The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 18, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, September 18, 1936
Page 4
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LIQUOR 1325 NINETEENTH STREET AGAIN! Associated Is FIRST With ltii<lweis«r Beer of 24 C«n« $2.85 >, flood, (all •tr«8«k b««'< » «• »•««'"• *^ & *J Tb» In It - OUABANTItED OVHB ft YKAR3 OLD ON SAtC FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Wnsco Legion Auxiliary Will Sponsor Public Event f of Wdlfare Work (HptMat to The OaUforntan) •WASCO, Sept. 18.— Wasco Leglfltt Auxiliary will sponsor a publlo cat'd parly on tho evening of October 2 At tho I,eglon hall, tho rnonoy to bfl U»od for their tMft«ury and wolfttfd WOfk, Mr*. SlAhnho Mitchell is chftlCfflan Of tho card party, to bo ««• tilfltmi by Mrs, SSeta Taylor, who will huvo charge of thn tablos, and Mr#. Gftrtifllitt l/lttl«, who will be chalrmaft of the rofroshmont committee aftd also ptirchaso ftristes. Mr*. Mitudo nrunfon, president of (h^ Aujillfary, oftenod n«t home fof tho meeting. Plans wore also initdo for the dinner that Is in bo nerved on Sunday, October 11, for tho Kdfn t;Mifity council, when they assornbld In Waflco for tholr monthly infiotlns, MM. F«y« frKschltfl was named chairman of tho dinner arrangements, to bo ncislsted liy tho other members fn the preparation nfid serving. Convention report* were made by* MM, Hruntoft, wbo attwided th» Htato convention held in IXM Anfte- IOB. AnHlntlhg Mrs. Orunton during tho roffftshment lioiir were MM/ Nancy Jianard and Mrs. dladytf rtrler. Oth- 89c KEYSTONE STATE Straight Rye WHISKEY— y| Q ^ 93 proof. Salo price per fnll PINT^.^. ...... . ... . . . . *f O \f $1.85 HIGHLAND KING SCOTCH. A mtllow bUnd$"|.29 madt with 8 to 10 year old whiskey. FIFFH . . . . , ....... J. $2.28—8 YEAR OLD BONDED WHISKEY. A»fc for $ | .59 "Real Qulir^-on tale flflaln at, ptr pirn ................. .1, llonrk, Blrtnrtho MltnhMt, Mary IMO Crottol, Kathleen Wllkson, Marnlrt fJllbroafh, C'ornofla Llttto, OeraldihA (,'oynn, Vlolitt I'nithnr, Zcta Taylor, Arnftnda Haven, Mnbln Watson, M. M. HrldHrns and Dorothy Mmlth. Mrs, Ullhrnath will be litistoss At hor homo for tho fioxt moetlnK, to bo a«slMt<!d t/y Mrs. fiavert and Mrs. Taylor. • ••• ...... *« «• ' - >- Or.KAN IJV1NO 1'AYft AI)]5t,AIUIO. Hcpt. 18. m. P.)— Hlclinnl Htunton who him fniVflr 1 Hinoknd, nevnr benn Intoxleated, niivnr shaved nor ever I>»M> guilty of riwearliiK just died here at the age of 02. Reception Plans Fill Aid Meeting .. ^ . c LIQUOR r\\'.. '.< :•: S:ffj?if::V: ; . :: :.,:.. ; .. ,?$: .'v,?*,.; .•. .•S:l?'SSS!???5!3Sft:? Mr tho rooopilon W bo tli<* flfurtdf*, the fuwiwfif s. Cftr- lyla, tonight! Mf thff rummago «alo to bft held in lh« Kefti county *flft4f0 building on Saturday, fiefctamber 20', for tho hwnacomlnft dinner C»' bo hold on Friday nl*Jit, SepMmtrt* 85 utid for tno mooting 61 the Fad- aratcd Aid Hooiety of (ho district In Vlimlla on Mftfldfty, Beptemb*r 28, o6oujrt«d tn« time of th«, wonwn at the fates' Aid «oolety of ihd Meth< odlsl KplScdpal Church at a tfiedflu wltH ATM, Arch Tho n«v«>rerid Cftrlyto and hto family will B* welcomed by m*m« her* t>t IH« ohtirch «tnd conuntmlty at «, rflcwfrtlon tonight in tho ohurah pftrlorft, Whorl the piuftom of other ohufflhcw In WflMdo will ftloo srOst ton now piuitor and hiA family. Mm. Aroh Boolean, prosldfint of tho Aid Hoelsty, head* tho oofnm(tt«« oft ar< Mm. JSdwln Booth l» ohalrmtti of tho rummage naln, Tho flttlrt will oommonco at 30 o'olook and contlntio Alt any. Mr», Bootli It) Imlnx aeolfltod by Mflfldame* M. M< Urldge» arid O< A< BfrWlolt/ , t , On Friday, Bflptofnbor 2B at 6:80 p, tn, t m«mbor« of tho church will gather at a potluok dinner nerved in the r.'huroh rmrlarn to welcome hwrie thotre Who have been on vacation. ThoHfl prenent Inoludod MeAdamo'f A. U. IJockPH, A. It, Heckes, Joe Alt- rlnsor, n. H. Whltney f C. A. Hiif wick, Rrtwln nooth, nun Crrtnrfftil, ftefi Hfftrr, T, R. Hmlth, J. Litton, frrfthk Unfuti, Jamsu Llttlci, A. 0. Macklln, Alfrod Henf*lon«, . M. R. Chnrleft, Ff. Cnrlyl*? Hchftoffar, A ffrou|> of mornhor* of tho AJd aro making plnnrt to attend the dta< trlot tnfintlntf of the Federated Aid fif/clotle« nt Vlaalla on September 2S, according to plant* made at tho meeting. - ,: ,. «l t ».- - . - . nt5At'Tt junrjw coton IJUND SAkEJM, Ore,, Se^t. 4. (U, *".>— Al- thmiffti State Treiisurer flufud O, Ilolman admitted he WHM oolor-bllrtd, ho was named a Jufltffl for tt red' head bathing bnailty conteHt at a roHort. "1 can «*e a fed-Hefidod Rlrl any time, tliotigh," Ilolman IMPORTED BRITISH STOUT with « HO- year reputation. Full strtnglh. Split ' f/jr mm. CREMO CANNED BEER— Full RtronRlh. Tor Caae. $t.8!> .Per Can UMURPAUEO FOR MAXIMI MANHATTAN OOOHAJU Full Alcoholic Strvnglh On Salt Frtfag and Saturday BAKER8FIELD, OCTOBER 3 AND 4 /J die -only «ntlur!oK quallir •( tljtkt j.ilyi. G.nnlrt* p. fl. tCitkcr Vi»«ll« SidJIf.-p.unt.d VlllfU K«m«n« Blfl—Slilffi«l noon-JiKiln Boon- Stetion Hull. Alio « full llo« of Rttullih <nd Polo 8«<!<ll*rr. rnXKCATAl.OG VISALIA STOCK SADDLE CO. MARKirr ST.. SAN FRANCISCO Plinitfl MArkct 1B92 BLUE BEIX DISTILLED DRY GIN, on tale for thU we«k- end ut-per PI1*4T tt.35 STRATFORD DRY GIN (dUtllUd) 90 proof. Sftle price-lull QUART ........... $1.45 OLD QUAKER SLOE GIN. Oouout Sale prlee—^T S[ per lull t'llTII ....................................... i «JP SILK HAT ORANGE BITTERS. 2 ounce bottln-n big volue nt . . . . ............. ... ........... . f 9 V iBc MARASCHINO COCKTAIL CHERRIES, generous 5 ounce |ar. Special ..................................... HEAVY OPTIC WHISKEY GLASSES, 1 ounce tlie. Special Friday mul Suturday .............................. sui<:ititvs Leona Vista Sweet Wines, PORT, SHERRY, MUSCATEL, ANGELICA Yz Gallon 75^ Full Gallon .... $1.27 $2.45 MONTE VISTA SWEET WINES. The bent < g 70 domr.itlc \vlnr« nlitnliinhlcl Port, Sherry. Muncatel or * • • i " AngcllcD. I'ull GALLON ••• AMERICA'S MOST COPIED RADIO always a year ahead I ; .IINGniSTANCE-RADIO OFFERS FOR 1937 42 MODELS ..'. civallable In four modern (ablnot flnlihoi (walnut... b«n« whiln ,.. mdplo and obonliod),.. prkncl from $29?^ tO *750* 20c CONCANNON SWF.ET WINES. Port. Sherry. Muscatel. Tokny. Split »lie bottles .................... Splfltunui I,li|«(ir I'rlcu 8nb|«ct I* fluit T«M TAMPA PRIDE CIGARS All llrvm* Illltili r»o. 2 (of Me LEONA CiGARROS Shrnliinl H«v«n« Illlril, v«iy mild. MENLO PIPE TOBACCO, A Mild, Fragrant Mixture 194 o.. suv... TOBACCOS • Prince Albert 10-oz. 79c • Velvet. IG-o/. 7i)c • Granger 16-o/,. 75c • Dill's Best JG-oz. 04« • Hurley Hurley ... 14-oz, B5o • Edffeworlh...:. l«-o/,. SI,Of) DR. GRABOW MODU 6-J-IS2 ^ ' ' ' . ; FOR 21 YEARS THE MNFST HOMES IN AMERICA HAVE BEEN PROUD OF THEIR. ZENITH W« Rcitrvt Hliihl lo Limit. No Gooili Solil la Doteri. Only Zenith Has All These Features • Lightning Station Finder (Emdt sphntr MuttJ) • Secret Volume Governor • Foreign Station Looter • Voice and High Fidelity Control • Target Tuning • Acoustic Adapter • Visualized Control! • Headphones for the Hard-of*Hearing • Exclusive Zenith features Patent-Protected Model 6*S-*52, $74.98 WITH AM & BOOTH Fox Th«at«r Building 2015 H *tr*et Phone 2834 Our Rxpfrttnce 4**ur*» Your Satisfaction BOTT0N IN Tho buttonhook l» horo agalft along with the fl&W biitWn shoes whloh prornlso to" bo Iho iJfnartest thln» tot fall. Tho «h<«« stld^ri horo aro featured by MdntROrtory Ward and are of black «uede with three dtMipu. Onlj' the top button actually buttons, Thesa and other fihoeo, with real and merely ornamental buttons, are designed £o gfvo that military effect. Officers Elected by Young People , Hept, 18.~rTh8 follow- Ing officers wero clouted by the Pilgrim" Fellowship Croup of the Ollflalo Congregational Church at Its first modtlng of the year Sunday evening: Kathorlno Atkins, president Jack Atkins, vice-president; Biirba* dap- poll, secretary; Oeorgft BdOtt* ureri Hoyce Denny, program tnan; Ruth Fish, group tlvo to the County Pilgrim Fellowship; ISdna Mao Maruton, social altalrman; Ila Baker, Fnink Mo- Naughton, Hrenton Capjiell and Dora McNaughton, assistants to the social chairman, and Ernest Culbcr- son« pianist. Tho following constituted the nominating committee: M«lba Uousell, Frank McNaughton, Frances dod- dard, Wora MoNaughton and the Hcvorcnd Cyril M. HlckH. , A mooting oC the officprs \va8 held Monday evening at tho church at whloh plane for the year Wero discussed. A rotation 1 of mem'bers to lead the evening meetings was arranged, Kathorinn Atkins being tho flrwt loader. Special music will bo provided twlco aaeli month by Ernest Culbcrtson. Tlio nodal chulrmafi, IMlsiJ Marston, announced that on Friday, Hfip- lumber 25, an old-fushloncd costume party will bo hold In tho basement of tho church. • • i » Rio Bravo Party Farewell Affair UtO BftAVO, Sept. 18.— Miss Cecilia llaag entertained ut a farewell party on Wednesday evening in honor Of MISS Frances AVllnon, who Will leave thin weuk for Eugene, Oregon, Wliora she will enroll It) iNforthweHt Christian College. CltUnoH were played on tho lawn Of tho Ilaag homo, and refreshments' wero served. A shower of gifts was presented to the honoroe. Sharing the evening wore Messrs. and MnsdamOs T. M. Martin, Robert Curtis, AValtor te. Haag, ft. Bradley, Frank Rohlorlnuinn, Harry Jaokson, W. B. Wilson, Cecil White, J. W. Malhls; Mesdamos Tom Devlm, Marl Colder, Whiting Martin, John ixiwis, K. B. Suydatn, Ada llorgati, laltna Wilson. Carl Maag,, Richard P. Kirkham, tho Misses Lonure Smith, Joyco Haag, May ahd Myrtle Hang, Erva White, Marjorlo »mlth, Minor Fnuicos Sohlerlmann, Irene Wilson, FrancoH WIlsOH, Cecelia Haag. Messrs. Virgil White, 1'aul Wilson, Virgil Mussell, Bill flradley, Vorcil Wilson, Marlon Whlto, T, 3, Busseli, llonry Longfellow, Edward Haag, Donald Buydam, H. 0. Hunt (Los Angeles). Jnmos 10. Ilaag, Robert Curtis, dalyiti Wilson. The following children wert also present: Korayda Martin, Bobby llnng, liobby Devlin, ftoland Lewis, ICdllh and lOrnost Jackson, LUcllle and Betty Mathls, and Geneva and Junior Muthlfl, — i - ^.4 » .,-,..,..,. 1IK1T1SH WAItSIttl* COMING LOR ANOKLES, Sftpt, 18. (A. P.)— Tho ItrlliHU war ship Apollo, commanded by Admiral Mftthow llobert Best, will visit Los Ankolori harbor H«|)tember 17 to September 28, it wa« announced today. COALS TO NHWCASTLW DURHAM, Sept, 18, <U, . thracito doai-la beifig mined by Chi nose labor In Indo-Ohina and sent 14,000 miles to Montreal to compete jvith the British product. Fttrm Bureau in Election of New Officer* tjOSEDALB, Sept. 18.—AH a ffe •"•suit ot the el««tl«U o* n«r <* f/c6rs at the RosedsJe Item Bureau meeting Tuesday evening flt tho tfrultvale fiflhOftlr Al IfeWffO elected chairman) W. foteii, chairman, and Bat«» f»«wey, tftry and treasurer. Mr. Renfro ftp- pointed Phil Shfellftbftrgor, Andrew Helmforth and QGarg* tfWtflft a* ft dommlttco to help tfrako plans tot tho coming year. Preceding the meeting a planned menu supper wa« s«rved at brightly deowatdd tAbles, gtmfldfyferit arid greenery In colored bowls bedecked ihd brown topped fables and ooloted napkin* were laid At each plft6e. <fi«, "Nora anl the iHvlnV" by Betty " iwflserjd! a piano ntimbai 4 by Mrs. .:. f. Allen) two poems by Mrs. Al Jteftffo! musical seleotlorifl on th« «»• dofdloH and banjo by PhH Shellabaf. gef and Miss OlodyH Sheilebartef] and two ftipvles by tt, T. Strong of the FafWi I8xt«h«ioh of£16o. &6V6ral cakep were ttuotloned to false fcioney for the hom« depart* merit treasury. Cofuttittee report* i ! S ^ were heard by riates Dewey, 4-H , Cfltlb, wh« I'SportBd that five local Ijotd att«ld«a the Sacramento fair and is boys and girls attended Whitaker S»6«si BUMfttef oawps Milton HflfttH rtlatsd hlfl trip t6 Los An- g*elfl> Oh th« dairy committee; Mr*. Afthtlf MarbftUgh ahnounced th« new home department officers and > reported the results of the last • fheetinir on "Canned Foods," and ftl*6 that th« h«xt meeting which ^vflf be on "kitchen arrangements," will bo held at the home of Mrs. And>ew Baimforthi Al Renfro reported progress toward th« control of the black beetle in the eounty. U, T. Strong conducted a discussion on thftfe Important measure* in the coming election and a secret ballot was taken for Information of tho State P'affH Bureau federation. Mr. Strong ttlso aiatftd that registration blanks for the Pasadena convention are now available for thofie Who wish to attend. Ed Baker of McFarland, who Is Connected With tho state farm Insurance, was a special guest of the evening. Oildale Church Plans Services OILDALH, Sept, 18.i*-TWo chtlrctl sefvioiS Will be held eVery SUhday at the Ideal ddmmuhity Church be- glrtnlftg with th'e ftfst SUnday In October. The Jleverefid Cyril M. lilcks will eo«dt)ot a morning nerv toe at it o'clock and tho evening service fit 7 o'6ldck. Uivery Wednesday evening, commencing in Odtober, a mid-week service Will be Held afc ?:30. Revofena Midks annotlrtces a spa- cial servlcWoF this aomlflg sutiday eveiilng \vltH M.ft and Mrs. Lefoy ftlttenhoiiso and family presontina a musical ohufcli program with songs, Richland School Has 128 Increase" SHAFTBK, Sept. 18.—RlohlaM School Opened the school year with art enrollment 6f 665, {here being 296 glrla and 8BS boys, This ifl ah noreaso Of 138 over last year. The large ihdj-easo i* due, it la reported, to the faot that tho cotton season is earlier* arid school Was opened later thaH Usual, f he lafgfl Increase in attendance Is an evidence of the rapid growth ih school population* 6f thiri community, and Its surrfluftd-* Ings. During tho summer months ail the Classroom floors of the new building Were Banded and Waxed and first and second grade fOoms repainted. Hint...on crossing the sands of time! The eantftl gives thf«Hhr«wd advtctt "ft«for« 6rt« drink, my lort, think, fwlet. Tomorrow there it work to do, So—CALVERT it My tip to you I" CLEAR HEADS CALL FOR Calvert WHISKIES O itl« CAiytKT-MARVtAHP BIITIILINO CO.. IHO. tXICUTIVI OFFICI*! N.Y.C. e*WIRT'l"RtM«VI" •LiMDID WHI1K(Y-*0 PBObr-ilnliHI »hliN>» M (ttU product It s y*»ri old. 25* «ir«l«ht whtokcy B r*«ra **S «» * "in nwlnil" wm°. wBt«rr» "»PIClAf"BLtNDIO WMIiKIV-SO PJOOP-ilr.l«nt .hl.h!.. In ' " * «» * in nwlnil wm. thT.' priSuM.™ >"«r .ntf I monM.. ti mor; oW. »H«ir«lthlwhHk«> t y»ir «niH m«nlh» oM| »* «tnij «»»l..,i Tit VJ$*»**'&X**» Xn'noUi U» ilr«l«ht *tibk.> IF YOU COULD ONLY SEE GERMS AS I DO! asss How to Overcome Piles or Rectal Soreness if yoti nre nnnnyed with pllcs-ot roctnl uorpiiedH, do u(H ncHlout ths Rfttnn or ruii tiio rUk of an operation. Any ItAhlnR. aoronoM or pnlnful puna- Alto of nurnl In nrtture'n wurtiiiifc ant) |iroi>«r treatment NhouUt lio necitrert at once. Fdr thlii nurpos* 8«t ttoift your dniKglRt a little iPo-Mlnt and apply oncp or twlco dally. Thin cooling ana Hoothinit propurauon quickly roTleveH tho H oh Iti if nhil HoretiftM, ktops pain nnd healii th« »ff«otod purtn. Try It. Ico-MInt l« hl«l\ly recommendoil und Is cuHy and fil^fcHiiut to t)Krt. it NQAnia thn height of folly for nnyono to rlak an oporatlon whim a ulinpln rcmotly that ii so eauy to uan may b« hnd nt »mnll cost.—Adv. White 8ho»» Dy«d Black. Southern Hotel Shu ihlm C-LOHGX PU«t • bAlt • DtPtNDAlilt A CCORDING TO SCIENCE, mlerOscopic examination reveoli that counlleit garhls thrive in many homes which dpp«df"lpOtl0tily el«an". If you could sea these health menacing flerml you would realfee the full importance of greater Horrti Hyfllene. Why take chances when tt Is so easy «nd economical to use Clorox and give your home the hedlth protection It deserves! In the laundry Clorox makes your white cottons and linens snowy-white, fresh-smelling and hyglenlcally clean. Clorox disinfects, deodorizes and removes stains from dlihes, glaiiware, refrigerators, food containers, drain- beards, sink*,bathtubs, basins,toilet bowls, tile,linoleum, sickroom utensils, garbage receptacles, You'll be amaied to learn thAnurtfber of Ways that Clorox can help you. The label list* many Important household and personal uses, Clorox tt Concentrated f6r economy. Always order by name. There's only one Clorox. i GlHUMES HEMUUES STAINS DESTROYS DOORS

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