The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 13
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H. -- ' -- October Planned by Delano Woinen; Mrs. eyin , Sept* 18*—The Atnert- caij Legion Auxiliary of the Merle Heed Post held their meeting on Wednesday night at tho home of their president, Mrs. William Show- craft, October will be observed as education month, and a food sale in planned, the proceeds from which will be used for that department. Mrs. Laurence B. Abbey, chairman of that department, will be in charge of the sale. Members of tho jun* lor auxiliary, with VJola Scott as president, will combine a candy sale with the food sale, giving the proceeds to the Carol Marlte fund, an educational fund. Mrs. Harold Olson* Americanism chairman, gave the program speaking on the Constitution, and remind* Ing her audience that September 17 marked the one hundred and forty- ninth anniversary of the writing of the Constitution. Mrs. A. L. Smith, chairman of music, gave the history of the Star Spangled Banner. Mrs/ Thomas I*. Me eh on and her sister, Miss Anne Villdrd, were hostesses for the meeting. * Attending the meeting were Mesdames Minnie Groenhalgh, Bernard F. Richardson, Harry B. Paulden, J..aurenco B. Abbey, Harold Olson, Elric Waites, A. L. Smith. Thomas L. Meehan. Miss Anne Villord and the hostess. . --,< - '-. - _R.L Russ&i Ilardie indeed is the Fox California theater for being able to secure two great features on the same program. Fortunate indeed are tho people of Bakersfield for having the opportunity of seeing for the same admission price two such features as "The Thin Man" and "Sequoia." All remember ri ' the fun and excitement furnished by William Powell and Myma Loy in "The Thin Man/' and remember the thrills received in "Sequoia,* 1 with Jean Parker as the heroine. In addition to the two features the film fare Includes chapter Bix of "Ouster's Last Stand"; a cartoon and news events. As an extra added attraction at the California, Dr. "X" is appearing on the stage for the duration of tho week, answering questions for tho patrons that so desire. His performances are bewildering and entertaining thousands. His predictions are uncanny. icmns , known as "the girl Hou* dini," and Vatttine, "tho dippy mad magician,*' open a special engagement Saturday night at the Mandarin cafe. Fresh frbm a tour of the RKO vaudeville circuit, this mystifying pair la amending a week In BakersMeld en route to Honolulu for a month's engagement in that city* Mlsa Cazan, who is also noted In Hollywood as a movie stunt girl, •WiU present her famous escape act Saturday afternoon at 4:30 o'clock in front of the Mandarin, From a high truck, in plain view of the crowd she will permit herself to bo placed Inside a heavy three-foot- square box and the lid nailed down by local police officers or disinterested persons. A. moment or so later she will emerge from the box. No one, aa yet, has over been able to figure out how the trick is done, her sponsors declare. Miss Cazan will appear nightly at tho Mandarin in her startling mail bag escape act and other mystifying stunts. She defies police officers to Place any modern handcuffs or straight-Jacket on her from which she cannot escape. Her local appearance Is expected to create much interest in police circles as well as with the public. Vanttne, until recently playing in London, performs amazing stunts in magic, many of which create much merriment among his audience. He will appear nightly' at the Mandarin and in addition to the mystery acts two new dance numbers will start Saturday night, with tho popular Patsy Stiner as mistress of ceremonies. * writes a Pasadena business man who praises M • J-B the roaster to the grinder! Quick ft the grinder to the tin! Fast vacuuxn-scdingl A nwtter of minutes! * So M-J-B, the "Strength Essential" Coffee, comes to your kitchen/rerA to help you make good toffee—the finest cup of coffee, in fact, that you or you husband ever tasted. The "Strength Essential" is a constant richness of true coffee-character in every grain of M'J-B. This is the only way to get full flavor always in coffee—of any strength you like. Thus M'J'B—a rtal coffee improvement—is pos- itive and permanent protection against all coffee failures. Try it, if you arc having trouble with your present coffee. Note the delightful difference you'll find in every tin of M-J'B. M'J-B's "Universal" Grind is guaranteed right for drip, percolator or any glass coffee-maker you use. Your money refunded by your grocer if any tin of M'J'B doesn't satisfy you perfectly in every way. The *-> * • 00 TH LKS EAT ETW EW WATCH WEI HEALS CRACKERS TH AV ERY NV CO AT AL TO EAT 0V 00 TH REAT DEA t\ f J- Jf : • '* • '.- • \ Mary Bo)and T[X>R her first appearance In a -L dramatic role since she has appeared on tho screen, Mary Boland will be aeen tonight at tho Nile theater in a powerful drama laid on the waterfront of a California town. It is "A Son Comes Home," directed by 13. A. Dupont, tho Btory of a prodigal son who. put his mother on tho spot- Most of tho players, all topnotch atajTK, oro from the New York stage, supporting the contention of those who assert that the best type of screen players come from tho so-called legitimate theater. Julia Hoyden, Donald Woods, Wallace Ford and Roger Imhol are among the supporting cast. The other feature on the same program, "End of tho Trail," brings back to Bakerefleld a favorite of long standing, Jack Holt in ono of the greatest atorie* of Zane Grey. s On the Air KQO-KPO — N«tf»nt| Brotdctitlno Com- Mnr~«N»»HM I»f»flr»m» to; KFI, KECA, KF50, KQW, KEX, KOMO, KHQ, KJR, KOA. KOA. KQHL, KDYL. KOIR, KTAR, KFRC-CDS— Don Let and Columbia— Sup- Pll« proorami to: KHJ, KQ8, KD8, KMJ, KQW. KFDK, KCRN t KOU KVI. K8L, KOIN. KEPY. 5:00 to 6:30 p. m. «;16, and network— Jlollyvood Hotel. 6:30 to 6:00 p. m. WdXAI— Hocordlnffs. KEKN and network— Hollgnrood Hotel, 6:00 to B;30 p. m. WCXAI—Nevra PJiwh^ ner Concert to 6;«, KEBN mid network— AJidre Ktwte- lanobs Orc)i«Htra. __ 6:30 to 7;00 p. m. JTOXAI-6:46 f Civli TuJks. KKHN and network— March of lime; CMC, Stranjr* 03 Jt «*eme. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m» W6XAI— Homo Folks; 7:15, World cjJERNuy. FRIDAY; SEPTEMBER is, J • , I n I BJ.T. • T B ^-*-^^^^^^T^P^ » i • tr* 4 - t - - .-• \ i . - 41 ,l , - . * - w .' -. i Pox Mousers Meet onSaturday The I^ox Mickey Mouse Club is Just two years old Saturday and members of the club will celebrate It's second anniversary at It's first meeting of the season. The meeting: will begin promptly At 10 o'clock and tho doors will bo open at fc;3Q o'clock. Tho meeting will open with two songs, "On the Beach at Ball Boll" and "School Days." then members will recite the Mickey Mouse creed and those who have remembered the creed through the summer vacation season, will be given prize*. There will be game* of volley boll and bean bag on the stage, which will be followed by a splendid program of pictures including a Popeye cartoon, a Mickey Mouso cartoon, a Terry-town cartoon and chapters I and 2 of tho amaxing new 12- chapter adventure picture. "Undersea Kingdom." The picture stars Monte Blue, William Farnum, Ixm Chaney, Jr., Jack Mulhall and Malcolm McGregor In a fable of a lost undersea. After the meeting* each member attending will be given a registration card and all members will reregister In order that the Mickev Mouse secretary -will have proper addresses when sending out birthday cards. At the close of tho meeting Saturday morning there will be a candy banquet through the courtesy of Harry Coffee. Jimmie Allen Now in Film, Granada Jlmnile Allen, popular radio character for the post several years, la now In the movies. "The Sky Parade,'* his first picture, comes to the Granada theater today nnd Saturday. It is full of the same sort of thrills which has made Uta radio program so popular with youngHter* and adullA as well. On tho same program Is "Little Lord Fauntlcroy," latest starring -vehicle for Freddie Bartholomew, noted juvenile actor. The story, even more poignant than in the book form which thrilled thousands, la on M- Q-M feature. In tho big supporting cast aro Dolores Costello Barry more, C. Aubrey Smith, Guy Klbliec. Mickey Rooney, JnckJo Seorle, Henry Stephcnaon, Una O'Connor and others. IREN LURES Florence Rice nttd Joseph Calleia CHOWINO at the Fox today and O through Saturday i« "Sworn Enemy" atnrring nobort Young, Florence Klce. Joseph Callola, I^wl# Stojio and Nat Pondloton in an underworld drruua. Tho second feature showing in Clifford Odet'B thrilling adventure drama "Tho CtaneriU Died at Dawn" which haei for its CAH^ Onry Cooi»er, M ad«l*H no Carroll, William Frawley. Dudley Diffgvu. Akim Tamlroff as General Tang and Porter Ilali. A Pojwyo cartoon "Nevor Kick a Woman.** and Fox Movietone News complete* thin program. Janet Gaynor Star in Virginia Film "Small Town OlrV' the first picture Janot Gaynor has made under the M-O-M banner, opening today at tho Virginia theater, Is the story of a country girl who is precipitated Into city society with her elopement with a wealthy young doctor. With Hunt Strombcrg as the producer tho picture boaats a notable supporting cast headed by Blnnle Barnofl, Lewis Stone, Andy Devlne, Elizabeth Patterson, Frank Craven, James Stewart and Including moro than a. score of other favorites. On the same bill la a first-run western, "The Peons Kid," stoning the popular Fred Kohler. FlUK-EATEH MUFFS HTg ACT MARSUF1EU}, Mo., Sept. 18. (U. P.)—Tho "human fire-eater" nt a carnival muffed his net, caught fire. Condo Kvana and Fred Jones, local boyts. extinguished hl« Waxing clothing. Shirley Contest Ending Saturday * ^-H^uH^bB^^MHBIfeUK The five Shirley Temple being offered na prices In tho Angeles County *Vlr Bhlrlcy Temple doll contest, aro ?oon to find homos with BakeriifleU! boy* and Sdrls between tho ngos of six nnd 12 who haw written essays of 60 words or less on "Why I Would Like to Go to the Lios Angeles County Katr." All boya and girls In Bakersfleld are eligible and there la only two more days left In which to submit their essays to the managers of the Fox. Nile and California theaters where the prize dolln ore on display. and network— William Hard; 7:15, Rofrnw of the Mounted. «^,- 7:3 ° to 8l °° P. «»• \\fi\AI— Junyio Jim; 7MD, Cecil and Sally. KISHN Kiid network— Nohl« Htaslo Orchcntrn; 7 Mr,, The Oayoties. «..,- 8t0 ° to 8:3 ° P* w. w 6XA1 ~~ Hollywood on P&rado; 8:15, 1'Yank WaLanabe. KERN nml network— (Jooso Croek Parson; 8:16, Hollywood WhU- pors. B:30 to 0:00 p. m. w*XAI— Cub UeporterH; 8MB, H1U and Encorefl. JCKUN and network— Coll In* All OXFORD KNGUSH BKKATUD BBRKBT^ET, Sept. 18. (U. "Handw ficrosa thn «mia" p abiy fttlffencd wht^i 1'rofesBor Gerald Marah of tlio UntvorsUy of fornia publicly announced that Oxford accent l« eilly. He in«i8ti»d Uiat American English property wpoken Is as good oa Kn^Uah llsh, ORTABL 2 ACE HITS CONTIMUOU8 TONITC ArTtR 7 P. TOMOHBQW ArtER 2 |». M. JACK HOLT In ZANE GREY'S "END TRAIL" -' LL ' :L MARY BOUANO 4> A SON COMES HOME" Comtng SUN. "OON»T TURK 'EM LOOSE" _„„ 0:00 to 9:30 p. m. \\6XAI— Nows Fl&aUea; 9:15, Vic Fr KEllN and network— Jimmy Dor- acy Orchestra. ° to 1<h °° p ' m - t Drama* of Ufo; 8:45, Rhythm and Romance, KKRN and network-Jan Garbor Orchestra,, 10i30pt m ' program. PABST ON TAP Bakertficld'tt Most qttr Klmhall 10(30 to 11 tOO p and network OrcheBtra. ,n M 11l °? tO 11l3 ° JIN and notwork Orchcatra. pro*rj«n Harry ni|) Harris Greta Garbo Buys Estate in Sweden Prttt r/fnicrf Wire) STOCKHOLM, Sept. 3 S.—Grnta Garbo, Swedish actress who has made many films in America, haw bought an estate* at Harby, about 40 milofl southwest of hero, it was learned today. Tho estate, whitih dates from tho sixteenth century, contains about 100 acres and includes a IG-rpom house with a largo garden and park. She will take possession of it on tho first of next year. Insurance Offer Extended 2 Days (VnitcA Prctt bcated Wire) ANGELES, Sept, 18.—A two. day extension of the Occidental Life Insurance Company's offer to reinsure Pacific Mutual policies went into effect today after State Insurance, Commissioner Bamuel L. Carpenter requested additional time 10 consider tho plan. Carpenter, who has been handling affairs of tho Pacific Mutual as u court-appointed conservator pending reorganisation of tho company, did not indicate whether the OcoldonUU proposal was being considered favorably in his tetegnun asking the extension* L. M. Giannlni, president of Occidental, telegraphed his local office to inform Carpenter that he would "gladly co-operate and wa« pleased to grant tho extension requested." Occidental offered tt> reinsure alt except noncancellubio policies of tho Pacific Mutual, agreeing, however, to build a reserve for those policies and guaranteeing stockholders not less than |6 a shore for their stock within a stated period. !U "THE GIRL HOUDINI Opens Engagement Here Tomorrow Cazan cscupc from a 3-fool square packing case Saturday at 4:30 in front of the Mandarin. See her nailed iiwide the box before your very eyes, and emerge a moment or so later. AMAZIN&, STARTLING, MYSTIFYING I She defies natural laws. She makes her own laws! Cazan Appears Nightly* Starting Saturday, in her great Mail Hag Myslery; sec her escape from handcuffs put on by local officers, and do other unbelievable stunts. Vantine-Dippy Mad Magician He serves genuine drinks out of the air, lakes goldfish from your beer glass, etc. Amusing, Amazing. Also the Revalon Trio in Red-Hot Songs and Dances PATSY STINER Mistress of Ceremonies •^ _ . .. .. . „,. _.^^^•^^^^'^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•••VBlN^v^WMVBVMVIVHVHWBH DANOE WITH LAURIE FOJTIB AND Nil BMVTHM 10YS Ohicken, Steak, Chop Dlnnirt Specializing In Chlneie Dlshei Cov«r Chargt, 26o p«r Person, Saturday Only NlihU I*. 11 i •ill * , ^ -V. • ,- f>*. e? ^ ' . 1 - ' V --' '^-, ^ -; v^-« : -. *-/ *;; . I n : .* -1 ers Ton ight EARD»LEY DAN PAY! Wllios Htir Bind FvoH '. •-- '. nno uncmg Iroom Ca ncan AuU UA TA RAY ROY RA Atfmliiloa DABClflf UnHI ^f^fW^^^^^mf Septcmbc . i i s - ^ f'-'.l.'i* i. * TODAY—I BIQ FEATURES LADIES WATCH DIAMONDS WATCH HEARTS Otrtrvdt Michoii Guy nd swor bandit by thote protect! KEN MAYNARD «pter UNtVIRUI*! NfW OIANT *, TODA Features GAYNOR ••to Hnday) Bavarianated Pineapplt Parfait 15c WE MA BAVAR EAIM 8AN DWI f- . • - -.' - I - " I-.*-*-' • * " '-. TT - • --- -H" "T- : -^ M ( I-,, v^-j*r-;*,T^jS* ",• ..'».^,v DOORS OPEN 5J4S * - " -1 ENDS SATURDAY Gary COOPER Madelelna CARROLL -V.i^.-t - f*-. '- --. '}?\"-t\. *-*-'f,£: * • '' r, wA • ' - -V'5> -:' vtf - i r '<- \i ' ,., -ii Robftrl Young—Ftoraac* Rlct In "SWORN ENEMY" P L US—Pop eye Cartoon—N «w* Se* What Happens In a "GIRLS 1 DORMITORY" Sunday i' i HI! KIDDIES! FOX MICKEY MOU First Meeting Tomorrow Morning 10:00 O'CLOCK Celebrating Its Second Anniversary SOMOS—GAMES—PiGTUBES FREE CANDY TODAYl TOMORROW HITS Your Prtendly ThtJltef William POWELL Myrna LOY "The THIN MAH" Jean PARKER "SEQUOIA" Cartoon • New* Event* Chapter A "OUSTER'S LAST STAND" In P*r«on - On the Stag* Dr."X" Th* Unknown HU Prediction* Today Are Tomorrow'* Happening! Fior D' Italia For 25 Y«ar« at Tw»nty-flr«t and U OPENS SATURDAY at 4 p. m, In Hs New Location 1001 Nineteenth (Former Location of Qaatonl Caf«) Special TURKEY DINNER Saturday antf Sunday $1.00 Chlckin aad Ravioli Dlontrt Strvad Daily Wine - Beer V ^ K Ravioli and Tagllarlni factory to our new location. s«m« phono, 5540. PASQUINI BROS. Proprietor* I L BaktrftfUId'* Mo«t Unlquo Cafa HM«aM«W4MMMaMMWMI| CHOW MEIM CHOP SUEY \~ Served Prom 6 p. m. to 9:30 p. m* Dttty FREE COCKTAIL With 50e Ordor or More Chinese or American O ', THREE FLOOR SHOWS NIGHTLY 'ii i - / EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Amis at TtrrtM'W :*&& SiwIiHiiftf in Dt LK* Wwtrt *•< I ™ - ^^ - . •'•„>• -,"".* SJ •-• .-n-'ft •',?!( Ik* Flwit Witt Drink* * * , - '; 'V'... '- , I- F - -

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