The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 18
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^^^^^^^^^W^^^^^^^^^^^^^T 10 THE BAKEUSPIELP OALtFOMflMf. FRIPAY. SBPTB^BiaR 18, 1988 Giants Add to Lead by For First Time in Three Years Team Mas Been Single Idea lly SID KKDKlt i AnKoflalfil rrcm l,tatr,it Wire) TVTOW that tho Giants aro getting around to bucking up 1)111 Terry for tho first tlnio In throo years, tlu-y'ro apparently out to make It unanlmouH. . First off, thoy'ro Bupportlng him Kb well that thoy'ro virtually assured him a pnnnant wlnnor tills season. Now (hoy havu gone a utep further and Jimt about proved liltn rlKht Iti ri'tninl In tho Hrooklyn X>odK<-r». It WHS two years HK« tluit Torry Wanted to know "Aro tho Dodgors Btlll In thlH IciiKiio?" Tlioy worn, then—very much. For they blow tlio fJliuitH rlnln "Hi f>t this National LmiKiio pi n mint In in:!4. Hut two yoni-H |H u IOIIK lltno. Ca- Boy Stt-iiKd'H Bi-Diiklyn boatitUis certainly w«<w not In thn Hninn IOIIKUP lui tho (llanlH yrntorilny. In fiml, for nil tin' O|>PI>N|I|OII Iliry f^avo thn Kcw Yiii'l>(<rK, tlioy wnrun't much bolter than rinnn i'., ut lioHt. As n rrHult, I ho (llnnlH |iut on tholr hcnvl««t hilling oiul run nuik- InR Hproi.- of the yoar, walloped five Urooklyn pllchiTH for 23 hltn and n 17-8 victory, and took a commanding JJve-ffiiino li-ad over tho rout of the Iv'ntlniial J,<Ti|ni<« piirk With the AiTDiid-plaro Cardinal!) and third place CuliH Idle, tho vlntory madu II vlrtuiilly an Impossibility to overtake Terry's troupo. With only 10 K.'inirH to play, thry no"d only .500 ball HIP rest of th" wny. Tforo'n fho net-up n» of Imliiy: The Cards uro Jlvi; Ramon behind, the CuliH five and pi luiir. ('nil Do Dun I u (jo Of courm>. llronklyn ran wllll do considerable' ilnninKo, for th« (llantN have four KIUIIPS mor« .with tho daffy I>od|fiTH, but tlio worst they cum aocoiuplluh now, from a New York standpoint, won't bo t,'»od enough to k«T'p tho pennant from Cootfiin's I Huff. Th« 1'lrntoH rilno uncorked a tre mendouN ImttliiK piinrh yrntnrday In tho only tithor *chndiile<l Nfttlnnal LcnBU<> gnrnc. banging four c.inrln- nail pitcher* for 22 hltn III rlmllilnK up ri 14-11 win, but even tho trlutniih could not stop thorn from virtual elimination as a mathematical jmnnl- Willy for tho pennant. TlKtTH Get Third The American league also put on only n curtailed program of two Samoa. Jnko Wado, Detroit recruit, allowed tho Indian* novon hltn an thn TlRfrs luiltod tholr wny Into noli- pOHHusntnn of third plucn with a B-2 Win. .Itic.lf Knott slopped tho Whltn Box with I'ovon nafo II|OWH nnd I ho Browns took a decision by tho some count. FEATHERS AND FUR FLY ON WEST'S GRIDS Indian minitner KO«H Indian play- OTH ul thrno wcKtorn ('.ullngeH wlirrn football tryouls aro under wny. l/iiiply Vl«rll (loft), a Nav- iijo from Now Mexico and a good Hprlnlor, too, IH a halfback starter fornla'n varsity or Uamblers, while at Ht. Mary'H ColloRo. Ooorgo at Washington SUato College, Al Hoptowll., a Yakirna tribesman, has caught Coach Holllngbery's oyo on a running guard. IXHUIQ W«Hl (winter), part Cherokee, who playod end for Andy Hmlth In 1817, trlod to mako Call- I IK A US AUK I1K1 I,OK ANIIIflhKS, Kept. 18. (A.I'.)- I'hlrty of tlm BO i>r nmro men on Jnlvoridty nf Ciillfnrnlu at. I .OH An leM 1 fiHilhiiM tuiniid Htand H|X foot 1 bolter In hrlKhlh. Fifteen of tho KlantH mouHtiro nix oel one inch, and two now tacltleti, •t-ln Ilarber of Abllono, Tox., and 7. M. "MlnlH" Wyrlclt, of Oklahoma, ower «lx fc«t thrno und wlx foot our, rcepectlvely. \Vhlcb may or may not Indicate hut Cuai-h Hill HpauldliiK probably uui a play or no up bin fdeevo whereby u liicklo cnn recelvo a pans. STANDINGS AMKItlCAN I.KAOUK Won New York ........... fid Chicago ............ 7H [Jot roll ............. 7R imhliiKton ......... 77 Himton .............. 72 'lovolnnd ........... 7(1 St. LoulH ............ fill Phlladelplila . . ...... •!« Wilson Mackey Will Box in Main Event at Arena lib Hpsultit St. Loiiln, B; Chlenffo, ". Dntrolt, B; Clovland, ". (Only Today Washington at Now York. Chk'iiKo nt Ht. Louis. Cleveland ut Detroit. NATIONAL MCAOUK Won Lost Pot. Now York 87 57 .HOI St. Units H3 (12 .Mill ... 70 fin .Mil Pittsburgh 711 07 .Ml Cincinnati 71 74 .400 Itoslon 04 7H ,4D1 Brooklyn H2 K2 .41)1 Vhlladnlphta f.O 04 .5147 Mystery Pitchers Play Here Sunday In tho baHoball gumo, nt Recreation Park, Sunday, at 2:30 p. in. both tho noon and tho AtlilotlrH will present "Mystery" pitchers. Theso pitchers will bo a surprise to all the faun. IIH they havo both playc,d hero bcfori- Mild they will pitch tho Kimie of their I|VI>H HH tho feellru; IH runnliiK high by playoru on both olutiH, according to Mert lIollliiKS- worth, nmiinKcr of tho Heco. liMvo Hefinon PIIBHOH, tfood for all remaining gatiie.H thin HOUKOH, and to all Kiiini'M next HciiHon, will ho ! Klven awny nt HIM HIIIIH'. Kuril per- i HUH attending the KHIIIO will have | nil equal chnni'i' lo win oni) of theno piiHNeH. Full purl Iruliini re - KiirdlllK tlierio free pannOH will bo announced Inter. Pliiynrn who will parllulpato In till* hattlo will be: For tho Athlolion: Mowwloy, I'. 1'hiilt, .1. I'lialt, I.Odwanlit, Clondunan, llollaildHWorth, lloliind, I'urtlo and tho "Mystery" plluhnr. for tho H««OH will bo: May«ren, Paynn, tliuulo, l.ioano, I in rue. Coatns, llrown, (loath, Harbor, Mosconl, floniK/., (Irlfflth and tho "Myntory" pitcher. Now York, 17; Itrooklyn, A, 1'tttnburah, 14; Cincinnati, 10. (Only Kiini*N sohodulml), Oniiies Todiiy Ht. Ixiiiln nt Chlcniro. rhlladr>lphla at HoHton. Clnclniintl at I'ltlMbui-Kli. (Only Kiiinofi Mchodnlml). Attention! Kern County Artists Open to All O/H tind Aninli'iirH Kc- tiiiling in Kern Cunnly. -CALIFORNIA'S HOUR" Radio Talent Tournament Six ArtiHtH or Arts Will Win 1. A I'Ynluml AppcnniiKT on Ilio "California's Hour" Salute lo Rom County, With Conrad Nn^t'l. Donald Novis, Dave iiroi-knian's Or- flu-slra and Ciu-st Stars, Over KK1\N and tlio Colmiihia-Don-LiT Network . . . Monday, Sop- tt'inlier 2S. 2. A Hound Trip to Los Angeles. 3. Forty Dollars Koch in Gush. •1. A Chniu-e to Win Up to $7110 More in the Stale- wide Tournament. Auditions at KERN (Elks Club, Bakersfleld) Monday and Tuesday, September 21-22 2 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 9 p. m For full Particulars See Kvrn County CIHCAOO UACISH C1I1CAC1O. Hiipl. 18. (A. l'.)--Hov. oral (it thn natlon'H loadliiK pIloU will conipeld horn Hundny In itn auto raou proKriim at tho new Hoby Mpccdwny. Among tho drivers who luivn nlmied to iipp'inr aro Hox Mayn, Frnnli Hrlnko, "Wild Bill" CummlngB and "Cowboy" O'llourko. AT LAST Wilson Mtickoy. tho dusky trouble-shooter of tho Bakoi-fifloltl lunutciirH, gota on tho main ovonl once moro and will tnnglo with Johnnie Wllks of U A. horo Monday night. Tho two wol tern head a card of woven flRhtfl do- «crlbo(l UH a double main event proRrnm. Tho Bocnnil fcuturo on tho bill prcHonts Sllfiit Joo 11111 of Old River anil another 200-poundnr, Jock Dll* Ion of t,oH Anifoles. .Too sconiH to bo Rattlnir l>t.'tlor CVOIT llnio ho enters tlio rliix. Mn.toluimkor "Woody 1 Wnml KIIVH ho hati a toii(,'h boy for HIM In Dillon. Thn Hi'inl «liidnp \vlll pit KIIZZJ MyiTH nf ltnl(f>rsri<>l(l mid Johnnlu (.'uta (if Santii Monica. I.upo Mnnoz of llnkorutluld wll moot l-'runklo Valentino of Ocean 1'ai-k itnd'llonry JoluiDon la Hched tiled to fljjlit Henry Aeuna of Santa Monica. The rout of tho oard will Include Flush Jordan of Jjakcrnflold vervus FJmok WIlNon uf Los Angeles; Han llmuitnn of linkoi'Hflokl versus Fred dlr i YIKO of 1». A. 4 » » ARIXMUN'DI KIGIITS IIOLUYWOOD, Sept. 18. (A. P.)— Hiiliy Arlzmanill, Mexico City, aiv Frnnklo (Kid) Covelll. cliwh In to nlelit'n 10-round nmln event at th l.t-Klori Htndlum. ArUineiull lost I Henry Armiitroiis;, Ht. Louis Negro In |I!H IIIHI nppeuranco for tho Gal fornln-doHlgnaled fettthrnvelRht title Covc'lll has been out of activity BOV era! \vouka to permit oye cuts t Supplant Ctficket in England Prediction of Writers My IlEN'ttY UnlUit I'rMI KMl CofrMponrtent ONDON, Sept. 18.— Within five yearn baseball will be moro popular than crickot In England and within 10 years It will bo a Borlous challenger to the league ootball aH tho national sport of ho couhtry, This is not my opinion. It be- ongs to a half-dozen English sports writers who know their country and t« games. It Is common knowledge that English baoeball la chtafly backed by operators' of giant football pools and hat their Interest Is purely mercenary. Tho bottlnft operators consider lasoball to bo a perfect "plug" for he four months of May, Jtlne, July and August. Thoso are the only nonths In tho year In which foot mil, on which millions of dollars aro wagered, Is not played and thoy con stltute a dead loan for the pool 'own ors. They lose not only tho revonuo 'rom tho betters but also wages for tholr clerical staffs. Men and women who work In tho offices of tho jetting pools aro experts and can •iot bo replaced easily. As a result, thoy — and somo of the bigger pools employ thousands — must be kept on ho pay roll In Idlo months. Baseball offers the perfect solution and the hotting tycoons are roady to sink millions of dollars In It. Already thousands of pounds sterling havo been spent and spont In tho most effective channel — on the development of tho game among tho school children. Drive about London's suburbs und you will seo hundreds ot boys, ranging In ago from 9 to 18, playing the gamo with first class equipment. There aro several baseball leagues In tho city and their championship games this OM often drew crowds of moro than 13,000, which Is larger than many ot the throngs at tho big cricket matches. Up to now, coaching has boon rather haphazard, with anyone who knew tho sport welcome to como out and take a hand In training the youngsters. Plans, howovor, call for tho Importation of professional bill! players from America. Players who hnvo passed their prime In tho United H tut OB aro going to bo of frrnd substantial salaries to como over and tako chargo of them. As an added attraction, next year BOV cral star cricket players, notably Patsy Hcndron and Walter Ham mond, huvo boon offered contracts Hondren and Hammond aro just as celebrated over hero as Lou Oehrlg and I.)lK/.y Dean In America tint tholr preHenco on the diamond woulc luro thousands through tho turn allies. • Tho biggest lOngllsh booster o baseball Is Travor Wlgnall, snorts columnist of tho Dally Express am far and away the most widely read and Influential sports commentator In London. Wlgnall, who grow to like tho gamo In his frequent trips to America (ho has covered two world uorles), Is ono who thinks It Is certain to outdistance cricket In popularity In the near future. Cricket Is Dying "Cricket has been dying steadily for years and Is becoming moro and more a gamo for the upper classes and not the lower musses," Wlgnall told ma. "Once England finds out It can go to a baseball gamo and In three short thrilling hours got moro* excitement than In three full days' of tedious cricket, tho American sport will bo mado horo. And that day Is not far off." EFL JIM DAY TN THfi) London Dally Mirror A there Is a sports story written by Al Male, the lead of which runs an follows: "Pat»y Hendren and Maurice Tato, famous England test cricketers, are to turn baseball players. Hehdren, idol ot the Middlesex crowds for 30 years, 1ms agreed to sign professional baseball forms and will play for White City next season. Sweeping England "Baseball la sweeping the country. Thirteen thousand frtna watched West Ham and White City play at Woat Ham yesterday. The game has gripped the Imagination of boys as well as their parents. There are 80 boys' teams in Manchester alone and more than 200 boys' teams in tho country." Bo England is taking up baseball! Reason for Game Henry McLomore, United Press sports writer, in a signed story from London, says England is taking up baseball under the promotion of operators of giant foot' ball pools* who wish to have the crowds betting on a game during the summer months when toot- ball is not played. Baseball would and will fill the bill, according to the predictions ot English sports writers. Now. In England the sports writers are booming up the game. .Famous cricketers are playing It under hire, to attract the crowd interest. Suverkrop In England Low Suverkrop, Bakersneld engineer and geologist, probably reading tho same issue of the Daily Mirror that attracted the attention of Hehry McLemore, writes me the following letter from London. Suverkrop has been in Europe for some weeks: London, England, Sept. 8, 1686. "Doar Jim: As your London scout I've been neglecting you, apparently, but the real truth is there hasn't been anything to report until I noticed in yesterday's 'Dylie Mirror' that 'byse- bawl is 'ore to stye' and that they've Patsy 'endrew as was nydol of Middlesex cricket crowds •fur thetty yeahs, 'oo 'as nagreud to some perfessenal bysebawl fawms an' will plye next season.' May Be "Sluggish" " 'They was quite a gyme at West 'am yeste'dye, as you'll nowtls in tho pyper. Hl've tawn out tho bit In the pyper, the Dylie Mlrrer, and send hit on for such comment as may be justiford in your column. HI don't knaow w'.ether Patsy 'endrew is gray 'aired or not, but I'd sye 'e-'d be % a bit sluggish arfer an exposure to crickot of thetty yeahs, eh wot'" "Regards, "LEW.." -PttEVENT FI11ES- Nation Opens Its Football Season (Aisoeiated Prcti Lcated "Wire) NEW YORK, Sept. 18.—The sound of a kicker's foot thumping against tho pigskin, the excited shouts of crowds watching touchdowns, the sight of flying feet crossing the white lines and passes arching through tho air—all associated with crisp November weather rather than September warmth—will be heard throughout the country for the first tlmo tonight and tomorrow. Although ft's a far cry from the "big" game season, tho college football campaign gets off to an early start with a few games in every section of the United States. Most ot tho games involve tho smaller schools but such gridiron leaders as Temple and West Virginia in tho east, Kentucky, Missis- Hipp], North Carolina State and Duke lu tho south, and Texas Christian and Hlco lu the southwest aro listed among those playing. Topping tonight's floodlight program comes the game at Philadelphia tonight in which Pop Wai'ner'a Templo Owls faco their neighbor, St. Josoph. Texas Christian faces Howard Payne at Urownwood, Tex., in tho southwest and Loyola of Los Angeles plays California Tech. Outstanding contesta tomorrow none of which should offer any ser ious difficulties for tho larger colleges, ' are Kentucky vs. Maryvlllo; Mississippi vs. Union University; Duke vs. Davidson; North Carolina State vs. Qustavus Adolphus and Oklahoma A. and M., vs. Central Oklahoma Teachers. Most of the action Is on the southern front whore, in addition to tho games already listed, most of tho other southern conference members are slated to try out their "Graham plan" teams. Calif ornians Are Leading at Skeet (Aisoolatcd Prcst Leased Wire) ST. LOUIS, Sept. 18.—Callfornlans ed the way In to'the second round of the open all-gauge event as shoot- ng in the National Skeet Association 'championships reached the next :o final day. With tho first 100 targets out-of the way tho largo field lined up against the second block of birds today, with completion of the 250 point grand championship classic se for Saturday. Harry Flelschmann, outstanding west coast champion from Santa Monica, came through for tho fans who picked him to replace L. S Pratt of Indianapolis, turned pro fcsslonal, as national champion, lit shattered 100 consecutive clay pigeons to shoulder the Indlvidua leadership, to shoulder tho individual leadership Flelschinann's perfect shooting plus a 99 by Grant Ilseng of Fresno and good support from three team mates, shot the California contingen into the front in team competltlor Other members of the team are Bll Davis, Los Angeles; Bob Stack, Santa Monica, now 20-gauga champion; an> Alex Kerr of Los Angeles. Thol scores wero Davis, 91; Stack, 97; an Kerr, 98. Tho total team score wau 4SD. Fleischmann's was the secon perfect score turned In since th tournament opened Tuesday. K C. Miller of Tyler, Texas, broke 10 to win the small bore championship Trailing the Callfornlans by onl 9 points aa they marched to the fir ing posts today was the Loantak team of Morrlslown, N. J.. and no far behind with 400 was tho Miller captained Tyler team. Tied with Ilseng at 99 was Ed E Garland of Belleville, N. J., who re llnqulshod an early lead to Flelsch mannr One Week More .Left if or Practice Befbre Opening Tilt ^lUHTUiu for berths on the 1988 Driller squad, Coach D. W. Grlf- Ith's mon are working on Griffith 'leld every afternoon. Today will ee the end of the first week ot Driller practice which has been hort because of the issuing of qulpment. Within the next few ays, Griff will send his team hrough its first scrimmage of the eason and from then, the Blue Blazes will burn through th'o season until the last game Is played, Next wdok on Saturday night, the Bakersfleld high varsity will jneet "'orterville'S heavy team. This cori' . est will follow a game between Coach Qeorgo Williamson's Sandabs and the Portervllle lights. The Drillers have been lining up n approximately the following order as thoy ran through their dummy icrimmage sessions during the past ew days: First Team • First team-Mohr and McCoy, ends; William and Simons, tackles; Wation and Slemon, guards; O'C6hnor, center; Jaussaud, quarterback; Ho- besky, right half; Garden, fiiUback; HeffermaBi left half. Second team—Perez and Daly, mds; Lewis and Arbunia, tackles; " Watham and Olerou, guards; Shlvely, center; Yancey. quarterback; Os- borno, right half; Flo Rlto, fullback; Trout, left half. Third Team Third te'am—Edwards and Snider, ends; Anderson and Templo, tackles; " Shlvely and Oombos, guards; Smith, center; Montgomery, quarterback; Trewhltt, right half; Mears, fullback; Goodwin, left half. , 4 • » Angels Seek New Baseball Leader. (Associated Prcls Leant* Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept. 18.—The Los Angeles Baseball Club shopped around today for a new manager to replace Jack Lellvelt. President David P. Fleming may not shop far, since Harry (Truck) Hannah, who has been Lellvelt'e rlghthand man and coach for many seasons, has been pushed for «he Job. Lellvelt, carrying out a wish he made last winter, announced his resignation last night and said he was soklng a position as scout for a major league club. - In eight years as manager of the Angels, Lellvelt won two Pacific Coast championships and tied for two more, losing In playoffs. Ae a player and manager In baseball for 31 years, ho said ho "desired a change" and was leaving tho club with "the friendliest of feelings." After a season marked by hard, luck, tho Angels finished In a fifth- place tie this year with the Mission Hods. Lellvelt's 1934 club was one of tho greatest In coast history, winning both halves of the split season by tremendous margins. "Baseball ha* been my life-long business, and I Intend to stay In li," ho said. "My association with the team has been harmonious in every respect, and It is with rcgjret that I am leaving." "Jack has ben wonderful to work With, and I know I ahall miss him." Business Manager Ogcar Relchow declared. GASOLINE ALLEY The Last Straw By .KING WALT, I RATE TO LEAVE THE FARM. i uove THE SHADE TREES AND THE CHICKENS AMD THR SUNSETS, THERE ARE A COUPLE OF THINGS I MATE LEAVE, TOO. HERE THEV ARE — MS PALS, DDKE AND DUCHESS, I'VE PUSHED THEM ALONG BV THE REINS MANS A WEARS MILE. NOW, DUKE/ WAS THAT NICE? BUCK ROGERS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. Trick Works By PHIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS AGAIN / I WAS A CAPTIVE ON THE PIRATE SHIP FROM PALLAS, BURIED BENEATH THE SURFACE OF CERES- BUT I KNEW OUR SPACE PATROL SHIP WAS SEARCHING FOR ME. #£.. MY DISINTEGRATOR THIS ^""N ,-' MV OISINTEQRATC CONTRIVANCE /-Oj PISTOL t- I'LL MAV WHAT IS IT? JfcV. "TC>THINK FAST/ WHY-ER- THAT"S A LITTLE -MACHINE" WE USE TO TORN STONE -ER- INTO «O UP MVFLY/HG B£LT. AND \ /""OH THAT'S PART OF THE TMIS ? 1 *\.( APPARATUS -YOU HAVE TO AMM\ WEAR IT WHILE USING THE OTHER-IT'S A KIND Oj= POWER RESERVOIR. /A-MMM- INTERESTING !TOO BIG FOR A fVNLLAOIAN- ANO TOO SMALL FOR A ROFF TO WEAR-YOU'LL SHOW US.HOW TO USE IT/ jftft QLADLY, .DUKOR / HE.SWALLOWED THE BAIT/- IF I EVER OET THAT BELT ON AND THAT DISINTEGRATOR IN MY HAND- ^ '/)

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