The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, September 21, 1936
Page 2
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« < fl«^.^^M^ P W*M«#^^ THIS UAKKK8FIELD CAL.1FOIIN1AN, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 1038 Indian Union Gospel Mission Planned by Wisconsin Man for All Tribes in U. S. (VnUeA rreni litnuetl Wire) KN t/AKH, Wlfl., Sept. 21.— urn lining perfected hero by tlio Rev. Klmer U. Hamley for organization of nn Indian Union Gospel Ml.stdon roprt'Hcntlnif nil the IrlbPM mid Christian fall ho among U'lKcnnsln'H 12,000 IndlnnH. Tin- iiilsHloti IH In lie founder! fit UlC Hf'lll of till' (Ill-Oil 1.111(1- HlhlO Itl- sllllllr. whose Hlocl< lH owned liy MnpllslH. Lutheran*. I'reHliyterliinR ;iinl ' nnKI-'-KMIlimnllMtw. InMltnie proporiy fiiibrncpH 22 HITCH nf In lie Hlmrf Ifinil, 14 hnlldlnBH nnd c-nm|i fnolllllf'H used liy nn livi'.riiKu of 200 pel-wins dnllv. Tl IH u KO|IIK ri'llRlnUH hiiMlncH.H which lui.i rii'l known n flnnm-liil n-vi-i-NC- In .'If. .vt'iu-H 1 oponi.- lion Aqueduct Water, «$15 anLcre Foot I'rr.m t,rnir.t Wtrei) LOS ANOm,KH. Hept. 21.— Colorado river adqr-duct wiitnr, dollvorod to eltlpw of aroiin wltliln Ilio irlolro- polllnn wnler dlHtrlct, nhoiild bo mado available nt n. wholflnalo rato of $)D an Hero foot, the district dlrec- tor« rncammrtuloi] today. F. 10. Weyinniith, dlHtrlcl. Ronnral mitnaffor, wild Ilio rato wa» not tho official prlcn, but. merely oxprORRucl tbn board's pri.-Hont. judgment. Aiiuodurt wilt i; r will tint ho avail- atiln until Iflltl) and an ordinance) fix- IIIK a wltolwdilo rato to l>o charged by tho dlHtrlct must he. ndnjited prior tn nriiml ili'llvi'i-y. A wholcHnlo rill" of $Ki an ncre fiint amount* to !Mfi i-i-nlH per 100 riiblo fi'i'l. tin 1 ! bniiril pointer! nut, compnrliiK tl'lH (l^uro In tbn nvcr- n«n rati- nf \'i conlH charged In I ;i dlfltrlut. r.ltlon to rnliill dnmoHtlo, com mmr.lal nnd IndiiHtrliil coiimimorn. The rotnll rail' nl u-hlrh vnrloim cltli'H rnny riwll lln> ni|ii<>dtici wnior ri-inaliiH n iniiltf-r for them to deler- iii I nut! Individually. SELF DEFENSE 10 BE BRITES' PLEA OUR NEW FLORSHEIM SHOES FOR Cltiimot] They Thought Three Men They Slew Hud AI lacked Them /United Vrtu t,eatt<t Wtre) FOhHOM PUIHON, Hopt. 21. — John and CoUrt Urlto, accused triple- Hlnyot'H who wcro Rurrendnrnd for HiifnUceping by their mother, will plead Hclf-dofciiRO If they are brought to trial on murder ohm-gcn, It wan 'I'he lii-olhorn, who riiiHcrlodly Bhot nnd lulled n countable, <i. rlapttly Rlmrlff nnd n, hunlor In n mining on- bin nenr Homo (Veek, VroUa, a month iigfi, wild they thought llin trio hurl "fioino to got us" whfjn thuy arrived ni (he Hrlto cnbln to arrest, llu'ln on chnrgcM of dlHtlll'hlng tlio peace. Thoy onld thny wcro (dapping nt their camp whon n. party of men onterf'd lho camp and nlurtod beating Ilicin, When they wcro ntliiokod, they mild, they Htnrlod Hhoollng. Tho brolhorH nrn being hold here [lending outcome of a eonforenco bo- I ween DlHtrlcl. Attorney JnrrioM DavlH of Hlnhlyoii (Bounty and Allornoy (Icncral H. H. Wobh. liavlw haH iiRkod Webb lo conduct thn (rial, which prolutlily will bo hold In Yrolta. Westernmost Post of Bureau Named I Afinrtnlril I'rrnn l,rimr<l \Virf) \VASIIIN(iTON, Hopt. 21. -~ Wrnllier Inii'eiiii ofriclnlH hnvn nn- niiiinceil epinljllHhiiM'nl of tholr went- erninoHl olitinrvallon Hlnllon and appointed nn "wenlhi'i'innn" I horn, a woiiinn. MIH. Prancln II. McMillan. MI-H McMillan will miikn dully rr- poiiii from Allta, on ono of Ihe Aloti- l In MM. Hie chain of mini I] iNlandn thn I exl' nil'i frciln luiilllieiii Alnxkli, well mil Into tlin north I'ndflc lownrd A filn. ller hliHhnnd IH oinployed ill a lenclinr on Ilio Inland by llin federal India) Hervlce and tho McMillans aro the only whlto pornoiiM ninoiiK lOtl ronldotitH. Thn nallvoii nro lORklmon. Mi'M. Mi:Atlllan miiHt. uliai'n hunorH with tho "iiorllicrniiioKl wenlhor- man," a \vomiin, ATrw. Hlnndley Morgan nt Point Harrow, Alnskii. Mr.i. Morgan's hilHhnnd, Mnslnr Herueaiil Miirgun, won Inlerniillonal nltenllDI). xvlien he flaHlioil to tho world llin Irnglc death of Wlloy I'oHt, flyer, and Will ItogiM-H, hiimorlHt, In nn nlrpliinn cniHli near Point Harrow, nnd rccovcrod their bodies. MI-H. Mm Kim ban nerved an oh- Hcrver for iieveral yonrst, and IH "a very cmnpolcnl one." mild 10. 11. Culver 1 , chief of Ilio forerantlng Borvicii. To Lease or Not to Lease- That Is Problem of Owner ' By A. V. T-TKAHT-BUISAKINO stories can bo J..1. toM of land owners who lost out In leasing booms. Like u horse race, where tho winner Is known but tbo losur IH forgotten, the fortunate people who bavo cashed In on oil nro known while others ni'fi forgotten. liiim your unar Mouiilnlii Vlow fluid, a wildcat WIIM about halfway down when llin Hiirroundlng ICIIHUH expired, Tim company ofti.'reil to ri-iitiw with a $no pi-r aero boniii). Homo accoptod and took DIM monuy, but a fow hold out for *IOO and eventually gnt nothing, as the well turned out barren. A Btory Is told of uii outlying pk'co In another region, whoso ownur ret'usod |UO an ucrn bponuso a "wlgglo stick" Indl- ruled oil bonnath his propwly. Later ho accoplnd $25 before U won too lalo. I,oft lOinply-Jliindcd Kevoral years ago, during the ex- c-lteiiinnl on Onion avenue- an evpul fi.lmnnt. unhnllovnbln In retrospect happened to n. land ovvnor wluiHo properly WIIH niortgaged for JI4.000. lln nffiiBi-d a i:«rtlfli.-d chunk for $25,000 for a y-yoar leaso us lio wanted $.'10,000. Thn boom subsided after- wnrd«, and tho mortgagor look over 1 ho propiM'ly. A point NotnatlninH overlooked by I ho nwnri'S of possible* oil liind iH that n Ir-aso Is not perpetual —It does not tki up tho Ifirid forever, but. for from 1 tn 5 yenrs. Homo owners llftvn IrtrtSivl thnlr land wnvcrat tlnlos. l,r'rinr«s Threo Times A rprniirknlili' oxampln of Ibis IH thn history during Ihrs last IS yonrs MASON of 80 acres In the Famosa district, worth tibout $6 per acre agriculturally. The demand for leases In an area often goes In waves or cycles, with quint periods In between and In thin imsi! three leasing waves have passed. Thn owner loitrncd a lesson at thu first wave several yvars ago, when ho rejoclnd $2BO bonus an ucrc with a six-months rlrllllng claiiNB because Assoclalod Oil (,'oinpany was drilling a wildcat In tho next section. Tho well proved to bo dry and ho got nothing, Later, when tho next wave camo along, ho accepted $50 an acre at tho tlitio Channlor-Canflald Midway drilled threo miles away. This well also was dry and tho lease was quitclaimed, A few years later another wave came along and ho got $35 bonus per aero. Eventually the lease again was quitclaimed and tho land now Is ready for another ante. Tho rancher jokingly says that in tho next loaso ho xvould Ill^e a clause that no well bo drilled within two miles. Old Illvor "Wove" To lease or not to lease Is tho problem confronting numerous land own- ors out on tho flat valley flopr for thn first time. Ranchers near tho foothills have had tho experience for years. Homeilincs tho wave IH small an^ offei-H never get above $5 an nero. Other times tho wave gains height and tho prlcn goes up to $25 and llii-n to $50, as It lias lately tn thn Old Klvor district. No ono can toll at the moment whether this In tho crest or the upward slope. Burkholder Crew Will Drill Deeper Iloiivy equipment will ba moved >to Biirltholder Oil Corporation's Orloff No, 1 near Taft ttslghts, sec- Ion 23, 82-23, with the Intention of nrrylng the hole on down 3000 feet nto the Brown Shale from Its pres- nt d'iiiith of 2636 feet, Drilling contractor K, A. Bonder KIR Hpudded tho company's Orloff <o. 2 in the southwest corner of the O»RO for an oil wind calculated to 10 reached between 1000 and 1250 eel. Initial A. P. I. Meet Set for West Side Mombors of tho American PC- roleum Institute and their friends xro urged to attend tho first rnefil- ng of the season of tho San Jon- iuln Valley chapter which will be lold tomorrow night nt 7:30 o'clock n the Standard meeting hallHit 11-C near Taft. Bob Miller will talk on "Determination of Operating Fluid Levels," ind Wnlly ailbert will discuss, "Ua- HiltH of Pump Dynamometer Stud- on," lie fi'eshments will bo served after the meeting 1 . ARE HEREI Whether you want a correct custom shoe for business wear ... a stout brogue for the country, or a dress oxford .... you'll find just the shoe in this the largest and finest assortment of Florsheim *^)75 styles we've seen in years. ^J and " IO HARRY COFFEE Leasing Active at Santa Maria Field Is active around the Union OH Company's discovery at Hanlu Maria nlni'ii Hancock Oil, Jointly with U. 11. Utiflh, has wldonpd Ihn field half a tnlln southwest to thn north linn of Hoollon 25, 10-34. Thn now producer. Brown No. 1, riimo UH (i surprise slnco It. hurt to go npproxlmalely 2000 foot d«opor than had bocn estimated. fts prodiiullon, reported as 2000 burrels dally, has given greiitor In- InreHl to thn now structure, which nl flrHl looked extremely narrow, Thn lot-tit Ion IH on tho ocean Hldo of thn field and II Is thought that nil will be found still farthor down the dip. Proven urea, of thn field now extends over approximately 1000 acres. GAS MADE BAKERSFIELD LADY FIGHT FOR BREATH UNTIL VAN-TAGE FOUND! J •• II F. S N 0 U A K Ij II H F I E L SAN FRANCISCO & OAKLAND Our niglil train lo San iM-aiu-isro and Oakland r«r- rit-s an air-rooloil Pullman. This car is parki-d al Unkersfleld Station at 11:0(1 p. m. Von nin Mrl aboard anytime until live minutes al'lrr midnight when it is picked up hy the norlhlnniiHl Owl. The Owl arrives ul Oakland at "t:>V2 a. m., San Francisco 8:11! a. in. Similar overnight service returning. AIR-CONDITIONED DAY SERVICE, TOO! Our line, fast day train, the San Joaquin, is completely air-conditioned (coaches, reserved seat car, dining car). Norlhhonnd, the San .loat|uin leaves Bakerslleld 1:28 p. m., arrives Oakland 1):;J2 p. m., San Francisco 10:12 p. m. Southbound, leaves here 4:45 p. in., arrives Los Angeles 10:25 p. m. Southern Pacific H, O, JOHNSTON, Aoent. Phone JBOO. G. N. SHACKGLFORO. Trnvollnu Pnttnimutr Agont "G Years of Stomach Misery—Awful Gas Attacks Nearly Choked Me — Van - Tage at Once Relieved All My SufTerinK," Testifies Grateful Bakcrsfield Lady. Everybody In Hn!<prnfloU! ROOIUR lo be tnllihiK iibotil tho wondnrfnl ro- Niiltn tho now medtclno VAN-TAOK IH wiling for lucul poi>|>ln. li|-UKKl«tn Ihroughnut IlnUemflnld, Tnfl nnd Murlcopiv report a cnnslant Miri'itm of sloli uiiil Hiifforlng puoplo on«cr to Unow muro about Viiii-'l'ngo. Von proluibly know follm right In your own neighborhood who nro ul- rriidy iiHlng thlH lli'rh Medlclno \vllb HH III) Srlontlfto. IllKrodleiitn. ^1 of whli'h are Natural llcrbn. j Local Folks Helped , Miiny widely htiown local t-ltU.cnH j luivo piililldy endoiHiid Vail-TitK 1 '. \ AIIIOIIK them In Mrn. .1. llazlntl. flirt j llvi-M at II"U CliOHter Plaeo. nnd hnw n a tvnldont of HuUorHfli-ld for IS j irw Win- \vnntn her many frlendH to Unow how Vim-Tngf helped her. ; nn they on n be helped, too. "l''or n period of nlv .M'nrH I havo miffprnd', nloioKl eontlnnnlly from xlomnch ill" ! ; tri-HH," HlnU'N Mr». llny.lell \ | "1 am vory xrulofnl for Van Tngo. | I hud terrible attni'lui of gas on my ; jNlonmeh "o bud Unit noniethneH 1 1 could bnrdly broalho. 1 had to uimp 'for lueiilh. 1 \\ : <\H III HUi-h mlnerv lluil HiimelblnK bud to bn done ami, .It WIIH \anTaKi' tluil did It. 1 Kindly , Klve thin leHllmonliil HO my frlendH cull lu'iir about II. I want them to ... o\v I am now relieved from my pnlu. I havo U led nlboi nii'dlflnon without any rpHiiltR." What Vnn-Tiiffe IH \AN-TAOI'! In iiullonnlly rooom- niended by leading druitKlHln, and contnliiM i\ combination of Ingi-cdl eiKH found In no cither t'ormlllu. ThoMo liiKrcdlonto mix with the food Two More Slated by South Cerritos I laving completed ono well, In thn firm wand on Us 10-aon< leaso In lha VV'llllnnis area on thn West Kldo, section 22, !12-23, Houth Ccrrlloa Oil Company Is preparing to work at two morn projncts on the same leaso. Tho old Editor No. 1, suspended In tho first sand by Union Oil Company In having a 74-foot wooden derrick built over It, and will bo rocomH Honed by perforating tho 0-lnch linor. This will bo called No. 2. At a locution 150 t'nnt northwest of No. I, rtg builder Harrison is erootlng a 08-foot wooden derrick for I a now well. No. 3, which will be I drilled by moans of steam-drlvon rotary niarhlni'ry. Fri-d L. Hushman of Long Beach Is prcHtdunt of the company, Frederick A. HOBO of Hovcrly HIllH Is vlco-prcsldent, and 13. D. Robertson In u director. H. D. HnpkliiH, B«cro tary nf tho company, Is In charge of di-lillne. •»«* F. W. Okey Joins Oil Umpire^Jftaff Here F. W. "Peto" Okny Is now a mem her of the HakorofleUl brunch of tho Oil Umpire's staff In tho Iluber feldo bullillng, having boon trans ferrod from the T,os Angeles offlc whoru ho Wfin field man for th liodondo Honrli dlHtrlet. OIL AGREEMENTS United Land Company to CrlBtoforo—Assignment, leaso as to south half of Boutheast- quarter of northwest quarter of. southwest quarter saetlon 27, 10-14. J. B. Dunn to Artesla investment Company—Assignment lease on south half section 35, exclusive west half of northwest quarter of southwest quarter, In 28-20. bettor from Artesla Investment Company to I«oo I. Culbertson and Peter J. Shipley slating that writer delivers assignments as to portion section 35, 28-20, and as to drilling rlghtH, etc. Standard Oil Company to R, 18. dra- ham—Quit to contract for purchase of oil from south half of Bouth half of northeast quarter of southeast quarter and north half of southeast quarter of southeast quarter section 7, 11-23. ^ ' Harry S. Sankey to' Stewart McDonald—Assignment oil lease on south half of northwest quarter of northwest quarter and southwest quarter of northwest quarter section 14, 27-20; west half of northwest quarter of northeast quarter section 35, 20-28; went half section 23, 27-26, a'nd Southwest quarter of southwest quarter section 36, 26-20. Acquires 40- Acre Lease Crawford & Company, TAd., which comprise* W. H. Crawford and M. H. Murray, haa acquired Worn BHtlBh-Aiherlcan Investment Com* pany, the 40 acres In the Fallows:* district of the south half of the north half of the northwest quarter of section IB, 31-22, and Is proceeding to clean out No. 1 and put It back on production. Depth Is 780 feet. ' ........... ,-..,. .» > » ..... — Premier Job Begun by William De Koch William De Koch No. 1 has spud- ded tn south Premier field on section 17, 28-27, offsetting American Exploration Company's pumper. Name of this project later will bo changed' to SeskayUen OH Company, which name la made tip of tho threo backers, Seamen interests, Albert Kalne and William De Koch, all of T-.OS Angeles. California Commercial Drllllrjg Company Is doing the drilling. - ; - » » » It has been estimated that there arc 114,000 blind persons in thrf United. States today. ".Soincllmon I could hardly Ill-ratlin from gun and heartburn," IfMllfloH MM. Hiuloll of HalierH- flolil. "Tliln ivmit on for yearn— III! I found Van-Taur." VITBA ri.KA AIM'ROVHD KACUAMUNTO. Hopt. 21. (U. P.H- ApplU'litlon of Yuba county to ox- coed tho ti per cent limitation of tho rnunly budget by $55,428, was approved today by the Hlalo board of cquullmllon. --- 4_^ MOM) TICKTII AS CI.UK B15UKML10V, Sept. 21. (U. P.)— Pollen wwii Hiiro today that a set of falsn teeth found after a prowler was frightened from Mrs. Margaret Wll- BOII'H home, would not be claimed. In one'ii Ktoiimeh, Hum UtruwlriK off polBoriH I hut fouler stomach troubled itml helping the liver ittul bowels lo function propnrly, U will rlennHo j your bowel* (Kfuduiilly- not drastic! or Hovero) iind lonu them Into ln-tirr | dully action. i I What Van-Tutfc Does | It will brhiK out awful ^a»eH anil j litipurllliiii (frequently from tho flrat i dune) which may lutvo been litHlile of j yini for a Innif time. euusliiK' you many dnyw of mlsory with bead achen. dl/.y.y NiwllH, Hkln eruptloiiM, foul breath, broken sleep and rlteti- ittutlo affliction. New Low I'rice And. bent of all, the cont IH mnnll. \\'lillc It |H lielnjf Inlnuluoeil here, janytiody can talin VAN-TAC110 for u I few ceiitM dally! ' 'I'o meet tho Krcat (lemnnil for VAN-TAOI3 In tblH vicinity, It IH now on (tale at thn KaRlorn Drtm Ktoro, the iiwl V>niK store, unil all rtrug- KlNtN in Itakemfl.'ld. Tuft ami Marl- copn. Start tiMliiK VAK-TAU10 today! SALESMAN WANTED | by Wholesale Hardware Jobber i SALARY OPEN \ WRITE TO BOX 585 j In Care of The Bakersfleld Californlan ! PIANOS RENTED,SOLD For us little ns $'1.00 per month you may rent a line piano, and arrangements can ho made so Iliat if you In lor decide lo buy we will allow 'you full credit for the amount of rental paid on the purchase of any piano. Many Fine Bargains NEW and Used Don C. Preston Nineteenth and H Streets 'No More Rubber" Dr. Campbell has discontinued the use of rubber entirely in the making of dental plates .... Dr. Campbell is now a direct importer of the new REALISTIC dental plate materials that are used in making no rubber "NATURAL EXPRESSION" plates. This makes it possible for him to charge you no more for these beautiful plates than he would for ordinary rubber plates. "No Matter" No inn tier how little you poy for your dental plulcs they will he made of "REALISTIC." This is that new beautiful dental plate material that contains absolutely no rubber whatsoever, and is almost impossible to break. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRICES PHONE 846 "See Samples" Dr. Campbell has samples of these beautiful plates on display in his office and is more than willing to have you see and inspect them so that you may compare values. DON'T FEAR OUR LOW PRICES Johnton't Flrastoni Auto Supply and Service Stores, Ino. Ohittir •» Twinty.fourlh Strut PhQnt 4080 "NATURAL EXPRESSION PLATES" These BEAUTIFUL, ALL-PINK, NATURAL GUM COLOR PLATES are very SANITARY . . . ARE ODORLESS and CONTAIN NO RUBBER ... arc all beautifully HAND-CARVED, allowing you to LAUGH and SMILE WITHOUT BEING EMBARRASSED ... arc made very THIN and DAINTY, yet they are practically UNBREAKABLE . . . here you have BEAUTY . . . NATURALNESS . . . SANITATION and DAINTINESS COMBINED with STRENGTH. SETTING OF TEETH K1R8T of all the PROPER SHAPE . . . SIZE . . . COLOR and SHADE of TEETH are SELECTED to SUIT the INDIVIDUAL . . . then tho TEETH are SET as NEAR LIKE ONE'S OWN TEETH as possible ... A FALSE APPEARANCE is AVOIDED by NOT SETTING the TEETH TOO EVEN, etc WRINKLES, ETC. GREAT CARE in taken NOT TO CAUSE WRINKLES .. . DROOPING MOUTH ... UNNECESSARY LINES ... UNNATURAL EXPRESSION. ETC. . . . when makinn these BEAUTIFUL PLATES. "Made in Our Own Laboratories" CONTAIN NO RUBBER Phone for Special Offer 846 "Roofless Plates" ATcN £f| ETRA We Do Not Charge Extra for Plates Made "Roofless Style" Plate Repairs There's no need of buy- Ing a new plate when your old plate can be made to fit tight and look like new. Uso DR. CAMPBELL'S dental laboratorlca for your neit plate repair. DENTIST 1431 Nineteenth Street Phone 846 KIMBALU & 8TONE DRUG STORE HOURS 8:30 A. M. TO 8 P. M. CLOSED SUNDAYS PHONE 846 OUT-OF-TOWN PATIENTS SERVICE

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