The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 9, 1944 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 9, 1944
Page 6
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Miss Bird Speaks, Sketch Is Given For the multiple pmpnsc" nf ad. venising the M hnol annual, tl-e Raconteur, the baski (ball ean:es ahd Hie carnival-dame to be held nn <>>• toiler 14. a n<i\<lty assemhlv was presented l>y the exec/Hive committee of the Bakers-field Junior College Friday morning. Highlighting the pingram was ;i .short talk given by .Miss . Jra.c Bin!. director of the junior college, win- in turn, inlioduced the other mem hers of the facultv. A shot; skil. directed by Miss l-'ay McCannnii, was presented in nn to Jmn.-t snl and staff membership nf the T!acn teur. The basket ball skil piesent. I l>y Richard Tcague. I'aul Bal.hvi Kdgnr Phillips. Kiehard Teal. Flm Pell. Irving Williams. John Ree Patrick Coulter. Mmiclas Stnekt,> Paul Masnn. Hn.lncv V.ij.-e. Karl Frtesen. Haloid Kavein. Hill Yo->Robert Kennedy and Sallv I'reweti. 'A female wants' SAYS PEET "A ftmal* wants notliin' ns iniicli as she wnnts a husband ... but once nhe pets 'lm...sho wants everything else." PEET SAYS: "You onn have ererjiHiinu you want In a washday soap ... If yon use IVci's . . . (lie different Ki'-'iniilaled soap. Jts quicker, thicker suds work washday magic. There's nothiiiK like IVpt's for swisliliif: grease and grime from work clothes ...for making towels and sheets bright-while. (Jness that's why three tlmei as many women now me Peer's." PEET SAYS: "My brother Tom married a pal for just her prett.y fare. Y'know ... it's just like him to buy a house for its paint." PEET SAYS: ''You get more than Just a pretty package....if you buy ffet',i.\ou get suds that ara really tit/irkcr. tliirki-r. and Jnnger-luntiiiii. Believe me, Peet'B wonder-working suds wash clothes <;i-tra clean . . . in a hurry. And they do wonders with dishes, too ... yet leave your hands lovely. Bay— you ought to try it." PEET'S SOAP The quick-sudsing granulated soap Milky Permanent The wave Hial looUs so natural and lasls so lony! Beautiful soft shiny curls complete \\ilh shampoo, shaping,' and slyli/ed sel. 7 Other Lovely Machine Waves $POO $£*,jO SQJO 5 b o Machineless Waves 10 12° KflUTV ifllOfl 1729 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-8903 Popular Girl's Betrothal Made Known at Open House "'']•'• ' ' '-• '-'-Ml''!!! Li' .Mi^ l'.lt!lii;i inln 111" X\.-ll. Mi>s Mnn;) f',lff\\_ vis- 'ii. i 'In i ii. |>"|IM!;I'- il;iimhi''|- nf Mr. IMS .,!' Hi4- \>ii<\r.i.\r.,-\, ; ln ,| .\|, s . •ni' 1 .Mi- I'.ui-ii-.n ( '. Cn i-ii. I;. ;i! ll.inii-i- (;,uri>il -s^isird in .<n<rvliiK. '•"•i'l 1" iiii'i'.ini Kirthind I'.uil llci-i'iviny. in .idilrinn to Mrs. (;rci>n. 'IiiMi-d. MHi . I' Mi. ;nnl Mis. Khthmd « i >••• Mrs 'l.incit. Mrs. l''lii\-d Sand- l':ii'd«i- Ciriiid ul l.nnp H'MI|I. \v:is >-|i-.-iil ;nnl Mis. N'-siic H:iii))t'. ''' v '' li:l1 i'-'-fiiil> ;u .111 •'nprii hiiu^i; (Ini'sis |i;irtici|)ntiim in uilditinii tn ^'_li''i Imnif. I),,. VDIIIIK fiiuplp iiiul Mr. ;ind Mrs. Tin' iiniii inn i •incnt w.-is in;ifli> nn CMTII. wi't-c l,lf-'jtfii;int nnil Mrs. ' i" -kt.iil n:i|il;in- with the n.-iini's ><( • llnnn-r '•'. .( •;> n i>l I , Air. ;i nd Mi H. L«'S- Ill<1 \"ini^ ''iiniili. prinird. .-ind stii-k lie ll.'iupt. Mr. ;uid Mrs. Lee \\'illis. ''' '""!- ' " "K 1 n.-ipliins ie\(<iilin« Mi. iind Mrs David Shifl'let. Mr. and ihat ill- «ediliiiK \ ill !»• lu-ld Xovein- Mrs. Karl Austin. Mr. and Mrs 1" r ."i in l''ir-t Metlmdist Church: tin-. Kfldi.- \'an l''li'et. Mr. and Mrs. Lee skeii lies were made by Mrs. l-'lnyd Mntn-e. l.ieiilenart und Mrs. Ilnbert .Sandstead. Manuel, Mr. and Jlr-.. CenrKo Tlark. • Nlivs ''ii'-'M. -\ native ..I' this rily. ' SerKeant and Mrs. KranU Me.Manus! •mi nded M| ..... I her,, where she uas Mr. and Mrs. l''r<-d Hayes, t.ieulen' \ie.-.president ,,f ,|,,. \'a Ik r\ ies. She am and Mrs. H Irani Cliirk. Lloiiten- alsn uas aetive i-i .Jnb's Uan^hters. ant ami Mrs. I- 1 . 1. Hurker. Lienteiv Sin- s, ived ., s smiL' leader while al- ant a*id Mrs. C. A. Cassady and lending HaUersfield .hininr ''nllene. .Mesdames Dnra .lolinstnn, Ln'ii Klla "'•'' alien. led l.i.ii!,- lieai h I )e« ilney . Kleannr Austin, Marrell s<h "" | - ; '""I reeehed his higher edu- Mall. inn. 'I. .1. C|,,nin, l.nrena Valen- '•aii..n m a I'alilmnia university. He eia. Mildied Mel'... It. Ilerna Sand was a link npeiaim Instriielnr as a stead. I'.lanelie St. .l.ihir Misses (Tilt «,iUfr9(it!b Californtan Monday, October 9, 1944 ETY PARADE — riinm hv TO \Vi;i> PKIVATK — n.'tr ( ,tlial of Miss Kve Anderson tn Private Val Torres. Jr.. son of Mr. and Mrs V. R. Tnrres. lino Olive street, was revealed here today. Until young people attended local . . insti netnr at Minter Ki. Id in Krfiiiiifl 'cniney, Mary Frames Dernpsey. j ! ' rl " l "l t; - ><l '"" 1 Clnrin X'alenelii. J'ati'ieia Mohinsni]' "" ''"' l; ' 1 ' 1 '' : '> 'h<- dining room Beverly Rinker; Lieutenants Cheslcr wishing well and as the nuc-is Mavis, (ilenn F. Sanderson. J. Krnesl est bnnk. a Rnberls. Floyd Kurd. K'irllatid P. imed ami sinned :hc Ki . uish was mad. ,,t, the leaves dropped icirard and Donald C. Sceleni;cr ACTIVITIES OF P. T. A, Miss Anderson Will Wed Private Torres P. T. A. meeting nn the )r| | ('best drive, explaining (lie need for funds and urging each In "Here V, e <;,, Again' i- the U ie | Alien Cannon recently spnke at a lor the lh>l meeting of R.insrvclt Lnwcll P. T A. in be held Wednesday al '•- '•'•" p in. A discussjnn will I liy a .-elected group nf molh"is. A pi..gram b.v the sixth glade '. ci se ehnir. under I he .In eel inn of Mrs Mai -gllcrile Ibilcnnibe will be eiijM\ e.l A social linnr w ill I'nllnw wiih Mis. l-'red (liii.-her and Mr-. llar.'M Tab. i acliiiL: as bust e> ses. Tin I e will be a II at lellilalll nn I lie tended b.v hnsls of parents and """''"'"• ' ; " V ''" —'"' •''*" •-""'<" local hi«h school and at,ended Hak M I he amend- :,,rslield Junior College ].rioi- tn en during the evening ments vita! to schools that are to be voted on in the November election. ! Hall Kiidelviihf Wedding ! i l - nit.:d in marriag • October ;> at '":;!(• p. m. In the Methodist Church' ihapel were Miss Phyllis I5all and. I Aviation Cadet _ Warren Kodekuhr. , 'with ihe Reverend X. A. Christen-; i sen performing the single ring cere- j ninny. Mrs. Rodekuhr. who is the daughter nf Mrs. llaxel Hall. X'2'l X street, is a graduate of Brtkersfield High School. The bridegroom's former home is in Louisiana. Al present, he is stationed at Mini or Field. Acting as maid-nf honor to the bride was Mrs. Rodekuhr's sister. ; linrthea Hall, whn was cos- ( tunied in a two piece dress of beige! and maroon and black accessories, adorned by a white carnation cor- ; sage. A blue suit accompanied by black accessories und a corsage of gardenias with red rosebuds was the cosi mne chosen b.v 'he bride. Robert. Hall, the bride's brother, n \v in the merchant marine, acted as best man. ! A wedding dinner was held after : Mr. and .Mrs. V. R. Torres, fimi ,)„. ecremony at Helen Lovegreen's | Olive street, are announcing the en- ! Southern Kitchen, after which the gagement of Miss Kve Anders.m to i couple joumeved to Los Angeles their son. Private Val Torres. Jr. Those attending the ceremony be-| Miss Anderson, a local girl i« re- ! silll ' s tlu> ljl ' klil1 P'»'t.v were: Mes- j si.iin.r ii hi, n, T .• -, , -, dames llaxel Ball. Davis Tucker.: a HIn t P , IT M". V "° -"inoric .lost. Ivan Herman, of Los 1 allendmg Bakersheld High School A|U , H , S; Miss ,, :i| . ba ,,, TlK .ker, and I rivale Inrres is a graduate of tlx I i; u ., S el| Heach ! Miss Barbara Tucker was recently ! hostess at a personal shower for I e wa.s | Mr.;. Rodekuhr C.ames were played tcring army air corps. II,,, '''he teacher).- were then introduced Physical Company. ,I'.v c. [;,,l,eri Mead, the new priu- j 1 '"'"''' al '"' s v egas Army Air Field "ipal. afler whi.h be addressed I he : "',"'"', '"' '* "It-ending gunnery j with pri'/.es going !•> Mrs. Ball and Miss Alar.iorie Sixer. The hostess Plans 101 a SIM cc.*si id vc.n were participants on "Linking School completid when the ..\eeinive boaid With l.ile." lie said that the school ot MI K'liil- v P. T. A. met uith Mi>s hie is an important part of a child's Anna Wciser al I be school cicnllv. life and the home and school should Mis Fiank Creer was named gen- try to further the same ideals and iial i ban of the i iiiumage sale habits, which will be held in December. .Mrs. W. W. Smetxer also urged Those attending the meeting wcie: that usable articles be sent for 7he Mis .lames lirnnsell. president, and' rummage .sale to he held October 1 ?, Mesdames I/ester Foster. ('la rence childi en s clothes belli Anderson. Jean Realty. P.ritt Pugh. needed. especial Legion Auxiliary Plans Two Events Plans for the local unit's participation in the district auxiliary and post meeting. October If,., at he- Frank Creor. Louis Kmery. CM--J Minutes telling of all the activit ies ! Kio " lli ' 11 wpre discussed when Chieklenis. James Tinkle. Russell; o f the group since May were read! m< -'tnhers of Frank S. Reynolds I'.owen, Fred Seheible, Fred McC|ar-,|,y .M,. S . I; . iy x f ,|soii'. secrelarv I Auxiliary. American Legion', con-n and .Miss Weiscr. Registered NURSES Wanted FOR NEW 100 BED WING IN CALIFORNIA HOSPITAL These included the picnic supper ' vened. Thursday night, at = ; meeting at Heale Park al the close' n; '"- • M| ' S! - l! "- v Nesliilt presided. ^ I of school; the council meeting dur- '""' ;illl 'ounced that installation of i ing the suminer and the tea for the ol'l'icei s will be held by hoth units I teachers and room mothers in Sep- [ at " )o '"eeting. which will open at j lember. ! '" ••'• ni. Stale dignitaries will be i Prim- to the business session the Present to conduct the riets. | participants filled the school cafe- i An'angements were launched for i leria where a politick supper was held. A social hour then followed. Ihe children then ad.iniirning In the i auditorium to see four interesting i motion pictures of animals. Yosem- ile, and Soulh America while the adults held Ihe business meeting in ihe pnsiure room. .Mrs. Herman lias- 1 mnssen presiding. Experienced Head Nurses and Assistants Medical Mixed Floor Surgical Emergency, day Emergency, night Operating room Scrub Also General Floor Nurses, Day and Night TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE GOOD SALARIES Give full details of experience in letter. Addreit Superintendent, 1102 Ocean Center Bldg., Long Beach 2, California a ruminate sale to bo held October •> H and :il, at MS Raker .street, with .Mrs. Fritz I't/eralli as the (. b a i i n) a n. I'lans also were iiinde for a potluck dinner. October I'll, at ll:.'!0 p. in., at the hall, jointly with the po.-t. was assisted by her mother. Mrs. Di .is Tucker, and the honoreo's sister. Miss Dorthea Hall. Those attending besides the. lion- oree and hostess were: M. .iiliiiiirs — llaxrl l!:ill M .InM " Ln.ns Tin kcp ViiBil r.usM'll MISSIM l>iu Hi.'ii Hull lirliy Ki I. ksiill Milihn! KI i-il .h ..... I 'Mini .Miirjiuiu Kuilii I'Llsio lluline* .M;i i jorie Si/er * * # ISirthday I'arty A party wa.s recently held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Allen. snti Taft avenue. Oildale, in honor of their .sons. Vernon and Billy, who were celebrating their seventh and eighth birthdaj anniversary, respec- j lively. Those participating were: Itii-liaril llurka JIM rv Kralik ililih,. 1'iiiiik I'Vtrd at Party Cus Balasis. Jr.. seaman first class. gunner MI tile I'nited Slates Navy, just departed for Vreasure Island after a seven-day ;eave from his second trip to the south Pacific. A pre-llalloween and Thanksgiving dinner was given in his honor Friday evening with a candle-lit pumpkin and a miniature turkey .surrounded with orange berries as a centerpiece. Black cats and witches bedecked the room, the event being held at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Cus Bulasis. 201 Flower street. The evening was spent with violin solos by the guest of honor and singing by the group. -dr. Balasis attended local schools and left Bakersfieid High .School to enlist July. l!l-K! He was a member of the school orchestra and band and also of the Bakersfield symphony orchestra. While here he visited both high schools and played in their orchestra. Those attending were: Misses Klea- nor Calyen, Betty Ann Kimlile. Doris Khnble, Irene Balasis, and Byron Lloyd, also a seaman first class in the navy. * * * Thrt:i Kappa Tan Mrs. Jack Ilackett. Mrs. Devvey Morton, and Mrs. Robert Hollings- wortli were hostesses at a "come-as- yon-are" breakfast for the Theta Kappa Tan sorority, held at the home of Mrs. llackett's. mother, Mrs. Edith Allen, :'.",o:t Seventeenth street. Miss Claudine Leisteti entertained during the breakfast with several piano selections. The next meeting will be Monday, October !i. with Mrs. Dewey Morton as hostess. Plans for a convention to be held in luglewood will be discussed. Members arc: iilh Tlon.pp Thin-mnn Anhin- Chnni-iin .lark Harkptt. Jr. ll.-izel Sheldon Koliort llollines- vvorll) iMiilli Arnold "VVhae JIlKWS — N'elila O'Kunc ("I: Botlv Nun .V. VV. Miniilis I 1 .. I.. Hail. .Ii .M.-i i ill Stoops -NVil Ki.lliiH-will Swiilm \Vn vn. 1 ( l.lnm lino Leisu-n I. F. L MRS. REYNOLDS BOOK REVIEWS PLEASE AT FIRST. MEETING OF FALL Mrs Lafayette Llanrs pleased a r^e srotip from Infants Friend Lea.mie with a review of "Anna and the KiiiH of Siam" and "Cluny Brown," recently at the fall's open- j ins se-ssion at the home of Mrs.. Seymour It. I!nhinsnn, president. A handkerchief shower .surprised .Mrs.: jtJeoi'Ki- Iti'ynolils. in recoynitinn nf i j her birthday aunivei sary. of lielolier : 10, the Kills liein;; handed to her (in a silver tray by Mrs. Knldnson.; also a septuagenarian wlm had cele- i j Orated her anniversary October ;!. i Mrs. J. Hruce I'ayne reported that I .'Hi -'.")< I garments had been made by ' the lea.uue since it was orya nixed. i Mrs. I,. (.;. llaskel, who is moving to Alaska to join her husband, pro- senled the organisation with a bas- sinel, its fourth, which will be loaned to needy mothers. Mrs. Fliirenco Drake Lel'toy | vited members to her hoin ..... i i vember .'!. at which lime she will be ; assisted by Mrs. S. A. U'ouily. and 1 . .Mrs. Lorraine Seymour. Mrs. Itobinson and Mrs. I'a.vne were elected as |iresidenl ami treas: urer for a t'nur-year term last season: other officers elected Friday include Mrs. S. A. \V ..... ly. Mrs. |(leoi'!4e Reynolds and Mrs. II. H. S Klbert. vice-presidents: .Mrs. l-'iank i Allen, rccnrdintc seereta ry and Mrs. il'iinl Aeils. corresponding secret, iry. Following; a brief lalk by .Mrs. Lei toy, the league voted to contribute a sum for musical instruments for hospital ships and made arrangements to donate prixe money for three months to this cause. Those attending were Mesilames T,. M. I lendseh. Frances Drake S. A. Woody, A. I,. Knoles. I'.auin. ( nio I inker. II. ( '. r. A. \V. Keiich. Frank I'lnl- brick, Sam (Jordon. Kli/ahelh Me, Council. .1. T. ( 'miry. L. it. .Velins, .1. S. Mullen. Anna Wilson, II. .1 . Solids. Lorraine Seymour. I'.eili r.iley. Anna Daniel*. \Vinnie I'.enx. 11. .1. llnlleit. !>. M. Mills. A. !•:. Sharland. D. M. Siddall. Frank- Mayan. I'aul Aeils. .1. H. I'ayne. I'eail Newton. \V. A. Sline. .1. W. Cnlliton. Seymour II. Robinson, members, and the now members, Mesdames Kva Veon and R. K. Williams: and the quests. Mesdames Rose Speakman. (',. I,. Speakman, I.. Sloden, and Itosalee I'unninnha in, ( 'hica^o. executive campaign The Reds East Bakersfield P. T. A. Has Drive I'nder the leadership of Mrs. ~L. O. M.-ciure. membership chairman.' the drive for members by the East Bakersfield High School P. T. A. will open at a meeting to he held Tuesday at 'J:-!."' p. rn. in the band room of the school. Mrs. MeClure Mates that to achieve the goal of twice the membership of last year, 111. board will undertake the with two opposing- tennis . . . will Include Mrs. Melbert Mavis, captain. Mesdames J. KnilTen, B. O. Sayles. filenn Young. Roy Cray, Harry Lihby. James Matsnn. R. A. Force. Lucille Robert. Floyd Crandall, Charles Fuller. II. 1C. Stephens, Roy Colemaii. William Riseden, Charles Sehert/, K. W. [lien and Rosen Morgan. The Blues will be comprised o^ Mrs. Floyd Vngel. captain, assisted by Mesdames Ray Vilisnn. Ralph Holme. Cieorge SchnecUeiibergcr, Sam Self, Jake Fauss, \\'. II. Sum- mermeyer. Henry Vore. .S. ['. D'rby- shire. L. J. Bennetl. H. A. Adams, Crnvcr Cngdill, Ira Xeedham. L. O. McClure. Miss Margaret Martinson? and Messrs. Man Reed. Is. W. Rich. With Ihe cnntesi ending on* November M. the side obtaining; tho most memberships will lie entertain.'.! b.v the losing team. The state membership campaign for this year is "Youth bo Leonard .Mck'aif;. actins dean of mill al Hakersiieiil .Junior College. " ili be i be speakoi of the day i \\'eiliicsda\- when the I'nion Avenue I'. T. A. meets at L':;:» p. m. .Mr. Ale- Kaiy will «jvo a nonparl isan ex planation of bills and amendments lur the \'o\ ember '-lection. T. B. Seal Sale Opening Postponed Unnnlil Alilm Hi'iu.v Allrn 1'iininiy Buyd i- <"'lii ml tni» M:n in !!IIM| ' Miss Milihi-d Allen Al Sherman Home The t.'hat-S(-w-Cb->w Club met recently at the home of Mrs. Ashley Sherman, Fruilvale avenue. A politick dinner was served and Hi-. 1 afternoon spent in sewing. Mrs. Lawrence Davi.s and Mrs. Leslie Adair received gifts from secret "pals." A business meeting was conducted. The next meeting will be O. R, Kamprath. president of the „,.,, -MII , , I<<-1 '" <'oiinly Tuberculosis Assncia-I''eld at the home of Mrs. Carlson. I'll be, plans will als,, be made , ilin „„„,,„,„.,.,, mday lhal t he i "!-' Olldale Drive. Friday. "' in be held Oe- , ,,penii'g of t he t hin.v-eighth annual | Those participating were: Christmas Seal sale ha.- J!:il|ill Klllfl.' l.vslip Adair.'. w Mnn... V. in . -nrlson toher 1'7. ! llcfi eshmenls at Ihe \\'cdnesdav ; meeting will be served by M rs. | XovemlH',- 'MI' Tb . I.)a\e Heauchamp and the first grade mothers of Airs. Rhoda llos- , kinds' room. change is made due to the treasury department announcement that the Sixtli War Loan will open i November -ii instead nf November | •' 11 as originally planned. Uuaill Ansfilalii-htiv ( iiwan-Ilarris Kites The marriage of Miss Alaxine Cowan, the daughter of Air. and Airs. \\ . R. Cowan of Oildalp. to Corporal Charles .M. Harris, the sun of Air. and Airs. Charles Harris, of Indianapolis, Ind., was revealed here today, today. Tho young people were united in marriage in tin. Kittle Chapel of Sacred .Memories October 1. the double ring ceremony being performed by the Reverend -X. A. Christensen. The bride wa.s attired in a navy blue dress with white accessories. Airs. Herbert Cowan and Private Danford lOllsworth were matron of honor and best man, respectively. Also in attendance was Private Jim Smith. " Lester han (;« friends and follow recently gathered at the Gorden Lester ,")15 Niles him prior to his i-m.v. He will leave MONEY CAN'T BUY i faster-acting, more dependable i Hum genuine pure St. Joseph Aspirin, D i i i A'B lai-Keot seller at, ice. wi.y pay | Kanqerettes Honor Mrs. more/ Big 1UO tablet size for only liar. Traditionally finetea^ ^^>- Canterbury is a quality blend, as rich in tradition as it is in flavor. Ask for Canfcrbury Tea. Certain to satisfy because of its deep long-lasting goodness. anterbur 1 SAFEWAY STORES J . Miller, Small Daughter IViU'Soll Home j Airs. Oscar Pearson recently entertained mem bar.s of the Ifl41 Club, al her home, lOiii Water street, the j evening being spent wrapping gifts ) for Christmas packages for service- ! men on foreign soil. i Refreshments were served, and Airs. Ray Reed and Airs. Leonard i Chant won the door prixe for the eve- Honoring Airs. Harry Aliller and baby daughter, iJonna Sue. a sur- i ning. prise shower was held by the llak- ! Those attending were: erstield Ra ngeret tes recently at the | Me.«ilnmes— .Miller home on Rexland Drive \ i II:iv KPIM| llc-nrv combined high chair and play table j \f'^^^ was presented by the group in ad- ' Dnvo B:i»n; dition to other gifts. : » » * I lames were played with prixe* going to Airs. Lee Potter, Airs. Karl Chesmore, and .Mrs. William Hartcn- stein. Hostesses for the evening were Caplain Kay lloslett. Miss Tlielma Whiimorc. Mrs. .May .\bernathy and Miss Betty Miller. Special guests of the evening were Mrs. Mary Anderson and Mrs. Ivy S, tea veils Standard P. T. A. to Have Potluck A family-get-aci|uainled potluek dinner is planned by Standard School Parent-Teachers Association for Tuesday at ii p. in. at Ihe Standard School grounds, Mrs. T. A. Sand, puhlicitv manager, announced today. * Fnllnvving Ihe dinner, a business j Klin /eta Camilla Xetu chapter of Pi Rho Jieta. Luf kin's Business College alumni sorority, will meet Tuesday at the home ul Mrs. Paul Alallory at 172,1 Maple street, at "::',() p. in. Kollnwing the business meeting, games will be ployed. A feature of the evening will be a pin-up boy contest in which each girl will enter the picture of her favorite hero. The boy considered the handsomest by the Judges will receive a carton of ,'igarettes I rom th" 1 sorority. .Mrs. Paul Mallory, Mrs Krie Nelson and Miss Anita Stewart are in charge of arrangements. * * * Visited Here K. Marrell West, machinist's mate first class of the I'nited States Navy and son of the late J. 11. West, was a recent house guest o>.' his brother. Kdward I. West, '!'•>'•> Ray street. YOU MISERABLE. on "SUCH DAYS" from suffering distress of _ vv ; iil be 'held" tea turing'jiidge j Highland Park. !-'e\eral dinners Warien Stockton as the guest ! were given in bis honor while on his speaker. Community singing will be ; - (| -da.v leave from the Kuropean the- I led by Miss Dorothy Kenision, music i ; " ( ' r " r w;11 '- "° is '"•'«' stationed on j instructor, and a short moving pic- • 'be eastern coast. lure will be shown ill the audito- With Its Nervous Restless Feelings? Take hoed If j/cm like so many Rlrls —at such times—sutler from cramps, headaches, bnckacho, leel tired, nervous, a bit blue—all due to functional monthly disturbances. Start at once —try Lydla E. Pink' ham's Vegetable Compound, to re UPVO such symptoms. It's famous not only to help relieve monthly pain but also accompanying weak, nervous feelings of this nature. This In because of Its soothing effect on ONE or WOMAN'S MOST IMPORTANT OBCANB. Taken regularly—PlnkUam's Compound helps build up resistance against such symptoms. IT HELPS NATURE! Thousands of women and girls have reported benefits. Also a fine stomachic tonic! Follow label directions. Buy today. Lydla E. Pinkham's VEGETABLE COMPOUND rium. KnterlainiuK during the dinner will be the school band. Yisiliii£ Here Jonald R. Hays, watertender thiril class in the t'nited States Navy, is repoiled home for one week after 20 Kt I>O1\IAN niNNKK ! months' duty overseas. The son of ! The |-:udol;ian Sunday School : Mr. and Mrs J. 10. Hays. 102(1 cla.-s of the First Methodist Church. I '-'In-rry street he participated in the i will bold a potluek dinner Tuesday i invasions of Sicily and southern , at (!:;!0 p. m. in Ihe Oechli ball, with | I-'rai.ce. the following committee In charge: i -. . . . . Mr. and Mrs. llasper. chairmen | .\I.T.\K SUCIKTY I'LAXS I'.AKTY Mr and .Mrs. Ray HucUle. Mr. and! st. Francis Altar Society held ils i Mrs. Martaiu Ahman, and .Mr. and j monthly meeting in the school hall -Mrs. A. L. Holland. I recently, at which time plans were discussed for a Halloween party to be held October 20 in the hall. A social hour followed tho business meeting, after which refreshments weie served. Sirs. L. Reiscli- man presided over the meeting. West's Largest Jewelers • 17 Stores to Serve Youl U1SU1LU Sells more DIAMONDS than any firm in the West 1434 Nineteenth Street, Bakeraffield TO .MKKT TIKSDAY Bethany Marytha class of the Fiist Haptist I'hurch will meet Tuesday at 7::'.0 p. m. in the utility room of the church. OEflSY Fi-l- Mr. -More t workers homo of si. oft. to honor departure to tne i AVednesday. lie was. presented with a large rake .surmounted by ,i flag decorated in colored iein« in addition to cheer gifts from the guests. Airs. 1/estor was employed by the Kakcrsfield. .Street and Railway Company. * * * To Trhiicliapi Accompanied l)y her husband, Richard Ruche, Airs. Lilyan Ruche, artist, will spend the IIO.M seyeral days in Tehachapi, painting and sketching. Her j.aintings may now be seen at Baker street branch of Kern County Free. Library. Get Acquainted" Fete Plan of La Estrellas La Kstrella Club announces a "get acquainted" party for Tuesday in connection with a. politick luncheon at 12:i!(i at Caledonia Masonic temple. New members are especially invited, .officers report. Mrs. Vance Slnmhle heads the entertainment committee and Mrs. Virgil An.hews is chairman in the dining room. Mrs. Burion j Covel. president, requests a full at- tendaiK-e. (illLI) \VKI)\KSI).\Y | SI. Margaret's (luil.l will meet i Wednesday at 7::in in the parish hall of St. Paul's Kpiscopal church. Mrs. K. .1. McKvoy. president, announced. 1 The guild will sponsor a rummage sale at Six Maker street October jlS-19. Articles for the sale may be left at the church or taken to the : place of t he sale. i It was also announced that the 'group is sponsoring a club and all members are requested to bring or| ders for blankets to the meeting Wednesd.iv. slogan for this year is "Youth bo served so that democracy will live." CAREFUL, SISTER! Don't neglect backnches duo to muscle pains and strains. Apply n Johnson's RED CROSS PLASTER to chest or back —right on the spot. This tried-and-true relief goes to work instantly. Warms—soothps—pro- tects — supports — works while you work. RED CROSS PLASTERS are clean, sanitary, easy to use—no messy, smelly liniment to soil clothing. Keep a supply always on hand. Insist on the genuine, famous for more than SO years, made by Johnson & Johnson, ONLY 35c — nt your drug store. RED CROSS PLAST.ER Relief At Last For Your Cough Creomulsion relieves promptly be« cause it goes right to the seat of the trouble to help loosen and expe) germ laden phlegm, and aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, in- named bronchial mucous membranes. Tell your druggist to sell yoB a bottle of Creomulsion with the understanding you must like the way it quickly allays the cough or you are to have your money back. CREOMULSION for Coughs, Chest Colds. Bronchitis Many NURSES insist on This TALCUM for babies They say it's amazing how fragrant, mildl/ medicated CUTICU'RA Talcum soothes Baby'» heat rash, helps prevent irritation, keeps baby cool and comfortable. Buy at your druggists. 5119 Go easy on us, please, if some* times you can't get Smith Bros. Cough Drops. 'Our out* put is war-reduced. Since 1847 Smith Bros, have been America's stand-by for coughs. Black or Menthol, still 5tf. COUGH DRO19 By MKS. AXNF TAPOT SlindfHl pink rosps in lovnlv rross-st itch, liny blue DOWCIH entwinod with pale ei-ppn Jpa VPS iiiul henvrnlv II It IP la vender forcel- mc-nnl » m;ike n linon pi I low rape and loo- sh^et pot nf IndeTrlbnliln rluirm. Ti.) nhi n m t rnnsl'pr dnslirn.* for two i>\\- lowi 'tsps. t\\o tnwHx und pxtin lm\v for bpfl- shpft in ilie rose flesiun? (I'tiUorn Nn. 5119) cnlor chart foi* workhic. nil tnuterinls HP**<'!- I'ipd. .sptul 1 "i »<*nta in coin, nlus 1 rout pnsi- imc vour nnnip. ;uUIrrpa nrid the unl tprti nninhftr in A imp On hot. The Ha kern field ('allfointun, "09 MiHslon Stieoi. San Kran- ctscn •!. The handsome now issue of th« fit mous Aiin< 1 """ab >:. Albutr—fall and winter isnvie— Is now lentlv. Thirtv-two nnue.s of smart s\vemei-(», hats, uloves, sock.", Christ man Kifts—rrocliPt and knitt ine items for the homo for rhildren, for halries. Toys calore! Iff* a Htorehonae of idenn for thp neerile- rrnft enthuHfuatl Send for vour ropy now. Price 1 5 rents. HEADACHE Capudlne quickly relieve* Headache I land soothes the resulting nerve ten-1 I slon. Acts fast because It's liquid. Use I (only as directed. At all druggist*. lOc.l 130c. OOo sizes.' i qudCAPUDINE Kate Smith says: "The Best Friend Any Woman Ever Had;* ''Every woman, at some time or oilier, knows what it means to face a problem endangering her love, marriage or security. And when impoitant personal decisions must be made, a woman appreciates a true friend who supplies .guidance and comfort. That's why I think TRUE STORY MAGAZINE so well deserves its overwhelming popularity. For we all learn more from the revealing true-life experiences of others than any other way,"

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