The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 15
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 15

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 15
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-^ i ' r n ' ", . i f i*U* \,**i\-..'-'--- *'A- .' •"•' V-.W* '^V'-'V^A-^^Wr'•*-' ' ":--^ J A •' '-' - l1 ;^.', f'VX ^A J ' •--1^^ 1 ^ "' ' > • ' - ' r^fe*^ -'. : ; r^V^'; - -r^^::^^,;^ ; ••v:; ! -,^^>/:;v.: - --. i- • - ' * . -.,-•• •••-•' ' • . '.*\- :; -. - .-. , j /' * -*_ , I . ' ' ^ ':'' *;.j', •' ''-'*'•'» ' n r ^ r, r;-. , , •• *. ' < ' .ffc '• '" ' !^' ' ^' -j '" - , • • >. - ^i V,"," , ' -*X , 1 . ' • t* » '.- ^ . . I >V.,,,:•'. ,.- "- .-< • . ?' " f 'i "v ,'/; .- , r ' _ * -I - . j . ^ -• '. I f . THfc fiAKtiRSPlELD CALtPORNIAN, FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 1936 v^v? /f:^nt^^r^M^sS^^»» -". - % II I - •:. I •• - -' ...*••—.- x • - 1 . h .r - . J < ~-', r%*- V Jl IJ .hi I.^TJ . Jll lti*> •,v" ; . - • r,--".;'-V' M,«>: ? &r^:-V^'U:;rjvv^ •/'•••• ,-v,:-,' ••::-,- •^;^^;;^4^t^^« - ' • • - '• • .. "" -- V • , •-';*-' '"jl '•V^V^VXiVV^*!?' ,-;;•" , '/ " M '-'"' ^ *Py^Crt^^5? " > ' * - '-'/•'': '<'* ' - V ' ••' ''f '' -'I'-^."^' ^''".v^'j^^"^'"!' ffrite* Surrender; ' i - -•_.,.-. • . . • i *T •• ' -' •• . .-- • . : .1 . r ~ •• from Page One) i ' - , Mns— Quarts, 24oj pints. l&c. We also buy rags, bottles, Junk of all kinds. Phone 1786 for pick-up wagon. 132 glast Twenty first street FURS— factory samples. Fur coats, jackets, foxes, collars. Huge stock. Furs remodeled. "The House of 3000 Fur Bargains." Dow'u Wholesale Furs* 133 Kearney, Ban Francisco. _ 8-10-tf FOR RENT — One-sack concreU mixer. Mears Lumber Co, Phon* 3810, Poultry and r R. I, R. fryers, 14 weeks old, SJxtra fat and tender. Alive or dressed, Delivered. Mrs. Koch, 1820 , Chester Place. Phone 4548*H. 43 HMD fryers from 2H to 4 tbs. Also Whlto .Leghorn hens. 1110 Fourth street. Phone NICE choice rabbit fryers, also does D24 Thirty-fourth Btrset, Wantid to Buv-Mlsoellanious "WANTKD—Front and back bar, about J5 festt> also stools and fixtures, Good .condition* Write or apply 400 Harrison street, Tuft. ^___ 3BK8T prices paid for bottles, rars, Iron and other junk. Phone 4178 for pickup wagon. Prompt service. 420 Eaat Nineteenth.7-9*36-tf L V*ifj* --'.it|. • v*u™HS NjiVVH^ -yij FOR SALE— One sack concrete mixer. Model A Ford truck In good condition, cheap for cash. Phone 3853*11. 48B Bftllo avemic. PACTOtlY to you. Standard corn- putlnff «cale. Freezer caaea. Store, reHtaurant and beer flxturea. Complete, new and used. Valley Store and Fixture Company, 2010 Chester avenue. , 63 For Salt—Furniture burlap and rags. Buy- ^."SS^-'^w^t"^' 8 Sffil ^ '* U W«P *MO«. JU ?f7 8^ { ? M m 3 c r S^i ,%'*of f H&rtSwI •"•'•«'•«. _ avenue. TWO New Zealand red does for sale, $2 each; young j have had three litters of 8 to .10; clean condition. 805 _.P_ street. FOH SALE—Saturday, red fryers, 60c , V nH« A <• U—«K,, *i.. A .*,*. .u« each. Soft bone roasters, extra largo ^"5,^ n£. B *?r® b £i 5l vena hft ^ r!i he fryers, ptilleta and hens. Free dress- fH*f d 5LTfil" le jSfti? haf . tep S fiV° o1 D I |H " and dellverj'. Week day ortera J^ .5 n ^t ftP ^ C 5\ lf ? rtllR| l vlll i, p ? c f* ve delivered after school hours. Brad- ™dy for the furnish ing: of all labor, ford. HOC Kern, phono 8041-E. ^A 1 !'?!?; transportation and services L- ,',i, r necessary for the installation and FOH BALKJ—Habbita, does, bucks, and completion of the air conditioning ays- butcheft. Priced reasonable. 720 tern In Shafter School, Shafter, Call- 43|fornla t ooch .bid to Legal Notices T ^J^^Jt^fc^^^J^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ta _^^__^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^•^^ NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS sacrifice for cash. $1175, Kurtzman grand piano. I«argo electric refrigerator, fine Bergonzl model violin, Duncan Phyfo table, vanity dresser, electric washer, peacock chair, chesterfield. 2211 Twenty- second street. 43 USED 9x12 rugs, all sizes, $5 to * Overstuffed bed davenport., $16.60. Two-piece dverstuffed set covered . in green homespun, $25. Davis Furniture Ifixohango, 2105 Chester ave- mia. We glvo credit. 44 USED FURNITURE SPECIALS Robert! Bros, closet bed $7.95 Baby bod, cane paneled $5. B-pc. breakfast set, hardwood 3-pc. overstfd. bed davenp. set 3-pc. enameled bedroom sot 2-po. Robert! Bros, llvlngr room set, rust tapestry, like now 2-pc. Karpen livins room set. green tapestry, llko new Many Other Big Bargains POPBL PUUN1TURB KXCHANG ArdiKzl-Olceao BUlR, 523 Sumner St. Just west of Baker. Phone 1341 53 Beech street. FOU SAUO—16 plga ftt $4.00 each, _ mile south of Buena, N f lata School. J. H. Pensingor. ONB3 hammer mill. Weaned pigs, sows with piff«, fat bosfB and feeder nigs. Stockdale highway, across from Burton's dining room. Phone C6SO-W. , 43 MORK chicken feed horses wauled. Highest price paid. Phono 788-H. Bargain Market. 43 95 $7.95 $29.50 $14.95 $45.00 $39.50 FOR SALK— Moscovy ducks 3 months old, 5, 0, 7 pounds each. 802 Knott street. _ f _ FOR SALE— Fresh Jersey cow, third calf, gentle. Price $65.00. Edgar Combs, Arvln, Calif. _ 44 FRYERS. 3 pounds up, 20c pound. Colored hens, 18c. Dressed free. Phone 2783-R-X. 2C26 Center street. FOR SALIC— 300 white pullets, will lay soon. Half mile north, 3 miles' west Shafter. Phone 43-Y-2, Shafter. Dave Bullftr. THE Archibald Hatchery. Soquel, Calif, Through the fall and winter months, hatching White Leghorns, Barred Rocks and Rhode Island H?dP, weekly. Write for catalog. 44 ^ — • — — • — i -------- — — i — — — . ^^^ . f SAI-iE—'Three nnappy saddle horses for Frontier Days. Call one- half mile north of Rio Bravo school, miles west, U mile north. 42 All stock on hand now being sold regardless of cost to make room for our big stock of new furniture for tho Grand Opening of our newly remodeled store. Watch for opening date. NOW: ALL REMAINING STOCK AT GIVE-AW AY PRICES. BUT HURRY! 24TH AND CHESTER AVENUE Entrance on 24th 43 $1.60 $2.35 $27.00 $67.00 $27.50 $63,00 $5.95 f $29.75 $16.05 FURNITURE SPECIALS NKW Large Tap. Cov. Foot Stools Velvet RugB, 27x54 inches Axmln. Seamless Rugs, 8x12 Livingroom Sot, 2-pc., tap. Studio Couch with Arms, Back 3-pc. Hardw. Bedroom Set Double Deck Coil Springs USED 3-pc. Mah. Bedroom. Set * Tap. Livingroom Sot, 2-pc. Heavy Oak Chairs/Lea. Seat $2.10 Oak Dining Tables $2.25 to $4.95 100 Used Steel Cots HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18th Street Cor. 18th and N Phone 341 52 Typewriters—Office Supplies TYPKWRIT13RS RENTED, ALL MAKES; STUDENT RATES. TYPEWRITER EXCHANGE, 1414 TWENTIETH. PHONE 878. SADDLE horse, galled, gentle, beat reined, lots of class. Bar-O stablea, Pierce road, near 90 highway. 44 FOR SALE—G-year-old saddle pony, suitable for ladles and children. Inquire at Mltchol's store, 3631 North ChpBtcr. 44 DELICIOUS fryers. Reds. Battery milk fed. "Their feot never touch the ground." Tender, Juicy. Dressed, delivered. 121 MoCord. Phono GC57-J. ... 44 Dogs and Other Pets rf^tf^^^rf^rf^rf^tf^^^rf^^^rf^^^^^M^^^^^^^^d^^^^^k^k^^^^^^b^^^k^^K^^^^k^k^k- f^^r^*r^-f^^F^^^^^- l ^^f^^f^^.^^.*^^.^^.^^ - ^.F^-.m^^^^^^^..^^.^^^^^->..-^^^^^^^1^^^^^l^^^^^^^^^^^^^--^ FREE bird cage with parrakeets. narles, 75c. Peacocks, $5.flu. Par- rakeet seed, 15 pounds, $1.00. Shrubs, 29c. Pets wanted. Free delivery. 1124 Third Htreet. Phone Tllft-W. PEDIGREED Glucke Roller canaries. Good Hingers. No reasonable offer refused. 317 Beardsley avenue. Rlverviow. 42 Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous WANTED—Two used tractor scrapers; * state make, size and condition. Carol Bortch. 320 South M __ .street, Tulare, Calif. 44 WANTED—Portable typewriter. Phone 8717-J-2. be in accordance with plans and specifications now on file with the Architect. Charles H. 1*1 nan 664-665 Hftberfeldo Building, Bakersfleld, California. Bidders are hereby notified that pursuant to the statutes of the State of California.; or local law, thereto applicable, tho Board of Trustees. Shafter School District. Shafter, California, has ascertained the general prevailing rate of per diem wagen and rates for legal holiday and overtime work In the locality in which thin work Is to be performed, for each craft or type of workman or mechanic needed to execute the contract which will be awarded the successful bidder. All labor time and one half for overtime; double time on holidays. U shall be mandatory upon the contractor to whom tho contract is awarded, anrt upon any sub-contractor under him, to pay not less than Ui<| said specified rate to all laborers, workmen and mechanics employed by them In the execution of tho contract. Bids shall bo made out on a form, to be obtained at-tho office of the Architect, Charles H. -IMggar. and must bo accompanied by a certificate or cashier's check for ten (10%) per cent of tho amount of the bid made payable to the order of tho Board of Trustees, Shaftor School District. Shafter, California, shall bo sealed and filed with tho clerk of tho Board of Trustees. Shaftftr School District, on or before October 6th, 1930, at 7;00 o'clock P. M., and will be opened In public at or about 7:80 P. M, of that day In tho office of the Board of Trustees, Shafter School District, Shaftor, California. The above mentioned check shall be fflven as a guarantee that tho bidder will enter Into a contract if awarded the work, and will be dqclared forfeited If the successful bidder refuwes to enter Into aald contract after being requested to do so by tho Board of Trustees, Shftftor School District. The successful bidder will bo required to furnish a labor and material bond in an amount equal to 60% of the contract price, and a faithful performance bond In an amount equal to 100% of the contract price, said bonds to be secured from a surety company satisfactory to tho Hoard of Trustees. Shafter School District. A Hat of such surety companies Is on file with tho office of the Architect. Tho Board of Trustees, Shafter School District, reserves tho right to reject any or all bids and/or watvo any Irregularity In a bid. Unless otherwise required by law, no bidder may withdraw his bid for a period of thirty <30) days after the date set for the opening thereof. Dated September 14, 1936, Bakersfield, California. BOAUD OF TRUSTEES, Shafter School District. Shafter, California. CHAULKS COIT. Acting Clerk. Publication Dates; September 18. September 26, October 5, 1930. attorney general's office before filing charges against the brothers, he said, Davis, who appeared convinced from the start that the BrltiSa tnay have been acting In self-defense when they fctjled Deputy Sheriff Martin I^ango, Constable Joe Clark and Captain Fred Seaborn, pilot at Mare island, met the boys a short ttlstanco from the scene of the early morning gunflght, in an Isolated spot near Horse creek, some 60 miles northeast of Yroka. He was called to tho mountain cabin home of the BHtes boys' mother, Mrs. Martha Brito, yesterday, and informed that the brothers wanted to surrender. Klude I'osscmrn Despite precautions taken by pcmsemen who kept watch on the Brlte cabin and other points In tho vicinity where tho fugitives were expected to appear, John and Coke established contact, with their pur- en ts and learned of their mother's desire to havo them surrender peacefully, "I don't want my boys killed," Mrs. Brito, an elderly mountain woman from Missouri, said. "I want the state to handle tho cnao." She sent word to Davis, mcriy say- ingf "come." He knew what that meant. Davis drovo over tho narrow, winding Klamath river rond to tho Horse Creek post office, then up n tortuous dirt road to the cabin of Charles * Baker, solo survivor — bo- side the BHtes — of tho "massacre" which occurred early the morning of August 30. He left his car at the end of the road, walked past the camp scene of tho klillnffSr then climbed a steep trail a mile and a half to tho Brile cabin. There, he was told the boys had agreed to surrender to him if ho ffimranted to slip them (jut of Kis- kiyou county and put ttiem in a safe place pending their trial. , He agreed to that, and Mrs, Brlte produced her boys who hud waited In a cabin only a Fhort distance from tho one occupied by the parents. They wero . whiskered and weary from hiding out and living on scanty provisions for throe weeks. The surrender occurred at 3 p. m., yesterday. Tho Brito brothers carried no weapons and Davis also was unarmed. Not Handcuffed The district attorney escorted them back down the trail to his cor, drovo without incident to Yreka, picked up a friend, Dr. Earl Harris, former Oakland dentist now residing In Yreka, and while POBBOB continued to guard mountain trnlla and keep a lookout at cabins within an of a mile in tho vicinity of tho rites' location, he started for Fol- Hom prison with his "desperate char- actors." Davis Bald ho did not place handcuffs on tho prisoners and thny caused no trouble. Neither Davis nor Doctor Harris curried n Run. They drovo all night, arriving hero at 8 a. rn. FINANCIAL LETTER J. A, MOOLB A COMPANY Members New York Stock Exchange st Probably the outstanding event of the week wore the elections in a number of eastern states. Final conclusions however give little light on the November final presidential polo find Indicate llttlo RJB possibilities for the coming four years. As a market factor the results were nil. tfitirope .perhaps was the next most influential factor but there again there l« nothing conclusive. Admittedly the situation generally Is bad but authorities do not txpect anything serious such as war driving at least, thp next months, Hoason unpreparortn***. iomosticaUy buxincms continues at splendid rates and corporate report« Indicate excellent Christmas presents for stockholders at Mhe year end. Fundamentally this has been overlooked and overshadowed by tho flnil mentlaned political Influences. Sooner or later however they are bound to take nrace.dtmoo. Smart traders and Investors alike ftr« inking advantage of set backs to make purchases on these expectations. Markets today were much more buoyant than for the entire passed week. Volume came close to doubling that of yesterday. Since this was on a rising market it Is deemed a« a good indication of the markets fundamental condition. BUYING ME I FELT mm Industrials Swept Up When Purchasing Trend .Mils New York Trading L A. PRODUCE MARKET I (A*tocititc4 Prm Ltated Wire) U*)S AXOKLES, Sept 18.— Beans: Local Kentucky Wonders. fancy pole, . 6c; fair bush, 4U$Sc; poorer. 3HfMc; brown seed, fair, 3® 3Vic; best, 4$MHc; Oceano Kentucky Wonders, best, R@7c; fair, 5fl>RHc; Berros. e^6Hc; llmas, local and San Diego county best, 2®2^c; poorer, LOS ANQELES STOCKS 5 1 11 GO n -to (Anoviattd Fre** Leatcd Wire) IX>8 ANGELES, Kept. IJt.—Share priori* wcro at cad y to stronger thin morning on tho l..os Angelea Stock Exchange a« trading turned dull. Shell Union made a new high r»t E2»4, Volume wn« estimated at 17,600 Hharea. Of the M Issues traded. H were up, S down and 37 unchanged. Quotations were na follows: HlKh Bolsa Chlca Oil Claudn Noon Klcotrle ... Consolidated Oil Kmiico Derrick fiO UladdlnR Me Bean 17 Hancock f)U A «... "4 Klnnor Aircraft .40 >. A. IndURtrlG* ., A. U. A K. pfd. ...... Menaaco Mfg 4 Pacific finance 27. p Republic l*etrol«Mim 7*i Security-iJMrttt National .. M\, Security Co. Units 4fiH Shell Union Oil 2«H Signal OH A 29" 80. Calif. Edison SO So. calif. Kdlson 0% pfd, 28H Southern Pacific 43ty Standard Oil of Calif 86H Tranaamerlca 13 Union Oil of Calif 22 Universal Cons. Oil 14 Wellington Oil 8» Mining Stocks Cardinal Gold 1.10 Imperial Development ,. Torn Rood 89 28 * 43U YOTUC, Sept. IS. — Buying awopt heavy Industry stocks up fractions to 3 points or so in today's tnnrkot. In most active dealings notactod Stools, Motors. Tin Us; Oils, Coppers and Specialties were wpll out In front of the day's Advance. t,nl*s profit taking failed to stem the advance in tho jnajority of cases. Transfers were around 1,200,000 shares. > Although uneasiness was stilt evident over the foreign situation, es- peolslly the critical Krone h fiscal position, there was a renewed do- nmnd for shares of selected Halls. Motors. Oils. Coppers, Stools and Specialties. Conspicuous stocks on tho upside Santa r>, Union Pacific. Chosa* peakc & Ohio, Chrysler, Onornl Motors, Shell Union Oil, Consolidated Oil, Standard Oil of New Jersey. 1?. H. Steel. Uelhfchotn, Voungstown Sheet & Tube. Crucible Steel, J. I. Case. Deere. Kennecott, American Smelling. International Nickel, Westinghouse. Allied Chemical. American Can. International Vapor Jt Power preferred, tvoo Uubber, General As- phaU, Corn Products and American Metals. Improvement % was also registered by American Telephone. Western Union. Consolidated Hdlsnn. North American, Anaconda, deneral Vllec- trio., Cioodyear, Hchenloy, Montgomery Ward, Sears Uoehuck. Kleclrlc ttoat, Vartimotmt Pictures, Firestone Tire and Omit Northern. Douglas Aircraft moved up but thn volatile Wright Aeronautical fell back under realizing. Cauliflower: Plflmo-Oceano snowball* 76S*9flc; best, $1.00 crate; Guada- luwfl, BS^Tfic; Rmall, BO^rflOc; local, fair, 60®ftSe; best, 7G® 8&i*; poorer, fcmalt, 40(?M)n crate. Ijocal Brunswick!*, cleanup, Sc; Kadotas. Bla<?k Spanish, 2H(^3o lb. Grapes i San joaquln Valley $eed- le«», best, mWHir lb.; fancy, 2c; or- dinnry, 1Ur; Muscat*, best* ordinary, 2^2^40; Hiblers.. bc»l, SVfco; fair to ordinary. l^(9-2c; poorer, 85c luirj lady flnyera. 2Vfc4£3c lb.; To- kayft, 2H«n*3o; display UJRS, Tx»dl To- kays, St.OQftl.'l&; local Concorda. 3® lb.; Cornlchnn*. 30c lug:; Tokays, ; Elfloondldo Muscats WESTERN CONTINUE ti ri i • ,._..^_ ,--,,,-. - I ' - -• ' ' ' L - I I ^ ¥ Vigorous Rally of Thursday Renewed; Shell Oil at M. • New High c lh. I«et f 23 1414 NEW YORK CLOSE 1.10 .02H .44 44 (t'ni-trd Fr**» Lr.atrd W'irr) YORK, Sept. 18.— Railroads Stock— Clone Atohlnon Ohio A Ohio 67% ture: Guadalupe and Santa Maria dry pack 4-<lor., host. $3.00^3.26; fair, $2.iB(ff2.85; ponror, J2-TtO orate; r»-do»., $2.7fi4f2.85; fair, J2.&0; lionumo. 4-doR. best, $3,3603.50; Han T,uls Obtnpn. 4-Ss, poor to ordinary, |2.2C>(3i 2.&0; Salinas, 4s, $3.25 orate. roan: ouadalupo nnd SantA Maria pole. SHtiTOc lb.; fair, ft^flo,; poorer. 3H<f4c; buah, 3H9f4c; Vlsmo-Occnno pote, 8(ff»o; best, DC lb; fair, 5^6c; poorer. 3Ho lb. Squash; I,oca1 white summer, lugs, fHtr, TC^ifiOc; fancy, JKOO^t.lO; poorer, fi0065r: Italian dsrk, fair. SBcffll.OO; best, $1,25; light colored. fiS^76c; yellow rrookneck, bent, $1.0001.36. potatoes; l^val Nancy Halls, lug; Porto Uloans. ftOc^Jl.OO; 65(fi7Rc; b«»st, S5^90c; Nancy Halls, Kt>rn County, 75^POo; Jor««ys, SBffftOc hip. rotntoos: Idaho Russots, tj. S. No. 1, $2.26 per rwt.; Oregon Uuesets, U. 5!. No. 1. $SMO$T2,«B; ordinary Stockton Wlseonnln Prides, |I.75«1.85; small. $1.10; partly ffrnrted Teharhapl $2.26; small White Hose. Mliocfoferf Trf»« Ltatctl SAN PRANG rscd, Sept. 18.— Th« vigorous rally in western stocks that started yesterday continued today, giving the stock exchange a number of gains of one to two points. Those included Wella Fargo Bank, Universal Oil, Shell Union, which made a new peak at 22%, up 1&; Railway Equipment 83, Oliver Filters A and General Motors, Byron Jackson, Southern Pacific and North Ajitertcan Oil were uj> major fractions, and Crown teller- back common, leading the market turnover with 3400 share* in the* forenoon, grained %. Southern Pacific Golden Gate A made a new- top at 4H. up U- Atlas Diesel and 1)1 Giorgio 69 lost a point apiece, and Transamerlca was off selling. to 13%, with 2100 share* SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS II II Frett &eo**f W*re^ SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18.— Stock— Hifrh ClOM 28% $1.35 (VniM Prrtt l,tQ*ta Wire) AXOELES, Sept, 18,— DutUr IVime firsts 34 Standards. 84«. Undergraues, METALS MARKET I Uroat Nfirtborn pfd Illinois Ontrnl 27 MlHfiourt I'nciflo : Now York Central Northnrti Pnclflo — r -T ^ — ^, — - -----Beta Phi Sigma Plans Progress (Continued From Page Legal Notices Fru * ts Vegetables L CANNING tomatoes, BOe per Hig. Brlnar container*. Also yellow pre- Herving tomatoes. Priest Poultry Hunch, BMi miles south on Union avenue. _ FREESTONE peaches. Merrill ranch, Rio Bravo, No Sunday sales. ' 46 almond a (1936 crop) for sale, from 1 pound to a ton. 1109 Stockton street. Bakorsfleld; • 44 Legal Notices -NOTICE OF SCHOOL DISTRICT ELECTION FOR INCREASE OF AUTHORIZED EXPENDITURES. Notice la hereby given to the qualified electors of Ordena School District, of Kern County, California, that, lu accordance with the provisions of the School C6de of tho Slate of California, an election will be held on the 12th day of October, 1930, In tho polling places named at the hereinafter described and designated pro- clnots In ttils School District between the hours of 2:00 and 7:00 (during which period and between which hours the polls shall remain open) at which Hoetlon the question whether the to- tnl authorised expenditures of the Dls» trlct shall be Increased from $10,577.00 to $18,000.00 for th« school year ,19361087 shall be submitted to tho qualified electors of said School District 'and volod upon. It Is proposed to Increase the expenditures of the. District during the school yeaf by $2423.00; tho total amount of tho proposed expenditure of the District, Including the proposed Increase for tho school year is $13.000.00. For the purpose of holding said election, the School District shall he and it.tft hereby established as one Special Election Precinct, as hereinafter numbered; and the persons hereinafter named being competent and qualified electors of said School District, and of tho Special Election Precinct for which they are respectively appointed, are hereby appointed officers of election, as hereinafter designated; and *atd Officers of Election shall conduct said election and make returns thereof pursuant to lav. as follows: , Special Election Precinct No. 1 <phftll Include all the area embraced in the Ordena School District, POLLING PLACE therein Bhall be at the sehoolhouse. Officers of Election for Raid Special Election Precinct: _ Inspector — C. J. Rygh, e-~ Mrs. Pearl Haefllger. *— Mr«. Majorle Suburu. qualified elector df said Ordena School District shall bo entitled to vota only In the School District Special Kteotton precinct of which no a resident, W WITNESS WHEREOF, we have hereunto *6i our hand* UtU 16th* day of September, 1836, ' H. W. BBEnLK. t ? . C. GKISOHOTT. of the Governing Board of Ordtma School District, of Kern State of California, Department of Public Works, Division of Highways NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SEALED PROPOSALS will be re- ceivecl by tho Department of Public Works, Division of Highways, at tho office of the District Engineer, State Highway Building, Fresno, California, until 10:00 o'clock A. M., on September 28, 193C, nt which time they will bo publicly opened and read for performing work as follows: lOrn County, at railroad crossing one mile cast of RosedaJe (VI-Ker-CS-L), about twenty-three hundredth** (0.23) mile in lenarth, to be graded and surfaced with crusher run base and road mix surfacing. Plans may be seen, and forms of proposal, bonds, contract and specifications may bo obtained at the above address. No bid will be received unless it Is made on a proposal form furnished by the District Engineer. Each bid must be accompanied by cash or a certified check or cashier's check made payabln to the Director of Public Works for an amount equal to at least ton per cent (10%) of the amount bid, such guaranty to be forfeited should the bidder to whom the contract Is awarded fail to enter into the con- true t Tho Department of Public Works reserves tho right to reject any or all bids. In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 597. Statutes of 1981 f the Department of Public Works has ascertained the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to be done to be an follows: Classification— Rate per hour Tractor driver (60 h.p. and over) ....$1.00 Rollor operator (finishing high type pavement, Including sub- grade for same) 1.00 Carpenter t ,_, , 1.125 Operator of power shovel or other excavating equipment, shovel type controls <% cubic yard or more) 1.CO Blade grader operator (finish work) Dragline operator (except shovel * * * * 68 75 82 75 p , Oct. 1 • 1.00 type) 1.25 Reinforcing steel worker 1.125 Holntman 1.375 Painter 1,00 Concrete vibrator operator 1,00 Tractor driver (under 50 h.p) C8 Truck driver <1en* than 4 cubic 3'arda water level capacity).... Truck driver (4 cubic yards water level capacity or more).... Oiler (power ahoveU or crane*). Grader operator (towing or motor, rough work) Roller operator Driller Blacksmith .. A Sloper , Asphalt plant dryerman or fireman , Mechanic (trouble ahooter) Concrete worker for structure* (wet and dry) Concrete mixer operator (except paving type) 03 Transit mix operator. .9S Oil distributor bootman 7fi Laborer 60 Teamster ...,, ,. .80 Handyman (roustabout) ........ .60 Any classification omitted herein not leas than * 60 Overtime, double Jhe above rales. Sundays and holidays (except watchmen, guard* and flagmen), double the above rates. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION OP HIQHWAYH, H. PURCJSU* jhn'ay Engineer, flv* JJ *Sf ' /*Jff f ttt finjlnoor, DlaU Vi* It, ISJMf.r September 1C to 34, l»o. 82 76 90 88 77 College Students at First Meeting Students of Bakersfleld Junior College treated freshmen to a welcome assembly this morning:, tho first official meeting of tho associated students of the new term. Jean Jones, president, opened tho period, greeting the "pea greeners" and urging them nnd all tho rest of tho students t« take an active part In junior college extracurricular work. He pointed out tho large number of clubs, teams and other organizations which need members. Miss Grace Bird, dean of the Bakersfield Junior College and District Superintendent Herman A. Spinclt followed on tho program and presented welcomes to the now students and to those returning to their col- legtato studies. Candidates for six student body of- flees were Introduced. Election of the new officers will be held September 25 for chairman of tho rally committee (yell loader), business manager of tho associated students, editor of tho yearbook, business manager of publications and two freshman representatives. Miss Betty Richards, accompanied by June Reynolds, sang "Rendezvous" while comedy aklts, yells and school songs completed the program. Tho first student body clan OR of the term was announced. It will be held tomorrow evening at tho Worn; an's Club nnd student body cards will j be accepted. A popular orchestra will furnish the melody. Great Auction of Cattle Scheduled The auction sale of 700 head from one of the largest herds of Here* ford cattle in tho west will be conducted Baturdky, September 20 at Los Alamos It i« claimed by J. A. and C. G. Blmhlrst, owners, to be the largest sale of Its kind embracing Domino and Blanchard breed of stock. Grandsons and daughters of Prince Domino Mlxnr will be sold. Prince Domino Mixer Is owned by the Jenny Wren Farms and stands at the head of th« Register of Merit, giving htm the distinction of being the greatest living herd sire, of the Hereford breed, in the United States, J. A. Elmhtrst stated. ThU will be the second of those &nnual sales at lx>s Alamos on the Elmblmt ranch. SOLOES IN PLANE O. B, Shuler, Taft employe of Ho* nolulu Oil Company, y«»t*rday ex* pcrienoed tbo thrill of bolnv "up In tha air" and "on hto own." Tor yesterday he soloed tn the Acronca owned by Kern County Air Service. An the *un was sinking, Dennis Ca*oy. ShulorV instructor, stepped out of trm plane and said "take U Francisco ; Allan B . Taylor, grand president, Oakland; ISdffur nose, trustee, Fresno; nnd Paul Hainle, district officer, Oakland. Mr. Taylor and Mr. Ross will pro- sent highlights of a national convention at Troutdulo In the Pines, in Colorado. One of the Items which will bo mentioned will be now financial plans for grand chapter and din* trie to. Hostess Parties Finished Today Fret* Leaned \Yirf) YOTUC. Sept. IS.—Coppor electrolytic nnot and futuro, $9.75; export, $!t.S7Vi. Tin firm; spot and nearby. $46.00$M6,12li; fut\ir<\ Mft.«2H4r4B.75. I*ead Hteiidy; spot Now York, $4.06^4.6B; rensl St. LoulH, 94.46. Xlnc dull; Knst St. l^oulfl Kpot and future, 54.R5. Iron, aluminum, antimony, quicksilver, platinum mid wolframite unchnnirvd. rnclfta * b lfidu»trtal» S. F, LIVESTOCK American Tel. 4 »OI CH* II H».^». Ti*noto Tt-l 43S 1371-fa 125 Ti *- fc* Columbia OHM ("orn J'roduotH ....... « * * * • . Klr*t National Htoren. "A" • » t • * • • • * * * i • * .. • •••«*»»*** (Continued From rage Vir- Ann An- Ulse '.) away.' 1 Shuletr took ,off. circled the port for a.fuAV minutes and sllOed in j from 1:30 to 1:46 o'clock for a perfect tanding, «tatlon KI3RK served. Miss Barbara Warren Is the senior representative. On Thursday, from 4 to 0 o'clock, tho Junior h OH I eases entertained their freshmen girls. Entertainment was provided by the performers of Wednesday, and punch and cooklea woro served. Miss ISllord Is the junior representative. Tho hofttetfsefl are OH follows: Seniors, Misses Deniso Bresson, ho- retta Tenor, Catherine Brown, Bflniu Burrls, Barbara Warren, McCutoheon, Catherine Currau drea Shaw, Wllnia Smith, Ruth den, Both Wliarton, and Jano Horden,* Junlorw, Misses Bornlco Marble, Roberta Mortenspn, Huth WhiUon, Anita Cramer, Barbara Hunting, 13lain« Humprhcys, Vivian Marchant, Hazel Merchant, Patsy Demln, Ella Toy, Thomanlne Kllpstcln, jcila Deguill, lOvelyn Dulgar, Dorothy karma, Alice Baecker, and Ora Tail; and Sophomore, in chargo of today's party, MlftseH terrain* AJlen, Lelfrh Bowen McKarland. Bossle Uykee. Gladys IfilllN, Ila Hukor, Ann L. Orcen, Oclle Br>*ant, Beverly Bur- rlss. Muriel Jlan Cook, Jeanno Tieck, Vivian Kectio. Mary Ann Ooldlng, Norma Bakor, Huth Harvey. l_,olu Grlbblo, Klaiiio White, Josephine Fanuochl. Dana King, and Barbara Arnold. Miss Atva Digior is the sophomore representative. Illustrated Talk Slatedit Church Using a 20-foot can van chart to illuB- trnto his lectori, Hoy U Brown, formerly of I*ttroll, now of l k a«ad(ina t will wpeak tonight at Firat ChrUtian Church on "Tho Conflict of tho Age*.' 1 The talk in one of several begun lant evening when 400 ffiteeta were present at First ChrUtian Church. The uerlea will bo continued here Saturday evening and at Taft at Fim Method!*! Church, Sunday. Monday and Tueaday. Different charU arc used at each meeting. "Christ In tho Old Tettament"' won tho subject Thursday evening, Tho local lectures are Hponaored by the Kem County ChrUlian Endeavor Union and arc hold a! 7:30 o'clock. Tho speaker, a lay bunines* man and Bible student, has been spoak- Ing nightly for nix year*. Accompanying him arc hla won Donald Brown and Mra. Brown, nm»lclan«. Mr. Brown playn thn vlbraharp and Mr*. Brown to a vocal aoiolst and ac* cordlan artlat. A proirram 1* wheduled for today Ha4lo SOUTH BAN KUANC1SCO. S*pt. IS. HogB—Hitcolptif 325; lop and bulk 170- 210-pountl weights, 111.00; pacltagA 240-|ioumi averagca, $10.50; few 296- noiind avprugc«. J10.00; parkltiR MOW* wenk, odd h<*ad $8.00 t Rood qnntifd to lato Thuradny, snort load local utchorn inoHtly $10.75; Intn Thum* tiny it bout H londH 160-230-pound California hulchorn, $11.15. Cattle—Uoo«ipU 400; four loads do- sirHhlo 1065-1080-nouiul norlhorn pan- turod fltporn, $7.50; load tnmlluni 1021- pound nhort fed stoera, $6,60; fi»w pound fo«dnr «tnor» ( $r».CO; nhe 10 weak: loud 7ft&-pound IdHho half em, IB.76; fc\v good ranao cow* up to 15.60; low cMittors and rut- torn, $3.00®4.00; few dairy CO\VH, $4,25; bullB Bciirt-o, quoted montly $5.IiO down. Calve*—Hocelptn noho; nonil* nttl; frood to rhotae vcftlvm quoted around 19.00^9.60. Hheep—Heoelpt* 1300; about 200 head medium lo good 7fl-77-pouud in«* dlum polt Callfornlns SR.76, »ort<*d 16 por oont; ona d**^k (food 70-pound nhorn Iftmlm, $8.76, sorted 10 per rent; part dftck 03-pound whom lunibn, $8.86; packftjre 97-puund yearling*, $7.50, Mcady; oweH Hbhont, quoted up to $3.7D. Omteral l-'oodw *—* *J '1,1 l—\lrrl i 4 « ' H t *<>-ji.t Uootlyrnr Tiro & Hnht>er Intoriifit lonul HnrvrHtnr iMtcM-ntulotml T<»1. A Tel. i • 13H 1H OVERNMENT BONDS t {Aundated rrett 7>a«cd Wire) NKW YORK, Hep*. S. government bond*: TreMury 4'4», 47-62 r*g\. W.I. 45*46, 108.20. 40-48, June. 108.5. 4JI-47, JOfr.lf. 41 -4«, March. 1 41, 108.5. 4*-4S, 108.30, 49-62, 106.17 Sv, 46-48. 106.4. 9H. M-6G, 10&.3. 2Un, fifi-60. 102,30 H». 66-60 re*., 102.27 4»-47, 104.IK. 48-&1, 102.24. M-M, lOl.^o, &fl-r»f». 101.6, Federal r«rm 42-47. 103.2, 47, 1P4.11. 40, 103.2fl. . 04, lOfi.fl. Home Owners Loan A52, I03.Hi. , 49, 101.30. , 42-44, 101.30. Closing U. Montgomery Ward 49*4 North American 31 Pnolflo ORM KU-otrlo 36 Iliulio Corporation 11 Safoway StorrtM Sip U, 8. nubher 3^! Union Curbkln & i.'nrbon 1'nlted Aircraft Warner Urother* WeiMrrn Union WoHtlnghouac Mluctrlc 143 Woolworth .1. O. 1'onn TninsnmrrU'a MetnU AmttHrfln SmfltliiR 82% A nnoondu 40" MothMH-m HtmO <J9 InteriiiLtlniiul Nlrkrl 60 KeniifM'ott OopjH'r 49 Hnpnbllr Sto*?l 23% U. H. Kt«^l 71H Vanadium Htcr-1 Tobacco and Sugar American Suffer American 'rcibac^o "A" .... Atnerlfftn Toharro "H" 101 ('ulmn Ainnrlran Sugar 10 DroHl WftHtern Hugur 30 H. J. Heynoldw "IV 50 Largo — Candled rloan wxtraa, 36o. c'andled light dirty ntandardo, 34c. Candled light dirty extras, 29c, Candled oloan Ntandarda, 28c. Candled rheckn, U8c. Mediums — Candled clean extras. Candled llpht dirty extran. 28r. Candied clean Rtondnrds, 2Sc. Candled light dirty ntiindArdn. 23c. i!*umllcd rheckft, 22*'. Kmall—Cnndled clcnn oxlr«n, Candled light dirty extran. 17c CHHO cuuntH, 27c. Poultry *, 2» 4 to ;(^ IbH , Leghorn*, over 3H and up to 14»\ LrghoniH, ovr r 4 Ibn., , rf»lurod. 4 Ihs nnd \ip. ! crw uver 1 ur> to IVt, Uis., 20c Hrcillem, over 1 ',£ and up to Byron Jackson Calif. Parking- Crown 55ell. com Vto Crown ZelK pfd. B ......... 104 PI Giorgio Fruit com ...... 1GH T>l Giorgla Fruit pfd ....... 63ft Fireman's Fund Ins.,, ..... 9SH Ueeral Valnt ... ........... 87 Golden State ............ .. 9H Magnavox ........... ...... 8^ Marchant Cat. com ........ 24% North American Oil ....... 14H Pac. Pub. Svc, (now) com. 6H Pac. pub. Svc. first pfd.... 25 Hwy. Kqnlpment com ...... 6 Uwy. Kqulp. 6% pfd ....... 23^ Uwy. Kqulp, 6% pfd ....... SO Republic Petroleum .. ..... 7H Schlosinger A com Shell Union com Signal Oil ................. 2J>H Southern Pacific .......... 4SH fio. Pac. Golden Gate A... 4H So. Pac. Cloldnn Gate B.. 1H Standard Oil of Calif ...... 36H Tidewater com ............ 17H Transamerlca .......... ... 13 Union Oil of Calif ...... ... 22 Western Pipe com ......... 38 104 14S 25 7H. 48% 36% 17* 22 3S TREASURY REPORT • I i lions Prett Lraird WASHINGTON, Sept, 18.— Tho llon of th*» treasury on Sexuember 16: Hoor.ipts, $140.820,202. 4ft; expenditures. |168.fi97.0SS.fl3; balance,, $2,267,969,731, $5: cuHinms receipts for the month, to 1-Yyrra, Leghornn. ovor 3 ! ,i and up colored, 2'/i and up to r'rycrH, colored, over S'i and up to 4 |h*. f Ifio. HiVamprii, «oft bone, Jiarred Rock«, over 4 Ibs. and up, 20c. (•rn, soft bnm», Hooka, over \ |b». Htagn. 12c. j fc| * - ,fL old roofterfi, !*»?. 4H Ibti. aiul undei Old duck«, lie, Ueene. 16c. Young tom turkeyn, 13 ll>5. 1* llm., IPo. other than and up. 8»c. up I4o 12c. Hecelpta for thf« flaoal year (slnca July 1), |P17,125,095. S5; expenditures, $1,384,811.806.33, Including; $476,257,- 1A9.1G of emergency expnnditures. Ex- of expenditures, $447,086.710.48; debt* $33,816,37.1,468.73, an ln-^ crease of $64S,459.7S over th« previous day; gold assets, $10,761,931,433.49. I LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK 1 up to Young imn», ov«r 18 lb«.. 30c. Men turkeys. P lbi>. and up, 20c Old torn turkoyn, Ur, Old h*n turkeys, He. .Squal>M, under 11 lb»., per dni>.en t 11 Ibs. per do*, and up, 7 lb*., 26f. nnd up. 2Sc. whlto. «H to •» 4 (A»$oHti1td Pr#»$ LOS ANGKLES, 6; fully etcady; Snpt. bulk Wire) IS.— Hon. $11.00$50; i 24c. 28c. Capon*, und«r Urn. No. 1 7 UnbhitH aji<l 4H No. 1, mixed colom, . <mch. loo. No. 1, old, «c. COTTON FUTURES Cattle, 250; slow, ctftady; no steers offered; cows 14.50^5.60; best held arnuitd $5.7&; cutter grades $2.759 4.25; bulls to 16.20. Calves, 260; steady; v eaters BO; inndlum calves $7.00. Hhe*. none ; good wooted quoted to 19,00. lambfl BAR SILVER I fA.»$octatfd Trea* NKW YORK. Sept. 18. nteadv and unchanged at Bar silver Atlantic itftrinlttK i » «i i i 39 Knlon .... Ktandflrd of Callfornln Rfl'fc Sinndnnl of New Vuouuin n. n« i w Motors Tiduwater Asv' Anlnirn Motor?* 31 Motors f*rf*» I.ffinett NKW YOUK. Kei>t, .U.—Karly ad- of 5 to h points on trtidrt buy- ins a ltd rovorlng wore followed by rnacdons in ootion today under hedging and HrjMlrlHllon Indtcntlonfi that tln» gulf storm \\as moving north from off thn Virginia Capes and prl- vnt« reportii of rlearlng weather In Die hotitliwfflt brought in some r«'Hllr- Ing and ihi*ro was ftoiuo furthur hedging. In litt*» trading December was nfflling around 12.01 and active months generally went holding about net unchanged to S points nlgtier. Kuitirrs rlo*i*d steady. 2 points higher to 1 p*tlrtt lower. Oriobrr. ll.ftfi. UiM'pmher. 12.03; January. 12.01; Marrh, U.OO; May. ll.KK. July, 11.SS. Spot Hteady; middling, 12.38. 17 12 i Tiniken Caulpmcnti American Cttr Foundry **•»*** Baldwin l*M»*rnl TttitU Sti'wari Warnei * * • 3S jj FUN RALS THE WEATHER Sari Joaquln. Sacramento and Santa Clara valleys: Fair tonight and Saturday; continued warm; light variable wind. Han Francisco bay region: Fair tonight and Saturday: cooler Saturday; gantic* west wind. Northern California: Fair tonight and Saturday, fogs on south coast Saturday morning; coolor on central coHit Saturday; gentle change* abl* wind off coas*. Sierra Nevada: KiUr tonight and Saturday; moderately warm; g«n- tl» variable wind. Salinas valley: Fair tonight and Saturday, cooler in north portion Saturday with morning fogs: northw«»(.t wind, Hotifhern California: Fair tonight and Saturday but local thunderstorms over high mountains and morning fog* near coast; warmer *?a«t portion tonight: moderate northwest wind off coast. 7 BH, IN APPRECIATION Hs f CHICAGO QRAIN ^ 1IUHN HOHN 11 Frr$t Lentnt CHICAGO, Hept. U.— Uralim Wheat: S«pt»rnber 1 . 1 i Corn i 8ept«mhe-r : May May »1.U% II. 1C; December \V* wish to thank our many for their artu of Ulndnt.'s» and for thn floral offprln«« durtnit our hc»rt a uvi -menl (Hlaiu <li MI1S Hl'KlK UOUX ANI» FAMILY, Mil. AM> MUM, i.l. M. ANH M1HH UKN'KVA Mil AND MIU* ]|. H. AN1) KAMll.V. Mil. ANU AIKH. CKCU- HuUN ANU KAM1UY, M. C. HOHN. MH ASM.) MUri. CHAHL-KH JHOHN. Mil AND MHS UlCOIUi JJOUN ANU KAMU>V. UADI'OX --Funeral services foe AJ- b»?rt Hftddox. 33, Kc*rn General Hos- plial orderly, were srheduUd for 4 oV|»«:k (tiifl afternoon at Doughty- CHthoun-O'MoarA. rhftpcl. with in- U-rrntMit following at (ireculawn Mffiiurial Park. The Hover«nd John Murdwli officiated. for Clnm Tony of Mr aim MAUT1XK/, I.a».t MarliiH-a. U-yt-ai - old Mrs N'lrh Martini K. t. w#io ro ii]"inhiK at ''liutrh. with tho Ahtin o'cloc l* ocock uf ijuivln- Kev«r<md in llaUt'f'9fIt*ld J'urk. Ui.pht.n , hupel xvun of arraniterneiitB, tn May Heptember Way T»c, Barley ; September 76c. fiBfic. Pecember December WATTENHAHOKJl -Kuiwul services tur John Urunt Wattenbarv«r, of UuttunwtlluH 1 . UAr# conUuctml Uoij»on chapel thU morning at o'clock, with the Uevvrvud \V. offlclaitng*. Interment was ceinet^ry. Hnilth Union INTENTIONS TO WED Uetf*e TKKMOUK HKOJ8TKK PABADBNA, ttcpt. 18. (A, P,>—A •or lea of o*rlhquako shock a at a dUtanco of about )&Q inllon. uonei strong enough to cauao danmtfc. were recorded today at th» HClnino- logical laboratory of tho Cmrnoglo Institution of Wa«hington* 7*bo fimt cam* at 6^7 a. m,, Vac I fie Mundard ttm«* «nd tho fltth Hi 8^2 avi«; The — Herman P. Mori'iio, 26. and Irene C, Uotvfurd, 24, both or i COIHCK-WI1.HOK Last iUe« for Jame« Kdwurd «5. Kern Ulver oil fleM will b» conducted at Kll«tk» (nger-Digler chapel at 2 o'clock Saturday afternoon, with the Reverend Mr. Barrett officiating. luU'imeut will b« in Union remJlery. i CO- ! Jilck, 26, iiakpranold, uiul llvlen 1. {&. Altfifum, I'a KVKnK*UtJ8HOKa«Rftymotid M. Ilunfor<l, nuil Hciiluli Tularo, ' . U *md by tl» Of TftfU A,- 23, ete Mem HOGLE 191S Mtuvxu HOS ornts Hitu ' . -^ • '.': .- T- 'I' I '- - -II :\ I- •.-. .-L " '=- -• I f - Jl ,•,',>' - J . I --—> - •-. *•; • II I ' *Hi ' '. \\- •- -Lf\^ ft :-:< •1 i ,t-. J r* ft <n " - ' >\f'•>*!- > -j b * ^» i ff • •. T* j m t' Xl • •- _ktl* ^- 1, - -.' .ml L .. K . '*/;T-:-*-^-

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