The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 19, 1963 · Page 4
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 4

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 19, 1963
Page 4
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OTTAWA HERALD Pige Four Friday, April 19, 1963 Editorials Another Worthless Law A Sunday "closing" law has been signed by the governor. We use the term "closing" lightly. For the bill was signed by Gov. John Anderson with considerable reservation. He says he is sure the bill will be subject to court tests. Of the same opinion is Attorney General William Ferguson. As you remember a court test knocked out the old Kansas law pertaining to the selling of merchandise on Sundays. This put the last session of the Legislature under pressure to pass a new law. Kansas merchants promptly divided into two camps on a state law limiting Sunday sales. There are those who believe that the government has no right to set the hours of sales. Too, some who run shopping centers, discount houses, bargain places, and supermarkets want to operate seven days a week. Other stores don't want to keep open on Sundays. It increases their employe costs. We also have a moral issue. Sunday This And That by jph is supposed to be the Sabbath, and we are to keep it holy. So our Legislature acted in a manner that is becoming all too common. It waited until the last minutes of the session and rammed through a hodge-podge bill that is filled with inconsistencies. One section of the bill passed, and now signed into law, states that any business stocking parts used for the repair of farm machinery is not affected by the law. So any merchant can invest in a small line of parts to repair farm tractors, balers or any other farm item and keep his doors open on the Sabbath. And there are other exceptions, such as food items, prepared to be eaten on or off the premises, and dairy products. The last Sunday law was tossed out as being vague. It appears the Legislature has scored again. It has made the new law so confusing as to be worthless. Muslim In Different World KUALA LUMPUR - The largest, oldest, and hugely dominant newspaper in Malaya, with a circulation of 110,000, is printed in English. Second largest is a Chinese language daily with 60,000 subscribers. Next follows the Utusan Mela- yu, printed in Malay, with 40,000 circulation. Works manager, or mechanical superintendent as we would call him, of Utusan Melayu is Mr. 'Mahmood, M. Y. Haji Mahmood, Mr. Mahmood looks like a Chinese Buddha, but he happens to be a Malay and, as such, a Muslim. Mr. Mahmood has a warm smile, a pipe which is forever going out a, heart of gold, and two teeth to match. His present job is his 23rd one in his career. Through the years he has been a newspaper correspondent, a taxi driver, a salesman, and even • miner. He brought to his works man- agership initially an admitted complete ignorance of the mechanical side of a newspaper. That's Asian journalism. Since then he has taught himself considerable about the mechanics of publication, but he still is in constant dread that one of the machines under his direction will break down and he won't know what to do about it. Mr. Mahmood lives in a different world; the Muslim world. It is a closed society which stretches across North Africa, through the Middle East, on into Pakistan the national esistence of which is based on its religion, down the Malay peninsula, and on through the islands of Indonesia. Islam, the Muslim world, is held together by an education based largely on learning the Koran, or Muslim bible, a passionate belief that a pilgrimage to Mecca is the highest goal in human life, • and a conviction that the surest way to reach the particularly pleasant part of heaven is to be killed while fighting the enemies of the true faith. The world of Islam even writes in the same Arabic characters, despite the fact that over the centuries they have been evolved into such different languages as Urdu in Pakistan, Indonesian, Malay, and Arabic. Islam is absorbed in itself. Catholics, Masons, Englishmen, and birds of a feather may stick together, but not with the intensity of Muslims. A Muslim residing in India would share his bread with a stranger from Pakistan but would bar his door to the starving Hindu from across the street. When it can carry news about a revolution in any of the Arab states, the sales of Utusan Me- layu increase by several thousand. Were Morocco to be attacked by a white, Christian nation, and ask for 50,000 Indonesian volunteers to come to aid her from the other side of the world, four times that many would vie to be included. All this is why Mr. Mahmood is so little concerned about the Indonesian threat to the formation of Malaysia. We had come to politics after spending most of the day conferring on his production problems. Tilting back in his swivel chair, relighting his pipe, and exposing his gold teeth in a winning smile, Mr. Mahmood explained. "The people of Sumatra and the Celebes are good Muslims. They wish us well. But in Java there are great masses of poor, ignorant people who are Muslims in name only. They have been enflamed by bad people, the Communists. The Communists have much influence on President Sukarno as well. "These poor people may be Muslims in name only, but that name is important. It will be necessary only to remind them that if they should attack us in North Borneo, they never would be able to pass through the holy gates of Mecca or to reach heaven when they died; they will leave us alone. "Remember also that the army is very important in Indonesia and that its generals are all good Muslims. I shouldn't be surprised if within the next six months the army would move against the bad people and establish a military dictatorship. And when it does, you will find Mr. Sukarno convenently in Europe for the sake of his health, and with no desire to come back." Thus spoke M. Y. Haji Mahmood. I shall be following the news from southeast Asia closely for the balance of the year to check on the accuracy of his prediction. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO F. D. Everingham of south of Ottawa, in a letter to the Herald said that spring had arrived in Franklin County for sure. "Some drunken bum," he wrote, "ran over my mail box and smashed it, and every night there are from three to five automobiles parked along the side of the road near my home until 1, 2, or 3 in the morning. This is a public road — what can be done?" Johnnie Youngberg's swing band played for a dance at Scipio, In the comic strip, Skeezix and Nina were having a spat over a girl named Hope. Nina insisted that Skeezix gave Hope too much attention at a teen-age party. 50 YEARS AGO Mr. and Mrs. Glen O. Perkins, Misses Myrtle and Ina Scovill, Omer West and Vertus Crotts went fishing on Rock Creek near Hood School and enjoyed a picnic supper in the woods. Miss Carrie E. Burns was planning to spend the summer in Europe. She was a teacher in Ottawa High School. Miss Frances Lavender of Williamsburg was here for a visit with Miss Jeannette Brown. Prayer For Today If there be no resurrection of the dead, then is Christ not risen: and if Christ be not risen, then is our preaching vain, and your faith is also vain. (I Corinthians 15: 13-14.) PRAYER: Dear God, we thank Thee that Thou hast brought victory out of defeat, joy out of sorrow, life out of death. Use us to tell others that our Savior and Master is a living Lord. We pray in His name. Amen. "Mysterious Something" Slows Growth Of Cancer ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. (AP)There is a mysterious something in the laboratory flasks of Dr. Jorgen Fogh which somehow slows and inhibits the growth of human cancer cells. Remarkably, the substance does not interfere with human cells grown in laboratory flasks. Still more remarkable, it doesn't bother normal cells even when used in solutions 10,000 times as strong as those which hamper cancer growth. Studies have continued to find oil what the something is, and how it works, but it has eluded evaluation so far, Fogh told a meeting Wednesday of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology. Fogh came on the phenomenon while working with mixtures of colonies of cancer cells and normal cells taken from humans. By mixing these colonies with a nutrient broth, Fogh, of New York's Sloan-Kettering Institute for Cancer Research, found the cancer-inhibiting fluid. Since then he has tried seven different lands of human cancer rells—and in each case found that the inhibiting factor is produced. Further studies indicate that the mystery factor may enter the heart of the cancer cell, altering its life processes. In the past year, Fogh and fellow researchers have been able to grow stronger and stronger brews of the cancer-inhibiting fluid. They have not tried it on a living creature, although such experiments will come about eventually. First there is much to learn about the material's mode of action and effects. Television Log Channel 4, NBC Channel* 5-13, CBS Channel 9, ABC Friday Runt 13—Huckleberry Round 8—Torey and Frlcndi 4:18 6—Whirlybtrdt 4:30 4— Dragnet •—Rebel 13—Chamber of Commerce 1:46 fr-Walter cronktu 13-flporU f:6r 13—Weather «:00 4-5-13—New* •-New* H:10 •Sport* Westh 'eathet 4—News, Huntley-Brlnkley 5—Sport* »— Newi 13—Newt 8:25 5—Speak-Up «:30 4—Internationa) showtime 5-13—Rawhide g—Five Fingers 'i—Sing Along With Mitch 8—Flints tones 5-13—Route 66 «:00 B—"Here's Edle" 8:HO 4—Death Valley Day* 5—Alfred Hitchcock B— 77 Sunset Strip 13—Story of a Race Car Driver 4:00 4—Jack Paar 13—0. E. True S-13— Eye Wltnesi 9 — It Squad 4-5-9-1H—Newi 10:10 4-5-8—Weather 10:15 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Arizona" 9—Steve Allen 13—Weather 10:20 4-13—Sport* 10:30 13—Lifeline 10:35 13—Alfred Hitchcock 11:35 13—Movie, "Let's Try Again'' 11:45 8—Man From Chochlie 12:0(1 Midnight 4—News 11:05 4-Unity Dally Word 12:15 8—News 12:30 9—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 8—Faith For Our Time* 12:40 5—Movie, "You For Me'» Saturday •:56 6—Moment of MedttattaB 7:00 5—Farm Report 7:SO 4—Town and Country 5—Postmark Mid-America 7:46 5—One-way to Safety 7:50 B—Call to Worship 7:65 9—New* 8:UO 4—Bleep and Sam 6-13—Captain Kangaroo •—Farm Hour 1:30 4—Superman 9—Felix The Cat • •00 4—Sharl Lewi* 6-13—Alvln •—Bugs Bunny • :30 4—King Leonardo 5-13—Mighty Mouse 9—Bugs Bunny 10:00 4—Fury 6—Rln Tin Tin 13—Rin Tin Tin 9—Torey and Friend* 10:30 4—Touche Turtle 5—Roy Roger* 8—Jungle Jim 13—Roy Rogers 11:00 4—Jeffs Collt* 5-13—Sky King 9—Cartoonies 11:30 4—Exploring 6-13—Reading Room 9—Movie, "Jalopy"' 12:00 5—Movie, "Arizona" 13—News 12:15 13—Baseball—Cards vs Phillies 12:30 4—Categories 1:00 4—Movie, "Tarzan's Revenge" 8:30 4—Movie, "Captain January 1 * 6—Championship Bowling 9—Wide World of Sport* 2:45 13—Pro Bowler 8:30 5—Sports Spectacular 4:00 4—Bowling 9—Phil Silvers 13—Industry on Farad* 4:30 4—Bull winkle 9—Aquanauts 13—John Glenn fltory 6:00 4—McKeever and the Colonel 6—Mr. Ed 13—Serenader* 6:30 4—Two Face* Weil 5—Bowling 8—checkmate 13—Your Question Plea** 6:45 13—New* 6:00 4_News S—News, Weather 13—Sportsman Friend •:25 4 Comment 5—Speak Dp • :30 4—Sam Benedict •—Gallant Men S-13—Jackie Gleasoa 7:30 4 Joey Bishop S-13—Defenders 9—Hootenanny 8:00 4—Movie, "Broken Lance" 9—Lawrence Welk t:30 5-13—Have Gun WiU Travel 9:00 13—Gunsmok* 9—Boxing 9:45 9—Make that Spare 10:00 5-9—News, Weather 13—News. Weather. Sport* 10:15 4—Movie, "Man In the Net" 5—Movie, "Walk East on Beacon' 9—Movie, "Enemy From Space'' 10:30 13—KU-Track Relays 11:30 13—Naked City 11:45 9—Movie, "Falcon's Alibi" 12:00 4—Wrestling Ottawa Herald 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS afr*ar.....^.,.n«'^ ioe-108 a. uaia Published dally except Bunaay ano Holidays. Second clau pottage at Ottawa, Kansas. Robert a. Welllngtcj Editor Ana Publisher Subscription rales to trade irea — B) mall, one month 11.00, three month*, 13.00, six months, |5.0U, on* year (.00. duDsenptiiio rates outside trade urea -By mall, one month, 11.50; three months $4.23; fix monUw, 18.00; on* '/ear, 115.00. MEMBER OF I7TB AI8OC1ATBP PRB88) Tne Associated Press i* entitled •>• ciuilv«l> to the me tot publication of •11 the local »*w* printed la UM MW*. caper a* wall a* all AT MW* «•» patcb. 5—Movie, "Belle of The *0§" 1:18 •—Newt 1:26 •—Almanac Newsreel 1:30 •-Faith POT Our Time* Sunday 1:80 8—CeD to Worship 1:5) 8—Almanae N*wtreel at* 5—Light Time 8—Oospel Favorite* 13—Oral Robert* 8:15 6—Davey and Goliath 8:30 4—Sacred Heart 5—Christophers 13—OosepI Favorite* 8:45 4—Chrostopher* 8:00 4- Industry on Parade 5-13—Mlssa Domini 8—Topper 4—American* at Wort 8:30 4—Faith For Today 8—Alakazam 10:0? 4—Frontiers of Faith S-13—Camera Three S-My Friend Mlcka 10:30 4—Bible Answer* 8—Wonderama 13—This Is The Life 11:00 4—This Is The Life 5—Profile 13—Big Picture 11:30 4—Everglades 5-13—Washington Report 8—Movie, "Spellbound" 11:45 5—Film Feature 13—Baseball Cards vs. Phillies 12:00 Noon 4—Cameo Theater 5—Championship Bridge 13—Championship Bridge 12:30 5—Lone Ranger 13—Film Feature 12:45 13—Baseball, Oridles vs. Yankee* 1:00 4—Insight 5—Movie, "Walk East on Beacon" 0—Football Sellathon 1:30 4—Let's Get Growing 2:00 4—Zoorama 2:30 4—Chet Huntley 13—Championship Bridge 3:00 5—Science Fair S:30 4—Fred Waring 5—Soap Box Derby 13—Movie, "Rookie Cop" 3:30 4—Movie, "Man In the Net" 5—All for April 4:00 6—Amateur Hour 8—Major Adam* 13—Biography 4:30 4—He Is Risen 5-13 — O-E College Bowl 8:00 S-13—Twentieth Century 4—Meet The Pres* 5:30 4—Shannon 5—News B—Rlverboat 5:45 5—A's Dugout 6:55 6—Speak Up •:08 4—News, weather, sport* 5-13—Lastle 8:25 4—Comment 8:30 4—Walt Disney 5-13—Dennis The Menace 8—Jetsons 's-13—Ed Slllvan 9— Movie, "Hoodlum Priest" l:30 4—American Landmark 8:00 4-13—Bonanza 5—Real McCoy* 8:30 5—G. E. True 8:00 4—DuFont Show S-13—Candid Camera B—Voice of Firestone 8:38 - 5-l3—What's My Line B—Movie, ''Murder by Contract'* 10:00 4-5-13—New* 10:16 4—Movie, "Pinky" 5—Movie, "Coer Girl" 13—News. Weatbei 10:30 13—As Caesar Sees It 11:15 13—All Star Wrestling 11:30 8—Movie, "Killer Loose*' 11:45 12:15 13—Movie, 13—Movie, 1:00 8- News 1:10 a—Almanae Newsreel 1:15 8—Faith for Our Time* "Room Service" "Millionaire Playboy" KOFO SCHEDULE SATURDAY KOFO AM AND » 6:00 FM Sign on 6:00 Top of the Morning 6:15 Outdoor Sport* for Kansa* •8:30 AM Sign on 6:30 News and Weather 6:35 Top of the Morning 6:45 Weather Round up 6:50 Top of the Morning 7: Ob Agricultural Market* 7:05 Top of the Morning 7:15 AM Sign on 7:15 Top of the Morning 7:30 News 7:40 Top of the Morning 7:45 Weather Forecasts 7:50 Top of the Morning 8:00 Sports Round Dp 8:10 Top of the Morning 8:30 News and Weather 8:40 Top of the Morning 9:00 Morning Devotion* 9:15 KOFO Serenade • :30 News and Weather 8:35 KOFO Serenade 10:00 Church Notes 10:10 KOFO Serenade 10:30 News and Weather 10:35 Lyndon Show 11:00 Bulletin Board 11:05 Around Town 11:30 News and Weather 11:35 KOFO Sereande 12:00 People's Exchange 12:05 Noon Tune 12:15 Farm Show 12:25 Noon Tune Time 12:30 News 12:40 The Dally Record 12:45 Noontime Weathervane 12:50 Country Karavan 1:00 0. 8. Marine Program 1:05 Country Karavan 1:30 News and Weather 1:35 Country Karavan 2:00 Calling All Driver* 2:05 Country Karavan 2:30 News and Weather 2:35 Country Karavan 3:00 Great Moment* la Sport* 3:05 KOFO Karavan 3:15 Service Program 3:30 News and Weather 3:35 KOFO Karavan 4:00 Senator Frank Carlson 4:15 KOFO Karavan 4:30 News and Weather 4:35 KOFO Karavan 4:45 KOFO Karavan 5:00 Senator Bower* Report* 5:10 KOFO Karavan 5:15 KOFO Karavan 5:30 News ans Weather 5:40 KOFO Karavan 6:00 AM Sign otf 6:00 Triad Business World 6:10 Eventide Music 6:30 News and Weather 6:30 AM Sign Off 6:40 Eventide Music 7:00 Triad Sports Round up 7:10 Eventide Music 7:30 News tt Weather 7:35 Eventide Music 8:00 Triad-News Note* 8:10 Eventide Music 8:3<J News * Weather 8:35 Eventide Music 8:00 Triad Week In Religion 9:10 Eventide Music 8:30 News It Weather 9:40 Evening Prayer •:il FM Sign Ott To Your Good Health Can Treat Angina Pectoris Dr. Motoet By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER This is the second of two articles on angina pictoris — The Editor. More can be done about angina pectoris than some people realize, so let's get the word around. As we said yesterday, there are many causes for angina. In some instances it stems from a weakness of the heart itself, and you just have to accept this unhappy fact. But if you have the problem, you can still be a great deal more comfortable with it. In cases resulting from other causes, considerably more can sometimes be done, and in some instances permanent correction or lessening of the severity may be possible. The most effective relief, however, is by placing a nitrogly- erin tablet under the tongue. It gives sufficient lift, even though temporary, so that the pain ceases and the heart catches up to adequate power. The effect of the tablet, however, is brief. Fortunately there is no particular limit to the number which can be taken safely. Neither do they lose their effect from repeated use. Many patients get along well with only a few a day. Others require a considerable number for comfort. Some patients even keep the tablets on a night stand beside the bed because they know from experience that they are likely to be awakened by pain. Others, however, since they are at rest, sleep right through the night. On occasion it is better to use longer-lasting nitrite tablets instead of the nitroglycerin. With either medication, however, a great deal of the success depends upon the patient himself. He usually learns quickly to recognize how much exertion he can stand without suffering an attack — how much he can eat, how far and how fast he can walk. If walking from office to parking lot is too much, then taking a nitro pill beforehand often permits the jaunt without pain. Learning to go only half way and then sitting down to rest for • few minutes can ward off tin pain. Often if the pain starts and the patient immediately stops whatever activity or exercise h* has been engaged in, the pain can stop as abruptly as it started. But nobody gains anything by being stubborn and trying to keep going anyway. The heart must have its respite from strain. If the Mood cholestero is high, reduction of it by diet and medication sometimes reduces Uw pain. When anemia, over • active thyroid or diabetes are at the root of the trouble, these imisf be controlled — but that still does not mean the heart can with impunity be forced beyond its capacity. Reduction of smoking, or quitting entirely, is wise, because tobacco aggravates angina. In a few cases of certain types, modern heart surgery can be very useful, but I must warn that, up to now at any rate, this is limited. Last, but by no means the least important, emotional stresses and disturbances can evoke pain. Make a conscious effort to avoid getting stirred up. In short, be philosophical about life; it will make you more comfortable. Indeed, there are many cases in which the pain has subsided or even disappeared when a patient has calmed down after passing through some extended crisis, as marital discord or job difficulties. Dear Dr. Molner: What causes a person to bite his tongue and lips? I do this quite often.—L. M. G. Probably a nervous habit, unless you mean you can't control your muscles. In that case,, prompt medical examination is required. NOTE TO MRS. M.M.: Compazine is one of the many tanguilizers now in use. It is "a drug," of course, but not in the sense of being a narcotic. Fat! My leaflet, "The Lost Secret of Reducing," tells how to get rid of if the easy way. For your copy write to Dr. Molner, Box 158, Dundee, 111., enclosing a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope and 5 cents m coin to cover cost of handling. Laff-A-Day 03 King Fotum SymlicnH, Inc., 1116-1. World nithu ra»crv«l, "Hold on, I think she's back—I just heard the garage door splinter." Tonight's TV Highlights Don Ameche's International Showtime will feature "Famous Family Circus" highlights this evening on Channel 4, at 6:30. The show was filmed in Munich, Germany. This is Sing-Along night, and Leslie Uggams will sing a couple of good ones on the Mitch show, on Channel 4, at 7:30. She'll sing "Stranger In Paradise," and "Someone to Watch Over me." At 8 p.m., on Channel 9, Ottawa Roller Rink Public Sessions Wed. and Fri 7:30 to 10:00 Sat. nights 8:00 to 11:00 Private Parties CH 2-9704 Mon.. Tues. and Thurs. Sun. Matinee: 1:00 to 3:00 Children 12 and under Tonite & Sot. 2 All Color Hits 7:15 COLOR A Real Thriller —8:45 BURIAL «COIPIU«FMNAYtSION i ^ B _i Starts Sunday — 1st Run SHOWDOWN IN I HI HO !>IIKRA' KANDOL I'M JOI SCOTT IVKCREA RIDE THE H/cw COUNTRY Kiddies Free HILLCREST there'll be an Edie Adams special and the guests will be Buddy Hackett, and, the United Nations' Children's Choir. Jack Paar's show this evening seems headed for some fun. Guests will be Milton Berle and Liberace. Channel 4, at 9. Late movies will include "Arizona," a 1940 film starring William Holden, Channel 5 it 10:15. WANT/IDS CH 2-4700 New! Ends Sot. Plus Chill Wills Rhonda Fleming in "GUN GLORY" Gun Glory at 7:25 Pigeon at 9:15 4 BIG DAYS! Ottawa, Ks. Starting SUNDAY THE TWIN CITADELS OF SIN! »1k8V *» turrf rained M/MM Sorfom anil upon Gomorrah brimHomt «rf/irt..." tors WIFE TURNS INTO A PILLAR OF SALT! •DOOM AND GOMORRAH •Urrinf STEWART GRANGER • PIER ANGEU • STANLEY BAKU M8BANA rOOGSTA • RIK BATTACUA • GIACOMO ROSSI STUART • ANOUK AIMEE • FnnlM* kf corruoo LOMBAROO • una*t by ROBERT ALDRICH • Music by MIKLOS ROZSA runUlu Pl item MAURIZIO lOM-rc • Caltr by DELUXE • A TITANUS PRODUCTION A OOfWCOO LOMBARDO wri JOSEPH C. LEVINE PRESENTATION • R*!futd by Vn» CENTORY-fOR Shown Sunday at 2:30 — 5:40 — 8r45 Mon. Tue. Wed. at 8:00 p.m. Only —

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