The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 22, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
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Monday, April 22, 1963
Page 4
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'€" OTTAWA HERALD Page Four Editorials Monday, April 22, 1963 Sock Those Gamblers The sports world was shocked recently .with the suspension of two National Football League players. They were found to be betting on league games. What makes the incident even more shocking was that one of the players suspended had been held up before the sports world, before the young people of America, as a clean, wholesome American athlete, a shining example. This is not the first time the sports world has been shaken by betting scandals. For years now college basketball circles have been rocked by charges that players were paid to shave points, toss games, all to the benefit of the syndicated gamblers. The boxing game is in the grip of the shady characters. While the colleges have taken prompt action where possible to suspend players, To Your Good Health hanky-panky persists. Congress has investigated the boxing rackets. But little has really been accomplished. The National Football League took prompt, decisive action. It is hoped this will deter future wanderings from the primrose path. But we wonder. These incidents in the sports world, we feel, point to two things. First is the obvious deterioration of morality. The lure of the fast buck seems greater than the desire for integrity and sportsmanship. Second, and here something concrete could be done immediately, it is obvious that nation-wide gambling syndicates exist, are strong, apparently well-protected and are expanding. Stiffer laws, sterner penalties for gambling, greater vigilance on state and national levels are crying needs. Help In Germ Fight Dr. Molner By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER Dear Dr. Molner: My three-year-old son was sick constantly, had high fevers and respiratory infections, until he was given gamma globulin injections. The treatments have been stopped, but he has a cold now and I am afraid his resitance is getting low. What causes the gamma globulin level to be reduced?—MRS. E.S. Our blood has or acquires certain particles which fight disease germs. That's how vaccination works. The vaccine is a modified (sometimes killed) germ which, however has the ability to instigate the growth in the blood of the particles which can combat that particular type. These protective particles, or antibodies, concentrate in a portion of the blood serum (the liquid part of the blood) which we call gamma globulin. This much we know. Some of the further explanations of the whole process remain unknown, but are being studied intensively. Obviously many of us have acquired immunity to various diseases. This immunity is lodged in the blood — in the gamma globulin. Therefore if, when a person has been exposed to some disease, we inject gamma golbulin (either from a person already known to have acquired immunity to that disease, or from a group of people, at least some of whom have such immunity) we give the recipient the temporary benefit of this ability to combat germs, or infections. This has been done with polio; is being done with measles and infectious hepatitis. It helps— temporarily. The injected gamma globulin does not reamin indefinitely. I don't know why your own little boy is deficient in this respect. Whether he lacks sufficient gamma globulin, or merely has not developed sufficient antibody pa- tides within the gamma globulin, becomes too technical a problem. He received temporary support in his defenses agains colds and such infections, It may be that, with such help, he has since been able to establish his own defenses which will be more long- lasting. His defenses will be built only as he is exposed to the various germs which exist, and he develops antibodies to fight them. We cannot always tell why people can develop these defenses faster than others. But only a fairly short number of years ago we wouldn't have known that gamma globulin injections would help. A complete answer is not yet possible. But you and your son are profiting by one phase of our constantly increasing health knowledge. Dear Dr. Molner: What is wrong when a person is hungry all the time? When I finish dinner I feel as though I hadn't eaten.—S.B. The likeliest cause is that you aren't eating the right things, and your system is trying to tell you so. Do you get plenty of protein? Fresh and cooked vegetables, including green, leafy ones? Fruit and fruit juices? Protein has great satiety value; it satisfies hunger. The vegetables and fruit provide bulk. You may have hypermotility or excessively rapid emptying of the stomach. Try eating more slowly. Hypermotility can be lessened by sedative drugs taken before meals. Another cause is low blood sugar, which can be corrected by diet. NOTE TO D.G.: I don't think "hormone" face creams perform any wonders other than those afforded by any good facial cream. I know of one case in which a hair tonic containing "hormones" had unpleasant effects. Hemorrhoids can be cured! If troubled with fissures, fistulas, itching and other rectal problems, write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., requesting a copy of the booklet, "The Real Cure for Hemorrhoids," enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 20 cents in coin to cover printing and handling. Aiild Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO Ottawa had a low temperature of 33 degrees. There was a light frost which did little damage, but did nip the tomatoes, potatoes and beans in local gardens. C. A. McComas and A. B. Gilley went to Wichita to attend a Republican rally. Bob Sigler, 9; Bruce Witman, 6; and Buddy Mishler, 9, all of Richmond, were ill with measles. 50 YEARS AGO A fine grade of Boone County white corn went on sale as seed corn at the Furness Grocery on North Main Street. J. *F. Staadt and Son had grown the corn for a few years and it proved to be a prize-winning variety. They made it available to others by placing it on sale. Grand Kirkland began working at the Dunn Store. Mark Rolton, young son of Mr. and Mrs. William Bolton of North Ottawa, was painfully hurt when he stepped on a nail. Prayer For Today We know that if the earthly frame that houses us today should be demolished, we possess a building which God has provided—a house not made by human hands, eternal, and in heaven. (II Corinthians 5:1. NEB.) PRAYER: Our heavenly Father, help us to know the reality of eternal life given to all who are Thy followers. May we, in trust, know now the warm, rich beginnings of this life. We pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Laff-A-Day t> Kl« r«Uru SywHnle. Inc, IMU. WotW riiihu ruervxl. "Your mustache needs trimming/' Tonight's TV Highlights On the panel show, "To Tell the Truth," on Chanels 5 and 13 at 6:30 ths evening, a guest will be Kyle Rote, football backfield coach. A state investigator has quite an experience on the Andy Griffith show this evening at 8:30 on Channels 5 and 13. He visits Mayberry just as the courthouse is invaded by 11 hunting hounds. Jayne Meadows, wife of Steve Allen, will be a guest on his show this evening at 10:15 on Channel 9. She'll tell of her South American tour. Among the late movies will be "Are You With It?" a 1948 film starring Donald O'Connor. Channel 5, 10:15. Television Log Otu&nnel 4, NBC Channel* 6-13, CBS Channel 9. ABC Monday _ea Hunt -Huckleberry Round 13 Vogl Bear S— Whlrlybtrdi B:3O * Dragnet • Rebel 13 Camera Corner _ -New* _13 sport* - Dev n*l*oa •Weather •13—New* (ports - Uerle Harmon >-•» Weather • :i.a 4—Ruotiey-Brlnkl*y New* S—Sport* » New* 13—Walter CronUto i-25 S Sprak-Op •* - Movie, "An Affair to Remember" 5-13 — To Tell The Truth » - Dakotai f rOO 13 - I've Got A Secret 5-13 — Lucille Ball Rifleman 5-13 — Danny Thomas toney Burke Biography— Ruth 5-13 — Andy OrUfltb » :O« •* - Brinkley'i Journal 5 - Password 9-13 — Ben Casey »:3O •4 - Art Llnkletter --> f?^or- mar p » Friend 1.0= 00 4-5— News 9-13— -Newi 10:15 •» - Johnny Canon 5 - Movie, "Are You With It" » - Steve Allen 13 - "Weather 13 - Sports 1O:30 13 - Lifelines 10:35 13 - Untouchables 11 :35 13 — Peter Ounn 11:45 9 - Man from Cochls* 12=00 4 - Newt IX =05 Dally Wort Movie, "Adventurous Night" New* Almanac Newireel atth of Our Tim*. =15 =35 Tuesday Word Continental Classroom 13 Continental Classroom «:2S— S—Christopher Program «B:3O •* International Zone 13 College ot the Air R—F arm Fact* •* Today S College ot the Air 13 Rush Hour -.Moment ol ICaditattM artoonland tag and Odl* tell to Worship News •13—captain Kangaroo —ilumbia Lectures -Deputy and Veil* •* Say When S—Jack La Lann* • Romper Room 13 Calendar • =25 *—News • :3O •* Play Tour Hunt* 5-13—I LOT* Luc» •—Divorce court 1.0=00 •* Price I* Right 5-13—McCoys 1.0=30 * Concentration 6-13—Fete and OUdy* 9 —Day In Court •New* 4^—Your first Impression 5-13—Love of Life 9 General Hospital ia=2* 5-13—New* U=3O •*—Truth or Consequences _S-13—Search For Tomorrow 5-13—Ouldfflf Light la =55 ^ *—New* 9 Seven Key* IX: 00 * Cartoon* «-l3—News-Weather 9 —Ernie Ford 12:10 5 Speak Op IX:IS ' 5—Sports 13 Farm Report 12:20 •* News-Market* 5 'Weather 12:25 5 Local Interview 12:30 •* Accent 5-13—As World Turn* S father Know* Bert a. =00 •* Award Theater 5—Password 0 Movie, "Singing Kid'* 1:30 •*—Doctors 5-13—House Party Z:00 4 Xjoretta Young _ 5-13—To Tell Th* TrutB *5-13-B—New* X:3O •* You Don't flay 5-13—Millionaire 9 Jsuie Wymaa 8:00 5-13—Secret Storm * Match Game 9 Queen For A Day »s2 a * Maw* S:3O * XkXake Room For Daddy 5-13—Edge of Night •—Who Do You Trust 4:00 •* Superman 5 Cousin Ken's Carnival 9-^Torey and Friends 13 News and Weather 4: IS 13 Cartoon Carnival «:30 •* Fun time 9 Mickey House Club Hunt Yogi Bear •Bug* Bunny Ottawa Herald WWM 1»*2 FIRST IN KANSAS let-iae a. Han Hoi.! day B. Second elaw poala*;* at Ol- ta.-wat, KaniM. Robert B. WvlttnitcB Editor AM PuQlUaer •BuEMjcripiioi) rate* to trad* ar*a—B) TTna.fl. on* month 11.00. three death*, •3.00. ail mouth*. II.OU, OM MM MO. •ftui>»crifiUuo rat** euUlde trad* MM —.Bar mall, OM moeth, tries IBM* oBtaa 14.24: Us MOBUM. Stati OM _ $15.00. 09 n» AMOOUTBP I»M» AsMoetatad PNM i* eatlUaa •*• eituBi-veUy to IB* UM fat BaMJcaMon ol (sei local aew* ariate* ta tfea MWI. * a* wall aa ell AP sjawe sH> ltd*. fr-Whirl j Blrdi s:30 «—Dracnct »-Rebel 13—Dr. tebabod S:4ft fr—Newt 13—Sport* • :M 13— Weather •:M 5-»—New* •:10 5-0-Weather • :15 6—Sport* 0— New* • :!» B—Speak Op • :30 4—Laramle t- Stump the Star* f—Combat 13—Marshall Dillon 1:00 5-13— Lloy<j Brtdtei 1:30 4—Empire 8-13—Red Bkelton •—Hawaiian Bye 8:3« 4—Dick Powell 5-13—Jack Benny fr—Untouchable! 9:00 5-13—Oarry atoore 1:3(1 4—How To Look at a Tornado B—Detectives 10:00 4-6-K-13—New* 10:10 6-»— Weather 18:15 4—Johnny Canon 5—Movie, "Nice Qlrl" •—Steve Alien 13—Weather 10:20 13—Sporti 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:35 13—Hawaiian By* 11:35 13—Peter Qua 11:45 B—Man From Cocblse IS:W 4—News U:OS 4— Onlty Daily word H:10 5—Movie, "Easy Come, Easy Go" '•—Mew* m:se •—Almanac Newsreel 1*:3I t—Faltn tot Our time* Draws Top Pay In Auto Industry DETROIT (AP)—Frederic G. Donner, chairman of the board of General Motors Corp., received (791,475 last year to become the highest paid executive in U.S. automotive industry history. Seven other directors and officers of the world's largest auto company were in the $500,000-plus bracket. The federal income tax man took a major share of Donner's earnings, however. A company source estimated Donner would pay $682,065 in federal taxes, leaving him with $109,410 net earnings. GM's—and the auto industry's —previous high payment was the $776,400 paid to the late Harlowe Curtice in 1955 when he was both chairman and president of GM. Donner's payment included $201,475 in salary; $442,500 in bonus and $147,500 in contingent credit Contingent credits are pay ments granted to top GM execu tives in the company's stock option plan. Second to Donner last year was John Gordon, GM president, who received $726,100, including $181,100 in salary, $408,750 in bonus and $132,650 in contingent credit. They Danced For 62 Hours MARIETTA, Ga. (AP) — Four couples and a stag are claiming a record for marathon dancing. They did the twist for 62 hours and 30 minutes, bettering a mark of 60 hours and 12 minutes set recently in Helsinki, Finland. Marietta's marathon contest ended early Sunday and was declared a draw among the nine twisters still on their feet. Tough Chewing PITTSBURG, Kan. (AP)- Bud Ridings of Pittsburg opened his lunch bucket on his mid-shift break. But— Instead of his lunch he had brought along a bucket containing his wife's supply of clothespins. This And That by jph A Boom In Royalty KUALA LUMPUR — Great Britain maintains but one royal family and now and again Labor party members of Parliament rise to complain of the cost. Malaya, in contrast, supports 13 royal Families without open objection; and when Malaysia comes into existence, the potentates of Sarawak and Brunei, will be added to the budget. The kings, or Sultans as most of them prefer to be termed, ruled the 13 states of which the present Federation is composed. With independence from Britain, they lost their political power but not their social influence and prestige. Periodically they elect one of their number top man, or Supreme Ruler. But he m isn't that at all. His position is * much like that of Queen Eliza- JPH beth II. Tunku Abdul Rahman, as Prime Minister, is Mr. Macmillan's opposite number. The Sultans and such aren't put up in Buckingham Palace style. But the Supreme Ruler, The Yang di-Pertuan Agong and each of his peers have two or three regal establishments in their own states. Additionally, a small palace, which is only a large town mansion with a mere 20 or 25 rooms and nice grounds and garden, is set aside for each when he comes to the capital for a day or two to help parade the colors of one of the Royal regiments or lay a cornerstone. The positions of the Sultans and of the Tunkus, or Princes, who are even more numerous, with 39 of them listed in the Kuala Lumper telephone directory, presently seem secure. Wisely, however, they would see to it that their grandchildren learned how to work. One rainy day the Chinese and Indian taxpayers will tire of paying the royalty bill. It would seem inevitable. The Sultans of Malaya are all Malays and once so were all their subjects. But several generations ago the Chinese started filtering in. Beginning with the early years of this century the Tamils from southern India came flooding in. For some time further immigration by both races has been shut off, but before th« door was slammed, it was too late. The Indians sire more children than the Malays, and the Chinese outdo the Indians, bringing additional wives into the picture if their wealth permits. If a Chinese has fathered nine daughters, he will see to it there is a 10th child, if his wife's health permits. If it doesn't, he will take unto himself a new wife, so determined is he to perpetuate tht male line. But it is not only in procreation that the alien races excel. They lead in accumulation as well. They say here that a Malay is inherently lazy and is content with the old ways; an Indian wants all the luxuries of civilization but doesn't want to work for them, although some of them are able to gain those luxuries anyhow; the Chinese also wants the good life but he is willing to work to the bone for it. So it seems only a matter of time before the Chinese and the Indians, in a ratio of perhaps four to one, will constitute a majority of the population and own an even greater share of the taxable wealth. After that the political consequences of these facts cannot be long postponed. Even in this remote peninsula of southweast Asia, in other words, the king business doesn't seem to have much future. But it was a glittering life while it lasted. Nixon Likes Rocky-Barry Ticket WASHINGTON CAP) — Former Vice President Richard M. Nixon has joined the Republican unity parade in which New York Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller and Sen. Barry Goldwater, R-Ariz., currently are bearing leadership banners. Disclaiming any personal political ambitions, the man who lost the presidency to John F. Kennedy in 1960 suggested to the American Society of Newspaper Editors here Saturday that it might not be a bad idea if the 1964 Republican ticket were made up of Rockefeller and Goldwater. "The strongest Republican ticket would be the two of them," Nixon told the editors, "and certainly if Lyndon and Jack (Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson and President Kennedy) can get together, Barry and Nelson would." The former vice president stressed again his contention that the man who gets the GOP nomination ought to be tested in the fire of next year's presidential primaries. Tea, Sympathy, For Taxpayers TOKYO (AP)—Japanese tax officials are going to offer tea and sympathy to taxpayers. The tax administration said tax offices throughout the country will hold an open house three times a month at which taxpayers will be served tea and offered "sympathetic" advice on their tax problems. The Herald pays f5 every week for the best news tip turned in by a reader. Wanted - Trainees -' High starting salaries. Computer programmers starting salaries $550. Experienced operators up to $20,000. Short training period. Must be high school graduate and train at own expense. Training will not interfere with present employment. Write including phone number. Box No. S65 Care of Ottawa Herald No need to leave homt er work whtn you want money! Use BENEFICIAL'! convenient Loam-by-Mail service. Fill in and ataiT tht coupon below ... or pnone and ask for a loan. The minute your loan's arranged you'll get a check in your mail box. MAIL THI8\ j COUPON )! l£25L/! NAML. ADDRESS. CITY AMOUNT. , PHONE. . NEEDED BY_ Loans $25 to $2000 — Loans over $300 life-intured at low cost. ••neftclol Finance Co. of Lawrence, Inc. 133% MASSACHUSETTS STREET, LAWRENCE Over Mefetfta Jewelry • Manei Viking I-H74 A* fer the VIS MArtager OHN IVINMOIIV AMOINTMINT- mONI *OI IVININO HOURS BENEFICIAL riNANCK •V9TBM George Accepts Own Resignation BALTONSBOROUGH, England (AP)—George Morris wrote himself a letter today resigning as secretary of the village hall committee. He accepted his resignation with regret. George or his wife Nancy are either secretaries or other top officials of most of the Somerset village's 18 voluntary organizations. George spends night after night writing letters as secretary Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri. 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon.. Tues. and Thurs. Sun. Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under of one organization to himself as secretary of another. "I realized how ridiculous it was," he said. Ottawa NOW! TWIN CITIES OF SIN! SODOM* Color by DELUXE • A TIT ANUS PRODUCTION A GOFFREDO LOMBARDO •nd JOSEPH E. LEV1NE PRESENTATHM Ketened by 20rn CENTURY-FOX Shown at 8:00 Only Tonite & Tues. 1st Run There are very few top westerns from Hollywood these days but here is one we know you'll like. Show at 7:15 — Feature 8:05 Hillcrest Drive-In Public Auction Due to the death of my husband, I will sell the following livestock and farm items at Public Auction at the farm located 4 miles south, one mile east, one-quarter mile north of Homewood, Kansas, on Wednesday, April 24, '63 (Starting at 1:00 p.m.) LIVESTOCK — 8 milk cows; 8 dairy heifers; 2 heifer calves; 18 unshorn Hamp. ewes; 13 lambs; 1 buck. MACHINERY — Farmall H tractor; Farmall C tractor; cultivator for C tractor; International corn planter with fertilizer attachment; No. 24 7-ft. tractor mower; tandem disc; International plow, 2-14; rotary hoe, 2-row; International 7-ft. mower; 2-row cultivator; John Deere 4-bar side delivery rake; Sulky rake; Wetmore hammer mill, small; auger, 8-ft., new; blade; scoop; Ford tractor; plow; cultivator. MILKING EQUIPMENT — DeLaval milking system, 2-unit; 6-can cooler; DeLaval electric cream separator. MISCELLANEOUS — Articles too numerous to mention. HOUSEHOLD ARTICLES — Solid oak extension table, antique; library table; matching vanity and chest; davenport and chair; kitchen cabinet; treadle sewing machine; stone jars, some antique. CONSIGNED — Gehl Mixall feed grinder, less than 2 years old. Terms: Cash. Not responsible in case of accidents. Mrs. Lloyd Schweitzer, OWNER Clerk: Peoples National Bank, Ottawa. Auctioneers: Myers Brothers. Refreshments will be sold by Mt. Olivet W.M.S.

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