The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 6, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1944
Page 14
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]4 Fridoy, October 6, 1944 jBafeergfttlb California". For Sale— Improved Property For Sal*—Improved Property VISTA DISTRICT—Lovely 8-room duolex. one* side furnished. Also «. very nirr two-bed room home, all located on 75-foot corner lot fnpirtc cily. Property tn<;ply ]n nilpcanod and well rented; $7000 iash will li;inri!e. (102)—DECANSO PARK—Immediate PO*- eeBsion. Nice two-bedroom modern homo. two-car pa race ami laundry room; Tile roof, fkw furnace, rement driveway. dhruhr and sin rip trees. An ntrellent buy at $o50n. about '.- caph. Ruy this quick and move in as it won', lasi lonff. TS 3!6 Chester Avenue 1'honc 6-C751 ^ BJ 1AIMKDIATE POJ-FpShinn: Icaun? citv; sell 3-bedroom horn**. Ktist ISmndace. two baths, ha rdwt'Oii floors. dn;iblo en rac'v larce extra «=! orpine or Flo IT room, k 70x142 feet; JCf'i'O i afh to hand!* 1 Phot &-.V»f>l. F, For Sale—Improved Property ^KSIHABI.S unall lot. JU-00. 7".-, 1 sid • I'ark. ri-onr. "WO corner Ints .1... finished house'." Tl T.oma Drive. Phni •en house on la • on Road in M' -12. Call after i C bv a lley r\ i Ii on se. --iilier wuh nn lil'., Ks smith Cas: A Nlri; HO.Mi;. w-vrn rooms, for sale I owner. Dual fur(,..c,-. pU nt\ nf tilt- (iinmg ronni, hi.: lam;: ni rnent. Kast side. L'1 10 Kern o-l On!' a'ler 5 p m. " Slta Bkyhnc—l^xlr.-i Inr?" ?-bedroom h f ,nor fin n a r 1 **. in rphu p with h:i rl l-it, harrtv. O.K.J floors, hvinp room wilt eiinkrn floor, plenty of t iK- and ] uf'-foo lot: 191*0 trrtns. El Cam inn— '\'\\ o-h<'ilrn'~m nnlv years old, in *:<>r,f] ' umiit i-m . has Jill the iHlest modrni «Mtn\ cnn-ii' .'-s, S.".;.DO, trrnin Hichln ml Man*-,] — Two- Iv-di homo hard\vo ft <1 floors. 11 lo drain a nd ~-r:t r ya \ViHRJnnd ><|uarL' — Two-hod room h^mo floor f uriiii' >?. plonO of l ii<>, hardu-uoi flt-orp F. ml < if*lint; s vp< rm ; S t!" r,o. i t-rrns Sotll h W OSl - -Th ! CP hr>fij i (ft 111 « H It'l sli'i'p'IH Itfirvh; rhoi'-c l<">< H i inn insi-lc «. jty, J tiOun x — Ku rn tfhfd. coml anv t« di'\vn1 own ? S rropei ty will a jwn PHONE K04 K STP. r:r-:T WILT* SI-3LL ••.ni'ty in S-h«-dt-.10m hnm half-aci'f. Krii-t tr 0 **, bci n^s. chu krn Nt)"5i to St or! i UK Ko;id. Irft to F;IK;I FOR PALI-:—A l'-hpf]rooni nm'k-rn house H iid P.-JI «KO at nn h"d, with tint t r nnd pHi'kn. ItMiirm ;i I 7 "3 \Voodr nr f-ro at '.'f'3 >V:i>h s net nn. Fin* home ii. Lninitn Vr-rdc. two nir P den. large livmc room, f iron la*-p. dining room nnd kiti-hrn: on ]» rpo jier lot with rurbs in, huck yard fenced. A real biii'Kiun. Kiv« rooms and on a ni^o corner lot: the hack is tin CP rooms ovor a "-cai vni-fiKe fronting nnt on I-lakpr HI i pet. The bacK is lurn-aht-d. J2UOO down, ha la nr-o tor ma. Furnishod, two ext ra nir o duplex PR onr a home for owner, furnielipd, nu-o refrigerators and table-top ttovos, flooi furnace:* and nire hardwood floors; verv nicely furnifihod: two fftiplt for $140 ppr monlh. Thm IH a bargain. "West High Hr-hool. a stucco duplex, furnished . a n(i n 1 -bf-rl r< »om P on nice lot. just off of Oleander aired, on terms. Twenty-fifth Mreet. a 4-rnnm litre lot. just across m reel from Hawthorne Scbnnl. for SlhOn. 10 Acres, east of town, all In cult ivat Ion. part oranges, hnlancp plow land; n K-P horno and chicken-en nipped, in fine local ion. Price on i rgucsl. Chester Lane, an e\ii a np-n ptIK-CO I' room home, on la rRf t nrnni lot; la ret 11 vine J oo'n and f irrphu P; JfifiOo. Flower street, an older- homo, but in shape; has two ltr<inoniH, full diniriB room and nice klti-lufii, for JTiOfM), i<" .L T. <SyJ AVK-krr IfiCd CtiPHtr- Thone 2-0^^3. I-JvcninRB 2-^595 01 2- HOMK ANO FARM buyers waiUPii. If w haven't what you want, \vc' II find it .Innnuin Acnu-iep Kdward 1M2 "lUye. 11 n-t-t NORTHWEST rllMrlrf, fi-room hnme, with twn hallis. Betiutifnlly appofnlc-fl, in ox- r el lent condlt ioji. Unit heat, f irepla . play room ; \wnl Inndscnped yard, with complete sprinklinK system. I'r $18.0(10. $5000 doivn. This home nin> he seen by appointment. See \Vnrde U. AVatbon. -1-0 Chester. Phone U-4884. B9 FOR SALE — Income property; two dwellings or. one lot. Both furnished. $3500 down, balanco monthly. H27 East Nineteenth street. GO TWO-BEDROOM house, hardwood floors. newly decorated; 2-car garage, chickrn pens and equipment, barns for cow. Situated on one-half arre. 1705 Normandy Drive. See Paul Sybrandt, 213 East Eighteenth. Phone 6-5003. 1 OjMf A REAL BUT in cheap court, consists of five units bringing in J9& a month, to- RPther with a 6-room residence on fiOxSOO-foot lot. close to town. Price $5000. $2500 cash. J75 monthly. Where can you heat this for an in vestment V I-'rank H. D;iy. 1 y I , r , "Kvr" Ntrpet. f>8 SUNSET TRACT — Two-bedroom newly finished, well loca u,d homo. 1 mnudiate pnFHc^Pion mrty !»> IKK!. Price $ til' Mi. See Wardp D. Watson, 'JK'O Chester Phone i:-4SS4. 69 A RICAl'Tli-'fL tv. n bat its, iir. Ft" 1 vpiicCan Alto bahy ci-ji hn id rfif- • s r l.«i^ ( . 7-mnin house [ 'ti^ H nil i *>n\ -UK (i blinds, duulilo K d piitini ;«tir| Rtune I VIJ years old. r.-Nrlroom Immo. bar lonrs tile and \.itnlv MI l-iith. tiln $:,;»*"(. j_'7^o du\Mj. J^'ii J' NJiH' Thrre-bedi'opm h<"me on one and a bnlf si I-PS on Hoverlv Drive; home in ccud condition: iirerlare. tile drain In kitfhf-n. rtu-.: breakfast i oorn. lots nf fruit trees H nd BI ap*» Jn\-p|y yard with lawn ;i nd f!o\vers; has chicken equipment for ^dO rhu Uens. Price $,')"!00, tti ms Two-bed roiiin home, nlmost new. on Po- tonmc Di .VP . In ige lot. hardwood floors. Hire livms ronm. modern kitehen, RaniKe n I tar, bed. Pnr*> Hi f.O, sume term?. One-bedroom hntnp on North RaUer ptrpet : immi-ri ia ie t«'S5e!'i*ion. Pri'~i- $ 3.'.00: tnkra ^1000 to handle, term* on ha him**. Lovely two- hpflrric.m home in fa hforn t.i Avenue Trnt-t . rrodern in ev*»ry way, ||v- inc i oom 14x116. I arse dm I PR room. )>i ealitast room, nice Ki^e kitrhen, nerv- i' r- p(ii ( h : hot tit- l.ns f ir*'piuf e t \vo floor f in nares. venpt in n blinds, cement basp- rn^nt. ln\*e(\ p Kind shaped \a rd rea r ^'n rrt If m ed wit h hollow brif k. hap rpnient I>;i t ;o. A ren 1 hnme nil'} one that you >v; IJ wauf 1 n r,\\-n. Price, romplr-tolv lurnlphel with, irpuar furn ture, $11.900. U'iU ronsUlrr fir I hue \jnfur nl»hed Two homns nn nne l*.t nn I st i "et, pn r- t ia Ily f urn i.«hed. hut h rented now, r*i ice J7f'On. son'e terms. Old home. r-» rt -i tonrd into three n pa rt- nifnlp. fti; ni«heri aivi in jron-1 mndtt mn. «'ii 'I strer!. in* ( mo $ r )0 pei month. Price $!)<"• on soni" t^rms. PAIVALU1ES Bra nl if ul 6-rnnrn homn with sun mom, In pprfcr) rondit mn In sunthweM d int rlrt, IUM i IJP.-I It P;n k. Hn.H t hi'fo In rK'» bml- rooms w.Tii lois of window npnre. CloH^tM ;i IK! iinr i rlosf la ar : plonl iful. I,n iKf livinc ronin wnh fIroplnce am) built-in 1 look i :i so. larte din! nt room with built- in bin lr(. ],;i rgc well-a n nnped ki*( brn v-it li til.- dra in. In PKP brrn kf:ist nooU. H.-iH^ment and spat lo»is aervi'-c porrh. l.n r«e bath wll h built-in vn nity and pta 1! 8li'<w*»r. bpnui ifnt In \vn a nd hhi ulis. i''ull prife 5COTO piibsiant ia 1 rlnwii. CAM FORM A PARK TRACT— Five-room Ptu'v-o Iio! i KP. modern, on lovely lot. on- rlosnd Ka id**n, ha i bor up pit: posspssion snnn. I'-KP SR^OO. about half down. SOCTHWK.ST — Fnnr roninn with larcc Hl'vp ncr pnrrh arid ccmont hn moment, on lot fihxITi irrt. just off Olnnndor. POP-T. ir,n r.o» n. Pi irp J-jO'iO. J 1 fioi) doxvn. EAST nAM-:R.«FII-:i.U - - Two-bod mom PI ncco t i:m hli Mn blc bain, o lin ni ly low yon i s uld. \vnc- irfp. rnrn^nt brisrin^nt 1 "-PIM II -n h (,'ood r^ntn 1 HK'omo. hn y IT.Or I- Mi-foot fnrnnr hit. on bun JT.MiO. about hjlf down. 4-iCM: Af.'KK tvnh 4-i-uinn houfp R nd t flr^pinir pnn hr">, nr>\ c-i a 1 nnt build inir« . £nn<i c roil i (J, plf-tit v wn ter ; nna r F:i n fa x Clrii ri^'v ! r. 7,'iU. or will trade for IKMI^P in HaUoT-Fi i»t|fl. K,iiO rilKS'lKK AVH.Vt'lJ PHONE $ - r, r, 0 .". r.s Highland Pn i k — Fine duplex on In rue lot. tin re- ni'M'-si/'-d rot mitt. butl\ oxi i a latRp f -Ivisf t >. rai h si do; nowly do- oral HI I t hi OHM hoi] t don bin KH raKc a nd IH undry 11 a\ P : J>r>;if>0, subHtanU;* 1 dctwn. Homo a nd I n> omn—Ln\ uly Jl-room home. ha i dwnod flori-H. t ito in kUclirn and ti;i t h. .In ft pa mlrd out sido. A 1 most new, v^r* a M C..K t 'v<* "-room-a nn-ha t h a pn r I- UK M' ».\ i'i j,-;i ra m- I ,OVP| v hijr 11 vine i ii(,m, . !r in U il fhpn. la rpn lot. t'ru i t a nd ."h.tdf t ri*f s «'»)n : or. cjrisn to inin. I mme- d.;i to pf).v>rssi ( -,n JTrjiiO. JMmri' 1 "-', '^'» ] fil" Chester iM-L'-lf ATU.IXGTOX STREKT— Nice r-licdroom hnme. laiKe living room, dininu room. kilihnn. service porch. Uuck viud fenced. S:;7(>(>. J1400 down. Ri:\I.AND ACHh'S — Five-room home hunt in 19,19. Tile sink, hardwood floors, Blcel Venetian blinds, lot SOxHOO- S^Si.n EAST HAKKUHFIKLD — Five-room home mi corner, acre of ground. Two beil- innm.". ni'e llvjnK room, rliniiiK room, tile in kitchen and balli, hardwood floors, slcci \enclian hlinds. OILDALE — Nearly new 2-bedrnom home. nice llvins room, dinette and kitchen with lots of nice tile. Underground sprlnkllnc system and vard all fenced Close to schools and market: $4600. 12000 down. LOVELY country home, completely furnished Reautifullv landscaped. Laree assortment of fruit trees and berries J6S60. 1671 Chester Avenue Phone 2-7654 ' J _-22-t r FOI I SALE—South on 99 ILghwiiy, store build inn. 7-room duplex. II-room cottacp, 3 »cre« of land, water well and UKIO- Knllon water Htornge funk. S9. r >00. tcrinn. Wne I^anl Syhrandl. 213 EBB' Eightppnth. -Ll'^HL-E'JJi ° I' 1 • „__ 1 n - 2 -1 f COMPLETELY furnishocl small home with garage apnrtmont in near; present income $fi5 monthly; on large corner lot. with addition;) 1 ppace for future construction; close to grade school and neighborhood store. An ideal investment. Price $5250. one-hnlf cnsh.' balance terms. 10. IT. Clare. fi-MlL'fi. 5S WF.r.T, I.nt-ATEn — Kiist nakersfield 4-r'iom Inline. «ilher filiinsbed nr inilin- ntshec], neiir s» iiouls and bus lines, llaid- "ood flooiH. tile diHin: interior re- fmishe'l. $:!7Sn. $7fi(l dnwn, halam-e like lent. See \Yanle D. \Vatsnn. -I^U Che--- tcr. I'hone r-4.SS4. 59 Quick possession—Attractive! 3-bcrt- room home in Alta Yi.sta Tract, 2 baths, larfio dining room and kitchen; breakfast room. Excep tionally I.TCKC lot; garage for three cars; $11,000. Four-room while frame home on V{. acre, one bedroom and larse sleep- iiiK porch. House in perfect con dilion; chicken houses with cement floor. Large grape arbor; perfect Kurden; excellent soil nnd abundance of water. Well worth the selling- price of $-l:"iOO. Want a Bargain? One-bedroom house. In East: Bakers- Held; garage attached; wood shin- pie roof; automatic water heater, bathroom; JlflfiO full price. Dnnloy Immedijile ponsession. On l.irce coiner lot in the be;i rl of Alta YNtii. l:..ih sides vacant, and the |,Ia... bns been • omiilet i-lv rennv;i led Trice ?iiMHl. On :i i-or ner In Hie •.•oulhe.n <-t di.-.liirl. One beilronm nnd sleetiitm tmr. h. I.lvintr and diniiH'. room. Lnrce ];ii<ben. H:is>-meni. (;:ti;it:e nnd storeronm. l-'ruit and sbnde. Trie,. $4T. P .n. On i':i Ii ioi ni.-i avenue, rlose to biuh school. T\vo lu-drooms nnd L:ln^e,]-in HIT-Ii. hix- im- nnd dinine lonin. :!-(nr ir:nni:e '['his bus been citmi'letel \- repninled :i nd is in excellent f'onijit ion. I'ri-e t't",'<n. ensv I e| Ills Im mil- S'lfi tier monlb. T\vo-«lorv rnrn'shcd • inline :ind n p:i i (ineot. T\\o I. ;i Yemeni s. '-'-':ir t'.;ir;ife t \\ o 111 <-nl:u e-j. Nee t'mni- t'lie All Ibis fur t:,-i:,il :m.| It is m n fine 'h-tiTt. < luse to Olennder n\-enue. r;.isv lernis. File a. res of 111 best H nil in Kern counlv. with flee water. La rre two hedrooms nnil solarium. LUintr I'lnm nnd nne he'l- i-x'in fnliv c;, rp,.|(, r j. fin,, o f the renllv be.niiirul kiti'bens. Twn-ini cnrnce '"ooler, rnilk sepnrator. f'ree/.inir cabinet The well is cood and the place Is pipe linr-d SprlnKllnir svsiem I/ots of out bilildlncM and i-nrrals. I'rlce SlntjUO. U<.lVD.STIi.\ A- l.ANCASTKR 1S17 II Stieet I'bnnc S-8C39. nller (i I 1 . II. cnll II-9478 in-.'l-tr FOI'. SAl,K--.T«-o-ioom house, all eni r ,en|ei rimshed uoik; pi-he J.'illll \'en 1 1> new .lames Handle I'lnine '.l-TTiO.! ' nn For Sale—Lots OIl SAl.F, -Two lots on Oildale Drive I'lione L'-41M. FOR SAI.K—Hue lo Illness, this fine 80- acre farm must be sold. Two modern houses, trooii well, all under cultivation. I'nied to sell. See linv iirnniger. 6 ni.les wesi of .McFai land on Elmo Hicll- _^_"- ... f.4 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog and cattle ranch: 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRES of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on Investment. ICO ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots or water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A H. Karpe. Phone 9-9C71. 7-29-tf For Sal*—Automobil** IAI PROVED RANCH NEAR WASCO One section of fine level land, hlchly developed. Has vines, fruit and 2M) acres open that yielded 29i> packs per acre. K\ce!!cnr. wnter conditions. Immediate possession and priced ritiu. Box &t;0-B, 'I'lie o llforman ^__ _Jt: 27-tf lOll-.VHF. potato nr alfalfa land, co'id ^i-ll. <beap \vnl'-!-, itailnr. i-.Ti.iiiMJ. half cash. B., phone Jiisbnp :u:;;. til 1CG2 Chester Phone 4-47S1 59 JoMen State 'J'liiLt — l-'ine I'-bedlitom home. b'ts of tile, flour furnace, dlllille, extia laiyc* kiUlieli; > a nl lias fruit trees, turn's and grape*; a rioinl-li^hted rcerca- Imn area. 'r\vd-eai caiai:e. icinclll tliiVO- \\ny. Sho\\ n by appoint ment. n sunset I'ark—lOxtra larse J-hedroom Inline. Han lar^e dinitis room, stall shower, larKe floor furnace. Now vacant and r<ndy in occupy. •Tear West HiKh—Six-unit apartment and duplex combination. oomplrtcly furnished. tncludniK ref riKeratrtt M, stove*. eir. you tan't heat this fur a reasonable Investment. Sast 13,'ikei wfield—Two hedrooms on a small lot. J::'")0. one-third down. FRI-:AI, \v. HARVFIY ;fi-3 I'.ltdWKR HI'il.DINO PHONJi i-4;iiO; EVENINGS l'-4143 r.9 .MI rHHIOK-IlOO.M hniiso with dotlhlo Ka situated in Oildale. 1'ri.e, tJSoll, J «)"\\ n, halanet. m rniinlblv pa\ incuts. J-JliiH:r I 1 '. Kariie. 1517 Kii:hteentli sued. _ __ __ _ ___ _ lu-ti-lt' •'i\ i;-l;(M i.M bnuse with ilnulilo Uliiauc, hiiuatcd 111 Hi\er\iew. fm e J-7."i(l. Jl^',11 dnwn. balao'e }::; fill per month. lOlnier _l-'._Karpe._ir, 17 Kmlileent h slreel ; _ l^-il-lf X'lt SAI.K by owner, immediate po.sses- fiun. nirc :i-be'il onm liome on 1 'i a ires, in l!us< tl.tH- I'.iiuipped fur chickens mid h\esu,ik. Fruit and nut trees. I'hone _; ..... r.i. ___ __ • __ (ID t I.OVIOLY ii-ronin home In llmbland I'lirk di^lii't, on i -M ner lot. bciiul i t ullv lands' .i|ie,|. palm \\iib barberiie tiit. this home has l.ils nf tile bij,- chisels, double Karate. _i--'ank l'a>, 1 !i 1 .» I^Street.^ _ ^_^ ;',S 'OH S A !,K --l-"ui nlsbed tiunKalow 4 rooms. lialh. liilehcn, bei\-ice pori'li piiraee. 50- t'-ni lot: Jt:';.". $1(100 cash. S:!fi month. I'lione : IIMIS betueen '2 lo B |) m !i3 For Sale-—Unimproved Land O.N'K-FOI'ltTII section raw lanil. 10 miles I i nin llishop, Ims of K'nvily water free, SSjIlil. half cash. liood fur dude', cat He or alfalfa ranch. KellncK. l!ox iilil. l.niie I'nie. ill Oil and Mining OIL M1-;X. ATTENTION \Ve n re liquid a i nm a < orptn at ton. and t tic i ol 11 r«' wi- invno hids on t ht« 1'olluw- An undivided lfl-ai-rt; tntr-rost in fee, in Sit a'-rcs in jii-ctniM 10. ;tJ-^S. I-'u It oil risht in 1.'0 nc res in sod ion "R. :' x - '„';!. On- ha If of oil i i^hta in IS acres, section " v. :' o - ^ ". Oiif-ha l!' ml rights In 10 nn-trs, pert I on L'ii. :;i - iMt. Mote pa 11 it ular description at our office. Make us iin ofl'-i! H AltKY F,. 11AKR 1 5111 T\vi-n i ji-ih St rt-et. 1'lmne 7-7[174 CD For Exchange—Property I'D Ai'KIOS near Iteedely. fi acres In olives. :t acii-:i in nraitues and lemons; level, excellent hull. Ttailc for lla Uersfield m- lumc m larm lainiti, will as.sumc. ^-1717 t:: 1 , l'T)l: TltAUK—I'liicken ranch. fully i-'iuiliped fnr l.'illl) » biijltellH. 4 ' j miles friim i link lower, for a or 4-liedrnom In,me in Hakci bfieltl. I'liiiiiu o\\ner, 1MII "K For Sale—Trailers READY Cash for Your Trailer. Trailer! sold on easy payment plan. We finance our own contract*. MCLEAN TRAILER MART 100 Union Avenue 8-13-tf NKW 2-wheal house trailer, 7T16 feet In size. Rood rubber, fullv equipped lor the roitd. 701 \Vest Casa Loma. fill Att tor ae •Hi,nun unisM iMrniiic, $.':, 1 (i(i(l ilnwii. iSlimvn by ;i|i|"iintiiiciit only. aeyicri AIHO 8544 4-14 yri. Here's an Indispensable combination for that achoolKlrl of yours. She can have a neatly tailored null or H unuuuy Jiitle jerkin-and-blouse outfit from HUM excellent basic pattern. .Make her jorkiii'm bright plaid and the suit ia rn-n monotone, It'B a \dream of H M hool outfit! Pattern No. 8544 comes in nine* 4, 6. t, 10, IS! and 14 year*. Biae 6. skirt and Jacket, requires 1 "i yards of 64-imh material; jerkin. 1% yards. for foloune. short ukc-vcs, Hn yards ot 36-Inch material. The 'ifw fail and winter issue of "Fashion" it now ready—3'.' naffcA. It's a complete guide to your fall and winter wardrohe. .Send for your copy now. Price 15 ccntB. For this attractive pattern, send 20 cent* In coin*, with vour name, address, pattern number and sue lo The Bakerafieltl California* Today'* Pattern Hervice, lot ttuaio* Htyttt. Kan Francisco ). $K,.Onr) fcm.-js inrninc. If 14.(MM) limvn. Shown by appointment only. Jloili on !in Ilinlnviiy. Hiiliorsl'lcld. Cull ;it MlilO Clicstor avenue, Bukei s- A JIAHE OIT'ORTUNITY To buy u ini^ A\cstci-alt lionee ti'aller. priMvnr ln?;t\y duly tirps like ncn 1 , ill) 111:1 hdKnn\ r tnliMltu, Riopl roof, niany i e- fnu'iiienlw; Jlftnfj Iiuiiiire .McKee Adobe .\nli'!. _lhi;liwii.v !l!)_ni)rlh.__ J18 Ml.L-nriLT L'll-l'oiil trnilor IIOUHC, exri'l- li'iil 11 res. fnllj uiiipcil. I'ri.'Oil for <nii<-l< sale. due Mock north off Ntlf". oni' block w*'st__off Stfilinw. fi!l Fdl! SAM'l-.-Twi trailer hoilsi'.i. lOnsI on MiliHun Ilitihway lo \\VIH| I'alcll Kiiiirt, 1 tnile Hniith lo Srlierl/. C^imp. (id llll'SK Tll.MI.Kll for mi IP. Shops Ihrop. t !"(nl ''oini i I iftii, Kooil rnhber. I.envioK. IIIIIK( nrll ill IIIII-P. Hi.'iO rash. Xalf-inilc 1101 in ol Ciivnfiflil. liall'-lilile wesl cil '.<9 lllKhway. (in Jllicl>-oii Dnvc. irT)'j::nHi. _dii ilpr. 4\R. i^:iL'liS<) Ili-inill wlii-cls. Lit ;HT :' wheel ti-ailrr. C'IHIXMH top and f-nh- fnlils cimii'aci Iv fnr ti avcluiy: opcnn I'.u- li\ niB. llu ili-m bod. J'hone L'-.'tK:;. ." It iy K: i*;-!••<« IT <; vrsv < junvan hitu-t- 11 ;i ill •!, ''<iui|ip>'d \\ ii h bum no lor < nok- 1!;^ iilld t|i';t I lliu. 4 iooi] t ifi'H lltl'l IAI I .1 n l :i a \ i-niic. ft ft' Hiundanc. *•!* For Sale—Automobiles li'MT Plymouth do luxe i-oupc. A real buy. ?.'l!if> an is. (Sf.i'J7ti!l). KITL'JIKX-UOYD J10TOH CO. LKKT lUr snlo or tritdo. Chevrolet vi ( kun i^MllsS) by owner. J400 as Is; alxn :ln-::o \Vin< hi-stt.-r. Sec plume hook. U. S. Crown. EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY—All "For S.ile advertisement* of automobiles/or trucks carried In ihe columns of The liakersfleld Callfornlan must (1) «lve license number and state (If not California) of Issuance; (2) must state whether for sale by private owner or denier; <3> each cur or truck advertised for stile must carry price asked—"as Is" or "warranty" if advertised by dealer, 'n« is" If advertised by private owner. Ceilinc prices may be obtained from local OPA office. lO-.l-tf licit! Oldsniohilp six Turlor as is. Only $4;». r i (SGIiL'I) KITCflKX-BOVD MOTOU CO. 22nd at 19.10 FflltD Irnck (BKI'C.ITSS), 95-horse- jmwrr rnnior, G-ppfvI Bniwnie. Ions: wh>>oibn«o. good rubber. Also 28-foot tfmi. uoori rubber, vacuum booster. .:,-;ivy nxi(.. Thone 2-4409. 607 Norris Road. As in, by private party, J250M. SELI^KR OR PURCHASER. Do you need additional caih to complete purchase nf car'' !1 to. Just pbune or drop by the A (1MB FINANCE COMPANY, opposite Montgomery Ward. Locally owned and operated. Friendly, confidential ierrlce. W. .1. "Bill" Bergman, manager. Phone J5-6796. 1-12-tf 19ns Bl'IPK (Oiipe '9A2S21), with radio anil nphol.slpniig nnfl paint job; motor i>xcp|leiit. 1'rivate narty. Phone 2-4409 JSOO. WMJ^take older i-ar in trade. 68 Oldsniohilp fix dynamic cruiser foiir-ilnor soilnn: radio, heater. A br-iiuly. KITC'IIKN-HOVD _ KOI! SAI.10— Fonl ronvi-rtlhle ruupe lUBViiii). (-...Img in-ice $5:10 as Is, or tr;nli- for i.|n-li.seil r:i r. 805 flrnrit tJrlve. _Oild;iii'. V l.lo. IJM wi'Ht nf ChpHter. 69 roil SA1.R—1!0() Model A rmuie. with i. »(i\|ii wliocis Mini tires new rei'aus. Cur in ri.nditioii. 1'rivatr-ly owned. ( I'l/.'iii II. Cash j.u.e J^LT, as is. ['bone _--''!••''. lil Km: SAI.K—-1911 K<n<l convpi-lible five. liasHencer rdiipp. radio, beater. $11LT) Hi* is Want tboaper < v ar. fee flaude .Niiiinnii. (Sob's .Mao Camp. Bomb H'J llit:h\\fiy or '.-ill 2-;U'H. liftween f.:3u and 7 M . In. U. This is a nice clean car. Prl- va i .> <j \vnei i:; 111 !ui[n. >; i .MOPI-M, A 19.'!u. priyate narty. SlCa. as Is. iJiV97L'L'l 1'hone L'-9;,riS. r>9 'I'KI'i'KS I-'OI! SAI.1-:—l!l.'!9 I.;. M. C. pj. I"" tMi'l;. r'v'.||cnt shaltc t hritushout. veiy Knc.d rubber I c'B r i:.'1 S ' t'.l'^A as Is. iini'-lialf mile norlli if lireenfield. one- b.ilf mile west of <i9 hiEhway on Hudson I M i\-r. Pri'. a|.- (I\VIHM. r.O IICIT Plymouth do luxe sedan. Radio. .As is. $::!!.•). IJiirry (9C9HJ). KnVHKX-BOYD MOTOR CO. 11 60 Ilt:i1 KOP. h tcdnn C»A;r(!)S). good IB-im-h hrcfl. JJ7. r » aa IH. I'rivute owner. Want ^-whi-pl trailer. Call altr-r :"i p. in. ti(i6 J-:i Tejon avenue: Phone 2-1434. 59 llt'M KoRDOK V-K sedan for salo (!iH:t-126). Mutnr Koorl shape. Terms to responaihle party, pnvntoly o\vnod Price. $LTiO aa is. Kittle (J'l Stat inn. Hrtnulage and Union a vc n IIP. Phono 2-9S04. 69 FOI1 SALK by private owner. 10:!1 Ford V-S ><odan. $::sri us is isawl^JM. < 'a n he POPJI Jli;!i K p(i pet after ii :;;0. I'horip, 1-1'.<,!. ':!. •>;> Automotjv* ••rvic«, Parts COM LETB body and fender repairing alio frou: wheel allcnment. Charle Vlgitrom'ii Gar««e. 1610 Twenty-eight ati ;et. Phone 1-1837. 4-12-t GRANT nlitmi rlnn la it longer. Mntn tuned up, greaelng and oiling; car Horace Blue Ribbon Gang*. ItlC Nlne- teenth. Phone 1-0(174. 1-15-t WR CAN PAINT Ti/ur Car Immediately. OMAC Budget Pla: Call for A. <"arte» F'RRD C SCHWEITZER OI-DSMOBILK DEALER Phone 6 5697 Eighteenth and N 1-4-t \VE HAVE the following used trac tor tires, which may be purchased withou.t oertlficate, JI-3G, 10-38 900-36. 825-36, 650-16. 600-16. ' Benzine's Auto Service Twentieth and K streets. 9-28-t For Sal*—Lumber WHILE IT LAST3 1x4 1x6 2x2 2x6 2x12 6x6 3x4 3x6 8x12 Location, Standard Oil Company Tank Farms. Go north on Chester avenue and China Grade Road First gate on left side, near gate Gate open 9:00 a. m. to 4:30 p. m Closed Saturday and Sunday. KERN WRECKING COMPANY WRITE P. O. BOX 883 9-19-t HOI ITS' ft ROX Cut Rate Lumber Yard 2l'00 Edison Highway, Bakenfield. 9-SO-tl For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures Large table-top stoves, with pilots white enameled, $99.50. Solid, blond maple table, 6 uphol stored chairs, $99.50. Large selection of 2-pioce living room sets, full spring construe tion, $154.50 and up. Scaly tuftless mattresses, $39.50 Play yards nicely finished, $6.95. Use our budget plan, no interest or carrying charges. DAVIS FURNITURE CO. 1400 CHESTER AVENUE Just one block south of the Courthouse 59 (••nil SAI.K— 10:15 V-S Ford I'-door. motor <>t"l Hies in good condition. Phone l'-x:i77. 1'iivute owner. (J.M4U79). J:i75 "•" l,0\c,-\\-|||.;i.;i.BASK ruckanl (9H4BS'J) \\ilb IITII- muni 7xl!> ln-avy duty prewar tires, jjiiil.'ihie for coitfin trailer Has had KOdd rare. Suld by owner, l. : i^0 Lake Mrfcl. ?"'> as i.s. ilj 19.17 KOI(II V-8 (9r:isr,1), has all extras. I'livale owner. J700 a.H is. ISOj .South I\l stieet. (;o I'.i::!) rllRVROLIOT "-door coacb: private I'allv. sell equity for $'.95 as is. 3iJ:l M street, after 0::lO or phone 2-0<i:!9. f,9 Motorcycles and Bicycles l-Xirt SAI.K—Lntiy's bicycle, practically new. J.'pn. flu.oe :',-0. r i60. 59 Kill! SAI.K—Kl.ll Marley Davidson, good tu-w. G uod i-oiidltloii. J2S5. 20 Kincaid street. I'hone 7-74SS. 59 K(Ht SAI.K—.Motor scooter. Saturday afternoon a'ld all day Sunday. I'hune L'-7.115. 41:i Acacia 59 MAX'S blcy.-le. liehtvveiBht style, in excellent condition, $37.SO. 24:1 Hcrmosa Mlive. I,n I'resta. Thone 9-91'og. f,9 KOI! SAt.K—1940 Powell motor scooter, has windshield, extra seat und box. Phone OIRI.'S prewar bicycle, eood tires, $.10. :',OS Hernita avenue, off HrundaK' 1 . 59 Sowing Machine Exchange. 1218 Baker, has Singer* and White Rotary. Repair __nny make __^__ ' FOR HALK—Modern davenport, chair, coffee table. 8-piece dining room suite. Monterey davenport, chair and lamp, mahoprany writing desk and chair, dark blue Broadloam rug. 9x12. AM in excellent condition. Call between 7 and 9 p. m., L'S.'ll Twenty-second street. 58 LEAVING TOWN—Want to nell at once, all-white ice refrigerator: two Iron bedsteads and prewar springs: high-oven Bas rnnge. cabinet radio; library table Pho'ne 7-7470. 68 USKD FURNITURE wanted. We call »ny place In city and give free estimate!. Brown's Furniture, formerlv Roy White Furniture Phone 7-7021. «-12-tf FIVF3 complete rr.omn of prewar furniture. Phone 8-8468 or eee at 2528 Park Way B8 PRICWAR d.ivenport and matching chair, dining set with six chairs coll bee! sp ing- ami twn easy chairs. Sam Dye's Transfer. 610 Sumner street. 68 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles WILL PAY THE LIMIT FOR MOST CARS. NO RED TAPE. CASH i:: 3 MINUTES. 8-11-tt WANT TO BUY model A coupe in food condition. 1930 or 1931 Phone 2-1730. 60 WANTED—A good ranch ear. Route 6. Box 562, !a mile south of Fairfax School. 60 WANTED—hate model 4-door sedan. No dealers. Phone 3-1259 after 6 p. m. 59 PRIVATE party will nay cash for 19371940 Ford or Chevrolet coupe or two-door sedan. Phone 6-5649. Mrs. Mercer. 59 Wanted to Buy—Automobiles ! Wanted to Buy—Automobiles FOR USED CARS DRIVE TOUR CAR TO TOUR CHEVROLET-BUICK-CADILLAC DEALER 8-21-tf WE BUT ALL MAKES OF CARS LL ELSEi: BAKER-ADAMS MOTOR COMPANY 2706 Chester Avenue Phone 9-9745 7-11-tf For «•!•—Furniture, Fixture* | For Sale—Furniture, Fixtures $21.93 BEPvWYN RUG, 9x12, CHOICE OP COLORS $12.95 MODERNS GLASS TOP COCKTAIL. TABLE $12.95 MODERNE GLASS TOP 2-SHELP END TABLE $12.95 MODERXE GLASS TOP 2-SHELP LAMP TABLE $159.93 COIL SPRING BED DIVAN, PREWAR CONSTRUCTION THIS COMPLETE LIVING-ROOM ENSEMBLE, $100 All Brand New Pieces—Terms—Limited Quantities Eighteenth and L Streets Phone 2-6277 5? For Sal*—Furniture, Fixtures For Sal*—Miscellaneous HIGH-OVEN gas range. V.O. afhe Drive or phone 3-03-0. 1301 Mon- LARGE livlns room set. Rood springs anri i mnko.i oul Inio bgd. Phone 2-77^1. f,!) STL'DIO couch and library table. SKI __ Baker. ' 59 US ICO Ft'RXITKRlO. lonls. sloves. misi-ol- lanoous article* of all liindH. We will buy anythmK. Call 4-4SVK. Authorized Maying S€ i r\'ice and parlp. Furniture repaired. Bob Morley's New and Used Fm-niture Store. 1800 Q. 82 FOR SALE—Bed. coll springs, Seelcy mattress, firescreen, andirons. 329 Twenly- firat stree_t^ 5g FOR SALE—New and used mattrcoei: all kinds of furniture, radios «old. traded and repaired First clast. wnrkmanihlp. Pumpkin Center Secondhand Store. On Taft Highway 1^4 miles west of Green- _fleld. 68 Wir.Ij SACRIFICE five complete rooms of nice furniture. including refrigerator, new atov^ etc.. for $650 cash. Can 1 seen___at 1SJO Oretmn street. Ti DAVKNPOP.T and chair, also occasiona chair; living rootn beater. See at 201 T^em.V-_f l rj^_^l reet. T\\"d-r'l 10CF. livinsronm set, prewar, rosi beige niahair: coffee tnlile, bridge latutt all sood (onditinri. $S."i. not sold sepa rntel>. 1:12H South "I0>e." ("tut II tr SoiilhKate Drive, turn left at "Kye. 1 bouse with while wall in front. FOR SALIO— lOlecu-ic cook stove. Holpolnl only I yeai old. Phone 2-lTi2S. No call! a f I e r _S_P^_ m. A C.OOD secnndhand dresser. Call at 41' IliKKins Drive. COOI.ERATOn steel. ItlO-lh, after 5 p. in. FOR SAI.K—One innersprtn*; mattress, 40 inch. :ni'-<-oi!. one three-cpiartfT Irngll coil spriim.s. Itoth for $l:!; clc'tn. Diiveiv pott. $'Jft; QUO fol-linp iron rut and nun tress, $ti. 214 Kumona a\'eiiu<:, Ui\er v i e w. 1 OAK dressei, $1(1: 1 oak (biffou icr, JIT. 1 oak roi ker. $f»; 1 Simmons bed, < oi Rprinp, mattresM and four pillows. $70 1 small o-'.k huffet. $10; or all tosether 24HO San lOrnidio stieet. Can see same aII day today. FOFt quick sale, bed complete, dresser chest of drawers, dining table and fou chairs. Phone 3-2.'ttil. 20:1 East Sev enth street. COME TO FOR lie box. while enamelni capacity. Phone 2-414. GAS refrigerator. Servel Elpctrolnx. •:,'•'. cuhic feel, water couled. Call 207 Trux tun avenue. pas divan, walnut bed. stove, posture Phone S-i;JOS. torn III For Sale—Miscellaneous THK OFFICE OF PRICE ADMINSTRA- TION has set dollara-and-cents ceiling prices on used refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, typewriters bed springs, cameras and photographic equipment. These maximum prices apply to every seller, even to an Indlvldua selling his personal household effects For information concerning these an* all other ceiling prices, call the Bakers field War Price and Rationing Board Phone 9-9419. 6-13-tf Flying and balsa model plane kits. Jeeps. trucks, tanks, ships fittings, balsa wooc carving knives, dope and cement. Come In and look around. Edward's Camera Exchange. 1609 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf FREE FREE FREB SAWDUST AND PLANER CHIPS Load It Yourself BAKERSFIELD BOX COMPANY Highway 99 3 Miles South of Town 9-6-tf FOR SALE—Glass office partitions. In- Quire Bakersfield Ice and Cold Storace Company. Phone 3-1884. 10-3-tf FOR SALE—Barn. 32x79 feet, with 12-foot sides, all wood, to be removed from property. Price $200. Phone A. H. Karpe, 9-9671; evenings 2-2598. 68 WASHING MACHINES Repaired, quick service. Montgom ery Ward, Apex and all makes repaired and rebuilt. General Serv> Ice Co., 913 Baker. Phone 2-9278. 9-8-tf SOI ONE-DAY SERVICE Grade A Truck Rubber ME.N'DERHAUSEN'S Niles Phone 3-1402 68 CABBAGE, cauliflower, broccoli, chard, lettuce, celery, onion setn strawberry plants, raspberry, blackberry and flower plants, bulbs, txtds and fertilizer; fruit, shade trees and shrubs. Plant them now. Krauter Nursery, 601 Eighteenth street. 10-2-tf SINGLE BED, springs, innerspring mattress, 20-gauge Winchester gun, good condition. 2203 Alta Vista. 68 FOR SAJ.K—Lady's diamond rlne, 'A carat, blue white diamond set In solid gold mounting. 3-Q106 after 6 p. m. 68 FOR SALE—.38-caliber S. ft W. revolver. shells ana holster; Sam Browne belt; three 2-cell flashlights. Call 7-7916 or 7-7914 after 6:30 p. m. Ask for watchman. 68 'ERTILIZER—100 per cent pure dairy fertilizer, mechanically pulverized, $6 per load delivered. Phone Rusk's Dairy, 2-4027. • 81 CHRISTMAb TOYS—Rocking horses, three kinds; airplane rockers, table and chairs, rocklnp chairs, children's lawn chairs, children's lawn swings. 300 West Belle avenue. Rlvervlcw. 69 fitiongly made of heavy 8-oz. wliite canvas, full 25 Inches wide. Extra wide carrying strap. ROEBUCK & CO. 1317 Nineteenth Street 58 BUCK ROGERS. TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. Company Coining? By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS HO, BUCK.'' OON'T SHOOT' BLESS MY SPECS.' A FINE: WELCOME/ BUCK/ WILMA.r WMttT ARE YOU DOING HERE P WERE AFRAID A IT TT (C*TP A TPT ALLS i All GRADE I PASSENGER TIRES Size 4.7ux21--?10.S5* Size 6.00x16—$14.85* Sr/.e 6.50x16— $17.Go' Size 5.50x17—$13.75* Size 4.75x19—$11.SC* Size 5.50x16—$12.95* Si/.e 7.00x10—$19.95* Size o.SOxlS—$12.15* Other Sizes at Proportionate Savings Size 8.25x20—$68.50* Size 7.00x20—$32.80* Size 6.00x20—$23.38* •Plus Federal Excise Tax ROEBUCK & CO. 1317 Nineteenth Street ELECTROLUX cleaner owner*, for parts or «ervici!, call your authorized Electro- lux serviceman. Marvin Herring. 2-8970. Electrolui Corporation. 1831 Orange itreet. 66 Singer and White electricr and treadles. We repair any make newint machines or vacuum cleaners. Work guaranteed. HemHtltchmg while V'jii wait. 1609 West Eighth. Phone 9-9437. 69 FERTILIZER for sale. Sheep, dairy and stable. We flellver. Phone 2-9351. 69 THE WORLD la a world of sound. To me it would seem dead without my VACO- LITE. Clement Hsrshey, 2736 Center, phone 2-0571. 9-28-tf VACUUM CLEANER. Irons, clocks and all small appliances repaired. No delay. General Service Company. (IS Baker. Pbone 2-9278. »-8-tf REPAIR your own shoes. We carry a good stock r.t leather and accessories for repairing. Paul Hornung. 1006 Nineteenth street. 8-23-tf DECORATE your horns with mirrors. We specialize In morrnrs for mantels, walls and doors, Bakersdeld Glass Company, 1715 Nineteenth street. 1-10-tf FARMERS—\Ve have cotton scaleB. Pioneer Mercantile Company, ]o:M Baker. Must Bahersfield. I'lione 4-4984. Co FOR SALE—Stationery waalHulis. 10. Call at 205 East Bell avenue, Uiverview. 59 WEDDING ring for sale; 3(i diamonds net in platinum with yellow gold band. Call 2-132S. 69 DIRT to Rive away for hauling. Also some firewood. DOl Golden State. Dragoo Ga race. AUSTIN front end. three wheels and throe tires; girl's coat, size 11; boy's coat, size 6; carpet sweeper: pair tap shoes, new. 301 Wisteria. Phone 7-7319. M FOR SALE—New silk lorsey dress, size 16; lovelv Birls' gold colored suit, size 18. boys' eport jacket, size H; black trousers. 28 waiat. nearly new, reasonable. Phone 2-5132. SCRATCH FEED with cracked Indian corn. Yes. we deliver. Pioneer Mercantile Company. Phone 8-8(81. 9-18-tf For Sal*—Miscellaneous WE HAVE THE Bedroom Suites Overstuffed Chairs Dinette Spt.i Gas Heating Stoves Gas Ranges Oil Coolt Stoves Congoleum HURS Unpalnted Chests Unpainted Chairs Marble Top Kitchen Tables Gas Lo£s for Fireplace Hiprh Chairs Bo by Carriages Nursery Chairs Piay Pens and Pad! Throw Rugs MeUi! Bed Lamps Toy" Bamhoo Rakes Blow Torches Vises Crescent Wrenr-hes SUillson Wrenches Draw Knives Diagonal Pliers Hatchets Jlitre Uoxes Jacobs Chuck* Klashllshts Flashlight Batteries DaiBy Churn Bottles Clothes Wrinpers Rubber Sheeting Rubber Belting Rubber Belt Dressing Ladders Kxhaus 1 . Fans Electric Hot Plates • Hot Shot Batteries Klectrlc Wire, 12, 14-Gau»« BX Cable Axes Post Hole Diggers Klectric Alarm Clocks Food Choppers • Metal Fly Sprayers Slack Pots. All Sizes Bar Glasses Restaurant Glassware Restaurant. Dishes Hottle Tourers Paint. Silverware Grape Knives If. you can't find R anywhere else LOOK FOR IT AT Hard ware and Restaurant Supply U22 Twentieth I'hone 3-05R1 (9 FOR SALE—Good clean baled alfalfa hay. nn_HosejlaJe_Hisjvwiiy^Phone 2-3092. r.a FUR SALE—Electric FriRldalre. 2-com- partmfnt ice cream cabinet, can be used for faat freezing. Galey's. 404 Bernard sti-eet. 68 THREE flattop electric Incubators. 640- eBB rapacity, two large, one small: oll- burnlne b:ootlers. used one season, all In ROI J condition; quitting business. For informntioi' phone 9-11518. 68 WILL SELL almost new baby buucy in ex- rcllen* condition for half original price. Call 2-OSlil). 68 CATERPILLAR Good shape. 2-321M. 1015 tractor for sale. V street. Phone 58 GET YOUR rubber stamps from Bakersfield's leading rubber stamp company. Ton will be satisfied wjth Its prompt service. Pads, Inks, daters of all makes. 1808 "Eye" street. Phone 8-8102. 69 TOR SALE—Used equipment Approximately MOO feet 3'.i-inch grade (? drill pipe wi'h Hughes Acme thread tool joints: approximately 6100 feet 5 9/16- Inch gra.le D drill pipe, witn Hughes full- hole tool joints: one No. 3-1-2G Ideal*draw works with 30-inch hydmmatle brake: also many other items. Address Barnsdall Oil Company. 714 West Olympic Bfiule- VHrd. Los Angeles 15. Phone Richmond 6 I_7L__ ?5 LIMITED number of new and factory rebuilt Hoover sweepers available only to persons having old Hoovers to trade In. Liberal allowance. Guaranteed factory parts an' service. Call Weill's servlc* department, 6-6851. 7-6-tt FOR SALF.—Wedding gown and veil, size 1'J or 14. Call after 5 p. m., 2-675". 1 421 Baker. 5j> FOR SALE—Larce prewar leatherette baby carriage, like new. Phone 2-3141. 59 iwers PIONEER NURSERY Plant now lor fall and winter garden. Cabbage, onions, 50c hundred. Head and leaf lettuce, -10c a hundred. Cauliflower, broccoli, celery, other vegetable plants, cheap, per dozen. Special price per 100 and 1000. Cayendula, stock plants, cut flowers, funeral designs wholesale price. Corsages, potted plants. Open Sundays. 715 L sreet. Phone _2-4748. 59 FOR SALE—Electric waffle Iron and toaster. Call 726 Pacific before 5 p. m 08 FOR SALE—Gallon bottles. 6c apleeeT 4050 Chester, Wayne's Drive-In. 60 VACUUM CLEANERS, irons, toasters, heatine pads, motors, everything electrical repaired. Money-back guarantee. Huntley Appliance Service and Repairs. 917 Water street. Phone 2-4570 or _J.-»»?± 80 PUBLIC address music Instrument, pickup and amplifiers. Gore's Radio Shop. Arvlm eg FOR SALE—7-foot power mower, to fit Allis-Cbalmers tractor. J. R. Bright 2 miles south of steam plant. Buttonwillow. 6 8 FOR SALK—Hieh-oven stove with oven regulator, rock inn chair: Winchester, model 84 .30-.10, nnd three boxes of shells^ Phone 2-ilOl'U. fi8 F-:i) FARX1ALL on rubber. A-l shape; 2-row cultivator. ."650; 25 Cletrac. butane equipped. A-l shape, tSOII. I'hone ' '""•' Phone McFarland 6725. 58 TWKI.VK 3x10 and eight 4x1 3/16 sheeTs of steel; tne tank lllxM. Turn left on Willow Drive off Beardsley one blo^k, at "Private Road" sign. O. J. Secly 58 ROAST HEN, ROAST DUCK . M-m-m—delicious—try my luck. SEE A. & A. POULTRY MARKET 1710 L Street Phone 6-5541 FOR SALE—Red fox fur. like new. »40~ 2009 Twenty-second street. 69 3LECTRIC Iron, miscellaneous drapery rods and shades. 69 NOTICE 3. A J. Electric Iron Shop 611 Nineteenth Street May have heating elements to fit your Iron. Cords and a few motor* for Ml*. | RED CROSS HEAD HORIZONTAL 53 New Guinea .1 Pictured U. S. Port head of 54 Atmosphere i international 55 Indian army relief agency, (ah.) Basil _ 96 Frozen water 7 Genesis 57 A 8« 12 Church seat 58 Dashed 13 Amount (ab.) 59 Household 14 Either helper ' 15 Male offspring 16 Every 17 Palm lily 18 Seek damages 19 Earth Anmver to Previous. Putr.le 20 Lord lieutenant (ab.) 21 He is the new head of the Red Cross organization 23 Manuscript (ab.) 24 Friend 25 Distress signal 27 Golf device 29 Vat 32 State 33 Gambling game 34 By 35 Tavern 36 Observe 39 Auricle 41 Egyptian sun god 43 He heads the U. S. Chapter of the 47 Print measure 49 Before 51 Bright color 52 New Testa- meat (ab.) VERTICAL 1 Jewel 2 Prison room 3 Night bird 4 Pertaining to birth 5 Leave out 6 Right (ab.) 7 Part of 8 Spaces 9 United States steamer (ab.) 10 Chamber 11 Finishes 18 Therefore 21 Sodium (symbol) 22 Behold! 24 Equals 26 Step 27 Strike lightly 28 Evening before holiday 30 Vase 31 Good (FrJ 37 Erbium (symbol) MiilllrJM 38 Weird 39 Compound ether 40 Like 41 Peruse v 42 Operatic solo 44 Extinct • 45 Cadmium (symbol) 46 One time 47 Deserve 48 Flesh 50 Sin 53 Meadow 56 Exists

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