The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 7
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TUESDAY, MARCH 12, 1046 BLYTIIEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NK'WS " PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FOJtSAU BtllJ ntt n»» in MltM«mll>i, u Home (or .Salt liy owner. 1'oiuU'il til |,,i-l yiar. (io.iil fmindntlon Ti moms >v uml l>;uli. ]f you ui'pj a lioin... f Tills i- ill H,i\ .JK.V, ,.T, I'nurii-r Ni-\vs. Ml U»l pu Vu »«r IM iMlk BU lUi • »trt£» «<:«« M CM Bin. ,< let 1H»» o; t'Jt «t»«i t « Ik* •& 4 •Ajinnuct <r bill ••<>. All «u*i!n»4 t*»wUiiai tf A by £«r«ozi I03ldj«4 oatud But fca &c(A>M)iMU3 »J «** fe« «uU7 BoiAjaiaa fi*n th M4. A4f*ntii*« «r*«reo f<x 4rr«£*L to* takM lb» u«3 ItW r»l», 1 k< ttlu r«t Mt brMTttOB al uy «t »*.' tbtri (un- For Safe . , .\>ii. n-|ii,-i'i iJ U-JIIIT hpjitir ami :ifi unl tatiV; - ^ llur-rli.... C M,.|u,|v Mxniillf ' Sill). -M.-!:|] 1'lilily r:il,ii.,.[ *s. llaljy sllul, j ;>ii1,,rti:m,- rift! 1 . ^111. I'ljiin,- .I'io ' 11 •; !•:. Davis. J'J.|ili.|-. (ij.U'Oly Slor,' 3IML fixing* llavi-. 1LV S. r'ranlilin. V XI Ogden Soy lienns from 1'edi- 'I greed Seed. C r o c k e ( t. ] Wright, Manila, or rail Jess llonier, Biylheville. Phone :il<>7. (W>-pk-ii-i Phillips Will Pay You the CASH PRICE H. S. Approved Bahy -Chicks. | The very hest (ii'-ide seed oat';, hybrid seed torn, and Sudan seed. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. Phone 'liCi ;i-U>-ck-tf I'lalin I".. -I''- M.,i!i SI. Lilll.' I , ." " '-•'' k ' 1 •• | (j room residence. Price $.'!,-!! vo Moline /' Trai'iors and' 500. H. C. CAMPBELL, if eiiuiinnenl. One practically Office 12(1 S. Second. J new. Also new corn picker. Loyd Williams, Imhoden, Ark. H-l2-i)k-l-H 3-8-pk-l5 ck mill fislnrps of Wouil's I'.ifr. 1..U- '! r.i sail'. '2 nKintl.s ronl |ai,l. O ..... I For Rent The present Used Car Market will never be higher. Sel! NOW and get the TOP Dollar lor Your Car at r '2 Murks from Sllirl !-';lrl,l I.iSllls i lli.lli. 1:101 \V. Ash SI. ll,i,k«, :ivailii,l.>rill Ih,. lii. lli-uvy lrn,-<l«. Mrs liii.k Mcllurf, :I"L| "•""• l ' 1 '""" ">"- :i " k -' " |jric doughnut machine,' ——." J'-'L-1 illy equipped. See K. L. "••'"•"" "" ""'• ''''«'"• 2: ' 36 - Trotd-r, Cilv Super .Mnr-! 120 •""'•' t-' 0 "' 1 <=nirci. i»n,i. u ]K,,, se ». i , ..... .., • .. . •-! tiRrns. iy iflili^ Iroiti t!lytln:viN<r, kel, 1(1!) \V. Ahun. I T. j. «»>«,•«. lor, x. I'mnviin: a«.i-iMf i U o o m s for men. i Atkins._^__ ^^4-pk-3-14 Service* P H 1 L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut «it Fifth Blytheville, Arkansas -Tel. 453 Political Announcements The Courier New« bu b«*» authorized to winouiioe the Jullow- Itxg cR-jdUlnti^? subject to the rxmocmtlo prlumry: "ilrr.KlFK AN» COLl.KCTOS JACK FTNLKY UOJ3IN8ON WILLIAM 11KI1RYMAN COUNTY JUD'OK QENK R. BHADLEY UOLAND OUI5EN KOIl TAX ASSESSOR OOYLE I1RNDEU3ON CIUCU1T OI.KKK JIARVKY MOUR1B COUNTY COUKT <:i,KRK ELl/.AUKni JILYTUE COUNTY TKKASUUKR The i\mno Iclalui Is •:lovlvc<l froui Uv« Iiullan words, "Edflh lloO" \vhifli uu'iins LU:ht oil tin 1 Mouu- STA'IK HLrill'SMN'I'ATIVE ALKNK WORD K. C. FI.KKMAN LES1.1R "DIIIUM" S\'FCK 1.. H. AUTRY STATF, SKNATOK J. LF.K HKA1U1EN Tho fiiUnwtii^ »rc c(\ntllt\atcs for office In lli ( . lilytlu'vlllc M»nU'l|iul Klcctlon ID bp luOtl April 'J: CITV ATl'OKNEV PERCY A. WRIGHT (I'VJr Re-c'lectlon) IIOWARH N. MOORE WAHO ONE AI.DHUMAN JKHKI-: M. WHITE AI.DKUAIAN WAlil) TWO JODIK I,. NAHKRS Al.lll'.KMAN WAUI) THHI-:iv Rlll'KRT CRAFFON Radios Repaired Auto - Electric \Vc Pick lip mid Dellvtt Electric Phonographs With Automatic Itocord Changer. 12 Ton Ineh Uociii'ds. Ten \'2 Inch Uccords. ,$49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR 3'M rinsi ;uiiin I'liinu- ;!ioi PRESCRIPTIONS FrenhMt Stock Guaranteed Best I'ricM Kirby Drug Stores 'HOTOSTATS— T,ct O'Slecn ! make ;i piioloslatic copy of. All types heller dressmaking. your discharge, marriage li-] Mrs. Slici-roil, Moore's Hotel cense and other iinporlanl | U-7-])k-!-i-l'l papers— (J nick Service. O'STKEN'S STUDIO •^ :irr , 1 ,,,, rl: , :ill , „ rfl , n ""• ...... -'"-o,- ,i.,ck, ™,i, ... -lo/ni *«- »if x< - nr.iv. fin,, \voi-k srrviot' \Viiti Phone ,!2()<S ll:i \V. Minn. A. K". s. <-io i:,, u ,-i[- f NO»». - 3-7-ek-'3-21 Costal Card Pictnres. '/. Doz. §1.35. Do/. §2.00. No appointment needed. O'STKEN'S STUDIO Phone M208 115 W. Main. •' 8-7-ek-3-2l ?RAMES Made to Order. Let us frame your discharge, diploma and other important papers. Any size or shape. O'Sleen's Studio, Phone 3208. 3-71-ck-3-21 WASII1XO MACHIS'KK scrvicf,! nn.l intrc.l. \\'lion i.jirls rtrt- lint aviiila i K«I ilpivi-n raarhiiii's. All H now in 'rharui! if 11,is •K-intVlinrnl and will b« liliiil In Errrirv Ills r>W ciisloiitiTS. IllytlifviHc M:ifliini; Shop LAWN MOWERS slinr|.onr<l r(>im i'«l. Kicli lilaile ia lirfcilii.n urouinl on our fnrlnrv inolhod niachini-. Brini! yours in non- nn.i nvoiil [ho ru«li. wliilJ *ro li^s't; :i ]i)rf;e slock 'of parts.' \V** |>icliii|i find iMivcr. lllrlliiivill.. M.i -I&^-^^^xi—^xiuix^Lst^' - * Wanted to Rent . y jiuil ],.mllry f ..... 1-:. Clir^ti'T P.nillry. -II :l ¥.. .Maid. T-l>k l!7 (f,r Rnli-. "Slmrlj-'a I'lucv." Weil .'jii[.liis, Ark . f,.l,l.-i:> 1541 .l-ilniir Ol<l;itmliil<! SPil»n .-"ill l».|l .1.1, «,r BC'.h.u l.i.u-oln Zi'ylir. r '^S-^l> afl,-r (j o'clock. :,[.:uli:.,'hl [u. !^|..]n-il or d. Ijy Cnrli« Cnncls- <'".- sn h.iiH- :(liin . !•_•-[.k-i: !I>IIM, .,r tiinirlnii'nl. fMinKhnl nr i rilrnivlu-il. IVrlimii rr-iilvril. I'll,I ronm HTkFiLrnlslK'il linusn ill <» lilytliovilk'. -\litst Imvo |MTIM:I iilncf in ttiirly days. J'him rnoin unfurmsh?"' liousc. 1'hon 1-jik-lll ro. TjOr. n liitshel. Hf-t for i jtanL.'ii. r.ti: .y. utii ^i HftMtit Taniis. l-pk-l;l All \v.-ldi.<l stt'tM coiiEtrucUon. mytlii!- villu Mnchinc Simp. 27 i-'ri-tf |l)on't worry about hard water in your farm home. I-cl Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-<:k-tf IfiOO Iwo weeks old chicks. Feed, feerierM, founts. Hijj jei of hahy chicks next W>ok. iilylhevillc Grain I'Tlcvalor Feed Store. North Fourth, phone 21 I 2. In. Kilrlicn prlvll.'gos b.illi. 'JIS K. l',' v ^iH^l Lott (Inlil l:i|n't I'in. IciM ill Ciiy Sinn-r .Mai k.l. l;.l!,v,.,l !,, ],:,V.. In I n (,:!,!,.1 t,'.itiril'ii lady Will i:riillrlil.-ill |,l"i In.L lif.-> \V. Main. r_' i.k ." rc-ivnrd f,>r roiniii ,,f IKIX nl m i'liiniii--< lonK I,,M Snhinhly tii'liv,,. KOIIL-- mi Ili^ln^jv 111 Norlli <if lllyili vill,- ai',1 r'lul l.:il,, Srlinnl. <'h,irl Yailim. I'liinu. Hill. |.].k-l Personal NS! WIVKS' \VANT I'KI it* «r rnii[>l.-K weak w-orn-oi |..l s.ili'ly 1,,'mnM- lai-' :.•! 11,-n- vim. vilnlily lakiv 'I'miin Tat.lrN. Trial ^ir,. on l--. .\( all ,l,ncx:i-t' in ill>r!' Soda pop nii(i other carbonate 3-:l-CK-lo j beverages got their .start as niccl _ ~~ — ; ] cities. nccorcUng to the Encycti INlCC building Inl for fillHiness pcdia Britnnnica. "Pop" was ii on South Division. 127 ft. troduccd hi the U. S. by a Phili fronl'iife on Hi"h\viv '111 clct P'>ia doctor wlio had carhonate ft. deep Also has a -i room ^^^ l^£ t house. Price S:>2r>(). II. C. added .is flavor. CAiMlMJEIJ,. I'hone I Hi or 3-8-pk-15 it piann. (frinit crvnilition 5^!'.) N. !i. 1'li.ino ^noo. rv],k 1^ The U. S. Census Bureau csti- cs llic populiition of Arkansas July 1, 19'ir> fcxcUuliilK ;mued rces "ovcrseasi nl 1,77'J,817. Civi- Rcfrigerator Service OF ALT, KINDS—CAT J W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 26-12 linn population on tln.> same <luU is estimated ;il I.7IC.9H. LAWN CHAIRS and PORCH SWINGS Made to Your Order. Order Yours N 0 \V! Ellis (Nick) Nichols Woodworking Shop 308 South First Street While You Wait Hits Cleaned and Blocked 30 Minute Service The John's Shop 503 W. Main Bt "It I'tys to SCOTT ALLEY Q I ft Kl C of AII 3 ! VJ IN O N. Franklin 81. Phone *t<» When It's Refrigeration ' You Wnnt Call In ROWEN ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 1*9-111 Hnulh Kullrnnd 8t. Comriiercinl Frozen Food Thicker Plants — Walk-in Hoses — Quick Freeze Home Cahinels. Todny« Exfltilfiltn Footwear requires cxnctinr woreintinstili) Jo: I proper repairs . . . 'llio c;)stUe«t I shoes firo repulred here. ( :fa*CA-l£K\tt-ta.k~ CALL TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT YOUK HER VICE" Phon. 2241 Why Mountain Valley Watqr Is KecomniPiulefl for Arthritis-Kidney Bladder CONI>ITIONS ; Thi^; imtural mineral water from Hot Sp Arltnns^s, lielp.s to S L i in u 1 a I. c kidney [unction. Soot li c blndder lr-' rilutlon. Neutralize uric-acidity. Discharge poisonous wastes. , MOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER From Hot Sprinjs, Ark. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main & Division, BJ}-the?ille, Ark. For Your Home Springfield .Couches, Lounge Clinirs with Ottoman, Chiffrohes, Hwlroom Suites, Sprites, Mallresses, fi piece lircakfust Sets. Just Received: Metal Trunks & Lockers Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. HIGHEST ASH PRICE for Your Used Car or Truck All Makes and Models Drive In To Our Big Used Car Lot Today L O Y E I C CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oils 301 W. Walnut Phone 578 Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest .equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. FOR SALE CONCRETE STORM SEWER' AM, BIKES Cheaper .Than Briili" Lmnbrr OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Dr. J. L. Guard Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAP SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (All Types Eicept Cancer DRS. NIES&N1ES Clinic 5H Main, Blytlicville, Ark., Phone Z921 Ctcclrlr n-dilor. 2r>0 n:r,p Hob.lrl. O.n ijrivcn. nu.iinu,! ,,a Irnil.r l'ra,Mi,-a^y IHMV. llc.iily lo «,t. lllv tlii'vilU' Mniliin-- nil ncrc.": H. I.. Ki< r,. rrram parlor c,]iii),Mirnt. *,>r,-r rllli h.1nl,-n.,r <ti*- l.inrts. (allies, clnirs an,I eslj; model General Electric 'f. va c u u m sweepers. Hubbard Furniture Co. -f " 2-6-ck-tf 9 4.ilonr Tlymoulh Scil»n. 1 tmull (factor \vilh planters.' cuHivMor, ^kinp plow. mi,lilln Imster c. I'ltotie 2026 or OiS. 8 cV-tf Haby Chicks Custom Hatching. JBlaylock Hatchery, Hifihwaj 61 N. 2-2G-pk-<l-26 Wanted To Buy The region now constituting the commonwealth of Kentucky was irigin.illy a part of Fincastle Conn- V. Virginia. RADIO SERVICE Jnsl Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 -W. Main St. I Silver service in jjood condition. Write 1'. O. Hox :!80, lilyfheville. :!-12-ck-tf | Wanted: Corn, hay, hens, fryers, ducks and geese. Hlylhevilte Grain & Elevator Feed Store, North Fourth, phone 2112. 3C-ck-13 Insure Now . . . through | W. J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg. Telephone 3545 Your car may still have to last You a Long Time . . . You're well advised to keep a sharp eye on the condition of the car you're driving. New cars won't bo plentiful for sometime. So it's just prudent transportation insurance to keep your present car up to par. 'Our modern repair shop is fully equipped to handle your car troubles. Driye In Today WE NOW HAVE A COMPLETE STOCK OF TRACTOR TIRES AND TUBES We Buy and Sell Good Used Cars See Your Studcbakcr Dealer First. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Lex Chimbtto a. R. * Aih SU, BID Ctuunbttn New ant! Used JEWELRY 209W. 301'.East Main St. SPRING OATS See us about your mechanical •trouble. Our expert mechanics working with modern (•nils and equipment can put your car in top condition. \Ve also have a paint and hotly .shop repair service. We will fix your car or buy your car l''OU CASH. Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lcspedcza Soybean and Garden Seed. BlytheviEle Sovbean Corp. lilyllicvillc, Ark. 1800 West iMa in DON P-DWARDS Typ«wr!t«r Mun 1 * CXJKONA, AND RKJCNQTOR --ORTABLB T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stocks of Tnr'.s For Cbry.lltr Products j 121 F,. Alain Phone 21R' BY EDGAR JIARTIN BOOTS AND TIKR BY MERRILL BLOSSKH Serious Stlnation FRF.CK1.KS AND HIS F1UKNOS HECTOR., CXMT vou JUSTsuxs-ffi- ft ^r^ I POUT MiMD Ic Ml"' LICK We /V5 LOMO AS VOLl PAV Mt." ro& . 1 — »rjur L-ve . THE CHIN AMD TAKE IT OUT IN TRADE? iST TO MAKE A f/OMK'EV OUT PA Mr, I i ^ ,vV 60T WV PStDE .' AMD IF llf ADVERT ib! S HIS VlCIORiES OV( R ME. I'M 60MWA UP NW PRCE SO CENTS ' BY V. T. HAMILTON Yt's. He's Okay HE V\AS VOH.veS, HE'S OKAV.'/ SEEMS HE'S SCMS K1UD Of A TO MEET \ NICE CHAP, BUT / FoRElGMER. , AMD THEV OCV-- WHV WASN'T HE U HAVE 'IM ... IT LIKE T' KIU.EO OLD oov POSJE HIS P OM TH' HILL I'D <£ TO INVITE TO PACTV.' P'VA tl.MP, SIXTY

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