The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 14
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s! '""';V ' 7 '^," ' 'v >; ''-;' -'-^v •• '<"- '" ' "•; THE BAKERSPIELD CAL1FORN1AN. FRIDAY. SEPTEMBER 18, READ CALIFORNIAN CLASSIFIED ADS AND LEARN HOW YOU CAN MAKE YOUR DOLLAR GO FARTHER Special Announcement* EDWARDS' AnCII OROWER3 Slioos for noyn nnd GlrlB The shoe Hint hullds up nnd pro- vcntB weakened arches, flnt foot und rolltnR hcola. Recommended by loading orthopedic npcclallfUB. EXCLUSIVELY AT nOSENTHAI/'S FAMILY SHOE STORE _______ ^tTToirNKFir NEW~S 1i o KH ? OPKN A CHAROK ACCOUNT NOW! NOTHING DOWN «0 DAYS TO PAY! BEK ROSENTHAL'8 FAMILY SHOE STORE Homo of Hnna JoHlck SlioeB for Womon. Edwards' ShocB for BoyH nnd Olrln. Bostonlan nnd Friendly Shoos for Men. Holoproof Hoslory for Womon. Financial SALARY WE 1 your car from lining nil und minx yfiir K'l" mileage, at very little cunt. Wn Kuurftntpo, tirnlinn rellned 20 P«T cunt off for 10 rttiyn. Unitary mil", »I and up. BUI lllnmi .Mito Service, 1322 nighteenlh Hlrm'l. Phono I'JOS Open evenings unlll 10 n'clnrk. MONEY FOR SCHOOL KXPENHES Confidential service to salaried people nnd housewives. »16 Hahorfoldn Hldg. Phonn 2200 For Rent—Roomt TO R«mtl«mfin, large, nicely fur- nlnnad front room, ne*t to bath. 700 I nlraet, at Hovonth, Phone IT7B-U. _ IIOOM FOR IIIB NT—Private entrance, noxt to bath. Ileferonceii. Phonn FOIt HUNT — Hedroom, connecting hath. Hullnblo for two Rftntlomon, UNO of phone. 823 I dtrent. I'RONT _?1 2S ^ FOIl room, noxt to bath. Largo kitchen privilege* If desired. miNiit. 43 RKNT— Nice, quiet bedroom: nnlilen, 1'liftnB iOOB-J. 48 I NICK, r|iil«t ulnKl« room In bimementi milmble for day* Blooper, $2. BO per wtir-lt. Two doiibln room* with twin bods, $2.f>0 to III per week. Near lilKh netiool. 021 Oleander. Phono MSI. _ ____________ 43 For Rent— Houses Vnrnllon Funds Available MONEY AT ONCE NO nun TAPK NO KMIIAIUIANSINO INVESTIGATIONS Court POUH and Cnnfldnntlnl Kfill ft 1C NT—3-room house In rear. A iln I In. 101)7 Onk. T'honn 5623-J. KOIt IlKNT--I'urnlBhed 2-room IIOUHO at llfiHodale, MOVOII miles out, $14, Water pnlil; lawn. Call 1128 Trux- tiin iive_njje. ___________ Foil IlKNT—Hmnll caliln with or wlthmit hoiinekeoplriK privileges, Komi iielKhhurluiod; lady or Kontle- iniiii only neerr apply. GIG Flower nlreet. I'lmne MHH-W 42 liouuft, 120 i) wiili'r, iK'iir Moiintalti TIIIUOI-MIOOM with fields Weed 1'aleli nr month, Vlow oil highway. Uoiitu 42 Rorid the Monday feature ndvortln- • Ing In Tlir> Callfornlati. I1nrgnltm| there. Wiitr.h .thorn. They urn nil HcnHonahlo. _ __ _ ' DRESSMAKING nnd hnrnfltllrlilnp. ' All work Kimriintopd. Roanmiahli' prlcrn. Phono 71SI-W. 800 Ore Kon Btroot. •'- CoTJirir-TiONH MADK ANYWIir.ltIO No I.:ollt«(illori--No flinrRt. l>pmonnl Hi-rvlro— llondml HAItnV JAMAH, I'HONK! 4«0 Wrllo' 'I llo« 1112 KIN A NCR COMPANY 2800 CMKRTKIt AVE. PHONE 2f.2n 7 18 :tfl If MONKV TO LOAN UnknrnflMd ''llv prriprrty, flunii in J.'iOW. Monlhly or ijnarli'i'lv piiyini'iitH. I'rmupt H<TV Ir'iv Klinrr !•'. Karpi'. 1 11 7 lOlKlll- fciilh ntrcfl '"' ''' For Rent — Apartments apartment, parktnK I'pacf ftirnl«h« < <1. •UU'i I. firr-r-e. Ran, llghtn, Ailultn only. Nn fiirnlBhud two-room Ill-lit Kan, water palil. apartment; $25.00. 2303 Business TWO IIOOM iinnrlniont, nhownr nnd irnniK" Afluils, no p«tH. 1623 fall- fnrntn nv.'nll'*. Imnl drlnli 1(10 hlKli"" 1 ' 1 W. J. Hhnf- Rnvi.|it(!Mllli, PACK A' I }'. THANSI'"h;H - I'lunon, nltui'' liuKRUK'-, pai liuscn. i>p«n tlld Illtliv I'hnnn R22S. B20 K.l Hlrofl A. I, Wlillc. 411 fur all lllll ".'• TIIIKS Bold fin I linn payment*- no finance or carryliiff diaiKi-H. A. Krledmnn Wheel A Tire Mxrhnngn. LIST IIH flK"i-e your overhaul Joli, (rucliM nnd auton. Uegrlnillng, honing. (Jimrnnteeil work; nipxrt mo- ctmnlcN. T. I'. I'yle, 1412 Twenty- HITCIlcnrK'H OAriAnia, rear of 423 Flower ntrent IMinne 24TI. flnnt equipped email nhop 111 IlaUersflehl. TriiHlworthy service I'Mltnatex cheerfully K' vfln .^ ^] MATTHKHH renovating nnd rebuilding, $200 New matlreiiHen in ad n In order Kurnltur* rnunnfa.-lurlnK, npbnlstnrlng nn'l reflnlnhlnir. Mend Furniture. Company f'Ofl leant Nine- ''^I.'.'! 1 _"! r<> ''L _ I'll'-'H-"...!?! 1 !; tl roiMM-iAU PIANO, modern, nipld. thorough. Yaw Konler method. I.,os- Minn In vcnir home, II. Charlotte Priest. iHione 11-K-21. BJ Krunk IJornltohl cheinlcal laboratory 1704 K HTHRKT ARRAYING W OllIBH Anitlynln of Oils. Water. Boll* NK'IO drive- In lunch nn'l nenn on Union avenue only I2JI,, mil only t2( fcr l(,7:i-.I. 1401 KI Ti'ion MOM nidit 1'AHTNKH with (MiiMfi knowledge o lined nmchliiery and Illlln capita wanted In enlaldlNh rierlmiN nneoin pcllUvo, proriliililn lilisliifBrt It": IU2, The ('iillfiirnlnn. 4 HAH find cnf.. doing H" $fiOn down, i'nil room tel, IIKir.II fcnrden for nale. 'Ull Unkor Kili private ONI'! doiililn h Nlrff'l •— 4-rcmm apt. with bntli. near r-nr_ jl|i^' __ npnrtrnnnt; nvnrythlnK furnlNhort: rltmn In; liy ('look townr. 1B7« Chewier iivr-nuc. _______ J2 For Rent — Rooms With Board For 8al«—Improved Property ONE acre with 148 feet Union avenue frontage, 10 minutes from Nineteenth street: small new house, chicken yard, alfnWa, good well and pumping plant, gas and electricity. Owner hns been transferred, must «ell at once at sacrifice price of $1500; terms, $630 cash, balance $20,00 per month. E. H. Clare, phone 102«. il FOH SALIO—Ity owner, new California Colonial type throe bedroom houne, lawn, shrubbry, fireplace. 23fl Arvln, Highland Park. _43 SMAI/b nnw bonne, fumlBhed, near Olldnle. $1150, $300 down and $26 monthly. Howard Nlcholo, Inc. 0-18-tf FOn 8ALI5—Double garage with 3- room apartment on top. Furnished now. Aloo two lots at Knott and C utrootn. __.*!._. FOIt HALIO—-By owner, modern 7- roorn house, good location, $6500, Phono ilor,8-.T. ' 44 FOIl HAMS—Five-room hoimo on California avenue, lining sacrificed for ca«hj price only $3450. A«l< to Bee It. Harry Jlalte, 1623 Twentieth street. Phone 391. 43 FOR SALE—noardlng house, 10 rooms, furnished In flno location, going btiBlnesH. Kolly & Son. 1712 Chester. Phono 363. ' 43 OOOD 6-room IIOUHO with hardwood riooro. tilon bath and Kleeplnff room, ontnldo city. $2550, $300 down, $30 monthly. Howard Kloholn. Inc. . 9-18-tf $2200 ON ICASY torms buys a modern 5-rooin hoiixe on largo lot, clcme to high Bchool; two bedrooms and largo Bleeping porrh. TerniH $300 down, $25 monthly until paid for, Thl« U ono of tbo bflBt harKtiJiiH In an In- nxp«nalve homo wo have had nlnro thii dopreSHlon. Hen thin and stop paying that high rent. Price Stan_ !" y -i 'I? 0 .!? A ITI ' Kt .' ~ FOR SALK-- InduHtrlal propoity, highway 911, miltuhlo for welding shop, trunk or oil woll Hupply. Kolly & Son. 1712 Chester. Phono ItfilV 43 For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles For Sale—Automobiles BUICK DIVISION FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 18, 19, LAUNDRY SERVICE. tundry Strvlot -UMUtllid—Th»t It Our Tin DKIirint BirvlMi >nd Zorlo Odorlwi Dry Cltinlnl OITIZENS LAUNDRY SUtMnth Md 0 Strtitt Pl»m SIX WHEELS WITH SIDE MOUNTS, RUMBLE SEAT; A GREEN BEAUTY SLATE GRAY; NEW TIRES; SIX WHEELS; IMMACULATE, GOOD LOOKING; FAST; POWERFUL; POWER BRAKES A BLACK BEAUTY; SIX WHEELS; EXCELLENT CONDITION SIX WHEELS; TRUNK;. RADIO; OVERDRIVE t IN ADDITION THESE SPECIALS 1931 PACKARD SEDAN 1930 PACKARD SEDAN 1931 BUICK SEDAN 1931 BUICK COUPE 1929 LINCOLN SEDAN 1931 OLDS 6 COUPE 1929 NASH SEDAN 1928 BUICK SEDAN 1934 WILLYS SEDAN 1931 PONTAC SEDAN 1931 STUDEBAKER SEDAN YOU COULDN'T TELL FROM A NEW ONE THE LOCATION, 2112 CHESTER AVENUE. THE PHONE, 6300 OR 423 THHICM lindroom houso, cellar, BH- rng«; lot fi()xl24 f*r-t. (in Third Hii'ol, went of H; $2500; roaNonahte tTrns. Shown by appointment only. It. A, Moore * Hon. 1615 Eighteenth Nlronr 'biMOl.'l3. 43 43 <mly $1"00, Savoy hn 12 ltof)M with «lreel. board for three. 2428 ntreet. 44 :—i- I Schools—Instruction '»K nOYH—Week end ramps, hnnt- IIIK trliiH, liKilrunllfin, proper UNO of flrenrmii, hunting technique. I'on- fldentlnl Cdiinnel for l>oy» K een 'hone 704 I'rofdSHlonal bnlldlim Contractors and Builders n 4:1 I'Vilt IlKNT - Two very nicety fur- MlKhl coOHliler lioiir.l. 2003 HDCOIH! Hlrei'l I'lioni' 12113. 42 ItiioM unit lioiinl for gentleman only, i Hlmwer hath, telephone and garagiv I U'OTi Slxli'ciilli Hlreet. __ 43 j KIIOM and lionril nl U24 oleiindnr avenue, }!' per wui'k, $3Ti per month. I'lione Mill. 43 Wanted to Rent—Houses KOIl SAI.l low, on ''rank II n_ , by nwner, 6-room bunga- H'lventooMth street, ti'ar _ si'liool. Phone 3702 -W. 42 HMM -Nicely furnished Broom homo, very close In. $2800, purl, rush, cawy tcrniw on halanco. Kolly & Son. 1712 Chester. Phonn 3(13. ' 43 WANTir.K $M)00 for flntt Iriint <loml on llnknniflPld InmliiPHH propwrly. Wrltn In lion 2f,, Tho (•allfornliin. lluliln renter wnnlH HIM f in nlslieil IIOUHO r •;,".. icfni-i-nnen. No M7" -I" Wanted— Ma I'KUMANKNT. ^ nr morn IHM chllilren. I'll..111. :ijl7ii. WAN'I'IOI" To i-iiiil IniHer wpnce with liiilhrooin prlvtlcK' 1 " "I |irlvati< lionio |u»l onliililn clly limits. Jill per nionlli. 'I clcphoiui i liiiriiii,'. 1727. 4.1 Kf)H KAl.K--l (> urnlHhed houses In Kct- tloiniin c;lly: rash. K. W. 1'errlgo, I!()!i HOHP avnniip. M'aft. _ ^^i2 WantedI to Buy-City Proporty WANT small house. Will trade In clear luxurious, completely equipped trailer house, studio couch, radio, refrigerator, etc. Phono 799. 9-18-tf For Sale—Automobiles WANT10I)—To buy 5 or 6-room modern house, for cash. Give location In reply. Write Box 184, Tho Call- fornlan. 41 For Sale—Automobiles "4 At.'llKS $ftf,0, $2»0 nr rnin'li Will piiy I;»:H or Lost—Found—Strayed I.OHT—I'arkngn nrtdrrsni-d to Onlt i Krlshpr, Tan, from (Icrifral MutnrN, i l.os AngplpB. Upturn to Itiillwav ICxprivHf, i-prnlvn rowurd. 1M!0 KlRhl - ccnlh dti'M-t _j*3 Pmonals Wll.l. not bi> rpspoiiMlliln fur any di.btn riiiitraptpil by any otlinr tbiin itiysplf aftPr this dato. D -18-1113(1 (KiKnpd) (I. I.. HCllANlIliJI.. Kuril Canyon. H"* 11. 11 MWIIANU' with toiiln, board, room and roiiimlHsloii. sliiglp, KUIMI propii _B|||IHI Ilux 4, flijriiiiii)j_(;nllf. WANTKFV- l^lvo liiHiiranrii inon, iiionlhly ilnbll Wanco. Shuftur, !>«• limn, llnkprnfli'ld, Tuft; i'»rii'i IPII''" not ripcpwiiiirj'. TlinroiiBh irnlnliiK will bn i;hi>n. -ION lldpldnii Hnllil IHK, Hatnrdny nnd Siimliiy. X :i» 11 30 n. in., or phntin 11 "3 for ii|i l»ilnlinpn( _ IH IHi IN Il-'l Kl i rnli'ii work for mini and ulfn \vllh car; iiutlnniil ni'Kanl/.u Mini, nut hi>uii*'-1ii bnunp. XViiiult-r fill (i|ip'irtunlty. Itrllor pnHlllnn a'* xinpii mi yuii iinullfy \Vrlln Tlin i •allffinilan, Mo» !HI-H._ _ 43 Yoi'Nti "MAN" K()it~T:"uVrTnN('i KTOltE. MUST HAVE KXI'EHI- ENCK. EASTKHN, l&^i) NINETEENTH HTItEET. 4.1 IKiKKHHinNAI, Minn wlwliPB to rnnt hnuMn or aiiartnifnl In llakorMfl<Uil. I'h. in .. i.'.iii unlll I. p. in., or rail at I7J2 Illancbi' Hlri'nt n ft or K p. m. 43 For Rent — Miscellaneous i': ItUdM Slifif. foot, brli-k biilld- ul 1203 lOlMlili'iMilh Hlrtml; rea- ablx rriil, IIHIK IPIIHO. Apply 1717 For Sale—•Improved Property I'M V l r .- lt( il >M hoiiftn jupt outNldu city, haiilwiMifl floorii. jl'S75, $3tiO down, J2S monthly. Howard Nlcliolx, In.', fi 11-tf with nmall now hniiKe. down, $17.60 monthly, •hols. Inc. lt-18-tf Jfion ca«li huyH lovely 4-room home. Total price J2450, payments $25 per month. -Hmnll lotH, clonn in trunH- porlatlon, KjiM ItuUisrHfleld. Ideal for couple wnrklng. Khner V. Karpe, Hil7 Eighteenth Hlrcnt. 0-10-lf 1934 1933 1931 SIX rooms, rpntrlntort district, hard- i 193Q Chevrolet COUPO wood tbroiiBlHuit, tllo drain, auto- . .q.,/, Tn nr .. rnllnn mull,, linuli-r, dout.lo gurago; largo r;™ Ford. COUpe , lot, Hhado, nhrnbn, fruit. $,'1950; easy ! 1929 Chrysler 75 roadster IN NEW LOCATION 2029 CHESTER AVENUE Ford 2-door sedan Ford 4-door sedan Chevrolet coupe tcrmn. Marry ('.. Nlnetncnth street. 004. Clomonls, 1630 1'hono 2042-J or 45 1929 Ford coupo OPEN EVENNGS. PHONE 831 $465 $385 $285 $245 $245 $165 $145 52 IN Went Park, two blocks from hlRh I Hchool, 7 rooniN, hardwooil floor*, i paved Htreet; nice HhruliB and lawn 1 $3760.00. $r,00 00 down, lialanco like I rent. Harry ('. (,'lementH, 1B30 | i Nlncteonth Btroot. I'huno 2042-J or 1101/_ « I (i.NK acre on highway with almost new IniuNe, II hedrooma, 2 hat IIH, hnrdwood floorp, lllo drain and auto- inatlc healer. Four miles out. JI375, J7MI down, $42.60 monthly. Howard NliholM, Inc. 9-18-lf Hhonn for WHY I'AA' 15 FOR H1IOKH7 Tho FamoiiH I'ollof men, now $2.06. NOWCH! and wpdodloHl modoln In gray, brnwn and hliicli. Hoo thorn today at lUwontlml'H Family Hlmo Hloro. AITI'lll tliln duln will not lio rnnpon- Hliiln for del»tN coiitriii'tful by anyone Imt nijiielf. iKlKnedl H. H. Crenny, HIM Nineteenth ntrnel. 43 Help Wanted—Femalo MAlii wantPil worli I'lmiiP for pn 4H!>n, WANTI'',I> -dill or wnmnn j ^ u «"^ and'' I -. I I MM HI il AT (linn I for liiniMe-- iMM ANP I N( MM 10—Two flvn room lionipn on rorncr hit, clone I". North- wpnt dlHtrl.'l. A lutrKaln for $.1:'.00, ri'MMoniiMi- IprniN. 'I'liln In a «mip fur mn lnirKiilii Inintprd. I'rlcn Hlanipy, ITHO K HlrpPt. 4:1 or full pr r, ;in. WAN'I'I'M) " orli and YIIIIDK to tulip niiKPi' |. !> I laily rain <>l I" out. IS a. m for offlr Call IKIIH ! Sal iirilnv. l>lV(iiici-:n tnfiirinal I* flee. Kli HI Ml PUN. Mexico. I en dayn, fre« n InliTimlloiiiU Law (If Nnllnnal llanli IniUiilng, Help IV anted—. Financial WANTIID -Tw- rcprpiirnt a u IrRiU I'pni'rvo li'rt irrmip of To ealurlod ppoplo on Just your Hlnnnturo. LoaiiB ArrntiK«d ImmpillntnlT NO EMIIAHHAHHINQ INVE8T1OAT1ON A Mallpl nlii. miMi. Kprn ritunly, to ll pnlablUdiod old linn mpany, vvi-lilutt u HM - nrn and WOIIIIMI Ad IO Apply of « I'll u 3("i 'I'll InitldliiK, 'li'iTniid, CiUlfur 4!1 priitni*i«iiloii. I'^l vp -mom holm' In ri'i-lrlcli'il lllKhland I'urli. Hardwood rinnni, Ibnuitihiiiit, tlin I'lnli, pli'. l''or a ronl buy In Illilh- land I'arli, HPP Ihlw nnw. tHOOfl down Klvp't <|iilrl< po^Mi'Nnlon. Prlcn Hlan- |py. 1700 1C Hli-ppl _43 7tid (Ml A vpry cnmfortahln fi-rnom luiiiKi) nl Illli l''oiirlh nlrppt. $500.00 i'a»di l/il "ii ,x :iiir, fppi. liny this and build a I'nurt and you nood not UIHIV aboul I In' future Tbo lot la uorlii ltn> prlrp. liMi mi A lipnuilful Imiiip, nlrplyfur- nlhlll-d, III I In. MHilb |iart of Ih" rlty. Cptuirnl lOln-irlr. <di.M'lrti' \vanhi-r pvprylhliiK Km'" VPI v miidprn boiup, braullfiil Mini lluv llil.i and iiiovii In Tiiylur & Taylor, 1(100 ('hfuirr in'PtiiK 1 rhtiiip 7I'J. 43 For Sale—City Lots 8-rnom home and 24 f.0-foot loin for snip, (.'all fiSI Sixth struct for further partlouIars. Owner. 41 LOTH Pornnr. BOvllR, WIlHhlrn Itta. $200 cash D0xl70 on lluena Vista, near A, $000, terms. fiOxlUI on nnnk near If, $!i&0, teniis 60x1,12 on Snuib 1 slront, $500, terms 60x126 In Mrt'oy Hubd., $350, terms fcOxlJIO In North 1'arlt, $300, torms 60x128 In Hlvorvlpw, $400. cash 90x21 fi In Stnchdnlii, $f50, torms Many other lots to choose from. Harry Hake, 1523 20lh. I-'hono 301 43 1936 Lincoln Zephyr sedun, driven only 3700 miles; cannot bo told j A from brand now. Also 193G Bulck j 61 touring sedan at $400 discount. I Jjow mlleago. See those two bur-; gains before you buy any car. Easy terms. I<OU HARRISON 1110 Eighteenth Street 42 1930 Bulck sod., clean, 6ww $295 1931 Bulck 56 S. coupe, ra $295 1930 Bulck apt. rdstr, 6ww ra $235 1929 Bulck sport roadster, rs $165 1928 Bulck sport coupe $110 1929 Bulck sedan $95 1929 Chevrolet sod., like new $235 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet $127 1929 Ford sport coupo $125 1929 Ford roadster $70 1931 Ford tudor $235 1931 Oakland coupo $165 1931 Oakland opart roadster $165 1928 Dodge Victory sedan $125 1929 Marmon 8 sedan, 6ww $95 1930 Nash light 6 sedan $125 1929 Chandler 8 sedan. $95 1929 Auburn sedan; beautiful $185 1929 De Soto sedan $135 1930 Hupp cabriolet $125 1929 Ersklne sedan $50 19.30 Marquette sport roadster $110 1925 Dodge sedan $49.50 1928 Graham 6 sedan $95 Flno Assortment of Trucks and Pickups to Choose From TERMS AND TRADES Open Evenings and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phono 5828 62 For Sale—Automobiles USED CAR LOT Just West of Fox Theater 1935 Dodge coupe $675 1935 Ford V8 tudor $695 1934 Dodge sedan $625 1933 Dodge sedan $525 1935 Pontlac tr. sedan $735 1934 Plymouth coupe $495 1934 Chevrolet instr. -cpe. $525 1934 Plymouth PE sedan $565 FINE USED TRUCKS 1936 Dodge 1%-ton sUike, like new, 10-ply tires, complete $995 1935 Dodge panel delivery $575 1934 Ford V8 pickup $525 1934 Dodge 1-ton express $495 1831 Dodge l j /j-tou flatrk. $295 JWuaJtloj^ ll<i!!SI1KI':l':PI-:ll, middle Itged. nil Infiimlif r.-d; reliable, hniiewl. u-lnhe 1'i.^tluii In inollirl lehN homo, expel 1 chnngMl tiill'.V Iliverton avpiuir Nnrlli ll,.ll> CnIK 10-IIOOM lioiine, JlTifl down, $3.'i onlhly. Ilirue roum house, $1600, rniN, fniif room lio\in<!, JltiOO. S. wood Hi in I in rent. CI NI!\V ii pllUT, out fio nltinil )!!N Kltill 1 rcfi 1 m>. j __lei.iilli, -it j Ki'l-lt-Uo I '4 II ul li\\ '' }i:'"li iilii iin iiMi. 0 ruiiiiiH, rpul flrn- PH (CrolMlll, !'(, IllllPS . prli'i'd In HI 11 at onrp, biMii I'piiulrod. W. J. liiT.1 .1. 1401 Kuvoit- $000 and up liuys a 60.foot lot In Alta Vista, tlin in ON I iloxlrable renldonve district In Ilakei-Mrleld. Uomrlcted us to race, bnlldtne costs, location of honipH, P(C. \\'n make tlio prloo, you makn thp tprms. Taylor & Taylor, lliflO CMiPSlPi-AVP. lMiono712 S-27-tf For Exchange—Property ICCJUITV nice hdinn, Hlvorvlow, for laren olpnr lot, Homnakor 1'ark; 20- aor« ranch nnir V'rosno for clear hiimn up to $S600. R. IShyoud. 192S I HlrPPt.43 WE SAVE YOU $20 TO $100 Per Car. Chance of a Llfo Time lo Buy at These Prices 1030 Ford do l.t. tr. sod., radio $745 1936 Plymouth trunk sedan, very low tnllougo $775 1935 Dodge trunk sedan, just like now $695 1934 Lincoln sedan, private car, stored last two years $995 30 OTHERS TO CHOOSE FROM 1(!16 TWENTIETH STREET Mldillo of th« Block Baaoh and Mountain Property VOII'lg I-H 111,, lallly U'lllli hevvlrfi Htitll vmiT. Will rlinrnrl,T mid b'tiK f n- Box 1)31 11OV wants Mutmdayi* wurlt after driver. 101 Haburtoldo Diilldlug. Phono r,4(l 7-23-tf nr offlcn luinliliiK I' Mr ARI> 1-Cost rhml Why i'ny Morrl Thi-sc payments Include AI.l. c-itnruns: Vou Hccelv* You I'ny Monthly (100 $10.60 for 1'J milnlhg 1201) JK, Nil fur lit ini'iith* j:tOO $20 HI fur 14 Mii'iilbn I'loportlonatc ratm fur other um..uhin Oulckl Cnnfldi'iitlnl! No cd-ylanvril NO BAI.AHY ABHlflNMKNTH Loans or contractH rcfliiuiii-'ud. HALKK yearn bdiiliU r. I '.Ill-It. l:Xr>:UT iadlo lerlmli'lau inan Ilave own t,>Mtni; und (iioln I'lione ',\'.\'.":. l\r I .owe. lietwcen 0 und _nnd < i IOXI'I''UT .liipiiiirnii cnrdo win li lun , m,<nth ni cm K Mrrrl I'lmne 1 It.S what j Tlid i 4A i I Hlld Call vn | ll'l'llll lIIHIIIMI I ni Ml-. und I 4'.! r.4 hiuihn with bath and li'i'i'luK IK'i'i'h. nearly IIPXV, on l"t tn I.HIdalc. JI7M). $.10(1 $'j;, miiiitbly. Howard Nloli- in< !i-IK-lf REO SALES AND SERVICE 1933 Dodge sedan, 6 ww $526 1936 Dodge do luxe sedan $845 1934 Bulck 8-57 sedan $745 1932 Chevrolet coupo $295 218T AND K. PHONE 1034 52 FOrt HAl.K—Two cholfB Kra*lor ! Mountain lots, mirrlflco prlcou. 617 ICIghth utrpnl. 43 THEY'RE GOING FAST! BUY NOW AND SAVE All Makes and Models at Almost Give-Away Prices. TRADES AND TERMS USED CAR DEPARTMENT 2229 CHESTER AVENUE 52 S Business Cards L, W, HUNT, QEOLOQIST Pttrottom md Mlnlni Knilnur fco H.b« Bim. Ph«"« •"• J92J Twtntlrth PH»M JlM-W JOHN W, CULLITOH PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT NCOME TAX 8ERVIOE, AUDITS, 8VSTIH* 205-8 PrAfililantl Bulldlni Phtnt 4161 PAYNE & SON FUNERAL DIRECTORS Nineteenth «nd E Strieti J. 0. P*yn« J, BruM P«yne rred Ptfwt DOUGHTY.CALHOUN-O'MEARA Funeral Dlriefori and Ambulance Servlet 1100 Truxtun Avenue,-at N8tr««1' Phone 887 Lady AttehUM Hall Machine and Tool Works Price* Are Rlcht—24-Hour Service GENERAL MACHINE REPAIR WELDINO AND MANUFAOTURINQ Twenty>llrtt and Union Avenue For Sale—Automobiles 1930 Essdz sedan $95 1929 Ford coach $125 1929 Ford coupo 1125 1929 Chevrolet sedan $185 ' 1930 Ford roadster ?195 BAKERSFIELD MOTOR CO. Open Evenings and Sunday 20TH AND EYE. PH. 1724 52 FOR SALE—-1932 Ford V-8 ooupo. Good condition. Private party. Call- after 0 p. m., 920 Thirtieth street. Phone 3748. • « For Sale—Miscellaneous FOR SAI/E. cheap, ono Montgomery Ward pressure pump. Ono round dining room table. Two roclclng- ehalrn and ono sewing machine. 3B2.1 M nlreet. A TA1LOH triple mirror and Hoffman, pressing machine; 21-tube boiler, good condition. Inquire 1017 Seventeenth street. Phone 12S3-W. FOR SALE—Pulverized dairy and sheep fertilizer. For lawn and garden. Delivered by load or sack. Call 2762. 1118 Jefferson. 43 TWENTY yards of good cellar dirt for the hauling at 125 Pacific street. Phone 889. USED one hundred pound Ice box. Recently enameled Inside. Side leer. 728 Twenty-eighth street. FOR SALE- and tank. -Electric hot water heater Call 9-J, Shotter. SEWING machine bargains, Singer electric portable, J29.45. Minnesota electric portable, $17.45. Singer treadle, $12.95. Guaranteed rebutlts. Repairs. 1708 K. Phone 0330. 60 PIPE for sale—Oil well and water woll casing, l.lnc pipe, Irrigation plpp, fence posts, etc. Wester Oilfields Suppl? Co., 99 Highway and Plerco Road, sign of the big valve. HOUSE TRAILER—Custom built, streamline, sleeps 4, modern conveniences, built-in radio; cost $1000. _ At bargain. Shady Acres Auto Camp, 6 miles south on 99 Highway. 43 CABBAGE, cauliflower and lottuco plants. Also oyclman, primrose, ferns and coleus. K. Tanaka Greenery, 631 Sixth street. Phone 1663. 42 1934 1935 1934 1934 1934 ANY AMOUNT LOANED YOUR HOUSEHOLD ON REPAY IN SEMI-MONTHLY OR MONTHLY PAYMENTS SEE U« i Situations Wanted—Female WANTKIt A plnco for u ulrl ultnnd- Int; liranlj ~i-linu|, In work for hoard iiml mom. lulilnn care of rlill.lren or limiNewoili _ yioin Hj]ii;--dorf, Arvln Yol'Ni; iMiHlnmn « iimun wunlH tncuie for I'lillilrin evenliiKi, In ii'inrn for —!""!"_-_!Hll!i!! 0 _?l l i 1 :J!! l irJ! Jl "; L 42 lUCI.IAIU.I-: culoreil maid \vnnla hulf day wiirk or win «DIM,. uoa I'all- ffirnlu avenue. 4^ BC1IOOIX11HI. wantN Jol> ~" school, .lapun.-si'. Cull twi-en f, and f, 80 p. m. npiir hltih II K-4 ho, or \vrltp Monterey type of luloho I'tlon, de^lKncd and Imlll under Mrlrt piniervlhlou of ono of HaUri r.f leKI'i, leading arcliltrctH anil eni;lneern of the ffdeml lloiiNlll^ ad- inlnliiirallon l.orati-d In hlKh-clupM r.oulhw ml .Until.'! Thn plan IH iiioxi plriiRliiK and compact, con- i IMlnn of three nmple liodrooniH, HvtiiK room, dlnliiK room, reception Iml! lilii-lien and liuth of nim-mal illi.ilni (Ion, huindr>, mnUI'n room unit liPiitliiK. l»o-car naraKv. I'rk-is Js:iiiO, $40011 ciiNh puymenl i-»i|iilr«il, l-nlitnr,' loiv nuiiitlil> piMiiientM Soo the plaiih In our offli e aiul for fur- | llier it,•lull- |C ||. I'laro, I'rofi 1 *- | hional Hull,linn 41 I LVrlllle holllO, dOHO to n(fi i rd for tv fnw dixyn in. nfii'ti print) of $G250. ilKioms with sleeping i ho Noooml floor. If you me or home und Inoonii) > he-e ihlN now. Shown by iippointmrnt K. II. Clare, 1'rofen- (.liiiiul linlldlnii_ }'luin»_J_fl2B, 43 j 1-'1\ I: act en »llh 4-room liiuian, 4 mllen \vp«t of ItaUi'i'sfleUl. (lood well nnd all oil ilKliiH. $l?BO, $400 down; $80 monthly, llownrd Nloholit, Inc. B-lR-tf 3-room hnu«« und lot for Bale cheap. 431 I .aim Htreet. Kolth Add. niock f<, tut nn 1 and 8. 43 For Sale—Improved Farms IMl'UOVICIi 40 aores near Shnfter, with gooil woll, plpvlrli! motor, fuur- room houno. Wrlti> Nnthnm 1,nmert, .1 iinollot) riij\ Ori'Knn, Koulo 2. 43 KOll KAUO--HO nofo flno cotton land. Niniill IIOUHO, now woll und plant, oil rights go for $125 iier aero tor. Kolly & Son. Phono 303. 1712 Chos 43 liiuli >.<.' onlv at Tin r.- poiche!. vi anl a it. (In- bo OOMJ'ANV Kxcluclvo AKi'iitH for MIl.t.Klt & I,UX l,ANI)S guurt<M- ncctlnn t\ow In cotton. Watered by itrnvltv and Irrigating \vn- tpr well. It \ylll pay you to Kiok at thlH. I'rlcw, J100 fvr ncro. Terms. 1 llnliM-fpldu Kulldlng. Phono 2500 A. 10. UOAGV^AND, SAL.KS MQH. 42 Auburn ouhrlolot, custom job with overdrive and many extras, never sold. Huptnohlln 0 demonstrator trunk sedan with overdrive, now car .guarantee. Bettor hurry. Discounts up to $250. II. C. LANDSTROM 2210 Chester Avo. at 22nd 64 you 37 good used cars at prlcoa can well afford. Sold on easy (onus. Qot yours now. UAKERSPIISLD USED CAR TWENTIETH AND Phono 263 M 52 ZQ1 HABERFELDB UUILD1NO PHON10 648 8-7-Ul ISXI'KltlUNCKI) woiiiun \\antn laundry to do at honip. AVIII cull fur und rii'llvi-r. I'lioiip I3t,2 U. at>5 Twply di'i'oiid 4$ ii«Vwii~r7AV'NWiT'~AVorirT«Tr<"ii for, rtcllvprnd Hpoclnl vnlpti lo fnmllUw. MpndliiK fr«p Simii l< nli'fiot. Around ctrolo on HltjIiMiiy VV, 1'lionn 414B. (l Kuril acrcH ulth S IHIUHPH, ttiXH uta- tlon. tank lunino, «ood wpll und pump, IHI HobPI'ls l^iuip, cloMn In. »«700, ISOOO down, »M monthly. Howard N^lrholn, Inc, 0^**.|f FINII old hnmit, biuuitlfiil groiiiulH, UP- IOHKH to prdminnni prdf«a«|oiinl nmti. Him ri'iilul vnhl" uf $lt& pot* IllOUth! 11 rpul barKiUiv At 14800. Tho Scottt AKUIK-), iKOb Cliiwtor n.von\io. HOMW RANOir—Ko\ir mll«» o»«t on KdlMon hliihwuy, B aero, all In fruit nnd lion-leu. Modern "-room KIUUUO lunmo, threo other houne*. now reiitliiK for $BO per month, nil funiUhful. soo turkeyei, CO chlokonv, cow, hog und plenty fl»h In reservoir, I'lmne 31-F-lt, 41 Oil Lands KUVT1TVAM3 I.WASIS AUrmitlvo a«nl for nulck action. 15»«t hnlf of lot I, itoctlon 12. Kor v*r- tliuihirH wrltn C'. \S. Appllnu, llox 756, «>r phonp 67SS, Vnutura. KOH I.ISA81!J~-1000 acr«» potontlal oil land In Rcotloim 23. S3, S4. {S. 2(1, T. 88, R. ««. K«rn county. A. I*. Ucufro, Uoiied&t*. . 4J Houne Trullera for sulu or rant. Easy Terms. nUUK 1UBDON OARAQB 1916 Nineteenth street. Bakersfleld, 43 U8BD TRACTORS For Sale or Rent All Reconditioned, Guaranteed BARNKTT TRACTOR CO. 8180 ChoBter Aye. ?;80-tt TOi*~5rlc«» nuld forUutomoWleK, 1928 to 1332 modelni ulso liarsalns In uiad rnrn. EchoU & HlllliiKtou. 3100 U Ktr«M. 43 8AUK—193T S-to» Whlto truck, Rood condition, rubber ftrot-olaiH 5'WS. Union Truck Center, Fourth and Union. 4 HUDSON AND TERRAPLANH 1936 Chov. panel delivery $625 1934 Torraplano coupo $475 1934 Torraplane sedan |625 1933 Torraplane sedan |425 1932 Sludebaker sedan $395 1930 Dodge sedan $245 1934 Ford V8 coach $465 1930 Pontlac coupo $225 1935 Hudson coupe $725 1930 Chevrolet coach $150 1929 Do Soto sedan $185 1984 Terraplane pickup tk. $475 1929 Willys-Knight sedan $165 2220 CHESTER AVENUE Phone 3956 46 WITH A REAL GUARANTEE 1936 FORD TOUR. SEDAN $695 1935 FORD DLX. CP., RADIO $625 1935 Ford truck, heavy duty $775 1935 FORD DLX. COUPE $595 FORD DE LUXE COUPE, RADIO $495 CHEV. MAS. TO. COACH $595 PLYMOUTH DLX. SED. $545 Ford de luxe sedan $495 FORD COUPE $476 1932 If JRD CPE., RENEWED $325 1930 Ford sedan $295 1931 FORD CPE.. RENEWED $285 1931 FORD. TUDOR, R'N'W'D $285 1931 FORD TRUCK $295 1930 FORD COUPE $235 929 Bulck sedan $195 929 DE SOTO SEDAN $195 829 FORD TUDOR $145 1929 Ford roadster $135 MANY OTHERS $25 AND UP .6th and Chester Opp. Courthouse Phone 701 Open Evenings 52 FOR SAU3—To bo moved, building, 20x24 feet. Inquire at 1309 GaRO. 42 FOR SALE—Four-unit rabbit hutches, $5. I'lione 2522-J. 42 1936 BUICK SPORT SEDAN WITH SIX WIRE WHEELS, $435 Open Evenings and Sunday TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER Phone 6S28 43 TIKES sold on time payments—no finance or mrrylnyr chur»«». A HYlAdman Wheel & Tiro Exchange 1310 UilghUnth. Phoua 6878. «» 1830 FOKO sport coupe In good condition. CaUafter a p. m, mi Nile* otroot. 4S When Buying a Used Car FIRST SELECT THE DEALER SECOND THE CAR THIRD THE FINANCE COMPANY YOU ARE ASSURED OF A \ FAIR DEAL AT THE No. 1 quality—10-oz. 8-feet at 9po 9-feet at 9Bc 10-feet at $1.05 12-feet at $1.25 A. H. KARPE IMP. HOUSE 616 E. 19th St. Phone 916 43 FOR SALE—Cook stoves, Coleman, new, at one-third off. A. H. Kar- pe'a Implement House, 615 Eaat Nineteenth street. Phone 916. 43 PER 1000 FT. No. 4 Common REDWOOD SIDING AT $20 1x4 to 1x10. S4S Flnieh, $43 1x4 FLOORING. $20 1x4 "E" Kiln Dried T. & Q $19.00 Hou«e Paint, all colon, gal. .....$1.25 2-0x3-0 Sash, 1 U. Olazed 860 Redwood Posts. 3x4-6' ea. ISo SHINGLES, BUNDLE, 70o LESS 6% CASH DISC. ' Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 Bargains 101 LOS ANOELES 8100 E). 88th St. ADarnn 1571 4B TIRES sold on time payment*—no finance or carrying chargea. A. Friedman Wheel & Tire Exchange. 1810 Blghtenth. Phone 6878. 88 1935 De Soto Airflow sedan $995 1935 Chevrolet master coach $59! 1934 Plymouth de luxe coach $401 1933 Chevrolet master sedan $475 1932 Bulck 91 sedan $475 1932 Chrysler 8 sedan $425 1933 De Soto 6-wheel sedan $396 1934 Willys 77 sedan $345 1932 Ford B sedan $325 \ 1931 Dodge coupe $316 1931 Ford sport coupe $296 FOR SALE—Four-wheel trailer. "Wllr haul two bales seed cotton. $75.00. BRANDT INVESTMENT CO. 1816 H Street Phone 1298 SINGER electrlo portable, $I».4B.! Treadle, $10. White electrlo con»ole, like new, 149.50. Expert repairing. Parts. 1708 K street. Phone 6»30. 80 PHONE 6823 fl-18-'S8 K«*ex apt, cpe., A-l, down $50 1928 Durnnt coupe, 4-npoed trans. $116 Pay oa*h for Ford A. nimble seat. IS-a-'SO Wim» sedan, A-V down $75 Studebakor Bed. 'overhauled, only $41 a O. DOUGLASS, 10TU AMD L U No. 1 USED grain bagi for mllo, 8V4o "" Ufa each in lots of 1000 or more. Alfali seed. Cane molas«es In drum*, • Price* rapidly advancing. Buy now* San Joaquln i Grain Co.. Fourteenth and D »treeta. Phone »M. »-E-tf FRUIT Jar*, while they lut, WMhed. quart* 24o and 84o doien; pint* l(o and S9o dosen; gln»«ei, lOo doien. .717 Bumner itreet. 8-lLtf USED CLOTHING THE ECONOMY 1918 L STREET BARGAINS IN MEN'S USED CLOTHING, SWTS. SHOES, J5TO, 64.

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