; ' : Dr. J. E. Beasley, Mrs. Annabel Fill and Mrs. E. Ov Ambrose conducted the clinic' and were assisted by Mrs. Ed Rice and Mrs. ,B.. L Eubanks, representing the First Presbyterian Church. ; Mrs. Pill la public health nurse and Mrs. Ambrose is During the examinations two children were foil rid to have nutritional deficiencies, two'•:hernias,-and one was a post-polio'case,, which had polio at the age of seven-weeks, the youngest case in the county A similar clinic will be conducted for white children, October 26. Lone/oners Clipped LONDON, Oct. 13. (/T>—Barbers in the City,' London's financial district, raised the price of a haircut Bible Reading, Prayer Only Religious Activity Okayed for State Schools LITTLE ROCK; ,Oct 13—{(Pi- Bible reading and a dally prayer apparently are.;the only religious activities that can be conducted in Arkansas public schools. Attorney General ike Murray said yesterday that his interpretation of a constitutional amendment (Initiated Act. No. 1 of 1930) shows that teachers may read a portion of the Bible without comment and offer a prayer without violating the law. Any other phases of religious teaching such as-singing hymns instruction in any creed or giving Bible verses to memorize violates the provision of thp constitution, Murray said. , ; His remarks were contained in a letter to J. a. chronister of Little Rock, editor-publisher of .the Arkansas Farmer. It takes about 9.77 quarts of milk to make one pound of butter. Oppose Leland Oids WASHINGTON," Oct. 13. (/P) — Arkansas' Senators Vulbright and tfcClellan Joined a Senate majority last night In turning down President,'Tru man's nomination of Learid Olds for a-third-term as a member of the F,eder»l Power Commission. '.:•'-'..' from a shilling sixpence (21 cents) to two shillings (28 cents) : yesterday. Outside the financial- district, however, the 21-cent haircut remained. Do You Suffer Distress From 'PfKIOVIC' miich makes you so iwnrous ';several days before? ; Do female function*.! monthly Rll- -; nienta - mafce yoy suffer painlul distress^ make you (eel so nervous, so strangely restless, tired and wenlc—iRt such times (or R tew days Jujt be/ore your period) ? Then start tafclnjLydln K.Pint- . ham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. No other • inedictae of this tjpe far women has such a long record or succeu. • Piufcliam's Cotniiouud not only relieves this monthly pain but also , pre-perlod n«rrou£ tension mod cross. Irritable emotioas— of this nature. It has such a comforting actlspasmodlc action on oiie t>/ icaman's most important organs RtE>ilar use helps build up resistance against such female distress: Truly the woman's friendl ^fc/ ?iOTK: Or ;ou ™.j prffrr ^B i-7**i> K - ninth.* 1 . TABurrs ^ wftfc .rfrfrd fron. UDIA E. PINKHAM'S VtgeUble Conpwirf J lul tkt Full) ii Ikt Cir... liiie Oil U tt< Box Office ppens 6:30 Show Slartf. 7:0fli Last Day "Doc" Blonchord in "SPIRIT OF WEST POINT" NEWS • CARTOON FRI. SAT Bii; Double JOEL McCREA In "RAMROD" ALSO MARIA MONTEK In "SOUTH OF TAHITI CATARRH SUFFERERS HH»eU«»KM( HISIir BUI TO NASAL coH&istioN. turrtr »UJHID HUH Refcf at Tut from torture of linkM, lion u «en today Tn report*-of«uce«*l with formula Which bai ' th« power to reduce iSal congestion. Men ana* women with ;oniiinff ainm headache*. clofKed nlMtrila. mche, hiwklnK and Rnetzin; misery M] of blnlnl relief .IUr ,i»int it KLORON'OI. eta* I3.0P. bat cantiiitrinttrtiultj, tkit u noi exn«njue. unouDtx Lo onlj r«nnle» p«r dole. K1.OROKOL (caution, use only M ftractW) Mid with mooej-Uck lUatintee b> VCoodt Drug store — Blytholllc — Mall Orderi tilled. SKY ilNE DRIVE-IN THEATER t Mi Its North ot Bljlhrvill* Bo* Offiee Opens at 6:» Show Starts 7:00 ; • .': Thursday & Kriday ' M M1KB MTTISTS Added Allractiims Saturday , RED RYDER AttracticM BUYTHEV ILLES ONLY ALL WHITE THEATRE. Last I>» T • 2 IHf Hits • Open «: News * Short Friday & Saturday •V Alan Lane as "Red Ryder" Vigilante* of Boom Town : . Ai«« .; - "TRAIN TO ALCATRAZ" FOR ATHLETES FOOT USE T-4-LBECAUSE Km* ON CONTACT. IN ONE HOUR *lM*t **"'*' ** ply ">H- ST«ENCT*H KIRBV DRUG STOKES DR. ROBERT BARTLETT • Osteopathtc Physician • And Surgeon is now located at »h« CALLAHAN CLINIC Steele, Mo. Office Hours: 9-12 a.m. 1-4 p.m. 7-8 p.m. PACKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET 1044 West Chic^wba P ho n. 2043 Brisket STEW or ROAST - Pure, Fresh ' . LARD - ---- 8 Ib. Swiff- Premium Beef CHUCK ROAST - Pork Roast • LOIN END Tender, Delicious, SPECIAL CUBE STEAK --• Reelfoot's , SLICED BACON - Tender Picnic Ib. 39' • Ib. 33< pail $1.3 9 • lb - 59^ -lb.49<! • Ib, 69< " Ib. 55<! Fresh Dressed Poultry At All Times White Dough Y^^fo Yukon's Best lOlbs. 79c I'S'WJJl, 10lbs.86c 25 IBs. $1.86 glH^lJC 25lbs.$1.95 Aunt Jemima PANCAKE FLOUR - - 16* Del Mar For, Toll House Cookiis f ree Cup & Saucer with CHOCOLATE CHIPS ,20 MOTHERS OATS 3 1:. 46 Adams, .16 m.. cans R e d Robe GREEN BEANS with ORANGE JUICE 2 Foi 95 C SMALL POTATOES N ^ 2n 20 KImer's, 1 11). 3 a/.. Jar Early FIG PRESERVES E » 69 GARDEN PEAS 2 c , m 23 Reynold's Chicken Chow Mein or ALUMINUM FOIL „ W CHOPSUEY ,„„ Kr«sh Pure E lt ra Quality Long Gram Rice LARD 1 Lb 1? LONGFELLOW .... fkl I COLORED OLEO - - Ib. Guaranteed FRESH EGGS - - - doz. 62< Diamond, 80 count . •' PAPER NAPKINS 2 pkgs VITA BEST FRESH PurpU Hulls Crowd* r» Blackcyes 3 Cans 29« Just Arrived New Shipment of GLACE FRUIT. FRUITCAKES

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