The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1936
Page 10
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i - THE CALlPORNfAN, r . T • iStiflaft .' 1 " « • , f Special Announcements Financial ^—^^^^^^—^^^^^^^j^^gi ^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^"^^^ SALARY HONKER NURSERY Funeral apraya boantlfully arranged j 75c and up. Try us once. Cut. flowers of nit colors. Largo bou-j quots, 2 fie. 715 L Htroot. HEAT"TIFrt, 7!nn!n«i and AM MONKY FOR SCHOOL BXPKNSK8 Confldentlnl service to walarlod yeoplo and housewives. 816 Haberfcldo Hldg. Phone B200 For Rent—Roomi HFCN'T nulot bedroom; Phono 60K0-J. 48 NICI3, quiet »lugl« room In brnscmunt, for flay alcepor, $2.BO per Two rtoublft rooms with twlti bRdft, $2.50 to $11 por w<*flk. Near hlfh school. 824 Oloandor. Phono CI»M, 43 FprnyR fiOc nnd up. Call 1RM O nirnot, corner rourtcrnth and O it t r ft o t K . ronm. MAKINO— Contn find rollnlng and rnmoflrllug, I)ny rnfitum<*R. S71-W. noteragc For Rent—Houses ^^^^^^^^^k^^^^_^^ta^d^k_J^^t^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^J ^^^^^^^^r^^rl^^tf^f^^F^^^^^F^f^^f^^r^^^^f 2-room liouffo; aluo front A foil'.'! onl >'', ..U? HH15D adobo hnuft*. $40.00 month Clx rnotnn and hath, ltilrtl/1 llnoloum, tllo wink. Water, garbage paid. 430 Dnralur. Oildalo. Inquire flr«t hoiiHo wpM. 44 Ph. 4 H-tf furnlnhod hou«o; rontlnuoun hot, nharlo and RftraKi*. 21 IS O Klr»rt. Aluo furnlnhcd apartmnnt. fit RTUF» your rar frftm and ralfn your piift mllftUK':. »* llttlo coflt. Wo Kmtranfph, brak«n r^tlticd, 20 p«r rent off for JO rtriyn. nallrrv «al<», Jl and up Mill Auto .M/rvlcp, 1322 JCIgMcftnUi Phono IfiOS. Open nvonlnffN until 10 o'clock. l IFl For ..B*nt—Apartments KOTl TlKNT—2-rootn apt,, well furn. ni'ti*nntL\i\Q. Alflo camplnB Kround. •CM HfftrrlMlfl nvrinuA. Illvftrvlow. MADIB No Cfillftrtiori— No Al ATTHACTIVK 3-rooni duplex apart- rtiftnt for ono or two rosponnlblA people. Near Fifth and Union. Phono 6729-W. TTAItHV JABAH, TMTOMTT HKO P. O. Box 1 1 2. ; TKANHKIfiH— IManoii. fur- nil iirf.'. tiiiKKnitc. pnrkagoii, Open nil tln-o. I'honr &22S. K20 Klghth A. U Whllfl. * r, TI1USH Mold on llrno pnym^ntH- no or carrying rlinrtffri, A. \VJiool A Tiro us ln(f. flffnrr ynur nvArhaul joli. auloH. Heifrlrifllnff, lion- nff-ort worlt ; expert ni«- I'. Pylo. HI2 Twenty- VncaMon KunrlH Avntlublo MONKY AT ONflB NO HKD TAPI5 NO KMnARIUSRINO INVESTIGATIONS Courteous nnd Confldontldl Seaboarc KINANCK COMPANY 21100 cnrcsTica AVIC. PHONH 2f;2o For Rent—Rooms W Board HKKINKD elderly la'dy, alone, will give mom, braakfaMt, nvenlng dinner atid KanitfO to woman ornptoyod, for $20 pr-r month In advance. Opposite nrhool; might connlder ono girl of grhool ago. No dogn or poU. to bus. Addr<*«H Mrs. X, (J* n*llvi»ry, Ktntlon \ A, Bakeraflftld. 2428 H 43 j For Sale ^h^B^^^^^^^^^^^L^^^^^b^k^M ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Q^^^^^ OUUND1BH ; av«nuft-' tiome, c!o*« to high school,. of fored for a few cJayB only at the wacrlfleo prlco of $6260, Threa bedroom* with nlfldplng porchflh on iho *iocond floor. If you want a homo or horn* and Income don't full to MO this now, fihown by appointment. B. H. -Clare, Profos- nlonal hMlMlnff. Phono 1026. 43 FT VIS ttcros with 4-room house, 4 miles wfl»t of Bakcriiflftld. Ooorl well and all olf right*. $1760, $490 down, $20 monthly. Howard NlchoU, Inc. PTVK-TIOOM hou«ft, $160 down, $36 monthly; thrfiu-room houao, $1600, inrmw; four-room house, $1000. 8. Hlwnod. ma V«trfr»t. _ 43 KOUIl acre* with 2 IIOUHOB, ga« Bta- iton, tank hou>ft, good well and pump, on ftobertn Land, clone In. $0700, $2000 down, $CO Howard NIcholH, Inc. monthly. fl-lS-tf ONTO aoro with 148 feet Union mie frontage, 10 minutes from Nineteenth dtreftt; unmtl now hoiiHC, chicken yard alfalfa, good well, gaa and electricity. Ownnr has been tranwf erred, must «ell at once at sacraflco price of $1500; terms, $030 cash, balance $20.00 per month, E, H.Claro. phono 1626. 44 VOH HALI&— By owner, now California Colonial type throo bedroom o. lawn. Hhrubbry, fireplace. Arvln. HJKhland Park. 43 HDOM with board for throo. ol. 8M A LL now liouuft, f urnlwhed, near Olldale. $1150, $300 down and $25 monthly. Howard Nichols, Inc. _ 0-18-tf KOIl BALK— Double garago with IJ- room apartment on top. l^urnlHhed new. Also two lots at Knotl arid C 43 fourth MONT.Y JICr>CK'8 Klowcr P i>pr'(l ftinall whop In ruM worth Hcrvlro. rft«r 2471. 11 rlty $1000 to If.OOO Monthly or rjunrtf'Hv pfiynn'ritfl Pr«Mnpt firrv- Icf Klnwr 1 r . Kurpo, ir>17 I'Mwht- i-/-n(h Mfrc/'t 0- ItJ-ff riOOM and hoard for gentlnman only. bath, t^lnphono and garago. Htroot ' ' VOH HA MO— By owner, modern 7- room hnuBo, good location, $5500. Phone fiOng.J. 44 Sale—Automobiles •—A ' ' Business Cards BUIOK DIVISION TODAY AND SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 19 AND IN ADDITION i THESE SPECIALS SIX WHEELS WITH SIDE MOUNTS, RUMULE v SEAT; A GREEN BEAUTY SLATE GRAY; NEW TIRES; SIX WHEELS; IMMACULATE GOOD LOOKINGTFAST; POWERFUL; POWER BRAKES A BLACK BEAUTY; SIX WHEELS; EXCELLENT CONDITION iop SIX WHEELS; TRUNK; RADIO; OVERDRIVE 1D31 PACKARD SEDAN • 1930 PACKARD SEDAN 1931 BUICK SEDAN 1931 BUICK COUPE 1929 LINCOLN SEDAN 1931 OLDS 8 COUP »1929 NASH SEDAN v 1928 BUICK SEDAN / 1934 WILLYS SEDAN 1931 PONTAC SEDAN 1931 STUDBBAKBR SEDAN Ltf;HUNTtQW Petrel«Dm and Mining 220 H»b«rf«ld» Bldfl. Phon* Heildinoe 2923 LAUNDRY SERVICE Laundry 8«rvlc« UnexMlUd-Thtt U Our Tin Olff«r«tit .8«rvlMt *nd Zorlo OdorlNi Dry GUsnlftV * CITIZENS LAUNDRY BUlunth and 0 Strut* phone ,28* JOHN W. OULLITOM PUBLIC ACOOUNTANT INCOME TAX' SERVICE, AUDITS. 8Y8T1M8 20B»B Profttilonal Bulldlno - ' Phoni 4A8I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^•^^^^^^•••^^^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ PAYNE ft SON J. C. FUNERAL DUIEOTOHS Nlntleenth tnd C 8tr«it> j. BrUoi Piynt Frtd DOUQHTY-CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Directors and Ambulanoa Servloa 1100 TruxtUn Awnua, it N Strut Phona 067 Lady AHindtnt i b j rn-amnwv u.rir-ii_l " ~ - "V. L_H " " T.UJ1. ' *T Hall Machine and Tool Works Prices Are Right—24-Hour Service GENERAL MACHINE REPAIR WELDING AND MANUFACTURING Twftnty.flnt and Union Avtnu* MATTHF-HK mnovnttntf and rohulld- Inp. 12.00 Now niattr"«n*H mudn to ord'^r. rnrnltnro iiiiuinfactuflnfr, and MiflnlnhlnK. M«*»id mpftny. T.OR l^ant Nlnn- trrnth Htrnot Phnnr 1 31T. R4 TMANO. inodnrn. rnpld, Ynw Kontc>r method. I-*OH- tn vnur Imrna, tl. Chariot t* 1I-P-21. 61 Frank Uornkohl rhntnl^ni Tjihoratory 1704 1C HTHKKT ASSAV1XM Ol- 1 r)ItICR AnulyolN of Ollft, Water. Holln 4 3 Business Opportunities +++**^*'*v***~++*ir .«»w«^-*Ag*»^P»w*^«»*»****^^.'*** WANTED- HuMmn.J nutl wlfo to Into poultry liuMrii'Hh. r.O-KO; will *(?]! or rcni ranch rh^up. Prnu walor (itid fuH; healthful rllmato. Write HOT H7, Th»» ('(illfmnUin, K(JM,Y equipped nnrvloo ntatlon, HOOM and board at 024 Oleander avc- nufi, J[t pnr week, J3G per month. fiflHl. 4I( and winn rouktAr; wrnidorful IniHlnnwH; attvJR*llv« Imlld 1'tK. Rood location. $1500. T'hfHtrr tix-onnn. Hcott Wanted to Rent—Houses T'KKMANIBNT. rMlablo renter want* % or moro brrtroom furnluhod holme, Imfnro September 2H; referential!. No rhlMr^n. fMionr> imft. WANTED—To rent trailer npace with bathroom privilege" it private homo or ranch Junt outalrln city HmlU. Will pay $10 por month. Telephone ftR34 or f.riilon Hara^f, 4727. 4,1 L o st— F o im id— S tra y e I'nlr of whltft gold-rimmed H Hfvvitrd M30 Qulncy ntrnot 37 - I'AHTNKU with Hoiiih knnwlniliro of UBfil tna''hlnnry and llttlo rnpttal \vtlntftd (o Chtaollflh flM'lnun uiifoni- vA, profltal»lo burdnoHn. Hot Thn rallff.rnlun. 4-1 I'MOKKHHIDNAL man wlnhen to r«nt houflo or apartment In Itukorftflold. J'lu.nn 506 until 5 p. in., or call at 1722 Hlanrho wtreot after « P. m." 43 IFH . - *^*^^ . -,-« h- I— -^ l>-F— ****-' • '-"" -- "f • tf'*" **f-^*"t*+. -•** - — **!,— - -* *«—• -.*. M For Rent— Miscellaneous for «alo. 019 Haknr 44 L.O8T --Fciniulft fox tnn-l«r. Kuxy. Child's pft- J'honn 0780 or nnr "''"' 1 '*- CoMraotors nit of h rrill KM 1 Tnixtiin u-H In f»')rt7 or return In ft. Rftward. WANTV:i>--$fiOOO for first iruwt on Huh M hCM'1 biihliH'ftH property Wrlln to HOK yn Tho rallfornlan. HOOM 24xfl& foot, brick billld- at 1203 i:i«btflpnth Btreot; r«a- ftonabln rent, loriK luanu. Apply 1717 .NT ntr*«l. . -46 Wanted to Rent. Mlsoellaneous '* •»- -», Pr*—-,» iiildri*HH«d to t tall Kilshor. Tafi, frdtn Mrnnral MotorN, I .f»n Anjft''" Hi-turn t<i Hull way Kxrn-*nn. rriCftlvo reward. 1BSO tit-mil Help Wanted— Mate WANTI'in TO IlKNT — Kulty equipped moat iniirktit In an up and K«ilnu man, glvn nil purtlt'ulur«. forlitn, MI ix PilM. BALK~rivo-room houso on California avenue, being Haorlflecd for ranh; prlco only $34BO. Ask to see It. Harry Hake, 1523 Twentieth Btroot, TMiono 801. 43 FOR BALIS—Hoarding house. 10 rooms, furnished in flno location, going buslnoHS. Kolly & Son. 1713 Cheater. Phone 803. 43 CJOOD 6-room houso with hardwood floors, nlco bath and sleeping room, outside city. $2560. $300 down, JI1U monthly. ]Toward NIchola. Inc. 0-18-tf FOR, SALE—IndAWtrlal property, near highway 99, suitable for welding shop, truck or oil well supply. Kelly & Son. 1713 Chos- tor. Phono 303. 43 FOR~~SAL15—Nlcoly furnished 5- room homo, vory clone In. $2800, part cuflh, oiisy terms on balance. Kolly & Bon. 1712 Chester. Phono 363. 43 YOU COULDN'T TELL FROM A NEW ONE ALSO MANY OTHER MAKES AND MODELS For Sal utomobilts THE LOCATION, 2112 CHESTER AVENUE. THE PHONE, 6300 OR, 423 **f ¥» -*K **tft W 43 87 good used ears at prices you can well afford. Sold on easy terms. Get yours now. BAKERSFIELD USED CAR * O TTTT se TWENTIETH AND M ' Phone 263 ' Wanted to Bu For Sale—Automobiles WANT small houue. Will trade In clear luxurious, completely equipped trailer houso, etudlo couch, radio, refrigerator, otc. Phone 7f*9. 0^18-tf WAN'TKD—To buy 5 or 6-room modern house, for cash. Olvo location in roply. Wrlto Box 184, The Call- fornlan. For Sale — Automobiles $295 $295 MH'ltl rail- Hi ACHKH with Hmall now house. JOflO. $2.10 flown, $17.00 monthly. Howard Nlrholn, Ino. H-18-tf i ».-—- *p - — -Personals HA VINO r«nlfi<! Nllr. Ciwl Caf« In Alf M- Hurtling. W 1'^nnt T1l/rlitn*»n!h. will m»t 1-0 r«»Mj)onnlhlo for atiy lilllri i:onlriirti»il nftrr thin datr< !'-10 ,'lt! W ANTKI > Flvn Intiiirnni-d nun, ; monthly df-Mi. WamTi, Hhafi* r. 1 »<• luiio, HuUrr NfloUt, Tnfl , rxprrlf in - i» i not nfM'oNHit p-y. Thormiwili Int litliiK ulll )>n fflvr.ii. JON llnpltliiri Huil.l inn, Saturday ami Sundaj. K .'10 11 ;io n. in., or phono t |'j;( rnr m> •1:1 For Sale—Improved Property ra«h huy« lovi'ly 4-room home, otal prlc« J34r.O, paymentw $25 por nionIh. Hmall IntH, doNo to trunn- porliitlon, Kart ntikprHflelrt. UU'ttl for roupln working. Klincr I r . Kitrpo, HAVIQ you any nlil clolh^n or tu donate that tnltfht ovr*r to wnrlhy |ioor itt i'nnl imllfv Thn rJoodwIM IMionn YOTNO MAN KOU HTOKK. MUST IIAVK KXPKHI KNf'K. KAHTKHN'. H.lMt NINK TKICNTH HTH1CKT. KOH KAl-M-'-Mv nwnr-r, miMl^rn fl-room I'turru rfil Inn 1 ' . 1 lir***i hntlrntiniii iltifl rlonnlni; jM»frh , ifarugr. flfuf iiliriihlicry ninl fruit I >ow* anno I'urk. 2713 - b rw*-w ^ Help Wanted— Female 7 ., nttMlnrn <i room hint liflntf fnilr hi-fi. Marclwood floorn Hi li.'inKltitl bath with 11 In (|ri*r«hlitx lliblo. I iO\ t'ly lii'hfn, (!)•' flltik nn<t plnnty uf j t mill • Inn. I'lstin lnrK" HvtiiK rornii mill thro* 1 larii' 1 iH-ilrnmiiFi Lot H1X room*, rpwtrlntml district, hardwood throughout, lllu drain, ntito- iiiatlc lir'ui.T, douhlu graraffo; largo lot, Hluido, phriiby, fruit, jnrt. r )0; on fly mniiH. Tlarry C. rieniontn, 1C30 Nliiptconth nlreot. Phono 20-12-J or 004 4ft V rldo to dkltihonui, nun K7I7-II I •W. will \VANTKI> Modcln fnr art I «t n , f-ri'latii t ypfH Hi'l Ipllnil. Wrlto nrcdi'd Hit* (M. t >l \ t Tln> \VM.I. nol l»*i i m\M-lf >• for tiny by any oth^r than lt-18- I 'nn\ 'MI, <>. K. Ht.x '.' 4t Al'"l Kit thltt dalo will not ho rut *»!hl*« for ilrlit 'i fcmt nii'tfil by any one but mynnlf. ISIK»IM|) H It W A NTKI »- -AltMntlnn t1n|mrt rn^nl ^ratnrM. MUM! l»r i^x iii^rlrnriMl In i *>hill htnro \vi>rk MIMI n ml x* 111111*11*1* MafMinntn A*-U fur Mr Tilihi'ttw n ( linn V « 'nfftM''h 1 I " " ' * — •• -—• " — — • --'--» ^-i ^— Bbvv^^vk.V^B^^^B.i.f-i,^-^,^ * +w~^ - -- ._,.--__,_.— . .„ AN A NTl^l ' r* pnrlr»n<'i>d fount a In and tray iflrl at thn Travtil Inn. 1 ii 1 1 I'nlun. ruf* v !*TMU* tiii^ni < nil No i mil t*«'nt h HHAl'TII-'t'l. ui mi liir H, In >!ui on trrniff tt» l (1 or SUM i la v 1 W \\ Bray, 1414 r^t Pbnnn I TM . IN Wont F'ark. two hlorku from high Hf-linnl. 7 rooiiiN, Inird wood floom. pnvpil utrrri; tilcn rthruhft and luun jnVf.0.00, JAno 00 down. bnUmro llko rent. Hurry C. ClotnontH. 1(1(10 r:incte«nth utrcot. 1'hono 1*04L'-J or 604. Hubburd's quitting buslncBfl salo Is your chanco to buy u good used car at a huge caving. Compare llaeso prlrefl! li)34 Plymouth delx. coupe 1934 Kord coupo, radio 1931! Chryalor Imperial coupo 1932 Plymouth PB apt. sedan $345 1935 Willys 77 sedan $3G5 J930 ChryHldr sedan $245 1929 Chrysler sedan 1929 Do Soto Bocluti 1927 Murmon acdau ?95 1927 Naah sedan |66 $545 $465 $445 $175 $175 lypo 7 -room I'll «l(h lo\'rly phuilo 1'iirli illnirlrt. Jf.Vf.O, null iti J'ln*H" fo II, t 'tin »'. I 'I I'hnno |ft?(V niriit -U In Mi-Kit-o. ton ilnyn; Infctiinul lun liitf-rnutlnnul I ,uw ( tf f I>-i>. I'li-Nt NH tl MI ml llunU bulldln K\ f'arii.. Tcuu* Schools—Instruction OUITAlt u filrlni;i« \Vo t f aitfl hy u-lili MmltM n M 1 1 all In ht rufiii . llitiO uf Ihu uyln AUlUUCSSIVn milntttton u-nnln| fur Innil nml tlfMirliy pmloiMril tr-l I Hurv, ! : *till ltnio t tH'rtuniu'tit fnlutM \\-\i\\ ird r i MM* or n inannfnri u r lltu* nf ovrluhl in rrili't nrtlhtiiK p| >f ^I f *l'Ir*i f-M I*VIM y of lMl».h)r»H M nil nil I tnit inlr - cn |n K({41t UMt] >lt HA 1 .!" .*• room KnKll«li homo with bronKfiiht room ; hi*a\it (fully IuiMl«c(ip»'tl \ n n I. ( > \vm» (' !<*» vlii(» «•!(> JIT-'.n fin? <!nwn. huluitfo jvs 00 a iminlli. 1(01 c'hi'Hl«r itvpnuo Miuth Phnnn flflfll .!. ill MAl.K b\ ownor. Small nn\v nbcd Very n«at and nttrth (* ntroot Krllh 4f. ONT, aero on highway with almost nr«n* hfiiifft*. a l.i'tlrooniH, 2 hntliH, Imrdwriod flnorn. til*- drain and auto- nuillc lu-atcr. Four mtk'H nut. JU7."t, $7f.O down, $42.:.0 monthly. Howard , Inc. H-lS-tf Most of those cars have been completely reconditioned. OTHER BARGAIN BUYS 'S -. r 4 For Sale— City Lots Upon Evenings and Sunday ^229 CltKSTlfiR AVKNUE 52 ti-room homo and 24 KO-foot IO(N for pule, mil fill 8UIM Btroct for furthnr pftrl Irnlars. Owner. 44 1930 Buick Bed., clean, 6ww 1931 Buick 56 8. coupe, rs 1930 Buick spt. rdstr, 6ww rs $235 1929 Buick sport roadster, rs $165 1928 Buick sport coupe $110 1929 Buick sedan $95 1929 Chevrolet Bed., like new $235 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet 1929 Ford sport coupe 1929 Ford roadster 1931 Ford tudor 1931 Oakland coupe 1931 Oakland sport roadster 1928 Dodgo Victory sedan For Sale—Automobiles ys 1930 Essex sedan 1929 Ford coach 1929 Ford coupo 1929 Chevrolet sedan 1930 Ford roadster $95 $125* $185 $195. 1929 Marmon 8 sedan, 1930 Nash light 6 sedan $127 $125 $70 $235 $165 $165 $125 $95 $125 $95 $185 $135 $125 $50 USED CAR LOT Just West of Fox Theater 1929 Chandler 8 sedan 1929 Auburn sedan; beautiful 1929 Do Soto sedan 1930 Hupp cabriolet 1929 Erskino sedan 1930 Murquette sport roadster $110 1925 Dodgo sedan $49.50 1928 Graham 6 sedan |95j A Fine Assortment of Trucks and Pickups to Choose From TERMS AND TRADES Open ISvenings and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phone 5828 62 1935 Dodge coupe 1935 Ford V8 tudor 1934 Dodge sedan 1933 Dodge sedan 1935 Pontiac tr. sedan 1934 Plymouth coupe 1934 Chevrolet mstr. cpe. 1934 Plymouth PE sedan FINE USED TRUCKS 1936 Dodge 1^-ton stake, like new, 10-ply tires, complete $995 1935 Dodge panel delivery $575 1934 Ford V8 pickup $525 1934'Dodge 1-ton express $495 1931 Dodge 1 Ms-ton flatrk. $295 $675 $595 $625 $525 $735 $495 $625 $565 «l.>an Addlltnn TItn. ?200 ifiOnI70 <.n Hurmi Vlnta, rioar A, JOOO, }f)50, tornin $&0», t*»rmn $350. Hfif* TH FOR lU»Vh \\rc-U firrnrmi', hunt In flitrntlul * "Umu'l Horn 407 ruinpn, hunt M, |U'u|MM UHO *i I«*rhnttjuit. »*"!i fnr Iioyft. Tin' ( A 111 rr Ifii h Arc "\Vnrk Mun MolM'.HN M-rll butlt honnn In Santa l-'o uddltlnn .hint off chnntor l.ano. Tin rr bodriMHiiM ilO-fnol tot Hhadf, Total prti n $:'l'i»o J;t00 down $!!,') por m untb nn Ml paid. I'rtrr Stanley I7i"0 K Hiri-i-t 44 MKlltl) K partl It Financial \\'bnlr«nl^ San |-'i IUM 't* turn. \\rll <>* I NKW hum*', HlKhhind 1'arU ; < n, islivuhH all In Oxvnor tranw- rr.l. $11*00; ^on down. |!10 per tnnntb. l j< U>>il Punlap 1'hunrH U!t!l- 411 1 ;t. 44 a tret \ Kciti count}, to old linn! iK a ^<- <'f nidi and \\nnuMi. Ad in. App|> i.rutll. • :iu*t :i I 0 , Mattnl ImlldliiK, 11,1- m l.l.-nl for i t 'ullfornlaii NKAH1.Y «ii of Half ott v In ron\ on lent ly lor a Wrllu |tox "0. Thrt 4S f)0x!34 on Hank m»ur F, on Hnnth I Htrort, In Mr*'ny Subd., u Norih Park, In 111vorvlnw. DOxlIlii In HtorUdalc. JK&O, terms Miiny oihi*r lots to rhoonw from. Harry MuUc, K.l'3 20th. Phono 3PI 43 $500 and tip liuyn a r.O-foot lot In AHa YlMn, thr> ntont di'Htral rU't In HaUfi-Hfiold. i" riu-p, butUllntr ro«tn, location of Imino*. «| r \Vo nialiu the prlco. you tnukti tho tiMTiiH. Tnylor ft Taylor. IfttiO r'h*nlnr AVP. TMuMio 71'J S-«7-tf I WI3 SAVB YOU $20 TO $100 Per Cur. Clmnco of a Life Time tu Huy at These Prices Ford do Ix. tr. sod., radio $745 Plymouth trunk sodan, vory low mileage $775 1935 Dodgo trunk sodan, Just like new $095 1934 Lincoln sodan, private car, Htorod last two years $995' 30 OTMIflUB TO CHOOS12 FROM 9 1936 DODGE BROUGHAM 1933 Pontiac, 6 wheels $795 $450 1934 Chev. sed., reconditioned $545 1934 Chov. 2-dr., reconditioned $495 1934 Willys sed., reconditioned $425 2823 CHESTER AVENUE 1616 TWENTIETH STREET Middle of the niock fi6 , u'rii rl«lil r|onn to M. htnull IH>UHO, treon. $11 Mt do\v n. Trrina. For Exchange— Property ituations Wanted— Male Ul!( HDUKIO. aero or goojl lot« for equity In 0 room homo Restricted S. Klwood. 1023 l«Jyo To balurlcd pcopto on J\iHt your MAN, ( to lrn\t rli nnd rrluihlr, it Mo trnniipurtatlon Hir- KIVK 1 l»nrd\\ nod innntlilv. Loann NO ICMUAUUAHSINO INVESTIGATION r;ii(ul pny 7 in U p. m,. * 'howler a von tin. ;', • 'Ity, N. J'J37:», $300 down. Howard NlohulM, hu-. ( .t -1 s • t f I rrf(»i fall ('altfornlun votintc ^ologo man. A. (louil t'hiirttrt or and \\'l!lln« \\urhrr. t'"ii- ntatlcn win Ii nr what Uo\ tt3l. Th» (4 JI«»MH AM> INrOMK—Two on t'ornor lot, rlosn In. North- ! dlHtrlft. A liiirKuln for $3SOO, | t fMiht>tiabtr 1m inh Thin 1« a nnap , fi»r >{tii bargain InintorH i •*•, L j* f* J dh . . A \. l ( (io |\ n1 root 1,1 i ! well Improved ucro rnnoh near Rosodalo, flno noil and wutor condition. Take Himill cluur homn edge of city and i HIUUO on»h.' Kolly & Son, 171° • Chimtor. Phono 303. K .fapanp.No panlnnor Imy, monlh nr ountrart Phonn 1 UtS M SOI Haborfcldo JIullillUK- i'liono Gifl 7-23 tf "fc-'-. ^ h T situations Wanted-Female IMMI1DI ATK noiisoHHlon I'M vr»- room hiMno in rr»trl»*(Pd lllKhl»n<l Pnrk. 1 |:ii'tl« i»oil fluoi s. throughout, I Ho I'tnK, 0(0. Kor u real huy In High land 1'urK, «oo thin n.nv. $300 ilown rn nuli'U*Mon I'rioo Stan* I ;oi1 K Mlroi»t nlro homr, Rlvorvlow. fnr large clear lot, Momniiknr 1'arH; 20- a« i r»» ratio h near Krfffinn for clear home np to |2500. H. Klwood, 1P23 IN NEW LOCATION 201*9 CHESTER AVENUE 1936 Plymouth tour, sedan $785 1930 Kurd touring HO dun $745 1935 Plymouth touring sedan $085 1936 Ford Hcdan $665 Ford do luxe 2-dr. sedan $465 $385 $245 $245 coupe $145 CHEAP TRANSPORTATION THAT RUN GOOD HUDSON AND TERRAPLANB 1930 Chev. panol delivery $625 1934 Ford 4-door sodan 193u Chevrolet coupo 1934 Terraplane coupo 1934 Terraplano sedan 1933 Torraplano sedan 1932 Studohaker sedan 1930 Dodgo sedun Ford V8 coach 1930 Pontiac coupo 1935 Hudson coupe 1930 Chevrolet coach 1929 Do Soto sedan 1934 $475 $525 $425 $345 $245 $445 $225 $725 $150 $185 1934 Torraplnne pickup tk. $475 1929 Willys-Knight sedan $165 2220 CHESTER AVENUK Phone 3955 46 : I 1930 Ford coup It) ,n.,n Forrf — r- Auto Loams 1-CoHl Hunt Why 1'uy Mor*? These payments Include At,t, rhurgnii: You Hucelv* You 1'uy Mmidily 100 for IS utoitthM 800 flA.fif) for U. month-* 800 $30.HI for 1H nionihn *roi»^ ratri* fur othor i Quick! Confidential! No v., NO BAI.AHY AHHIONMIIVTH or contruolM rafluunoed. i, - 51 " milrr|n] ludy, rmpluynl ovn- tttnitn. nirfrtrw living i|\inrtitrn In ox- fm- uftrrnotm f^rviecM AVrlt« U. Tho CallfornUn. \vurr I J|tH'Sr;iCl':KIMi;U, o-atu. nn- rriM; v^llahlo, hnnrsit . \vl?ih«»M i In molhnrlrfn homo; cxpoil- fin oil ulth pntillry; rrfcriMU'os ox- chaiiKi'il J.rtl'T HlvM-tnn avrnun. N'-rlh ll.illywtMMl. I'allf — "^— -- --*.--,.-._. _ 1«. . , „.,-„... ^*,. ^ -, ,_. ,,_ ^-ta.-^w.^^fc !U'Mi: i.AUNhllV Worn tUllvtMt-d. SpRi'Uit tuti»h tu Mi»itiltnit free DiiOf. K Around clrulo un Uluhwny DO. IMiuno 4Mt* If.OOO oo A ^ry rr>infni't»ltlr (t-rooin at I I |n KUUI ih Mfi'^t. $000 00 ;r. » UK., frri U»iy ihiH ft mm-1 ami > oil lifMul Hot uituvii the fiMuro. rhu lot In i tlin |irlf.' j A hcauttful Imtiir. nU*ely fur- : in thr Houth pun of thft oily. I Ivnofal l : ;K*otrl>\ oln-irti' wudhrr •• t t VM-> ihtDK K^* N \'vi\ moilorn I bonn\ bcaullful vurd. Uuv thly uiul ' ti»'t\i> In, Taylor * Taylor/ U60 i uviMiuo. I'hono 7If. 43 Beach and Mountain Properly KOH SA1.I-1--TWO ohoii'P Kraisler Mountain lots, t«nrrlflco prices. SI? Vllglith Mrwt 43 For Sale—Improved Farms IMPKOVKn 40 aci'ow near Hlmftor. wlih Bood well, rleotrlo motor, four- rotuii hoiido. \Vrttn Nathnm I^inort, J\inot|nii iMtv, OroRrtn. Hout«t 8. 13 1929 Chevrolet roadster 1928 Chevrolet coaoh 1027 routine sednn Podge 4 screen delivery 1920 Chevrolet sedan 19UO Hnlck conch 192B Chevrolet coach Open Kvenlnga and Sunday PHONE 831 $95 $S5 . $05 $05 $40 $37.50 $22.50 NOT CARAVAN CARS o WITH A REAL GUARANTEE 1930 FORD TOUR. SEDAN $695 1935 FORD DLX. CP., RADIO $626 1935 Ford truck, heavy duty $775 1935 FORD DLX. COUPE $595 1934 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 1935 CHEV. MAS. TO. COACH $595 1934 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $645 1934 Ford de luxe sedan 1934 FORD COUPE 1932 FORD CPE., RENEWED $325 1930 Ford sedan $295 1931 FORD CPE., RENEWED $285 1931 FORD. TUDOR, R'N'W'D $285 1931 FORD TRUCK 1930 FORD COUPE 1929 Buick sedan SOTO SEDAN 1929 FORD TUDOR 1929 Ford roadster MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP BAKERSFIELD MOTOR CO. Open Evenings and Sunday 2QTH AND EYE. PH. 1724 $2 FOR SALE—1932 Ford V-8 coupe. Good condition. Private party. Call after 5 p. m., 920 Thirtieth Btreet. Phone 3746-M. USED TRACTORS For Sale or Rent All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNETT TRACTOR CO. 2130 Chester Ave. 7-30-tt TOP prices paid for automobiles, 192S to 1932 models; aleo bargains in used cars. Echola & Biliington. 2100 H Btreot. i» in aujfci i«i^^*" PONTIAC sedan, 1938, two months old; at a big. saving. 1000 Grace street. Phono 5093-J. 4I> CHEVROLET coupe, "31; ftrst-claas shape; private party; $225. 304 Elgtheenth street. ___.Fof ..^^yi* >o> ** antoij ^- FOR SALE—One real good stock trailer. Cheap. 100 Beardsley avcnuo. Phono H088-J. TWO 2-balo cotton trailers, $60 each; 4 3-balo cotton trailers $80 each; while they last. Beavers Bargain Mkt. 2406 ChoBter. ( A TAILOR'S triple mirror and Hoffman 2L-tube boiler for pressing machine. 1027 Seventeenth street* Phone 1283-"\V. . FOR SALE—Bath tub and automatic water heater; also dresser and library table. 114 East Sixth street, near union avenue. BOY'S bicycle In good condition. 26- Inch wheel. $12 cash. C. J. John- 1104. Webster street. ALL repairs for 1923 Maxwell I also one 35-barrel tank and stand. Phono 28B7-J. 51G Villa. Two blocks eaat of Union avenue on Sixth street. $495 $475 192 $295 $235 $195 $195 $145 $135 16th and Chester Opp. Courthouse Phone 701 Open Evenings 52 SELP-PRIMINQ pressure pump, will lift water up to 2fi feet; capacity 500 gallon per hour; demonstrator; cost new $05; for quick sale $60. 1818 M street. 46 PIPE FOR SALE—Oilwell and water well casing lino pipe, -Irrigation pipe, fence posts, etc. Western Oilfields Supply Co., 99 highway and Pierce Road. Sign of the big valve. • 6t FOR SALlS—Duro pressure pump. Complete with 1-inch suction pipe and foot valve. Phono 6924. 44 FOR SALE—Pulverized dairy and sheep fertilizer. For lawn and garden. Delivered by load or eack. Call 2762. 1118 Jefferson. 43 SEWING machine bargains. Singer electric portable, $30.45. Minnesota electric portable, $17.45. Singer treadle, $12.96. Guaranteed rebulUs. Repairs. 1708 K> Phone 6380. '60 HOUSE TRAILER—Custom built, streamline, sleeps 4, modern" conveniences, bulH-in radio; cost $1000. At bargain. Shady Acres Auto Camp. B miles south on 99 Highway. 4fl When Buying a Used Car FIRST SELECT THE DEAJLER SECOND THE CAR THIRD THE FINANCE COMPANY YOU ARE ASSURED OF A FAIR CiEAL AT TH 1424 Kevcnteunth Street Phono 481 Kreo Parking tfl Tejon Oarttgo r-a For Rent—Rooms TO irnntliMnan, Inrgo, nU-ely front i-ooin. luixt to Imili S, m lu»\itto and lot for «ulo huho utreot. Kolth Add. h»t on \ uiul 'J. 43 FOR SAL&—SO aero fine cotton land, small house, now well and '3t5 Lincoln Zephyr sedun '30 ihitck 61 sedan 'SO Butck 41 coupo plant, oil rights go for $12,5 por '86 Pontlao touring sedan VOU I ANY AMOUNT LOANUD ON YOUH HOUSEHOLD LA lit lit! roul room, twin IHM|M, luith; « with i»aih and pMfrh. nearly now. on 001 tier lot In otMulo J1750, $300 monthly Iloxvanl Nloh- I no. l>-l8-tf am». Kolly & Son. 1712 Chos- tor. Phono SG3. 43 ! aiJPAY IN SEMI-MONTHLY OH MONTHLY PAYMENTb BBH US llooni uiul Hl«eplng pori'li, nuUablt) for two mon; clone In. 1'htmo S5&U-U. California avenue. 201 UABKHFELDE BUILDING PHONE 646 8-7-U ; front room, bountiful) iitfihcd; gontlomau only. iliulrr. lly 'IT •i I fur- Olo- ROOM l-'QU HKNT— 1'rlvutn nntrnnoo, iu bath. UcfcriMioiM}. rtiouo room, next l« hai. oloH«t: Ultohcn prtvllogca tf 92S8 8\umct> 43 MOUKI, homo, Montm-t'v \\\M\ of brloU OKHHiru^tton. lUNtgiuM und Imtlt UiuU-r Btrli't hiiprvv1r.|i>n of ond of lUKoi>flrlil'H loailliiB uirhil«otM and MiRlnnirN of Oif f.nleral housing atl- nilnUlruUoh l.oiaUMl in hltth*cla>H mnUhwoBt «ll«irlo(. Thn plan U inopl pUn»inic ami roiupiiot, oon- plating uf ihivo ampUi bedrooma, Uv |ng room, dining room, reception hall. Ulti'tien nnd bath of unusual dlMlnotion. laundry, mald'd room \v| h bath, ba^ living )>nroh. Trice Jhn ther im ouo oa»h payment required. op low monthly paymenU, See Plun« n utir of floe and for fur- *lMaUti. 10. |). clure, Profw- l UuUdltui H HOSI'3 UANCH—Ifour inlle* en»t on fcJdtson highway, & ucixi, nil in fruit uiul borrtoti, Modern T-room Ktiiivo houso, three other IUIUHOB. now reullng for |60 por month, alt fmulHhtul. 200 turkoya. 60 ohtokeim. cow, hoy utKi plenty Hah In roaer sl-K-12. Chev, town sedan '36 Dodge trunk sedan '36 Ford sedan, latest series '33 Willys 77 sedan LOU HARRISON 1110 Eighteenth Street Open Evenings and Sunday $1195 $1096 $S95 $S95 $005 1930 BUICK SPORT SEDAN WITH SIX WIRE WHEELS, $435 Open Evenings and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER $765 $195 Phono BS2S 43 votr. numo 43 Oil Lands ^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^K^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™ WIL.U buy good paying land own HBO BALKS AND SERVICE 1033 Dodgo sedan, 6 ww $525 era' oil-producing royalties. H. j 1938 Oodgo do luxe sedan C. Dahl, 2384 Baat Eighth streot, U»34 Bulok 8-67 aedau Loa AnffelcH • ' 1W3 Chevrolet coupu AND K. PHONE 1034 $845 UBJASB Attractive deal for uick liotlon, 63 half of lot i % wcuon 28, ttauiar* writ* C, R. or phono ox 45 fendera M& id Ford short rond. t new paint, »U6 ^A .^ AA ^ ^H ^ ^H M LV ^ ^ frB J. ^L A ^^ aw intlo», |U& a O* IX) U a LAB R. XOTH AND 1* 44 •^F~v ^^^T ^^^ ^^^ ^^T ^^^i^^^^^^^^W ^^ ^ ^* ^'^B ^W^PBl ™ ^^^* (^^T* ^ ^» ^F Auburn cabriolet, custom job with overdrive and many extras, never sold. Hupmobllo 6 demonstrator trunk sedan with overdrive, now car guarantee. Better hurry. Discounts up to $250. H. C. LANDSTROM 3210 Chester Avo. at 22nd 64 T1RK8 sold on time payment*—no fumnce or currying olmrgon. A* Friedman Wheel & Tiro Exchange. 1310 Klghtonth. Phone 6373. . 63 KORD sport coupo In cood con- on. Calf after S p. uv mi NilM «ire»u 43 1935 De Soto Airflow sedan, $995 1935 Chevrolet master coach $595 1934 Plymouth de luxe coach $495 1933 Chevrolet master sedan 1932 Buick 91 sedan 1932 Chrysler 8 sedan 1933 De Soto C-wheel sedan No, I quality—10-08. v ~ 8-feet at 90c 9-feot at 95c 10-feet at $1.05 IMoet at $1.26 A. H. KARPB IMP. HOTJ8B 615 E. 19th St. Phone 915 45 1934 Willys 77 sedan 1932 Ford B sedan 1931 Dodge coupe 1931 Ford sport coupe $475 $475 $425 $395 $345 $325 $315 $295 FOR SALE—Cook stoves, Col< now, at one-third off. A, H. Karpe's Implement House, 615 • S&at Nineteenth street Phone 916. PER 10W FT. No. 4 Common PHONE 6822 62 1938 FORD V8 SPORT COUPE, GREATLY UNDERPRICED IN ORDER TO CLEAR ESTATE. SEE MR. ELGAR AT BAKERS* FIELD GARAGE. QOINQ east, must sell 1055 V-8 coach . by Sunday nlgUU Make offer, Cun arrange terms. 201 Baker street, REDWOOD SIDING AT f*0 1x4 to ixlO, 843 Finish. |4S 1x4 FLOORING, $2J Jx4 4t E" Kiln Dried T. & a,»..,$1ft.0» House Paint, all colors, sral. .,..,$1.25 2-0x3*0 Saeh, l It Glaidd ........ 96o Redwood Posts, 5x4-6* ea, ,...», Ho SHINGUB3,* BUKDIdB. 700 ' UBSS B% CASH DWO* Twelve MlUJon Foot Stock , 101 Bargains 101 ^^i^ LbiiB m^^^ .___ ~^ ' IB .^d 1 • t. -1.' ' / * T ' .^ 1*^. ±''" •'•''* ' I I > '. . > t —* '. \ • h .

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