The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 13, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 13, 1949
Page 2
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p PAfflE TWO ' Socialistic Rule Called Inevitable <>\,'.-'. >!?!•;. , i • • • Secretary of U. S. Communist* Sums Up ' Own Case at Trial NEW YORK, Dot 13~(rt>>—Social- ism it ineutable in every country, Defendant. Eugene: Deimis told the Jury yesterday !n the 39-week Communist conspiracy trial. .Dennis, secretary general of the U£, Communist party, Is sumniln up In his own behalf. He gave'th Jury »n authorltlve lecture on th principles of Marxist-Leninist sue lalism-^or Communism as It Is bet t«r known. . Dennis arid 10 other top America Communists are on trial for con »plr»cy. to, overthrow the jjoutn nient by force and violence. "The law of-social chdiigo say socialism will Inevitably be cstabl ished In every country, but' It doe not say when and ho\v," he sale "Alter attaining state power, th working class can maintain ft. power only by establishing a'dicta, torshlp of the proletariat—a work. Ing class dictatorship against thi exploiters." Although he Is hot a lawyer, Dciv nis ( has- been acting as his owl counsel. Opening hts : summation late yes terday, he said the government, "could not bring us to trial for anything: we had done, but seeks to convict us for our political beliefs and alleged.dangerous thoughts." "It is a. political trial/' he said "» thoughtrcoritrol trial, a trial of Ideas and political doctrines." Dennis, a tall, bulky, whlle-haiicr man, is, the six and last member ol the defense staff to sum up before the federal court jury, which Is expected to get the case late this week. • ' B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Condemned Red Given 'Appeal Court' Hearing BUDAPEST, Hungary. Oct 12 (n'> —La&Elo Rajk, condemned to death for treason,'appeared over his own objections today before a special clemency court which will decide whether to spare his life. With the former No. 2 Hungarian Communist leader were his five trial • co-defendants. The hearing was marked by a bitter speech against the Western 'powers and 'a boast by the prosecutor that Russia now "governs'a'third of the,world" and possesses the atom bomb: The appeal were heard by the National Co'mcil of People's Courts similar to the one which upheld Josef Cardinal Mindszenty's life •entence last July Rajk, former Hungarian foreign minister and minister of the Interior, had rejected an appeal from his death sentence but It was made over his objections His flic codefendants had appealed ' Thermometers frequently register ISO degrees Fahrenheit in Eritrea May Rivise P*oc», Treaty with W. Germany LONDON, Oct. is. w>— The bi» Western powers are planning to rt- view and maybe revise certain u- pects ol their temporary "peace treaty" with West Germany. Diplomatic officials reported yesterday (he Anglo-American-French program of dismantling West Germany's war-potential Industrie* will figure high In the study of the way the month-old occupation statute Is working. . • -. They said I' study will be carried out, according to present plans, by'the three Western foreign mln-' isters and their advisers about the turn of this year. At that time about 20 msjor West German plants now due to be dismantled would still be Intact. S1IOOTI.VG VICTIMS-Mrs, Russea G. Rnch rgrrhrnlla, 1'L 'T,/ 01 '« 'I"' '° W'V' 0 "* Fo « W °""' T «" "0""=. Nearby lay the body of Mrs. Edith Walker' mother of Mrs. Fmch, a pistol near her hand. Mrs. Pinch was the estranged wife of Richard Cordon Pinch "of" 0 dm ' lnE - Ull! *" f ' CW •''•"•"•^."•ii'mu,,, planes on Presidential melons to ; w «':>»«"»<= 'o determine immediately when the deaths occurred. Homicide Deton said an inquest verdict will not be issued until after FlncH arrives. (AP .Wlrephoto). ,' Prior to the California gold rush, more gold was mined In North 'Carolina tlmn In any other US state. . . S/na// G/r/ Lies in Hospital Bed And Waits for Death to Come OKLAHOMA CITY. Oct. 13. _ Janet Lntshn lies in a hospital ward and n doll is by her side. Doctors-say she fs [tying. "I -know I'm sick and I hurt," Janet says. "But Jesus suffered. Ho had nails in his feet,, and I don't nave." , Janet Is Ji>st six and Is an astlimatic: Doctors say her Kings can't survive many more severe attacks , Mrs Wllma Labha, her divorced mother, wants to take her to Albuquerque, where the hut. dry climate s favorable to respiratory diseases. 'lhey'\e been offered transportation But Mrs. Latsha must have enough money lo assure adequate care for her child until she finds work. And she doesn't know where to get it. She hopes the public will iclp. "My : .fathc> and brothers have old ^everything they had," Mrs. Latsha saj's 'It has completely viped us out." Mrs Latsha and Janet came here ast June nfter the Red Cross and ivic organizations In Nacogodochcs, Tex.,—their home—provided them ulh funds "At first," Mrs IlMia s.iys, "Jant did (me Then she grew worse gam She's been out of the hospl- al only eight days since we've been ere." She has been working here as n ousekeeper f iffy dollars of her 560 month is for hospital bllh Janet weighs only 35 pounds—far »lo» normal—and her mother figures she Ims HiTd_more than foi- O J . enjoy a J - way ireai with « jMayrose SMOKED BEEF TONGUE e TO COOK SMOKED BEEF TONGUE Place tongue in lar eo kettle.' Cover with warm water «nng to boiling point. Rcduco heat and cook slowly according to weight until tender. COOKING SCHEDULE W "* 1 C<,ok !n ,T!». 1 lo 3 pound. 2« Io314 hour. Mo4 pound,;...- 3»lothour. 4lo5pou B d. t | 0 5 torn. When cool enough to handle, peel off tho sWn, slice and servo plain or with sauce. A 3}J to 4 pound tongue will give approximately 30 slices Jfinch thick. Put tha leftover beef tongue in the refrigerator, and serve at another meal as a delicious cold plate. S&ttVit, &' years In hospitals. She's hrtd asthma since she was 10 months old. "All of the things you do for asthmatics," the doctor says, "Imve been done for Janet. She will gradually, go,down hill. Pinnkl/, I dpn'l know whether another climate will help — but I feel it Is certainly woilhy of trial " Mrs. Latsha wants that chance and says: "Only od and a good • cllhialc can help " Ft. Smith Man f/ectmf WASHINGTON, Oct. U-<«— Dnw>y w. Reynolds, editor and publisher ol the fort Smith, Ark., southwest Times-Record, ha* been elected to the board of directors .of'the American Society of Newspaper editors His selection wax announced here Tuesday. ;A. SUBSTITUTE FO> MEAT k ^^ MACARONI -SPAGHETTI yU|»E EGft NOOOLtS How To Relieve Bronchitis C re omul si on relieves prompilybecausc ilnocs rij:;lii 10 llic icai of (l\e trouble Ii> help Joo5rn and expel gcr/ii laden phlegm and aid namrc lo snoihc and heal raw, tender, inllamcd bronchial mucous membranes.TeH your drui^ist to'sell jou a bottle of Crconnilsion wnh the understanding you must like the way it qutcfcJ)' aj/.lj-s (tie cou^h or jou are in have ymir money hack. CREOMULS10N tor Coughs,Chest Colds.Bronchitis Step lively-Step lovd(j (rag .^B^; ^i*** '* 7 in Campus Approved Triendly 5 9S Barney's Triendly Shoes Scarfac* Givn Up LONDON, Oct. U, W>-Twentynine ye»rs «go * Judge icntenccd Frederick (Scarface) Smith to hang for murder. Because he was only II, hU sentence for killing the warden of 3 refrcm school wu commuted to lile imprisonment. He lot out In 1835. Tuesday the 47-year-old Smith THURSDAY, OCTOBER 13, 1949 Piles Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Grin Tfeouundi chanr* «rO*ni t* crla*. UM * doctor*' formul* lorellev* discomfort of pll«.: 8«nt drUEfliUby iipttd Thorn- ; ton A Wlnor CltnTc, SiirprUlm QUICK f pall|»tlv« r«lt*t of p«l/i. Itch, Irritation i Tend* to •ofttn, •tirlnk •welllar. UM 4o«i»r*' way. G«t tub* Thornton A ' Minor** R»cta1 O(ntm*nt or R«ctji| Slip- ; i>oollorlti tod*/, t'oltow ltb«i dtrtctlonV. For Ml« at «U drug »tor«» «v*rywh«r« wmj picked up en * chtrje of stetl- liif «ome lead anf *. a « sent to a cell to await a hearing. Today his body was found In the cell. He had hanged himself. 9MUBKB IGOflUK Stamp meters c»n stamp UD t» 300 letters per mlnut*. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES Thii Old Tr«tmw>t Ofu. When dUerter o< kidner xv polsonou* Batter to reraxJn j It may cause naoyioB buka pains, lef f aJnj^ JOH ol fn-ff imi VJM tfn» UP DlihU, swelUnc, p u ftn«* t UtncttniM ihowj fVre i» lomctbinr w^^5 With your kMncyv or blnd>Jcr Do n't wait I Aslt your druExist for Doin'j Fills, & slimuUniolurrue, Uw<i >ucc«ufu]]v bjr mflJians /or over SO yean. Z>o*a'j " harry relief and wit] h*]p th« IS Ml lifdney turx-jfluih out poisonou* wub y«ur blood. Grt DMQ'I " " You'll Feel Better SlyW +7M Rugged leather for football weather Brcrw Here's a new Jnrman Wuchrr In a style ss masculftit «s * briar pipe. They're handsome, durable "Brawnics" in rich burgundy leather. Theft hefty brown rubber soles, strong double deck welts and bold slitching M»ur« you of longer ^ear. They are designed to giv« you ibe mosl for your sfco* dollar. Come in and try a pair of Jarman*. ' Barneys Triendly Shoes S Triendly A "lift" for winter colors . . . this ver) new . . . and Fortunct's very own ... Slale Blue. Where footwear ii sophisticated, you'll see them . . : the Forlunets llidl Fashion Academy, ' which each jcar selects America's tea hcst-drcsscd women,-acclaims for outstanding style distinction. S6.95 Jo !"*r.9S, most slyies.-'« --' '•''.-? SHOES give your children the perfect GOOD-CARE COMBINATION POSTURED cur T •how p« growing fret the best possiWe f«f future ft»t.he«lth'. .. ind in slyle* ' 7**o§»**« le¥«. You'll ho«i Drna-Upt, ' rafpd MhW tjrpes, prettj pU T ,Kd« for bnjt *oi prk fen Tot to Teen Age ... ill with AeroWi "Bwlt-Liae a Batllnhip" rtiffinineM dkM MakM rim jvar beat footwear W«1 it tlm witK eitra care. Shoes for Boyi QIK! GMt Barney^Triendly Shoes

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