The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 9, 1944 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1944
Page 10
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10 Mondoy, October 9, 1944 fclje Safeer*ftdb Cahfortttan AIR PROGRAMS MONDAY I'. M. «:0(> lo «:») |i. in. KKKV — N'ovs. i:l.\, ^OIIKS l.y. Lei-n !'a j ne. KK1 — A Stv e 1 - |:.,-ti. KI'Mt — Gnl.: i'l limner; 6.15. tciccn 'iecu ii::(0 in ; -no p. m. K Kl:v — M • ••;.• I! .i..^. |. „... C..!.n,. t > . • : i '] . ' • . M-'l -li ; M- , ... i",:,.-. . KI'MC- S./V , :> ..; ihi r-.-'Sj.; f 4.',. Fi e,J liullSCf. 7:011 In ;:3(l p. m. Kl:il\ — R.r, :!,.,n.i i. ,,r. J.'«:IK. 7 l.'i. Tt'rt M:iln..r. Kl'\li - - 'l'. :;: . i , ...]:.. . . 7 ;;,."i. .w^ji Tl .ir, ,.- 7-.:iM In H-(MI p. ni. KKKN •;•"• • <in II.:..*. K)-'l 1'... T.r ] i^. i^l^H' - I-MIIJ.. i . 8:1111 In K:::il n. m. KI'KN — U" -i. ' "..• 'i\ ••: .1 i... !!y. <,.;.,. 7:;IO to H:l>-l «. m. Kl.ll.N -.lanii-K Ahl.c Obwrveg; 7.4.'., Tilt l.i^lrnuit: I'opt Kl-'l .MH..I; in Vi, tor>, ":4.i. !-.,m SuriO In fl-.lill |i. ni. KI:R\ — ni ..,! r>..i^. Kl-'i — '! i • i.ii-ii..- II. .u' Xr.MC — .\r«- . n I... r. ..1 V .-»!!. l>::<0 to 111:1111 |i. ni. Kl:UN— !!• -r..-> .1 T.-i>;-.i i I. l>,v! \ :i:i.i ^ :ii.| <llclH^II.^. i'..... .\e\\>. KKI— ll:l«l!i"I-n» llriil:-. Ki'M'-— -Kul'-.n l.rvv,... ,lr. ; !>.<:.. Nous. 10:00 to I0::il( p. in. KKRN — AiMir.'iii- KiKhls KKI- The H'ln.Mci. Id in. H<..lil>. KPM'-— I! KVt 'n Vr.iU: H. IT, No on I'n.iiusit.i-.i; N". Ir. lll-lO In I 1:11(1 ,,. ni KC.R.V — A UAV, ,1 i;,, | ;,„,) „ n.,,,,1 K|-|— Ins, lit i|,t- \i-ivc, ]'i.<;,. Mrdals in Milf >c. KP.MC — Anuy Air l'..,,i f . 1 1 :IIO lo 11 ::<!) |i. in. KKf.N — Y.ililiM in Ihr di-.i-iil. 11 If.. llfi.rv Kins Ori'lii-mrn. Kri— -!;|PV nlh-ll.iur Niws. ll'K.. Slusical InHTliirto: 1 ] :fi I'cirr ,|o l.'inn KI'.MC— .\..w. !«•»;,. jJiivi-r Nocturne. 1 1 ::<() In I .'Mill p. ni. Ki:r:x— rt,.,! ;, .- i. :i \ ,.,, • n ( - n.,iii,,i,.iu-. n -,.-, N,. W ^ Kri — !{;i(lir, F:, n!i ur: 11:411. Mi,>.(Hl In- tfilu.l. . 1 ! -I.V l!:i!;a,litlt.~. 11. ii. Mm-.. ..I K,.,,.,,« KI'MC — SiKpr Nn,-|iJHin. Tl KSDAV r>:00 In (i:»n it. ni. Kr.RN~M.Mii «i..i .Mmlnias; 6:10. Hej.ut.iK an < "(•nilict i i-c «:;«( to ?:OO n. m. KI:RX—:UIIM,.HI iii-vciiit.. KI'.'K'—.MUSIIH! (.'lock; CSS, On Die Fiuni. 7:00 to 7:80 H. m. KKRN'—Now.s. ;.]:,, .M;irlil[ Aurntisky. KPMf—-»»•>-. 7-1S, M(.|m1i<<H (.1 Tn(l«y. 10N1GH1 TUNE IN Exciting storTes of American counter espionage 8:30 P. M. TOMORROW Listen daily. Moiulay throiiKli Friday, to Chief Arquette (left) in "(ilaiiKiur Manor" at 11:^0 A. M. . . . and to Art Linklettcr (ri^lit) and his broadcast . . . "What's Doin' Ladies" at 2:30 P. M. /f'i o Blue Network Program 7::<l) tn 8:011 R. m. M:i:\--.iiii!i.'» AMie Olisei-M-n; 1 (J. The Kl I -Mm ill In Vi, tin j ; 74.-,. Ham I i • \ I'S KI'.Mi 'I'..I' Tunes: 7 -Ift. Woill's Ni-ns; K:00 (o H::tO n. in. KI.K.N --1 -'I. • twixiil Lawlun. klS. Vii> I"! > .M:i i . i',-f Kl'l ID -Murrny; S.10. T. H. k'l'Mi ' -- Sh;nh Valley FulKv. H::iil In »:IMI n. m. KMH.V•-- MtmkfMM I'lul. 1\ Kl— Alhi-r'n tlomemiikors Hmir. * 4J. I '.i t Hi ! l;t i urn. KI'Mi---Wnlly Tfiv.-nKPli.l; S to In Ynnr .NoiKhl^orhnnd. S:;"!.. c'harlotle Doetiic. !i:00 tn II::10 a. m. KKIi.V- NCWB (.1 I he Wurlil; 0 I". Local N>M .«, i •!.'.. 1'1-L' 4 Hain-li KTI--Ncwh- 9:(i.'.. Kdwuid JuiKenson, KI'.Mi'—Hi'.ikc <'arti'r; f:l.'t, Namen and !'h.< rs in the .\M-.H U:;<ll to 111:11(1 u. in. KV'.RV - II-rakfaKl al Sanli^ KTI —Ni-ws. H <n. MnKiizini! Page; '.i (5. Ituiiii Mai.nfii'lrl KI'.Mi •- Mlrlliuirt. T. S A.; 9:45, The AinaziliK ''•tilill'T I.fiKali. 10:00 tn 10:80 ». m. KKIi.N -.)*'k Ik-rih mi'l HIM Hand KFI—Vircc of n Nil linn. lO'lfi. 1'flcr 'If l.Mlta's riuMOUiiB. KI'.Mi'--News. I".li'i. Tci-ry's House J'ai-ly 10::tn to 11 n. m. KliJiN—My Trup Sinry; J'> '••*. Tho Aunt .iPtnimti Slm\v K!''l -.\uni .Maiy. In.I". Ail Bakpr. Kl'M'.'— TIPS I''l(iln '1'llilipLt.H; )ft.4.-;. Al i Joodma n. 11:00 tn 1l::l() n. m. KKKV-- liRilkhiiKi* Talking. 11 13. Inland Kl'l-- -I'.nirliiiii 11-13. Tmlav'a KI'Mi' - l'i>tirlr l-'nntni ; 11 13, Waltz Tune 11:30 in l'i:OD >oon Kl-'l - Wnmi'li in Whilp. 11.1". ll\ii!i:n. KI'Mi'—MiinliHIIan 11 ifhliehtn- 11 I:',. Saninly Kayo. I'.' :00 tn l'.!:30 p. in. KI-:l!N—N-w." nf Hi'- Wnrlil. Kiln. I.HCH! Nywi-; 1- l.'i. I lu;iy\\ nnd Star Tinif Kl'l N'mn Kiirni Jlupoi-t.-r. Ma I'rrkms. KI'MC —Xows. r.',10. Nonn Time .N'oik t tut. I'i::!!) In I Mill n. m. KKI1.V —TVtw<-i'M thi! Linr-c; 1 4.',, Kiprnan'H rnrncr. KKI— I'l'iiflpr YiiiiiiK'n l''aniily; 1: 4.",. Itii-.lil In IIa|i|iiiiP«s. KI'.MC'-~(Jount ry I'ommentalo! ; 1» -Jj. Miiflr. i 1:00 to 1:30 p. in. KKI1X—Sain llnypx; 1:1:,. 13ul. Ni.-)njl<. KKI — liiii-kDliiKP Wifn; 1:13. .str-lla Pallas. KI'.MC—Think llurrl Now: 1:13. Diamaa of Life. 1:30 In 2:00 |i. m. ! Ki:ilN' —Time VIPWK Mi" NI-WH: 1 47,, ] Jtlni' Ni-\\'Hrrn)in nmtpw; 1 :.'iO, Ci'ii^ral Miilunp. j KKI— I.iirpny.o JUIICK; 1 ;13. YOUIIB WidilPr Hrown. Kl'Ml'—Hcadlinrc In Haini'iny. 2:00 tn 2::lll p. in. KI-:i!N'--Wlii.n a C.iil Maiilrs; : 15. I'lirlia Kar.-H I.ifr. Kl''l—Whpn u tjirl Mariies. ^:lii. I'nrl;a I-'arps T.ifp. KI'MT—Nn on Pruriositinn 1C. 2.ID. Mutiny un llip IIivli SpnH. 2::!ll tn 3:00 KKliX—What's Dnin' J.ailiw. KKI — .In.-t Plain Hill; L':4r,. Front.Pago I'-nrri'll. KPMC—TowiiKcnil; ::43. Easy flhylhm. 3:00 tn 3:«» p. m. Kl'IRN— Appointment With Lifp. KI'MC—Oriffln Hi noil ing; 3:13, Losl THIS CURIOUS WORLD By WILLIAM FERGUSON I'Ol.l'l K Al, AUVKKTISRMK.NT HEAR Lieutcnant-Governor Fred HOUSER Candidate for United Slates Senator on "A Fair Deal for Agriculture" Illliodlli lion liy \V. S. llillis,' Mailcra County I'iirnicr Tonight—6:45 KFRC l)on Lw Network TONIGHT Don't Miss Gene Kelly Famous Motion Picture Star SAMUEL H. ROBINSON Prominent Legionnaire Why You Should Vote NO on No. 12 TONIGHT KPMC 10:15 P. M. HOLMES NABS QUACK! lit; claimed ID have a cure for liiiiiclihacks—but \\as H killer! Follow (he imperturbable Sherlock Holmes through London at> he outwits (his crafty criminal! Tune in toiiiKlit, Station KP.MC, at 8 o'clock and hear "The Horrifying Case of I he Kevcn Hiinchlmcks"! Presented liy the. I'etri Wine Company, San Francisco, Calif. ' Ul "i]»;iiii; KOI u-* hd,,ul, at-t by sjii-cial riiliiinn, ,11 ill Hi,. e-Hinii. ii| Hir Arthur • •I'li.m Jlu>le ) POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT TOPS AT 2:45 MATS DO/*' wicsr FiATUIINC | A IT LINKLETTOT KERN23* TOMMY*. WAY* POLAR FROSTED FOODS VOTE MO Hear Congressman Cecil King Seven!I't'iilh District Tuesday 10:45 A. M. "A Violation of Federal Laws" KPMC EARLY INVENTORS TRIED VARIOUS /METHODS OF £>#/WA/6 TRAINS WITH AIR.... BUT TODAY AIR IS USED IN TO S7O& THEM. 3 '/a. HOURS MORE ON JUNE 21 Sf THAN DOES ITS POINT/ I. M. RCC. U. E. PAT. Off. A\usr PUSH TO PULL/ 3 R.E.ELLlOTr, SIDE GLANCKS I'.y GAT.15RAIT1I "I'm Kettlnc worried over my future! Time was when a cuy of 17 rnnld eiiiint on lirinc lira ft pd In another yrnr, lint the »uy the iviir'n KIMIIE lunv iln up know where we »Iiind'."' HOW TO WRITE A GOOD LETTER Many people who u re ready and pi f ted i-on versa tin happy kMt.-r \VI-KOI-H. Thnt pait of tlK-ir education has can he rcmedifM] by a Htudy of tho llnndy J^-fic'r \Vrlti-r a Bt hand for referrnm in enn-rRonokM. KtMnt'nihor that na by your cnnversatinn and yi fl you write an 'J'lio Hnndy Let tor Writer jji vos Ht.-indm da ; aliaty it re ftnyltiinK Imt ocn notice I i'd. I'.ni tins d by kfoplnp the t>onkl**l you are by ih»» kindH of correspondence, Simple, hrlplul. Kil'toen cent a postpaid. • (Use This Coupon) — ir persona 1 a ppca i'ii il model forma tor alt The Bnkcrartnlf] Californian Tnfoniuitlon RiJrcau, aiC Kyo Street. N. lv, Washington '2. D. C. I enclose herewith 15 tents In coin <carnful]y \vr.-ipped in pupr-r) for a copy of the Handy Letter \Yrilur. Nanm „,. arnl Ruriil HoulG . SlaUv (Mail to \\itshinj;inii ( l.> «.*.> Tune in to XAVIER CUGAT AND HIS FAMOUS ORCHESTRA PLAYING TO THE MEN OF MUROC ARMY AIR BASE TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 8:30 P. M. IN THE VICTORY PARADE OF Spotlight Bands •BOAOCAST OV« THI UUI NITWORK MT^N KERM..J4IO ON YOUR WAt Every week-day night a famous Coca-Cola Spotlight Band visits a new army camp, naval training base or war production plant to entertain the Fighting Sons of Freedom. May be you can't join your boy in camp—but you can join him at his favor* ite radio program—the Victory Parade of Spotlight Bands—, broadcast over the Blue Network—coast to coast, every night, Monday through Saturday, same time, same station. COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of Bak«rsfi«ld SMOCK HOLMES OUT OUR WAY By J. R. WILLIAMS HEY GOT A10SJG FINE JUST AS LOMG AS THEV WEREPLAYIK)' WAR-.-THE FIGHT STARTED WHEMTHEV GOT "THE IDEA =T-_57 OF PLAVIM' PEACE . ,|;:iJ|J\CONFERE|yJCE/ J OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLB EGAD ! DI6PHR<aE,MOO DAVJDUERS, 60 TMAT A 8U5V MfVM CAM PERFORM WIG ABLUTIONS.' AS A WlORKlMG /VAN^ T EXPECT TOP-ORANNER. PRAMILEGEG AROUND TOTES THE OLD AR.T1U.ERN EVEN A 8WB.' WELL, A GlN \MKO BRANS FALSETTO TLSME6 114 THE TUB NEEDS A I GUESS, |Ni CASE OF MOB FURY TO SOAR AROUND HAR-RU/V\PH.'. : AT THE BWH= THE GUMPS Andy's Understanding By GUS EDSON A TELE(SRA/V\ FROM BIX! \WONPERFUU I'M TO FLV TO HOLLYWOOD) WE'LL ALL FOR THE PREMIERE OF J PITCH IN AMD MY PICTURE! _^ HELP YOU SET REAPV/ AT THAT MOMENT, A PLANS TAKES Off FffOM A PACIFIC /SLANO HOSPITAL BASE- HEAPING HOME! IN SPITE OF HER <SAIETV OVER SIX'S TELE6RAM I THOUGHT IDETECTEP A SLKSHT NOTE OF SAPNESS— WOULP RATHER HAVE HEARP FROM A CERTAIN OTHEK GASOLINE ALLEY Long Count By KING SO NOW YOU'RE CORPORAL WALLET'S WIFE, ANP THe NlSW He MS ABOUT /4LL THE SEKCMNT WALLET'S WIP£J IM CLAP HE DIDN'T ME. YOU; we THOUGHT HE WAS NUTS.' BUT HE WASN'T so GOOFY; AT THAT. Iff 'YOU SAY SUCH '" ! \ * PIDNTT ME TELL VOU W£ kVfl?E LOST FOI? SIX tveeKS IM THE LIBYAN P6SEBT AN' FOUGHT. GERMANS ALL" WAV ACeOSS IT. 8l?INGlN' IN OP f>l?!$OMe£S!j H6 MENTIONED ONLN ONE. HE EVIPENTLV DIDN'T j COUNT THE HOOTS AM) HER BIDDIES Now, What? By EDGAR MARTIN C'ttOV^OOVb, COVA?/\K>V FKKCKLKS AXI) HIS FRIENDS Inside Influence H _ ILDA ORGANIZED A HAVRIDE TO DRUM UP INTEKESf IN HER POLITICAL CAMPAIGN. FRECKLES AMD LARD, HOWEVER, ARE WAITING FOR A CHANCE To TAKE TME spor- LIC-MT AWAy FROM HER--, TOO BAD YOU AREMT ^VTHOSE" SCORO-IED ON MY SIDE,MR. SMITH — ) DOGS SMELL I'D LET YOU EAT/ /—^WONDERFUL/x' THEY'RE GONNA WIN HER A LO OF VOTES .' By MERRILL BLOSSEH U/HEN WFGO INTO ACTION, THEV'LL FORGET ALL ABOUT . FOOD.' AND YOUR. /GEE, CAMPAIGN is ONLY s—THAT START/NO _» SERVICt. INC. T. M. RtO. U. S. P*T. OFf. YOU LIKE 1 THOSE OTHER. (CIDS ? ARE" VOU (SONNA BE INFLUENCED BY A HOT DOO ? NO, SIR- NOT WITHOUT MUSTARD AND PICKLES/ WASH TUBBS A Guide By LESLIE TURNEB THE AMERICAN CAPTAIN SEEKS SEB6EANT LINK, JOSE/'' SENOR CAPTAIW DOES NOT LOOK JAPANESE, BUT SOME WHO HELP THE ENEMY ABE NOT HE IS AMERICAN, JOSE.'SEWORITA TAMA TRIED TO CAPTURE HIM FOR THE JAPS. 1 FBUPE,WHO I5AIWW6THE SENIOR SER6EAMT ISNOTEAS/ TO SEE. HE IS VERY CAREFUL VICE. INC. .T. M. RIG. U. S. PAT. orF.. 1 WILL TAKE THE CHANCE.'C ME WILL NOT FIKIP HIM... HE WILL PIMP US J " THANKS, JOSE! RED RYDER Bad Bargain By FRED HARMAN I WAS VOARrtEDjSO HE'S IN1ER- WHY DON'T WE GET RID OF HI/A? I'VE 6OT A SCORE TO £>ETTLE WITH HI/A, TOO.' DON! GIVE THAT STUFF , JOE HAYES/ U'RE AFRAID FACE WITH YOU CAN GO FOR A fAAha WITHOUT , NOLLY." TOD -, .^,. DRY-GLJi.CHIfO'7 ALLEY OOP A Bit of Sleuthing By V. T. HAMLIN YOU'RE ALL RIGHT, YOUR EXCELLENCY? CERTAINLY/ BUT THIS CARELESSNESS MAS SOT TO STOP/ TH' IDEA. LETTW A BIS CAT LOOSE TO ROAM TH 1 HOUSE.' DADGUMAMT, SOMEBODY'S APT T' efcT HURT.' 'WELL, DO T HE'S NO LILY,. THAT'S>- ~<&OOD MOW4IM YOU STILL. ] FOR SURE/WELL, /6REETINSS\ CHIEF/ID DOUBT HE'S I K.EBP AN EYE ON i SIR, THIS 1LIKE A LOO' HIV\ WHILE I 60\ PARLY / AT YOUR ON WITH MY r\MORNINe.y PRISONERS THE ATTEMPTED ASSASSINATION OF THE'KEEPER OP WNS SOLOMON'S WIVES' CATS* RAILED BECAUSE- OF OOPS ABILITY TO TAKE OF HIMSELF ...SO KINS SOLOMONS SECRET AUNT RETURNS TO THE RIDXEOFOOR HERBS IDENTITY

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