The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 22
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 22

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 22
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14 THE BAKEIISFIELD CALIKOR^IAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1836 I Musicians! Students! Parents! Hurry! PHILLIPS MUSIC COMPANY'S SCHOOL OPENING of Used Musical Instruments will soon be a thing of the past. The lingo slock of phenomenal bargains is rapidly melting away. Musicians are buying bellcr instruments, parents are enrolling Ilicir children in school bands. Our low prices and special terms are doing a great job for Kern county music lovers! Hut don't let someone else get all the benefit, (let your instrument — or your child's — now, while these prices still prevail. The sale will soon be over. Look at the give-away values listed below: SAXOPHONES TROMBONES ABBOTT PHIMIKn K& Alto Saxn- plionc, with Hold lu'll. Completely reconditioned. Velvet Free private lessons $38.50 $45.00 HOLTON K/> Allo Suxoplionc. Idlest Hudy Woidofl model. Silver, ^old hell. Complete outfit just like new. I'ree lessons included CONN lifr Unrilone Snxoplionc. (lood condition, (iuaninteed. Silver, bell. Ciiso rind lessons included HOLTON. I.tiIt- iiiodfl. Silver pliitcd. Finr condition. Wilh CIIHC PAN-AMKltlCAN. Silver. «old hell, llfcondilioiicd nnd ^iinninleed. Wilh mse nnd free lessons I .YON AM) HKAIA. Nii-kcl plntud. Wil " $15.00 case FLUTES 00 »vf\/ KI'NG I-',/* Allo Snxophone. Silver, ^old hell. Hccondilioiied. Coni|)lete ontrit ready lo piny. I-'rcc lessons ......... CONN K/> Allo Snxoplionc. Silver, l^old hell and H<>|<| keys. A inosl Iteniilil'iil inslrimu'iil. Knlirr outfit in excellent condition WUJNO I-'./) Allo Snxophone. Silver plnled. Overhauled and fully anteed. \\'ilh case and free private lessons.:, til (ienuine (iKHMAN IIULLKR Full Itoehni System l''lnle. All metal. Fine condition. With case $38.50 CLARINKTS Many excellent huys in hoth wood and melal. Approvetl Hoehm system. All reconditioned. Priced as low as (IIJITARS Tenor (iiiilar. wilh case $7.50 (ilHSON Carved'l'op <I?OO CA (iuilar. Wilhoiil case. . tpO^I«Ol/ f.JUICSCI llCIt !•:/> Allu Saxophone. A fine lale model saxophone in pcrl'ccl condition. Cost new .$1 IN.f>0. A rare har«ain at .>. d»fyr AA «[5 I t/»V/V/ MAMTIN". Ijitesl professional model. Spruce lop. mahogany hack and sides. A first quality Htiilur for a discriminaliiif4 Iniyer. 4iQr7 PZ.f\ \\"\\\\ case .' tPO I «OU IJHANI) M-'AV KI.KIIAIVI 1 !•:/> Allo Saxophone. 1'erfeel playing condition. I'setl for display purposes only. win. ' d»jr»7 r A and lessons «j)U I •tl" TRUMPKTS CONA. 1101.TON . CAVAI.II'IH, elc. All fully M naran teed. Prices are from DOHIU) ALL MKTAI, The famous amplifying guitar. Wilh case $27.50 mi,TM(WK Archlo|). Orchestra model. With line case $37.50 DOIIIIO i:i.i-:r;rnic. ihe radio amplifying K"' 1 " 1 ' ^'ilh a ttinc that fills the largest andilorinni. Playahle wilh or without electric eureul. (iuilar. cast- and speaker VIOLINS DRUMS- ACCOllDK)NS BANJOS-MEL1.QPHONES XYLOPHONES All going on sale- al clean-out prices. KYI-TV surplus used instrument must go to make room for our new sheet music department. livery Instrument Sold Subject to the Approval of Your Child's A\uslc Teacher I SPUClAL TERMS WITH NO DOWN PAYMENT! Nineteenth strtet 1 HlLLll U MUSIC COMPANY BuUdlng Southern Hotel F ME COfLETION Shallow Well in WiJJiams Oil Area Reported Making 700 Burrcls Per Day Bent ICern county completion of tho month Is Quality oil Company's null No. 8, which In making 710 barrels dnlly of 17.7 gravity crude from 2)50, In thn WllllainH area back of Taft, nutitlon 25, 32-23. Cnllfornlu Oormnorrlnl Drilling Company did the drilling. This offMots the wont line of sec- don 21 which l>"!ongs wholly to C'hannlor-CanJIeUI Midway Oil Company, nnd wTicro thiit company lion three projeetn. KM No, 10 If drilling at 1000 feet, No. 20 Is rigging up, and loon lion Is graded for No, 21 at a Hlto 400 foet south of 10. Klrnl tnlftlmp to lie bin mod on Ihn cloou Miuu'lnic on wells In a portion of (ho iiren, linn bocn the iiiuddliifMip of (!. ('. M. O.'n IHim- harrel No. 17, by a drilling well IHTOHM UIB linn. The hlg produrer • Is (thiil down temporarily iind will not be opnned ii|> nicufn until t.ho drilling well IIUH cemented pipe. I/iitoBt arrival In tho congested portion of Ihr> or<>ii on section 22, Is Hit nk II MI? Oil fkinipany which hns takon over Helmont-Mldway Oil • "'ompnny's abandoned hole nnd will endi'iivnr to put It on production. Dorrluk IIHH bfiMi Rtrenglhcned and u portable Hopper rotary drilling machine IIIIH boon brought up from .Miirlcopa flat and Installed for .trilling. -*-«-» : * * OIL AGREEMENTS i Drive Crosscut in Quest of Ore Bodies on Desert Floor (Rpcctal to The OaHforntan) M 1 It. H. TCIinhln ol ux to (Iriica M. Mll- kr-•AHBlRiiment 3-578 of 1 por cent i oil, oti!., from noutlicriHt quarter of northPiiot f|imrtnr Hnotlon 3, 20-20. Hume to .Inhn Miller InvdHtorn, Inc. A»nl|{Mmorit 2-G70 of I per rent oil, fiti 1 ., from northeast riuiirtnr of Botilh- I Piixl quarter enetlon II mid southwnHt I quarter of Noutliwaxt i|imrlor noatlon | IB, 20-20. Hnmo to Biimo—-AnBlgnment 2-570 of i 1 per ociil oil, etc., from flaino an i nhoyp. T. It. lloppnr <«t ux to Charles K. Hppiiri'i- -I.pusi; diilpd HitplembAr HI, l!»3il, oiir-plghlli roynlty, 0 niontlm' drlllliiR I'luiiKP, norlli half Kpoilon M, I ;n.:'.1, and Houlli half wild soollon II-MS I 20 iii-i-pH In HoiitliuHHt niriior nnd ox- | OJAVB, Hept. 18.-—At tho Helen group on section 8, adjacent to tho Golden Queen, a crosBcut Is being driven from tho shaft at the 220-foot level, nnd Is now approximately ti30 fent to the west and making seven feet per day under the supervision of Ur. .1. J. Rekar of Mojave, in charge al tho property. With the formation changing from a blue rhyolllo to a quartz porphry nt. a distance of approximately 42B feet from tho shaft, n, of BtrlngorH carrying favor- able values have been cut, according to Doctor Rekar, Ore Is similar in character to that in tho Cactus Queen, with values running up to $4 per ton In gold and sliver. Thn crosscut is being run with tho expectation of encountering oro bodies believed to Ho beneath the floor of the valley and at a lower depth than on Holedad Mountain. Doctor Rokar states that exploration will bo continued on tho 220-foot level and thai ho expects to sink the shaft to a greater" depth. Ore Shipment From Piute Mine Carries Rich Values (Hpcotul to The Qatlfornlan) O.IAV15. Sept. J8.--A Hhlptnont of 23 tons of oro averaging $33.47 por ton In Bold was recently from tho Upper Rage land Mining Company's property In the Pluto mounUiln north of Mojavo to thn r/n.ko Hughes mill of tho Western Ornphltc Company, Tho oro wns taken out In the process of development and camo from ti drift being run both wayB from tho bottom of a 100-foot Hhaft. averaging bettor than an ounce of gold per ton, according to mill assays. Tho Upper Sageland Mining Company Is under the management t>f Lorn Ryder and Harry Llndgren of Hollywood. Uyder and blndgren are interested In mining developments in the Mojavo district, having as«o< elated themselves with Oliver Philips of Mojave, under whose supervision work will soon begin on a property This was the third shipment of ore i In tho Holedad area. Plan Tuberculosis Drive in Colleges fVminl rrf»» [,raicd Wire) UERICIin.KV, Kept. 18.—A 10-year problem to end any Incidence of tuberculosis In the student bodies of tho University of California and Stanford University, has been announced by Dr. II. T. F^-gge, University of California physician. It. Is hoped that the program also will servo as a model for a general drive against the white plague not only In California but In other states. The plan, already In active operation, embraced virtually every test nnd curative method known to modern science. livery Incoming freshman receives an examination through Intra-dormal X-ray, or fluoroacopo test for Indications of tuberculosis In any and nvory form. Australia Moves for Air Defense SYDNEY. Sept. 18. (U. P.>— Purely In tho Interests of national defense, and with no expectation of making money for years to coma, a $5,000,000 syndicate has undertaken to equip Australia with enough aircraft to Insure national defense. While tho syndicate was formec at tho request ot tho government no subsidy-will be granted, but the latter will place orders as fast OB Its finances permit for machines ol tho British service typo to insure their inlet-changeability between tho British Air Forco machines anc those used In Australia. GETS niVOROB LOS ANGEL13S, Sept. 18. (A. P.)— Phillip Joseph Weber, Jr., a baker had a divorce today from Cracv of T N llurvcy In south 1 Tliln Is In addition to tho regular j Lois Weber, won by testimony sh , hnlf null! wortIon. : V|i)l»i !•: Aldred. Chnrlftft J. Ttoub I i ft ux n ml Petrol Producing Corpora- I tl"n modify Ipiino mi nnrOi half of! i northwt.'Ht unai'tor of northwest <iuar- j ' IIT hni'ilnri 211, !10-2!l, l>y I'lmngtiitf drill- 1 j IIIK I'luimr. in ri-nil H!X yoiirH from Juno j 2X. 1113(1, ami changing rmital from {30 , to Jlflll PPI- IIHIMth I U. H. Amlprnon, Inn., t,o Woseo I'o* i Irolnmii Cnmpnii) - I.cann ilntod Hop- I Ir-rnlier 2, IPSfl, onn-(>l|(lilh rnyalty, H!X mniiihci' drilling rliiuue, portion tract ! (ill, Oft, 29-20. i Hamn to Kpndon IVtrolmim <"'ow- i putiy- t.piiHc dnt*'<l Si>ptpiuln»r 2, 1[I3'». dim- otffhtIi rovtiltv, uiu« ynfir ilrllltDK , cliniMM, (nicls «n 'A. ti!) H. (ifl !•'. nnd , iKirtluriN inn-i lift (' iitn] (ill P, In 2(1-20; ' itnrllnn tnu'lH GO K unit OH f! In 21I-20; ' Ic'tM 37 mill ,'IS. In wrtliiii 2'., 2U-20, lot 12. D'.i "I. I Airtrrlruii N'lipthn-oll I'.'oriioriillon ; In I'uMiiji' i HI ('oinpniiy --Drllllnu 1 nifronnPMt on 1'orrlit IOHMH on wnith 1 hnlf nf iincthf'iui! riniirti-r Rrrtlon In. I32-2.1, nxi-i-pt I, IIITPH linuwti IIH I'errlH i Ufll Nn. ll-A Ilinl .Iniln U'HRO nil por- (l"in '" Ullllii oil I'lnccr mining i-liilin" In hoiilh hnlf of tiorthwrnl rliiiiMp. .', (liiys fi-nm July 22. 1030. Tml MiiHtpr ft nx to tihlo Woll ('i»ii- t puny - A«slRiiniont Ifiinr on Hontli half nf HoutliwpM cjuiirtor of Mouthoiifit ' iinnrtur nnil Htiulh tiulf of HoutlUMint i qiinrlrr of Hinilhwciit (|iiiirl«r seotlon I. 29 2"i. liw 1 2lth|pll, <>to. MIM!M Iv llnuKlit'n, Riliulnlslnilrlx i OHlllln uf It. K. lliillKhtlill, iliM'fl\NPil. I 'In Trxii'i t'nmpiiny l.fiiNo ilntpil A\i- Biinl 21, I !>.'HV oiiP-olRluli rnyally. I lhr»c ypnr ilrlllInK clttiiHo, nnrtlnvoHl I i|imrli>r of Noiithwutit iiiinrlPi- Hi-rtlnn I 3S, 3!l-2«. j Kilwnril T llonchti'ii, Modii V,. I lloimliloii itml Ilfrtlni It clnrli, hcli-H i of It. I 1 :. Honeliton, ilwrnfoil, to Ti'xilH I t'onipiitiy .Samp nn nbovp. | Mmlti K. liiMiRhton, niliiitiilxtrutrlx I pHtiiln It. K lloiiRlion. ilpppnncil, t" ' T«XHH (Viinpun.v I.riiHB ilntoil AURIINI | ! 21, 10311, onp plirhth royalty, five yrur ! ' (Irllllnt; I'liiUNn. iindtvldiMl onr^-hiilf In- \ tiM-cut In Notilii luilf uf nniilh half of mirth luilf of iinrlhuiinl quarltM 1 untl , noiith hnlf "f luirllicitMt uiliirlrr soo- | | lion S.'i, M-'Jrt. ] VlihMiril T llmiKhlon, Moda 1C. i I Hniinhtoii. l.lcrthn II. C'lnrU, ti"ln h«lr« : ! It. K. Ilouifhtot), dot'onxod, Wnrrnn Ol- i , npy, ,lr , Holipft }•'.. ICnnliin i^t ux nnd ; Oporgp 1.. lilHhnp In Ti'Mis Compfti'V—! ; Fh i> ycnr ilrllllnc olniiBo, ono-nt(thth roinlty, OOVOI'M proprrt>' In ahovo ; IPIIMP. ; Wtorrcn Olnry, .Ir , Itolixrt K. 10i\H- ton ft UX Ullil (.Porno I. Illflln)! to ! ToMin Coinpnny. l.pits,- ilntoil Ansuxt j 1 31. IMH. ono-plKhlh roynlty. threo- j | ypnr ilrlllliiK olnum 1 , north half of J iiunithofVHt ijvinrtnr Bcctlon 33. 20-2G. j : Moil a 1C, ItoiiRhton. niliiilnlHlrntrlx i i»«ilivlii H. 1''. lloiiKliton, ilooeiiHpd, to' Hup**rhir i^tl ("'oinpaiiy-'Onci-plglith t royalty, throo-yoiir drllllliK iMuusr, \in- i ! dhlilinl onn-tinlf tnlirpul In unrthwoat 1 I i|uiirli>r of Hinilhcnnt (inartrr, north i ! hnlf of nnrth^iiKl n'mrtpr of nonthcast I I mnirtpr, norlli half of Hontli half of I northpiiNl qtinrlpr of •oiith"ant ijiinr- I trr. wpM half of south half of Mnuth , half of tiorthoant nuarti'r of mH)tlu»a»t j quarter, WPC! tialf of Hoiitliwont iinnr- ; I trr of HpiilltonM nunrtpr, south luilf of j • north half of southwest qunrtnr, | i koiilh hnlf of HOiitlnyost qunrtor kco- I I tlon .IB, 2'.I-2H. VMward T. IlouRhton. M'du I 1 ".. lloiiithton, llorlha 11. Olarlt, «olo heirs 1 of U. K. Hoiiithton. iloi'it., W«rri«u ol- ! ni-y, Jr., llol'prt VJ. Huston ot ux. ! iliHirRo I.. Itlshoi) nnd Tuomnn M. Olnpy pt ux ftiul Arohltmld 1'VirlnniL to ! Mupnrliir Oil Coinpnny--l<ca»o diulnl ] August 21, IOSO. otiB-elslith roynlty, [ \ 3-ycnr ilrultnK olnusc, south hnlf of 1 north hnlf of noutlnvcxt iumrt«r, Houlh '> hnlf of NouthwpHt iiunrti>r ixnd nouth- iMint qxmi'tor, poctlDn 3&, 29-80. Warren Olnvy, Jr., Hobert K. Kanton ol ux ftiivl lioovao U HUliop to 8ti- ! p«rlor Oil i'ompnny—Uonno dfttod An- < Itutit 21. 1938, one-olnhth roynlty, &- i year drilling olnuno, iiorthonst qunr- t«r and south half of souUionst quarter, ftectlnn 8,1, 29-SC, M«dn V', HotiRhtnn, ndinlntttrntrlv of estate of U. 11. lloughton, .:. to Superior OH Com\inny~l'fln«e Auituet 21. l»a«, citifl-clghth royalty,! S-y«mr drininc oluu««>, luiiUvldcd ono- hulf IntoroM In inliipral rlghtu In wnillieMl qunrtor of sontlnvpst. qunr- tcr, section S3, SB-S8 t!Mwitr<J T. Hoiighton, Mrd» I", lloughton, Unrtha H. Clark, colu hplr» 10 U, K, Houifhton, dvccanod, u>nl 1, H. Itlllor *l uv In fi«p(>rlor oil Company—l.*n»» d«t«d Augiigt si, 1938, oiio-elghlh royalty, S-yonr Jrtlllnir " , nouUiciiBl qunrlcr of couth- wcet qxmrter ,««otlon 38, S5-36. physical examination for ilont. each stu-I forced him to do tho houseworl aftfr a hard day's work In his shop Marley's Project at Edison Is Idle Stopped In blue shale at 900 feet >ecaii8o of lack of oil showings, \V. H. Ma Hoy's No, 1 at the east edge OH Edison field, section ID', 30-30, Is standing- Idle with no notice of fur? .her work. OH Band In wells down the dip on the next section west, Is reached at 776 feet, and the absence of showings, at this location Is held to signify that the oil has pinched out or been cut off by a fault. Not much can bo counted on helow t'ho jresent bottom since the sediment- iry formations at the east edge of Edison are less than 1000 feet In Lhlckneos, One-quarter mile west, Colo, Orals, Martter & Wood are engaged In abutting off Water In their KOSB No. I, section 24, 30-29. Depth Is J12 feet, plugged up to 700, and 8%Inch casing Is set at 750. i A wildcat, .Porter No. 1, has jeen spudded by Union OH Company In the Huiuuia School district on section 32, 32-16, 12 miles north of the new field It recently discovered at .Santa Maria. This la a sparsely tnhabltated dry region on the lower slopes of tho coast range. Oil seeps occur at a Cretaceous outcrop 0 miles farther up the mountains. * * » > Pump Installed at Lakeview Project General Petroleum Corporation's Midway No. 5, which Is trying to extend tho Lakeview area northwest In section 32, 32-24, Is being equipped with a pumping unit to test forma' lions at 3010-3070 feet. The crew has been shipped to Ven< tura countyft, leaving tho company with no drilling crew on tho West Side for tho present. Volunteer Donors of Blood Organize (United Pros Loosed Wire) RICHMOND, Va., Sept. 18.—Major Aired Housden has organized a group of volunteer blood donors among the men guests at tho Salvation Army Home here. During the post few months, al most 100 persons have given theh blood for transfusions. A few of tho men were paid by the hospital for their services, Housden said, but most of them received nothing. Some of the homeless volunteers said they were Inspired by a desire to aid the patients. A few of then said they did It "for a thrill." tibson Oil Company to Open New Property at Devils Den Philippine islands to destined to to ho receiver of oil produced by Gibson Oil Company from <th«r lease In Devils-Den It recently acquired from he Richfield Oil Company.*. Oil hero , s almost pure lube stock andjs said .0 command a prlco.of $3 per barrel. Tho field horo has seen little de« valopment since its discovery several .•ears ago by Standard .Oil Gomp'ahy n Aiferltz Noi.i, section M^B-IS, partly because of its remotenesa and because of tho oxtremo hardness ot he Boceno formations which eorftatn ,ho oil-bearing fractured, shale. Richfield Oil Company took ovori the jroperty and drilled a • seijond: well ast year using rock bits all the way. Plan Cable-Tool "Job * New operators haVo' opohed ;ujJ Alferitz No. 1 and declare It good for 125 barrels per day of 20 gravity oil from 1600-2070 foet, and now are engaged in putting No. 2 back on production. Aiferltz No. 3 will be drilled with cable tools 1000 ,feet southwest of No. 1. Excavating contractor Jack Shields of Bakersfleld is constructing a 20,000-barrel oil reservoir on the leaso which comprises 1300 acres. Two More, Sunset In Sunset field, section 6, 11-23. the company Is planning to drill two more wells. One will be Francis No. 2 in the southeast quarter, ami tho other, Blanck No. 2 in tho southwest corner, will bo a shalloi* test for the sand lately found by Otis Hoyt on section 7. John K. Porter, superintendent of the company, opened up the LakeView area last year in Hallmark Oil Company's No. 1, and later tho prolific lease on Martcopa flat in Gibson Oil Company's first well, and also is credited in slate bulletin No. 1, volume 14, with drilling "the first well of Importance in Mount Poso field" In 1926. . -< CITY TO SELL ANTIQUE SALEM:, Ore., Sept. 18.—Salem has an old horse-drawn steam flro engine for sale. At a council meet- Ing hero recently Lincoln L. Donotv offered tho city $103.50 for the old vehicle which has been stored In tho city barns for years. With an eye to business, councilman declined Doney's offer. Thinking they could get more for It, they moved that bldfl be requested. ^^ WE TASTE LIKE IMPORTED PJLSNER WE'RE AS HVELY AS IMPORTED PILSNER T W W" WE'RE IMPORTED PILSNER'S EQUAL IN EVERY WAY! ^—~~~" 3 CANS /OR VBOTTtSS/ f Try this TASTE FOR THAT DELICATE PILSNER FLAVOR. BROWN DERBY HAS IT. SEE THAT DEEP, CREAMY FOAM- EXACTLY LIKE . , IMPORTED PILSNER'S! ITS,TINY BEAD KEEPS BUBBLING UP THE GLASS- ANOTHER TRUE PILSNER SIGN EVEN BROWN DERBY'S COLOR IS LIKE OLD WORLD PILSNER BROWN DERBY BR; as v A GAIN and again Pilsner experts •*JL acclaim Brown Derby "the equal of the imported brew." That is why we're so confident you will like Brown Derby... that's Why we make this amazing invitation to try it: Buy 3 cans or 4 bottles (11 oz.J,of Brown Derby Beer. Or 2 giant (22 ox.) bottle$. Enjoy every drop. Then, if you're not completely satisfied that Brown Derby equals Imported Pilsner, we will return every cent you paid, plus postage I Mail bottle caps or facsimile of front of can with letter telling price paid, where purchased, and your opinion to Brown Derby, Box 660, Oakland, California. AT YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY. . . SAFEWAY *

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