The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 11
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.'.-• H v- i '-'•.; J ' L .. -V - '-,' - '.-':. *, ',,.-- : n •'•+-.- •' i- J r. ••<-!>•-'-'.'• '•/..' ',-'^' ' H..''\ L - * . r ,•"<-.. L ,-. . :L - v>" . .'-;•'.'•.•.,;•:. ' ' -" . i' 'J, t >- F '. T 1 .-.1 ** 1 -". :.-#•*',,.« \.o.7,,,-.. —. —,-- . '**Vffi'*'*'-•» * V * • ^AmJal^iftiu /•• * - V ¥^^ife^^ ? &^' -, T YO&«»rt Wed Ff om J - •;^--';/.;-" .-:' r^; • */. - n IflfeeJ $ver a period of three ~ plant was presented td Mrs v W,;W; Gilbert, outgoing treasurer! who has served in that capacity Tor the flame period. Mrs. Hattie C* Toiinfir, state recording; secretary and guest of tho convention, in her address, said that $25,,000 has been raised in southern California alone for further alcohol education work through national, state and county sources. Many new members have been added to the W. C. T, U., the growth being made at the rate of 800 per week during 1036 to date, she said. An optimistic note was sounded throughout the convention and Kern county was praised for having raised its full quota of the $25,000 for south- em California, tho local amount being . $760. Encouraging plans were also made to have one of the best state conventions ever held In Bakersfleld on October 13, 14, IB and 16. The Invitation of Arvin was accepted to hold the next county convention there. Tho Taft Presbyterian Church waa host to the meeting Just concluded. Chairmen of departments names were: Mrs. H. S. McClees, evangelistic; Mrs. B. B. Emery, flower mission! Mrs. Marian Wolf, international relations for peace; Mrs. Kmiiy McCutchcon, literature; -Mrs. M. W. Gilbert, medical temperance; Mrs. pelma Chamberlain, motion pictures; Mrs. George Howell, publicity; Mrs. Eliza B. DuVal, scientific temperance Instruction; Mrs. Marcia Strom, Union signal; Mrs, Edwlna Kay, health; Mrs. Helen Harriston, nonalcoholic products. Miss MarJanna Bohna, medal contests; Mrs. Nettlo Bunch, child welfare; Mrs. W. S. Adklsson, legislation; Mrs. Schultz, radio; Mrs. C. C. Haworth, religious education; Mrs. L. C. Miller, W. C. T. U. home for women; Mrs. Martha Clayton, ^Christian citizenship. kdale Frolic, Saturday, Oct. 3 Dancing at tho Stockdale Club party will begin at 8 o'clock and continue until 2 o'clock on the night of the opening of tho rodeo during Frontiers week, Saturday evening, October 3, A barbecue will be served from 7 to 10 o'clock in the patio of the clubhouse. V-V "HERE'S A TIP for busy men: Shredded Wheat and fruit for lunch. No mld-nfternon fag after that treatl TryiU" T • " ."» ' s ^ i "^ sffiBP t .Hl A Product of ^Continued .Trom foffe ff<*^ ~ ~ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^r^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Q^^Q^^f^^^^Fi^Q^^^^^f^^N^^^f^^^^—^r. Alaska, Yellowstone National Park and other points, The Reverend Mr* Patrick - was elected national chap lain at the Legion of Valor meet \ ^F^^l ^f ' Presentation of a citation to Mrs, Ray Carlisle from Mrs. Ethel R. Marsh, department president, by Mrs. Kelson, In recognition of Mrs, Carlisle's tireless work for the de partment over a period of years was a feature of the business hour. Council Meeting Mrs, Homer Humble announced that the junior auxiliary will convene Saturday at 10 o'clock at Le- fflon hall, Mrs. Karl Howe presented a report on a s u ccessf u 1 card party held Wednesday night and explained that another will bo sponsored soon. Telling of the installation of Mrs, Jack Isaac as president of Kern county chapter of the American Lie glon Auxiliary by Mrs* Bruce Little, Mrs. Henry Powell presented an in terestlng report of a* council HesKlot In Tehachapl Sunday. The next will be held Sunday, October 22, In Wasco. Attending the mountain meeting from here besides Mrs. Isaac and Mrs. liittle, were Mrs. Henry Powell, Mrs. Leonard Hall and Mrs. Wayne P. Nelson. Members joined the post later to hear talks by Miss Doris Hancock and Stewart Chenoweth of the high school debating team, on the United States Constitution. The speakers were Introduced by Ray Burum. P. T. A. Ch IstC m pleted (Continued From Page Bit) Wheeler nidge, magazines; Mrs. J. W. Voorhies, financial chairman; Mrs. W. B. Kobb, humane education; Mrs. F. O. Carrithers, historian; and Mrs. Jack January of Lebec, seventh vice-president. The budget for the ensuing year was read by Mrs. Voorhies and was ^icceptecl. Mrs. J. F. Faber, parliamentarian, read amendments to bo voted upon at tho next meeting. At Grapevine The invitation of tho Grapevine P. T. A. to meet at the Grapevine In November waa accepted by the district. Tho first and tenth districts will probably bo invited to join In the gathering. Mrs. Walker Rankln, character education chairman, read the P. T. A. collect. ' MPH. Klmcr ICarpe, American clt izenship chairman, led tho flag fia lute and read an article on the United State Constitution. Tho resignation of Mrs. Frank Stewart us financial secretary, was accepted with regrets by the group. Them front Page Six) iNAL 'ANY ber 17 at a place to be named later. Mrs. G. H. Stevenson was presented with an attendance prize. Arrangements were launched for a public card party Saturday eve ninp, nt Memorial hall at which hand-mad^ prize* will be given and refreshments will bo nerved. Preparations are in the hands of Mcs- dames Al Kaul, Herman Hubiy, Doris Brockway, R. L. Fowler and A. Westorlund. Mrs. Harvey HarrolBon, Hewing club president, announced Its first meeting- for Wednesday all day ut Memorial hall. Potluck luncheon will be served at noon. Articles for Red Cross and hospitals will be made. Election of officers will be held at the next regular meeting which is set for October 7 at Memorial hall. Mrs. Fowler will preside. nan-iatienina- ake .sv to |0 * "«««» ACME'S n«w HANDY PAK corton hold* a dost* "SUlnU" bottlei of ACME B««r. Sov* extra tript the Here and return the "empHet" wltK Ihtt economical llghrwelght package. ACME B*«r In compact "Stelnlet" AH >nugly In your irewed with Mart CoiHy Ingredient! E Distributor BOHEMIAN DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 1129 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfleld i- i •- Ml That's CHIPS re the smooth ^POP W PPPWW^P^SOii T" •• -w^ '.!< xr^w*^T^HKSHH»KH - •••{•> r -. A : v^; • ^^«p||I •> • '.• '-^ : -- ;'.:>-i> '-•".-- ''W^f^-rtyvvSaSH '-•-: :-:-ww&: .$&Wmm •••^^••'-•'-•:::^^^^i " -" * ' ' <:**"•?" t ' '- ^,--^.f,'.^ f ^-",:'i-\ ,.----- I 1 ' '(•-''•- "- h ' . . . • CALtFORNIA'N, FRIDAY, f M 18, 1038 -I-' ^ »; Pack Fresh Fruit With ream Century Green Asparagus, Picnic Tin Franco-American Spaghetti., tall ti White King Soap bars 8ic 25c Keeno Dog and Cat r Food... tall tin DC Del Monte Fruit Cocktail, No. 2«/ 2 tin...... & W Fruit Cocktail.. No. 1 tin 22c 16c No Rubbing Wax Set OLD ENGLISH NO RUB WAX Drl.i lo High Wax Shine Pint . . 49c Quart . 79c A Harvest of V \ Y Will W i This Week's P Effective F Sat -• ^— •—* -^^^ ™ !• ^» -^™ ^™ ^™ ^™ P^ ^f^^m ^^B HI vB ^^^^^ ^H Winning P Mon.. Tues.. Wed.. Th d W FAM IZC WIN YOUR DOG 3ODAYS ^ Rations . and ^ "-^ ^^ ^ Food oronatton Favorite Matches.,.. .carton Mission Tuna, No. W tin tins rea ^^^^•^^^•••••^•••^••••••••••••••^•^^•••^BiiiiBBJii^g^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Z ^^^'^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^.^ff^^.^^^^^^^^P^^.^^BIBBBiP^BH^BI^^P^BB^P^^^^^B^W^^P^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^W OVALTINE large 49c; small 27c '-•• — ^- • — _. . . r ^•l^r f Lux or Lifebuoy Soap ..... NEW LOW PRICE Cubi Flavor *» t f , Per Pkff. Lemon, FUtpbarry, Orange, Lime, Strawberry, Qrape, Cherry, Loganberry, Mint, Three Flavor* of Jiffy Lou ars Dixie Grape Jelly....-.2-lb. jar S&W Crushed Figs... .picnic tin Arctic Sea Crab No. J/ 2 s Welch's Grape Preserves, Ib. jar Our Choice Tomatoes, Ige. tin Kippered Snacks, No. 1 A tin 25c lie 25c 23c Armour's Sliced Beef,., .2-oz. jar lOc Val Vita Tomato Sauce tin Century Sugar Peas., .No. 2 tin ^* \ Armour's Corned Beef Hash, Ib. tin Quaker Puffed Wheat pkg. S & W Tomato Juice No. 2 tin i & W Sardines, Oval Tin 10c lOc Fort Howard Toilet Tissue roll Ortega Chilis.,. .4-oi. tin Staley f s Cube " Starch pkg. S & W Small Whole Siring Beans.. .No. 2 tin Boraxo tin S&W Grapefruit Juice .. .No. 2 tin am Juice tall tin 7 Century Sliced A1 Pineapple, .flatti 12k 20c 15c Popular Brands Cigarettes* . ^ Rainbow Napkins, 01 * Four Colors, .pkg. O'Jv Par Bar Libby Corned Beef. ...12-oz. tin Rose Garden Marshmallows* Ib. Agua Caliente Ginger Ale., 12c ll-oz. S & W Tomato Catsup 14-oz. bottle. Soap bar 3lc Export Salmon, No. 1 tall.... 15c lOc Sugar Dipt PEAS 15-oztin C K FOR THE FLAG-ON-THE-BAG 9.s..b. FRUIT 6CIPES 24.5-lb, IN EVERY BACK OF Century Tuna, No. l /4 tin Silk Tissue Paper roll Fleischmann A Yeast..,. 0 cakes Heinz Strained Baby Food... .tin Century String Beans. .No. 2 tin L Popped Wheat, Corn, Rice.. .pkg. lie 9 1 10c LARGE 18 CANNON Turkish Towel ^— -^^^-^ •••— -i—---^^^•^•^^^ with 10 wrappers from CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP ASK US FOR DITAILS 10 Bars . , , , Table Queen Sliced 1A A IUU o. 2 tin Palmdale Butter Beans, No. 2 tin Post Bran Flakes pkg. Post Toasties,... .pkg. Table Queen Peas ... No. 2 tin * lie Dunbar Dry Pack Shrimp Pic. Tin 0 N 01 I PLAY IN OUR STORt EVEN-HIAT SAVE*!*? 28-ot, pkr. ISPERRY PANCAKE & WAFFLE FLOUR W 1-lb. cello, pkg... . S&W Baby Kernel Corn No. 2 S&W Fancy Crab... No. '/ 2 tin S&W Olives, extra , .Jargc tall tin ^ L Century Tomatoes Ige. tin 19c 16'jc 31 c 17c Belle Mode (white) Shoe Polish; Bottle Bread and Butter Pickles, 1-lb. jar Del Ray Spaghetti, 14-oz. bottle.... 15c 17}c Del Ray Chicken Raviolis, No. 1 tin Del Ray Chicken Ta males ...... tin 15c 1 Bishop's Ground Chocolate. .Ib. tin All 5c Candy Bars O bars h 12 Pak Sanitary Napkins.. .pkg. Wood bury Facial Soap& bars Rippled Wheat Campbell's Pork and Beans.. .22-oz. tin 25c 10 15c 9ic Schilling Black Pepper 2-oz. tin Sweet Nip Pickles. .28-oz. jar Semolina Macaroni 2-lb. pkg Del Ray Chicken and •€ Noodles. .No. 1 tin I Sylmar Fig Jam 10-oz. tin S & W Tomato Juice No. 5 tin 1 19c 2Sc 1 23c Century Beets.. No. 2 tin Palmdale Apple* sauce. .No. 2 tin S&W Orange Juice. .12-oz. tin Willapoint Steamed Oysters. .No.l tin S. D. Oysters, 5-oz. tin. Fels Naptha Soap A-i. Chips.... Ige. pkg. A 1C 19c SNOWDRIFT $1.05 WESSON OIL SCHILLING COFFEE EITHER KIND PERCOLATOR OR DRIP "YOU GET THE KEY" Quart Tin Half Gallon. "A GOOD FOOD" •Ib. Tin 28c Ib. Tin 66 WM. A. ROGERS SILVERWARE DESSERT SERVER r only 25 and one llAiltt IOX TOP 5-Ib. Package Fancy Milk-Red Shoulder Crown VEAL ROAST . Ib. 21c Fancy Young 6t««r B««f Shoulder POT ROAST .. Ib. 17c Selected Genuine Spring Lamb Shoulder . Ib. 23c Fancy Milk Fed Shoulder Veal Steaks . Ib. 29c F Fancy Eaatern, Streaked Salt Pork... Ib. 26c Fancy Steer Round Beef Genuine Ground Steak . . . . Ib. 27c Young Lean Meaty Shoulder Pork Steaks. Ib. 29c f Colored Fre.h Dn.wd 6hol«r Style . . Ib. 35c Fryers Fancy Young Steer Beef Short Cut Standing Prime Rib Roast Ib. 29c Our Own Make Country Style Sausage . . Ib. 25c Fancy Young Steer Beef, Cube Cut Boneless Stew Ib. 22c Armour'a White Cloud Shortening 4 49c Fresh Picnic Cuts. 2 to 6 Ib. Average Pork Roast, Ib. 22c Received Dally Fresh FISH AND OYSTERS SHOLARS BAKERY Suggestions W» Sill Only Fre«h BAKERY QOOOS Black Bottom Pie* holars Garden Fresh ^^^^^^••^•B egetables Featuring Quality Produce of the Lowst Prices Prices Kffcctive Friday and Saturday Only. Choc-O-Nut A chocolato t'ftko u-iih n »ur- prUo lay<jr of white oak* In Ui« vontur, rovflrtd with boiled Icing and coconut. SPANISH SWEKT Onions.. 5 Ibs. lOc Genuine Fancy Spring Lamb Legs.. Ib. 27o Fancy Eaalern, Smoked Hockleee Picnic Hams. Ib. 26c Fancy Young Stter Beef Brains . .. . Ib. 20c Selected Fresh Baby Beef Liver . Ib. 22c ^^•^•^••••••••••••••••^••^•••••^••••••••M^b^^^^^M ^^^^mr^m^^^^^*^^^^^^^^rr^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f-^^^^n^^^j^R Fancy Small Breakfast Link Sausage Ib. 29c ^^^^f •^^^^__*^^U^^_^^*^^^fc^^^^_«g^«^^«^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^^-^^_^^.^^^^..^^^^^^^_ ^^p^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^p^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^^^^^^v^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HHH^H^^^H^^HIH^H^^pmKV Freah Oreatad Sholar Style Hens . . . Ib. 29c Legs 25c Custard Angel Food Cuke. .ea. Milk Chocolate Cake ca. 35c 39c Fancy Strlngleee Green Beane . 3, b . 25c Thick Meat Bell Peppera 3 (be. lOc Cream Puffs find ("hocolato Kclftlra filled with Each lOc j^^j^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^ ta- ^^ ta _^^_^^_^ ta _^^._^^_^— _ * ^^^^^^'^^^"^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^'^^^^^^^ Bran Muffins htiHlthy and Ian1y rnn/fiu with dat«« and nuts. Dozen 30c Finest Cookies. .doz. Fruit Filled Coffee Rings ca. 15c 20c No. 1 NANCY HALL Yams .. 6 Ibs. 23c Large Local each 3c Freeh Bean Sprout* ..........Ib. I0c LONG GREEN Cucumbers, ea. Ic New Crop Banana Squash Fancy Large Utah Celery stalk 5c ] pe Krummtt Freoitone Pttch«s Finey Davenport Artlchokat 5 2 tbt. for I5c SWEET VALENCIA JUICE Oranges 3 doz. 29c Ripe, Juicy, Dellcloua C OE« Otba. &OC Apple* Sunklit Lemona dozen I9c FRESH HAWAIIAN Pineapple. ea. 29c Fancy Stanwyck Nectarine* 2 , bt . 15c Freeh Minion 2 Ibs. !5c LAKE COUNTY BARTLETT Pears .. 4 Ibs. 19c Ib. 39c Aasorttd Lunch Meat . , Swift Premium. Siloed Driid Beef . i-lb, pkfi 160 Home Made Potato Salad , , . Ib. 20o * Challenge Creamed Cottaoe Cheese , , , . Ib, (Oo L n ,-.-•-.. * . ~ • • - -* - - Large Size Salt Maokiril . 2f«r25c L Bonelese Smoked Pilchard Sardines Ifo. oan 2 for 26c Large German DiliPIoklei , , 3 for iOo Fancy Eastern Kodlkook Codfish , . , , !b. 33o Honey Comb Coffee Cake CrlHp coffee cfckfi covered with crunchy nutu and flU«<t with fluffy Ftenfh cream. A delight for any time of the day. 38c ^^^^^^^g^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^f^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^^^^^^^^^^-^^^^^_^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H^^^^"T^^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^^^^^H St. Francis Layers cake ajj deloctabte aa paatry, Four colden layer* with er«a.m filling— covered with fruit and cream maJe In an attractive pattern. Each 45c New Crop California Dates Ib. Fancy Plsmo Pole Peas Iba, I 27c Fancy Cherry Rhubarb 3 Ibs* Yellow Crookn«ck Squash *•*»«* »lw% 9c 5c RED RIPE SOLID 5 Ibs. Tomatoes.. IOo ' f •* ,-\ :.s< . T 1 ft: -. ':. > .' . *..•:>, . f- i- 1 J -•- iL-Yfi- • ' ' '-•- -• - > ' ' -" v . '•• 'i J ' L * * ' ' f.. -'r -I f -. - L 1 • b II- h

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