The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. IlLYfllKVIU.K (AUK.) fOURIER NKWS TTJKSDAY, MARCH 12, 19-10 BETTER HOMES • - Board Is Useful Material Is Easy To Work, Stirs Creative Urge In Building There's': something about the sight of i blg.iclean piece of modern building 'jnuleria! that stirs the amateur crthlEinnn urge in even the most .unskilled person. This urge can be capitalized upon to provide the home with many worthwhile improvements. \ Among the new nnd easy-to-use materials that lend themselves ideally (<i such projects is insulating "building board. It comes in large pieces half-an-inch thick, four feet wide and up to 12 feet major use of insulating building board is for building interior walls a.nd ceilings? The home craftsman, liowever, will find it well suited for many other pur poses. For instance: ; Biillrtin lioanls Insulating board is excellent for this use. It takes thumb tacks readily and even a -large board long. The Many Property Owners A4/ss Legitimate Deductions On TaX You're driving along n hltflr.vny | ullowecl for ilcdiu-tlon: water with ice; your windshield Is hick with sk'ft. Suddenly you skid. There Is n crush., .ami you feel quick rogrcts thai you didn't stay lome by the lire. Dollar signs cro\v<l into your mind—the repairs . .and bills.. .and bills... But you can find bnlm in inking full advantage of the provisions .n tlie income tax code which permit deduction of disunity losses In computing taxable income. Often overlooked, ihese iliovlsions have subslontially reduced the lux bill of many n property owner who suffered unexpected losses from fire or llood, storm, droiuh, thieves—or ami burst, or n bol-w:ilcr- boiler explosion, a a taxpayer's borne; ice (lanmiir to rouiKlnlloii or .sidewalks. The rode ha.s "just Hrown." and there are some surprising conii'ii- dictions. The collector will lurn a (lent oar if you clahn u deduction for U'rinlto or erosion dniattc. He'll o.uote I I'c "Midden, unexpected, or nmisunl" clause, and contend that lenntto damnKe is a slow, continuous process, In 191(0. courls deckled drouth '.vas a casiiiilty analagons lt> a hurricane, so cb'oulh lasses ai'e <leilue- tiule. T[ you lose a number of prized trees during ;j drouth, net a de- home, be sure thnt interest Is clearly Hlcnlilhible as such, not tossed Into a hiiii]> amortix.ition payment. 'lie hitler may r;el 'he claim denied ixs liclni; too indefinite, 'j'hc men who tussle daily with tax fljj- UHB demand the specific. If your title is defeelive, yo.t 1 .sustain no rceoy.nixnble loss, nnlll you sell the property or otherwise close Ihe transaction. Auto -smash. Inc. must 0,1 the result of n;ilurnl forces to be deductible. Then yo 1 ; etui only deduct loss actually sits- luincd. Any used-ear man can es- of a whole tci /Y, 187ti, accidents. When you're filllni; lions on your income tax, says Bel- ! value of the properly with and tcr Homes '& Claulens magazine, without the irces. Get evidence from make full,* allowance for insurance. Ihe weather bureau, take pictures payments, salvage value, or other, "'"1 send all Ihe evidence to your compensations received, The cause'collector with the tax return, must be sharply differentiated from ! Another inconsistency is that it normal depreciation. Your story'you sell your residence at a loss, must foe convincing, nnd you must you're not eligible for a deduction, Ilinate the salvage value wrecked car. but. t;et the thing in writing. Thelt is the justifiable conclusion if something c il.s- appcars mysteriously from youv home. In tieduttini!. only market value will count. The loss allowed is the difference in value before and [liter the casually—minus the insurance. Claim out excmp- tailed estimate, in writing, of the losses for tlie year they occur, as •lie statute of limitations doesn't lways permit moving claims back. And assemble every scrap' of evidence. Indefinite and uncertain claims are almost certainly doom- have evidence! Tlie law. In section 23 of the Internal revenue code, is: "In computing net Income there shall be but if you sell at a profit, it's tux- able. Furthermore, yen can't claim n year-lo-ycar loss for normal depreciation of your home. 'This Is can be Hung In place \vithout un- ] allowed as deductions: In the case ,) C jt UUP of rented property. due strain on walls or fasteners.. A good bulletin board can be made simply by cutting a piece of insulating board to the desired slue. It may be dressed up by smoothing the edges and rounding them slightly with sand-payer, or it may be enclosed"in a \voor frame. Covering the board with monk's cloth will give an attractive surface which will never shov. 1 tack marks. Bulletin boards are handy to for by insurance . of properly not an individual, losses sustained j if you're financing a home pnr- durinR the taxable year and no! [chase, il should not be news to you I Interest and real estate taxes deductible. This is important, homeowners wilh mortgages make up a great majority of taxpayers who (jftin by computing deductions exactly, instead of takini! Ihe short form. When you're financing the new compensated otherwise . connected wilh tiade or business. if th'e loss arises from fires, storms, shipwreck, or olher cft.sualty. or from iheft." Floods, tires, earthquakes, and hurricanes are deductible. but iigalnsl evidence is ull-lmpnrlnnl. Almost any losses from natural phy- FOR SALE 225 Gal. Fuel Barrels Complete With Steel Hacks for Oil Henters We Stock nnd Install All Plumbing Fixtures Jess W. Provence 127 Kast Vine SI reel Phone 2711) have around the house. Use them sical forces stand a chance of being at telephone desks for letters and messages; in playrooms for study schedules, newspaper clippings and' Ihe like; as backgrounds for maps; as pin-up boards in rooms of Ihe high school sel; in kitchens for recipes, bills, records, and grocery lists. Decorative Fireplace Cover When llie-fireplacc is not in use, a shield of insulating board will keep heat from, escaping up the chliuneyi*Cut'tlie board Ip the desired size and decorate with wallpaper or a stencilled design. . Shield Behind Radiators Heat escapes fnslcst where there Is the grealcst difference between Indoor and outdoor temperatures. A piece of insulating board between the radiator and the exterior wall will reduce heat losses at that-point. This treatment is -recommended es- pecialjy where rajh' cessed. Covering -'the insulating board with metal foil or aluminum paint will- iRw;fasc : the -effectiveness of the hcat^tanierV'' ^Vindow Insulation ' Windon;areas; for their size, are the greafet source of heat loss in the home^ The' loss can be cul in half by iJb-Vering .iho. upper window panel wllli Insulating board. When the window shades are drawn halfway dotfH,"the board is concealed! Insulating hoard can be used to make moviE screens, as backgrounds for movieHitles, for mounting photograph^^as floor pads in children's playpens, as pads under rugs, as standing pads on concrete floors in front of work benches, and for scores ofrother purposes. Painl~Tree Against Beavers CASPEEf. VVyo. (UP)—Tree and power lines in th e Mills area near here have; been painted wilh creosote lo "prevent altacks by "eager! beavers.J—The buck-toothed little animals-havf -been gnawing downj liees and-power lines. ' Harness Magic Of Asbestos To Work Miracles When nature fashioned the mineral asbestos, probably from molten rock in the depths of prehistoric volcanoes, she gave mankind tlie only natural fibrous substance which can be woven like cotton Into .strong and durable fabrics and yet cannot burn, '.s practically in- solnli> i» acids and is affected little i.v ions exposure tp weather. Il :nry records the use of ashes-. H« t,v ihe ancient Greeks and Romai: 2~, centuries ago, by Ciinrle- mui'M', by Kublai Khali, in the niid'i.i' Aces and hi Medieval India lor ih-h things as "everlasting" huiMj ','.icl;s, table cloths, napkins ami "rare and costly" funeral phi'Mids. liecausc of its then mys- s properties, jt bpcajije known i" "manic mineral." recently as 75 years ago. in it v.-ns regarded as a curiosity anil ;i freak of nature and n person could .still amayc his neighbors by denning a pair of asbestos gloves .'cooping red hoi coals from a strive, without damage either' to hantl-i or gioves. H'.n irom (hat time on the advitnri's in science carried asbe r ;- tos with them and modern progress ami inventive genius rapidly con- veitnl the "magic mineral" to numy practical uses. Discovery of (.•xu-usivu deposits of high quality asbestos hi Quebec prompted development of Improved methods for exli Deling the fiber from the rock. Asu<:<to.s today is indispensable in chemn-a] fields. It is a non-conductor o! electricity and a slow cc <hi;-t(ir of heat. - One of the most important prcs- ut-day uses of asbestos is in combination •* ilh cement to make fireproof asbestos cement board, shins and siding. A.sbestos cement building materials :tve used widely in all types of construction. Build New Entrance A .new entrance is helm; built for the P. A. Robinson home al 1301 West Wai mil. In addition to lire new entrance. FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. <il al Stall- Line I'hone: Hlylhoville 7M a Hiirill concrete porch will be j . ;il!p tl , am wi ,, 1)( , ,i iK ))tly en- built to replace the livrgq porch j |., r| , C( | which was across the front o! the j home and extended to the sides. A! Read Courier News Want Ads. •, SOMETHING NEW! READY-MIXED CONCRETE 1 Foundations-Side wal!ts-Drivev/ays- Porches Call 517 for estimates PRIDE and USREY COAL and CONSTRUCTION CO, Approved FHA Contractors This is the Sign of BETTER PLUMBING WALLPAPER of PRE-WAR Prices WASHAH1-K NOW HcRUlar 30c LIGHT-FAST NOW 20$ Uo»ular 21! 150 VANE-CALVERT PAtNT Do Your Spring Decorating Early and Avoid trie Rush! Buy Your Wallpaper and Paint While It Is Available, Ready Pasted Wail jtot ITH BORDER A1SO CEILINGS No pasting—no tools, no muss. ';- Anyone can hang it! Guaran! teed washable—fade-proof— style.tcstcd-top quality. Three 1 boxes do the; average room, complete with border. Price, $1.9S and $2.19. Ctilmgs, $1.39 per box. ir PLANTERS HARDWARE CO., Inc. 12(i W. Main Phone 515 NEW WASHABLE PAINT GOES ON OVER WALLPAPER, PLASTER, ETC. : Dries in IJttut— > ' "Sf mus SEE THESE BARGAINS IN OUR STORE TODAY! Hcr*'««cenBmy.Tol gallon of T«hU« «U Vs C ollon of wotor. Mok«i •nough painl for avcra^* loom. gy*i • Now cut the time and wtpeOM of, redecorating * room In ball/ Do your rapciating th« (trMmlined, modern w«y-with Pittsburgh Techid*. It'« •nttatly different from old-vtjrto iwll pclnta. Quiet to dry and May to •Pply. Techid* mak« K pooibto to do over * room in 3 hour* — 2 for painting —1 fat drying. A«k m •bout Techids. PITTSBURGH PAINTS HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. Dress up your home for Spring at an economical cost. This week's Special ... Outside White Pain! Per SQ-i><' Gal. 0 Clean up your floors and wood- i n ... . . ... . , ; Duality paints will not only work this Spring. We stock beautify your home but will Cleaners and Polish for every [ P rescrve if purpose. Keys!one Flal Paint Per Gal. Auto Glass Cu( to An'v Si?.e ARKANSAS PAINT, GLASS & WALLPAPER CO. 105 E. Main Plule Glass and Mirrors Cut To Anv Pallern Phone 2272 —On C/ty Property YOU CAN BORROW up to 80 per cent of the appraised value of existing constructions in Biytheville by using the modern, government- sponsored F. H. A. I.cjnn, with <ti/> per cent interest. Tlie monthly payments on UIOKO long-term loans almost always run less than your present rent. And you have full pre-paymcnl privileges, which means that you can pay oft' the loan al any tie you are able. See us first on these, the best city loans that you can get. Terry Abstract & Realty Co, 213 W. Walnut Phone 2381 ABSTRACTS—LANDS—LOANS MARCH of SPRING EVENTS Almost everyone is thinking of —• Cleun-up Fix-up. Naturally the question arises Who? When? How much will it cost? We are in a position to offer prompt service at a price to suit your purse. We can give you complete decorating service including ... • Inside and outside painting. • Wallpaper and expert paper hanging. Slats-O-Wood Awnings — The finishing touch for your home. Hn.rdwood Floors—Furnished—Laid ;intl Finished- Skilled mechanics — Modern machines — Al reasonable prices — Free estimates Floor maintenance supplies, Cleaner, Wax. Shellac, Quality Paints and a price any one can pay. Benjamin Moore Enamel Underhody Quart Benjamin Moore Demanco One Coat Flat Oil F'aint. Gallon Benjamin Moore Utilac Enamel Quart Benjamin Moore Primer Seaier For Interior. Quart Ifenjamin Mimre Snnti Flat Quart Jicnjamin Moore Pa<iua Water Paint Gallon 89° 270 1.50 80 C 80 2.40 You arc invited to visit our sales floor and save. Your 0110 stop decorating Service. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Bcnjar.-un Moore Painls 101 So. First Nn-Knaniel Paints Phone .(fiD

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