The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on May 6, 2001 · Page 69
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 69

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 6, 2001
Page 69
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Important Information for You About Actonel and Osteoporosis • AaONEL* (AK-loh-nel) Polient Infonnation generic name: (risedronate sodium tablets) This leaflet tells you about ACTONEL and how to lake it. Read this information carefully before you begin taking ACTONEL. It Is Important to take ACTONEL exactly as recommended. Read this information each time your prescription is refilled in case new information is available. This leaflet does not take the place of discussions with your health care provider because it does not describe all the risks and benefits of ACTONEL. ACTONEL can be prescribed and dispensed only by licensed health care professionals; they have information about your medical condition and more information about ACTONEL. Talk with your health care provider about ACTONEL before you start taking the medicine and during your regular checkups. I What is the most important information I should know about AQONEL? Take ACTONEL once a day or as directed by your health core provider. You must take ACTONEL exactly as recommended so that it will work and to reduce the risk of harmhjl side effects (see How should I take ACTONELT]. • What is AQONEL? ACTONEL is a drug to treat and prevent osteoporosis. ACTONEL con reverse bone loss and help reduce the risk of breaking bones (fractures) by stopping further loss of bone and increasing bone moss. ACTONEL is not a hormone like estrogen (hormone replacement therapy used in postmenopausal women). Therefore, it does not hove all the benefits and risks of estrogen. • What is osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a disease that causes bones to become thinner. Thin bones can break easily. Most people think of their bones as being solid like 0 rock. Actually, bone is tissue, just like other parts of the body-your heart, brain, or skin, for example. Bone just happens to be a harder type of tissue. Bone is always changing. Your body keeps your bones strong and healthy by replacing old bone with new bone. When someone has osteoporosis, the body removes more bone than it replaces. This means that bones get weaker and are more likely to break. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is quite common, especially in older women. However, young people and men con develop osteoporosis, too. Osteoporosis can be prevented, and with proper therapy it con be effectively managed. • How can osteoporosis affect me? In the early stages of osteoporosis, people often have no pain or other symptoms. As bones become weaker, they are more likely to break when someone folls-or even without a fall. While osteoporosis con affect any bone, the spine, wrist, and hip are the bones most likely to break. People with osteoporosis may "shrink" (lose height), develop o curved back, or have severe back pain that forces them to limit their activities. I Who is at risk for osteoporosis? Many things put people at risk for osteoporosis. Some ore just part of who you are, like being a woman, going through menopause or already being postmenopausal, being Caucasian or Asian, being thin, or having a family history of osteoporosis. Other factors include not getting enough calcium or vitomin D, having an inactive lifestyle, smoking cigarettes, or drinking too much alcohol. Long4erm use of cortisone^ype medicines (such OS prednisone) con also cause osteoporosis in both men and women of all ages. I Who shouM not take AaONEL? Do not lake ACTONEL if you have: • low blood calcium (hypocalcemia) • the inability to sit or stand upright for 30 minutes •on allergy to ACTONEL • severe kidney disease If you ore pregnant or nursing (breast-feeding), or hove severe kidney disease, talk to your health core provider before taking ACTONEL. . I How shouki I take AaONEL? Take ACTONEL once daily or as directed by your health care provider. It is important to take ACTONEL OS recommended so that you can benefit from the medicine. Following these recommendations also helps ACTONEL work correctly and helps you avoid possible irritation of the esophagus, the tube connecting the mouth and the stomach. Take one ACTONEL tablet first thing In the morning while in on upright position (sitting or standing) before you hove anything to eat or drink (other than plain water). Do not eat or drink anything except plain water for 30 minutes after taking ACTONEL. • Remember: • Take one ACTONEL tablet with 6 to 8 ounces (about 1 cup) of plain water (not coffee, tea, or juice, and especially not milk or other dairy products). • After taking ACTONEL, wait at least 30 minutes before lying down. You may sit, stand, or do normal activities like read the newspaper, take a walk, etc. • Swallow ACTONEL whole rather than chewing it or waiting for it to dissolve. • If you take vitamins, calcium, and antacids, take them at a different time of the day from when you take ACTONEL, at least 30 minutes after you take ACTONEL. • If you forget to take ACTONEL, do not double your next dose. Simply take ACTONEL at you normally would for your next dose. • You should continue to toke ACTONEL for as long OS your health care provider recommends. ACTONEL con treat your osteoporosis or help keep you from getting osteoporosis only if you continue to take it. • What shodd I ovoid while taking AOONa? Foods ond some supplements ond medicines con stop your body from absorbing ACTONEL. Therefore, do not take these products at or near the time you take ACTONEL; food, milk, calciuin supplements, or calcium-, aluminum-, or magnesium- containing medicines, such as antacids (see How should I take ACTONELZ]. Ask your health care provider if there is anything else you should avoid while taking this medicine. I What are the possible side effects ofAaONEL? Most people have no problems with ACTONEL. However, ACTONEL may cause side effects. Side effects from ACTONEL are usually mild. They generally do not cause patients to stop taking ACTONEL. In studies of ACTONEL in patients with osteoporosis, the most common side effects were reported about as often with ACTONEL as with placebo (sugar pill). They Include upset stomach, abdominal (stomach area) pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas, and headache. This summary does not include all the possible side effects of ACTONEL. Talk to your health core provider about possible side effects. Tell your health care provider if you feel discomfort in your stomach or esophagus (the tube connecting the mouth and the stomach). Stop taking ACTONEL and tell your health care provider right away if swallowing is difficult or painful, if you hove chest pain, or if you hove severe or continuing heartburn. Other important information I How can I tell if ACTONEL is working? ACTONEL con build bone mass in most people who take It, even though they won't be able to see or feel o difference. Your health core provider may measure the thickness (density) of your bones to check your progress. This is called a bone mineral density measurement. I What if I hove other questions about AQONEL? If you hove questions about ACTONEL, ask your health care provider or pharmacist. If you wont to read more about ACTONEL, ask your health core provider or pharmacist for the labeling written for health care professionals. For more information, coll 1-877-ACTONEL (toll- free) or visit our web site at ACTONEL* is marketed by: Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 and Aventis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (formerly Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.) Kansas City, Missouri 64137 ProaertXkmMe PHARMACEL-nCALS ©2001 PrKW 8 Gomble Plrareuliails M in USA JAN 2001 20I967OI/004168 2W-IM25 Aventis Pharmaceuticals WrtOWisdom FRAME GAMES BY TERRY STICKELS Each puzzle communicates a well-known saying, person, place or thing. Answers below. BOB MALCOLM CHUCK 33MU08 BOUNCE <-CRIMES Long before Americans fell in love with cars, they loved trains. But after the '40s, passenger trains fought a losing battle against airplane and auto. Thirty years ago this month, Congress created Amtrak in hopes of reviving passenger rail service. Today, Amtrak has 22,000 miles of track linking 500 communities in 45 states. And as frustration with air and highway travel grows, the train is making a comeback: In 2000, Amtrak served a record 22.5 million riders.Thursday is another anniversary, the date the famed Golden Spike was driven into place, linking East and West by rail. Now, all aboard a quick quiz by Don't Know Much About History author Kenneth C. Davis. (Answers below.) 1. Which president signed a bill calling for a transcontinental railroad? 2. Where did the eastern and western railroads finally meet In 1869? 3. Troops first arrived by rail to what major battle? 4. How fast does Amtrak's new Acela train travel? 5. What is the largest U.S. city not served by Amtrak? •oiqo 'snqujn |03 'S -sjnoq ViZ J9pun uj "yo 'uo}6uji|5eA /V -o} >|J0A MBN oioj; sso6 e|SDV 3m "MdLU OSL oj dp > "1981'(sessBuew isjjd) una una •£ •sAep 01 u| iseoD oj }seo3 aiojj o6 pjnoD sjS|aABii -qein 'juioj /Ciojuouiojd Vi 'Z T981 U|'U|03U|Tl S)liMSNV.MON)ll,NOa. S3UJ|i3S53|35U3S-£ qwo^ puB >|36q aaunog 7 3/pp/fV Ul WjOOlO^ • i SI»MSNV .S3WV9 3WVUd. 18 USA WEEKEND • May 4-6,2001

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