The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 6, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 6, 1944
Page 12
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12 Fridoy, October 6, 1944 TOje #aker«(ielb Calitorman AIR PROGRAMS KRIIMY %00 la (I:. 1 )!) p. m. KKRN"—Nc«s; «.].',. tones by Leon ]'nyne. KKI—Artflirf-s by Thomas K. Deuey. KPMC—Gqliffi lleattrr; 6:15. Si_reeu Tvst «:30 lo 7:00 p. m. KKnA—Sp'iiiiRhi liamls; (;..j.i. Coronet Story Teller. XKI—FYopl. Aro runny. KPMC—Double or 7:00 to 7::<0 p. m. KKRN—Karl limiwin- 7.].'.. Ted ilalono. KKI — AmoK and Anrty. KPMC—Cc'fU .MoiiuM* in Sports: 7:OT» Today's War (\tniiiRii;;u-> ; 7.15, Lmvf-II Thomas. 7::((l la H:0fl p. m. KKUN—Happy iKlpnil. Kl-'l — Spoils Xi'wsvivli 745. CahbHRes and Ktiifcs, KI'.Mi;— Linii' Kunc-i. H:flfl lo 8::iO p. m. KKTIX—Win. h the World Uo By; S:13, J'niker Family. Kl''l — Music Shop; S:l.». Fleetwood I.a u tor.. Kl'.MC—.Ian KniK. 8::ii) In !>:W> p. in. KKUN—CiinchnM"! " KKI — Huf!> •*. KI'.MC—Ail'ti Ilitth !l:ll(l In !l::lll p. m. KKRN M.-..I Y..UI \.ii.v. KKI—Ku:iouch run. Kl'-MC— Xi «•*; Si.K.. Ceil l:,,,«ii. »:30 lo 111:110 n. m. KI-:RN—•Kr.niliie Ciit-l... Until 1'Min. 11:4."'. Cit ix-on';-- Committee Against 1'ropofMI ion ,N'n. K'. KKI—Joan Hi, vis lin.l .laik Unify. KI'.MC—rullini L"Wis. Jr.. !l.l,'i,' .News. 111:1)0 lo 10:8(1 p. m. KKlt.V—B«l Tril.i-rin Ofhestia. Kl-'l—The Reporter; IO:H>, MnnrlieMer lio.ldy. KI'.MC—San I-'tanriKc-o On-heMi-a. 10:30 lo 11:00 p. m. KKRN—Harry Owens Co ' h'.«li a. Kl-I — lnsid>> the News; Id.l.'i. Medals in Music. KI'.MC—S"an Kianciero Orih< Mi a. 11:00 to 11:30 p. m. KKIIX— Thi.'< Movme World; 11.1.7, Ill-ill y Kins On hi'stra. Kl-'l-- i:i«v<nth Jl'iiir NI-W.U; ll:i:,. I VIM I'iii.irtc: ll.L'O, I'ftn de Lima. KI'.MC— News; ll:i;>. Silver .Nnrlnnu. ii::id to I2:oo Midnight KKUN — T".| Wi'mi." On-hesl i .1 ; ll:(r.. Ra.l'O l-'aiirHU'; 11:.,:,, Musi, al Kluotts. Kl'.MS—ifihi-r X.i. nun.. SATTRIMY fi:ftO lo fi:»0 H. m. KKHN—niiylhniH fur Sutui.l.iy. (1:SO In 7:00 B. m. KKHN—Fi i.-.-floin on ih<- Land Forever; «:<3. MUM. al rtcveillo. Kl-'l— Owen:-, .;!,',, N<\v«. KI'MC— Clink; (i,.'.. < >n the l-'nnn. 7:00 to 7:. f tO it. m. KKIt.V—N, UN; 7.1:.. Mill fii Au-i-niiHky. Kl-'l— Today's ilciuis. 7 I.'.. i'lc>it\\ oorl l..-|\Vlllll. KI'.MC —XOWK; 7:Ki. Melodies of TlKliiy. 7:311 to H:lMI H . in. KKKN—N':wn <'<imni*-ntai > ; 7.15, JihMlim Han. h Pals. Kl-'l—M:n.h tu Viuory; 7.-I5, Sillll Have*. KI'.MC—Top Tunes; 7:40. Weill's News; 7:45. New*. H:00 la 8:30 H. m. KKRN—KlcT-twood Lawton; 8:15, \»ctory .Man-lies. K I-T—K. (.'. ,lii inboree. KI'MC—Music; S:15, Rainbow House. K:30 to 0:00 a. m. KKHX—Bri-alcfiist Club. KKI—Mclnily Knundup. KI'.MC—Jla niliuw House. !l:00 to U:»0 H. m. KKRN—XCWH of the Worlrl; S:lo, Local Xuws; !l:1.'.. !0-L'-4 Ranch. KKI—.News J'eriod; 9:15. Consumer Time. KI'MC—Hello. Mom! 11:311 to 10:00 a. m. KKRN—rhatham. Shopper. Luis Long; 9:4fi. Trans-Atlnnllc Quiz. KI'MC—Sat unlay Si.-rnnliook. 10:00 to 10:30 n. m. KKIJ.N—Fill: ]():J5. Collins CHlllntr. Kl-'l—Ath-enturf Ahead. KI'MC—XPUC: 10:10. Al Williams. 10:30 to 11:00 n. m. KKH.V—Whiit'H Cookln'V 10:ii3, Ui-nan Mc-lodies. • KI'.MC—Luncheon with Lopez. rOMTH'AI, AUVKKTISKMKNT I ON THE HOME FRONT HEAR Hartley C. Crum Attorney ON Why I Am Voting NO on No. 12 TONIGHT, 9:45 ASSOCIATED FOOTBALL SPORTCAST U. C. L- A. vs. Niivnl Trnining Outer— J.i.'i 1'. .M.. K.MI'O TT. S. C. vs. Cnliinniiii 2:15 J'. M—Miiiiuil -\i-nviirk Fourth Air l-'orrc vs l-'lcci City 7:4.". 1'. .M.-Kl'KO (141(1 kc.) (Hid K.MI'O Bt. Slary'K vs. Coitst Gimrtl i. 1 :!.-, 1». M.—K.Ml'C TIDE WATER ASSOCIATED ^ff OIL COMPANY Sir 11:00 In 1!;:((» H. m. Ki:iiX— Kail in Kids Hihli! K I-'I —Oliporl uinty Th( Hi' r. KI'JH'—A I" V, in Noi'lly: 11:15. Lain Alrlntyi r's I in hfsl i ;\. 11:30 to K':00 Noon KKHN—I-'annie Hur»t Pri'Kpnls. Kl-'l — Wiir '/hcsl Spcllina l\rr. Kr.MC—CJonruo .StorilPy'H <_>rchrstia. 12:00 In 12:30 p. m. KKRX—Illinois to Purdue Kontl..-ill ilMiiK 1 to 2:30. Kl-'I — N'oon Fiu m Rrpoiloi; Tt ansfi-jpiions. KI'.MC—News; 12:15. Thir> Is Holloran. 13:30 lo IKK) p. m. KI-'J —Smllin' Kd Mcronncll. KI'.MC—l!p<irBP Hariy's Oirhcsti a. 1:00 to 1:30 p. m. KKI—Nnrlliwcxtprn-Crvnt La ken Knot bill I (lump. KI'MC—Hilly KoBfi-H OnhcMni. 1:3(1 to 2:00 p. m. K Ft—North wi'Mirn -Great Lakes Kaotluill (Junif. KI'.MC—Races; 1:45. Del Couilncy's 2:00 to 2:110 p. m. Kl'I- - Xoi IhvM'sIci n-< li e.-i t KI'Mr--N:ii'y linilrlin Iliianl: 1' IT,, Willamdii' VITMIM WnsliMiKton. •I::lO lo 3:011 |). in. KICRN — Ainu.-; L':45. Hello. .Sweetheart! KFI— -lluiiei-t HuBhet"; ::4."i. >lil>ic: rinntn. KI'Mi;—\Villiunclto vernUH Washington. 8:00 to 3::<0 p. m. KKRN—I'dvvurrt Tomlinpon; ,"! Harry Wiwiner. Kl-'l—Sini-n ivarl Harbor: 3:15. 1 SiJKliiin \ViiiB.s. !I:!IO to 4:00 n. in. KI^RN'—I'onlcniporary COHIPOHP KKI—Curt Massoy; 3:t~i, in the N'-\VN. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KKRN—Him- Corri'MiondentB Abroad; 4:Ij. I3h|p .Maline- 1 . KKJ— They Call ,M«- Joe. 4:3(1 to n:00 p. m. KKIIN—On HtiiBe Kveryhody. KKI—On the Sc-ouling Trail. r>:00 to 5:30 p. in. KKRN—Harry dwells Orehculra. Kl-'l — Traffic Trilinnal; .'. -l,"i. ,\c-\vs i'eriod. r>:30 to (i:IIO n. in. Kh'RN —Honon Pop* Synip Kl-'l — Kootbnll Review; :,.• ICInier I'eternon. KI'.MC—Cowboy TroubiKlour; ."i.45. Night News Wire. THIS CLKIOUS WOKLI) By WILLIAM FKKGL8ON •*^s "I III III l^. ^*k Oil OIK WAV OIK HOARDING 110LSE With MAJUU HOUi'LB .j fly MKS. ANNK CAHO'l' A l;i« v. i mi hi'trd lasi iiuitor in vivid «'ol<n n;;ili(-n ;tn lilt ra-Pinurt Avin Knry Jis prdly HH H tH4v;irm iind prurif) H l. ('rnrhot tlim flutlfM'inK bit (»f ln-iidi ovcrtiiK nT tin-on BklnH of liKhtxvriuht wo ily Hntl qu'ckly rroclictctj in u simple Ions: elm hi-—short I'litiin HI itch. To obtain complete rrnchnlintf instructions for the Lacy Wool Kam-lnalor (p«t- torn No. 5730) nenrl is '-cntH in coin, plus 1 rent POHIJUC. your imnio. urldrpaH and the piitlern ntimhrr to Anne Ciibnt. The Ilakers- I'leUl CuMJ'ornian, 709 j\Ji«Hlon Street, San Frnnrlnro U. The handsome new I sunn of thn fmnous Anne f'ubni Alburn — fall and winter iwrniG— Is now reudy. Thirty-two paces of smart Rweatnrs. hats, glove*, works, ChrlHtmns Klfts—t-roi 1 lint and knitting items lor the home, for rhlldren, for babies. Toys ir;ilore! It's a storehouse of Idcus for the needle.- rruft enthuslant! Hend for your conv now. Vrirn ] 5 rents. TONIGHT at 10 KPMC LAKME Presented by the San Francisco Opera Company and broadcast ,for your pleasure by SAFEWAY STORES * 40 PAGE OPERA BROADCAST PROGRAM FREE! Contains story of each opera, pictures oflead- ing artists and all radio broadcast information. Write P. 0. Box 3/75, Zone San Francisco, for FREE opera program SATURDAY MORNING By J. R. WILLIAMS ANNAN THAT WHV-UH- MISS CHIMSV. I FORGOT TO INFORM YOU 1 HALF WISH X NO, NO--WE WOMEN WORKED \ LEARWEP WE'D HAVE TO Ikfe A COLt) HERE IN OUR KNOW THOSE HOLES \ WHAT HE'D OF DOWT WEED } SAID TO US — OIL-BUT i DO rvou FATHEAP, APMIRE YOUR-S FOURiN' OIL IN UH-DILI6EMCE.') TH' CENTER HOLE OF A SHAFT/ THAT'S ;,3 T >^ IJUSTAPEMT, u ??SSr \YOUFOOL." QUICKER IM 'SPITE OF OUR SOEG THERE \MArr CUS. UP OR MEET SOUR.. DOOV\ DIPLOMACY LEAVES NEVER GOT AMY SO WE RE KJEVER LEFT IM POUBT.' O' IT'S STILL A POPULAR SUPERSTITION OVER THE COUNTRY THAT IF WASPS BUILD THEIR NESTS H/&M, ITS GOING TO BE A HARD WINTER... THE SMART LITTLE TNSECTS BUILDING SAFELY OUT OF DAN6ER FROM SNOWDRIFTS. COMAAON 5ENSE \S HOTSO COMMON/'^s^j- EUEANOR &RABHER, c//7e } (A//sco/is . U. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. in-f, vs^^^>v<i^^^^ >; i>^<>^$$5;§J- vkl|ir> Q\\ i ' u " can IM4 •« iw< limu. inc. T. M. •«. u. i nr a>t^ VM1U.W CML.V- THE GUMPS By GUS EDSCON THEV ACTUALLY SEEMEP P1SAPPOINTEP WHEN 1SHOWEP SVMPTOVS OF SANITY- HM- BETTER <SO HOME-NOT A CHANCE N A MILLION OF STUMBLING OVER THOSE BUXSTEP CATS- HOLY CATS/ IT'S THBMff CONTAINS ABOUT TWO WHEW.'WHAT A OOB I HAP CONVINCING THAT BUNCH THAT I WASNT BAIT FOR THE LAU«SHIN<S ACAOEMV/ OF ISLANDS, COPR. 19*4 BY NEA SERVICE, IN* THESE WOMEN! By d'ALESSIO GASOLINE ALLEY Meet the Folks NO DOUST SIR. I'VE FOUGHT ON EVEKV FRONT FI?OM EL AlAMSM 10 NOI?MANDV./ : THESE AK JUST DISHES >>wp Pie TINS WING HOME TO AUHTIS BLOSSOM. I AIN'T 4NVTMING. I'LL IUC 'EM FOK YOU MISS NIN4. "An KUOII nit <;onrEi' hraril .von «-cre KuiiiB la visit UK, Mallirr. lie gencrotihly moved'down to (he dull HO you could have liln room! BOOTS AM) HER BUDDIES That Guy Again FUNNY BUSINESS By HERSHBERGER By EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS A Plot's Afoot By MERRILL BLOSSEtt ITS JUST LIKE HILDA TO BEAT DON'T WORRY PAL— i KNOW I'M SORRV TMERE ISNT ' i DON'T ROOM ON THIS WAGON FOR. YOU MO.C.AAITLJ ; WELL60 ALONG ON THE HAVRIDE, AMD AFTER. WE GET OUT TO STAUFFERS WOODS, YOU CAN— 6222 --BZZ-ZZ' YOUR MECHANIZED UNIT IS PRETTY SNAPPV, SUGAR-•• BUT CAMPAIGNS ARE WON BY FOOT SOLDIERS / U9 TO THE PUNCH.' MIND , WALKING STEAL HER. , THUNDER/ "lie insists on l.iiiiK Hint wii.v—he su.v» hln fret nrrn't sick! SIDE GLANCES By GALBRAITII WASH XLBBS IMilady's Gown By LESLIE TURNER 1 DO NOT POOL, X WANT ME TO TELL CAPTAIN! DROP THAT J SOMETHIMd, TANA? PISTOL OR 1 SHOOT' you TRICK VOU PAY Mft THIS/ SOPftX I CAN'T SOLVE WITH THE JAPS, TANA. SO COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. BtC. U. S P*T. OFF By FRED HARM AN THAT EXPLAINS SEL LEAST.' WHITE £QUA.\x) NO SELL DARK. CLOUD FORGET-LM TASK CLOUD TRY TAKE AWWA.Y/ GO BACK TO TH' , VILLAGE:,DAR*CLOUI/' TELL BIRDFE/VTHER I'VE C50NE TO f INO THAT GIRL BOOTLEGGER .' LET-LJN\GO V3-G BRING KEEP OUR PEELED ThU nlil li'Urr l*n|i wrotp xiu MI>S lie \VIIN uolni; to borrow $50 from tlip offire for >our IIUIICMIIOUII, »u 1 hone jou won't icsk uiu uliout my frlriKln' flnnnciiil any mure!" OUR PRESIDENTS AND THEIR WIVES Go Get It, Ynssuf By V. T. HAMLIN .lust wlmt you wiint tor information aliout th« rnmpiiltin. Here Is a (inn booklet tbut tellH the Blory of nil the- men ntnl wnnipn who havo preoeileil Mr. ami Airs. Hooxevelt In ilia White Huime. I'lcturra and l>loKni|>hk-nl Hklclu-a of thi-in nil. t)o you know how many prcHiderttH we huve hud. their names, term of office, thplr politics, religion, eiliH-utlon. birthplace, burial iilace, parents, wives, children' personul und public history? This mtrnrtlve booklet will brlnB you up to ilnto on essentluls of United Stales history In a few minutes. Fifteen cents postpaid BETTEB GO SEE HE (l.'so This Coupon) . .. aBlnston 2. \). C. I enclose herewith 15 lents in coin (carefully wrapped In paper) for a copy of the booklet I'rcakk'ntB and Their Wiv (Mull In Washington, )). C.)

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