The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 19
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 19

Bakersfield, California
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Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 19
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. j * Stars .Gather in Los Angeles to Open Titular Tilts Press teamed wire) 18. One TOg ANGELES, Sept. hundred and seven racket swingers Svere called today to begin the ;• ' Qualifying round in men's singles of the tenth annual Pacific south- f f ^ n west championships, and a host of international stars wore set to stdrt • activities Sunday. Fired Perry ' of England and J« Donald Budge, Oakland, famous r'edhead, topped the seeded players in tho men's singles, and Miss Alice Marble, America's now quetm of the courts, was placed in No. 1 in the women's singles. Perry reached town yesterday, brushed aside querlos aa to whether he %vill turn professional, and if so, when, and was duo to work out to- doV \VJtb: panels X. Shields. Other^nationally known players on the scone wero>Mr. and Mrs. John Van Ryn, Orange, N. J.. tfrankle Parker 9t Milwaukee, Caroliti Babcoc)$ and Porothy Bundy. Olianipiphship competition in all brackets is .elated to be under way by Sunday at tho J-.cs Angeles Tennis Club. eavers Need but ^ , One More Victory No village smithy laboring under chestnut trees can boast of tho powerful forearm development that Fred Perry, British tennis aco and (Associated Press Leased The Portland BeaVora today needed to win only tonight's gamo in its scries with tho Seattle Indians for the right to meet tho winner of the Oakland-San Diego series, Tho Beavers took their third straight game of tho series last night, scoring all of their runs in the first inning and winning 4 to 3. Oakland and San Diego were traveling to the latter city for resumption today of their series, which Oakland leads 2 to 0. TTHACAp N. Y., Sept. 18. *Jft+ • " ta < ^M M «H • Beavers in check with only four hita after tho first Inning of last night's contest. An Indian rally in tho ninth looks to Carl Snavely and fornxid- ¥ able sophomore material to lead big red out of tho football wilderness. Not even the most rabid of Cornell alumni, however, Scottish Star May Move Into Final Round of Amateur •Tourney By STUART OAMKKOX Untied Pn»* Sports KdUor pARDEN CITY, N. Y., Sept. 18. ^ It was Johnny Goodman against Johnny Fischer, and George Volet against Jock McLoan, In today's Bomi-flnal of the national amaUur golf championship. Todriy'a play on tho difficult layout of tho Garden City Club raay bring about an international final, for McLaan, Soottiah star of the British Walker Cup t«un, wan a flnn fftvorlto over Volgt, 42-ytKU*-oUl New Yorker, Goodman, tho Omaha sharpshooter >vho won tho national open in 1933, and irischer, former Inlprcollcglato champion from Cincinnati, \voro rated a toas-up. Baoh of the scmi-finnlistH Is a Walker Cup player. This ta tho first time that tho round of four hus been fllletl by cuppers. Goodman, pro-tourney favorite, looked as likely a finalist today as ho did when the unwieldy field of 208 toed off Monday. Ho has played fine medal ffolf and, with ono exception, all of his matches havo been won by coasting margins. Fischer, however, has hod tho best Bcoro of tho tourney. Ho haa been only two strokes over par for tho 01 holes played. If Goodman beats Fischer today, the blond in- Buranco salesman from tho midwest will havo scored ono of tho best victories of his career. Odd Outcome The Voigt-McLean match is not easy to analyse. Neither woa figured as a likely prospect for the round of four. Volgt won his placo in that round by upsetting Scotty Campbell. Campbell, Seattle star who was second only to Goodman in pretouruey betting, played bad golf , through most of the tourney. Voigt (A fsoctated Press Leased Wire) j mado his successful emergence from Cornell two juniors, Ted Hughes of Pitts-! tho round of eight against a man burgh at center and Elliott Hooper j.who beat himself, rather than by his world's No. 1 player displays In the above photo. The secret of tho Briton's amazing power on tho courts can bo seen in tho rippling cords flexed in tho picture. CORNELL PROSPECTS FOR GRID IMPROVING Of Aurora. 111., both holdovers from own Oil Dobio's last Cornell team. Tho second is tnudo up of six vet fell short when, after Seattle scored 1 can expect Snavely. back in the a run, Bassler hit into a double play, east again after a short but highly ' X — — — ^ ^ WOMEN'S GOLV successful tenure at the University of North Carolina, to restore the SANTA. MONICA, Calif., Sept. 18.1 Hhacans to their former position of (A. P.>—Two women players from gridiron eminence in one season. tho Los Angeles Country Club. Mrs. I Snavely frankly-wll be experiment- c! J: Woerner and Mr,: Paul Gard- ing i "this W- ««t »»on at Co,- ner. matched strokes today on the «"• " o * erans, Including captain Jack Bat ten. and five sophomores. Snavely has made changes in assignments in an effort to get the most out of the material at hand. Snavely has boon dishing out plenty of dummy Bcrimmtigo with •actlco games. The first about two Clover field course for the right to wear the Santii Monica Bay District golf crown. Mrs. J. G. Wlttfff. defending champion, was eliminated In a 23- hole n>atch yesterday .by Mrs. learn Just what can be tho team although he will be able to draw heavily on last year's freshman team, the best developed at Ithaca in years. frequent to , strlnfeera ' with Baker as tho team's passer and kicker. Cornell opens its season September 26 against Alfred after which tho Ithacans meet Yale at Now Haven Reggie McNamara Recovers Health (Associated Press Leased NEWARK, N. J., Sept, 13. glo McNmnara, the "Iron Man" of tho bike racing game, has cheated death onco more. Stricken with internal hemorrhages six woolen u KO he wa« faUen^ownTn'Th^ nYnch" <r ~It"Vun ; brought to Newark City Hospital in thta record that Voters legion of i what phyHlclitn* believed was Question MurU • McLean IB another largo question,! mark. The whisky salesman who reputedly, never touches a drop of his own or anybody clse*H gr< v has frequent' often threatened but never v »n I he 1 WBfSJfeW $W ttEft VAN &AM&, UP AfiJO COMIN6 BAfif&tt WHO LDS TfvO ON THE MAT SONNENBERG MAT MATCH AGAINST J h ' TLLYOOAT Qua Sonnonborg but-1 gouged during most of this bacttc ted and tackled his way through j ono fall and won another when > Colonel Tod Hopkins disqualified Brother Johnathan in tho main event here last night. A good crowd paw Sonnenberg thump Johnathan, a sub for Nick Lutz, severely in the fall of the bout lasted 4 minutes and 23 seconda. Rocbnck Wins Tiny Roebuck won over Abie Frfte- man in the Beml-wlndup, winning two falls out of three. The first fall went to Freeman In 5 minutes and 28 seconds on a series of rabbit , ,, . , . punches und eye gouges. Tiny, ft firat fall and then take a rigorous huge Jndten fr0 m Oklahoma, showed beating In the second. However, the j n U | C sa vagery during the initial good Brother was too zealous and j frame, lost tho second nnd lust fall because of foul play. second fall went to Roebuck in 4 minutes and 21 seconds on body Brothor Johnnthan broko out with \ s iams. Tiny was on the war path" a now trick when ho took tho band- { R (t or robbing Able of some of his ago off his hands and tried to hang; .. ba(1 mc <iiclne" by Jerking the tape Ous Sonnonberu. Colonel Hopkins \ off hl8 band. •* reprimanded Johnathan for this j ^ back-breading bear hug as env novel but violent gesture whllo tlw l ployed by Tiny won him tho third crowd boood Hisiily. No sooriter had | nnd lftsl fall , n A minutes and Bt Hopkins taken tho bandage uway ; 80condB . TU >ebuck had things all his -A. use UuUii And Turtle* flr»t auB«ion lasted 14 minutes ! and 41 seconds. SormenberK winning; on broke a . SM»roft Uark subbing . for Mike with a series of butts and tackles. Stwlich lost to Hudy Scarda In U It wnH not until tho lust few minutes ! minutes and 40 seconds during tne., A \ V* tlO • H,-*, M II t't* * I* V M**** * ^' •- •• •• •* *•*•** "* J - - *of the fall Gu« began to show fitv. ourtain miser. Rudy won the rougn ~ _ _ . * * * ( * ... _.t*t. ,. LA ,-»!» Vh-*-h^V «* MIA n* Tbo Brother kicked. nnd 'bout with a back body slam. -I, Golf Bulletin /Vf« Lftitfd Wire ' TORONTO. — Kvorott I'lioblo. Colo., dofa*od Tat McClnry, 270, Irrlfinc!, ttvo falls; Ivan MnitnRoff, 215, nla, defoutoil Joo Cox, 2U8, KIUIKIIH City, ono fall. »* Leased <» AliDKN CITY. X. Y., Sonl. 18. .lohnny (ioodmttn of Omnliu ami Johnny Flwh«»r of Cincinnati, playing In u driving wind that carried ruin wllh II, were all even at the end of the first 18 holes In their .3^holp I'lilted States amateur golf *eutl-fltmt battle' today. Jock MOI.XMUI of Scotland, held a up lend over Gcorgo Volgl, New Yorli votcran, at tho end of the first 9 holes of their woml-flnal battle. Mel^an M-an out In 39, 2 atroliea over par, while (Sconce wont over on 6 hole* for a tolul of 43. TKOttAXS TAKK IT KASV LOS ANGKhlhs. Kept. 18» (A. P. i i title of his empire. Always he has friends am hoping to see thoir man BO further than he bn.s In many years of trying. Volg:t*H bent previous effort was in 3928. when ho touchdowns better than the seconds! also readied tho semi-final but lost leading! to another Perkins. British player, Tom , M , , PH ^A^j&^k ^ I October .; Syracu 8 o on October 17; Woerncr. Miss Morjorie Chapman, hopes on t he sophomores. Ho IC-year-old high school star, was | put together a tentative first 11 con- nine second-year men plus hn -iPenn State on October 24; Columbia at New York on October 51; Prince- Diamond Dust beaten 2 and 1 by airs. Gardner. Philadelphia on TbankBgiving day. FOR /?? L' (^Hampwt) i A a ^^ BM ^^ BM A W ^^^^^^ ^ m League Leaders Press Leased IlnnU fxribcr, Glnnts — Ills homor with ImncH lontlod nnd two doublOH led Giants to 17-3 victory over DoilKcrs. ii i •*+•**•< mit^ mfir^ — f - — Stopped Jako Waile, Indiana with seven hits. ;>. ' .-•/> • i (Associated Press Leased Wire) AMERICAN Batting—Appllng. tVhite Sox, .383; Averlll, Indians, .376. Runs—Gehrig, Yankees, lOl; Cllft, Browns and Gohrlnger, tigers, 11U. nuns batted in—Trosky, Indiana, 148; Qehrig, TanHees, 144. Hit«—Averlll, Indiana, 216; Gehringer. Tigers. 218. Doubles—Walker, Tigora, 64; Geh- ringcr, Tigers, 58. Triples—AvoriU, Indians and DI Maggio, Yankees, 15. Homo runs—Gohrig, Yankees, 48; Trosky. Indians, 41. Stolen baseH—bary, Browns, 33; Powell, Tank GOB, 25. Pltcnlng—Hadlcy. Yankees, 18-4; Pearson, Yankees, 19-0. ArUy VauRhan, Tirates — lilt homer and two sliitflcs In win over Hods. Jack Knott, Brounr* White Sox to seven hits. a condition. Iwen aflor BCV- cral blood trannfuRlonn. there was 1IUU> hope ho would wurvivo. Today, ho Joked ui'ont hl« Illness M'hilo taking a mm Imtli on tho hospital roof. Aside from being Homo- what paler than usual, tho grlzzlo 52-year-old votorun of 100-odd elx- day blUc prindn lookod as lit iw ever. Doctors nprroed ho was in flno Hlmpo and almost ready to leave • tho hospital. AVill ho rnco again? "Thpro's no money in bllu» racing any rnoro," ho said. "It Inn't worth whllo. But I'd liko to vlsti Australia again. A couplo of ridors ar» going ovor in tho fall. May bo I'll K<> with thorn." Almost every bono In his body haft been broken in a quarter con- tury of racing-. Each time he's come back for more. Ho differentiates between lllnoMi and tho times he's smashed up on tho track. Ho said ho learned when ho was a boy on an Australian farm that It wisn't wise to get "too Hick." ST. LCH'IS.—Vlnmit Irfipnr, 3: Mexico City, threw Chief Uttlo Wolf, 210, Trinidad, Colo., with a body shun nnd arm lock; Ted Hoy, 215, I A»M Angeles, defeated AI Muynard, S23, I'valdft. Loyola Lions to Open Grid Season t Vtilted Press Leased Wire) UXS A NOBLES. Sept. 18.—Th« local football season eeta off to an onrly atari tonight when tho Loyola Lions clash with Cal-Tech in a game under tho arc light*, at Gllmore Stadium. 4 The moiu attraction to fans apparently won the opportunity to what Coach Tom Hob of tho will have to offer this season, aa the engineers from Pasadena were not conceded much chance against th* Loyola team. Although his men had only a wee£ of practice, Lieb claimed they werfc In excellent shape and would give a good accounting of themselves. Coach Kox Stanton's engineer* have been drilling for two -weeks and Howard Junes' Sou I hern California j oven scrimmaged with the XI. C. Trojann took thtngn eapy today in j L. A. Bruins during that time. Cal. preparnllon fnr tomorrow's practice I Tech's only opportunity for a SUP- 1 gamo between tho "senior" and \ prims, it wus believed, would be to ! "Hophornoro" vunMty elevens. | complete several passes, as the team ! inmmiy Horlnnnago und signal \ IH light but fast. % j drills occupied iho attention of tho | Tho main threats in the Loyola i "rival" team*, which will clash l»<*. 1 lineup were expected to bo Half\ tor* H. w»li>oi giiihovlng of Trojan UtoUs Billy Byrnes and Ja-ck Foley followers on Bovurd ami Hank SartorUi. MAN THE IRD - f.'.' i * .-• V /, 4. - f MEN'S NEW FALL SHOES NATIONAL Batting— P. Waner, Pirates, .380; Phclps, Dodgers, .872. f Rvma — Vaugljan, IMrales. 121; J. Martin, Cardinals, 118. nuns batted In— ; Medw!ck ( Cardinals, 332; Ott, Glanta, 129. JUU— P. Waner. Pirates, S10;Med- wick. CardlnalH, 208. Doubles — Medwlck, Cardinals, 59; Herman, Cubs, fi3, Triples— Camllli, Phillies; Oood- man. Reds and Mod wick. Cardinals, is; — • ---Home runs — Ott, Oiants, 82; Ca- mllii. PhlllteH, 26. Stolen bases— J. Martin , Cardinals. 21; i3, Martin, Cardinal^, 17, Pitching— Ilubbelt. Giants, Lucaa, Pirates, i I 4-fl; See our large window display of men X ' i "^ v • just 'ordinary shoes, but ones th ocs can dcpe pon i you comfo com lookin puny under any con for shoes that carr long with smart answer here. ¥ n I Black Brown SPKKDWAY DUKL S ANO15LE8. Sept. 18. (A. P.)— Knrl Young and Fred Friday duelled 1 for BO roaring laps last night at j ' atltnoro speedway, and the main I ftvent decision went to Young when hilH foo's midget auto blew a tlrftj i on the final circuit. • it w«« Young 1 * second ; victory over the ! 000 fans saw him ! .early from Friday. Tho latter con 1 tinued a hot challenge to finish sec I ond. .Young 1 * time wa* 14 mjnutes 3.2 Peo Wee Dl*tarc« pulled third: Grant l^wU fourth andj HanHen fifth. HORI/.ONTAL 1 Author of the most famous bird book. 10 To emulate. 11 Crew dim. 12 Departed. 13 Prank wine. 14 Branches of learning* 16 To peep. 17 Devoured 10 Dared. 23 Center stone of an arch. 28 To corrode. 20 Twice. 30 Plcmled, 31 Repulsed. 33 Preserved in, cane. 34 Sorrowful. 35 Lad. 3d Keck bock. 40 Heart. 41 Cavern. 44 T6 flamo, Answer to Previous Putadc ALCE 45 Kaglc'* claw. 47 To notice, 48 Custom. 49 Angry. 50 Wrath. 51 HC painted —— birds. 92 He kept an exact —^- of bird*' habit*. VERTICAL 2 Above, 3 Insinuation. 18 Parc«. 17 Bronze, 18 Theme. 20 Before. 21 Dandy. 22 Fish. 23 Young goat. 24 2000 pound*. 25 To, possw*. 26 Born. 27 Moved in a circle. 29 Cot. 32 Pertaining to milk. 33 Angle. 4 Tennis fences. 35 Shoe. 3 Opposed to 37 Astringent, downward. 8 Issued every day. 7 Arm bone. 8 Honey gatherer. 12 He was a painter. 38 To act as model, 30 Pitcher. 40 Tribal group, 41 Style. 42 Pertaining to air. 43 To change. 46 Constellation. REE i "i'W^'v-- * '• '':'-'' .--^''.'f-' Si*- V'*'V\v '*• : . t; « WA'o^Yi'i'V^^" :\;i% straight route and 12.- grab tho lead i ette look been bou omburg Mai und face nuo\\ his AIN MEN'S BH OP LO

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