The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 19, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, September 19, 1936
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^^^^^^^^'*??^^^^^^!^?^^^ ; ' * THE BAKBR8F1EI<D CAUFOltMAN, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1986 ____^_-—--.-.-----..-.. Oil Operators Active at 28 Sites in West Side Revival To Explore- Virgin Tm-ilory Willi Wildcat Projoct Soulli of Roscclnln "I.MRp hound*" nrr baffled by the 'are compiinillvnly shallow, a liolo HH T^ON'l tho Iln-mllc Hi retch of oil land from Marlcnpa to MrKll- trick on llin Wont Hide, 28 Mlrlngii of loots now uro operating, and drill- Ing activity Is nnl'1 10 be greater than for scvpral years. MOH! of the tho most purl, havo come from Long Beach, and mnnll companion or. Individual oprsralorH, predominate. Will- nreu buck of Tuft, and Kilo chosen by Superior (ill ('oinpany for lt« new project, l\('l. M, three llllll'M south of Itfmeilale, HOC) loll II. ;|li-2B. Xo wellH Inue been drllU'd nefU' thlH Nile, It IM piilnled out, .111.1 it cannot ho llnknd with any known Irend In the valley, \inlens Ilie Hcml tropic anllcllnn. 21 miles away, ctin I.e roneelvetl tf> curve down through Sliiiiiliird'.M wllilrat KCI. III. 1,million HCH inldwnv bctwcon Friillvnlo field and Bhcll's discovery well In Ten .Section field. 11 IM not coiiHldered lo be n play for I lie m-rll- initiation nt Ten Section, bncaiiHe It IM (Ive iiillen norlheiiNl and down the apparent dip of thill Htrurl urn, (mly work done HO fur on the Around Is to drive ri Hlnlce at n polnl HM fei-.t soiiih anfl ;inn west of thn north • HinrtPi-cnrnci nf tiecllnn II. .'10 ::li. Snook Lease Deep Test Is Launched I.H-CP (••«! uf the formations In ..|,.|,| ( |,..l l.y Slieppnril (III I'ompllllV on the Sni-iok leaxe. Tlilfi will ex p|or» the Itrown Hluile In-low- Hie pi-oiluciive fiiiiid "f the old shallow w rll?- KIII roiinillni,' A uiiarler 'if a mile nortli on Hec- Iliucll IIH LTillll feet deep being unusual. Men, machliH'ry und capital, for urea on thu Trift-Miirlcopa highway, urc tho two liiiBli'Ml upolH. Murlcopu flat, lifter n. Mhort period Of Idlctnoss, IM ngnln «prlni;lii«: Inlo action, with two wellii drlllliiK and four inoro pru- to drill. NEW OIL AGREEMENTS FILED R ll. ANMKUSiiN "I ii* to Oeennle. oil ('(inipiiny iiHiilKiitnenl Iniimi on lotH t.'l iiiul 24, nccllon It, 29-2B. .1 A. Ilnrkcr to K. A NlKhln-rl r,ciL«n rlut'id .Inrin 12, 1!i.1 royiilly. lliron ypur drill M»n imrlliwi'Hl (iniii-K'.r "f nunrtnr, nf linn 12, SI -20. II If. Anilprnon nt "» '" Oil nortln-iiHl, i"M'tliin «-. and IHK I'lniM II. Itelly in Ai-llini M. .Illliln C. Illlllien - ..AdKlKlillii'Ml I pel- rent oil, ftt'!., from WrHi Hi in-rpsi nf ;!"r'!n*!.«^;!nr^ l i; r ^uVd 1 "wp«! l ' l MJ^ ( » »,r.lon .«, (|Ulirler. (iPl-llnil I", .W-211. lluriild H l.i-ddy ft ux l» « I" 1 " " llervey. AitflKnuK'nl oil IKIIMB DM norlli AiiKiuit 21, I8.'!H, nno-Alglillt royalty, 3-ynir drlllliiK rlausn, south half of northwest ipmrler and north Imlf of nouthwoHt fpiarter, ppctlfiii 3H, 20-20. l-;dw:iid 'I', [lonijhloii, Moda K. IhniRliliMi, Herlha II. C'lnrk, snlo holrn to It. II. ItiiiiKlilon, dnceiiHnd, to Superior oil Company—I.eiiNo dalnd Au- gHHl 21, IIMIfl, one-nlglilli royalty, il- yenr drllllnif Hans*, south half of noi HIUI>H( ipitirlnr iind norlli half of MimtliwcNl (|iiarli>r, Heetlon 3,1, 20-ZB. HI. I'lnlr I'Xnte CoinpiiMy In Union Tells Court Davis Made Mini Shoot Poole in Michigan Murder (Ainntitatcd /VB«I Lcat«4 Wire) DI3THO1T, Hept, 10. -r- Dayton Dean testified In an emotionless volco today that ho shot Charles A; I'oolo to death beforo a group ot Hlank legion Terrorists "becauso I knew IT I didn't whoot, Davis would Hhoot mo." DavlH l« "Colonel" Harvoy DavlH, one of 12 inmi charged with murder rind kldnaplriK In corinnc-llon with Dm kllllriK l"«t A'«y J 2 of the young I'WA worker. Dean, who already IUIH ple.iided guilty, was tho last state witness. Ills story reached n climax HM ho told of "lollIng T'oolo havi! It" ftfl tho bewildered victim pleaded for a chanco to explain that his abductors' accusation of wife beating was . 'ill i 'ontpaiiy— I, fane ilnlml AiiifiiHt 27, royally, 5-ypnr drill- rani half of HOUthoMit ! f.-nnnxKHV l.niiHi' (luted Muy H. I'lll' 1 ,, nut- .-ilxtii rnvally. '" lllfv ll1 '" 1 '''' "• .mil III Illllf of norlli Inilf nf Miillthwrhl illiarl' I . 1"< 'I'm :H, VI- -I | Kdwiird II. Ki'iini-NHV H n* '" >'• ' •• 1 I'lllliiK --ANMlKMinPMl "f nli"Vi'. rcserv- liu; iMHi-flftli liilei-eM In WHIM" ; hnliii< l(, Hllllie AHHlKMIIlelll IUI'1 III I. Twentieth I'enlurv oil ' 'inn- , otif fifth Inleri'm In ahovi 1 paiiv IM rlKKlUK up ii lurgn wnoden il.'iilrk In drill on the mmlli "« anew of thr- (I I K-;l li'lifie, HllliU'ilHi'il Iron) fills lln\l "Slim" llnxler IM In ehar^r nf drilling M. I,. rillliiK el lo II. H Null l iruHl lu ithnvu i Mr'ila I 1 !. llniiKlii'Ui. arlinlnlMlriitrlx Of f'MalP "f It I''. llntlKlllnll. llei-ell'O'll (n Nupnrlor (Hi i'iiin|iiiii.v I.I-UHII iliili-il , 5 BIG DAYS AND NIGHTS 5 17th Annual TULARE COUNTY FAIR Mndii l-;. HniiKlitiiii, ailnilnlNtratrlx dilute U. 10. HiiUKlilun, dcePaBOil, lo Htiporlor fill Company Inline datfl AIIKHNI 21, IHM, oiift-fllghlh roynlty, Ilirci.-veiir drilling elaime, uridlvldnrj »ll"-lllllf IllUlll'Ht 111 fill, OtC., Ill SOUlll- vviiiii ouarier of HnuthvvoHt riuarlnr BOO- Kihvaid T. UniiKhloii, Mn'la K. lloiiRhton. lleriha II. ("Mark, »olo heirs K. I'). I InUKhtnn, ilnreuned, JKSKP \). ilondnuin i I ux In .Superior 1)11 Com- puny I.PIIHII iliilpil AiiKUHt 21, \VM. onr-i>lKlitli royally, tlirpo-yoar (Irtlllnit i liiiifo, Biiiithu'finl iitiurlcr of Boiitliwont ipuirti'i- fn'i'iion ;i:i, zv-zn, il. Miirnli iinil HKI|PII daddy, rln.. to l.i'iin V. Hinllli l,cano datod Augunt 21, lO.ld, oiir'-clKlHh rnynlly. flvn-ypar ilrlllliiK rliiiiNp, nortli hnlf of nontli luilf nf niirtlinuM (|tiar(i'f of northeaiil Ken ,1. '/iiinuiiH lo l.oii V. Hinllli . Linn., rtlilcil .luiio 17, I!MH, rnin-clKlill) t inj-Hlly. flvo-yniir ilrllllnu c.laiIRo, pur- ! HnriM Huullivvitfit ipiarlor Bivtlon !I2, i 3(1.27. ! IV M. A. in Wnllcr K. MOV|IIH, T,. O. and W. A. McNeil I.I.IINK ilainil March Hi, HiHi). fi por ci'iii royiilly, Honllicnit I (piiirh i, t.oiiUi Imlf nf nnrllii'iiiit quur- ! Iff iiccllon 10, iH-'J.T. ' Sain,, In HMlnc l.niutc flitted HeptfMli- , IKT II. I Mil, fi pi-f com royalty, i'ii»l I hnir Mfi-i|i,ii I, north Inilf nf nnrlliciiNt iiuarlcr and WOM( luilf Hc-i'tlon HI, 1 S« ::". . M .1 l\np[i"l !•! ux Ii) Vern !•'. Ovl- iiil - AcMlKiitnc nl % nf I prr cent nil, t i'ti- . finin |)urilnn HIMII|I\VI<M| ijuai'ter . i.|.rll,.|| |!l. .10 i".l, fllUl of KllNl Hllll! ennui 1 I 1 - .- 1 A. In C. A. IliiKoi'H -i!u« nnd proi'pKciliiK piirinll on Im l!i. KIII:- "Davis said, 'You're a dirty llnr. You know you beat up your wife and klekt-<| her and put hor In the hospltaC " Dean testified. "Poolo said, 'Hoys, there must bo mistake, I never—' DavlH Inlnrrtiplftd and told him to shut up. •You'll never live to do It again.' Da> vis says. "I glanced n round and I thought I had better mart shooting and carrying out my orders. Ho I opened up with both KUDU and I'oolo sank to the- ground." News From West Side Communities Las Amigas Club PlansJBig Event MAHICOPA, Hept, IB, — Sewing and fanr.y needle work WB.H tho diversion of tho afternoon following a 12:80 politick luncheon given by ..the members of La« Amigas Club in tho banquet room of tho Masonic Temple Wednesday. Mrs, Healrlco Dower wan In chargo of tho meeting and Mesdames Clara Danlols and Sablna Hlxon wero hostesses for thft afternoon. The members completed many sowing projects and arranged others to be displayed at tho bazaar to bo given by the olub on October 10. Thoso prcHont at tho dinner and sowing wero Mesdames Beatrice Dower, Bvolyn Doaklns, Clara Daniels, Kalhryn TraKOii, Gertrude Hnilth, Lucy Morris, Eleanor Holmes, Mao Hanks, May White, Ella C'auo, Elizabeth Hair, Elva Big- gcrstaff, Kdna Btarbuck, Vivian Hastings, Gertrude Jones, Luolnda Tarr, Huslo Smith, Mary Dodlnl, Ijiiura Wallers, Alia Ktrikade, and ISlb.aboth Dorn, Cluosts wero Charles Dower and James Doaklns. Host OBHP.H for tho next mooting of the club Huptembc-r 30 aro Mary Dodlnl and Mao Uanka. Delta Theta Tau Sorority Begins Fall Social Season 500,000 yisitors to Dionne Girls n'ntlril I'rfim /,m»«rrt ll'lrr* TORONTO, Hept. 19.— The Dlonnu qiilntuplotH ure, "the world's exhibition," their physlulun. Dr. Allan 11. Dafoo hellnvcH. 'We liml over fiOO.OOO visit urn at | the Dafoi, nursery hotno of the liable,,, hc)d , a r , (mlona- Kern County Show Ticket^ on Sale TAKT, Hopt. 10.—Trull speed ahead Is tho roport from the committee 111 charge of staging tho second annual Horn county horso show In Taft next Friday, Saturday and Huiiday at tho franklin Field horso show arena l.loxua aro going fast and rosorvec «eat tlckotH for any or all nights uro now itvulliibli) at tho office o JO. A. IConimers. Qeneral admission tickets will bo on milo tho nights of l ho show. Stable reservations aro 8(111 bolng registered with tho poNSlblltty of a Uisl-mlnuto ruah of horses from the LOH Angeles county fair now beltij , Sept. 19.-£>ne of the most Important fall meetings was held Tuesday evening at the home of tr«; Philip Itadanovtch, by the Delta Theta Tau sorority when 21 oung women answered the roll call. dm. Don Myera announced tho fol- owing committees and chairmen o serve throughout the year. Chaper welfare, Mrs. Albert Kldd, chair,nan; social service, Mrs, Lenora Illett, chairman; pro-convention, 'earl Murdock, chairman; ways and neans, Miss Salmi Lane, chairman; iy-lawH, Mrs. I2merson Shrock, ihalrman: press correspondent, Mrs. frank Kggleston; pledge supervisor, Vllss Lenora Adams; gift commit- ee, Mrs. Doc Rlcards, chairman: ad laory board consists of Miss Salmi jane, Mesdames Hpwardi ITanst and Don Myers and the consular committee Will bo represented by Mrs. frank Kggleston and Pearl Murdock. The budget drawn up by the -ex- outlve committee was adopted by he' chapter as well as tho social 'iitendar. Tho first social affair of he season will bo held October 19 vlth Mrs. Pearl Murdock, MlsseS ...enora Adams, Helen Orady and Miss Anno Towers as hostesses. The national minutes of the convention held In St. Louis were read us woll as the minutes of tho na- this year more, than twlco tho mini bi'r who ratno up to Callander last year," ho Bald hero yesterday. "We limy not need any government assistance, In IN" form of a grant, next year, If tin) babloB conllnuo to draw such crowdw." Doctor l>nfno said the quins are In "great condition," I. fi J i ill CmniiiiMv Rules Veteran Who Has Bonjus Can Pay (T'nf/(Nl /VriM /.riMri/ U'lrf } HAN KHANCISCO. Hept. 19.—Hll- perlor Judge Klmer 10. Robinson yesterday ruled that a war veloran possessing liomiH boiulH was aliln to pay alimony. The ruling WIIH given In tho cane lirnuuhl iiKiilimt ICdwIn II. MatHen, (•X nit-v|ce man. by bis divorced wife, i Mrs. lOflelwelmi l,. Malsen. in A. M r r,-i'llt nil, II .1 I, well N.I. 1 on iioiHivM-Ml Miiiiiui' a. re nf IntH 10, 11 mid p, .rll, .n ln| \'>. I'ltivei-lpiif. I-' A N'lKhtierl el ux and Tt ll. Ituinllev In .lii>u-|dilMe llraiitlny A>i- NlKiuiienl nf Hirne elk'litfl of 1 pur cent nil. Pie., fi-oin eiiKl luilf of went half nf I M,nili,.MMi ,|m.rier npellon IH ao-a-i. ] awarded her In 10:12. I' A, Nlxhlierl el ux and JiiNpplihtc | t , t llrunlley Hdine an nlio\-p. «•-»-»- Maricopa Teachers Assigned^ to Posts MAIUCOI'A, Hopt. tO.—Tho reslg nation of Miss VVIIhelmlna Hamunn as band Instructor of Marloopi siihoulH was accepted by tho boar of school trustees at their ineolllii Monday evening and Miss Marjori Uruy assigned to tho band duties Ii connection with the vocal must work formerly conducted by Mist l'"leda Miller, according to Superln tendent J. H. Cookman. Other teach era who resigned early In tlie Heasot aro M|SH Miller, Miss Dri]7.ella Oooil win, M|HH Infellco Klmball, Miss t'or Innno I,lllli' and Minn Gladys Me Cormlck. Now teachers who wl take responsibilities In Marlcop schools nro the Misses ClladyH Woof- yard, Mary I Inline, Abigail l>ai MI-H. Miitnon cliurBcd her former I brecht, Alvtna Hmlth and Miss Drey isband was U) hi lid $»7.1, In his JfiO j KtudnnlH enrolled In Marlcop p(>r month alimony paymonts, | Hchooln to date total 310, accordln to the Hiiperlntendont, a dncreose. AT TULAHE Sept 22 to 26 (INCLUSIVE) Two NiffhiH of Fireworks, Motorcycle Racen, Pioneer Day Rands •-- Music Big ElevenVWell to Be Bailed Out! ! Itefm-e einmnenrliiK pnmplnu; oper i : iiiliniN at ttlK Kleven till Company 'H ' | \\llilnit urnr Hie \\inidy road north-' ' «e»t of Kern Ulcer field, section IS. I .'« :'S, tbf hide will he hulled for HIIV- i rl.-ll d.'ltM In rleiui (Mil HMIIll. .1. J. ) TM\ In. u In* IH une uf the barkeru of ' the priijui't and IN inn minor of ! npf rntliiiiM, MI.VH that fiOO feol of oil : IH In the hole, and that liiillentloilN j me a commercial well will , be j HelMired. ! The company, which controls 1K7 luTi'H In the neighborhood, IH com- piiHed "!' I'YcMiii htmlncRH men, In- luillinv Mr. Nell J. Mall, 1'YeNllo heiut Kpn lallHt, preHldelit, Mult Wild. I'Yi'Hiio attorney, micrutury, and ,1 .1. TavlH. 'ui nini IUIIH upon to production extend Iriilii the Hhon of tho It' 5 )*Inch riialng at Ilfi7 foot to bottom at 11 1 17, and In IhlM an upper zone IIMH been added by perforatlliK the dliiK from 1HM feel to 1107, milk- Ini; ii liitnl nl' till feet of nil to draw on. Garner to Produce about total. 15 HUiilents under lost year From Upper Sands Taft Girl Honored at Birthday The Callforntan) tlohal council which gave the chapter much inspiration, Miss Lane, bride-elect was presented with a beautiful wedding gift and with It ,were the sincere wishes from each member for a happy wedded life. Mist) Lane's marriage will take place Saturday evening, 7 p. m., at the Presbyterian Church, with her sorority sisters in attendance. Mlsn Lane's secret sister had an additional gift delivered during the meeting. Immediately following the close of tho meeting the chapter members had arranged a layette shower for their hostess, Mrs. Philip Badano- vlch. Mrs. Radanovlch was the recipient ot many lovely things from her Dolt sisters. Delicious refreshments wero served under tho supervision ot Mrs. Doc Rlcards, chairman of the social affair. Mrs. Radanovlch presented the usual hostess draw prize, won by Miss Salmi Lane. Members present were: Mesdames Paul C. Frost, Howard Hanst, Pearl Murdock, Kmmerson Shrock, Dick White, Don Myers, Lenora Ellett, Doc Rlcards, Phil Rada- novlch, Frank Eggleston, Bud Murray; Misses Dorothy Peterson, Thetta Fleming, Bee Edwards, Helen Orady, Anne Towers, Lenora Adams, Mildred Tarwoter (Santa Barbara), Onaleda Group in Meeting in Temple SAl^T, Sept. 10,—Th Onaleda diub met Wednesday in the Masonic tern- jllo. A delicious potluck luncheon wus served at 12:30 to a good attendance ot members and guests and Was followed by the regular bualnees meeting. •* ' I .Plans were completed for the card party to be given on October 22. Both auction bridge and pinochle will be played. There will be nice prizes and refreshments. Janet Col- trln was named chairman, assisted by 13. AclklBBon, 1-1, Arnold, A. Kness, 13. Maledy, 1«. May, M. Possehl, M, Postln, a. Warden'and N. Anderson. A cooked foOd sale will bo held Saturday, September 26, In the Safeway store on Center street. The next meeting of the club will be held October 7, at the home ot Harol Arnold, 121 Wallace Center, with Ruby Bodenhamer assisting. -• *• »—i Lincoln RT. A* in First Fall Meeting TAJBT, Sept. 19.—The Executive Board of the Lincoln P. T. A., held Us first regular tn.eetlng Ot the* school year, on Thursday afternoon, September 16, in the school auditorium. Three vacancies, due to officers leaving Taft, or to Illness, we're Satml Lane, Ixsfflngwell. Ella Hlxon, Virginia Plans for Fall Events Are Told by Taft Eastern Star (Special to The Californton) T AKT, Sept. 19.—Chapter No. 337, ISastorn Htar, met Tuesday night at tho Masonic temple with Worthy Matron Hattle Klrchert and Worthy Patron Davle. Orlvvoa presiding. Substitutes for absent officers wore Veda Watson, Ruth LeQar, Lticy Marsh, Cora Callander and ISr- rol Ustlch. Deputy Grand Matron Kuth Iloss was given honor of escort as were Christine Peterson, worthy matron of Buena Vista chapter; Maymc Sut- llf<frworthy matron, and Reed Campbell, worthy patron of Faith chapter; and Charles Dowor, worthy patron of Marlcopa chapter. Following tho meeting a musical program was -presented by William Steen, a vocal student of Taft. Me was accompanied by Mrs. Loretta Brown. Announcement was made of tho series of throe bridge parties being sponsored by tho La. Katrella Club on September 21, September 28, and October 6. At each party prizes will be awarded to both ladlea and gentlemen holding high score. Grand prizes will bo awarded on October 5 to the lady and gentleman having tho highest scores for the scries. Members of tho La Estrolla Club aro now soiling 'tickets for the draw- Ing of an occasional chair on October 28. Plans are Hearing completion for a reception and dance sponsored by Taft chapter on September 26 at the Masonic Temple In honor of Ruth Ross, deputy grand matron of the district. All Eastern Stars and their escorts are cordially Invited to attend, Refreshments were served at the clone of the evening and tables were reserved for those havlnb birthdays during August and Se"tembor. Small favors wero given those Heated at these tables. Tho birthday cakes were baked by Jcanetto Pcahl and Ida Rowcllffo. The refreshment committee for tho evening was composed of Burrell chairman, Lewis Stephens, Clarence McNutl, Robert Shelbourne. Leonard Fortlno, Dr. II. R. Dykes, George Watson. Krrol Ustlch. Charles Wltherow and Charles Cluz- (lanier Itoynltlcn Company Intends | to back up and pruduco from the \ lop Hand by perforallng cimlnK from! TAl-'T, Sept. 19.—Mr. and Mrs. K I dim to 1050 leet, In lln No. 7, one : , n ,. r Medlnley of tho Jameson lease mllf west uf Tuft IlelKbtH, nee!Ion i were hosts at a birthday party ro- •j;;, 32-83, Thn deeper nlivwlngs 1111- ( .|.ntly In honor of their daughter, covered from Ifilin to 1(108 feet did not yield commercial amounts of oil on a whorl pumping lost, and will bo plugged off. Moose Hall Scene of Fete for Convention Newly weds (Special to The CaHfornian) j t ,,,n. Many gucMH attended the affnlr, " Thin li'itso IH reported to contain thn Hllo of the original well of Unarm, which W«H drilled years ago. i Union Oil t'ompany at ono tlmn held I ho prup"H.v r but did no work on tho old pumpei-H, and they have boon Idlo till lately when (liirncr lioyal- ties Martml to reeondlllon thern. which home. was held In the McCllnley IIANDHOdK IHSDKD .1. K. Itrantlr-y. of Avemil, preMl- dent (if lint DrlllliiK and lOxplorallon Company and a member of the American Institute of Mining and Mntalliirglcnl onglnnors, Is author of a now handbook on rotary drlllliiK. Under the tltlo of "Hotary DrlllliiK Handbook," (ho, volunm Is published by ItiiHHoll 1'ulmor, 710 Hendlx building. Angi'li'M. UAI8K HI1AVK 1'KICKS TAI'"'l', Kept. 11I.--AI a meeting hold In the Labor tumplo Tuesday fvvnlng. I lie barbers of tho West Sldo doclded unanimously to ralmi the prlco of shavoH to UTi cents, beginning on Monday, September 21. »« «. MAIiNKT SALVAfiKS JUNK I'TICA. N. Y., Sept. 10. (U. P.)— Using a two-ton eloctrlc magnet, workmen Miilvngod iHJO tons of scrap Iron from a Hiinken canal bargo In IHIca harbor. T AFT, Sept. 10.—Tho Moose hall WIIH recently the scono of a delightful parly given as a surprise for Hod Mi-Donald and his brldo who wero married at the MOOHO convention In Han Diego. Tho Women of the Moose, Taft chapter, and Loyal Order of Mooso wero responsible for tho beautiful "pottery coffee service presented to them by Senior Hcgent Hazol Wllborn. Tho entertainment was In tho form of Bunco with tho prizes going to Mrs. 8am SchulU. Mrs. Berryhill, Mrs. Kosotta Almon, Mr. .loo Hlos, Mr. Peg Wllborn and Mr. ThomuH Kocklnr. Mr. and Mrs. Vic Jordan and Mr. McCoy, of Venice, entertained with Instrument and vocal selections. Dancing was also enjoyed. Those present to wish tho newly- wedH many years of happiness were: Mr. and Mrs. Joo Bios, Will Almon, Guy Berryblll and mother, Mrs. Berryhlll. Ray Mlnncr, Peg Wllborn, Cecil CSerow and daughters, Patricia and Jeanne, Claude Turner, Ed Outsell, Ian Cunning- haril, Ed Fltzputrlck, Tom Keckler, Charles Wright, Vic Jordan, Oeorgo Schultz, Al Palmhend,' Bob Jerome, Ullber Clark, of LOB Angeles, Jack Doer, also of LOH Angeles, Clark Bacon, of Bakorafleld and son Harold, Mr. and Mrs. McCoy of Venice, filled at thin meeting. Plans were made for tho'current year. Ah entirely new version of tho Study Clr- clo Is to bo Introduced. It will be called the Enrichment Group. The first of these groups will meet Wednesday, September 30, at 1:30 p. m. In the Lincoln School Auditorium and will bo under tho Joint direction of Mrs. Pauline Sewell and Mrs. Lucile Baker. This will be followed by tho regular business" mooting and later by a short time given over to tho welcoming of teachers. 4 > » Santa Maria Host to Taft Members TAFT. Sept. 19.—Officers and members of Taft Elks lodge paid si fraternal visit lo Santa Maria Elks lodge Thursday evening and extended an Invitation to the coast member* to participate In tho Taft Elks' Christmas tree party and Initiation to be held hero December 23. A chicken dinner was served before the meeting. Taft Elks attending tho coast meeting included C. A. Shaney, past exalted ruler; Robert C. Dear, exalted ruler; Harold Weaver, leading knight; Hcotty Harris, loyal knight; Frank Claire, lecturing knight; A. J. Morse, treasurer; Frank Miller, Inner guard; A. J. Plnkham, tiler; Frank Towne, trustee, and Charles Differding, chairman of the Christmas tree party committee. *-»-» Bazaar Planned by Las Amigas Group i MARICOPA, Sept. 10—Sewing and fancy needlework was tho diversion of the afternoon following a 12:30 politick luncheon given by tho members of Los Amigas Club In the banquet room of the Masonic temple Wednesday. Mrs. Beatrice Dowor wa8 In charge of the meeting and- Mc'Hdatnes Clara Daniels and Sablna lllxun were hostesses for tho afternoon. The members completed many sewing projects and arranged others to bo displayed at tho bazaar to bo given on October 10. Those present at tho dinner and sewing- were: Mesdames Beatrice Dowor, Evelyn Doaklnw, Clara Daniels, Kathryn Tregea, Gertrude Smith, Lucy Morris, Eleanor Holmes, Mae Banks, May White, Ella Cose, Elizabeth • Balr, Elva Blggerstaff, Mrs. Thelma Burns and children, Noll and La Verne, Margery Flipper, Delia Jackson;* Betty Flnklo- man, Hilda lllldebrand, Mr. Cuther- bertson and Ed Zimmerman. NIXTII ANNUAL NIGHT HORSE SHOW Wctlnesday mul Thursday Ninliln, Sopl. 2.'l niul -I with thn InfKi'Ht numbi'r of rldorti and lino IIOVHCH over IHM-II In the Kan .loiii|uln vullry 2,'l Sopjinilo I'liiHscs and Kvi-nts. Don't 'riii.s! i HOUSE HACKS PROFESSIONAL VAUl)EV11 ,LI«: BABY SHOW COMMUNITY EXHIBITS LIVESTOCK PARADE FOLEY & BURKE CARNIVAL Watch for Complete Program of the Oldest and Biggest Fair in the Valley Sponsored li.v TWENTV-FOUHTIl DISTRICT A(J Ult'U I ,Tl I It AI. ASSOCIATION U'tiluri* and Klnns Count li>r> Attention! Kern County Artists Uprn to All fro- ffnnlt>nnln and Amateurs Rexld- ina in Kern County. "CALIFORNIA'S HOUR" Radio Talent Tournament .SIX AUTI.HTH tilt ACTS \VII.J, WIN I. A liMilnreil apiiciirani'K on llu< "California'!* Hour" nulule to Kern I'ounly ovi>r K10UN Mondiij, Si'plomhcr 'JR. ''. \ round trip I" l<o» Aimi'livs. :i. II'IM-I) ilollurH each In ciish. I. A clmnro to win up to $730 more In I hi' stulc-vviilc liiunuimi'itl. Auditions at KERN Monday nml Titi'sdiiy, Seplvinlior 21 and 'J'.' 2 (o 4 p, m. ami 7 to 0 p. in. KOU KUU« I'AUTICltLAUS 8KK Federal Outfitting Co. Police Urged to Continue Arrests in Vice Campaign 19. I US ANOKI.KH, Sept, I-i l.os Angplcs police commission Informed tho city council today that, all police officers arc empowered to make arreKtM for gambling law and vlco violations. Previously the city attorney. Hay I,. I'lipMobro. rendered an opinion that any officer fulling to I'rttt Lcamd Wire) Tho poatedly Informed us that ,his vlco miikit any nrn>Ht when with rouHcuinblP evldoncf of law violation WIIH KUllly of a felony. "ThlH rnrinlnly Is onllgbtenlng," wild founcllmun Ktepbcn W. Cun- ulnKlmm. "\Vhu« tho gamblers worn running wide open at Sawtollo and t'troedlly wero untlclpullng pitytnent of Jl 1 ,0(io,000 to tho residents of tho veterans' home In bonus money. squad could find no vlco conditions." "Two policemen, not vlco squad officers, who arrested gamblers, were transferred for their diligence. "Likewise, whllo policemen on the beat at the University of California at Los AngeleB knew that u bookmaker wan flourishing on the allowances sent to students by their parontH, they could do nothing about it because they hud orders to loavo the matter In the hands of tho vlco Chief of Pollen James K, Davis ro- | Ing." 1 hopo that the pollen commit stun Is Bluccro and will give nil of fleers full power to knock over tho slot machine operators, bookmakers, and gamblers who aro still operat Garner Pleads for Valencia Oranges Roosevelt Victory Average Smaller SALESMAN WANTED by Wholesale Hardware Jobber SALARY OPEN WRITE TO BOX 585 In Care of The Bakercfield Callfornlan (.4««(ir(ofi'rt I'ren l.caitil Wtre) NK\V YOUK, Sopt. Itt.— Vloe-l'r«iJl- ld*nl tlurnor. In hln flral public Ntalement n'HurdlnR tho prcdldtftulul tuday uusertod he wan elinirtBdly In support of overy- Hounovult him done," He uilded, howovor, "no tnt«lUK«nt iiuiu will ngreu un ull details of any Tho vtcivpreHtdont cited a« pnr- tloulurly noteworthy the reduction In lnt«>ront rate effected by Vr«sl- d<>nt lluo««ivt<U. ---- ^ r » . i i tmiucfiifeii rrftt Leaned Wire) ANAHEIM, Sept, 10.—Valencia oranges averaged smaller on September 1 than any within the past 12 yearn with the exception of 192$ and 1833. tho association laboratories reported today. Outside fruit was said to average l.DliO Inches in diameter, .122 leas than last year. Inside fruit was re- purl averaging 1.614 Inches In diameter or .025 Inches less than a year ago. Sen. Norris Opens Drive in Nebraska (Amoctated J'rett Lcaied Wire) OMAHA, Sept. 19.— Avowedly against his will, but with expressed confidence that ho would win, the veteran Nebraska Independent Republican, U. S. Senator George W. Norris, opened a campaign today for re-election over Democratic and Republican opponents In November, Emerging from a summer's retirement at bis Wisconsin vacation home, he assorted In a radio address that "tho ro-oloctlon 'of President Roosevelt Is an absolute necessity If wo aro to save our country from the dangerx of Bolshevism and from ultimate dictatorship. Senator Norris declined to seek nomination In tho Nebraska primary, declaring ho wished to retire. He agreed to run. however, after Presl- dont Roosevelt urged him to enter tho campaign and a non-partisan voluntary committee obtained more than 40,000 signatures to a petition enter- Ing him us an Independent candidate. - , — .»_«_» Favor Impounding Autos of Drunks Edna Starbuck, Vivian Hastings, Gertrude Jones, Luclnda Tarr, Kuulo Smith, Mary Dodlnl, Laura Walters, Al(4i Kinkade and Elizabeth Dorn. Quests wore Charles Dower and James Dcaklns. Hostesses for tho next meeting of the club, September .10, are Mary Dodlnl and Mao Banks. FELLOWS FELLOWS, Sept. 19.—Mrs. A. II. Rtley and daughters, Nor ma Jean, Patricia Ann and Arleno and Mrs. D, L. Rlley are going to Lompoo for the week end. They will go to Mrs. Riley's cousin's wedding whllo they aro there, Mrs. H. C. Waggoner, who has spent the summer In tho eaat visiting relatives, has returned to her home In Fellows. Mr. and Mrs. Lou Oubleman have gon« to tho coubt to spend a few dayn. Sirs. Ed Ford and her .mother, Mrs. Charles Watson, were Wednesday business visitors In Bakerafleld. Mm. Cox and her baby from Mart tlnez are visiting Mrs. Cox's mother, Mrs. Osburne of Fellows. Mrs. Fertny and Mrs. Talmage, former residents of Fellows, were Thursday visitors In Fellows. Both of the women live at Lost—Hills now. Bob Plttman hurt his arm Wednesday. AllSON IU.OT FAILS SAN JOSB, Sept. 18. (U. 2.eaie<l Wire) LOS ANGELES. Sept. 19.— California motorists favor impounding of curs or jail sentences an a penalty for drunken driving, the California safety council reported today in release of early reuuiu of a state-wide safety questionnaire. Seventy-five per cent of the preliminary answers favored Impounding of cars and 62 per cent endorsed the jailing ot offending driven. A smaller proportion— 37 per cent— approved a combination of both penalllen. In- WASTINU NO ThMK SA N JOSB. Sept. 18. (U. P.. . , , MISSION, Toxus, Sept, 19. tA. P.» 1 Sheriff Uiwge Lyle reported today d«t«ed among lh» last gi-oup was Dr, e didn't cnu-h his name, j that an attempt wurfmado to burn ! Ray Lynmn Wilbur, president ot Stanford Untvm-Rliy, who wrote: I Th« least that tmn b» done would t*iy (MM, ; but whoovor he wtw bo didn't choose down tin) Hchlro fruit packing plant !{•> «prnd any time on it telephone, hew, Kindling and boxw. ' I lie sprinted U blocks to tho ncallon pllort around tho door, ho said, und be to Impound cars- and put In Jail I houso lo ivpori n fhv. Tho fii-emtMi hud IWM> ««t aflro. but failed to hdrunkcn, driven.) for a long ..enough i arrived In lime to mil It out. ! burn.v ' " ........ '»""•- ' hl " b " "" "«*•' ' time for them'to think U all Johnson's Tirettont Auto Supply and Sirvioi Stores, Ino, Okifttr it TwMty.ttrfHh Strait .PhtM 4MO

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