The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 6
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" (ARK.) ' WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 13, Homed' Coach Papooses After 'being^slightediand overlooked for a-year, the Junior High School Papooses are to hove a regular coach tills year. Superintendent W. B. Nicholson has announced that-Sylvester "Pop" Mosley, Vi'ho gave the Chicks Ihree of the greatest-performers In' their colorful < history—Hersch ell, Russell nnd . Norman—has been appointed Papoose'Chief and w|ll have _ lull charge of them In all sports. V "PopVlong an Institution at the local school and a big favorite here, served as line co^ch and assistant to Head Coach 'Arvll Green for dip last two, football - and basketball seasons, and actually .was needed nt thnt post ngaln. But the need to keep the material coming up was greater and 110 one was available, so the change was made. "Pop" also will be in charge of nil equipment, and 'retains his position as superintendent of the grounds and buildings which lie has held for many years. . • ; • • • Woil! .Has .Begun Coach Mosley "didn't lose any lime getting to, work. He .Immediately .issued ; a call for. Ills candidates and checked the .various reg- DOPE BUCKET BY J. F. THANKFUL FOK ERROR Staff Sergeant Leon Burns never was a meticulous stickler for exactness. H« had mistakes and expected others to do the same, even after he enlisted In the Air Corps. And he Is. thankful tot at least one mistake which the Avmy made. You'666,11 probably saved his life. Back homo on furlough with his wife, the former Miss Hazel Jo Rulledge of Sleele, Mo., his 13- mbntlis-old son, nnd parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jessie L-. Burns, post office custodian and former Courier News employee, after exactly a year overseas, Bergt. Burns said he learned after arriving In North Af- rlcc that lie and his outfit shipped out about 'K month before they actually" were scheduled. , , "We griped like everything, blamed everyone and .everything .'— until we learned that'-the ship we. were elite., to board-; was'torpedoed sec an approaching German plane with its spilling guns until nl- nosl too late. When I did wake up I turned and dove for my fox iole.,It was BO small I couldn't get n it. But I did pull my coai over :ne, as If that would have helped. Bullets sprayed the ground all around me but fortunately none hit my extended 'behind'. "Thai taught me my lesson, almost the hard way. The next day We went to work and dug one about live feet long and the same depth. We •. hustled some logs and crisscrossed the top and made a real fox hole. But Jerry dldnt come thnl night. The next day we moved out,, HAS UNSCHKDULCI) VISITOR Unusual .sights and experiences are • not '.uncommon In -war, bill Sergt.'.,Burns said his • outfit 'had one "for the. books. A young Gor- So far, he lias 28 youngsters .suited out'and hard r, twbrk on fundamentals'.- . ••• "Don't ask me how they look", he stated in .typical mentor fash- Ion. "My first Job is to get them In shape; put those legs where they can'run, and kick; develop those small, tender, bodies so as to take some blocking and tackling. Until theii, I .shall not- worry about how they look'. My next step will be to teach them fundamentals of block- ing'and tackling..We may not win any games but I expect to turn out some kids who can. block and tackle. If I con do just that I believe my responsibility will have been completed. Come back 'in • a week or two and maybe. I can answcd your question," he promised with a twinkle iii those eyes that revealed a lot : of savvy furnished by the schools of hard knocks, observation .and experience. large Roster en Haml Those who already reported in- and'suiik.'in the Atlantic with a great,loss ' of life", lip 'stitd -softly. Just my, luck to have been among those who failed'to conic lip." Despite the:fnct. that this war business Is ,hnrd,.grim, bitter and rough, it lias its amusing moments, according to Bergt. Burns wlio h'elp- ed get' the American flying boats, into, the air and keep •them there. For Instance, he told ol •his first raid .'utter arriving In Itnly.' DIGS FOX .HOLE "Soon after we 'landed : we- were told lo-dlg-n fox'hole,' for the Jer ries were sure to liny us some nonsocial visits. Since we hadn't lieei; issued shovels,-tlie only thing Mini to use was-my> helmet. So, I got busy (ind scooped out n shnllow place. After finishing I got oft and viewed my handiwork nnd agreed that It ought to be big enough, justifying niy [eeblu attempt with the hard ground and no shovel." "Sure enough, Jerry did come la see us that night," he continued. "H was good dark wheil they chine Pirates Sweep Double Header From Cardinals Hy United Frets Tlie Pittsburgh Pirates opened up On the Bl. Louis Cardinals and made It two In a row as they toofc a twin bill from 61. LouLs 5 to 3 and '3 to 6. Fritz Ostermuellcr pitched the first Pirate win and held the Carols to one lone run In the Hi'tt Inning and two more in the eighth. It was Ostermueller's 13th win against 5 TVed Schinldt, Blnx Donnelly and Al Jurlsch took the mound for the Cards, Schmidt was blamed for the loss, his fourth of the season stgainst five victories. Pittsburgh piled up two runs 111 the first Inning, two more In the second and another in the seventh to fend the Cards nil the way. In the second game the Cards f.taged an eighth Inning rally ant] brought In (hree rims to come within one score of the leading Hues. Bui the ninth inning saw both teams scoreless, Fririik Colemiin and Babe Dahl Supersergeanfr 1; •• ' • jt rnW'f e ' vS rily, ScfS ? ^ cnch^^ed'a honier ,,, the to tlienv without n 'tight. '• -I follrtl1 '" nl "« r ° r ™f burgh Cole."We were busy patching up -n ">"» s • h °' ncv ;" ns lll! >'. cth ,' ina miir.ln nf '/Inmncrnrl Irthc niifl Pnl - 1 DulllgrCll InS ,911).. . . the regular srtapperback last yea ana improved with every game. H weighs .180 pounds. At least 10 pounds heavie? tha . when the 1943 campaign' closed, yoimg Ratcliff may be 'the answer and tracer 'bullets; Reminded 'battles' elude: Harold Traylor, Dounld Hney ° wl \: s '" c ?,' It ,, Wi j s R. A. Friend, Jack Elliott, Dlcklp fnsvc * Greenwell, Billy Wayne McPnrlnhd; "f* Mo: gene B Brncy, lips, C. E. -'Price, Lucicn Colcmnn, J. Perciful.JEugeue Johnson, John Essary, Charles Owens, James Todd, Malcolm O'Bannon, Harmon Ellis, Harvey ;Eaton, Richard Lolt, Louis Davis, linesmen.. "Pop" hopes to gel Jimmy 'Cunningham, promising i'ouns tackle/from the Chicks. No games have been booked but Miss Warren Poster, Junior High School Athletic Director, expects to get at least six contests on the schedule. • Jonesboro, Paragould; Forrest .City, and Memphis schools are to be contacted. Conch Mosley Indicated that lie would need least threeLwceks to whip the boys In'shape'-for competition. Over in the Chick camp no real developments have been reported by Coach:Green. He is taking advantage \ofihis fine training period to find a suitable combination, Green Is Experimenting The latest experiments have come " In the line. In an effort to plus fl couple of gaps the Big Chief hns moved Gerald Blomeyer back t center -'and shifted Joe Nell Rat cliff to. right tackle. "Corky" wa: real-danger. In fact, I didn't to his; chief line worries, Coach 22. Green believes to mix It. To fill In latcllff's Vacated guard spot Charles -Roy. Lutes is given nn as- ignment • wllh Jimmy Stafford. Junior. Stone'Is given an edge at. tie other tackle, while J, L. Thbmp- pn ; rind John Bruce Wilson hold way at thj, regular terminals. . Passe* In Sought Finding's! passer fprithe quarterback position In the'T : fpnnat|on Is causing Coach drcen some worries, isj'ijeil 'as-oile ;operi back. David Sylvester ' lias' shown considerable improvement and Daii'caidwell can do .a pretty fair-Job at heaving the Jlgskln. So can Jim Smart, but he :s. counted on and needed sit left halfback, pogue 'does 'little-pass- Ing'., Stan'Hood is just fair. . The chieftain ' believes Hint Dan. Chester Caldwell, David and Frank Nicholson have equal chances to clinch .thnt other halfback to run with Smart, Pogue and Hood, nnd leans toward Dan. To make competition keener, Nicholson has come with a rush and is making a serious bid. The issue likely will nol pe decided until next week. Scrimmage and heavier work wll be the,order of this" week-end as they prep for the first game will Caruthersville Friday week, Sept were busy patching couple, of damaged jobs nnd ting others ready one day when we spotted a lone plane approaching. As it- ncarcd we saw a white flat 1 wnvlhg frantically. Although the ship .had ft swuslicka Insignia, the boys nt the nntl-nircrnft guns held (heir fire as It landed. The pilot ctid nol 'make anv attempt to come out/Wo closed In on him with guns drawn,. still wondering if It wasn't h trap. But; It wasn't. The pilot, iv young man of about 2) or 22, said lie "had enough; couldn't take anymore", and wanted to surrender. He urged us to lake the number off his plane, explaining thnt his family was still in Germany and would be killed If the Germans learned what he had done. We Immediately stripped the plane of any Identification." Actively engaged In the battle'of Italy, Leon snw the lejTlble effects of the eruption of Vesuvius and said the damage almost compared with ti violent, bombing. He said both ".wore 'sights he would ' never orget^',/.; ' .. V. '• '.'•'"..;•'. Overseas' a -.year and nine 'bou'rB, o*W. exnct, : Sergl. Burns- saw one Elylhevllle - native, Harold • Anderon'. He barely escaped'seeing J. D:'Tiite Iri^Naples'. Oil n trip- into he city he.went to the Red Cross icndqiiartcrs and signed his name mtl nddress on the register.. Just iboye h(s was .J. p.'s, but no ad- iress wns given. Leon said he wrote note beside his luune nml re- juested thnt.Tnlc meet him at a certain place. But he didn't show ip. '.,-, '.- / • VISITS HISTORIC I'LACKS Leon said he • wasn't particularly inprcsscd with Rome. In fact, he ilked Naples much better. He. had iH-,opp6rtunlty/'to view the historic places nt the Italian cripltol' in tlie sliort time they were there. He anil HU outfit were relieved Just north of the city anil sent.back.' relief was wholly unexpected and • not until they .'were just ready to'board a ." ship .did they learii thnt it was homeward bound. Sorgt. Burns saw a lot of this country before going overseas. He wns drafted on Aug. 12 then given n discharge. He immediately enlisted in the Air Corps, Aug.'21. ' Among the various' camps he received Ills chow and ninil aiid training were: Camp Robinson, St. Louis Chauutc Field, Shaw Field, Sumler S. C., Atlanta. On., Avon Pnrk Fla., Lakeland, Fla. Enjoying his .furlough, of course Leon said if there nre any skeptics .who believe the American fighters pilots nnd planes nre ,not the bcs' in the world they should have beei right with him in 'Italy.-What hi his, Oth. Preacher Roe Unrtcd for Pitts- :urgh In the second game and was relieved by Hay Starr In the eighth. Roe was credited with the win, his tenth ngninst 14 losses. Aldrcd Bycrly took the mound for the Cnrds and was relieved by Ted Wllks In the sixth. Fred Schmidt came In for the Cards In the eighth and Al Jurlsch followed him In the ninth. Byerly was named for the loss, which lives him one loss and one win. Nation's Finest Dogs To Compete In Field Trials FORT SMITH, Ark., Sept, 13 (UP) —Many of the nation's outstanding Jird dogs are expected to vie for he $1000 purse offered by the Ar- <ansas-Oklahoma Field Trial Club it its annual trials near fioone- vllle, Ark., Nov. leth through the 22nd. Club Secretary Bill Elsken of Paris says the big purse Is being offered in the all-age or subscription stake. Seven of the country's leading handlers have already Indicated lhe v will enter their dogs ill the event. The trials will be .held on a $5,000 acre site which Is being used as a state game refuge. Elsken says the site Is well stocked with quail. The shooting dog slake will be open to any bird dog, pointer or setter, regardless of age. Winner of this stake will receive a trophy do^ natcd by club president, Roy Hainu er of Fort Smith. RENTNKR AND HKAP Evanston,—Two of Northwestem's outstanding halfbacks of recent yenrs, Lts. Pug Rentner and Don Heap, are serving al the same naval air base In England. Hold Everything Navy Discharges Sneed SAN DIEGO, Sept. 13. (UP) — Sammy Sneed, a name that hns Inspired fear In the hearts of many n golfing great, has ueeji discharged from the Navy. The 1042 Professional Golf Association champ has been In service since 1942. when he joined the Navy as an athletic specialist under Commander Gene Tunney. He was released because of a back ailment. 'Hiough Snead hns gone to his Sulphur Springs, Va., home to rest, he plans to play soon in Hed Cross and convalescent hospital fund exhibitions. But he isn't sure whether ic will return to professional com- 'Ctltion. • "1 want to contribute this phone liook—with my number under" linod!" MICHIGAN (iALLS 51 Ann Arbor. — Michigan opened football practice with 51 candidates called back by Coach Fritz Crisler Baseball Standings AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. New York 1C 75 73 Detroit . SI. Louis Boston . Cleveland 05 Philadelphia 04 Chicago . . Washington Pet. 01 .555 61 .551 62 .547 64 .533 12 .474 G3 58 3oston 55 Brooklyn 55 Philadelphia .52 NATIONAL LEAGUE . VV. L. St< Loouis 95 40 'ittsbtirgh incinniui Jhicago . tfcw York 30 ..73 ...;.. 60 fit .460 .460 .420 Pet. .703 .SOD .562 .462 .459 ,410 .407 .357 After 30 years active service in (lie U. S. Army, 26 of them in Hie highest non-com 'rank, Master Seigt. Chester Stewart recently retired at Ft. Lewis, .Wash. He's pictured above wearing, beside rank chevrons, 10 three-year-liitch hashmarks; loin World War I overseas chevrons 'irui an overseas strip from tills war. Yesterday's Results ; A.MKKICAN LEAGUE Open dote. NATIONAL LEAGUE Pittsburgh 5-0, St. Louis 3-5. Boston at Brooklyn, rain. Pliiladelpliin at New York, ruin. Cincinnati at Chicago, rain. All Illinois Has To Do Is Shake Buddy Young Loose By SKA Service CHAMPAIGN.—If Buddy Young duplicates,in football what he-accomplished last spring while wear- Ing No.. GG/ on. his track uniform Illinois coaches will be well pleased thai the former Phillips Flyer was assigned these numerals this fall •Track conch Leo Johnson pinned 66 on Young for Illinois' first indoor meet last season and Buddy carried those figures through the spring months, while compiling the mos brilliant track record any freslnnai .ever scored. He ran the 100 In :09.5 only to have the mark set aside be tausc of the wind velocity at his back. He Is a halfback. Today s oames SOUTHERN LEAGUE (Playoff) Nashville at Memphis,. night. NATIONAL LEAGUE Boston at Brooklyn, two. Cincinnati at Chicago, two. Philadelphia at. Now York, two. Pittsburgh at St.. Louis, twilight iy night. AMERICAN LEAGUE New York nt Philadelphia, night. Only game scheduled. how the boys reacted ngainst r p experienced foes, both on the snu' mor L ground and in the air, would have wanned the hearts of any American. "I don't see how the Germans can continue much longer. They have neither the urge to fight, nor the equipment we have. Both arc vital." 5 { Read Courier News Want MM. Mr. JIM SCOTT clothes stylist with the STORRS-SHAEFFER CO. will be in our store THURSDAY and FRIDAY September 14th and 15th Mr. Scott will have his unlive Fall nnd Winter line of fine woolens, many of which cannot be duplicated . . . For belter clothing, tailored especially for you, we recommend this custom tailoring service ... An outstanding line of fabrics for ladies' suits and topcoats will he included in this showing. R. D. Hughes & Co. Bead courier News Want Ada. RHEUMATIC PAIN Mil r.=! Sjtll vo« Oir-G.t ilitr II Haw Don't put off getting; C-2223 to relieve pain of muscular rheumatism and other rheumatic pains. Caution: Use only as directed. First bottlo purchase prfce back if not satisfied. 60o and $1.00. Today, buy C-2223. THEATRE Manila, Ark. WEEK-DAY NUiHTS Box Office Opens 8—Show SiarU at 8:15. BATU11DAVS & SUNDAYS Box Office Optns 1 Show Starts 1:15 Last Time Today 'CLANCY STREET BOYS with /' •The Kas', Side Kids KKO iVeivs & C'ome<ly Thursday and Friday "LADY, LET'S DANCE" with Belita, Henry Bussc, .Mitch Ayres, Kthly I.ebarron i Brinn Paramount News Comedy and Short THIS SUBT WILL I I Have a "Coke"-Put 'er there, old timer ...or greeting new pals in Ketchikan The newly-arrived soldier frSru ,hc States finds Alaska a laad of friendly welcome. There as here he finds Coca-Cola. In Ketchikan, to say Have a "Coke" meaos Pal, we're right glod )ou ' re here , j ust as ; t docs .„ youf owfi . home. In many land, arouad the globe, ,h e t> auie ,,,„, re/rtshes with icc . coW Coca-Cola has become a symbol of a friendly way of living. , . ..omio uMot. AuiHo.nv Of r H e COCA.COU COMPAQ IY : COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. 0 [' BLYTHEVILLE "Coke"=Coea-Cola It'« natural for popular name* to acquire friendly abbreviations. That's why you heat Coca-Coll called "Coke". EVERYWHERE YOU PEOPLE WILL NOTICE YOU! And why not? This suit is styled by the famous <le Marco ... in an exclusive, fine all-wool pattern (one of many), that every Tom, Dick and Harry won't be wearing. Your STYLE-MART suit holds its shape, particularly in the Critical "neck zone"—the collar and shoulders never bunch up over your cats, even when you twist, stoop, or raise your arms. .Mfc Enjoy value. ..INSIDli and OUT. Genuine prc-sluunk linings, for example. Careful craftsmanship with special attention to the details that count—more accurate cutting, fitting, and matching. 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