The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 21, 1936 · Page 1
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 1

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, September 21, 1936
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v LAST EDITION COMPLETE ASSOCIATED PRESS LEASED W'RE THE LEADING NEWSPAPER OF THE SOUTHERN SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY *NO EVClUSIVt UNITtD PRESS REPORT LAST EDITION VOL.XLVI 18 PAGES BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA, MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 21, 19,16 TWO SECTIONS No. -14 BLAME FEUD FOR DELANO SLAYING urn Bankers Discuss Interest Rate on Loans at Meeting Unionists Lawyer Says He Has Been Assured Move Is Legal DEPUTIES WAIT CALL Preference Hiring Will Be Key Demand of Workingmen (Axsoclntcd /'rust Leased Wire) GAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21.—Union pickets returned to posts in Salinas' 18-day lettuce workers' strike today as both sides awaited tho outcome of a conference with Governor Frank F. Merriam In Sacramento tomorrow. The first renewal of picketing, which was interrupted by disorders last week, was accomplished peacefully. Will Be Permitted Alfred Aram, union attorney, who posted two strikers outside a barricaded packing shed, said authorities had assured him legal picketing will be permitted. He declared pickets will go to any of the other 70 sheds In the district which 1 attempt to operate with nonunion help. The first definite Indication that unorganized Filipino field workers are backing the walkout of the packing: shed hands came from Arizona. Filipinos Will Not'Go .] Phoenix newspapers carried display advertisements for lettuce pick- era to go to the Salinas valley. Tho first definite Indication that Filipino field workers will not go to work In large numbers came from Arizona. Phoenix newspapers carried display advertisements urging lettuce pickers to accept employment in the Salinas valley. » The advertisements were taken to mean that growers had been unsuccessful In obtaining tho service of nonunion Filipino laborers. Reports Differ Tho grower-shipper association reported that 8 carloads of lettuce moved for eastern markets yesterday but Owen Kircher, member of the union's committee, declared: "I have positive information no hot lettuce has left the state of California." Edward D. Vandeleur, secretary of the state Federation of Labor, conferred with officers of the striking Fruit and Vegetable AVorkers' Union, a federation affiliate, on tho conference at Sacramento. Key Demand He indicated the union will insist on its demand for preference in hiring, the key issue of tho dispute, at the conference arranged by Governor Merriam Saturday. The 1700 deputized citizens, recruited after last week's disorders, remained "on call" but Chief of Police George Griffin said he did not anticipate any further trouble pending the Sacramento conference. Yandelour announced that the committee named by the federation for the conference with an employers' committee at Sacramento will report to the striking union. The union, he added, will decide I'or Itself what proposals It will accept or reject. Union Committee Ros Mannlna, San Jose, vice-president of the federation, was named i«s tho fifth member of the committee. Others are Vandelour; James E. J lopkins, federation president; J. C. Coultles, vice-president, and George fl. Kidwell. The employers have not yet announced members of their committee. FUNERAL SERVICE FOR WOMAN, II3 (United rreie Lcnted Wire.) TLORENCE, Ariz., Sept, 21.— ' Funeral services were held today for Mrs. Mariana Durane, 113, who outlived her nine sons and who told friends she was "not ready and didn't want to die." Mrs. Durane was born In Sonora, Mexico, and came to this section of the country when she was 16. She retained all her faculties until the day of her death. Her sister, Marie, died four years ago at the age of 104. Internal Receipts Make Sharp Advances in July, August (Atiociated Preen Ideated Wirej WASHINGTON. Sept. 21. — Increases tn all but 14 of 68 classifications of federal taxes were shown today to .have pushed Internal revenue receipts for the first two months of this fiscal year $75,000,000 over the corresponding 1935 period. Receipts for July and August this year were set at $542.362,774.75, compared with f4G6,600,853.28 for the period a year ago. This Increase occurred even though agricultural HdJuMtment taxes, which provided $28.000,000 In the two 1935 months, were eliminated under a Supremo Court decision last January. largest Source Largest receipts from a single levj-1 were listed under the capital stock tax, with Jtl09,428,128.44 for the 1936 period, compared with $86,380,046.30 In 1936. Liquor tax receipts Increased substantially, being listed at $111.927,807.44 and $91,466,283.18 for the 1936 and 1935 periods respectively. Revenue from the excise tax on Imported distilled spirits climhed from $1.833,786 In July and August last year to $4,684.807 for the current year. The excise tujc on domestic distilled spirits rose from $24,833,866 to $33,065,447, and Increases also- were shown In most other categories of liquor taxation. Tobacco Receipts Aggregate tobacco tax receipts likewise pointed upward from $8,334,427.08 to $97,539,912.62, manufacturers' excise tax revenues rose from $66.176,406 to $82.4'60,326 and miscellaneous tax proceeds rose from $16,102.657 to $17,301,499. Among the decreases for the two months this year under last yeor were revenues from domestic and Imported wine levies, chewing and smoking tobacco and crude petroleum processed. In August, 1936. total Internal revenue receipts were sot at $254,026,253 compared with $229,638,818 for the same month a year ago, or an increase of $24,387.410.72. »« » Death Valley Scott Has GlstBirthday Richman, Merrill Arrive in Gotham (Aitiociated Pratt Lea ted Wire} NEW YORK, Sept. 21.—Dick Mer rill and Harry Richman brought down their silvery monoplane "Lady J»eace" at Floyd Bennett Airport at 1:18 p. m. (K. 8. T.) today to complete a round trip transatlantic flight to London began September 2, The ship of the adventuresome night club singer and the Commercial Airlines pilot, which twice camo to earth In forced landings during the ' stop-and-go flight to Croydon Airdrome and return, bogged down in the mud as it came to real. Floyd Bennett field waa soft from overnight rains and the "Lady P«ac*" settled heavily as Merrill pulled the machine to a stop after touching earth In a perfect three- point landing- A truck pulled tho piano out of the mud. (United rrtut l,ea»ed Wire I CAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 21.—Fl^ nanclal leaders from all sections of the country assembled here today for the opening session of the American Bankers' Association convention, which Is holding Its 62nd annual conclave. Today's program was devoted to the savings division of the association and the general session will open tomorrow. Problems discussed by speakers at the session today were devoted principally to tho lowering interest rate on loans and the problem of meeting interest payments on deposits. P. D. Houston, chairman of the board of The American National Bank, Nashville, Tenn., urged greater liberality by bankers. Liberality Urged "Bankers In their loan policies must not become too conservative," he warned. "Our conservatism should be tempered with some liberality. It Is likely that the experiences ot recent years may have caused us to be somewhat over-conservative, and If such be tho case. It is but a natural consequence. Wo should be Interested In making productive loans, and, therefore, tho purposes for which a loan is sought should be given consideration along with the security that is offered. A loan may be well and fully secured and yet not necessarily be a desirable loan for our bank." J. Harvie Wilkinson. Jr., vice- president of the State-Planters Bank and Trust Company, Richmond, Va., (Continued on Page Seventeen) 3ELANO KILLINO- Loyalists Not Able to Repel Onrush of * Insurgents DEAD LITTER FIELD Rightists March in Fourj Columns; Little Over 45 Miles Away Ry ELMER W. PETERS nPALAVERA DE LA REIN A; Spain. (By Courier to Franco- Spanish feorder), Sept. 21.—Maased i forces of tho Spanish government j failed today to halt tho drive of General Francisco Franco's Insurgent army, menacing Madrid along tho main Mnqueda highway. Split Into four columns, the Insurgents expected to seize Maqueda, key point on the highway, In a matter of days, and then march down tho 46 miles of excellent roadway to Madrid. Government reinforcements con WELLS DENIES IS SEPTUAGENARIAN (.\ttnflateil I'reK* I.ra»r<l Wire) I ONDON, Sept. 21, — H. G. *- Wells, known us the youngest of the "big three" of modern English literature, celebrated his birthday today—but refused to disclose how old he Is. The record book showed him to be 70, bvlt the British author denied this, saying: "It Is not true. It is a false report spread about by that fellow Shaw (George Bernard Shaw) to disguise his own age," Shaw was 80 last July 26. The third member of the lltstary triumvirate was Rudyard Kipling who died laot January at the age of 70. "It Is now a race between .Shaw and myself," Wells chuckled. Wells already has written his own obituary describing his death which he predicted would come when he Is 97. SHOOTING CLIMAX TO FAMILY FIGHT BEGUN ON PHILLIPINE ISLAND Administration Works on O nan '" •n XT , ,, ; w In jail as t hver iNormal Granary mgiu. the kini _ ' __ ^ _ , n nr\ •> *i rl ^ AArt » dead of a bullet wound In the abdomen and two others are aftermath to ft shooting In a west Delano cafe Saturday killing nssertedly having climaxed a tribal feud begun years ago and 7000 miles away In tho Phllllplne islands. : Sebastian Domingo, 27, who several weeks ago swore out a complaint I loading to tho arrest of several of his enemies who allegedly knifed his i COMMITTEES NAMED ' brotllor ln tno hack, Is tho dead man. In Jail are Francisco Rlborcesa, j 25, who la declared to have flrert-$ , -,. i-> • T " 10 fnlttl "hot, and Tomlo Patoe, ^aiUlOn May HCVISC lOWa 2G. nephew of Domingo who sprang, i to his uncle's assistance and as- i sorted I y stabbed Rlborcesa with uj | pocket knlfo. No Warning According to Delano police. Rlbor- j WASHINGTON. Sept. 21.—Acting icesa accosted Domingo In Dnn's ; ! " under a mandate from Pros-; | mu . h mo,,, OI , rrrmont street, West Svstcm for U. S. Speech Dealing With Farm Problem lAmorintfd /Vt>«» J.eaird M'< Ident Roosevelt, officials speeded i ,, . . . . ,, , , , _ . , plans today for an "over normal! I:)plnno ' at nbout " ° clock »«««»»y ',•--;._ rl -_ f r> „_. Vf lim .i.,. grutmry" system of crop insurance lll ^ llt ' and Bhot nl " vlt;ltm without .L-eglOll C-Iliei Md\ iMUlpin Asserts as World Now ::grunary" HJ'Btem of crop | and a long-tlmn program designed ! to combat drought on tho great plains. Heforo departing for Washington to attend his mother's, eighty-second birthday parly at warning. | The single shot, pollen said, was fired from a small automatic pistol carried by the klllir In his punts llyile Park. N. \.. today tin.. ' Pros-1 pookel ' T1 " > " mn "l'«nod flr.5 with Is, Can't Disarm ( .»««ooiutci< /'rr«« I.cnitii U'ire* CLKVKjLAND, Sept. 21.—National stoutly worn coming up, but the dc- j G7-Vt"ir Sofi'll Wnrkpr's Hocivtary Wallace hoadu tho new In tho (nick unil on tlio arms and fenders were unable to hold their I ' »i<Jii\u a , fj ve . nmn poinrnlltoe to work out a. leg*, It WIIH roporlod. Mono of the against constant charges by Franco's tanks and raids by his airplanes. Dead Litter Field Death at S. F. Reveals Odd Deception 9938 Ballots Against to 489 for Coast Marine Controversy (United Preni Leaned Wire) SEATTLE, Sept. 21.—The Pacific coast district of the International Longshoremen's Association voted 9938 to 489 against arbitration with ship owners, IS. C. Lletrlch, Ban Francisco, acting secretary-treasurer, announced late today. Dietrich said the vote from only six local unions had not been reported and could not change tho result. The missing votes were In .Tuneau, Cordova and Kctchlkan, Alaska, where 63 men work; Winchester Bay. Ore., with 30 longshoremen; Harbor, Ore., with IB and Portland Checkers' local, with a membership of 60. S. F. NEGOTIATIONS NEARING COLLAl'SK SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 21. (U. P.) With tho deadline for formulation of now working contracts nine days away, negotiations between Pacific coast shipowners and the two major waterfront unions today appeared bordering on collapse. The Sailors' Union of the Pacific, through Its spokesman. Harry Lun- debcrg, was scheduled to answer shipowners' demands that tho union agree to entf>r Into a single contract with tho 30 companies represented on thp Pacific coast. i Thomas O. Plant, chairman for tho shipowners' committee, notified the union Its representatives need not return for c-ontract discussions unless tliR.v agreed to tho single- contract plan. Th*. government ormie«~Ieft littered with dead us they. Ml back on Maqueda for a desperate stand. Madrid's air fleet countered tho Franco offensive with a bombardment of Talavera, three government planes dropping 17 bombs on tho city before HOVI-II Insurgent pursuit planes could take off. /'rr«« l.enieit SAN imANClSCO, Sept. 21.—Jack Hen Garland's friends mourned today with the knowledge disclosed by death, that tho 67-year-old former was a woman. Ident announced the appointment of i oul "-moving the gun from his | commander Kay Murphy told tho two committees to work out a por-1 PWKot. tho iHillot puSNlng through i American Region convention today, 1 ma no in "drought and land use pro-j thl> rln| h of MM trous,>i-H "America will never start it war— i gram" for submlHslnn to tho next j Putcw. drawing his knlfo. louppcl but America cannot disarm in the st Hlborcosn and stabbed him twlco i Hjrht o f existing conditions." "It Is H tragic thought that the 'war to end war,' which WP tough In 1!»U and 1!MH, \va.s in truth the awful beginning of a series of conflicts that may end wars only because there Is no longer resource to cary them on, no longer men to fight, mi longer the will t» live. Murphy ileclnifd to the demonstrative legionnaires who crowded Public hall for their open In K session. With campaigning for the position of national commander gathering plan of "nil rink" crop Insurance In i wounds was nprloim. Rthorcnsa being co-operation with national farm or-! reU-awpd to authorities utter rocolv- ganlaitlons. j Ing emergency treatment nt Dc>lano Committees' Personnel j Hospital. Morris I,. Cooko. rural utactriflca-• Moves to Delano t Inn administrator, wus named chair-. . Investigating officers *nld the man of a special committee of eight to report by January I on a "long torm program for th« efficient utll- feud Involving Domingo and his friends and, relatives In a deadly quarrel wjth another group V.' Fllt- nowspa|>er "man" and social worker! IzatIon of tho resources of tho great j plnos hcffan In the Philippine* and \ plains area." j followed thiMii to tills country. .lack Reo Garland, whrose true sex I" a letter to Wallace and the j Domingo flr«t nettled In thl« coiihtrj after a of .„ ,waH reported here by Deputy Coroner other members of his committee—, at Sacramento, but. finding himself „,... ...„ ,,.„, .„.,., „„ lw „ There were no casualties In Tala- ! 1{ljl 'n »• H p ss, iiuiH<iuera<le(l for 3R Dr. A. O. lUin-k. chief of the bureau i in constant Hanger, moved on to De- program wus a solemn silent tribute vera. and the pursuit planes were years OH a man, a sister In Lot. An- "f agricultural economics; 11. R. 'I ol- : Inno. 10 ,,,„ wa| . llenc , whlle R ,] e | fiffat i on reported to have shot down one gov- gel'-s i-cvealed. ; Ipy, agricultural adjustment admin-[ After the mnbblng of Domingo's in Arlington cemetery, hundreds of crnment machine. The real namo of tho retiring, lit- ' Istrator; \Vnyno (.'. Taylor, assistant brother w vera I weeks ago and tho . miles dlntant, laid n wrenth on tho This was the first air attack on | tie "man," ^lrtlo was noted for aiding ' secretary of the treasury, and ISrnesl mU>Roqueivl nrroNt of the man's as- tomb of the unknown soldier. Talavera In five days. It occurred ; the needy, was Mlns 13lvlra Virginia; G. Draper, assistant secretary of Hallants, Domingo ii«nertedlj' was Addrossos of welcome were made on Saturday, only an hour before | Mugarleta, tho ulster disclosed. ! commerce—the President snld: ! warned to leave Delnno on pain of by Governor Martin 1.. Davey of Genera) Franco arrived from Caccrca | Sister Afnild j Prompt Operation j death when mnmlu-i-s of tho oppos- Ohio, Mayor Harold H. Burton of to confer with Colonel Yngue. i "It's always been a bone of con-' "The government's long-time i' n * fraternity were released from; Cleveland and Milton D. Campbell, Moors Load Attack . tontlon—this masquerading of 121- drought and land use program j ^ a "' Ohio department commander, at the Moorish leglonnolres under Kasclrit vlm ' H " mM Ul ° "I"'"'. Mrs. George i N |,inild bo completed and put into 1 Th"- body of Domingo was brought meeting attended by delegates both General Francisco Kranco roncen- | Shadburn, 09-year-old writer and so i ,,,,01-mlon nt tin- earliest possible tn ™<[klnger-Dlglor clmpel in Unk- of the legion and the auxiliary. TRIAL t'ONTlNTBD I.OS ANGEI.KS. Sept. 21. (U. P.)— Trial of .lames Henderson, young Alpine. Texas, cattleman charged with the nliiylng of Thomas L. Patton. Santa Monica cafe man. for allegedly making Improper advances to the Texan's pretty wife, was continued In Superior Court today until Wednesday because of a crowded trated a relentless attack today on ' '' lul ""rWcn worker. "Her insistence moment and immediate Htnps aro to i'™fl«>ld. where a post mortem ex- ray Junction 40 miles i °" i'«tnlnlng men s clothing always be taken with this objective. . . . lamination was being conducted to filled mo with foar,' Mrs. Hhadburn said her sister, who : collapsed on a street, here Friday "The Unto has count to work out permaneiil measured guarding day. (Auociated Leaned Wire) DEATH VALLEY RA.NCH, Calif., Sept. 21.—Death Valley Scotty spent his sixty-first birthday yesterday with his uldest companions, two old mules. Betty, who has carried his ammu- i nltipn and medicine for 16 years, and) Slim, who during her 38 years of j service with the famous old desert rat had "carried a million and a half tn plunder," so he says, shared his birthday breakfast of flannel cakes and bacon. The main event of. the day was the shoeing of Betty. Ho shod the mule at his desert shack on the northerly edge of Death Valley, five miles from his castle in Grapevine canyon. L. A. School Teacher Disappears at Sea (Associated I'rett Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 21.—-Disap. pearance of Miss Charlotte Thomas, 36, Los Angeles school teacher, from tho Norwegian steamship Pleasan- vine at'sea was Investigated today by consiilar authorities. She was discovered to be missing September' 10 on a voyage from j Hongkong, China, to San Pedro,! Cttlif 900 REMNANT OF G. A, R, MEETING lAttoriated I'rem Ideated Wire) W ASHINGTON, Sept. 21. — Some 900 of "the boys In blue" gathered today In whit •ome believed may be the tut encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic. Looking forward to Wednesday's parade down Pennsylvania avenue—the came street where they marched In victory before President Andrew Johnton 71 years ago—the veteran* planned to close today'i series of executive sessions with a semi-official meeting of tho whole convention In Constitution Hall. The aging veterans, many loaning on heavy canei, mingled In hotel tobblea during registration thl» morning to swap war yarns and exchange notes on the experience! they .have met In the long year! since they fought for the north under Sherman, Grant and McClellan. night and died from what physicians ! farmers ami consumer* against dhj said was peritonitis, first adopted the ! inncoullne attire and name in 1898. She stowed ttway. the sister said, on a vessel going to the Philippines. ' where she, worked as a free lanco ; newspaper correspondent and "mule" Red Cross aldo during the Insurrection. Reason for Deception Mrs. Mary Malnes. an Intimate friend of tho dead woman, said »ho continued the masfiiienide of both lilnds (prlcp collapses resulting from surpluses anil disappearance of forciiiii markets, mid failure of crops dun lo drought). Crop Insurance and a system of storage reserves should operate so that the surpluses of fat years could be curried over for use. In the lean years." Texas' Flood Loss Exceeds 5 Million shit found It more* suitable In charity ! or two major crops, work. Much of this work, Mrs. llalnes (Atioeinlrd I'rttt l.rnnrit BROWNWOOU. T«xos. Sept. 21.— I p «'ondar. A flood with tt crmt of more than [>0 feet coursiMl today across Rome The President HUKKPSUM! It "mny ; of tllp richest land In Texas toward 1» found wlsn" to limit tho appllca- Austin, tho Htnto capltiil. uddlug: tton of the plan tho first year lo one! steadily to tho more than 1500 homo Maqueda, highway from Madrid. Tho driving Insurgents occupied all territory halfway between Talavera and Maqueda. in their floroo assault on retreating government, militiamen. Moors, recruited In the service of the fascists from Spanish Morocco, stalked the streets of tho little village of Otero ftouth of the main road leading to tho gates of tho Spanish capital. Advance patrols of tho onrushlng Insurgents pushed ahead, firing on the run and dragging machine guns with them In their haste. In a rajn of Nteel, tho retreating Socialists abandoned their positions and scattered before tho organized offensive of tho disciplined, drilled foreign troops. Alrazar Attiirk Continue* The Loyalist attack on tho Alcazar continued—artillery fire, sniping, dynamite with snui.ll bombs, occasional Infantry attacks. But the rebels wore fighting like fiends and no Loyalist head appeared for which there was not a rebel bullet. The groat dynamiting failed entirely; whether It killed anybody at all except loyalists hit by flying rocks Is questionable. Between tho linos or even directly, loyalist communiques showed that '" " y I'nysH'tans totiny. ;"Germany does not want war, hut "warnings and effective work of rea- the government Is on the defensive! Mcl-arlaml has boon i-onflnod to , „),„ | H a f n »id of an nttark by HUB- ; ouors. everywhere. A dozen fronts are cov- j hls A lon '°..! n . . J "". P !'..."!"../.'.T VJ'° ! "la and I" suspicion* of the Krunoo- j The crc»t was somewhere botweon , Russian mutual avHlstanon part." i Regency and Clwdwlek, more than ' '""" lin( ' projwrty damage In oxcesit Plans j " f IB.000.000. "There should b« no question." he] Tho swollen Colorado— It took said, was "to go on to tho directs at sld, "that the welfare, of tho entire i the flood menace where the Conch-1 night to help the dlstresnod." (<'iji>Hnur<t on Pafr \ine) Boxer McFarland Hit , er Eulogized Is Seriously 111; by LIoydBGeorge lA»»m-taled rref« Leafed Wirtl CHICAGO, Sept. 21.—"PHokey" i Mcfarland, member of tho Illlnoln state, athletic commission and one. of river left off In the Ssn Angela area last week —wan at Itn greatest depth between Hegency and Chadwick, more than 100 miles up Htrcam from Austin. Observers said ' tho river apparently wan not flat- < toning out much on Its southward, Journey. • Us slow progress, however, matin It unlikely It would roach Austin, l.ii.NDn.N', Sept. Jl.—David Lloyd beforo lato afternoon. recently returned from a i Tho death list remained at two, ( 4««n'-(ii(rd I'rrtt I,fated Wira) <. f wi ft< i ifvv-niij i * i ij i 11'->j i j vii* t* | * i»u t-ii7«ivM urti i<;iii(vuiT7U ut i» l', • tho greatest lightweight boxers In ; , rl ,, lo (} Pl .,,, Hny , u ,|d the |>rens BH- Otwervcrs believed a greater loss of! ring history, was reported gravely j m ,r|ntloii In tin Interview todaj: ' life was prevented by ad«qimt«< . - ored In communiques of the enemy months, with physicians ImtllliiB tho i sides; little fronts that crop up In ih« : " trtt '" r " II||1PHB which lirltiKM "Hacks ' news once a wock or so with a para- i of lllKh f " v<>r - ll(1 '"'" lllMl an I M »""'» Kraph, covering every part of Hpuln. J Ic moused from *_H_ this morn- INK after a had night. Rebel reports talked persistently of grave Internal troubles at Madrid and Barcelona. Thoro was no sub- substantiation for those. Japanese Aviators Hop From Denver t A undated frett Leoied Wire) DENVER. Sept. 21.—-John Takemoto and Benn Cojln, Japanese- American flyer* en route to Washington to obtain permission for a u °J! lo . n : '' " V» !.„,", " trannnftpifio flight „«*. v« a r •„,,», Batteries: Frankhouse and Phelps; Baseball Results , The war time premier, who visited ; 100 mllcH upHtroam from Aumln. " Adolt Hitler, added: "1 never hnvo won a ha|i|ilor |M'ot>lo thiui the CIT- tnnns. Hitler IN OIM> of tho great- , ost of I ho many grout men I have | evor mot." j ».» ^ , Postal Department i Enjoined by Courts Officials Working on "Power Pools" (United I'rrss Leased Wirtl WASHINGTON. Kept. 21.—Kinl- NAT1ONALLEAGUE At Boston— II. H. 12. Brooklyn ............... 7 Boston .................. 1 14 6 transpacific flight next year, took off for Omaha, Neb., shortly after ^ a. m., mountain standard Jlme, today. They are flying to Washington from Alameda with the Reverend Hoiek Hekl, Buddhist prieat. JKSHK L. JONES ILL OQDEN, Utah, Sept. 21. (U. P.)— Jease L. Jones, head of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, was forced to cancel a scheduled address to the annual .> convention of the American Bankers Association in JBwi Kranclsco because of Illness, his secretary Mid today Chaplin, Rols and . Mueller. H. E. At Chicago— St. Loul* ................ 6 8 2 Chicago ................. 4 10 1 Batteries: Wlnford, Heusser, J. Dean and V. Davis, Ogrodowskl; Carleton, Warnekc and Hartnett. New York at Philadelphia, postponed, rain. _ No others scheduled. AMERICAN LEAGUE oral power officials prepiired plans (United rrttt l.raied 11 'Irel ! today for "power pools" to be sub- ' WA8HINOTON. Sept Zl.—A tem-1 rnltted at a conference September 30, porary Injunction was lnnucd In dls-! of public and private utility Inter- > trlct Supreme Court today restrain- j estB. ' Ing the POM! office department from! President Roosevelt, in lt>$ulng the! carrying out provisions of a fraud! call for the conference, said such a i order against the Universal Song I JMJOI of private and public Interests! Service Co., of Hollywood. i would benefit all concerned and The Injunction, which requires j make It possible to furnish tin.- pub- the post office to show cause by He with cheap and abundant power. October I why the order should not be made permanent, was Issued by Justice Alfred A. Wheat at the request of Henry R. Cohen, head of Universal. i TOO COSTLY IX)8 ANOKL1C8, Sept. 21, (A. P. Plans for a $1,1100,000 yacht harbor and Southern, one of the big power The conference will discuss th» possible establishment of a southeastern power pool through tho cooperation of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the private utility Interesta tn that section. The conference is being called at : this time because the' existing con-1 tracts between the Commonwealth j and rowing coursn In the Playa Roy area south of Venice were declared unsound and too rosily In a No games, scheduled today In' report by a war department engl- ' American League. i nccr today. utilities In the south, and the Tennessee Valley Authority, for Inter- chnngn of' power and common use of transmission facilities nre due to ex- j I plr« soon INDEX TO ADVERTISERS APtX TtSMITC CO 4 ASH 4 ASH 4 AUSTIN STUDIOS J BILL'S CAFE 4 BLAIS'S BEAUTY SHOP I* BOOK SHOP. THS T BSANDT INVESTMENT CO. 4 BROCK, MALCOLM, CO. 3 BURTON'S DINING ROOM CAMPBCLL. DR ... CHOY. HARRY COfFtt. MARRY DRINK.0-LINK ELMHIHST8 CATTLE RALE... FLICKINOER.OiaiER t FOX CALirORINA FOX THEATER TRADER'S TAMALE GROTTO GLOBE DRUG CO GRANADA THEATER HAKE, HARRY ... HELM. CO. HOGLE i CO.. J. A I HUFF. JOHN S. JENSEN OPTICAL CO. JOHNSON'S FIRESTONE TIRES .. IONES. KENDALL KASPC. A. H.. IMPLEMENT OC... KERN COUNTY SOOTING CO KCRN POULTRY MARKET 4 KIMBALL 4 STONt ... II LEO'S FUR SHOP .4 McMAHAN FURNITURE CO 1 MANDARIN. THE 7 MINNER'S FURNITURE CO 4 MOSS. SAM. BEAUTY SHOP 4 NEW CITY CLEANERS II NEW HINKY DINKY t NILE THEATER NORA'S BEAUTY SALON 4 OWENS STORE 4 PACIFIC TEL 4. TEL. CO. C PARKER. OR i PCKIN HERB CO 5 PEGGY'S BEAUTY SALON 4 PHILLIPS SCHOOL OF MUSIC H POPEL FURNITURE EXCHANGE 4.1 PRESTON. DON C I RAGLAND. KIRK . 4 RtX THEATER 1 RIALTO THEATER 7 SALESMAN WANTED . ... 1 SAN JOAQUIN L. fc P. CORP II SASIA 4 WALLACE 4 SOUTHERN PACIFIC S 8T. FRANCIS CAFE 4, I SUN KONG HERB CO 3 TROUTMAN'S ICE CREAM SHOP 4 UNION CtMETIHY V 17 URNEM, DAVE E. II VALLEY FURNITURE. INC II VALLEY LAUNDRY t DRY CLEANING I VAN METER. DR. * VIRGINIA THEATER 3 WEILL. A., INC. , , I WHITE SPOT MARKET 4 WHITE. HOV 4 WIOKIMHAM-S JEWELRY CO........*. » WILSON. QEO. C....... 4 WITHAM 4 BOOTH II r r ""- ('>« v,.'-J,,'iM

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