The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 9, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1944
Page 12
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12 Mondoy, October 9, 1944 gfae gafcerrtidb Californian Announcement* WANT :i8»»!fled Advertising columns of Tfc* BakersfleM Callforntan clove promptly it 10 o'clock each morning for nil one- column «--i s Two-column or larger ads mutt ft« piaced the dsv before publication. Phone 7-7631. 1-14-tt Tor rent—Trucks. •, ickups. trailers. Psrk- er'a. Klghtb tad Union avenus. Phone 8-HHi. 1-il-lf ALL. kinds of welghte and wldtbs of can- vug. Csnrss Hoods made to order «t Hornung's. 1606 Nineteenth street. 1-8-tf AN) 1 NOTAWT PI'BLIC «t 1SU "Eye" street. Pfcon» J-0653. REFT'NDS no classified advertisements which have been tnnrplcd r»efore the expiration dnte must be railed for \\ ITH CASH RECEIPTS »,thln one month from date of cancellation There will he, a .service rhnrce nf one Insertion tnr claest- fierl ads olnccrt Hnd ranr-eled before, nnh- lication The BakerKff"ld Call forr.ia n Business Opportunities FOR SAI.i: — I'M IP north of raiiinail on Hltkrr S1irrl. '"omplplr lin.* n 1 ' fi\- tnres d-Mpy pood hnsincs* now. »e by al'puim pvnv onh Schools—Instruction INTERNATIONAL Correspondence School nlfeis lob training. Bpare time: home .•OiHlr Fr«" cnt:-logue Cnl Lee Manful! 7-73"S or write Bo» 438 T S Transportation—Buses FHKf MEALS AND PILIAlWS Irfm-est Feres to All Points \l,L-AMEKICAN BUS LINK INC .028 i'better KIM* L. B»ll Phone t-34S» 1-7-tf FPr.cIAL for Ifl <in\s. LURCH? permnn"nt wave and Park Avenue niMrlvnlrsp IS r»fi l,o:s House of Meauty Sev 'entecmh a'nl M. Phonoji 6<JiJ._ Open_rvenings ___ r><i LATHES' strnrn cabinet bath 1"12 I'niim avenue. Phone a-n.-ifii' or 2-4.'S7 _ M Lost — Found — Strayed SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON HUS DEPO'i Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 ae-tr LADY wnuli; like rule to Mnnte Vijtn ,,'o!o . ,,r a<* red i tboip as possible rtioi.Tnl O'lohr-i I :. St,;ii<> f xrepi-f f Cull v :' c i -i f, o Occupatinal Services BLACK and while male ral. hlnck spot on upper lip 1'hone ?-;^K36 after 6 p. Reward ^ 6(1 I i til np'l .tvei t'i Cll LOST —Kitten. Orange anil white Prr- s>an. LaM i.ccn at South ("heMer anil Belle Terrn_cp 304_Smnh Cluster _f,0 -WILL person finding lil.-i'U oni =•• Irelnniriru- in (Jporciii Jackson please reuiiri 10 11 I >> FKKSON picking up purse in Block's keep pionev bill ple.-ise mail purse find rnmenlK Ir, Mrs. Litelln Rnplie. l:"M Maple ave r. nc_ p r ' (l LOST—Gas A ration book nt firs! filling station roininc: Inlo K;i Mima rt froni ilir snulh. October 1 Finiler write .1. L .lours Bos l'"."i. An in. Calif. I'.li LOST—From Oildale s'hool a Ian purse wilh child's glumes, child needs glasses Tlewnrd. Pl'one 2^06^". f > 1 LOST — Friday. October f,. k<-'V chain with thiee linuse keys. s:i f deposit ke\. car keys and ilhera. Please lelurn to safe deposit depii i trnent. Bank of Ameri<a 60 REWARD f"r return or i lush S.'ll", ma I,- «traM' View (liMri'i Notil" Mi 6 RIIX_',:M. ISakerHfif 1,1. _ r-" LOST— Somewhvi '- on Oleander hov' < liehl blue Kipper swcalei_._ Phone :,:,^:,S. LOST—One S -TiX-Jd c.oodyeai truck tnr Slid wheel. Phone L' fCiHi. Ftesnn He^ Fl VE-MONTH-t'iLD I.lack Cocker Spaniel, white Pilot on i best : answers In Ite\ . children's pel: icwnrd. Phone fl-'<:.'(in. or WOMAN'S wiitch. l'iuf <in bus en route from KaM [talc'iv-l ield tn <iililnl" Pleiise ca_ll_ " • - ?*6 if found fi: ].r>ST—Old, all-lilaik i'url,,r Spaniel near Strnkdnle Road and Khins Lane An- jiweis In name of Oueen An\ infi.c- mation will be appre'-mted Call l!-4U7(i r, ;Personals HEMOfiRHOID StlKKUHKHS — No ho»- pltallzatlnn nor Inn nt time No nursery nor Intectlonii New »af< palnl«» method of •llmlnitlns hemorrholrtt now available from Dr i fl Ptnnlngton. D. C.. iulte J. Prnfciilnnii' bullilInK Phone »•« 100. ___ »•«-!> IMAr LPSIONS Hw back rialna arthrltii. conntlpatlon and proBlate dl« or«1er« oon»ct»rl T)r. D II Parish D. C.. 40 7 Hab«rf«lrt» bull<Sln« Phone »-».82 ___ »-_»-tf B. D McBrlfle Detective AlencT room 110. Hay bu'ldluB Rakeraflelri Licensed and bonded. Confidential Inveatlnatlon. Phone 2-2800 or J-a«6» __ H-7-tf WHO OWES YOU? I for accounts, notes and ludpmenta. Commercial Business bureau. G H. Slack, manager. 1&21 Twentieth street. phon» 7-7684. H STEAM BATHS and showers. $1.55: mas- saglnR and reducing treatmentn. Licenced massuese. ^iam!e Marve>'. Lois House of Beauty. Seventeenth and M streets fin Financial CASE LOAMS for MK TAX PAYMENTS SCHOOL NKKDS ETC. BORROW ON AutomnMI*» Truck! Furniture Farm Equlpl. Salary "PAID FOR On NOT" You may 01111 borrow foi a,a lonr at 12 mom ha. Private Sales of Automohllea. Trucki nnd Furniture Kinanced 100* LOCALLY OWNED Trade with local people who underatand local condlllonB. W. J ^BMP Bernroan Maurice St. Clalr SSth anrl Ctieeter Opp. MonKomery Ward Ptonne I-679C Appnlntmente Mad* S-l-tf EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $102.60—Total Coat ONLY »2.6C If You Prefer, Take Up to Twelve Months to Pay Only You Have u SiRn — No Co-signei t AUTOMOBILE, FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales oi Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD F1NANCK COMPANY 2300 Cheste. Telephone D-U421 8-21-tl JO 1 Furnit tire Sfilary PREWAR BKUVICIi 1712 Chester Phone 2-S337 'If AUTO I "ut on in i.', Sriliir\ Lr>;tn^ No LoriK itl^anlii i olf. .Ni. I'linh;! i i ;i «t.rn« No ciut»id<<ra Invoh -I J(M Sill Ifiiildinv li»ti Kithi' • nil. SltPe Pi'.ll.SO.SAL FIN\NCK (O.MI'ANV Undt.T tin- Ric <"o- ;t-«'n!a ,<ii:n I'lioup 11-(,;,!•:', Wjiliet' \VrhJiuu Miii)a(-er Short term IJUMUCSS loan. Can pive (rood sccurlly and return. TPI. 7-7549. tjO MONET TO LOAN Long term, all lype arm loana. 4'i per cant interact. No communion to borrower, J. E. WARREN RttALTV CO. TULARE THEATER BUILDING TULA HE CALIF. PHONE «8 i.4Mf •u»ln«»» Opportuniti»» OOOD paylnit rubbish' route with truck. Ideal opportunity for man wiliine to work. For details write Box V-30 The Cnlllornl«o 60 Mi'ST aacilflc-* for Immediate tale. KOIIIK in a«rvl:e Drive-in; H «tool», completely equipped. Any reasonable offer accepted. Call at 1118 (Sixteenth street between M and N or phone 1-t'ii'i. t)o Priinini; Sliapi.iK Tnppini: Taking Trc-i's Tint l-'rre Estimates I.. (",. Kl,,\d I'honn lir. LOST—Red Persian rat. mnle answers lo "Pus*" : in vx'inMv of Rprnard street and Aha Vista Drive. Phone 4-4677 1 __Rew_ard. «" j WOMAN who p;ek<?d ip walle' at East Rakrrsfi?|c! banl. Tu v srtay wan recognized hy bystander «ho rloes not know her name If not ier.irne'1 at once to IftOC Limri'' street, description will he flrsl nttrnti unt "-J.j:12 _ _ r,4 TRUCK HAUI.INU—Anything any time. a.nywhere Furnit'ire triovin« a specially. •>. i?25 Whltle Morehead 1(16 Decatur HI reel. Oildale 62 TRUMAN'S TRANSFER—I^onff dis- tnnce and locnl 812 North Clips- ter, Oilda!e._Phone_2-89M. fi6 WE DO THICK topping. remov!ng~fence bulldinK team work, plowing, general 1 work, lull work: 'iavt truck. Phone ' _5_iLLH l __ 69 i TREE SERVICE Cf) Prunini.' SliapInK Tfipplna Aim Trees Taken Oui H. Parker l-'ree l'>tlinatlnff lf<07 H Sneet Phone 2-3I8U _69 p k rpa CRNETIAL PAINTINtl C(.)NTR ACTOR M. R Drney. phone 2-6:100 Spray or brush. Home or mdiiBtrlHl. Estimates free, 71 ( Careful e> pert work at reasonable I prices. Have your brakes InspectPri evnry nooo miles. No cliurge for this service. Firestone Slores Twenty-fourth and Chester lt-27-tf E1.I-:CTR1C Irons. SPWIIIK machines and vacutim clcnners repaired. K illebrewp Sevvins Machine Repair Shop. IT'"! 1 West KiRhth street. _J'hnne fi-!M::7. _ _ 79 ELI-X'TUIO niolor rewindlnc and I'eri^lr Fast t-eivice and vni k KII.'I i a n leerl. Delia Klerlric and Miulnne Simp, K'llO Pucif'c slieet. 80 r.-MXTixr, Residential, ranch and industrial. Brush and complete spray equipment. Free estimates. Phone 3-".|,'!^. Contractor O. H. IlineH SO - KI'FIUCKIiATOIlS iind wasl-.'iiu m.ncliinpH o\Mhau|ed and i •built. \\ •• ,':••" ,,,,"<• Ihcm :;.:v Wa.«hin«lnii. tulrlali'. plioor Itlil.l MIL I". PAIN'I'lr.'O. DKCORATlNCi Itosiilence. ('oiumerciti I. Spray Pamtinii SID L. UlCI.LICn Licensed iind Bonfled Conttartor 1409 "l-Jye" street Phone •.'•?•(!>:! in.;', if Help Wanted—Male Help Wanted—Male Expert repair service on nil ma UPS. Adequate stocks of parts ami most types of tubes. Pre-war Ol'A approved prices. I'RXKR S L'dMli Chester Avenue Olilesl Ifailln llealcr in I'ily 1"-H M'. Help Wanted—Male AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQFIREU INTERVIEW DAILY •l::;i) TO , r >:30 P. M. Firitas Waters 7L'7 Kn. 1 -! Twenty-fir.«t Strrrl An 1'iiKini'priiiK <-"iii|iiiny \vltli \\idc- >pn';i(l iipcriil ions a IC\\ nprn- in^s lor \<iun^ MKMI \\ r ith ircliiik'Jil :iliility for field iind iMlior.-nory wni'k, in Calildrnia. A pcniiiincnt base is main la innl in liaUersI icld. Sl.iilinu pav is PIMM! and chaiu'es I'DI- atlviiiicciiu'lit aic> cxi-cllcnl. See Mr. Itciland n I I'. S. KinploymPiit dfliee I'cir appnintinent. (,'erl ificitto nf Availability required. jD riiin: MAN GOOD SALAIM. K.XCliLLliNT I'USTWAK OI J - l'i,.: ' l .'.IT 1 F'lHhJPTilM- STUUliS, TWICNTV-FOURTH AND CHKf?TICIl _A\'l.:.\l Ii. _ _ 8-30-tf WANTFCP. AT ONCK. A I'TUMOHI LE Ml'J-llANlC. I'tKMANICNT WllFIK; TUP \\ \tjKS. APPLY HAKICK-ADAMS W.INTIAC (1AHAGK. 2701 CHKSTER. 6-22-U \\'AXT|.;D—lOxperlenced auln merhjinlc. »"n<if1 iiourt arid pnv. In nit waenlial 1nh Hand molt ,ind a vnilnbl Illy rpillfliBte nprev slir y See Mt Het-d, K Ilrhen-Hnyd Moior rfjinpuny, ^'i^O cht-stei ovenue 8.26-tf ^^ ^I.DKK ooeded lit onre F'rnnk nu««ell HI.-i kNinlih \\elilinB nnd Machine Sh"n I'h-ine .Shufter ', 17. Hi Aircraft Co >3> ^ f ,1 ( ? '^^0^ Woiei for In Ii Easy ixperieice Necessary ** f^/t ihi-niir.31 \w\\<n\/f*fbmn\^ k and Pad a (Gocd S? A? ailaillty Cc Social Security PI.KAS'' ' V AT THE .'ii .^i • i .. • n t ii and T< i>ocKHKKD i'onpor:ATIO.V. BAKKHSFIELD in.n-tf f WANTED AT TAFT Oiler for Gas Kiipine Compressor Plant—Male Draftsman, Veteran or Female Cliainman, Male AT BAKERSKIEI.D Helpers for installing; and repairing pipe lines—male. AT U'ASCO Helper for installiiiR and repairing pipe lines—male. Sei'viuoinan—male. AT LEBEC Pipeline repairman—male. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQI/1RED Phones Taft 464, Bakersfield 7-7501, Wasco 4231, Lebec 18 79 BV S'l'A.XDARO OIL COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA IRolarv ""-'-^ ™ T - NOT KSSKNTIAL STKADY \VOHK IN THIS AHI.CA .SKK (HI, CO.MPANV RISPRKSKNTATIVK AT fNITLD .STATICS K.MI'l.OY.MRNT OKKICK. HA K KH-SFIKLJ) KV'KHY MONDAY, TCKSDAY, THURSDAY AND KHIDAY OF KACH WEEK. Avitilabllity CcrlifitMto Required !!:; DKR HICK MEN AND ROTARY HELPERS NEEDED: STEAD? WORK FOR EXPERIENCED MEN. APPLY BETWEEN 10:30 A. M. AND 3:30 P. M. RICHFIELD OIL CORPORATION 6CG HABERFELDE BUILDING BAKERSFIELD, CALIF. 9-26-tf man WH'ile (!H lifornion shoe mleBlady or sales- \VilU R»x G-I93. Tlif tf-8-l f r 1 10 help mnlncaln tr»n»pnru tlon, auto anil tiuck nntt-hnnicr anrl ttmly men. Kill! tlm<- work. Motor Center. Bulrk, t.'hevnilpi an<1 Cadlllitr dealer. See Hackman. Twenty-flecond and Cheeter. ___ ____ «-16-tI WANTED — 1'AIITS MAN. GOOD SAL- AltN ANT VV'UliKl.S'O PIIMJITIOVS. TIIKASIUCK MOTORS COMPANY 2631 _CII KHTICJ^ _____ 9-30-lT AIRCHANIi'h wanted. Attractive offer. Must luivr hand looH; a>'» lib bi] ily cer- leficntp .f(|t!i?e(l Sfr Rhoi foi'omon, rai.kai(l Audio' IT 1 0 ('t)pH(er avoitiip. WANTED — Bus hoy. Annlv BI Tclon hotol AVANTED— Rppiili- and delivery man In \vnrk in furniture fUorp. Apply Diivis h'tirniturd Company. 1400 ('hosier n^r'iiiti 1 . lO-T-lf. (TiTTON I-ICKKHS WANTKH. '-j li\^" snuilt rif MMjntJ!)i)U.«o on Oitk MICH (I. \\'. S"!' Mlinn *i."> EXPERIENCED service station salesman. Good salary and excellent future. Must have fair education and able to assume responsibility of training and directing others. Firestone Stores, 2:)31 _C|iestcr,_Bakcrsfleld. 9-30-tf Lll''.L.l'l'.n WANTED on selsmoKranh crew l-jxperiem o nul reuuired : tilcadv 1oh In an esRenllnl Industry, avuilabllllv cert Iflc-alc reQiliret) Apiilv K'(i CH'orize Hav huildlni: _ _ 10-lMf WANTED— NK.HT C1AKAOU ATTENDANT. API'I.Y U.NITICIl r.ARAGB, 1301 WANT—Experienced frv cook Applv Freddie's Cnfe. '.HI Illiihwav and Twenlv- WANTED — Tractor mechnnlcs. Twenty-fourth and Highway 9fl. _Ace Tractor Company. 65 STOREftlAN—For old established oil fleltl aupplv coinpiiuy. Permanent position Write Box E-76R, The t'alifnriilaii. __ ______ *!. 2 \VANTKl) — TRUCK AND AUTO MECHANICS. APPLV SOUTHERN QA- TWENTY-THIRD AND I STRliETS. ri\'nilH(l' In !h:s \\ a r esselttiul ; nii'l»- u-ith • nost\',-ir- fuluie A|ipl> to Vic Mm Ice CCD O ATTO .MEi'MANIC Apply rrhriseinan' avi-nui ler Avt-ni" ijKind Tijicka 67 and helper wanted tlaraKe IdOil I'nlnn Gl WANTED—Tire service loon. Good future. «ood Milar> Apply Smart Tlte Store. _h:!0 Tweiuj'-firat siree!. 81 WANTED—Auto mechanic l.odv repairman. uohol8ter\' rnan uutfi electrician. Stoiidv einplo\'inent ton wuMew. larue and wi'll equiliped K|IIII>. Prcpine for mml- \var employment now Contact rrank Kins Motor Center. Chevrolet. Rulck Cadillac dealers Twemv-aecond and Cheater avenue. Hokernfleld California , 61 FRKSSER — Steady wort. lop~waBea. u leu mini workinc condiliona AvalUhlllty i(-rtlfM:a,,e leiiutred. Apply Pnel Cle«n»l«. .Miiuer Field Phone 7-76'jl eiltualon 3.17. 60 ^.^l^tf IN fc-SSKNTIAl INDl'STHY. STEAPY KMI J Lt>VMt!.NT. API'LV CON- Stll.lI>Al'EI> I-II'E i'i),\IPANV OFFICE. J.nU'XTl-'^ ANU IINI()N _A\'ENI'E 61 COTTON Pl( KI\RS wanted, '3 mile south Kairfa Schiiiil Rou.c 6. Box &6L'. I'hnne 'J riiltil. See Neely or N'ernnn rXlTCI) tiKOPMYSlCAL CO. Needs TIIKKK liRlLLKKS T\\'d OHSIOI:VI-:I:S For \vnrk on Mplsmonniph pros- peeling crow in \ eno/nelii. Apply 101B I'nion AVOIIIIB or I'. S. If.mployment Office WANTKP IMMICniA'' KLY—Cnmbinnl ion |IM« dri»" and whool cmnorlian. .Must (•r ahle -n handl' a!' inn Hilt-nance unrk i:\irlle.< fc.ilar> |I|UK hml!*r \vatt-i and tas Vppl.% lo C. 1C. ;\vin. Mi/Kiltrli-li. Cal.r. pii'nr Black 93. ^LUJ'Jiciiy an essential industry \VKSTSIHK 01 [.FIELDS Good npportunity for ftdvnneement R'lard and room on lease NO KXpEniExcii; REQIMRED Ask for fipnerjil Poiroleum representative t-'NITED STATES EMPLOYMENT SERVICE 1HOO Spyenleenth Street Bnkersfleld I". S. E. S. Referral required . BELLMAN — Muet be over H. Apply Hotel Padre. 7-1-tt SCHOOL nor. OVICR K. FOR PART-TIME WORK l> LAUNDRY. HAKERSniCLD LArNPRV ASSOCIATION. CURNER MNETKKXTH AND S. , « 1 WANTED—Oil field workers. imiRtahnuta. rntai-y helpers, (li'etnen. 6 nnd ".day work week achedulea. Phone 9-9*61. Tidewater A»«ocl a t eel Oil Company. 67 KXPICRIBNC1CD mnn to prune orchard. Call aflci 4. Phone -_6081 6J DRIVER nnd atncknuin. light delivery truck; union scnle. fi\'e-da> - week; white "_n_ly. '' 8 t£__L_5!_ rpl 't «; ri'LL-TIMK PORTKR. Kood jol, .~7l7ady • 'mploynienl. Apply n-cretarv. Elks Cluh 61 WA NTKD — lOxn-i irnccil bookkeeper, t'anul- litr «'il . dolllilc t-lllrv syBlein This iol is nut .1 \\ a i l)al>>. bill H IHK POHIWBI PI-O|HI^II ini; slunild \vnrk Into some Ihint; \'^i > nno<l lor tile I itthl PHrU' See_Jjm_r7i lja_|{v__l "l>_^_Che»li'r.__Jjl-!l-t f HELP \VA.\TEn Man for ntir tire and sprvic'e department. Steady job with postwar fin HIT. A vullnblllty certificate re- tftiired. AlOXTCOMEItY WARD & CO. Twenty-fifth and Chester Phone 7-7871 WANTFCP—Tuo helper!) for portable drill 11» in,I WiiRhlnstnn. Oildale. Phone Help Wanted—Female TELEPHONE OPERATORS BEGINNERS Fasclnauns Work —Essential Pence! ime Future PACIFIC rKI.KI'UONB AND TEI ,EG R A P H CU M PA N Y ISL'O l'\ventiein Sueet 5-29-tr EXPERIENCED SALESMAN IN FT RNITURE DEPA RTM EXT. REST SALARY TO ONE WHO CAN QfALIKY. CALL IN PERSON, SUMMERS, 41'0 EAST NINETEENTH. 10-7-tf WANTICI)—One truck mechanic and one lubrication man. Perinan<4it to right men. Kern Rock Company. Cnllowav. _Phone VJ1913. tj W A .VTICM -Tilmmer in operate «lae» end upholttery <1eparlment Ip Iflrve repuli •hop tiee Hfi'kman it Motor Center Twenty.»ecoDil and Chester. l-li-tf KM'KIIIKNCKD SAI.KSVVOMAN H'llR MEN'S frUNISHINliS AND SHOK8 liliou SALARY. "KltMANPiNT POSITION APPLV MANAHKR RASTtCRN. lol'D NINKTItKNTH STH1CKT. t-14-tf WANTKD-SandwIrh JTlrls »nd dl«hw«ah- «r». App <06n ci.eBter ni Klflh anrl Cheate 'N ayne a Di iv« In «0 EXPKRIEXCED walitMn wanted. Freddie B Cafe. Twenty-fourth and _Hlghway Hi. 10-5-tr WANTED—Coametic* naleulady 21 year» of age or over; vor.d pay. steady ponltlon; no phone rnlU. Apply In person to .Mr. Beehe at Beetle's Save Wore Drug Store, ;'00() Chester ivcnue. Help Wanted—F«mal« Whether experienced or not we may have the position you are looking for. APPLY SUPERINTENDENT'S OFFICE THIRD FLOOR 60 WANTED—Typist and atenogra- pher. Apply Acme Finance, Twenty-fifth and Chester. 9-26-tf WANT experienced frv cook. Apply Freddie R Cafe, nn Hiuhwav and Twentv- fourth_tu-eels. 10-5-If POSITIONS AVAILABLE AS SERVICE STATION SALESWOMAN. PRRVIOLIS KXPERIENCK NOT ESSENTIAL OP- PORTI'N.'TY FOR VALl'ABLB TRAINING WITH PAY. PERSONS CURRENTLY EMPLOYED IN WAR IN- nrSTRIf.S WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED. APPLY SHELL OIL COMPANY. INC . 900 SACRAMENTO. BAKERSFIELD. OR ANY SHELL OFFICE 10-6-1 f WANT tiav hop and fountain Kirl. El Pal 10 Drive Inn. I'nion and California a venjie. 63 COLORED mairl for housework, good pay and ff.iod hours Holel. Phone J-9581 60 PRESSER — Steady work. top wages, pK?a.-Tint working conditions. Ava ila bility cpttifirnte requiierl. Appl>' Posi Cleaners, Minltr- Kield. Phone 7-7fi!ll extension .TIT 60 WO.MAN wqpted. fountain woik. meals furnish'-d Availability renviiied Lucky's, 1 S I S_K. [_ 6 1 WANT, bcatjty operator: good aalnry and • »mmtssion. full lime or part-lime 6.(i!l!M. 62 ALHICHRA si iidenl : help hiKh .^( Phono ti-n:74 WHITE WOMAN; half dnvw general housc- <v,,iU , J _da>-B u_\vcfk. Jj'hone 8-8-_'l>. __ 81 WANTED— Good home for well-behaved 11-veur-old Kirl. Call after 7 p. m. 4-46!>7 __ 60 PIIX OPERATOR WANTED—WE WILL TRAIN II' APPLICANT IS OVER LM AN"-> is PAMILIAR WITH THE TOWN- APPLY IN PERSON AT THK YELLOW CAP, COMPANY 1.101 EIGHTEENTH STREET. 61 SAI.ESLAfiY wanted. flood opportunity for expel loneed rcady-to-we:i r saleswoman, (ioori salary. Abbott's. lalS Ninclcenlh Htreet. WANT 'ilRI. OR WOMAN TO PICK I'P PAKTR AND TAKE >'ARE OF SMALL SET OI'' LOOKS PHONE 4-401)7. 61 \VANTEP — Laundry 'vnrkers: experience tinnecessaty Citizens Laundry, 931 .Si\lccnl_h slicel fil U'ANTEI)—\\'omen \vorkers. Experience nnneccR.oa i > Family Service Laundry Phone C-n-iari. Eveninss 3-1 SSS. 61 ASSISTANT bookkeeper, coorl salary. Ab- hoi'a. 1 .M S N ineU'enili slit-el. SA LESLA DIES WANTED No Experience Necessary Steady Employment K. \V. Wt)OLWORTH CO. 1408 Nineteenth Street WANTED— Women worker*: ••xi>"Ti"nre nn ii'H eysa r> . Family Service I..aundiy. _ Phone 6-64.'!.*i: even ings :i-lss:!. 62 HIliH SCIIl'lOL en I wants children lo care for evenings. Phono ^-•t!i."iC. HJ^' Clage RELIARLKl pnrlv in stay with children forenoons at 3^1 Highland Drive Phone WANTED — Oir! for general office. No typing or shorthand. Some PHX expert '•n>f. Aprl> in person. The Californlan _offi. . _ _ ________ '"^1? ALTERATION lady or assistant wanted. either ful 1 oi- part-time. Apply at Esger'e. 182C Chester. 10-9-tf \\'(i.\l.\N '"» Bencia! hon»Jcwork and laun- *lr>'. Hoi.r II' to .S; t»- week or full time, who hoard and . oom : good wages r'hone "-5I2S. 424 Pacific. til H«lp^Wanted—- Salgggj*" SALESMAN WANTED—McMahan'a Fur nlture Company, Eighteenth and H. 9-26-tt SALESMEN —Inaulatlon. Can make »2flO a month and up. Its use recommended bv the government. Inquire C. L Van Voost. Padre hotel. Bakerafield. 10-4-tf Situations Wanted—Mai* I RENOVATE. re.«eed and fertilize lawn and haul away the rubbish. 2c a square foci Phnn- 4 416'J Richard Hailey OardenlnT Servile. 80 TREES WP Trim We Remove \Ve Top We Shape Plume ^-7SS1 Situations Wanted—Fomalo PUBLIC atenngrapher dealrea work In own office. 1812 "Eye" atreet. Phnne 9-nfif, 1 * 2-0653. 9-14-tf WE CLEAN kitchens. 800 hour; alao hllnds, wlndowa floora by the floor Larkn Clnunera Phone 7-7462 before 8. after 6 13.' SERVICE GIRL, with child, will care for <hild in exchange for board and room Phone 2-8845. Mrs. McArthur. 60 UNIF* RMJS laundered at home, livery. Phone C-5938. No de- 60 EXPERIENCED stenographer wishes employment If downtown office. Phone __S-0008 or iiuiuire at 1108 Sixth^ 60 GIRL experienced in general office work wishes employment : n downtown busi- _neax disj_rlct. j'h.nne^^ljise _6fl lirsliAND IN SERVICE —Will do wash inK and ironins in my home. Phone \\"ll.'. no iroulnp 7tic an hour, also ran; fur two sntall children. Phone ii-.'iGl!l (il WANTED—M idil Ic- need American woman wishes ;n exchange services lor a KCH borne. P. O Bis 171. Clarliervill llnniboldi <ouiit>. Calif. ti4 iioi 'n my home. Phone For Rent—Room* I ••«.:N" ril'liKOO.M next to halli eood licil. outsifle cnjj'aine. r>0'. K street. til BEDROOM ad.loinini! bath, use of plump. near b «. Oentkmaii prefcried. Phone __-_-" S9L _li- DOt'BI.K FRONT hedi-.-iom private front entrance, use of phon?; employed ladies only. 1'-1 3 <i or phone 2-f»!t44. 6L' For R«nt—Houses WILL exchanwe 3-bedroom unfurnished house In Los Angeles for same In Rak ersfield Four adults, reference*. Phone ;! -^4 945. « n ONE-ROOM furnished hntiBe with hath: fncllitlej fo.' cookitiB. Only gentlemen iK-'ed applv 2115 East California avenue^ _J»1 COTTAGE—Two rooms and bath; no children. Phone ti-6Sti:!, For Ront—Miscollanoous WHUE1. CHAIRS, noapltai cede wild Itinenprina mattresiei; walkeri. rubber •heetlnf. everythlni tnr tick room. Fold- Inl chair a. Phone T-74K ar 1-00«T. l-l-lt FOR HIRE—Two-ton flat rack truck. Cull _2-4_31C. «1 FOR RENT—Caterpillar tractor with driver. Phone 2-1861. 61 Wanted to Rent—Rooms WOMAN. >cn. It, both employed daye. want room* rxchanie for anma homework. Chrlitiana. nn bad hahlla. IIH Welsh. Biix S-flO, The Callfnrnlaa. 60 Wanted to Rent—Houses No charge for renting or sending preferred people to rent your homes, apartment* or court*. Only those meeting your requirements will call. Phone early, Han Joaquln Agencies. Edward W. Moody. 1812 "Eye" street. Phone 2-2315. If no answer, call 2-0653. 3-25-tf MANAGED local bunlnena would like to rent 2-b«.1room, unfurnished Reference 3-Oio5 62 HIGH school teacher, wife and non want to rent 2-bedroom house, preferably in to.vr. Will prospective sellers please rent for .-ichl months? Need house to bring family together. Phone i-:!8f>0 __ 60 MIDDLE-AUED couple badly in need of 2-bedroom furnished house or apartment Tiansferred here Indefinitely. Pay to J75 a month. No children, no pets. Phone S-8K,5 extension gl 62 TWO SERVICE GIRLS with babies7 badly In need of furnished house or apartment. Rent to J60. Phone 2-884.i. ^Ihj*^ Merrell. go SERVICE WIFE, with baby, needs furnished house or apartment badlv Phone _7_-70.'!jl.__ (ill WANTED TO RENT-Adults want two- bedroom house, partly furnished or unfurnished. Call 3-2300 or 316 Belle avenue. BO TWO OF, THREE-BEDROOM UNFURNISHED HOUSE NEEDED BY BRANCH MANAGER MAJOR OIL COMPANY. PKRMANE.NTLY SITUATED AND RE- SPONSIULE; WILL LEASE. TWO ADULTS NO CHILDREN OR PRTS. PHON MR. F.EWIS. 8-84S1. EXTENSION .11. OR EL TEJON HOTEL. ROOM 20.-.. 61 WANTED—Furnished or partly furnished house, one or two bedrooms. Two children: permanent. Phone 2-744.1. 61 WANTED- Two or three-hpdtoom fur- lushed house by permnnentlv employed ijimi|y.__Phone li-jiBL'l. Mi^Radeker _j>j LOCAL company needs unfurnished 2 nr "-bedroom housa and two unfurnished apartmer.'.a, courts or small houses for executives Permanent. Phone 4--I901 WANTED—A nifp house or Jipai't- nicnt. furnishod or prirtly fnr- nishrcl. Pei'manent. (If ppurliible couple: husband diseharpeil from sprvlfp. no rliildren or pets. Can givp_rpf_ei'pnrps. Oil] "-l!ti77. C>WANTED— One or 2-hetlionm house by vomit- rouble: two siniill children, perma.- -nt. Heferem es If wanted Fully or partly lurmt.lied. Phone :j-lt»o:l i; I YOl'Ni; peNYiatlent rouple wish house or n part men I No children or pots. Phone [i-fl71'T. Kuclid Hotel. Room 14. fiL' MINTER FIELD nfficer and wife from Ohio desperntely need furnished house or apartment; "expert inn" m December. Need this keep us homeless? Phone _G L (i^7(i. in WILL SHARK my hnme. (heap, with riifht couple. Nc children, please. Call 11-14(1.'. for full infortna tlon. (JO PERMANENT couple would like apartment or house, references offered. Davy en II 4 -4_27 G._a ft£r_5_cnH_:-1 4_;"> fi. fi 1 PERMANENTLY located couple want furnished or unfurnished house No children References. Call Tom Huff n -:i f. i .1 R i WANTED—Furnished house or apartment for two nuiel. reliable ladies. Must be close to bsu line. Call 3-07f)0 before 5 p. m or 2-4S34 after B. Ask for Mrs J. M Logan. 62 Wanted to Rent—Apartments WIDOWED woman would like apartment or small house Will be permanent. Phone eilhpr 4-4420 or :-9208 60 CIVILIAN — Employed couple want furnished apartment; no children: pxcellent carp, suar.-intced: references. Call Mr. Mason. r.-TiTSl. before :>::',0 p. m.. or ;-_!'_!.I!! pvpningd and Sunday. i; I lNflLIC KI 1 wunts apartrnont or small house. Permanent; no pets. Must be nl<e 01- don't (all Won't share. Days. :-(is7r,: niBhts. G-(is;i 'r,r, Wanted to Rent—Farm Land WANTED TO RENT—HO to 40 acres alfalfa or vircln land preferred, must be soft. Ii BoBbosian. The Club. Delano. Wanted to Buy, Miscellaneous WANTED—Cash for your used furniture, electric appliances, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly OildaU Furniture 601 East Nineteenth Street Phone 2-4603 6-14-tf DIAMONDS, watches and old Jew«lry of any description: hlchcut market price* paid In cash. Earl McEvoy. precision watchmaker. 118 Haberfeld* building. Phone. 6-6397. li-30-tf WANT hogs of all kinds and springer rrnvg. Phone 2-7075. 68 WANT furniture of all kinds, wnod stoves, oil stoves, beds, springs or whatever you wish lo sell. Phone li-707ii. 6R WANTKD—Used religious books. Woodrow Bradley. 106'.i Van Buren street. __Taft. CO BROWK'S FURNITURE Formerly Roy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUE We buy used furniture, stoves, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call ua for real prices. PHONE 7-7021 6-9-tf WANTED—Small tricycle for small girl. Good condition preferred. Cash, of course. Phone 2-0588. 60 WANTED, desperately!—One, 28-Inch bicycle tire. Please call Caward. 39-F-I1. 61 WANTED—Onod-s'zo leg model cooking stove; must be ill eood condition. Phone 2 : nin. 61 WANTIOI) Til Rl'V—Kasy washer, in good condition. Pboin- ^-^OJ.",. H2 WA.Vl'LIO—* lawn mower in good con- dnion, with all attachments. ItlflO U street. I'hnnc 4-4402. 61 Wanted to Buy—Property It will pay you to phone 4-4851 When you want to sell homes or small farms. SMALL HOL'SK TO BE MOVED. a ROOMS. rnoxE ;{-o»:'o. .List Vour Home or Farm With UlCHAItnsO.N' & SI DO ALL REALTORS 205 HopkiiP Building Phone 7-7031 f>4 NEED listincs r or cash buyers on large and small homes, acre homes, farms and income property. Elwood'e. 19'j:t " Ey e._'^_ J 2 CASH and quick action when you want to «ell your borne or ranch. No deal too large or small Buyers watting Call Elmer Martin. 2-9294 220 Haberfelde butldlns 1-10-U WANT TO HCY 2 or 3-bedroom modern home; will pa> _c^aj-h. Phone 5-5538. 62 We need mnie llatlnca. Llat vo .r home. farm, ranch or Incnmt with BOYOSTUN * LANCASTER 1817 t- Street Phnnr 1-8639 DEWBY A. HORTON If yon have a home, smalt improved acreage, or farm Innrt for sale CALL 2-6379 1 TOJJCjBtreet 71 List vnur property wllh ua for quick. cnunenuB resultn. Homee— Incnrnt— Ranche* Cheat r v Heard Phnnf 6-690S Bill Allen. Aetncim* ' «-8-tf If you wan' your property gold, WILLARD E. RAKF;F< 1414 Se\enteenth Street Phone 3-05 9-28-lf SELLING home or farm? Phone 2-Oft6.1, LiHtMigH nnt receeiHry. Have buyers tVMilii)^ t'en .'oaqu.n Acenclee. Edward W. Mfod> 18U "Eye" etreet 10-4-tf For >•!•—Improved Property SQl'THWEST DISTRICT—Large 2-hPd- room. completely furniahed houtse, beau- ttfully landHeaped lot. with nice ahade and fruit trees; only $5050. S2500 down, balance easy. Syl MrNinch with R, A. Moore A Son, 151 j Eighteenth street. Phone 2-1388. evenmga 6-6165. TWO CORNER lota Joined by alley; one with aniali flntohed rnune, other with ttood eiz'jd adobe noune, unfinlahed. Phone owner. 2-7403. For §•!•—Improved Property Fo- >•!•—Improved Property LOMITA VRRDK—Immediate ponsession; two bedrooms and tlen'. living 1 room, din- inff room, nice kitchen with dual »|nk. break fuar nook, hard wood floors, floor fin mi' P. y of I ile, hits of cupboa rd ami «lo "I spur P. very clean innide and out; nice lot, double Ktiraife. $1700 worth of furniture included at the price of $in..")0'. HIGHLAND MANOR —• Five-room borne. all Iui-g ; - room* over 11'00 feet of floor Hptire: thin 1* a well-constructed home. in c.\t client curidil Ion, entry hall, rea I fireplace, ha i rlwnod floors, floor furnace, plenty of I ile. generous cupbon rd Hnd tlnHet apace; nice lot, double *?a!•;!«(?; J6500. EAST BAKKRSFIKI^D — Two-bedroom home, plaster and Htucco, hardwood floors. I ile di atn. etc . l;i rue lot, plenty of fruit and shade. 1,1'tsn. VVKST HKLLK—Home and income. Two- bed ?• -om home, frame and plafiler, all lutes t modern mm cniem-cs; a IHO modern "-bedroom- adobe in rear, completely furnished JfifiOO. I20HO down. ANOTHKR HOME AND INCOMB—One l!-hed room n nd n 1 -bed room home: st IICITI and plaster, a bout three years old; hardwood floors, t ile dra inn. etc. One house completely furnished. $6000, JlMHin down. FOrK-l'NlT COI'nT —rompletoly furnished ; pood i ental district, will net Ifi per cent. $6i»oi». il'owo down. SOTT1I !»!>—Flv»» acres, ^li 1-foot frontage nti !<0 II itrhwM y: 4 '3 mi lew from Kixht- eenlh and Cnion; pood well and pi-esaure HM-item. si ore btiilcliiiB. stork, fixtures and livin; qunrtrra. $9oOO. SitOOO down. \V INCJI .A N D SQT A n K — Two-bed room hrnnn. iu Rood i-ondit ion inside and out; bus all In IPS t modern conveniences; nice Int $2^"tO down. DI'l'LKX — F'lastei and 8turc-o. about 5 yra is old in excellent r ondit ion. four rooms O;K h side all latest modern r-on- vcnienres; one side i-omplotely furnished. i n Kood ren t n 1 district, r lose to t ra ns- poria ti on and ma rkels; $7100. SnulliweHt—Two bedrooms. latce livinK anil dininu lonms. lile in Kih hen. Kar:me. niie lfi\\n; near high M hool. Reasonable dnwn. One "-ticdioom and one 1-beilrooln fui 1 - ninlied. nn lailie lot lo hus line ami shopping ,cnlei. JlSdti, terms. ;;er,crftl rnci eliM nil ise slmc aiul slock, on hiKli^ay. wooil lii'aliiin. l.aiKc lonrrete store builrluiK w-ith living riuarleis. own WHler system, tine fixtures wiih large walk-in i el i ipera I or. inoleis. 4-pump gas statinn; slot I. is complete; off-sale beer license Pn \'eil parking spare On eor- nei one a»rc. Call fur complete ill- format ion NICK (TirnT near Highway !i!t. good income lleasuuable ihnvu, balance $.'-i(l a month 170$ K Street Phone 7-7M* Suutbwest—Nearly new, a beautiful three- bedroom home, bath and half, all carpeted wn 1 to wall; larKe double Karaee with buill-in storage lockers: yard isr nicely landscaped with sprinkling system. Priced it $13,750. Close In en CJuine.s—Two bedrooms: living loom has beamed ceiling and fireplace, hardwood floors, tiled lloor In bath, tiled sink ii kitchen, large service or sleeping: porch nice basement, yard under sprinkling system, for onlv Ja'JDO. J250') down. $37.50 per month. Southwest —Three bedrooms, two baths, *6!>50. Wlt.LARD K. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street Phone 2-0555 lu-B-tf $3250—Nice little- duplex, ihrre looms each side, on coriu-r loi nea r ho^pilal. pp*fl- pnt income SliO « tnouih. IM.MKD1ATK FMJSSKSSION" — Three-bedroom honit 1 . only about 5 ynars old. in highly rest ricted district. Raih and a half, plenty of tile, double eurnge. yard fenced. MOD URN 2-bedroom house, almost new. Lot 60x260. lots of fruit, and chicken equipment. Good soil. good water. Southwest district. GOOD plastered house, three sleeping rooms, on one acre of excellent garden aoil. Double garage, plenty of fruit, chicken equipment. Can be purchased with rt'iianmihle down payment. Imme- diaic possession. HIGHLAND PA RK—Five-room 2-bedroom home, hardwood floors, lots of tile: garage; nice vard. Lot 60x150. $4750—Five-room home near Jefferson School. Two bedrooms and sleeping porch. basement, garage, fruit and shade. Good lot. $3S00—Five-room house on Pacific near Kern General Hospital. Two bedrooms, garage, fruit, chicken equipment. E. C. Uffert, 901 Nilei. Phone 1-7152 9-1-tf ON E acre with 5-room house and double pm-jipc. Equipped with all garden tools, a I so a ca nien tractor. This prouert v is planted lo flowers for commercial selllnu. Hap plenty of water. Price $."760. terms. Elmer K. Karpe. 1517 EiRhteenth street. 10-6-tf SEE BEARD On Loma Linda — Practically new 2-bed loom borne with nice den. This home In uxrellent ''ondition. large yard with bj becue pit. double garage; house has vene- tian blinds and floor furnace and over' } )oks the city. Price J700C. On "Eye" Street—A comfortable older ho-.nt; with .lust a little work can he made into just what you want, has two bed room a with sleeping room. Let show you this Price $.1950. A < J nod-J J a,vine Motor Court — Put your money to work. Here is an excellent motor court en 99 Highway just south of town that baa been a real money maker: £4 rentals located on two acres with fin** shade trees and room to expand. Income $900 per month. Requires $ij2">o n handle. On Rrunda ;* Lane—A swell-.23 acres that is highly developed, good well and priced to sell. Will raise anything Give us a ring. CHESTER N. BEARD 1307 H Street Phone 6-5909 or 2-4522 10-7-tf Golden Slate Tract—Fine 2-bedroom borne, lots of tile, floor furnace, dinette, ext ra In rye kitchen; yard has fruit trees, ber- nes and grapes; a flood-lighted recreation area. Two-car garage, cement driveway. Shown by appointment. In Sunset Park—Extra large 2-bedroom home. Has large dining room, stall rhnwer. large floor furnace. Now vacant and ready to occupy. Near West High—Six-unit apartment and duplex combination. completely fur- inched. including 1 refrigerators, stove**, eh. You can't beat this for a reasonable investment. Southwest District—Large 2-hedroom home beuiR- converted to three bedrooms; "i acre, completely furnished with fine "; bus ext ra la ree l!-car enrage chicken equipment. Tola i price terms; has berries and HI fruit reev*, lois of shade. KRKAL \V. HARVEY I'M:; HROWKR BI'JLDINfJ PllONK I'-tl'fiQ; EVENINGS 2-4143 Skyline—Immediate possession, extra large IMiedn.oin home Thi.t was built for a homo and has all the latest modern LOU ven iiMice.s lUO-1'oul frontage. $9150. ierms. Witmlnnd Square — Two-bedroom home. Jlooi fuinaec. tile dra.'i, Venetian shades and hi rpe lot. SfilMO. terms. Duulex — Furnished a IK. In «ood condition ins'lc. Wa Ikintr distance . • downtown East BttUi r»field. $57.")0. fJOOO down. El Camlno—Two-lindrouri home, choice lo- ^-Htlon. only -1 yearw old and in good condition. 45500, terms. Phone a-1210 Ht>sidon,ce ^-&f!2 1704 K SI reel CAS \ LCi.MA DRIVE—Extra neat 1-lied- i oi,m hot'ir on la r«e cor nor lot. Almost .iew and ir. tine comh 'on. 1M ice SUL'ut) down payment. $1000; month, $35. BR T -\ DAG K LA N1 •:— I ,a rge 3-bed room lioiuo on ha If aero lot. ('an sell furnished for J<!7M) or -.nifurnished, ittOOU. ")own payment $2500. DEAN R. HTRLEY 41 1 Nit-eteenth Street Phono :i-027r» 10-9-if VALUE Beautiful u room home with attnrnom. In perfect condition In eoulhwesl dutrlct. near Beak Park Has three larKe he<1- roomu wlri: lots 01 window «pt*ce. (Tlnieta and ,in#i clnet tfi ar: pl^rtiful. Latte living rn'tin with fireplace and built-in bookcase, large dining rnnrr with built- in buffet. Large well-arranged kitchen with til drain, larse breakfast nnnk Barement and apticlous aervlre pnreh. LarEe hath with built-in vanity and atalt ah'<wer. beautiful lawn anrl fihruba. Full price 56000 substantial down o 1655 Cheater Phnn* 9-9881 10-2-tf SIX-ROOM stucco, spacious rooms, double ffarase, hardwood foors throushout, flre- place. lots of 'ile. 'avee lot, fenced yard; immediate possession. Call owner. k'S07 Lako et reel. 66 Ni.'e little 4-room home in Oildale. larg* living' room, large dining room, two sleeping tooms, garage, large lot; half block off bus line. Tbla place i« immaculate; 11.150 down, balance 135 a month. Upper La Cresta—Nicely landacaped lot, three bedrooms and Jen. two baths, all- tlle showor In main bath, lovely large living room, light airy dining room, two- i-ar garag" with atore room. Thi« place only about 5 years old and In excellent condition. Shown by appointment oply. Total pnue $11.000. substantial down payment. Five acres of land and 6-rootn modern home on Pioneer Drive. This place Is In excellem condition, has some shade and wouli* be ideal for a person with a hoiae or two. 18500 full price, about ha'.' cash. On Nlles utteet on the bus line—Five-room moJer. stucc. home, hardwood doors, tile sink, nice lot. Full price 15100, aubstantia'i down payment. El camino Park—Lnvely 2-hedroom and den horn- ir< this fine subdivision. Til* roof, dandy kitchen, extra large service notch, nice bath with tile vanity. cooling- ducts throushout the house. twi»* car garage. Can be purchased furnished or unfurnished South of town on lot BOvlSO—Three-bed- room home, extra nice kitchen and hath, lovely dining room. Hatdwond floorr thro ighout About 11500 down, 145 a, month. To Buy Sell or Trade o 19U "Eye" Street » 10-4-tt Old^r. well-built home of three bedrooms, real fireplace, large rooms; has new table-lop range., large refrigerator, food runs. innersprmK mattress; vacant; im- mriiiatn possession. Comforlable older house on acre, well Minlpped io laiso hii-kens. Ha« family ori hard of assorted young fruit trees; all /cnrcd. Immediate possession, losr to Chester avenue. Oildale. older house with some Roud furniture. This 10 an excellent location. Immediate possession. • Small court with inexpensive rentals and always rcntwl. Will pay IS per cent in- tt'rest on investment. Wt-ll-localed business c orner on well-trav- rl' 1 <l boulevard. Close in and has two wll-buill houses and shop. Cl'is" to Chester avenue. Oildale. woll- huilt home. Can he turned into thre» bcijioorns or two nice apartments. {13,000.00 MODERN three-bedroom horn* only seven years old. Located In southwest section In attractive neighborhood. Three bedroom, two baths, two-car garage, patio, furnace and cooler. This home it of better than average quality construction, built under F. H. A. «u- pervlsion, and has many attractive features. We will show By appointment If you have cash or can arrange finance. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1803 H street Phone 2-894< 9-14—tf FOR SALE—On Alta Vista Drive, corner. 63x150. 3-bedroom house, living room, dining room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths. small basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduced to $9260. $3250 down. J. J. Consanl. Phone _9;9<l 11- 9.18-tf PA f DOWN $40in and cet JI50 net income, per momr. The property will pay th« balance and feed you besides. This la your best opportunity. Fear buya you nothing bin lost opportunity* and sad regrets. W. W. Rolen. 128',4 Wilson avenu. Oildale. Phone 3-1997. 60 A 2-REDROOM FHA. modern and as «onrt as the best, for J4.',00. down 12500. And oiht f. f! W Bolen, 12814 Wilson slreet. Oildale. 60 (106) ALTA VISTA district, located on large corner lot. lovely 8-room duplex. One ride is furnished and has a f lie- place. Hardwood floors, modern in every respect. Two-car garage and laundry room Facing the side street is a nice 2-bedroom home, ilso with fireplace, single garage. Lots of shade and shrubs. Total Tirinj for both J13.500. one-half cash, bVarc* J67.50 per month, 5 Vi per cent inleiest ,126 Avenue Phone 6-6731 61 BURINEvs Income property. Will net about Ii PCI cent on investment of t25.- 000. See Richardson * Siddall, 205 Hopkins building. Phone 7-703L 61 SPECIAL TWO-BEDROOM HOME IN HIGHLAND PARK, CHOICE LOCATION. LARGE LOT. LARGE LIVING ROOM WITH FIREPLACE. NICE SIZE DINING ROOM: TILED KITCHEN. SERVICE PORCH. TWO NICE SIZE BEDROOMS. BATH BETWEEN. HARDWOOD FLOORS. HOME IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. OWNER MUST SELL IN FIVE DAYS. PURCHASER CAN HAVE IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. ELMER MARTIN. PHONE 2-9294. 220 HABERFELDE BUILDING. '. 60 (10.1) $10.500—Southwest district. An *x- cellent 3-bedrnom home, strictly modern, hardwood floors fireplace, steel Venetian blinds dining room, breakfast room, lovely kitchen, basement sleeping room, iwo-car garage, sprinkling system front and rear, abundance of shade trees aid shrubs. Must be seen to be appreciated. Some terms may be arranged. (104i >52.10—Large corner lot. 99x115^4. <lose to town. Ideal location for future wholesale business or warehouse. Thera are four old houses on this property which will bring an Income of belter than 10 per cent until you can build. Investiu-itc this at once. (105) — $3500—Old house on H street across from Lowell School, five rooms. Large corner lot suitable for Income property which can be built in the future. tlOOO cash. $40 per month. 320 Chester Avenue Phone 6-6751 61 IN BEAt'TIFI'L Casa Loma district on lot lOOxSiH: feet. loveU well-built home, three larut hedroonis, has tine basement, double gaiage, separate building or bach* elor quarters. Man., jumbo pecan trees, v- i-iei of grapes and berries. Thin la a gentleman'r home. Price 112,000 now clear. Phone 5-5001. 62 OILD; Lii—HOME ANI INCOME. On* 2-bedroom home, hardwood floors, large -ivirg room and dlnin;. room, nice kitchen and loivVe porch Also 2-bedroom home, cnmplrle'v furnished; S-car garage, all on larse corner Int with plenty of shade: near Lns itr.i' markets, only 16000 $2860 dow... JIB monthly. Will trade for small houac. OILDALE—Nice 2-bedroom home, l-car K.n-aEP. large lot. plenty oi shade, near bus and markets, only $.1850 $2000 down, *30 monthly, or wil, trade lor small holts. SOrTHW]5«'l DISTRICT-Nlce duplex, completely furnished, close In. tncoma S6.1 monthly, only $5250. $1000 down. $4i monthly, or will trade for small house. ON THESE PROPERTIES phone 5-5«4, evenings J-1170. LET S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols 2516 K Strtet ARLINGTON STREET—Nice 2-twdroon home, large living room, dlnlni room S',Vv> hn * n ., 1 5 r ^ 1 S,' porcn ' Back v » r< > '»nc«d» $3700. $1400 down. RI 'r XI 'i A «a n *<;R h ' s -f"«-r"om home built In 1989. Tile sink, hardwood flours, steel "tnttlan blinds Int tOiIOO: $9110 OILDALE—Nearly new i-bedroom bom*. nlct living, room dinette and kitchen with lota of nice til*.. Underground •prlnbllni- system and Yard all fenced Close to school!! and market: $4600 ${000 down. LOVELY countrv home. comoletal» furnished Beautifully landscaped. Larw «»«nt tm*nt O f fruit trees and btrrlea: 1671 Chester Avenue Pbon* t-7114 TWO-BEDROOM houte. hardwood floor*. newly decorated; 2-car (arace. cblcko pens and equipment, barn a (or caw. f It- uated nn one-half acre. 1TA5 NormandT O.lve. 8a» Paul Sybrandt. Ill Bart Elihleenth. Phone 6-5003. COR SALE-—Income property; two dwall- Inga o- one lot. Both (urniahed. ISIBt dnwn. bal.tnci monthly 11)7 bat Nineteenth atreet. |«

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