The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 19, 1936
Page 6
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>•',«**• f 1 , ' THE BAKBRSPIBLD, CALIFORNIA?*, SATURDAY, Screen Favorite Billeclat Rialto "Tho Upturn of jimmy Vulon- tlnr" hcndu HIP <1ouh1r> bill playing ', Sunday imd Mmitlny at Iho Ulalto tlionler. HORPI- I'ryoi- Is scon In tlio | tltli' rolp. I'robnbly no piny over a(- i taliiPd KrpntPi- popularity on tho stiiRi? limn "AlliiH .Iltnmy Valentino" and It vim nlfto 11 KPrpcn favorlto ho Ih In I IIP Hllr-nt pli'tijroH find OKI talklcH. Tlip prr-aoni plclurp crmllnurs Ihp ndvontiiroH of ihn ruinous rlwr- til-ti-r. it nd I* ""Id In linvi- Hi" Hiiinn ijiwlltlr-x Him Hindu Ibc orlb'lmil vnr- HllIM f«> fllllHHI.M. "l'\vii III Ill-volt." fPl'Dllll fl'lltlirf, (HIM Arli'ilK" find 1/nulnr- lu-illmr-r In I In- h ndliif! roll-, xiipporli-d by I ho Jim-Hi , "\\ 'iirrlor" und (In 1 d"K, IN EXPOSE OP PAROLE SYSTEM Murder on Liner Is Theme at Rex ('nri.)lr Ijoniltnid pours H.M II. Sut-d)M!I prim-ens In "Th" I'I-IIH-I-NH COIIII-H API-IIHH." In « M'-h l-'u-d Mni'Murriiy JM rn-Mlai-rcil Ml (In 1 H.«'X Ilicnlci- .Sunday In Tin-8dny on ;i donlilc Mil \vllli "linu-tiln'H 1 miiKlilcr." fi-ul nr- ' IliK Ottci KMIKIT ii nd Ulorlii MuMi-n. A i.'lirtonn and InliiHt III-«'H i-oin- Bruce Cnbot nnd Louise Lntlmer Last Essays Due in D^U Contest Today IN Urn lft*t opportunity boys and tflrln between th> nj?es of 8 and 13 will liavo to Rtibtnlt Ihelr.etuay* of DO wortlii or ICHH on "Why I Would 1-lko to do to tho Los Ali- KP)CH County Fair," Thn content him been In full gwlttg for-<lho pant two we«k» and-many (•tmnyri have been received. , Tho'intinngorn. nt tho Fox, Nllo iinr] California thcftlnrs will accept nil nwwiys up to midnight tonight. Tim prlxn Shlrlny Temple dolld uro now on display In tho foyor« of I hone lliRiiir-i-M unrl tin- dolln worn Hpnl lo llnkr-i-Hfldil liy tho Loa An- «ei|(!H County Kfllr A»noc!latlon Who huvri nui do IhlH r-onlcHt iiUKHlhlo I through tlm ro-opern.tloii of Iho Fox, j thoatoi-H und The Dukeraflcld Call- I fornliin. i I'rlx.o wliiiV'rM will be announced | and iiwanlH niiidn ni tho Fox Mlehoy j Mount' Club inf.-<'llri({ at. ihr; Fux I (hf'ttter, Haturrliiy morning, Meptem- i bor 20, and tlir>ro will be additional prlxflH of (lolliiTB lo bo awarded-to n boy anrl girl who attend the mooting with the cloancMl facns and hands j unrl Ihu ricalool appearance. 'PhoHo who enter IhlH contest will line up on tho ftlugiB and JudgliiK for tho awarilH will bo mudo by tho aurllenco of boyH anil' plflo lb<- ICi x offi-rlnK- Under Two Flags Opens at Granada Four Krrat MtarH, a rust of Hi.nOO und n plory thiil flami'H ivllli thn In- tPUHlly of Hiiliimi'K InirnliiK minds, bring oil'- of Uin iiilKblliwl Hpi'rinrl«.- dnuniiH of motion pli-lnrc blntory lo thn Hcrpcn In TwnntliMh < 'i'iil ury's "llndfir Two 1'liiKH" iipnnlng Mnndny n( OKI Ciranada Ibi'iiliT i'oinpldIliK HID double Mil IH "Throe on th« Trull," with \Vllllain Uoyd, .Ilniiny 1'Illltion nml oltiiTH. i HIP faulty pnroln B.VH- tern of ii IdB clly. "Don'l Turn 'ICm I,(JOHI' ( " O|».'|I|MK at Ib'- Nlh 1 Ibi'iid-r tomorrow. challi-nK'-" thl« ofU'ii abiiHPd branch of pnniilogy. Tuo HlroiiK IhcrnpH (hi 1 dual llf" of a nnlorloiiH K'liiic h'fidiT and Iho ••ffnpt upon HiH'liily of H.VMICIII -niitrk "Dnn 'I LooHi-.," Ill which I/ .liiincM Mli'iixoM, lli'ucc pri'lly l.oiilHi- l.nllnii'i- thi' l Turn I'abol und appear. The companion fcalun- nn Ibo M/I in" pro^iiini "Ili'ai-ln In llond- fiK'*." IH pfi'Mi'iiU-d aKiihiftt tlio background of nnn «t (In- Civil U'ar'n nioHl vivid chitpl^i-H, I he c|i|r naval balllc ln>lwi>cn III" Mon- llor anil Mi-ri-hnuc. On the Air 0:00 to 6i30 p. m. If IS UN and , ni'lwork Your Mil I'anidn find Hu'i.,«p»lul(nK. WB.XAI -NCWH KliiHlnin, (I: Hi, Col- (Mii'l (I S lintni ID II Hi 0:30 to 7tOO p. in. If 11 UN and ni'lwurli Vniir Illl 1'n.nidr- anrl ,S\i i»i<pi4lalu<ri. U'flXAl l!:4r., ('dlond < I. H. (Iriint. If NX- •Cnlinoii l.nliovliild I,, 7:1:,. 7:00 to 7i30 p. m. KHUN and nnlwcuk- -An In Hluiw ( )|-rlil'Nl|a. Nlic ni'lwork — llurn linnciv WIIXAI- llolnn |Colkn; 7:lfi. World I III lirfH. KN.X 7 Id, Pomona Kulr 7:30 to 8:00 p. m. KICI1N nnd nnlwiuk Nielli <'HIM I of lln- Proplf, N'lli' tn>lw,iik Iliirii linnrii. \\'IIXAI l.i-l'n IIIIIH-O. 7-<&, C'-'-ll hud Mulh K N \ l^iir> l.i-i''n in-ihi-nlru. BiOO (o II:SO p. m, KI'IHN Slinlfliiiki-r i'liiini|ili>nfi; S:ir,, .llnilnv Illildli'li lirclii-Hlrii NIK' ni't^'orh lloli-l AoiliiiiiiiiLilur i in lii'fitni WIIXAI Hi.IU<< oncl ,,ti Pnntiln. H K,, Alur-l li-lin U i>i>lllv KN.X Hollywiiiul limn Imni-ii. II::U) la (1:00 p. III. KI'IHN und n. n^oili I'lill llari'l.-i I UI'llI'Mf III. NIK- in.I \( cull l.uliin (liiriliiiM fir. chr/ilrii. U'liXAl I'llli l|i-|iol'li<r», K:l;i, Illlil anil Isiiniri-ii KNX ll'illviMn,,! Main Inuin- IllOO tii 0:10 p. in. KIOIIN Mini iii'lwiirli Iliiirv I ,*• \vhi' ( n I'hi'Ml i n . NIK' oi'lM-iirli Uniiiil 'I'l'i-riu-r I In -Ill-Mil ft. WB.XAI Ni'H'ii ICIUHliiiH. !l:Hi, Pop ('nin-Pi'l lo li'U, KN.X NI-WII; !i:|f,. Illirn IIIIIH-IV flulO to 10:00 p. III. Iv'li'.IIN nod ii'-luurli .Mililnv I lor r»'\ i in-lu>Hlra. Nlli' m l w,nli iirli-iilal (larilniKi (>ri lii-Hlni. WUXAI iMfi, Illiyllnn mid II.. Inn ni'i-. KN.X llurn lnin.i- 10:00 to I0:.10 p. m. KI'illN and iii-Hvork Ki-iinv All«n I Mrlii't Ilii Nlti' in'l\vi>rk llolrl HI. l''nini-l'i (iri'licrtl I'M WIIXAI All lli-i|\n-M PrnKi'iiin I0:.10 to 11:00 p. in. KI'MIN nnd lulnnrli i',,h. M,l,l M>V',I ( n . lu-'Ji i M . \\I1.XAI .All Kriiuivil I'I-MKI-IIIII SUNDAY HILARIOUS FEATURE, CALIFORNIA pATllU'IA |.;|,I,1H and lliiRli * I li-rhrrl IIH Ilii'y appoar In n HI-I-IIO fl-nin "l,in'u 'Hi-KlnM at Tui'iilv," olio of Iho thrt-n iillrac.- IliinH MtiirtliiK ifiinorrow at Ihn I'^ox ('ullfiinila th'-ntcr "l.n\ p n Hi'^hm lit Tui'lll.S" IliillMtn || Hl'i'lll I'llHl of f iiiNli-rn anil UIIM Inilll for laui,'h |iiir]iiiHi-M only Tin- ni'i-ond f<-a Is "To Mar\ \\'llh l,ovo,"onn f III.' KI^'lltl-Ht Hlofll-M I VIT pllllll-d I i Ilii' Hiil unlay Kvi-nlnif PoMl.Wtir- Ilii x l»'i' and Myrna I ,oy HIV ttti- Hlai-H and (In- HII|I|IOI lliiR r-»Hl In- i-hidi'H Inn HiinliT. C|nlri< '1'ivvor and .li'iin liUon ^ The Itlilnl nttrtir- lion on Ihn pniKi'iiin IH Wall |I!H III-.V'M MMIMI-I In "ThriM> I,Illli- IMtfn," "Tlll'i-n I.Kill- \\-olvi-H " l''ox Movli- luiii' NKVVM I-OIII|I|I>|I-H tin' pi'iiKi'inn I'lurdliK today al tin- I 'nlll'ornla niv flvi- iitlrni tloiiH Wllllani I'mv oil nnd Myrna IJty In "The Thin Man";. Jriin I'ui-kor In "Ho(|iiola"; I)r. "X" nit tho MtiiKo: f-liit|)t(M- nix of "('iiBti-r'H l.iiHl Hliind"; a. cartoon nnd IICWH vvcntn. IL TROVATORE Eighteenth and K Special Turkey Dinner .Today and Sunday Served from B p. m. $1.00 Spaghetti Dinner, 60c Chicken Dinner, $1,00 Our Steak Dinners Are Delicious DANCING Every Saturday and Sunday Nights, Music by Rose H. Parent! Accordion and Piano Fred Parent! Saxophone Try Our Delicious Mixed Drinks Served In Our Cozy, New Cocktail Lounge TELEPHONE 4633 BAkornfleld'it ,Mo»t Unique Cafe TONIGHT And for One Week ENGAGEMENT EXTRAORDINARY Gazan "The Qlrl Houdlnl" * See her In the big Mall Bng Mystery; see her escape from n straight-jacket. Amazing stunts. . Vantine "The Mad Magician" You'll shriek with laughter at his nniuslng stunts, nnd wonder how he does 'em. Revalon Trio Songs and dances, singles, doubles, trio. Three of a kind—all good. Patsy Stiner Mistress of Ceremonies Laurie Foster and His Rhythm Boys 3 FLOOR SHOWS NIOHTLY Cover Chftrgt 25c par Person SnturdAy Only FIOR D' ITALIA Cafe In New Location 1001 Nineteenth Strstl OPENS TODAY at 4 p. in. Special Turkey Dinner $1.00 Today nnd Sunday Chicken and Ravioli Dinners Served Dally WINE AND BEER Pasqulnl Bros., Props. NEW STAtt AT FOX StJNDAY Virginia Snowing, Mystery Feature Murder mystery, comody itnd r*> nance nre mixed as only William 'owell mixes them, In "Tho Ex- Mrs. Bradford," co-starring vehicle n which -Powell -afid blonde Jean Ai-thtir aro to bo seen for throe days tarllng Hurtduy at tho Virginia IHd- ator.' - ., " It In fowdll'e glft.'to Jest carolosBly vhllo staring'Into a gun muzzle and oiriance gftyly under conditions thai, vould fray norves of- stool. It ..ootnod him to flrnt place among UCTOOII Hlculh'8 In "Tho Thin ^^ali." 11s current UKO lludlo film la ro- >ortcd to display this quality ad- nlr'ably. Tho niyHtcry builds on the apparently normal death of a Jockey stricken whllo riding a favorlto. Discovering that It Is- murder, Pow- ntl gets In fiomo of his neatest and nost thrilling detectlyo work In Set- Ing a trap among aovcn suspects. On tho same bill Is a romance of .ho northwest, "O'Malley of tho VIountcd,'.' starring George O'Brien. "Herbert Marshall and Slmone Simon CTAKTINO Sunday for a throe- O day Nhowlrig IH "Olrls 1 Dormitory," the story of the Ht-'crfita of a finishing Hchool which' Introducos tho ntar dlMPovpry of IDJtfl, young, vital, refreshing, with rare, strange bqauty and magnetic appeal, SI- monc Simon (pronuuncod soe- mono Hlmon (pronounced sec- with Herbert Marshall and Ruth Chatterlon. Thn second fpaluro showing In "Hlrulght From tho Hhouldcr" starring Ti<ilph Bellamy, Katharine T/ookc, David Jlolt and Andy Clyde In a story of a boy's thrilling devotion to his father. A short subject, "Palm" .Springs" showing the Hhowplaco and playgrounds of California and Fox Mov-letone News, complete this program. .Showing for the last times today Is "The General Died at Dawn" with Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carroll and "Sworn ISnomy" with Robert Young and Florence HJce, 1)O(J KSCAI'KN IN HIOII KALT, HACHAMHNTO, Cal., Kopt. 18. (U. I 1 .)—A flvp-Hlory dlvo from tho roof of an aparliivont building WHS Iho boast of Tippy, year-old fox terrier, who cmorgctl from his <>xpnrl(>nco with wagging lull and frightened pynH, but hardly a scratch. SOVIKT OAMK ABUNfMNT • 8TAMNABAD, U. H. H. R., Sppt. II). (U. P.)—An unprecedented abundance of game and beasts Is observed this year In tho Turkmenlan. ^ant month 32 panthers, .121 wolves and over 1700 foxes were killed by hunters. Your Family Theatre MATINEE SAT. i BUN. AFTER 2 P. M. TOMORROW—2 SENSATIONAL HITS with JAMES DUNN MAE CLARKE DAVID MANNERS Last Times TODAY JACK HOLT—Zane Drey's "End of the Trail" MARY BOLAND—"A Son Gomes Home" They Start ~ | TOMORROW Your Friendly Theatre SWELL ATTRACTIONS ..ind then ihc dccldei to quit ..•nd etn'tl ANNOUNCING The Gala Winter Season Opening TONIGHT AT THE nada 'Ballroom With DUNCAN CARLYLE JOHNSON'S La Granada Ballroom Band ASSISTED HY JUANITA RAY and LE ROY McRAY COMING ATTRACTION—Merle Carlson's Orchestra Thursday, September 24 GRUNOW Refrigerators—Radios JOHN R. HUFF Phono 2420 1881 ONlUr Avinui SPECIALIZING IN STEAKS AND SALADS Try Our Mixed Drinks Optn Dully From 6 *. m. FREE DANCING LANTERN Oak and Brundaga Lane Q. W*loh«lt and A. a. Upward Jllllliiiiiillilllliiilllllllllllllllllllilllllllllllilllilllillllililllllllllllllilllllllllliii: i Enjoy Another Big Evening at I I BEARDSLEY DANCE PAVILION | S "Where They All Go for *'««'; 5 5 DHIII'O lo tlio over-popular * ~ 1 WILSON'S HARMONY BAND 1 on Iho Hin<nitli-as-(tlas« flour. = 5 Cnsh Door Prize and Special Spot Dance Prize 5 = Tlirrp MUCH North on Old Krtwio illglnvny. I'luiim 2346-W § = Don't KorRot (ho Cooks' nnd Wnllers' Annual Hull = E Thursday Kvonlnc, October 1 = HiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiuiiinniR Meet Me at the EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Avenue at Terrace Way $1 DINNER—CHOICE OF: Fried Frog Legs on Hnro Welsh Toast Houthuru Fried Unjolntod Chicken, Wafflo Potatoes Now Vorlc Cut with Italian Mushroom Sauce Mixed Cocktail With Dinners Hot Biscuits, Orange Honey OTHER DINNERS: 60c, 76o, 90c MIXED DRINKS A SPECIALTY Walt Disney's Sequel to "3 Little Pigs" "3 Little Wolves" Ends Today "The THIN MAN" "SEQUOIA" DR. "X" on the Stage TOMORROW 2 BIG FEATURES Gangway for Romance ^ [AHOIE LOMBARD ' FRtD MmMURRAY PRINCESS [OME5 AND . ,,„ COMEDY CARTOON NEWS Women Obeyed Her. Commands— Men Feared Her Power OTTO KRUQER-QLORIA HOLDEN In "DRACULA'S DAUGHTER" LA8T DAY—8 BIG FEATURES QERTRUDE MICHAEL SIR GUY STANDING IN "SOPHIE UNO RETURNS" AND KEN MAYNARD IN "THE FUGITIVE SHERIFF" Also Chapter I of BUCK JONES In "THE PHANTOM RIDER" Another Qny Time Awaits You TONIGHT «( thi HUGHES Old-Time Music—0(im« Out and' Enjoy t-ht -Pun CURLBY HUGHB8, Proprietor REGULAR DANCE TONIGHT at the Barn STINK UOAU \Iuslc by the Southern Stars , -I0c; , I'Voo RADIO CLUB CAFE It Olldils JOHN J! LEV), Proprlslor DANCE Saturday Night Starting at 8 p, ni, to t. a, m, ORCHESTRA-FLOOR SHOW Everyone Welcome— Eat. Drink. Dance and B« Happy,. *»« 8«l«nlior NliM* Htrt nr) lirfi Ambassador Club East Bakersfleld baa courteous attendants to son-e you -in a oosraupolltan rendozvoua. Try our delicious STEAK OR CHICKEN DINNERS FRANK LUCAS, Manager STARTS TOMORROW Behind Walls Barfed To-Men ... Life Teaches What the Rules Forbid Introducing a New Screen Personality SIMONE SIMON ALSO: '• 'A GREAT HEART DRAMA PACKED WITH EXCITING. ACTION STRAIGHT SHOUtNR -. Ralph BELLAMY • Katherim LOCKE PLUS Beautiful Colored Novelty "PALM SPRINGS" Latest News Events ON OUR STAGE * X " SUNDAY ONLY The Costume Committee Presents Authentic Frontier Costumes Modeled by Prominent Bakersfleld Folks MONDAY NIGHT ONLY ' Prizes for Best Costumes. First Fifty In Costume Admitted Free. ENDS-TODAY Popeye Cartoon—*-Fox Newt Gary Cooper—Madeleine Carroll "THE GENERAL DIED AT DAWN" — And Rob't Young—Florence Rloe "SWORN ENEMY" VIRGINIA Open 112.11 p. m.—20o and 10o Sunday, Monday, Tuesday TWO BIG FEATURES WM. POWELL JEAN ARTHUR In Big Love Story 'The Ex-Mrs. Bradford" GEORGE O'BRIEN In Romance of Northwest "O'Malley of the Mounted" Comedy, News and Novelty LAST TIMES TODAY Janet QAYNOR, Robert TAYLOR "SMALL TOWN GIRL" and FRED KOEHLER WESTERN "THE PECOS KID" Also Comedy qnd Newsreel RIALTO SUNDAY and MONDAY TWO BIG FEATURES ROGER PRYOR ' In Famous Stage Play "RETURN OF JIMMIE VALENTINE" John Arledgei LouUa Latlmer Horse: Warrior] Doot Lightning" "TWO IN REVOLT" March of Time: Newsreel Last Times Today JOHN WAYNE WESTERN "TEXAS TERROR" Noah Beery, Jr., Ann Preston "PAROU" Frank Merrlwell (7) and Shorts GRANADA Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ril'O BIG FEATURES R. COLMAN. 0. COLBERT V. MoLAOLEN, R. RUSSELL and Gist of 10,000 In "UNDER TWO FLAGS" WILLIAM BOYD JIMMIE ELLISON "Three on the Trail" Also News and Cartoon' ' LAST .DAY—JIMMIED "THE SKY PARADED and Freddl* Bartholomew In "LITTLE LORD FAUHTLIROY" Also Ntw» and short 8ubJ«ou ;' • -.' .I'.

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