The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 8
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S^S, ; piS^^s|iPT^ra^^^^f^^!S > JSp^^!?*^Tn^-'''V < t. t* f ?f'*<> > <f'V.'i'rxfw', -'</TT".'" f* • 'si,™ j ••*£ f ' ^ ' * ^'i ; ^' 5 k * r ^, " r f f * ~* ** ^* THE BAKERSP1ELD CAUPOttKIA^f, FRIDAY, SteMBM8ER 18, 1936 Industry Lender Says Costs Have Increased; Rise Is Due in Ton Days I.UUI, Sept. IS. Murker] Improvement In i.'nllfornla wine prlcen within the next 1" days, reflecting the prifcnl lilKh grape prices ami tho substantial Increases In wine demnnd, WIIH predicted tud;iy by .1 It. i Vila, president of the Itoma AVIne Complin;-, Ani'-rlca's largest Wine producer. The lloma \Vlne Comininy If imtlfylnK thi- Irade of ftn IncrofiMc In KM own prlcen. cffec tlv(> Seplembi-r '.'J. lltll'i Strengthening of the prlcr "trur 1 - ture I- "lm'\'ltiub|e" beciium of the Inflexibility of wine InventorleH, Mr. i 'ella Nald. "Ctrapr 1 KroAvern are rer'i-h IMK frmn 60 per crnt to l f| ^' per cent more for thnlr grnprs thin year than liiMt year." Mr. (Vila mild. "Wine prlc<-n have been N|O\V In reacting, but as the vintage .wcasrui progn-KNeu. H he- comes obvlou-i Hint wine Invenlorlf-s vannol be replneed nl the prices fur which wine \n now moving. SO per cent mon California wine thlH yr-ar than they did In I I'M, iici-ordhiK to AVIne Institute figures. Thin, together with a Ht<ad\- IncreaNe In Pa. clflc r'ufiMt consumption, Is (k-plnllng wine slrn-k." at a ri'initrUaljIy rapid role Them IM no place for prices to go Inil up." That lunch of Iho benefit from the higher wine price structure will ui erne to the grnpe growers sci-ms assured, Mr. ('i llu staled. Suhnnrmiil Krap* yields /mit the In ITCIINCH In \(lm- coiiHumpllon hruught abmil by Ihe Wlm- Insllluie [irogiain were Hiild b> Mr. Celln to be the prln el pal factors In lln- wine Imlimliy's lmpr<ived puHltlon AIK .SKKVICK KXTKNDKI) SANTA HAHHAIIA. Mept IX (A. I'.t I.ially pai'Hengcr ami freight nlr trnnsporl service Into Santa Hiirbara- ClolelH fill-poll will Start October I on the I'nlted Air Lines system, the chamber of commerce announced. Gather Men for Salinas^ Trouble (Continued 1'rum Page Ont) searching for pipes, clubs nnd «ub- nmchlno guns reportedly stored there. Humors hn,ve been current for three days that machine guns had bofii brought Into Iho strike urea HO- eretl.v. State highway patrolmen searched for a "black automobile" Bald to be carrying the weapons. Thd Salinas Central Labor Council, uiennwhllr, met and drafted n scries of protests In behalf of Ihe strikers, Une protest, addressed to the state department of eduentlon, decried the Impressment of Kiillnas high school boys IIH deputy sheriffs. Tlir protest declared Hie youths, ranging In ages from IS to 20 yeni's, were drnftecl Into "vlgllnntc service" under compulsion and given firearms to nld In iiunlllng .Mtrlltc outbreaks, Marl Montgomery, member of thn executive council of the [fruit and Vegetable Workers' 1,'nlon. mild slrlk- crs lorlny will resume picketing of shipping sheds. Vest onlay picketing generally WIIH abandoned under terms of a temporary truce Waller Mathewnon, deputy for the department of labor, conferred W minutes wllh i'buries Uroolcx. exr-cii- live «eercla.r\"of the f Jrowr-r-ShlpperH' AHfinrlatlon and A. M. Doss, secret iiry oC (hi 1 union MathewMon declined lo inalte u Ntiili'ini'iil regarding his findings mill llrookn eommenleil thai "Ihci fuel ii of i In- ni'K"ll'illonN lo dale wero ptncrd In-fore Mr. MalhewMon," I loss, speaking for the union, mild: "Ait fur HM we ure concerned, we •,', III give our support lo Un feilcral mediator. Our mlndu are not closed In thin mailer, Wu also protested the depredation agnlrisl the ttlrlkers by iirtned men. Miilhcwsnn said lie In In Unit Strike Paralyses Big Cotton Mills HiaiKAHINC. (iUANTKI) KAN KUANI'IMCO, Kept. IN.—The, fllnte Supreme ('ourt rcHclnfled un • itixler of two uecltH ago today and « the- city of Hanla liiirbarii a | In UK Null to alteiupl lo ! collect city tnxes from thu Wardrobe l.iumdry I'ompnny, lor.aled Just, outside the clly llmllH of Mania Mar- (Aiinetaieil I'remi f.,tatert W<rcj r'ATHH, Sept. IS.—HprniulIng strikes paralysed the cotton mills of the) Vosgos region In northpa«torn Franca today while satisfied tcxlllo Blrll<9rs In Iho Lille region evacuated the factories they have been holding. Having settled I lie Llllo Strike, thn government tackled the new difficulty. Approximately ItO.OOO motl were Idlo In Iho vicinity of Iflplnal, Including morn than 10,000 at Haiti I: Die, where most rnlllH worn occupied. A i. tho tlmn, I'lerro Thlrlo!!, head of lh" omployprH' fednratlon at t.lllo and spokoHinan for the aswoct/l- lion fif tcxllle operators of France, rppoateil tho employers' demand that the Rovurnnipni n.nd labor "ond tho « of ii.nnrchy In France." Hirlliern' roprrtftontaUves carried luii'k in the t.uio lextllo rpglon today UilM riicNHagn from mill owners: "I'roiiilKi- ni'vur iiK'iln to occupy Hie fiu'lorlcH and wo'll raise your waifus 0 per rent." Tenlallvn HeUI'imeril of the "folded arriiH" Htrlke at I.llle was announcod last night In I'arls after a werli'H of leiifTthy ronforeiiei'n which followed I he refiiKiil of :I3.00Q employos to con- Iliiui- with Ihelr JoliH. Moth sides claimed vl'-torles. The workers derlared they received the poy nilfii' they aHkcd for, Mrs. Harry Hartz Is Given Divorce T,OR AN'niCM'IS. Hppl. IS.--- fTinrKlnfr dpsorllnn, Mrs. Annette f!, Ilarl/. won a, divorce today from Harry Ilarl!!, aulomohlle race driver, who did mil content her milt. She tenllflpil he left h»r 111 Lou AiiKelnn July I. IDflfi, ami returned to IndlanapollH. where they married .Tune 7. 10211. They Hppuratpd Iwleo before IriNl yenr'H purling, but WPI-P reconciled, Mrs. llnrl/. snld. The flrwl weparallon occurred, Hho teHllfled, beciiiifin "he wan very temperamental and I found It nlmont Impomllil" to live wllh blmt then." Hhc un lil. hriwi'ver, shn rotiimed lo him lo nun"' him hack to health after he wan Injured In un accident. "I don't really remember very clearly why we Hpparn'ted the Hen- mid lime," Hhn testified. It's our family's whiskey, neighbor —and neighbor, it's .your price! The Wilken Family and friend* joking together about old time* ThU U ui chatting with Larry Burkei itnci old Nat Weekt concerning Dtd't doing* backln the 90'i when tin firit took up dlitllllng. That'* my brother William chuckling in the swing. It's ^ £('" me in the middle leaning ' thlt way, and Tom with hi* face *ort of icrewed up lUtenlng to Nat. Harry E. Wilken Dad's cronies say our Family's Whiskey can't be beat! Take? old Nut WivkH nnd Lurry Burkes —they've lived in this distilling town their whole life —or pretty close lo it nnywuys — and you'd sure have to hunt around some to find folks as fussy about the lustiness of whiskey as them. And both of them were remarking just tho other day on our front porch how for good tasting and easy swallowing whiskey there's nothing that stacks up with the Wilken Family's Recipe. Well ihtit's the way it goes. But what makes me feel good is seeing everyone —no matter who they ore or where they live —thinking just the same as Nat nnd Larry! /V"**' to >*y 0 X»*' V Till I' ».-• Trrf. * ropy o( oilf Wilken I'.mllv Clinking Allinm II you'll wrlu mf m Thf M«plt«, H. I'.U. No. 3, fii-hrnlf y, l>«. » Wilt* "" 0 " 1 -.. *»''•«.•«« #* i. tfliw 9B^2f ~ Cowrlirht IB36. )u.. N. KHirli « Co . Inc., Hrli'rnlrv l ^ ~"" • "- -^.*"^ •«»"•»• • ****** *^**r ~ i- \~ -*a*mr H6.8 |>roiir-'rh« imlglil whlikUt In Ihlt product • re IS mnnlhi or mure iil.l. 2f% ilnlvlil whUkUn 75% ir.lii neiilrnl >i<lclii. <(% iiml«lil nliliktr 4 v»«r» nltl, 3tO9b ftriliht nliliUry 11 munlhi old. «V THt WIIKEN CAMILV t*V. > Johnson's Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores, Inc. Choiler it Twtnty>lourlh Strnot Phono 4080 750 - Hereford Cattle for Sale - 750 Registered and Pure Bred 200 HULLS, WKANKUS TO TWOS 50 COWS AND H151 FEUS 500 LON(J-FHl) HUIFKKS AND STHEUS Elmhirst's Second Annual Sale Saturday, September 26, 10 a. in. Itanch »u 101 Highway, I Miles South Los Alamos, Santa Uarlmra County J. A. KLM1IIHST COL. FllKI) KKPPKRT C. Ci. KUMIIIKST Decatur, Indiana Owners Auctioneer WRITE NOW FOR THE CATALOG Lafyor, Merriam * Clash on Strike fOanHnued from Page One) a protcnt parade around tho »tato capital, they adopted the following polntn: Point* Adopted t. Demanded proof from B, Jtay- mond Cato, h«id of 1)19 state highway patrol, that Communist* are «• sponnlbln for the Halllinw Htrlko and rctra/itlon from Cato and Governor Men-lam If tho highway patrol head can't substantiate lil« charge. 2. JiiBtrunted tholr local tinloiiH to protcBt to Mcrrlarn agiUnml notlvltlen of th« highway patrol In aiding "fitrlltobreaiflng." 3. Appealed to I'roHldent Hoosovnlt protontlng 1 action of Hherlff Carl Abbott of Monterey county In Impi-ens- Irig all tibta-hodled mal(! olttr.cnn Into norvlcc which the federation «ald was acting (is "strikebreaker guards." They naked tho I'rcnldont to name a opnolal Investigator to Htudy tha entire Hltuatlon. 4. Initiate a recall of Governor Mnrrlam unlctm ho putB n. check, on tho actlvltloH of tho Blato highway patrol In tho otrllto area. A companion plan a«koil local unlonn to lirlp finance tho recall movement If It proved noiri'HHury. 0:HO ». in. Dcndlliif! G. CommlMHlun a committee of four lo call on tho governor for bin answer on the federation rcqucBt for arbitration IIH a Mojutlon of the Htrlke; that If no answer IH forthcoming from Merriam by D-.flO a. in., Iho executive com- mlttno (if tho federation IB empowered to go to 8a)lnnn and take direct chargo of the Btrlkc. 0. Appealed to tho railroad brother- hoodn to rofuHo to handle lottuco Hblpped during the strike. The federation t'l'cvloiiHly declared tho lettuce "unfair." 7. Petition tho regional labor board lo set up ft" arbitration coin- mitten to sotllo tho Btrlke. 8. liiHtructnd tho fndoralloit^ attorneys to give what aid they could to ti'lllplnom In tho Htrlko dlKtrlct. A run -off election for federation nri'Hldoncy wan Hchodulml later to- flay. None of tho rundldutoM ycHlor- duy received a majority for flection. They wore JIUHRH HopkliiH, Hun Incumbent; .1. W. Huzxnll, \ii<n AiigoloH, and John Hhoomaker, Han Kriinclsco. 13d ward Vandolmir, Han FranclHco, WIIH rn-olecled executive) Hecrntary without oppoMltlun and (.leorgn Kidwell, Han I'YimclHco, won tho post of duli'KU-lluii to t' 1 " nutlonnl convention of tho Anifrlcaii Federation of. Labor. Londoner Visits Race of Pigmies (Uniti",i Prcu Lcnied Wire) .LONDON, Hept. 18.—A «trangj9 race of plgmtc», men and women who have never come in contact with whlto men, wim vlnlted by Lord Moyne, who ha« returned to Knfflund from tho Malay Archipelago. Txird Moyno exhibited for charity tho trophlns ho collector] during ht« expedition to Papua. Among them arc the Bounty hcaddrosN which tho pigmies weur, "Tho (jxlslniico of tho atrango raco of plKtnloB long ha« been Mpokcn of, but novor cMlabllnhcd," aald Lord Moyno, "Wo were fortunate In being able to traco tho tribe. I woe ablo to photograph and to measure them. Tho average height of thn men waa 4 feet, 0 Inches, while the women wero on tho average 4 feet, 3 Inches. "They are uavage and ferocious, and are constantly at war with neighboring tribes. They are not black, but of. a yellow tinge, although they possess tho negroid features. Their weapons arc mostly of bono or shell. Once they mastered their fear of us we found them friendly, although they are cannibals." Overproduction of Sugar, Says Refiner (Aitoctalcd /'rent Levied Wire) SAN P13DKO, Sept. 18.— Urowora In Iho Hawaiian Islands nnd tho United HtatOB arc engaged In overproduction of Hugar, said Frank B. .Sullivan, roflnor, but tho market prlco will not bo affected. Hulllvan, preflldont of the California and l/awallun Sugar Refining Corporation, returned from an Inspection of tho Islands, Ilo mild both cano and bcot Hiigar markets wero thrcntennd with a HiirplUH. 4 « * Fresno Man Hanged at Flsom Prison HuccoHHful candldatcH for vice- proHldoiK'li'H wern: l.)l«trlct No. 1, 11, |i'. NolMun, Hun Ulego; S, Walter Malutffey, Stockton; 10 (four to bo choHon) Hurry Mrldgcn, JnHi'ph Me- MaiitiH. Anthony Noriega, and Wai- tcr Cuwuh, all of Han J'Yanctuco; 11, CharloH \V. Heal. Oakland; 1'J, .1. '/.. \'nu Tollrup. 1-MttHbiirg; M . i Ji.'orgo Ntnki'l. Hucramonlo; and IB, It. I''. Hhtiunan, ICun-ku. V'lce-proHldnntlal cundlilatoH elected without nppoHltlun Included: iJistrict 'i, Jiuni'H (.loultisr, liiitiK; .T, John K. Horn and Nt-ll IkiKgnrty, lintb (if Ai)K('l''«; 4. \V. I!. I'at- lefHun, Han 1'rilro; f>, Kenneth ThoiiiBon, Hollywood; 0, James Matt- hiini, Mania Harbara; 7. Clarence Dowd, IfrcMiio: », KOBH Murinlna, San JUMP, and lil. Chnrlcn Daley, Vullcjo. 1' Leaned Wire) SAN QURNTIN, Hopl. 18.— John Kollogg, 2^-year-old Negro, wan hanged at tho prison hero today for tho Htaylnif of Curtis W. Hupp, a whlto fellow worker, at Fresno In Juno, 193G. Kellogg dropped through tho trap at 10:01 a. m. and was pronounced dead 12 minuted later. Ho slept well last night, guards said, ate a hearty breakfast and was calm as ho walkod to tho gallows. « « » Kin of Oil Official Reported Missing- I rOLI/TWOOn, Sept. IS,— Mildred Kearney, D5, of Memphis, Tenn., was I reported minting today by her cousin, i Mrs. Ooorgo W. King, wife of an oil i company president. Mrs. Ring paid her cousin disappeared Monday when she left the house to visit a friend. Tho friend wald Miss Kearney never arrived. Mrs.. Hh,ig said hei- cousin had been I In frail health, 't i ?NT Blast Perils 1700 in Sanctuary (Continued Vrom Page One} baso of Toledo's granite foundations. Then, taking the first step in Its ''terrible decision" to blow tho Alcazar and Us people to bits if they failed to surrender, government engineers touched off tho first mine, ttebefs Fight The rebels left their posts In tho ono remaining tower of the building, dragging machine guns wllh them, fighting every inch of the way. Sweeping over tho huge blocks of stones which tho blast threw Into tho air like straws, tho Invaders hurled scores of hand grenades while behind them, government machine guns Hprayed tho debris to clear it of snipers. Tho fighting still raged tonight, but the government commander bo- llevcd tho Fascists' doom was sealed. Two More Mines Two more mines remained under what was loft of tho shattered fortress. They will bo touched off, the attacking forces said, unless the Fascists in tho dungeon-like plts y below the Alcazar surrender. Ono Intrepid militiaman scaled the remains of tho west wall and hung tho government tricolor from it. Tnch by Inch, tho government men worked their way into tho patio and tho mined galleries which Tiave been tho Insurgents' homo for 59 days. Casualties Unknown Tl was Impossible lo tell tho number of casualties caused by tho blast, but It was bellftvod most of tho women and children, hiding in tho lowest of tho myriad cellars, escaped. The attackers hoped to storm the cellars at bayonet point later in an attempt to take tho surviving do- fenders prisoners. In tho event 'the Fascist fire makes this Impossible, the government will deliver a final warning to tho Insurgents to release tholr women and children, and tho last two mines will bo set off. Evon as tho government carried out tho threat to blow up the Alcazar, powerful syndicalists In Madrid, In an eight-point program which they declared was tho only effective means of crushing Fascism, demanded conscription of all able- bodied men and swooping administration reforms. At tho same tlmo tho government syndicalist reinforcements from autonomous Catalonia Into tho fighting weat of Toledo and claimed It had repulsed Fascist advances from Slgu- enza, northeast of Madrid, and In the mountains north and northwest of tho capital. Guard at Lincoln Bier Dies, Age 91 (Annotated Preti I,ea*cii V7{re) . GLENDAU3, Sept. 18.—Nathaniel Mitchell White, 91, who served In tho Ono Hundred and Ninety-eighth Ohio Infantry during the Civil War, died today at his homo here. White wan ono of tho honor guards at the bier of President Lincoln In Colum- bim, Ohio, preceding burial In Springfield, yi.,j. .5 . i. . ' Seeks Early Trial of $150,000 Suit (A.t»'jrtatcd Prat Leased Wire) LOS ANGELES, Sept.' 18.—Karly trial of Mrs. Christine Fltzpatrick's "emergency case"—a $1.50,000 love theft suit against the widow of the late William Andrews Clark ITI— was sought by her attorney today. "Mrs Fltzpatrick Is without means to support herself and her son, Michael, 4," said Lawyer William M. Mains In announcing readiness for an immediate hearing. Tho defendant, Mrs. Thelma Clark, Is accused In the suit of using her wealth to lure Michael W, Fltsspat- rick, former ship's purser, from his home. Tho millionaire widow's counsel said a demand would be made In court for a deposition from Mrs. Fltzpalrlck. Roosevelt Speaker at Harvard Event (Continued from Page OM) to freedom, not only for them* selves but also for others, whether the truth will prevail through free research, free discussion and tho free Intercourse of civilized men, or will prevail only after suppression and suffering—when nono cares whether It prevails or not." . " » . ^ Paying tribute to Harvard's love of "freedom of thought," and its distinguished sons, ho said: "Here aro to be trained not lawyers and doctors merely, not teachers and businessmen merely; hero Is to be trained in tho fullest senso —man." HURRY HURRY HURRY f ii• • • • Contest Ends 4P.M. Thursday, September 24 II! • • • Actual Weighing of Keds Will Take Place in One of Our Windows at 4 p. m. Thursday Afternoon. . . . Register Your Guess Now in Our Basement Shoe Dept. and Be Here for the Awards on Thursday If You • Can. One of the Prizes May Be Yours! WEILL'S THERE ARE FREE PRIZES for You In Our Keds BIKE CONTEST • - Everyone is trying I Come in for Rules and your Entry Blank. Nothing to buyl . Violent Hurricane Moves Northward (dontlnufil from Vage OnfJ community after community dropped away from tho outiddo world. II WIIH IIM thiiiiKh a grrut roller crnMor, moving Blojidlly acroHH a i mi P. were rubbing out namu after name In ntoady progrcHilon. Tho liurrlcnnn center now won iriivollnn at nearly twice the epood iittrlbiitt-d to It a work ago, when It WBB fli'Ht dlHcovcrod east of tho Loa- ward iHlund. Ships I'nrrpoi'ted Wllh Bevi-ral Hhlpn unrcported. lrcleHs oporators miilnlalncd lenso vigil along tho HlioroN. Tho fishing schooner "Caspian," out of Spring Harbor, N. J,, failed to report at lt« doatlimilon, 1'orln- mouth, Va. Tho noi-tlnvurd swoop of the blasts was whown by weather bureau or- derii for Iho display of now storm warnings all tho way to Kaalporl, Malnn. Prospector Asks to Null Marriage (,\ til/trill I f<l I'rr.m f.cmrd n'lrr) I.OH ANUKUKS. Mnpt. 18.--The Miiy nixl Dei'fiubor nuirrluKu of a man, <I2, tinrl n woinun, IS, found Its wuy to i-'Durt todity. (JoorRo \V. Nolln, proMtioclnr. ttl<><l Hull for iinnulniont a^aliiHt Mrn. AVIIIIo Nolln, chiu-KliiK Him piled him with Iliinor and married him l>ofon> u jimtlcc of tho IMMICO In lU'iio, Nov., without hlH UIHIU IcdKo. Ilo Hiilil ho louriUHl only tl»o ncxl diiy, OctoliKi- 111, lOIIIl, thnt tho e«.«ro- inony Iiml lioon iKirformotl. Dr. Vnn Meter Gives Special Attention to Artificial Teeth All platos mndo In our o\vu laboratory. FRONTIER DAYS!! Get the Spirit by Getting the Right Togs for the Occasion at WEILL'S B USY ASEMENT You Won't Be Thrown for a Loss if You're Wearing LEE COWBOY JEANS Here's a garment that It known for Its durability. Made In sizes for boys and men. Sanforized shrunk. $1.00 $1.39 $1.75 Gaily Colored and Decorated COWBOY SHIRTS They nre just as gaudy in color as you could possibly want them to be. No danger of not being festively garbed in one of these! GAUNTLET GLOVES 89c Regular $1,25 Gloves Spt'ciul for Frontier Dnys. Made of good grade leather. BRIGHT HUED SILK KERCHIEFS To givc^the correct neck trim to that dashing, bewhiskercd male counterpart of earlier limes. 19c and COW BOOTS For the Entire Family S2.95 BOYS' SIZES $1.00 MEN'S SIZES $449 $f65 1 and 1 TOP IT ALL OFF, WITH A SIZABLE HAT of Cowboy Lineage BOYS' SIZES PRICED and 4>liO5 SIZES $1»95 LEATHER CHAPS $4)95 Fine grade all leather in assorted styles. Sizes 6 to 12 years. 2 AND UP In brown or black leather . . . Fancy stitching and perforated j r j m> VESTS of All Leather _ , , , ,, , . . To matdl lhc clm P s - Mode m slzes « 12 years. Regular $3.50 value WEILL'S B USY ASEMENT

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