The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1936
Page 11
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Vf*>'^^^ ;>• -• • rm CM Opew Yea fContlnitt trom /*aj« three) TIRES sold on time payments—no finane*. or carrying,.ehargaa. « AI Friedman Wheel & Tire Exchange, _ ...lj(10. mghtenth. ,Pnqn»_j»87ll. 68 _„- SALE-—Four-wheel trailer. Will haul two bales seed cotton. J76.00. BRAND* INVESTMENT 00. 1816 H Street Phonti 1298 SINQBH eleetrld portable, $36,45. Treadle, »10. White electric console, Ilka new, I4H.60. Expert repairing, s. 1708 K — ~~ '' Parts. ..street. Phone 8880. 80 No. 1 USED grain bags for mllo, OHo each In lots of 1000 or more. Alfalfa -' seed, cane molasses In drufns. Prices rapidly advancing. Buy now. San Joatjuln Grain Co,, P*urt«*nth - and P utreats. Phone 886. 8-5-tf FRUIT jars, while they last, washtd, • quarts 24o and 84o dozen; pints I9a and EOo.dozeni glasses, lOo doton. 717 BurtHfet atroet. 6'}B-tf , THSfECONOMY 1912 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S BL10HTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS, SHOES, ETC. , 64 P11U1T JARS— Quarts, 2.4oi p.lnls, Uo. , We also buy .rags, bottlos,' junk of all klnda. Phone 178A for plok-up . wagon. 182 Bast Twenty-first street. ' - •'• 8.9-tt . Bftmples. V\if coats, jackets, foxta, . collars. Hiifce stock. Furs remodeled. 'The House of 1000 Pur Bargains." Dow's Whole* sale Purs. 188 Kearney, San Pfan- olseo. ; , 8-10-tf SOS. .': RE1NT.' **-. .One-sack eonoreta mixer. Wears Lumber CO. Phone M10. - -.- • .. 44 SALte—Orie 'sack concrete mixer. Model A Pord truck In good condition, cheap for cash, Pnotid 33S3-R. 42fi Belle avenue. 41) .FACTORY to you. Standard com» puling scale. Freezer cases, Store, restaurant and beer fixtures. Complete, new and used. Valley Store and Fixture Company, 2010 Chester avenue, 83 For Sale—Furnitun ."Wltit, sacrifice for cash,.$1175 Kurtzman grand plaho, Jjirno electric refrigerator, fine Bergohzl model violin, vdnlly dresser, electric M-aahsr, peacock chair, soft. 211 TWenty-Beoond street. 43 U8BD »x!2 rugs, all sizes; $S to Jlp. Overstuffed- bed davenport, $18,60. Two-piece overstuffed set covered In" green homespun, J2C. Davis Furniture Exchange, 2106 Chester avo- .. nue.. .We (rive credit. 44 . USED FURNITURE SPECIALS • Robertl Bros, closet bed 17.05 Baby bed, cane paneled IE.95 B-pe. breakfast s«t, hardwood 17.B5 3-pc. overstfd. bed davSnp. set 129.60 3-pc. enameled bedroom set $14.95 2-pc. Robert! Bros, living room set, rust tapestry, like new $45.00 2-pe. Karpen living room set. ' r, Ifte green tapestry, n«w S39.SO Many Other-Bl« -Bargains POPBL PURNITURB aXCHANOH Ardlxzl-Olcoae Bldg'. OS8 Sutnner St. Just wast of Baker, Phone 1841 52 All stock on hand now being sold regardless of cost to mtike room for our big slock of new furniture for tho Grand Open- Ing of our newly remodeled store. Watch for opening dato. NOW: ALL REMAINING STOCK. AT GIVE-AWAY PRICES. BUT HURRY! 24TJI AND CHESTER AVENUE Entrance on 24th 43 FURNITURE SPECIALS NEW Large Tap. Cov. Foot Stools $1.60 Velvet Rugs. 27x64 Inches $2.35 s AxmIn. Seamless Ruga, 8x12 $27.00 •Llyingroom Set, 2-pc., tap. $57.00 .Studio Couch with Arms, * Back $27.60 "3-pc. Hardw. Bedroom Set $83.00 Double Deck Coll Springs $6.95 USED ;3-pc. Mah. Bedroom. Set $29,76 Tap. Llvlngroon) Set, 2-pc. $16.96 *Heayy Oak Chairo, Lea, Seat $2.10 4 Oak Dining Tables: $2.25 to $4.96 100 Used Steel Cots IIAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th Street Cor. 18th and N Phono 341 62 Frult$ and Vtgetablo POR HALJC—Whlto Heath and Orange - Cling peaches. Sat. and Bun., W. T. "' Swnrtt, 805 V street. Phono 1369-J. Legal Notion StATBMBNT OP MINUTES OF THB MBBTINQ OF THE BOARD OF SUPERVISORS HELD TUESDAY, . SEPTEMBER B, 1838. Board met at 10:23 A. M. with all members present. Board met and adjourned sine dlo as a Board of Equalisation, no pro- .teats. ..Walter E. Parks appointed constable, Ninth Judicial Township. Allowances to Indlgenta wore mads. R«sults of Primary Election held August 25, 19S«, declared and oertlfl- ctiten of Election and Nomination ordered Issued, . ', B l dl U° t '^ n8d V, R l!'« BrftVO School District Bonds, U7.000, and bonds sold to Rnnkamerlcu Company. < « M1 A'ii e " of the m «« lln K °f August , .31, 1938, ct aequltur, approved and ;, statement of said minutes approved , and ordered published. Hearing had on petition to vacate roads In Fourth District (Fellowa 'Townslta), and roads closed. ' Restgnatfon of E. J, Elder, Conata ble, Twp. 10, accepted. _ Stewart Fras«r appointed Cons'table, Tenth Judicial Township. of County officials, etc., Mra, Thelmit Stewart appointed Cua fedlan, Marloopa Branch Library. Buslneaa license applications were ^granted. ;-, Clainw against the County were , allowed, % , Salary IWlla, Hospital and Health Department, approved. , ^ Deed accepted, Bakertflald club, for Vet««»n^Ma«ioJlal Buffilffi». ' Tranaferii • Ttwfl' revision* o'lbe n*st PEACttBS Last call, a limHed tjtiafttity -on Georgia late cling peaches, ideal for pickling, oannltife and preserves. Mutry, yout last chance, 60c 'and 76c per lug, bring; C0h« talnera. 716 L stf«et< ,l»arllam»fltwlart--Mrs. tt 0. Bry. eon, . ' Auditor— Mrs: M. M. Bridges. Courtesy— Mrs. AUgtut Louole. Progressive Reading Club— Mrs, Tlpton Matbiw*. , . , Bible- section— Mrs, George Som- FREESTONE peachoa. Merrill ranch, Rio Bravo, tales. No Sunday 40 almond* ,<l9fta crop) i pound to a (on. ton atraat. Bakersflild. from 1 pound io"ij«i".~*ilO> Sltook- Poultry an^ Llvtstock BABY and started chloks. Have now 800 extra fine week-old Reds and Rooks, -RlvervlewvHatenerr, "Home of Better Baby Chicks," old Fresno Jvlghway. - . SACRIPioiS my fins sK4dle , saddle and br|dle*fpr.ottly |14B. This liorso Is a rial horse, not a plttft. Deep sorrell, g years old, tfetuio, plenty of life, a hors« you will b« proud to own and ride In the bit? parade, See Dlekeraon at Rlvervlew Hatchery, old rresno Highway. POR SAijK—Good Jeracy milk ooW. Phone S749-R-4. 44 FOR SAtiB-^Saddle horse with sld- .dle and bridle." Phone FOR SAIjB—Ohe Ournaey bull 8 years old, In ^fltood condition. Phono 45 • viii, 111 KUUU cunumou. IB-F-U. Route g. BOX 81. FOR SALla-Rabblts, does, bucks, an hutchos, • Priced reasonable. T Beech street. . 4 ONB hammer mill. Weaned pigs, sows with nigs, fat hogrs and feeder p1g-s. Steokdale highway, across . from Burton's dining room. Phone 888B-W. ___________ . 48 Mpntp chicken feed horses wanted. Highest price paid. Phono 788-R, Bcavera Bargain Market. FOR SAIjK—Freah Jersay cow, third calf, gentle. Prlco »65,00. Mdgar Combs, Arvln, Calif. 44 THE Archibald Hatchery, Sequel,Calif. Througrh the fall and winter months, hatching White Leghorns, Barred Rocks' ilhd Rhode Island RedB, weekly. Write for catalog. 44 SADDLE horse, galled, gentle', bast reined, lots of class. Bar-O stabUs, Pierce road, near 09 highway. 44 FOR SALH—6-year-old saddle pony, suitable for ladles and children. Inquire at Mltchel's etoro, 3631 North Cheater. 44 DBUCIpUS fryers. Reds. Battery milk fed. "Their feat never touch the ground,'.' Tender. Juicy, Dressed, delivered, 131 MoCord. Phone 6867-J. 44 Wanted to Biiy-Mltoellahtout BEST prices paid for,bottle*, rags, Iron and other lunk. Phone 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 Bast Nineteenth. 7-9-30-tf WANTED—old burlap and rags. Buy Ing bottles and other Junk. Call 2170 for pick-up wagon. 7)7 sutn- ncr strpet. . t-15-tf WANTED—Two used tractor scrapers; state make, size and condition, carol Bertch, 820 South M street, Tulare, Calif. 44 Legal Notioes. State of California, Department of Public Worki, Division of Highways NOTl'cE TO CONTRACTORS , SKALlOD PUOPOSALS will be received by the Department of Public Works, Division of Highways,' at the office of the District Engineer, State Highway Building, Fresno, California, ""HI 10:00 o'clock A. M., on September 28, me, at which time they will be publicly opened and read for performing work as follows: Kern County, at railroad crossing one inl'e east of Itosedale rVI-Ker-88-L), about twin* ty-threo hundredlhs (0.2J) mile In length, to be graded and surfaced with crusher run base and road mix surfacing, Plans may be seen, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may bo obtained at the above address. No bid will be received unless It Is made on a proposal form furnished by the District Engineer. Each Jild must bo accompanied by cash or a certified check or cashier's check made payable to the Director of Public Worka for an amount equal to at least ten per cent (10%) of the amount .bid, such guaranty to be forfeited should the bidder to whom tho contract la awarded fall to enter Into the contract. Tho Department of Public Works reserves the right to reject any or all bids. In accordance with this provisions of Chapter 307 t Statutes of 1981, the Department of Public Works has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the Work to b« done to .be aa follows: Classification— Hate per hour Tractor driver (60 h.p. and over) $100 Roller operator (finishing high typo pavement, Including sub- grade for same)...... Carpenter j.jji Operator of power shovel or other excavating equipment, ahovel type controls (V cublo yard or more) I.BO Blade grader operator • (finish work) , ] oo Dragline operator (except shovel type) i.jg Reinforcing steel worker *... M» M Holstmnn 1 jtB pamtcr ;:;:;:::;; : 100 Concrete vibrator operator 1.00 Tractor driver (under BO h.p) eg Truck driver (lass than 4 cubic yards water level capacity) 08 Truck driver (4 cublo yards water level capacity or more) 76 Oiler (power shovel* or cranes). S3 Grader operator (towing or motor, rough work) Roller operator ... Driller ,. Blacksmith ....... Sloper .. ; Asphalt plant dry«rmari'ob"fifi> man , Mechanic (trouble shooter)...... Concrete worker for structures (wet and dry).,.. ,., Concrete mixer operator (except paving type) »a Transit mix operator... ,, .93 OH distributor bootmin. .76 Laborer ,40 Teamster , .60 Handyman (roustabout) .(SO Any clasalfloatlon omitted herein not lean than.................. .00 Overtime, double the above ratas. Sundays and holiday* (except watchmen, guard* and flagmen), doubt* the above*rates. DEPARTMENT OP PUBLIC WORK8 DIVISION OF HIOHWATS. C. H. PtfRCBM.,. State Highway Engineer, By R. M. dlLLIS, ' _ DlHtrlot Engineer, Dial,/ VI- Oatyd, September ti, ml. Published September II to 24, Inc. .75 .90 .75 .it .75 .90 .88 .77 COLUSGB LINGO H.4.1 sL *J.. , • » at Hir*m tftE BAlKStfSPIELD CALlffjORMAN, SAtUttfoAY, SEPTEMBER 19, 1936 Easterh Hurricane Moves Toiward Sea Arts and - crafts— Mcsdames ,Too Blnip'son, W. ». \Va«son. Amarloah home— Meadames George homttton', Otto Penner, William Klas««Ji.and W. K. Wosson. American citizenship— -Mrs. Colver Jones. Qardena — - Mesdamea Thomas Faulkner, Charles Bishop and J. O. Jtnlfer. Llt'«ratur*. drastta, art— Mesdames J. W. McNeil, K, C. Keeker and Miss Mollia Herman, „ Roster Completed Motion pldlurM— Mra. .ft, f . Cole, Librarian— Mrs, J. C". Rogers. ..... . Music— Meftdamea August SoUcle, 13. A. Meyer, Ben Starr" aHd W; E. Nicole -.;.-;;':, -,; ••;'.•; .-•. •'-' -;-•• '.••••. Community' contacts • — Mesdamos Arch fieckes, '"James tilttlo, Press and Publicity— Mrs. Jamea Little. Flower and sick — Mesdames Fred Katalaff, Joe Simpson, John Hartley, James Swalm. FedertitlOn noWa— Mrs. W. G. Ulerj'. Foundation fund — Mra. W. E, Nlcol. Philanthropy — - Mesdamoa A. K. Klassen. William Cook, A. C. Mack- lln, Kddlc Wist, George ISbel, Mary Bonelll, Joa Altruiger. Child welfare— Me^dames A. Clarence Homfeld, John Abma, Harmon Reed, .ISdwln Booth , • • Contest \Vluners Mrs. Walter Nlcol, chairman' of the membership contest, • which closed pn Thursday announced tho wlnndrs as follows.- Mrs. Calvin Cook, first j Mi's, Ulery, second: Mrs. Thomas Faulkner, Mrs, Tipton Mathows and Mrs. John Nnlo, Kaeh was presented with an attractive prlee. Mrs, Nlcol donating and presenting the prizes. About U new inembefs club. Refreshments WOro received Into tho wero served by M6sdamos .lames Llttlo, A. B. Kliuaen and n. T. Cole. Claimed Madrid Slew Stiff Hostages (Oonttnvtd From Page One) ers were willing to surrender their women and children, already promised protection by tho government. Males Doomed Every one of the male defenders Is doomed and no matter what decision they may make lor their families, the government leaders reasserted. Government attackers managed to "rescue" 20 Women and children. Tho rest who might still be alive wero believed to have been herded Into deep dungeons beneath the fortress— caverns all but Impregnable. "Now we're really moving along," General Ascnslo srtld. "We may wipe out thfi rebels tomorrow, next day or neit week—but we certainly shall wipe them out." Colonel Barcelo, whose leg was wounded in Friday's rifle fire, nodded agreement as both stood watching the smoking ruins. Tales of the ghastly spectacle that attacking inllltlunxnn witnessed in tho Shattered Alcazar Friday wero told by government soldiers today. 1200 Kilted Militia man, Jose Caberu, said he estimated 1200, of the-besieged Fascists had been killed in the blast. "Of courae," ho said, "wo do not have exact figures, and 1200 may seem a little high, but truly a ghastly sight faced us as we Went over the top, "Stumps of masonry In thd wrecked cellarheada were spattered with blood, "We had to trample over torn limbs and hideously broken human remains." Kmllo Vargas, another militiaman, told of falling through a manhole Into a rich food cache when he dodged and stumbled to escape a thrown grenade. Magtaz Mubru Berumar, the only Moo? known to have been fighting with the government troops, said he had come across a line of laundry hung up to dry in one of the cellars, later almost wrecked by an ex plosion. A« reverberation^ of tho almost Incessant shellflre rumbled through the trembling city, tho city coun- cillor, Perez, estimated damage already dona at about 18,500,000, Irrespective of tho anokmt Al r. . '." ' ' * « « Dowager Countess of Lyttpn Is Dead (At»oe<aica.,rreit Le«»ti Wire) KNiSBWOHTH, England. Sept. 19. Edith, dowager Countess.of Lytton. who was attached to the courts of Queen Victoria and"Queen Aloxan dra, died today from the effect* of a recent fall. She and her twin sister, the Dowager La<ly Loch, celebrated their ninety-fifth birthdays September IB, They wore often called "England's Jnoat famous twins." The countess waa the widow of the First Karl of Lytton, who died In 1891. Gives Last'Mimite* Overhaul to Speech for Tuesday at DCS Moincfi, Iowa Kan.. Sept. l».-~Gov. ornor Alt M. Landon summoned advisers today for what aides tertned a last hour overhauling of his Ues Molnes, Iowa, Speech on agricultural problems, Tha Republican presidential nominee's consultant* at the executive mansion w«ro rtepreaentalivo Clifford U. Hope of Kansas, head of the Republican national committee's farm division, and I3arl H. Taylor, his assistant, Landon will speak In DBS Molnes Tuesday night— his flrat major talk on farm matters. This subject was discussed by tho governor : wlthmoro than 30 editors of agricultural journals lit a lunch- coif iflven .by Senator Arthur Capper of Kansas and which aides said had been suggested by Hope. Both bo- foro and aftor an address to a national ebnfersnco of Young Republicans yesterday, the 'governor attended the meeting. • Relaxing in hla chair at times and then leaning forward as If to catch every word, Landon listened to tho discussion lor well over an hour. Twice ho talked— both times "oft the record." 4« » Chinese Apologize and Leave Fengtai (Cnprrllltt. lt)e. by United I'rMki PBIPING, Sept. 19.—A little band of Chinese soldiers marched stiffly with heads up today out. of tho Chinese city of Fcngtal under tho guns of Japanese troops. They evacuated tho city at tho orders of Japanese army authorities because a Chinese soldier allegedly attacked a Javanese officer's horso and a Japanese hospital orderly. The Japanese army chieftains decided to demand the withdrawal of tho Fengtal detachment of the twenty-ninth Chinese army, taking the attitude, that the soldier's attack on the horse and tho orderly was tho fourth antl-Japanoso Incident since June. At 10 o'clock tho Chinese garrison—-120 men—marched out of tho barracks to their drill grounds. There they faced 400 Japanese soldiers, machine guns emplaccd before them. Colonel llsU Chao-LIn of the Chinese army apologized to Colonel Henya Mutnguchl. commandant of the Japanese embassy guard, In tho presence of the Japanese nnd Chinese soldiers. Four Will Share Thalberg's Place (Attnclatfd /.'reiit t.rated Wire) HOLLYWOOD. Sept. 19. — Four nion Hhnred today thu 'job loft vacant by tho death of Irving Thai- berg, vlce-presidont of MOM studios. Major duties were dlvldnd between Producers Hunt Stromberg and Joseph ManklowlBOa. Responsibility for three pictures on the Thalbarg schedule was delegated to Bornlo Hyman and Al Lewln, associate producers. One of tho films, "A Day at tho Races," will not have scunos shot for a woek's Interval, its stars, the Marx brothers, said they wlnhed the delay In order to recover from the shook of Thalberg's death Monday. They credited him for their successful screen comeback. 5,000,000 Gallons Wine f orermans (Amnclnlcd Prcm I.caicit B1SHLIN, Sept. J8.— All Germany was invited today to a week-long party to drink up B.000,000 gallons of German wine. An oflclal command ordered "all Germans: drink and bo merry." Processions of gaily-costumed "wine queens" paraded through Rhenish towns where tho fermented grape beverages were offered freely to everyone In tui effort to dispose of surplus wine left over from thu last two vintages. At Hpeyer, an historic stone fountain In the public square was flllt'd with wine for tho first time in many years. Pope One) lowing a period of calm, again swept beaten coasts from Cape Hatteros, N. C,. to New York with attendant nigh waves and galea threatening lives and property Rehabilitation Vol untcer workmen, works T prog- reaa administration employes and staffs of the American Red Croaa set about the gigantic task of reha- bllltatlng stricken areas. POULTRY, BUTTER, EQQS Buying Forces- Prices Up at Communication Fines to southern j New York Mart With Many aituis iKolnted by the blow were being restored and roadways that wero i washed out by high tides and tom>n-! tlal rains or blocked with dobrl.i ' were reopened. i Coast guard headquarters In Mas-! saohusotts and Tlhocto Tuland reported • mountainous sea*. Their cratt ware ready to effect any necessary nld, Storm Warnings Storm warnings were hoisted ns far north ns Nova Scotia. The Canadian meteorological service Issued a warning to nil tho maritime provinces. Tha Virginia capos nnd the counts of jbelawnrc. Maryland, nnd New Jtrsoy were struck In turn, tho winds reaching 1 velocity of 100 miles an hour at spots In tho storm's pnth. I'>nrs were hold for tho safety of residents on Long Heach, a !!8-mllo resort area, over which waves rolled from open aca to bay In storms of recent years. Unreported communities there Inoludnd Harvey t'Ydars. Surf City, Bench Haven, and Burne- gal City, with Its famous uml perennially threatened Barnngnt lighthouse. Inland Jersey sections were not entirely spared. Honda along tho const were flooded by abnormal tides. Trees, heavy rnlns, and debris affected other routes. Two Men Adrift Issues Rising Point i.\.ifoclateit freii Ltnietl Wlrti N1CW YORK. Sept. 1ft.—Buying bntterlos were unllmberod In today's brief stock ,mnrknt mission and advances of fractions to a point or more were registered over a wide terrain. Rail, steel, motor, utility, merchandising nud specialty Issues led the sortie, New highs for tho past year or longer were posted by a number of tho leaders. Transfers were around 800,000 shares, It was the most active Saturday session In morn than a month. VUiNlnors and Industrial optimism apparently Inspired traders, who for tho pant several weeks have been Idle on tho sidelines, to resume operations. Outstanding In the forward March wero Santa Ko, Delaware A. Hudson, Atlantic Const Lino, Northern Pa- clflo, Oreat Northern, IlllnolH Central, U. K. Bteel, U«llilfihom, Chrysler, Oeneral Motors, North American, Public Service of New Jersey, Western Union, Scars Hoobuck, Montgomery Ward. Sohenley, Amerl< c«n Commercial Alcohol, Westing house, Allied Chemical, Crown Cork, I.OI>W'H, American Typo Founder*. Johns-Mnnvlllo, Ktactrlo Auto-Lite Two men wero adrift In n 40-foot I and Hplenr Manufacture. cruiser in narltan Hny nonr Knans- burg, and a const guard power lifeboat that set out from Sandy Hook to nld them had not returned several hours afterward. WPA employes, eoast guardsmen and Hed Cross workers aided In rescue work and wero prepared for emergencies contingent upon rehabilitation. Numerous small craft disabled off Jersey wora brought to safety by const guardsmen. A SSO-foot aeculon of tho Cape May fishing pier was washed away. Train service was disrupted along tho coast. Floods worn feared In low-lying reaches of Delaware 0* n result of torrential rains. Crops suffered heavily from the blow ns well as from the excess water. Lively shares a ahado on top <lur Ing most of tho proceedings Included Consolidated Kdtson, Commonwealth ft Southern,^ Columbia Una, United Corp., Intisrtmtlcmnl Paper Preferred, American Smelling, International NlQkttl, Patlno Mines. Standard Oil of Now Jersey, Hooony-Faeum, Good- your, Warner Hros., Paramount, (lonoral Wloolrlu itncl N, Y. Central. Lttmtt Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19- Butter Extras, 37i4c. Prime firsts. 34H' Standards. 34e. Undergrade. 33Ha. , Candled Ego* I Large—Clean extras, 3«e; light dirty standards, 35c; Hunt dirty extras, 30o; clean standards, 88c; cheekn. !Sc. Mediums—Clean extras, 29c; light dirty extras, 2Sc; clean standards, Z6c; light rtlrty standards, 23o; checks. 23i:. Rmall—Clean extras, ISUr; light dirty extra*, I7c. Case counts, 37c. Poultry Hens. Leghorns, 8>,t to 3'/i Ibs., I4c, iien.n, Leghorns, over 3'» And up to 4 Ibs, Uc. Holm, Lngborns. over 4 His.. ICc. Hen», colored, 3U to 4 Ibs.. SOc. Hens, colored, 4 Ibs, and up, 2Sc Mrollera ovsr 1 up to l>4 Ibs., 20c. Urollnrs, over 1'.» and up to 2U ox., 800. Fryera, Leghorna, over SV4 arid up to 3 Ibs., . Kryara, colored, Ins., I7c. and up to 1'Vycrs. colorod, over 3\l and up to . 8c. . . Ro»«tsr*, aoft bone, Barred Rocks, , 4 Ibft, and up, 2fio. Hoastorn, soft bonr, oilier than Barred Rocks, over 4 lb». ami up. 20c, Old roosters, PC. Ducklings. 4H lb«. and up, 14c. Ducklings, under 4H Ibs., 12o. Old duck*, llo. Young tom turkeys, IS Ibs, nnd up to IS Ibs,, IS.-. Young toms, over IS Ibs., 190. I Ion turkeys, S His, and ul>, SOc. Old tom turkey*, 14o. Old hen turkeys, 14c. Kqunlia, under 1) Ibw., per dnten, !4c. S'lliabs, 11 Ibn. per dox, nnd ut>, £60, Capon*, under 7 Ibs.. 2flo. Capons, 7 Ibti, and up. SSo. UabblU, No. 1 white, SU to 4>4 lh». each, 13c, llatiblts. No. 1, mixed colors. 3',4 nmt 4H Ibs.. each 10c. Ilahblts, No. 1, old, Ac, SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS Many Issues Reach Highs at Bny City Market; Others Slump in Day's Scale- I Atiiooiatcd I'renii Ltattd Wire,; KAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19.— Bull- Ish demonstrations continued to hold the attention of Montgomery street traders today. Marchatil staged another show. rising to a now top at 27. but turned back to finish at 2«H. down ',* net, with 2,400 shares traded. Other new peaks Included Island Pineapple preferred, Paelflo American, Shell Oil and Southern Pacific Golden Gate A. all holding fractional net gains. Tho Industrial shares were In demand at higher prices, gains of & to more than 1 going to National Auto A, Crown Willamette 7s, Yellow Cab and Western Pipe. Pacific Gaa rose % point. The San Jouquln Power issues slumped, tho 6s losing 3 points and tho 7s 2. Lossog of major fractions or more Included Paauhau Sugar, Foster & Klelsor pfd., Universal OH nnd Republic. Transtimerlca was steady at ..... * < * - LOS ANGELES STOCKS (Attoflattt Prett l,tn»ti Wire) LOS ANQKLES, Sept. 19.—Price* i swung upward today on the Los Angeles Stock Exchange. New highs were NEW YORK CLOSE (Unit ft rrfm I.eatrA ll'frc; NKW YORK. Sept. 19.— Merriam Acts as Strike Mediator (Continued fromt'uyo Our; he will act as mediator In tho BOS- slon. I'. S. Mediator Present Federal Mediator Wulter Mathow- son. uont hero by tho Depart men t of Labor, conferred with rcpi'oacnialivus of both sldoa and Indlualetl he waa convinced cunulllation can bo reached In the dlaputc. Ho declined to comment, however, until lettuce hns crossed wtato lines and thus enters federal jurisdiction. Growers and shippers, meanwhile, mnouneoU more uhods will bo openoil for pauklng und Invited former em- ployos now on strike, to upply for re-employ tnnnt. Tho announcement apimrenily was u. direct thrust nt the oolld front of the Fruit and Vegetable Workers' Railroad* Stork — ! Ati'hlsnn ! llaltlmore * uhln 'Chesapeake * Ciblo ; Krli> ! Great Northern pfil -, Illinois fentrnl MlBxoiirl Pacific New Vurk Ontnil Northern Parlflu Pennsylvania Huiithern I'arlfli: ...,.., Amord'iin fan American Tel. closo . S8U . an 46 l i 2*H I* - Trl CatoHllar Tractor IMtlOM Hvrvlcn .... Coluinbla Ga» .... .1751* . 27 <A '. S0«t (Torn Products 09H t'urtUs-Wrlghi 7 First National Stores 47 Fox Film "A" tleneral Hleetrlc 31 l"ot>d.t Tel Uulil Cloiiflyi'nr Tiff & Kill Inlornniliiiiiil Mm SHN lulcfiuilloiuil Tfl ,1i>lui!>-Mnns Illi' Monttoinpry Ward Nortb Aniorloitn I'ltolflc (Inn KleotiU' Puclflc tj»s :lft .IK. . 09% . 69 H . 87M| 37 H Hadln Corporation II SHfuwfty Htiiren S9 , , - - 't* Sears-Roebuck KC strike activities by pfcauo officers, U. S. Hubber SI highway patrolmen nnd a citlzcna' Union Carbide & farbon M draft urmy deputlxed In an enier-|Ii!' ll< " 1 . A1 l lvr , 1 }" gency movo by Bherlff Carl Abbott, i ^-eHtern Unl, 14 Bitterness Persists Hlttorness still poralptod In union nunrters, however, and wim a«gru- vaUd by a rala on tho hom» of Ooorge Kli-cher. cluilrman of tho strike brgnnlxatlon cunimlllet>. i Westlnghouse lOloctrlo ........... 144<T MeUI* American HnUilohom .Stol eon J41* U. "H. KtiM'l ..','.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 7U>1 ppe 1 Los Angeles Has 77,000 ^Ordinances (Atinclattti I'ren l.tatrA Win) I^»8 ANaBLKB. 8«pt. 19.—A Philadelphia lawyer ought to be at home in Lou Angeles—the city has 77,000 ordinances. City Attorney Hay L. Chesebro In- foYmed the city council h* haa completed codification of the city's penal and regulatory ordinance* after two yaars work by hla staff. The codification consists of two large volumes of typewritten matter containing 2419 pages and an Index of I'd3 pages, Tho raid was conducted by Colonel I Intnrnatlnnnl Nickel Henry Banbofn, self-announced "co- j Kennepou Copper ordlnalor" of pollen activities for three counties, Hanborn. Man Itafnol publisher of (in anti-Communist weekly periodical, said ho had aelxed documents and literature In Kir- chor'a homo which he hoped would In prosecution of Ktrchor on "criminal syndicalism charges." A. F, L. lleprrsfnleil Vanadlaum Tobacco and Sugar American Hnuiir American Touarcti "A"... 25 H 67 »i the aamo lime Joseph M. Casey, j Mexican Kruboard American Tobacco "U"..........101 Oil* Allanllo IleflnliiK 27H ''onaolldated 13H (AniinHnltd Vrtiit JifaitA \Vtrt) SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 19. lint: Hla-h sil. ins, Fund r>H Crown Zeilerbach vto 9Vi Fireman Fuml Inrt 33 Fireman Fund Inn 99 Marchant <.'nlc, 27 North American OH 1SU P. U. A 1C 1'nr. LtR Pa«. Ltir. Jfl pfd .<•. 1'un. uvc 8H Phillips Veto rls 80 Ily. tJq. A HI. « pfd 90U Ily. K«). * HI., B pM 23', llopubllc Petroleum 7*» Hooi Hros,, Ino J8'4 Stock Close i,l >4 37J4 ,5?1? established for th« Shell* Union Oil, Taylor Milling and^ General Telephone Company. Fourteen Issues wore up. six were down and 17 unchanged. Sales totaled 20.000 shares. stock— Utah Close Tlandlnl Petroleum »H JH Darker Bros. 19VI 19V» Holsn Chi™ Oil A 8' 8 Claude Neon Commonwealth Consolidated Oil 3H «*H 17H K. J. L. A. I'. 0 pfrl 107 Sboll Union Oil 83»» .Southern I'noiflc 44 Ho. I*RO. CJol. Half A 4»i Standard nil of Cnlif 3« Tldewnter Axv'd 17'j *l'riiHHnin0rlou 13H Wootcrn V'lps :I8H 514 Consolidated Steel ICxeter Oil S3 " Oonernl Telephone DO Hancock Oil A... 28 \i Imperial Dev _ 15^4 Jade Oil 10 Klnner A. ft M 60 Lincoln Petroleum ,,,..,., .15 L. A. IndiiKtrles 4»» MonoHCO Mfg 4 .60" Radio Keith Orpboum 7>4 l>nu Hepulillfl Pete 7U 23HjHlro Ranch Oil S5 d^l (Security Co. unit 47 28W Shell Union Oil 23U 107 Ho. Oal. Kdlson 53'j Mo. Cal. 12(1 Ison 6 pfd 43»l Ktivniliml Oil of Calif 4^i'Taylor MIllliiK 36 i Tom llceil I7H i Trnnuamorica H'j I t'nlnn Oil of Cullf 38u | I'nlv«ri>nl Cons 'Wellington Oil SO H SSH 3« 20 .10 .50 .U .25 47 23 ' 30 28 > 36 to 8". GOVERNMENT BONDS (AitoelatrJI I'rcn I.tniai Wire) NB\V YORK, Sept. 19.—U. B. bond* loond toiluy: Treaaurlet 4n, 44-04, IM.D. 3H«, 43-47, 10P.9 S'tiU. 46-411, 107. SH«, 40-59, 100.1*. .1-, <!•,-<«, li.K) n. 3», 51-55, IDiVl ITi». Cif,-fiO. 10J.30 i-%n, 45-47, 104.13 'J^u, 4S-M, 102 21 1\», M-Ot, IOI.37. !«4K. 1,0-ftU. 101. fl. Federal Farm Moi-tang* n«. 4I». 103.27. Horn* Owners Uo«n a«, A (i2, 1A3.1D a<V«n, 41), 101.SO. 2Ha. 4S-44, 102. L. A, CASH GRAIN f.imoeltilfil Freu Lfatei Wire I LOS ANOKLKS, Sept. 19.—Current local grnln quotntlona were r«portotl by tln» Federal-State Market News Service an follow*: (Prlt-ra quoted are ewt.. field run, In carloads only): Argenttiii> corn, quick delivery, bulk IS.05^10; California wheat, Melted Nil. 1 *oft or No. 1 hard whlta JI.67H 070: California barley Mtokcd 44 UN*. No. 1 bright western 11.61: No. I, 48 HIM, J1.C7H; Cullfornln yellow mllo sacked No. 3 yellow |l.«74tf70c. I GHICAQO GRAIN TREASURY REPORT -»l i ! Phillip* Kliell Union ., of Cullfonilu western representative of tho Amor- lean Federation of l^abor who was ,.„„.,„... .„ ,„,,.,„,,,„ aent to tho Hallnas arm yestordny Htaiidarii of {<«*»" Jersey! '.'.'.'.'.'.'.','. bj President William Oroen, churged i Hooony Vacuum that hack of a mobilization order i Texas '''"inpany which aummoned dnputlstml rltlzens ! a ll!owatl "" A " 8 "• n<!W was a plan to raid union li^udounr- Motors ters during a Kch^duUnl meeting today. •' •• '»*«• Motors •> (Hudson j I'ui'kiird Motors BIRTHS .* H( lulplilihpi- T Tlniltwn HulU-r Ui'iirlni; I Equlpmtntt KKNDALL-TQ Mr. and Mrs. Donald Kendall, 2187 Lak« straet, a dauRb- ter, born yciiterday at (be Han Jttit- (luln boNiillH). The babv Im.i not as j(>t hccn named. Mr. Kendall In an attorney. I Aiiiprlonn Car Koundry i American Locomotive Htowart Warner 38 (!! 14 m< J15V4 4K 67 H i»S t Attirlntrit I'rcii Leaifd WABHINtlTON. Hcpl. 1». -The position of the TrciiKurv on Heptemlier 17: HtH-elpts. IH.Sr,S,SS1.76i exucndl- lure», }f l 6,71i),«70.47: balance, 12.263,- B9!!,lil<7.a4. Customs ructilpts for the month. J18.4M.430.M. UecolptH for the fluonl year t*lnce , July 1), $B6«,287,K40.r>0; expenditure*.! I1,U4,31M,UD«.OX (Including $487,107,- i 785.93 of emergency expenditures); nx- I COIR of expenditure*. «m,120,115.{,2. Oross debt, |83.»14,R89,r,41.96. a de- j crrunc of 11,443.920.77 under thn previous day. Onlil assets. 110,760,869,44$.S4. t '—^ 1 [LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK I (L'nHeil Preii I.taiti \V(re\ irHK'AUO. Bepl. IS.—Oraliu closed: WhfBt: H«pt.. IHSftlUH; Dec., mCPUS; May, 112U0UZ. Corn: Sept., 11540116; Dec., 95Htf .lic; May, »0>^«»0c. OftU; Hoyt., 4Z*ic; Dec.. -4Jc; May, D«c., S»Sc; Atay, Ilyn: .Sept., 79'4c. MOHH—To Mr. anu 4lr». rilfford j t Mo»«. Arvln, « son. Clifford Lee, j *• Se)it»inl(«r 1,1 «t Kern ()»nciul Ho»- ! pital. j COTTON FUTURES (Attoftalei /'rmt l.tatrH Wirr) LOB ANUlSLl'iU, 8«l. Ill,— Hogg for wertk. 7BO; JaQ&Ox lower; olonliig top, Itl.&O; bulk, »ll«ll.f,0. f.'attle fur week, K300; steady to J6c higher; r«d niter* and y«arllnks. 17.63 «8.70; nhorl fortH, »T.IOIf7.60i .Mexicans, |6.600>6i Ntul f*»d«r«, 16.6067.70; 4'ow», , gradt*. l!,75e~4,:5; bulli. I4itr«.tr>. <"alve» for week, 2(100; utratly; voaler* »8»fl«; cftlvpn, »».40fl S.MI. Khl>ep for w»fil «f.SO; tlfttflv moHni.n to Rooil wooled lambH. J8WS) cumtnon to «ciuU ewes, $S.M®4; Uland year- THE WEATHER Han Joaquln and Sacramento val- ley*—KRlr tonlKht and Sunday, slightly lnw*r temperature In delta Buiidsy. light variable winds. San Francisro bay region—Fair anil allKhtly cooler tonlirht and Sunday, with early morning fog. ruod- nmlc «f«t wind. Northern California—Pair W- nlKbt nntl Sunday, with ocra*lonat font on ooaxt, ulightly cooler In went oentral iiortlon Hundnj, gentle variable wind off Sierra Nevada—Fair tonight and Sunday, continued warm, gentle vnrl»bl» wind. $anta Clara valley—Fair tonight and Hunday, cooler Sunday, light northwest wind. Httllnas vallfy—Kmlr tonight and Sunday, with mornltiR fou In north portion, nurmal temperature, nortb- \vp«t wind. Houtbern California—KHlr tonifht and Suiulay. (HH-aalonally unlctUed nvnr hljh mnnnlHln« with morning »n runsi. no change In tern, pnrature, moderate northwest wind off the roast. IN APPRECIATION I'ri'it Liairil MKKTINO AT CHURCH Thoaq In favor of liquor control will hold a meeting nt 3 o'clock Bunday at Flwt Methodist Church. All persona not satisfied with present liquor control are especially bidd«n, by. thoae In charge, who announced that the meeting ia open to the public. W. T. Wllllmott, Lou Angeles, at at a organiser ot United Drys, wll! •peak. He will to Introduced by 15. R. Long, president of the Men's Brotherhood. 4 • » SPIDBItS IN, SCHOOL OUT LtlftK, Wyo., Sept. 19. (A,P->— For once, BltMJk Widow spiders were welcome*, at least tg the puplla of & grafle aohool here, A of tho dangeroua little creatures Authorttle* Purvis Entitled to Practj'ce Law SAN rnANCJSCO. Sept. 18.-—Melvln Purvis, former department of Jus-, tie* n (f cut otwllttMl with f iigliicnrlnB i »U(,ii wan un<| Iliiul- at Kern Wv wi«h to thank our friends, ami particularly thu <uiii>U,yon uf Kuril UnruMMl Iliwpltnl, r<u tbolr' of the nation'H public held a certtflcalu entitling him to membership In the California liar. Purvis plans to enter law practice in Kan FntncUco, Purvis, who haa been living her* quietly while ((tody- Ing for Ills bar examination, will practice civil law. INTENTIONS TO WED Bakerafleld, and Baoramonto. OllLANpjsn Kay P?*vy. , Oblandor. IjJ Hhatter, and Vl«l« M. Toowa, It; Orange Covt, m .N'inV VOHK. H< , j lowr totliiv umlcr : * % I datlou Itiflutiiii'od .., , J " I wi<a(liT t'unilltltirm in tin- mnilb wbllr ! kindness and for tin- li.-iuittf til tlorul {buying wan chl»fly l>y lln> trade on I llf f«'Hrit;« during out n-rcni Ixireavt- M l9. H . AIJ . I '";. To *'f. and M»-a. Ueorge 11» 11 !i«, with uil 'iiinnhiM 'imiklnB* n«w ! Michael, Itoute 4, »ox ICOFF, a arm low gruumi f»r thu |ir«*mt inuv'iiiriit ' Milliard Clyd(r. Kepteiuber 13 at Tlin i-l<w« «»« l,ui,.|y Htoudy at mil I Kern (iniuiral Hospital. I |,,HM-« of s to |3 iiolntn. j ! Future* i.-loa»il bun-ly stnaily, *(|13 i BTtMflON'—To Mr. anil Jim. Howard 1 lower. Hhafter, u non. We«l»y i f>ul(ibcr.,, J)tn-iol.or-, ] 1.90. Jun, .-,_, ...^itemhiit' la at K«r (iral HoHp Alll. ANll .MHS. JICHS IIAUUO.V AND KAMILV i, Hliafter, u ooii. Wesley OclolH-r. ll.tu; J)ti.i-iol.or- II.Sg; Jun- Heptember 13 at Kern O*n- uary. II.X9; March, 11 »0: »l»y. ll.»00> wpltal. JJ..BI; July, H.7». Spot (|uirt; middling, la.Ji. To Mr. . and >ln. Ham Ul/il, Uoutfi S, Box 216, a daughter, JDorl* " Ho«p|i FUNERALS i. Heiitenjber 14 at Karn ipltal. To Mr. and Mi*. Alfr*d Tranhngati, Ore«nfleli} Ranch, a son, Alfred Roland, Heptembcr 15 at Kern Qantral Hospital. fo Mr, and Mr#, Harrj 1 Roller, Poaay, a son. Haift- tember 10 at Kern q«n*ral I|w. pltal. ^ and Mr*, a • K«rH BAR SILVER (Attociattt Prut l.eait* Wirtj NKW YOAK, 8apt. l».—O»r Silver nominal, ito quotation. METALS MARKET JOHNSTON — Funeral *«rvlc*s for &lr«i. )(. T. Juhrihtun. vrlfo uf th« Hotitbeni 1'aolflo s«t'nt bcrv. will t>«.> cunductol at Hupaon mortuary Munday niornlnc; at 10 oVluvk. "llh the llever«nil William E. l»atrl<*k, Motor of Ht. Paul'* EpUcomtl church, officiating. Richard Hklnn*r will b« votial solol»t, The renmlns will be taken to Lo» Angclea fur Cremation. (AtHubfv* Prett L.ttitt NKW TOllfC. Sept. IS. ttUfi; «l«BU^lk.-'ajpot, and futur*. fa*3ffl$&ij&> OM,«* met, ^'fe S^ 1 *' * j t f * $i^«iMi^j- Union Cemetery FURNIBHKS MONUMENTS GRAVE MABKBR6 CONTAINERS Priwi |«w In Hop log with tli tlm»j OtllM »l 0»«il»ry. T*t*|k*ai it» Members Chicago Board of Trade Since J, A.HOGLE MU4HM vjw 1*1 I'hone $149 Slrwt ornci$ UltJ.1 . SAI.T UMki

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