The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 17
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•'.. • :* I. 1 » i -. r I 1 I L L - I - t - i • ..'I ri 7 L J I • - r •, I - L • .1' L - . V*:,'.!'' . i H ' 1- ' L J J- L -L." i THE BAKERSFIELD CALIPORKtAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1936 .' - : ™ .1 j rx:?:r&?^^*v,w-^^^^ - ' - -- *''*,.T V- -, > ,-•- L -. ; ...I-'. -'• - • • * "-- . - . V : •''.;*•-" , l . -- Yi'Vi'.±i*>v.-W'. -"i* 'ih- -.' 'j-* j f. Wi.ft. ^ V, t .v--^ hr ^V* 1 E'Wiy,^aS^i*-' 1 vi: r ^kL^^^*f i * *Jv^* i ^.-^fl§\^ l ign -/•v-^\^-\v '- v, .;.";...,•,. - ; '-..//v v^;* ?^^^ ->'* -. '. •••'-, ' • -• - * • ' - * ••' ''"i"- •• '^->•'• -'VT' ^.'gv .' : --.v l ^-'-''i -{f:>^ . . .•. ' - ".-•. •-' ' . : ' • ::-^^:,'\- i '-'-^'-^^' : ,'':':.'''-^. -X vV: '-^^ • '^--•^^-•^••^^^K^^mm . ^ - i,?_.* • - v;*^'SLV-f* I*. ;SiW • -• /'^vh-o^j^r'^^™^ *••'.* '/', •: *. *v|l*'N>^:i-V^ • ' •:• ' •:••'>,: -V^V/™fc . i .»,' ,'- - ».* -,, ( -i i rv • H»' V, I 1 I- i :• r IN MISSING DETROIT BABY MYSTEfcY h •1 '.. I •,-- I 'V \t .s. '- i '* Sept. -io Taft held their itjafulat- meeting: day evdnln^iti tlja l Mbo»6 hall with an indrcajsid dtten4ancei Cool highta ar6 credited with bringing out iitano mVrnbers.oacU meeting night. It ,\<-0B resolved to start the sea* son's drive for new members by holding the first fall. Initiation September 29 In conjunction with a huge barbecue and smoker and a fine card 'of wrestling and boxing matches. . Secretary W. B. rinley waa instructed to write a letter of Invitation to the Maricopa aerie In* Viting the MaHcopa brothers to attend the initiation. President R, K. Maples ; asked' all niembors to bring at least one candidate for membership to, ; ,tho intltiation. Thcro will be no v charge for this affair and the local aerie expects a record breaking crowd. * Tfc»j TT II it* ' RiteSiHeldjiqr ' J oritton) TAFT, 8e$U 18.—Funeral services were held Tuesday at Lemoore for Barker, California pioneer «\ IS >-:. £/ ,» ^'.' S* *'-• m Sopt 18.-^Stanley H, tiitlft SISTER PASSES TAFT, Sept. 18.— Mrs. Charles MJchelitsch, 35,. sister of Mrs, T. J. O'Brien of Taft and Mrs. A. M. Weaver of Bakerefield, passed away .Wednesday at Port Allegheny,- -Pa<, following a serious operation. Besides her sisters In California, she loaves her husband, two children and three brothers in the east. Funeral services and interment will bo held Sat* urday at Port Allegheny. Unit No. 70, American.Auxlllary r |basket among the members of the met in regular session Monday eve- unit, each one putting In cooked food, hing with First Vice-president Mad aline Potts, presiding. Mrs, Kerr, member of the Merced unit but now a resident of Taft, was,introduced. The resignation of Eva Upton, president, was read and accepted with regrets. Mrs, Upton has fancy work or whatever they desire. Dorothy 'Howoll, OB Americanism chairman, called attention to the fact that September 17 Is Constitution day and that there would be several Interesting programs on the radio for the occasion. Mrs. Hotvoll had -an in moved from Taft and will have her teresting copy of the Constitution in homo in Riverside. Modallne Potts j tfl original handwriting und signa- will succeed to the president's chair; lurcs lo flho ^ the member*. Mary Mathis will be first vlce^presl dent and a second vice-president will bo elected at the next meeting. Vir- .Trma Spencc, Bertha Brink and Blanche lllnkle, delegated to the state convention at Hollywood, announced In the same city. Mrs. Barker, familiarly known ns Aunt Magfrle, camo with her parents by ox team to California many years ago. A few years ago she returned to tho cost over iho tiamo route, substituting modern transportation for tho ox cart. Surviving- Mrs. Barkor are throe children. Mr*. Holla West of Lo- moorc, formerly of Tnfti Joo Barker and Bert Barker, both of Devils Den; and flvo grandchildren, including Mrs. Fred ThomoH of Taft. ginia McCleary was nominatedI for they would have their report ready the office and nominations will be opened again at the next meeting. Mrs. Potts announced that Sop at the next meeting, Mrs. Myrtle Casley was reported III and at a sani tarium but Is improving. Mrs. Potts Card Party Is ... ^^ * ' 1 • *** 1 •**••* * \»»t* *J 1^ 1* AW *iJ<**««--T*-»fa» 4-«»v. • «• •* WH tember being Education month, we ] askcd cach mcm ber to tell of her would have a special program prepared- by tho education chairman, Bonnie BouUvoll, at the next meet- Ingr. •'...' Anne Doyle reported an enjoyable trip to Tehachapl Sunday to attend the Kern county council Installation of. officers which was hold Jointly with the American Legion county council* Clara Isaacs of Bakersfleld Is-the newly Installed president. Tho next meeting- of the council will bo held In Wasco. CONSTIPAT BRINGS QUICK TO LOCAL MIN vacation and many interesting trips were described, *M*BI*Hia«M» ~W - w Shower Is Event in Fellows Home "I Was Desperate—Imperative That * Some* i- thing Be Done. 2 Bottles of Van-Tage Gave Amazing Results," . . . Writes Mr. J. W.Brown, Local Miner. "I Can't Praise Van-Tage Too Highly." Do you know tho misery of being constipated day after day—with sick headaches—dull, listless, half-alive? Arc you tormented after meals with gas and awful bloat? Does the agony of rheumatic pains from a cl?ggod system make your nights sleepless? YOU DON'T NEED TO SUFFER ANY L.ONGER IN THIS WAYJ Thousands of Bakorsfield people* are using the now Internal Mqdiclne VAN-TAGE—clearing their systems of .tho dangerous poisons gathered inside. Druggists and public alike are astonished at tho great number ' of Bakersfleld people who are talking about VAN-TAGK—who are telling their neighbors of what it has done for them. Most folks around hero know of Mr. J. AV. Brown, the. well-known mining man. Mr. Brown Is one of tho many local residents who have used VAN-TAGE and who have written letters of gratitude about it. Read every word of hie remarkable testimonial. He has lived around hero for 20 years. His address Is Havllah Route, Callento. Sco for 3LLOWS, Sept. 18.—Mrs. W. M. Ntobel and her daughter, Mrs. Margaret Towno, wero hostesses at a recent layette shower for Mrs. NIc- bel's other daughter, Mrs. Jack Campbell. Entertainment included several piano selections by Itflss Helen Jean Ayers and a song by Mrs. "Walter Filer. Guests, who brought many gifts, wero Mesdames M. A. Smith, Guy Diamond, E, B. Foust, Walter FHer. Harry Wilson and Charles Bird and the Misses Drusllla Fox, Mary Nlebcl, Vivian Hagler and Helen Jean Ayers. Sending gifts but unable to attend were Mesdames Herbert Bodarner, George Handy, Theo Filer. Ray Barnhart. John Bethel, Matt Kohler, Uoyd \ 7:ru) O vioek. Williamson and R. N. Hatch and the Misses Barbara Jean Teel, Dorothy Bodamer and Irene Williamson. Planned Soon TAFT. Sept, 18.—Taft Circle No. SIS, Neighbors of Woodcraft, mot Tuesday evening in the Odd Kellows hall with a good attendance. Plans wore completed for a five hundred and pedro public card party to bo held at tho homo of Erma Conner, 201 Flllmoro street, Saturday, September 26. There will bo prices and a door prize with refreshments served by tho officers who will act as the committee. Clarence Paulson wan nominated, elected and Installed an manager upon tho resignation of Anna Per* rlgo. Tho first new member of tho fall season was balloted on and accepted. A box social with each person performing 1 whatever stunt was required was Iho entertainment following the business meeting. An enjoyable time wax tho verdict of tho group. A new meeting time will bo installed starting tho first meeting in October. The time will bo changed to vM • *• -• !-•- >. - -- *L» > - ' '* i m'-.BW® ym-i^'i-si II llll'va;^»^ujp' WI>M:VSSK& ^' ; ' 'J 1 -''* • V ' i.--.-r^r«JS,}-"^ , -,V4.Mi ^ 'i'--.—--^--*rtfV-;;.^| XvV--U'J$ .;." /.'T^4v^ '-i <>ft*--:\vA '^i^ <'it wa :-.^,^j Canada, Midwest and Othet Points Visited by Pair on Summer Jaunt r , - •' - I ' - Id •. " : *i\ .:--\- r. \ "'' *• V ^ f Special to The McFARLAND, Sept. 18.—Mr; and (Mrs. H. E. Aiken are again at their | home after enjoying a six weeks 1 vacation in Canada, midwest and south. An enjoyable feature of their trip was a reunion of Mr. Aiken with his three brothers at the home of his brother and sister-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. John Alkcn at Seattle, Wash., after 17 years of separation. Other brothers attending were Robert Alj ken, who flew from his home In Minneapolis, and Harry Aik*m, his wife and daughter, Miss Betty, from j Yaklnm. The party enjoyed many I short interesting trips in the vicinity of SeatUn. Visit Canada After several days Mr, and Mr*. «j Aiken, accompanied by Robert Aiken Under authority of the kidnaping act, agents of iho Federal Bufeau of Invewtlgntlon on- torod 8eniH2h for 1 S-moniVm-oUl Hnrry Browe. upper loft, son of Mr. and Mr«. TJoberl Browc of no- troll, after days of by police and nolghbors fntlcd to return tho Infant.. Tho child dls- n t>pon nul from h IB c« rrln ue Iti a Detroit pnrk after his brothers. lOdwnrtl, 7, niul Charles. 0, shown nt left with their mother, left him to purchase ire eream. At upper Is tho Browo, homo, the pty rnrrlafta from which tho baby lsappeurofl Hiaiullng by tho !»orch. At lower right n party of Hoy Scouts, one of many similar pttrtten, is noon searching an alley nonr the Hnnvo home.. enjoyed imvellng to Spokane Up Into | Canada, where they visited at Lake Ixmtse, Kmorald lake, Calgary and many other Interesting places. After leaving his brothpr at his home in 1 Minneapolis, ho and Mrs, Afken pro*. I oeedod on tholr vacation trip through | tho ttakotafl, Nebraska. Kentucky, i Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Xcw 1 Mexico, old Mexico and California to their home here. They report that of the drought- stricken areas tho North Dakota la the very worst. Ranchers there are harvesting thistles for hay for their cattle. In talking 1 with a resident In 1 that state they were told that the i temperature at times during the summer registered as high as 108 degrees and In tho winter 60 degrees below. Visit Kelatlve* L While in Oklahoma Mr. and Mrs, Alkon visited with tho former's slater- ln*law, Mrs. Jonta Alkon at her home ut Ixinewolf. While traveling In Iowa, thoy state that they were in one of the heaviest rainstorms of their en! tiro experience. FELLOWS "Only Van-Tage freed me from tho iortures of constipation!" Mr. J. W. Brown, mining man, well known in BukersHeld, quick relief I received in such a FBI/LOWS, Sept. 18.—Miss Florence Dllerer of Berkeley ts home visiting her mother, Mrs. Al Chambers. Miss Dilgor plans to spend a week visiting 1 her mother and friends. A \voek end visitor in Follows was Henry Dilger of Santa Paula, who also visited his mother, Mrs. Al Chambers. ^ Week end guests at the homo or Mrs. Henry Dargitz were the Misses Alma McClain and Holdn Column of Kanta Ana. They wore on their way to Yosemlte to spend a few days' va- i cation. m mm A donkey baseball game was held at the Fellows ball park September 16. Tho game was between Fellows and tho OVu^\--M*'«.<^UaaBc^4Uid tho sooro was a tie, 4-4. The Areme Club held its first meeting Tuesday. A handkerchief shower was given in honor of Mrs. Christine Peterson, worthy matron. Those attending wore Me«dames Clara short time. I am very grateful for Brand, Ollvo RltterabacUer, H; C-TAGE, and I do hope that my friends will bo benefited by this statement." Like 30 Medicines in One —at New Low Price VAN-TAGE acts on many vital organs of your body because of Its Itood. Christine Peterson, Bella Parker, Kouetla Darffttz. Margaret Sola- day, .Alice Chambers, Grace Cooley, Dorothy Faust, Nell Fisher, Lola Mason. Rhonu Simons, and the Misses Carrol Ann. Mardell, Nona and Mr. I^eHoy Dale. Tho next mooting of the Areme Club will be on October C. The hostesses will be Mcsdame.s Phoebe Good and Mar- V 30 Scientific Medicaments—Including garet DuVall. tho 21 GREAT NATURAL HERBS. Some sweep right through tho bowels—cleansing away tho old decayed impurities; others relievo tho stonv yourself what VAN-TAGE has been , . . . . . .. , „ PROVED to do for people you know: I ach of a>vf ul gas and bloat - and Btul QUICK RESULTS "For 11 years I suffered from clogged bowels and constipation. Only those who have been cursed with this trouble can know what it means in misery. I was desperate and it was imperative that some- Mrs. Daisy Can- bruised herself recently OH she tried to prevent her car from going down a Mteep hill. Mrs. J. L. Howell and Mrs. Roy Stanley have junt received word of the death of their brother-in-law, George Dowdy, who parsed away In Dexter, Missouri, on September 7. Mrs. Horace Roberts and Mrs. others flush tho kidneys—gently, soothingly. It acts on tho 4 Vital 1 Thomas Morton wero Monday visit- Organs—tho Bowels, the Stomach, I ors In Bakersfield. the Liver and Kidneys—as a diuretic, a stomachic, a cholagoguc, and a KEAL laxative. VAN-TAGE does so many wonderful things in the human body that nobody can afford MARICOPA thing had to be done. I recently to bo without it!—And It costs heard of VAN-TAGE from someone who. had beer* helped by it, and I decided to try it. Two bottles of VAN-TAG E gave me absolutely amazing results. I can sincerely say little, too. For only a few pennies a day, you can get your supply of this celebrated Internal Medicine from MARICOPA. Sept. 35.—LIUle Miss Marlon Smith, of Shafter and Gene Halter, of Paso Roblcs ware reront the Owl Drug Company, tho Eastern guests of Mr. and Mrs, Richard Oar Drug Company, or any druggist In rett. Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Gott of that It is the only medicine which pBakorsfteld, Taft or Maricopa. HE- San Francisco passed Wednesday • *_*.-•-..».._ * . . t t . • A* ft I w A^«* «*_»> mmmm *^. . h . _ -_ .m. J Wtl^ _____A__^^ .^ J * * . . • ^ ^ * really helped me. I can't praise this wonderful remedy too highly for the MEMBER—your health Is your most HI1( | Thursday at the _home of Mr. precious possession! und Mrs. Garret t. Mr. Gott is a brother of Mrs. Garrett. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I have gone to Colorado I weeks. Carl yon for two Atte Artists Open to All als and Amateurs We- siding in Kern County. L . ' •1. ', "CALIFORNIA'S HOUR Radio Talent Tournament Six Artiste or Acts Will Win t. A Featured Appearance on the "California's Hour" Salute to Kern County, With Conrad Nagel. Donald Novis, Dave Brockman's Orchestra and Guest Stars, Over KERN and the Columbia-Don Lee Network ., . Monday, September 28, A Round Trip to Los Angeles. Forty Dollars Each in Cash. 4. A Chance to Win Up to $730 More in the Statewide Tournament, Auditions at KERN (Elks Club, BakcrafUld) -U'* .; .I.'IL''..,'. '' • . Monday and Tuesday, September 21-22 . , i - ^^^b ' A' ^|| - ••?.,' ^_ m^*^ ' ' n "' 2 to 4 p. m. and 7 to 9 p. r For Full Particular* See Witham and Booth Enlarging Quarters Witham & Booth are enlarging their store, taking in approximately 800 square feet more space, now occupying all of tho Fox theater stores on H street. They arc featuring Zenith and General Blectric radios and General Electric home supplies. Tho new remodeled Interior and exterior will make It ono of tho most modern stores of Its kind on tho Pacific coast. Tho new homo appliance department which Is being added to the previous store features a complete new line of General Electric refrigerators, washing machines, Jroners, vacuum cleaners and other appliances. ••*• COMEDIAN LOSES HOLLYWOOD, Sept. 18, (A, P. Burglars entered the home of Zeno Vatorl. movie comedlun, who wears a size 18 shirt. The prowlers left Va- tori's shirts untouched, but stole several belonging 1 to his brother, who wears size 16. UNION Pain! The*e toothing* healing p»d* give you in- r«Uef frow painful bunJow; stop *ho« YOU STOP FOR A TRAFFIC LIGHT ... as You Drive From Your House. Shitting Gears After a Stop Like This Can Use up Enough Goto/me to Take You *£ of a "Mile." A TRAFFIC OFFICER STOPS YOU Today There are 131,000 Police Officers Who Make the Nation's Highways Safer . . . But are One Reason You Shift Gears 60 Times a Day. CROSSING A HIGHWAY You Have to Make Another Stop. Almost Every City and Town Has "Stop" Streets Today. Stop prtwure, cushion and •Weld the tore «pou Sold At all drug, tbo* *ad dept tlorct. DrScholl I * L '-.I 'f l -.a GOLDS ^ ..> .and "• • 30 «i»atn. • - - - • • • • •- TfF-llrt.IUf.TMl . i r .\ * V. J ' f -* t v*-*.,'.':'tytf. ;-'•' ,s-/.\ - <i •-1 .* -* f* iii- - \ --.,- ^ -.- f .*+''-...'-.* i * Costly your Gasoline has these 3 Kinds of Power in Perfect Balance IN TODAY'S DRIVING, you stop over 30 times a day. For economy here, you need a gasoiint that gives fast pickup. On the other hand, you start your engine 10 times a day. For economy here, you need a gasoline that starts quickly. If you're a typical motorist, you drive an average of 27.4 miles a day. So you also need a gasoline that's economical in steady running. T Just as your car needs 3 shifts of gears, your gasoline needs 3 kinds of power. A TRUCK BLOCKS THE ROAD "Stepping on it 9 * f o Make up for Lott Time Can U*e up 60% More Gatoline Than Running Along Steadily at 30 Miles an Hour. AND MORE STOPS ^ Driving Home. It'* Ea*y to See the Reaion* Why You Need the "Stop-and* Go" Gasoline—Super-Shell, First to recognize the need in today's driving, Shell engineers combine these 3 kinds of power in one fuel Super-Shell, the first truly balanced gasoline! Super-Shell is sold at over 30,000 neighborly Shell stations from coast to coast. I • ' X -- h --t I ' . -f , - I- - . . -- *".' ' .. . r

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