The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas on October 9, 1971 · Page 97
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The Hutchinson News from Hutchinson, Kansas · Page 97

Hutchinson, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 9, 1971
Page 97
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Glad You *. Asked That! By HY GARDNER Q: I've noticed that many of our astronauts — after their flights into space, especially to thu moon — have either separated from or divorced their wives. Any physical of psychological reasons? Or are t'h e y just like other men — high flyers on earth as well as ,-in space? Also, why aren't single men permitted to be astronauts? — Mrs. Margot Boge, New Hyde Park, N.Y. A: "NASA has never had' a policy of always sanding married astronauts to the moon," a Space Agency spokesman reports. "Seventy - three men have been named astro* nauts since the start of the manned space flight program. Two have never been married, and three are divorced. We are unaware of how these statistics comnare to similar statistics in other professions. But we know of no evidence that space flight is a factor in marital problems." The breakdown: "Four, astronauts were bachelors at the time of their selection: The late C. C. Williams, Jr., selected in 1963, Harrison H. Schmitt, selected 1965, John L. Swigert, Jr., and Thomas K. Mattingfy II, selected in 1966. "Major Williams and Lt. Cdr. Mattingly married after becoming astronauts. Mr. Swigart (command pilot, of Apollo 13) and Dr. Schmitt lunar module pilot for Apollo 17) are still single. "Lt. Col. Alfred M. Worden (ApoSo 15 command module pilot) had been divorced for more than a year "prior to his flight. Scott Carpenter left the space program in 1967. We understand that he and his wife have since separated. "Col. Donn Eisele has been divorced and remarried since his Apollo 7 space flight. Capt. Edgar Mitchell's wife filed for divorce shortly after his Apollo 14 flight, but the divorce is not final at this time. Neil Armstrong is neither separated nor divorced." Gordon Cooper, Jr. ;' Nota: In addition, Gordon Cooper, Jr. (who made the first long space flight by ad American in 1963 and two years later, with Charles Conrad, Jr. made the first extended manned flight) recently separated from h i s wife. Q: The night before the Attic riots I saw a similar priso rebellion on "Hawaii Five-0" i which Jack Lord was held a hostage. Couldn't this hav sparked the Attica tragedy —Mrs. Louis R., Des Moines. A: Unlikely. Though the timing of the segment was eerie, it had to be coincidental. Such a .mass outbreak couldn't be spontaneous. It required at least some degree of plotting. Also, the time slot of the popular "Hawaii" TV terleg Is after "lights out." Ifl addition, many prison officials delete programs v.hich might incite "to riot. Q: With the Jim Nabors show ff the air, what's that tough Marine sergeant,-Frank Sutton, going to .be doing? — Mrs. "erecita P., Oakland. A: CBS recently made a Suttou pilot which will be a series called "Over There" (after- the World M'ar I song by George M. Cohan sung with patriotic fervor by millions of Americans). It's a spoof - proof format of the barely • in - being U. S. Air Force in that war, done in slapstick fashion. "For example," Sutton says, "we just can't seem to get the planes off the ground." Co- featured will be comedian-impressionist John Byner —who became famous with his comedy albums. Q: May I ask your help in getting the name and address of the man who tried to gel Christmas gifts to our POW's n North Vietnam? — Mrs. M tfarks, Jersey City. A: He's H. (Henry) Ross Perot, billionaire head of the Electrode Data Systems, Dallas, Texas. After flying halfway around the world to present gifts and sunplies to our POW's in North Vietnam, he was frustrated in his effort to deliver them. More recently he furnished the money for wives of POW's to fly to Paris and other European capitals to try and gain information about their loved ones. Q: My family thinks I'm very funny — and I'd like tt make a career out of being comedienne. But how can I ge laughs and still not lose m femininity? — Dolores S., Tuc son. A: Follow Charlie Chaplin's advice to Martha Raye. He once told her: "Never act like a clown in a pair of over alls. Dress beautifully, make up flawlessly, and you have set the stage for your act. Against a background of immaculate glamour, a funny face, or a pratt-fall is twice as Wlarious. Remember, the lower the comedy "the highe the fashion." , Q: Is it legal for me to mak my own American flag to fl •>n our pole? — Mrs. Ray H Denver, Colo. A: Yes. Being your own Betsy Ross is legal. As a matter of fact, McCall's now offers the first pattern for a 3x5 American flag — complete with instructions on how to sew on the 50 stars by means of a transfer sheet. It's no coincidence that the pattern number is No. 1776. Q: I understand that Sail! Kellerman (in an interviews blurted out something about A MacGraw she ' wished s h Hutchinson News Saturday, Oct. 9, 1971 Page 9A BLACK COMEDY: (L to R) Murray Hamilton, Fred Gwynne «nd Bob Dishy star In "The Police,", a black comedy to be presented by the Hollywood Television Theatre on PBS Thursday, Oct. 14, 8 p.m., on Channel 8. hadn't. What was it? da 0., St. Louis. Matil- A: After the interviewer suggested she was following in the mold of actresses like AH MacGraw (who hit stardom after 30) Sally said, "I don't like the comparison; I think Ali is very pretty and has a nice quality, but I don't think she's a good actress." Several weeks later the two girls met for the first time. After which Sally felt silly and said: "I was so embarrassed! From now on I won't say anything about anyone unless it's nice!" Q: Is that new Tom Jones TV series really new? If they're reruns, what else will he be doing besidese collecting royalties? — Louise and Bettina, Miami. Torn Jones A: Don't worry about anyone having to run a ben£ fit for the Jones boy! Aside from the residuals he gets from re - runs, Tom is active recording, doing guests shots, playing concerts and making movies for United Artist. The first will, be "Gospel Singer," with the super - star's super- manager, Gordon Mills, as executive producer. This follows the trail blazed by Elvis Presley, who didn't really hit super - star stature till he hit the Big Screen. Q: Isn't it"a fact that mos irimes today are committed by repeaters? And are they in the younger or older age group? — Mrs. Richard R., Jamaica N.Y. A: The younger the age group, the higher the percentage of repeaters. FBI charts reveal that of the offenders released in 1963, 74 per cent of those rearrested by 1969 were in the under - 20 category. 72 per cent in the 20 to 24 age bracket. And 69 per cent, ages 25 to 29. The smallest percentage of repeaters — 43 per cent—were those 50 and over. Q: I'm taking a European va cation ^and wonder if I shoul convert my dollars before leav ing home. I've heard that th cab drivers, bellboys and othe help-in Paris and Rome won accept American money f o tips. True? — Mrs. Hubert F Syracuse. A: Exaggerated. They may complain but they'll hardly turn down the fluctuating Yankee dollar. How- eyfer, we hear that the urchins who used to jump into the famous Trevi Fountains to retrieve your nickels, dimes am pennies 'are now asking tourist? not to toss the usual three coins in the fountain — at least not until further notice. (Another sidelight: An American stationed, in London had lunch at the U.S. Embassy canteen and found the restaurant was refusing to accept U.S. dollars in payment of food checks.),, »*» We Specialize in Service for Zenith, Philco, RCA and Maanavox COLOR TV See our 8-Track STEREO TAPES 1509 N. Lorraine MO 3-3730 Thursday Night, October 14,1971 6:30 Dragnet, I, I, H Bewitched, 10, IS - "Samantha'i Not • So- Leaning Tower of Pisa"— Samantha discovers the real, reason the famed Tower of Pisa leans Is Esmeralda. You're On, 8 Bock Owens TV Ranch Show, 6, 7, 18 7:00 Bearcats!, I, 7, U David Canary plays a ruthless bandit leader who tells a helpless village he will hang one of its citizens and that they must select the victim. Alias Smith & Jones, 10,13 "T h e Posse That wouldn't Quit" — A wom- and and her two young daughters are chargec with aiding desperadoes after helping Heyes am Curry escape from posse. Flip Wilson Show, 2, 3, 11 Flip's guests are George Carlin, Sugar Ray Robin son, and Pat Boone anc Family in an hour of comedy and song. The French Chef, 8 7:30 Washington Week In Review, 8 8:00 CBS Thursday Nigh Movie, 6, 7,12—"The Dir ty Dozen" — Starring Lee Marvin and an all - sta cast in the powerful story of a group of Army mis fits who are turned int< heroes. Will be pre sented in two parts, th second part Friday Oct. 15, 8:30 p.m. The impressive cast include Ernest Borgnine, Charle Bronson, Jim Brown, John Cassavetes, R i c h a r Jaeckel, George Kennedj and others. Hollywood Televisioi Theatre, 8—"The Police' Slawomir Mrojek's blac comedy - satire is set ir a fictious country ir which the police hav finally reached a stage o absolute law and order Stars Bob Dishy, Fred Gwynne, Murray Hamilton, John McGiver, Neva Patterson, and Steven Pringle. Longstreet, 10, 13 — "Elegy In Brass" Longstreet becomes involved in a murder- and^eft mystery set against a New Orleans jazz background. Nichols, 2, 3, 11"Gulley vs. Hansen" — Despite Sheriff Nichols' efforts to discourage them two aging gunfighters are goaded.into a showdown. 9:00 The Dean Martin Show, 2, 3,11 — Dan's guests are Ruth Buzzi, Art Carney and Lynne Kellogg. Owen Marshall, Counselor At Law, ' 10, 13 — "Make No Mistake" — Owen Marshall reluctantly files a suit for malprac- • tice against a highly respected physician. World Press, 8 8:45 Critic - At - Large, 8 "Stravinsky — "Words Without Music" — LittleJohn reviews the literary and journalistic aspect of the 20th century's most prominent musical figure. 10:00 KSN News, Weather & Sports, 2, 3, 11 News, 6, 7, 12 Folk Guitar, 8 Scene Tonight, 10, 13 10:30 Merv Griffin Show, 6, 12 You're On, 8 ,The Tonight Show, 2, 3, 11 Joe Anne Worley, Artie Shaw and James Caan will guest. Football—Don Fambrough, 7 Dick Cavett, 10, 13 Peter Ustinov is solo guest 11:00 Merv Griffin, 7 12:00 Midnight Movie, 12 — "World In My Corner"— Audie Murphy and Barbara Rush. . KSN Late News, 2, 3, 11 Your Money's Worth It pays to advertise In the News Clock. The Clock is used many times daily for a week. Make the most of your advertising dollar. I appreciate your patronage. Yern WOODWARD BARBER SHOP 24 W. 4th Whatisd compact bank? It's a small bank with big ideas on how to serve you better, COMBAT —BANK NORTH NATIONAL BANK 601 East 30th / 663-1201 / Hutchlnsafi

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