The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 9
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 9

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 9
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.- ''~- ..••_.-" -1'"- 1' J^ '.irf.T'.F.V-V- T 1 ^ '.n '^.i. ,' . •' •- '.• , ,' -' ' •- ',* - -. •: *• ',:--.',;;,, i >.'. j i - r'- - * . '' >.- .. • . f • ^ - l^l - - : - • f , ' - •* .'i -• - *.' ' r I -V- ^P ^fev ^^v •• ^ • ^^v ^^^r^L^B J thrilling ^ seditorials, world aports Interest. I - V **/>'" j j h j .- i^.- .> ' ' V." >> -- -' , V .V I - 1 ' * • . ' I ,'.r .•• - H 1 r "^ •• ^" ^ P^^Pp ^^T ^^^PP ^^^^^^^^P* ^^^^^^^^^P™ Classified Advertising columns of The Bakersfield California* close promptly nt U o'clock every morning. Phone 31. ' "••*'•"-. -•••VixW» l A/.. 11 -"/ ..v ; -^/P$t r\ rj -^ \ • ' ^ ^ ^T 1 " j-' • ' **- - -"' ' - ?*KH' , -• * v •• ; - - h *^v$? - ' ' t-: ,*&•' ;*ff ' - : -. - , *. .. 'vVpj.iv .1 ' ' '- , - •' .' t - *M~ . ' ' - L> .^ - P. .!,'•- ' \ OTION 1 , . ' PAGES 15 TO 22 I • - _ — I - yl . _ .^' ": ; •_ f^'- -'"P.fil."' -" ''•,'' '- - ' I -t '. -"!' ^ - . T . '- - . -. ' :- *.,,;•'. :-\ - >--. i ,'' .'. r " t- L. ' -•• .' r - . - . . I - ,• "f - '•'-• . -- ' ' • - * State Tuberculosis Group Leaders Convening at Hotel El Tejon n j m ...__. . _ ^^ EXECUTIVES ATTEND Two-Day Conference of California Unit Held After Kern Meet EETINO for the first time outside of the Los Angeles or San Francisco area, more than 100 delegates attended the opening .of the California Tuberculosis Association Christmas Seal Sale conference here today at El Tejon hotel. More than 60 associations throughout the Btate are represented at the parley by professional and volunteer workers. This afternoon was given over to demonstration exhibits for the efficient conduct of seal ft ales. Source of Funds It IB from the Christmas seal sales tljat tho asociation derives funds in its work of preventing the spread of tuberculosis through health education, tuberculin tests, establishment of sunshine rooms In schools, provld- irp- milk to undernourished children and through other methods. A. J. Crulckshank of Santa Ana, president of tho state association, and W. P. Higby, San Francisco, state executive secretary, are among tho leaders of the conference. Charles Newcomb, of New York, seal sale director of the national association, is scheduled to speak at tonight's public dinner meeting at the Spanish ballroom, and tomorrow ho will conduct a complete symposium on all problems related to seal sale work. L. K. Chenoweth. city superintendent of schools, will present a new talking picture film, "Behind the Shadows" showing modern control of tuberculosis. Mrs. Chenoweth, Dr. A. E. Schaper, president of tho Kern County Tuberculosis Association, Dr. M. A. Gifford, chairman of local arrangements, will be other guests at the dinner. Those who participated in tho demonstration exhibits today in charge of tho various booths set up In the ballroom Included tho following workers from San Francisco office of tho state uHsoclatlon: Allen Blanchard, publicity director; Miss Irene Carlson, field representative, who showed handling of returns 6f the sales; Miss Emma Roberts, "follow-up"; MlsB Beatrice Woodward, school health program; Miss Josephine Scott, financial reports. A group of Horn county women who are volunteer workers, assisted at the booths, including Mrs. "\V. H. .Tahant, pant county association president; Mrs. Ben HomfeUl and Mrs. G. W. SkeelH, all of AVaaco; Mrs. E. W. Crandall and Mrs. F. A. Camp, both of Shafter; Mrs. Frank Hoopes and Mrs. C. S. Morris, both of Delano; Mrs. Mark LinscnU. Ar- vln; Mrs, Ada Mortenson, Fellows; Miss Mabel Edwards and Mrs. M. Boylcs, Taft. Tyornl Group Bakers field .women taking part were: Mesdamps Marie Jacobsen, Winifred Sasia, "Leonoro Elwood, Juliet Hobson, W. S» Llebendofer, also a post president of tho local association. A meeting of the Kern county asso- flatlon WUH held last evening at tho Kmeraon School. Doctor Schaper pro- Hided at the session. Members voted that proceeds of this year's Christmas Reals go toward continued tuberculin testing of school in the county. More than 8000 children in the county were tested last spring, and a number of active cases of tuberculosis uncovered. Schools whero teats were not given last spring will be contacted and some of the school*) already entered will bo again placed on the list for testa for children who did not take advantage of the health check originally. Miss Carlson addressed tho group on plans for the state meeting. Mrs. Santa was elected as secretary of the local association. Union Cemetery I> a NON-PROFIT CORPORATION, which meana that all income goes into -the Cemetery treasury. in conducted for the ben* eflt of the public and not for individual profit. 40% of the «ales of this Cemetery goes into the Perpetual Care Fund to inaure Perpetual Care .Offlet at the Ctmtttry v • Telephone UI7 ft I* .. L I- . * ' '. f • .: . - j- L -rl-r4 r -p%Hj^ h ' ' --- -. :-*•••. L * h- , * GIANT CAESAR ARRIVE TOWN WITH CIRCUS FOR BIG PARADE Circus Afternoon, Evening Showing of Famed Feature Clyde Bealtj Schools were dismissed early this t afternoon so that Impatient feet could carry pupils to the big Cole Brothers circus, which recently combined with Clyde Beatty's zoo to provide the largest traveling men agerio in tho United States. Thousands lined the streets this morning: to witness tho first circus po^ rado Bakersfield hda had In many years, Tho circus grounds arc at Bernard street and Alta Vista Drive In East Bakersfield, The show has been scheduled for 8 o'clock tonight, a half-hour early because of tho long trek south to follow. Uonn and Tigers Clyde -Beatty, famous wild animal trainer, is this season battling two score lions and tigers, newly recruited from tho Jungle. Hla wife, Harriet Beatty, Is presenting for the first time In an arena together a Nubian lion and royal Bengal tiger that simultaneously ride an elephant. 10 From Europe come tho Zavatta troupe of nine bareback equestrian*. Tho Zoeppo family, equilibrists, arc newly imported from Spain in their amazing act. The Gretonaa offer thrilling high wire exploit** in tho lofty tent dome, and Harold Barnes, tight wire dancer, tho Aerial Tiling- tons and tho Flying Harolds are other stars. Sixty clowns furnish fun for tho little folks. Serenade of Spain A monster pageant, tho "Serenade of Spain," opens tho show with a procession of more than 1000 men, women, horses, elephants, camels, yaks and other boast,s of forest and jungle. There are 100 dancing girls. Tho wardrobe used by tho circus represents an expenditure of $70,000. Oil Worker Badly Hurt on Job Here n f John "Wimberly, 80, Pinnell Oil Company employe residing at 2100 Edison highway, suffered a severely crushed right hand last night when a cable broke, allowing a heavy piece of drilling equipment to fall on him. He is under treatment at Kern General Hospital. FOUUTRY MKBTINO Under the auspices of the San Joa- Grain Company here, Dr. ^red- •rick Gilbert, veterinarian, addressed local poultrymen on poultry diseases. A good-sited turnout attended tho meeting, which was held iMt evening. Above is Caesar, one of tho oldest elephants in captivity, as ho appeared today upon arrival with the famous Colo Brothers-Clyde Beatty circus. Below is tho sensational Harold Barnes, juvenile tight-wire performer. Kern Supervisor Leader in WPA Organization Censure W ITH Supervisor Stanley Abel of Kern county leading the speakers, a blasting attack on the WPA and ltd administration resounded yesterday in Ban Francisco, with Harry A. Hopkins/ federal works proRrcss admtnlntrator, sitting silently in the room. Tho occasion was a meeting of northern California mayor*, city managnrH and supervisors in tho San Francisco city hall. Hopkins, a guost at the meeting heard speakers representing California counties and municipalities, denounce the "bungling and incompetency" of the WPA administration. , ~~ "No sound and sane business man would ever attempt to run projects as the works progress administration in running them," Abel, Kern supervisor and secretary of the State Supervisors' Association, declared In his talk before the group. "Someone In the organization seems determined to make it Impossible for communities to carry on their projects efficiently," The prediction that tho entire workH progr&ns administration will bteak down this winter unlosH common senso IB uned to administer tho setup was made by Abel, who deplored tho apparent lack of confidence In public offlclalfl \vlih-h he naid was shown by WPA officials. Also bitter in his attack on the WPA was Eugene Vlncenz, public works commlHMloner of Fresno and president of the California Ixmgue of Municipalities who scored cam^lla- tlon of projects approved by Preal- dent Hoosevelt. Ho critlcljtetl uUo what ho tewned tho "continual barrage of rules and regulations emitted by the works progress administration." Hopkins, speaking in defense of hla organization, said he knew of no rules or regulations promoting Inefficiency and declared lack of money caused the majority of friction. Big Blaze Sweeps 300 Acres in L A. Another of the «erle« of devaatat* In* bruah and forest fires., which • i have recently struck Lx>s Angeles county, broke out at San Francis* qulto canyon, due south of Sawmill Peak and about 60 miles noutbwest of Baker* field, in mid-morning today, it wa* reported to Dispatcher Ban Cooper, in the utate forestry Burning: alonjf a mile front, flamea had charred 800. acres In tho first hour. - The /ire r is In heavy bniah in H ruir^od rejrlon, making «r« fihiin difficult, FILL IKK CA Fractured Skull, Carbon Monoxide Combine to End Youth's Life VEHICLE IS CRUSHED William J. Weaver, 23, Found Unconscious in Truck Near Fulton IS ATI! of J. Weaver, 23, McKarland electrician who Brakeman in Suit Against Santa Fe Result of Tumble R OBERT F. BIOGAR, a brakeman, has filed a $75,000 suit against the Atchison, Topeka <t Santa Fe here, alleging that he is Incapacitated to continue this work as a result of an accident while working for the railroad. According to the Biggar complaint prepared by Attorneys Clifton Hlldebrand and James E. Martin, the plaintiff while employed by the railroad on January 14 of this year was thrown 12 feet to the ground when a brake released suddenly as he was setting It. The plaintiff claims the brake was defective. FOUR R CONSID RATION SOON TRIAL CLOSINC T^ was found unconscloun In his wrecked truck noar Fulton Ranger Station Saturday morning, today was under Investigation by Coroner N. C. Houzo and officers of the California Highway Patrol. Weaver died at a local hospital yesterday afternoon, purportedly from tho combined effects of carbon monoxide graa poisoning and a fractured T SUSPECT ARRAIfED HERE Long Held in Lieu of $5000 Hail Pending Hearing Set I TALENT Wide Variety of Entertainers Are Seeking to Appear on Kern Broadcast for October 8 A post mortom examination of tha remains was planned today to establish officially tho cause of death. Motor Running Although tho truck was badly wrecked, tho engine was still running and tho cab was tightly closed, all windows being rolled up, when tho accident was discovered by O. Simmons, carpenter of Sugar Ixiaf mountain, at 7:30 o*c1ock Saturday morning, it was reported. Tiro tracks indicated the truck skidded 60 yards, broadside to tho road, before crashing, investigators reported. Authorities believe Weaver may have become overcome by carbon monoxido gras and loKt control of his truck, tho crash resulting. Remain* in Coma Tho young man was rushed to Fulton ranger Mtation for first aid treat men t and subseq u ont 1 y re • Robert IxmR. 39, Taft rip builder, today faced preliminary examination before Judffo Stewart M agree on charged ho attempted to hold up and rob the Marloopa branch of tho Hank of America, tho hearing having been set for October 8 at 10 o'clock. He won remanded to cuntody of- the. sheriff in ))ou of $5000 ball following hid arraignment In Sixth District Justice Court. Holdup Frustrated ]x)ng IH alleged to have boon one of two armod and nmaked twndtta who, on the afternoon of August 21, drove up in front of tho Muricopa bank and madu a run for tho door, only to bo m«t by a blu*t of ptatol fire, na they entered, ttaorge Klori Ping, hank manager who frustrated tho robbery attempt, oald be thought ( he wounded one of the bandlta. I.onK, who flod from Hhnrlff Kil ChumpnesN In » hall of pistol bullets near l*a«o Hoblew and died, however, without regaining consciousness. Tho body la at Delano Funeral Parlors. Mr. Weaver was tho son of Mr. and Mrs. \V. H. Weaver, of McFarland. His widow, Mrs. Ilda Precis Weaver, from whom he was st»p- arated, resides in Delano with their two small daughter*. fe • • feB - . - r to pollc* In Toft, denica any connection with tho holdup attempt- Without Attorney Ho woji not represented by atto*r- noy ut th« arraignment proceeding*. O. T. Wood. Txmg'fi brother-in-law, and Mrs, Virgin Allen, both accused of harboring tho fugitive, will appear for preliminary hoaxing before Judge Mugoo, October 2, on charges of aiding and abetting a criminal. TT/HKTH12U the Inloos and Carlins, two married couples, conspired to " extort and did extort $1001 from J. N. Mllham, SB-year-old rancher under alleged threats to expose him for asserted Improper attentions to their young daughters will be given to a jury to determine late today. The case moved into its last act when Norman Main, deputy district attorney, opened the state*s argument with the preface that since Immemorial times men and women have heen trying to get for nothing. \V, C. Dorria, defense attorney representing the quartet of defendant R, Mr. and Mrs. Albert M. Tnloes and Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Carlln, will contend in their defense that there was no threat against Mllham. nor extortion, and that tho sum collected was for damages. Inloes Not WorHed Inloos snld on the stand yesterday said ho had absolutely no worries over tho caao and had had none since Its inception. Under direct examination he admitted having collected the money from a representative of Mllham and that ho h»d ftlgned a releaan. Tho money, ho explained, was for what ho deemed damage to his young daughter, not physical damage of any serious import but damage to her peace of mind and for having been informed of certain facts too early In life. The rancher. Mllham, tho complaining witness, doniod categorically having dono anything Improper In connection with the two little girls. His wife, who said Hhe, was with htm on tho occasion of tho asserted Improper conduct, also denied It and corroborated her husband's statement. Scott to Conclude When Attorney Dorrtn has concluded bin argument for the defond- nnls. Tom Scott, district attorney, will conclude for the state. According to testimony adduced during tho hearing tho CarlliiH r* celvod only $1 OH their share of "damages" and they had expressed no serious donlro to prosecute Mil- hum, explaining that he had often been kind to them. , When ;the attorneys, have con- j The search. i». tor eluded their argument*, Superior. entertainer* to Utke port In a Kron- Judge n. B. Lambert I* prepared to j tier Days salute to Bakersfleld and give his instructions to tho Jury on j Kern county from Los Angeles on tho law of the case. ; Monday, September 28. with Conrad Attorney r>orrlft concluded his j Nn*el reading- u 1000-word tribute, case for the defendant* today with | specially advertising the celebration, testimony from f^eo G. Pattly. John | Auditions Slated Wife of Railroad Official Dies Here Burglary Hearing i*-- 1 - i MI-"-™ I ii. H- mil j *ttf ^^^f .rf'^^J VH t '•A Mrs. HOHO Logan Johnston, 68. .IllTV IS SpIPPTPfl wife, of Herbert U. Johnston. Houth- UU1J AO OCACltCU S^'SSKSSLVK ,SSSf.'lS 5-a. w iffl= s f.;.. V ?. r.. r^ «s sasr.-s-.-iss.vffi John-ton had mud-, their horn. In | , bllrg , a r| ln d th« homo of AV. H. BuUersflold for tho lust quarter of a century and Mm, Johnson leaves a wldo circle of friends here, Sho was born in Hantu Hiirbura, a Kern county Is out to break variety records In the mate-wide "California's Hour" talent quest, according to Carl Sulzbachor, talent HCOUI who arrived here yesterday. Among the several hundred advance inquiries have been requests for (special provision for a school choir, an accordion band, a roller skate tap dancer, a burlesque on a popular radio program and a "drama-ette." Several young composers have asked to enter their own compositions and one requested orchestration by David Hroekman. Scores of children arc entering and there are also many groups of musicians. Imitators und readers of monologues. City Mutttc-Mimled "Rakorsfield IB obviously a music- minded city." said Mr. Sutxbachcr. "Home communities Just nr«»n't greatly interested In music or drama, and we have to ifo out and more or less draK in the toJent. Hut In Kali ersfleld It Is comine to u«, and I win already nee that the »veruK<» quality of tht! artists wf amiUion hrro i-s going to be hiRh." 11- Hlffgen and Olen U. Bmlth. character wttnesaes for tho defnnse. momhor of u prominent early Cultfor- lorn Wc nllfl«d sundry ai nlii family, but is H«rvlvPd now by ftppliro i and juhei* and a la only ono brolhnr. UlWonl Logan of M n Rthelr property. Thaim «l«V*^.«-k»h-B«tlr« t *M*«d m*f* 1 A Bh ^ .t ^. I .-... IkB.^.li m * ' * ™ Ouatciniila. Cent nil Amorlcti, In ad dltlon to Mr. Johnston. Mrs. .Johnston wo* a member of tho Btikcrnfleld Woman's Club and of tho ISplflcopal Church, In which elm wan an iictlvo worker. Funeral urrungoments. in charfce of Hopson mortuary, had not been completed today. Debaters Appear at Legion Session Doris Jtancock and Stuart Chenoweth, well known young orators of Bakenvflcld Junior College, weru featured speakers on a ronntltntlon Week proKnim of Frank K. Hoy- Yioldn Post No. L'fi, Ainnrlrun legion, laiit night. The young Mpcakem an- alysed tho 149-y p tir-olii document and Its historical background in instructive talks. Hay Hurum, post AinorlettiilHin chairman, urrangud noar Gosford. on July 7, of Is year. Mr. and Mrs. Green, called by Warren Hlockloii. deputy district at- articles of lantern a* artlclca, according to tho state's lost iniony, were stolen from tho Green homo. Defending Johnson is Attorney W, Sun-Maid Advance on Raisins Higher i Cash advances on Thompson and Muscat ralMriH will run an high a* Angelew and opportunity to compete A ml I Mo TIN will begin at 2 o'clock Monday afternoon at KKUN and continue through Tuesday afternoon and evening. Ten outstanding performers ur groups will be picked by the scouts and a final selection of $40 prlste winners will bo mad«> local Judges Wednesday night. Tho auditions are at radio KB UN. The winner* also get a trip to tx>a 10 Acres Timber Swept by Flames r ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ffff^^f^^^^f^^^^^^^^^ff^f^f^^ A ID-acre timber blase near Likely'* sawmill on the east slope of Greenhorn mountain wan quickly extinguished by tha United States forest service early thin morning. The fire wa» near the Southern California Edison Company's power line; according to Bee Cooper. dt»« patcher ot th0 «tate • forwtry servlco 1 A " , '• ,-^»-"' • " V . :-- - ^ ' . f ' . , ' , ' ™ : ^^B ^tf ^^^^L •--••*',-• - ••• , * , . nere. •. . ; .-, -••,•.. • • •;.••»•• cooler wt^mer of the last •*1f^' : ?'^M'-.1^-V 1 »WuiMHJ.- Uio" fire h«L*ard and the state foireiitiy TOW? has ajl»wer«d no serious calls Commander U. J. Miller appointed A. "XV. Kabeff, (Jlenn Htanftnld and Wayne P. Nelson tt» membera of a traffic Hafety committee. H was voted to hold a father and »on niffhi on Octob<*r 8. On October U) the post will entertain the auxiliary, und on October 31 there will bo a Hallowoen party for UK* post and ituxlllury. Blood-Stained Car and TwoMen Held Glenn Innes. 37,' of 1130 Trenton- ftst mreet, bo« AnneleB, and Krank ISttiiton, 47, today were held by Tho Jurors Impaneled in two mln- utp» arc OM follow: George L. Crenshaw. lAiclllo dribble, Ksrhaiias C. Bartet, Marglo beona Oreen, P*lor* enco V. Vodnwallader, Clcorla Fecar, Albort C. Kldd. Thomaii 1^. Kelly, Grace A. Brooks, Mrs. ICdna O. Tomlinson, Mrs. Heraphtne Hhowcroft a»id Mrs. Paisy I-. Mapes. $140 in Money and Rings Stolen Here Thpft of ring* and money to tho total amount of 1140 from tha homo of John Ylngtir. 620 Jacknon street* today wan Ix'lng Invotitlgaied by Ba^f- firnflrld pollre. Tho money and rtngH, Ylngor ro- ported, wi»r« contained In his wife's wiu* wtolen by a thief oniry to tho house by unlocks! roar door. I « purse, who gained tin-unw of an - I ersfleld police on suspicion of grand theft while detectives Investigated circumstances surrounding their presence in a blood -etui nud automobile on Seventeenth street at 8:40 ft _ M% Patrolmen C, W. Heed and C. W. Chapman, who arrested Innes and Kaston tbis morning, said the men failed to give a satisfactory account of themselves or their automobile. Questioned by Uout*nant H. V. arayson, Uea<| of the inspectors' division of the police department, later In the day, Inne* acoounuvd for blood on the car py saying h* <|UarrciUo4 idth a domain In j*to» anil had Senior Scouts to ConveneJSaturday 8enlor ttcouts, boys over 15 yearn of ago, will K nth or for dinner at 0:30 o'clock Saturday evening at Kern River Hcout lUwrvatlon In the first fall meeting- William A. Hnaro. chief of the Korn county Identification bureau, will talk on fingerprinting. UluBtrutlng his discussion with slides. KeHervutioMB are being taken to* day and tomorrow morning at city hall. 8coutn wtahlng transportation should telephone u miuCHI. \ DRIVER, BEWARE! An OTH Saturday and Sunday the highways will be crowded with motorists* Do your part; drive thoughtfully, sanely; ••* •lit In keeping Death's Record In Monday's Callfornlan to a minimum. •J. -' v i" i *u.\ * . v '._, *,- v; 1 -' ''-. * -.1' - • * - j^ ... - j • i '.i . . . / . ^ - ---.-'-. m . V - .-.' . .'•• *.*.-• - * * • -•,,. t' $80 per ton, exclusive of later payments, according to grading schedules JuHt announced by Sun-Maid Raisin Growers of California. Tho grading basis, on nil varieties, in tho same aa that of last year, but tho advance* thl» ywtr to growers for each grado will bo $G por ton moro on Thompsons and Hultnnnn, and f 16 per ton moro on Xfuncats. These schedules will apply equally to annual pool niembern and regular Sun-Maid members. "Wo havo made tests of receipts of thl« year's crop.*' reported Willlam N. Kceler, general manager of the Association, "and are glad td announce that oarly proHpeota of good quality ore being borno out by actual deliveries." H won announced at the 8un*Maid general office* that, upon request, both annual pool members and regular Hun-Maid m«rnbora would bo supplied picking boxen sufficient for their need a without charge. Bradshaw Club in Conference Here Group Two of the Kradshaw for Judge club met recently In tho home of Mr». Donald Stewart, Cedar and Nineteenth «trecta. Mm. I^eta Claiiin presided arid Mm. Z. V. lloa- klntt was elected permanent secretary. • Mrs. rianln stated September 24 wa« the closing regUtnitlon dato and onked eo«.'h member to contact friends not already registered and urgo regintratlon. The following officers wore present: Mm. Clanln, president; Mm. Honklnn. Bocretary; Mr«. K. I«. Burton. Mm. James Brumes. Mrs, W. L. Hradshaw, Mrs. James Perry. Mrs. K. C. Gilbert. Mrs. I>onAld Stewart* Mm. Deulah Wadrnan. Mrs. William Madlll and Mrs. Carl Pearson, board of directors. New members uddwl to the roster wore: Mnndames A. \V. Kincaid, Leila Lockelt, J. K. Cardwull. Gladys Parks, Anna Humble, Margaret Carlisle and Carrie Dungan. The next meeting will be held in October, He- fresh menu were served at the cloue of Uie meeting. emeus BUS BBRVICK Bu* service to the circus grounds, at Alt* Vista and Bernard *tre*U from the Southern Pacific depot will be available every 16 minutes tonight. It wait announced by the Bak- eld and Kern Electric Railway, Among loml have been "The "The Southern billy orchentraA. In the state-wide contest for higher prixcn. entrants already Uoyal Texnns" and KUirs." radio hlll- Colone.1 Grant and his Tezans; lUimona Hyder, 12, daughter of Inspector Arthur C. Ryder of the fire department, who plays the piano; Mm. J. Hart Tener. who ha* an original song dedicated to Kern county; Kexton Reed, piano teacher, and his pupils, and Harold Carlock, pianist. Stock Raisers of County Will Meet Hpnator J. I. Wajcy nnd Art nnder of Onyx, president of the Kern County Cattlemen's Association, today urj?ed attendance of all Kern cattle and Rheep ralfiers at a special meeting ut 10 o'clock Monday morning In the courthouse, when F\ R, Carpenter of Washington. D. C.. national director of grazing. wUl be prevent. The Taylor irrazlng net and BOH are among tiled and th" attendance of alt stockmen in Important, whether resident on public domain or not. Senator Wftir.v said. He urged the cattle and nheep committee-men narttcu- !nrly to be prune nt. SALE MONUMENTS C Sept. I to Sept. 15 NKW INSPECTOR Officer D. B. Galbraith of the city police dftpartment has be«n transferred from tho patrol to th« in* irpectpra division, SOME AT LESS THAN WHOLESALE All Greatly Reduced j nr DESIQXS TO CHOOSE PROM ED . HELM KIGHTH AND BAKKR Phone 130 -'< .=*. F «fl ; ''Vs?.:,*/ 1 ,* J • .- ' ' r -Ts-" - - f \t -•••-:^ . - - •,!*?'. • -- - -.iff -^*&, , F '•V.-3 - ;•--•. • .'ft '1 O. rf ' r.^j ,• ;».,-. /--> : , t . « E a'i f- •*-; ,- . > *, - '.r/.- Ssft'lf

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