The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1936
Page 9
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- • ; ^^$'^^.^ :t 0,;:.v^>^v'rf : ,. '^ >v^/;^-;^^^^ j\ v v -- - ;->^^" f: '- ; * ; •-"",'/'•::-,/ ;.-v ^-v> •>.- /;-•'•• ^v;.*v;.v^ .-V •-'•*•-"•'•' - ' - - •"•' • • " - * :.-•'••"'- .;-••'- \* --V-\i '-"^? v ^.v/- 1 ' V, : v:"A^ . - ' V S . -- !.,'*,** , , ', . , •-'._- , * 'V '", ' , V -'-.'• ' \-.'~ , ^ * •• > •• ' L " '• L -.-'-•- J&-". -,!-, • f • < W?.)i.f\>- ;*. -M ;. •- .- .< ,. ,-, -, ...^ • •;: .-'.A:----., /,*,;•"• • H:'>J-' J 'i ' ^- '-•'-"'" * • *- • > r • .' " '-' • •" L- - V.' -.-' ;-- : ','" -" ift^/t* f w-T^r, s , • • =•' . • '- • - .' '•-•...,' - ' • -' ---- f ; , - -, -•- ^T.^^-^^4"»,|- _ -I I -. ' -. ' _ r . _ n - -. , -. - i .- '. I > r r te'*'- 1 ^ -i'sV •--• > • ' -' - --S '•' • •• - - '".- -' ••:-.-'-*. ,: f r \' .—. •- i - V," > - h ' • T . , • • • ..... i ' - :-r&-^-.. -i :V^ : . \ r „- . *. . - ' - '. . . -:. • .• • , ,-, 1." bhh *' I »l - !(' -r • L> . .. . * * I . . t. •, •• - - *- . '•\ *, '•/.*:•.••: <•::= '••;;••:.';:• ^ ' :YIH . ".•f r h " * '' ' *% - ' ' ' ' •* • -\t. I .1 - - ^v) .-'•, .. ;$W"', -•; »: v ^ -_-^ \5 H y *."'" . •!' •*"W: -; *' ? r ^. .'. n- CAUFpft&iAN, SATURDAY; SEPTEMBER », ww, 'H ' L --- --,' '-- - ' T - . ' • , - ' ™ * •", * ' j''' - ' * -r; >;."-:y;rra'i^ i*' j '^uJE*£ '.• ;l ?, Wtffttt:! n lr —I - - - - % > Wflfcl^ -i V^f.Vf; ^:-:-ri*^ • '/i '" -i !„ V.'^ r- -!'U >. i - - ..'•- li- -*i., "(4^v '/^<--v '.M "'' "- ,-••-' - V ' -"•- v .' , -.- f i? .,' --. . ./. - ^T-' r- ',} ^ ^ ."' H-. • -:- * :- • i* -:>} ..;\f; r --'--''•'•'1^-...!'- '-'.^^ ' -'•-.' -:.- < *•'-r-- ! v ", T .f T -r-i •,-'• • , ^' •;.•-.-, .'t --'. - . ;.•-.-.-, ... • % •• • ''ji :' ; -'- v^i^:.^- i/ .^^,; •'*£*•" - -,' '* a h .•; ''.v^/iw.-j'i'V- 1 ' L *- • •• ^ -L-j-Wi-'i:*.' ^. -• ' - - - * <*- • \. • ,• -i.^ H ' -.^ ' ^] - ^1 f J-.-* < • •-• - >'A"•"'-£' i' --. '-'•-- t ,1 I-- • . •• • •. -. ,Y •>•..':• -~^T^.^»-'^.—-•*•••&'•; ;•'•- »' - ,, t • -f- - *+'•'* -'I -1 '-!-/-'. 1 . 1 - . . /-,-',.. -. • - ' ' ',* ." >-^;.r^'--'-''vi ' ' v ,- -- •» .<> • '-- - ••' ,- -- • - \- *\"\^f,' *'•' -'"^ r.- «"''. < •^••-^v^-i.-vr - 4^> -' '-..V'-T* ' I —r ''• . " ' I . r • '' j • r^. t .:'i-.i[f•* -^ .1 * - f 1 '--. -... ^ • >' • - •*May G pr San Diego for Final Round » (United Pr««« Leased Wife) CEATTLB, .sept. 10.— Portland last night won the right to play either Oakland or San Diego for the Pacific Coast. League pennant by defeating Seattle 13*3. It was the Beavers' fourth consecutive win over the Indians, and finished the season in Seattle, Bight pitchers paraded across the mound in a -weird game ^vhlch saw the scoring done In spurts. French started for the Beavers but ho waa relieved In the first by Ad Llska after walking four batters. The Indians got two runs, in the fifth, then George Canter took up tho pitching Job and finished without allowing a hit. The Beaver batters remained quiet until the fourth when they bounced the ball to all corners of tho 'lot to ecoro seven runs: They blasted out throe more in the fifth and finished the encounter with three in the ninth. They garnered their 16 hits from Lucas, Wells, Osborn, Koupal and Barrett. Oakland and San Diego did not play last night. The line score — R. H. E. Portland ................. 18 15 2 Seattle ................. . 3 8 3 Batteries: French, Liska, Caster and Bruckerj Lucas, Wells, Osborn, Ban iyl Jim Tyack Plays Ball Here Sunday Big Jim Tyack, Bakersfield boy, who has been playing In the Southern League this season, will don a Bee uniform when that club meets ttte Athletics at Recreation park at 2:30 p. m, promptly tomorrow afternoon. Jim has been leading his league in hitting this season and will no doubt make a good showing 1 In the game tomorrow. With the two "mystery" pitchers, tho five eoa- eon'a passes being given away, and the appearance of Tyack, tho Bakersfield fans will Indeed bo treated In royal fashion tomorrow. No doubt a big crowd will be at this gamo, which promises to bo tho hardest fought contest this season. Golf Play Howling Weath (Associated Press Leased Wire) GARDEN CITY, N. Y., Sept. 19. Riding out of tho wildest and wettest gale in tho 40-year history of the tournament, 24-year-old Johnny Fischer, American Walker Cup star from Cincinnati, and Scottish Jack McLean, 26-year-old Glasgow whisky salesman, reached tho final round of the United States amateur golf championship. In the storm-tossed links of tho Garden City Golf Club, Fischer outlasted the Omaha favorite, Johnny Goodman, to gain a hard-fought, 2- nnd-1 triumph, while McLean thrived on the homo-like weather to overwhelm George Volgt, metropol veteran 8 and 7. V UP TEAM LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19. (A, P. Heavy duty scrimmage won't bo undertaken by the Bruins of University of California at Los Angeles until next week, Coach Bill Spauldlng preferring to toughen up his squad before turning them loose on one an- ither. AMATEUR Bakersficld Stadium Nineteenth and V Streeti 8130 o'Olook p, m, Monday, Sept. 21 v. DOUBLE MAIN EVENT Pint Main Ewnt—Four Round*—140 Pounds. WILSON MACKEY Btkenfleld JOHNNIE WILKS Lot Angfttot II MacUy wlni, ha p«tt to flaht Frank HIM*. Second Main Ev»nt—Four Roundt— t 200 Poundi. "SILENT" JOE HILL Old Rlvtr vs, JACK DILLON " LM Angtlti Joe ll octtlno factor evtry fight. MfllH^M^riM^^rtMllBHtl^H^^^^H^^^HB^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M 8tmi.Wlndup—Four Roundt—I3S Poundi, Fuzzy Meyers vs. Johnnie Gota Bikenfltld Stnt* Monloa Fuuy *lwty« D(VM hit ^^Hf^^^^^^k^^^H^^^g^^^b^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SpKlal Evtnt—Four Roundt—113 Poundi. Henry Johnson vs. Henry Aouni Ohloo SanU Mtnlct Htnry It golnp plaoM ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Four Round*—ue Pwndt. Lope Nunez vs. Frankle Valentino Bftkonfltld OM&H Park ^^^^^i^_^^^_^^^^b^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^P Four Round*—124 Poundi. Flash Jordan vs. Brook Wilson BattortfUld n Four Round*—135 Pound* Sam Houston v$. Freddie Cage "ild to* AM*IM A vood OMM*T ^ ••mw^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^^^V^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^V^^^^^^^^^^^^O^^^^^^^^BV^HHOlBOv HOES* RlntiloY 76c, Udlo* Mot GOMTOJ Admlwlon too, QaJlory 28oi Tax Included •p«Morcd by AMorlean Uiloit, Frank a, RtyMldt Pwt No, » H. B, (WOODY) WOOD, Mato)i»ak*r PIMM 3231 Tlokoti on itlo at SoutKora Hot*I, Rt»* QoldtttlnV 6*iu ohOM |)SIJ alH GladtfM't *«ok* Sh**, tb« Wtytldo I M f Joaaay ttftV Catt B«fc«nft«ld. BUdlum Phono f I Hlld Not Uter fight Might Than n-t ( **1 -I *> & ' ^ " <- •.' -I ' *• ' ll I - f U" ^ .'•.->•-. '-. \---*,- }-i 2 J ^ L 1 * F<& - -, ,'P-, ( . *' A If • . .-T J-l 1,1,' . -.1 . I*. • -*"."^ i -~ i 'VX '-.v>'M '\ f -• ' 11 HERE GRID m DltaON DRIIiLERS EP «*i?K ; i ------ .^ --...-.Coach D. M. Griffith, "Cap" Haralson and John Loustjalot are posed here with tho 1836 ed'tion ot the Bak- ersfleld Drillers, an outfit of great promise, according to early predictions. Members of tho Uim are depleted hero about to quaff beakers of Bireley's lemonade, a drink chosen by Coach Griffith hero aa a thirst quencher for his team between halves and donated for the players by Peacock Dairies. Inc. • \ f ' Nation's Stars Meet on Los Angeles Courts in Title Play (United Press Leased Wire) T OS ANGELES, Sept. 19.—Fifty- five players who survived first elimination rounds yesterday will battle for 32 positions in the championship Bracket of the Pacific Southwest men's singles matches at Los Angelas Tennis club today. In the opening day of play 109 aspirants to the crown held by rod-haired Donald Budge of Oakland, Calif., reduced their ranks on tho Bido courts whllo seeded American and foreign stars favored a fair sized gallery with exhibitions. At the end of tha matches this afternoon, tho title flight of C4 entries will be filled, with championship play scheduled to begin tomorrow. Tho top 32 positions were chosen by invitation. Julius Heldman, national Junior doubles champion, was the only player of note who competed in the opening round, defeating Reuben Rlsklnd, C-2, 6-1. Later Hcldman and his partner, Joseph Hunt, won from the French team of Yvon Petra and Pierre Pe- lizza, 6-1, 7-5, in an exhibition. Frank Shields celebrated his return to competition by teaming with Frankio Parker of Milwaukee to forco Fred Perry and veteran Jacques Brugnon of France to three sets, 7-G, 4-0, 11-0, in a second ex- hlbitlon. Oild Invad r Tilt Gann & Ross will meet JDolano's town team on tho Standard School diamond in Olldalo tomorrow afternoon starting at 2:30 o'clock. The last time these two clubs mot, Delano nosed out the Gann & Ross Grocers, 4 to 3. Tho Oildalo squad haa been built up In several positions sinco losing to tho Delano nlno. Hopper, Hebcr and Stone will perform in the box and Hopper is slated to start the tilt. Tho rest of the line-up will Include C. Cornish, c; Urner, Ib; 33. Hoffernan, 3b; Cantleny, ss; Yancey, cf; Wattenbarger, rf. 2b; Cowan If; Harris, L Le (Associated Press Leased Wire) AMBRICAN Batting—Applinff, White Sox, .382; Averill, Indians, .375. Runa—Gebrlg-, Yankees, 101; Qch- ringer, Tigers. 137. RunH batted In—Trosky, Indiana, 1D3; Gehrlg. Yankees, 344. Hits—Averill, Indians, nnd Qeh« ringer, Tigers, 217. Doubles—Walker, Tigers, and Geh- rlnger, Tigers, 54. Triples—Dl Magglo, Yankees, and Averill, Indians, 15, Homo runs—Gehrlg, Trosky, Indians, 41. Stolen bases—Lary, Powell, Yankees, 2C. Pitching—Hadley, Yankees, Pearson, Yankees, 1B-C. NATIONAL No changes from Friday'* aland Ings. Yankees, 48 34 13-4 Expect Fred Perry Will Bow to Movies Soon and Leave Honors to Budge T ONDON, Sept. 19. • i sports shot about By HENRY McLKMQRK Uutte6 Prm Pt •Putting tho England, of all places: Tennis critics liere pretty well agree that Fred Perry won't leave Hollywood and America with his amateur status intact but will bow to the movies and leave Don Budge and Von Crannn, tho noble Gorman, to flght it out for No. 1 in tho world . . . The name critics see Anita Ll- zana of Chile as the next women's champion . . . The Chilean govnrn- ment gave tho pretty Anita $5000 last year and told her to go forth and conquer . . . And she's doing all right, having come within points of licking Helen Jacobs at 4 Wimbledon this season and only recently busted Dorothy Round, England's top gal, In the final of tho South England championships . . . English baseball was given a big boost tho other day when tho Royal AJr Forco announced that in tho future tho American gamo would bo part of compulsory training in each of 30 air fields . . . John Henry Lowis is going to bo a sovcre disappointment to English boxing followers when ho comes over to defend tho light heavyweight title against Lon Harvey unless ho loads his gloves with lead slugs and hits Harvey with every blow . . . Because of our "no foul" clause, English followers of tho fancy consider our boxers barbarians who hit, gouge, butt and otherwise conduct themselves after tho manner of a longshoreman In a pier brawl . . . Tunnny Unpopular Gone Tunney who has been visiting hero has made himself unpopular with boxing writers by predicting Lewis would punch Harvey silly in half a dozen rounds England's 62 greyhound tracks had a total attendance of moro than 26,000,000 lost year . . . Tho highest paid English baseball player Is a pitcher who draws $76 a week for his fair assort, ment of curves and fast ones . . . If Ben Ford, now English heavyweight champion, groin by Walter Kouscl In his nott fUht, promoters will try to get Jo^ Lou IB or Max Baer to come over am. bowl him for ducks . . . Tho promoters would rather havo Baer us they Insist tho daffy Callfornlan has a greater hold on the public Imagination than tho dead-panned Louis ... No matter which one of thorn comes over, the fight won't last* long for Ford Is of the Jack Doyle typo, only not nearly so resolute . . . Too Much Summer? Jack Crawford Australia might havo a chanco to win the Davis cup in 1928 if Us players wore allowed to withdraw from competition ono year and spend tho winter at homo ... Ho says porpetual summer has weakened tho players and they need a few months of enow nnd Ico to build them up ... Engllwh medical authorities hold divergent views . . . Thpy cito Fred Perry who haa been chasing thn sun for years as a magnificent specimen of physical fitnARs nnd attribute hl« condition to continual exercise In sunlight . . . Wins Dorothy Pagct, Kngland's leading woman on tho turf—aha owns GoUlon Miller, gritnd national winnor—recently paid 15.000 guineas for a yearling at Iho Newmarket sales and Is offering a substantial prize for tho host name for It . Professional members of thn cricket tram who will play for Knglnnd nfrainst Australia in tho "aahca" tost will receive $1BO per match, (Coprrlght. 1036. by Tlhilcd Prou) Wilks Is Signed to Box Wilson Mackey at Arena TOHNNY AVILKS, well-known ama- J tour welterweight in Los Angeles, will be here Monday night to fight Wilson Mackoy in the main event of the non-pro card. The boys are on top of a seven-fight card which will be opened at 8:80 o'clock. If Mackoy wins this fight, he will got a chanco to meet Frank Lima, according to the fight officiate. Carded as the second main event on tho program. Silent Joo Hill of Old River will meet Jack Dillon, 200- pound Los Angeles boy. Jack Is reported to bo an outstanding yourw heavyweight in tho ranks of tin* southern fighters and one capable of giving Hllla full night. Fuzzy Myers of Bokersflold will go Into action against Johnnie Cota of Santa Monica in the seml-windup. Fuzzy always gives his best and is u year-around crowd pleaser. Henry Johnson appears to bo a young man that will bear watching. Ho is slated to fight Henry Acuna of Santa Monica in the special event and If ho wins will movo up a notch or two In the local lightweight ranks. Lupo Munoz will fight Fnmklo Valentino of Ocean Park In a preliminary. while tho rest of tho card will be made up of: Flonh Jordan of Bakergfleld vermm It rook AYlIaon of Los AngoloH, Freddie Cage of Los Angolo* versus Sam Houston of Bakersfleld. McFarland o Big P blem ^*^~ ^^^^^W^^^^^F ^^^^HIPI^^V ^r^S^^r AHER RADIO COVELLI SETS DRAW HOLLYWOOD, Sept 19. (U. P. Frankio (Kid) Covelli, New York Italian featherweight, waa awarded a draw in his main event bout last night with Baby Arizmendl at Legion Stadium, although rings Id era tabbed tho Mexican a flure winner. The Now Yorker piled a margin in early rounds but Arizmendl finished strong taking the lost two rounds by wide margins, although suffering from a cut eye. CovelH spent most of his time preparing the Mexican's Injured optic. Covolll appeared to have an edge In only four rounds while Arizmendl seemed HU- perlor in five sessions. Arlzmftndt weighed 183 and Covelli 129. Mb«vMv LOYOLA LIONS WIN LOS ANGELES, Sept. 19. (U. P.)— An aggressive band of Loyola Lions, eager to tmprefta local fans In the opening game of the football season here, defeated California Institute of Technology, 27 to 0, lout night at Ollmoro Stadium before 13,000 spectators. Loyola made 13 first downs to Col-Tech's 0. TAFT TAFT, Sept nlng for the round-robin «< the Tosco IRLS' 18.— Still in tho run- er Field Girls who won and lost la«t week, will be «c>en to acUon today and SunAn^ evening at tho popu* lar park in Hollywood. Tonight TMoo/will meet Al Hart's Cubs, while Sunday evening tho draw put* tbem a*ain«t San Coach Chuck Flanagin of McFarland, with only four men back to start tho season, began this wcok to build up a new team. Host of hiM boys havo never so much OH pulled on a headgear and will consequently need many hours of drill In fundamentals. Fianagin Is hoping ho can build his green team Into a football eleven before It meets thn heavy Shafter varsity on October 2. Jlod/rera, Lee, Swan and Baiter aro tho only returning lettermon. A scrimmage session lost night wound up the first week and tho battlo for tho seven open poaliona was on In earnest. Tho Cougar cloven usually averaging around 140 to 148 pounds, is a bit heavier this fall. Other men out besides tho veterans of 1D3D are: Robinson, Wilson, Taylor, Ilylton, Hendry, 'Conrad Combs, Cortcz Combs, BUI Nabers, Koger Kabers, Vaughn, Weaver, White, Oarzolt, Dolby, KalekJn, Eichonhofer. Kraft, Sawyer, Richard Hyors, Max Syers, Hoomo, Kruger, Walter HonkosKy. Roy Bon- koftky und Harold Sparks. WOMEN'S GOLF I'JUAV NEW YORK. Hept 19. (A, P.)— A field of 188 golfers. Including most of the loading woman players of the United States, a forfeifim delegation a half dozen strong but lacking the defending champion. Mrs. Glenna Collelt Vare of Philadelphia, Is scheduled to start play September 28 in the fortieth women's national golf championship at tho Canoe Brook Ciub, Summit, N, J. Coaching Staffs Review All Squads in Hard . Scrimmages T\RILLBRS» Renegades and San"^ dabs ran through a wlndup scrimmage for tho week last night. Tho turf of Griffith Field roally took a beatttfg as tho Bakerafield elevens churned back and forth. Tho coaching staffs of all of tho teams nettled back In their swivel chalrfl after tho sessions to plan on Improvement work for next week. Next week end, tho throe teams will go Into action Against other schools for tho first time in 1936. The first three teams of tho Drillers pounded each other steadily in a scrimmage which lasted more than an hour. Tho first two of the elevens appeared strong but tho third outfit was ragged, not knowing all of Its plays aa yet. Ifeffoman and Jack Trout arc both outfttandtng catullitatna for left half attar- the battles for berths which wore held yesterday afternoon. Itcffeniiui Is experienced and will probably rate a first string Job. Jailt Is a new man but Is very fast. lie Is n Bophomoro and a track star of last spring. Garden* Trowhltt, Juussaud nnd Yon coy were also flaming in tho Bluo Blozo backflold. Other Good Prospects Will lama at tackle, WatBon, guard, Snider, end, and O'Connor, center, turned In some performances which made Coaches D. W. Griffith and Cap Haralson sigh with satisfaction. These boys aro fast and tough and according to Cap, should form a fine nucleus for tho new Driller forward wall. Tho rast of tho RpoUi in tho lino aro moro open as they are filled at, present by slow men. As Cap pointed out, football n ceils .faster men thoso days and this oj)- piles to the linesmen on well as tho backs. Trout Is Good nill Trout, new Honofrada fullback, played nn outstanding gamo last night In bowling through tho Hent>Kiido Hno during tho Jaysec* scrimmage. Ho Is not tho only fullback Conch Jack Frost bus in his raster this year, however. Tho collegiate coaching staff, mado up of Frost. Don Hobcnky anil John Clymer, report* It haw ono of the beat balanced teams In tho history of UakorefiMd Jaysve. The Sandab mentor, George Williamson, was almost satisfied after seeing four of bis teams Hcrlmmago for the first timo this season. Gardner at quarterback was fnM ami Phlpps, full from last year, did not allow tho moss to grow under U!H cleats. Fhtpps may bo an all-around man later on but right now Is ragged on blocking, stated Williamson, Martinez was his follnblq old self of last season. Santlab Lineup Following Is tho lineup of tho first Han (.lab cloven: Johnson, lo; Wentworth, H.; Valos, Ig; Martlnex. o; Newman, rg; 33riggs, rt; JCtcho- verry, re; Tobias, rh; Weaver, q; Phlpps, f; Powers. In. Starting for tho Sandab second string were: Faulk, le; Woods, It; Podovlnikoff, Ig; Trumbull. c; L.C' mucchi, rg; Argaln, It; Brubakor, lo; Yancoy, rh; Gardner, q; Han- duccl, f; QutUrejc, Jh. ' -i T r* j • •->.f> '&&?* • ' • : -<"$&t -t.l-f *',', 1 . ---f.' ' r-v , . - • — '4 , • .v. •I* - 1 TT15RMAN 91MNDT, principal of -*- 1 - the high school hore, went out on Griffith Field tho other ovoning to wntch Coach IX M. Griffith start his twmUy*elRhth season as football coach In Bak* erafield. Mr. Splnclt looked the boys over and ho Is na shrewd a critic of good footbnll material as thoro is In town* "Tho first string looks very good to me. Thoy have good running power with several promising kids coming up/* ho said. "Among tho youngsters Is ono named Trout who may develop Into a real player. Ho looks like a million right now. "Hef Cm-nan, Williams and O'Connor, veteran center, offhand all aro Impressive. For a high school toa'm Griff's first string nt this time appears very powerful to mo." Football fans can put that load in their pipes and smoke It. Thoro Is no hop In it even if It is pretty straight dope. Griff Still the Same But think of this man Griffith. Ho looks tho same to mo as when I saw him tho first timo about 14 years agdt—muno personality, anap and dynamics as a man. For 28 years ho nan been over there coaching football teams. He has helped make a man out of moro than one kid. Think of the scores of kids that havo passed under his tutelage! They uro sending their own kids to school now nnd Griff In still them to teach thorn football nnd other things. Coach Griffith Bonds hl» 1930 squad Into action on Saturday evening of next week against PorterviU* here. Last year the Drillers whopped Porterville 2i to 0 and they will probably do the Bntne agnin this year. New Opponent Compton High, a now team, comes hero on October 10, for battlo with tho Drillers, and Santa Maria hero on October 17. Last yoar Santa Maria vraa boat- on 4 to 7. Stockton Powerful On October 23, tho team meats tho powerful Stockton High out- nt at Stockton. Stockton was not played Inst year. Phoonlx High is encountered at Phoenix on October 30 and Co- vlua High hore November 11, Phoenix defeated tho Drillers last year 7 to 0. Covlna was not plnyod last year. Ulvnlry with Taft High will bo resumed hero on November 21. Last your tho Drillers defeated Taft 25 to 0. Last year tho Drillers won the valley UUo defeating Hunford 20 to 0. First Baseman Has Seen Play in Every Tilt Since 1925 FLY THUOUCai Alii WITH OKKATEST OK BASK Frank Don Carlos continues to take door hunters Into lino hunting territory of the Sierra using his powerful Cessna airplane for tho trips. He took In throe persons yesterday ami more today. Seven doer woro reported in one camp. Whllo flying Into a mountain meadow this wook with deer hunters tho pilot sighted a flro on Iho n^tii slope of Greenhorn and ropomd it to rangers before groat damage was douo. PIWW-—-• Wasco Wins First Battle at Delano fers to Meet Archers in Tilt Showing inUI-soaHoii powor, Wnsco fwitcd Delano ifl to 0 In last night. Tho Waaco High <»lovon inarrhotl up nnd down tho fluid, almost nt will (hiring tho first luilf of tho gama. Although glvon nUibbarn rcslstanco when it. noaivd touohdown territory. .A boy by Iho namo of Kosnlcr turned in a Htollar porfnrm- Delano us u (Vnited Press Leased 9.—Captain Lou Gebrlg, the iron man of tho Now York Yankees, haa another of hla periodical days of glory today when he takes the field to compete In his eighteen hun- game. The American League champions meet the Washington Senators. Tho occasion, celebrating the H lamina and endurance of the most durable man In baseball, was to take placo at G^hrlg's home ball park- An elaborate scroll, symbolic of the event and tho first official recognition by tho American League of its Htollar first baseman, waa to be presented to Oehrlg. He has appeared in every game the Yankees havo played since June 1, 1926. Gehrlff also may try to break his beat home-run mark which was set In 1034 with 4ft circuit blows. He has hit homo runs 48 times already this season, with nine games left to piny. These 1036 Yankees, with the pennant safely clinched long since, now want to s$t records to keep pace with thoir first baseman. They have won 96 games, they want to win 100. They want to have five of their players drive in 100 runs or moro. Ochrlg, BUI Dickey, Tony Laszorl and Joo Di Maggto already ore in tho century circle but Selkirk has batted 08 runs in and has two moro to go before the club establishes a murk for both leagues to shoot at, Tho Yankees want to win tho pennant by more than 19 games so they can pass tho 1927 Yankee record which also fa an American League mark. At present- they are ahead by 18 H games. All on Schedule TCv«ry team In the National and American loops is scheduled for today with tho exception of the St. Louis Cardinals and Chicago Cubs. Tho Cubs and Cards put on a Stringfellow t me Bit TAFT. Kept. 19.— tvonff Hooch M WU* " who appeared hero an three previous occualontt an the Ixmg Beach American legion Juniors, will strut their stuff Hunday afternoon at tho High (School Park aguinm the newly formed West Sido Merchants. Sid Strlngfollow, now under contract to Bacramento, will appear at HhortHtop. ttlnco Rotting Into organ' ized ball, Sid has been forced to change his baiting style, th« big leaguers finding his free swinging tactics Just tho right thing for their curved. Il« now employs wider stance at tho plate and stands at tho back of thn batter's box Instead of crowding tho plate. While at Rochester he hit over .300 In. six games, after breaking in In thn Kitty League. Tho now low admission prices prevail for Sunday's gamo. • will TAN unco for klckor and paseor. Pulnain plnyod a standout gumo^for ihe WaHoo olub. tie was glvon oxooptlonal Intorfer* once on nearly ovory pluy. At Iho half tlmo, Wanoo was ahoad i! lo 0, noorlng on lino bucks bnckoil by oooaelonal pams^s. Both attomptn lo convert woro stopped by tho Delano tonni which fought don- prniloly In ItH own scoring ar( k a. \VHHVO pul on full Ptoam alioad at Iho start of tho second half and soon scored the final touchdown of tho tilt. Putnam wont over cont«r, bowled thrnugh tho socondary and croHscd tho goal aflor a clash of about 20 yard*, lie con vert od tho point with another smash through tho lino. Horse Race Plant Plans Given Okeh (United 7»fr« Leaned \\trf) LO8 ANOKI.KH, «ppt. 19. —Plans for Koustruetlon of a $2,000.000 horse racing plant hntwuvn LOH Angclos and Santa Monica by tho Hollywood Turf Club yoBtorday woro approved by tho city planning commission. A majority of reslilonls In Iho aron whore the track i» contemplated ox- proBwod ihelr approval, declaring tlui venture would aid huslnnss in thn vicinity, Do\iglaH Aircraft Corporation. locatod H half mllo from tho prop«»B«d site, pointed out, however, that test planet* flying over tho track might frighten tho Hotter* versus archers-—that is tho story of tho novel moct which will bo hold at Alia Vista wolf course r tomorrow starting at 2 o'clock In tho j eloso battle yesterday in tho afternoon. Mornlx'rs of tho linker*-: Plare war and tho Chicago players HoU! Archery Club will uso their i camo through with a 3-0 victory to cloth-yard hhafts .\\hlln tho Altai supplant the St. Ixmbi team as run- golf tram will Bhoot only > nors-up to the idle GtanU. Lon and may UNO any club they ! VVarnoko hurled his fifteenth win of , A cup will bo tho target. tho yoar, allowing but throe hits. According to Jim Murphy, new The Cuba scored all their runs in president of the nukerwfittld Archery t ho third. Tljjcrs Scorn Victory In tho American Leagrue the Dej troll Tigers scored four runs In the «lxth to clinch a 0*3 victory over tho Cleveland Indians. Tho Chicago White Sox lost by a single run to tho St. Louis Browns and retained tholr nccond-placo ntandlng by a — ----- —--- —• i -r -• — -— — ^ ^» -^ ^ — -»»- w W ^- • J Club, tho shoot promises to be a one and tho public IB Invited. UOSK nowr, GAME PAHADRNA, Sept. 19. (A. V.)—Tho UOHO Howl's baptism of tho fall football HeftHon was a 12 to 7 victory by Pamiduim J unlor College* over the Santa Ana Dons lost nlglu. fractional percentage. * * ^^^ C~i / •UB*—f /> — K /*» &* 74 7K 82 04 RIN CHOE Prtst Leased HOLLYWOOD, Calif,-Baby Arb mandl, 183H, Mexico City, and PrankJe (Did) Corenlll, 181, Brook* drew (10). NATIONAL LBACJUK Won New York 87 57 Chicago 83 03 St. I^oulH ....,., 82 03 Pittsburgh .....79 Cincinnati 71 BOH ton 04 Brooklyn , fi2 Philadelphia 50 Yeftferriuy'tt IU*«ultft Chicago, fl; Ht. Louis, 0. (Only «ram*« played.) Oamen Today Philadelphia at BoBton. Now York at Brooklyn, Cincinnati at Pittsburgh. St. lx»ul» at Chicago. AMK1UCAN LKAGUE Won Lost N*?w York ,.90 Chicago „ 78 Dotrolt .».,..., 70 Washington ..*.«,«.. ,77 Una ton 72 Cleveland 78 Ht. Lou IB ,.,,.....53 Philadelphia ......... MO Pet. .604 ,nfi« .490 .401 .431 .847 T1COJAN IMtACTICIfi ANGKLlOa, Sept. 1». (A. Coach Howard JoneH lined his Boulh- cm California Trojans up today for a practice, gamo at Kovard Klold. Tho head man planned to use his two "varsity" oloverm agattm tho re- «ervoM. tho main Idea being lo dln- covnr who tlie !>owt tackle, prospect Is, 4onoH' main concern at tho moment. YOUNG CQIUUCTT WINS KUK8NU. 8cpt. 10. (U. I J ,)« Young Corbott 111, ono-Uine holder of the world's welterweight title, today wan advanced another step on the comeback road following a decisive victory over Joo Beriwl, San I'Yanrlnoo tipunfturd. In a 10-round bout that brought out 0000 home-town fans. Corboll bold the offensive throughout tho bout and dropped the rugged Ban Kranciscun for a short count In tho ninth round. THERE'S REALISM 4R 67 68 68 74 70 00 95 Pot. .067 .538 ,C37 .581 .528 .621 ,371 ,340 niEBXO^Touni Cprbfttt, ISfl, outpointed Joe .Benuuri Francliwo Ht* Ixjulu, 6: ChlcAgo, 6. Detroit, 0; Cleveland. 3. (Only at St» Cleveland at Datrolt. Boston at Phtladtlpbta, at. New York* f New General Electrics $29.95 and Up WITHAM 2015 Fox Theater H StrcHtt Our Experience A**ure* uilding Phone Your Satisfaction 2834 iiiaiuiimiiiiaiiiHiUMiaiiiuiuiUiaiiuiiiHioiuuuHiinuiuwuiauuiJUiiuau^ aseball Tomorrow vs mM I II •• TICS TWO 44 MYSTERY" PITCHERS RECREATION PARK Jt* -• 2:30 SHARP ElQhteenth and Oak Str.oeU DONT BE CATC - I f • * ' •T ' I . I I • I -I .fc X **-.-' .. ' • , 'v i'-*- - -. : . ''•: \ . 11' -•• '' \ : . -.->. 1 = ^L.J:. >.' ••',. v. *- •' •A "* i 1 \ s- ir • I- '- . t- * • \- - -."t - • y • - j 't:- -• ••-, ; ;:;:r ! ' I"'-" .•'- .->?'*' T-V^' 1 - vA ^ : -?'^ : ^ :r i.l' .- ' ,' ' V'"'- '' fcl :V* 1 ':*t*4'7. : >'\--*:ti$$ .. t ^ -

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