The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 18, 1963 · Page 12
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 12

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1963
Page 12
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OTTAWA HERALD Page Twelve Thursday, April 18, 1963 Editorials Air Is Free No Longer Four days ago over an eastern state a large passenger plane had to veer sharply to avoid collision with an Air Force plane. A number of passengers were injured slightly. Later it was learned the plane actually was unmanned, being flown by a ground crew some miles distance. No sooner had this been revealed than another airliner, this one over Nebraska, had a close call with another service plane. No one was injured. Also this week the Federal Aviation Agency put out new regulations on the firing of rockets. It seems the amateurs are lousing up the skies. Under the new rules it is illegal to fire rockets within five miles of an airport or within controlled air spaces. Certain tunes must be observed and the FAA must receive at least a day's prior notice. It is common knowledge that even here in the Midwest there are a number of areas over which a pilot dare not fly because of what the government has hidden in the ground below. With all our secret missile installations, heavy use of airlanes by commercial planes, increasing numbers of military planes, plus all the rockets, balloons and satellites exploring space, it's a wonder the birds haven't been grounded. Fast becoming a joke is that old saying about being "free as a bird." Fine Now, Question Later May has been designated "vehicle safety check" month. Across the land news media are being flooded with safety blurbs put out by various organizations ranging from the National Safety Council to the local police departments. The thought behind the drive this time of the year is that vacation travel during summer months increases the number of cars on the highways. And it is always during the summer travel binge that accident records swell to ominous proportions. This And That by jph Motorists going through the safety check lanes will be told of defects found in their vehicles. They will be instructed to have them repaired. All this makes good reading, a lot of work for the law officials and it probably will do some good for those with cars needing attention. We wonder, though, if it would not be better were the drivers of defective vehicles fined on the spot for allowing unsafe cars or trucks to be on the streets. Television Log Channel 4, NBO Channel* 6-13, CBS Channel 9. ABC Thursday How To Be An Expert KUALA LUMPER — There is a certain technique in becoming a three-day expert on almost any place in the world. You familiarize yourself with the physical appearance of the locality, read the newspapers carefully, study the stocks of foodstuffs in the markets, pick the brains of the resident journalists, confer with those servants, the bartenders and the taxi drivers, and discover how much contents there are in the garbage pails. Almost always this gives you a definite feeling for what is going on. It permits you to summarize local conditions with an au- thoritativiness which certainly will not be questioned by anyone who has not spent three days in the community concerned. But in Kuala Lumpur, for reasons I can't explain, the techni- M que has failed. The local news- •* papermen prefer to talk about other parts of the world. The bartenders, being Chinese, ain't talking. The taxi drivers would talk at great length but we have no common language. The garbage pails indicate no great extremes. The local press is interested in the insignificant. I feel that I have been trying to grab a handful of smoke. I am satisfied that many things are brewing in the political pot, but none of them is bubbling to the surface. I can only sense the pot will not be coming to a boil immediately. Probably another new nation, Malaysia will come into being next August 31, with this city as its capital, as scheduled. It will be as weird a collection of bits and pieces of geography as ever has been assembled under one, other than a colonial, flag. Malaya, with its rubber and tin riches on the one hand, and on the other a backward people who still live largely in the jungle. The greatest port of Singapore, with its capitalists, its Chinese, and its Communists. The British territory of North Borneo where head-hunting is a sport of fairly recent record. Brunei with its oil riches. The queer little Kingdom of Sarawak. Malaysia will not only be a union of six terri- 1:00 4—«ee Runt B—Quick Draw UeOraw 13—Magle Ranch 1:15 6—Whirly Birds • IM 4—Dragnet •—Rebel 13—Sports 5:4» B—News, Walter Cronklte 13—Sports 6:55 13-Weether mo* 4—New* 5—News B—News 13—News 1:10 4—Sports 5-8— Weather •:16 4— Humiey-Brtnkley RepeM 6—Sports B—News 8:25 6—Speak-Up U-.30 4—Wide Country 8—Ozzle and Harriet 6-13—Fair Exchange 7:<H> 5-13—Perry Mason 9—Donna Reed 1:30 4—Dr. Kildare B—Leave it To Bearer 8:00 5-13—Twilight Zone B—My Three Sons 8:30 4—Haiel B—McHales Nary 9:1)0 4—Andy Williams 5-13—Nurses B—Alcoa Premier 10:00 4-5-9-13—Mews 10:10 6-8—Weather tens 4—Johnny Carson 8—Movie, "The Clock" 9—Steve Allen 13—Wev-ther 10:20 4-13-Sports 10:30 13— Lifeline 10:35 13—77 Sunset Strip 11:85 13—Peter Ounn 11:45 8—Man From Cochlie 12:00 4—News 12:05 4—Unity Dally Word 4—Death Valley Days S—Alfred Hitchcock 8-71 Sunset Strip 13—Story of a Race Car Driver 9:09 4—Jack Paar 13—O. E. True • :30 8-13— Bye Witness 8—M Squad Uiw< 4-5-SM3—Newe 10:10 4-5-0—Weather 10:11 4—Johnny Carson 5—Movie, "Arizona" B—Steve AUen 13—Weather 10:*0 4-13—Sports 10:3* 13—Lifeline 10:85 13—Alfred Hitchcock 11:35 13—Movie, "Let's Try Again'' 11:45 B—Man From Chochlse 12:00 Midnight 4—Newii 12:05 4—unity Dally Word 12:15 B—News 12:30 B—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 B—Faith For Our Times 12:40 5—Movie, ''You For Me'» 12:10 5—Movie, 12:15 B—News 12:30 "What's Bussin' Cousin" B—Almanac Newsreel 12:35 B—Faith for Our Times Friday Laff-A-Day © King Futures Syndicate, Inc. It's like magic — Mommy uses it to look younger, and my big sister uses the same stuff to look OLDER!" tones. Three highly different peoples, four languages, five religions with some followers of fanatic intensity, and no one knows how many political parties and uneasy coalition of political groups will be involved. Yet no one here seems to feel the deep, inherent difficulties in forming a successful nation are more than trivial ones. No more do they take seriously the Indonesian opposition to the merging. They think that with its economy ever nearer to collapse and with the growing bitterness between the Muslim • minded army and the Communists, Indonesia has too many troubles within to make serious trouble outside for the time being. There is still somewhat of a worry about domestic disturbances, however. The 86 leftist leaders who were jailed in February for security reasons still are in solitary confinement. One naturally hopes that this general feeling of ease and confidence is well-founded, because this is such a pleasant place. But one continues to have one's reservations. One suspects it may be the very number of diverse interests is what keeps any two of them from coining into major, open conflict. Malaysia will have certain advantages. A generally popular leader in the person of Tunku Abdul Rahman. Well developed and rich natural resources, A high standard of living, as Asia goes. A majority who don't take their politics to seriously. At least temporarily, a popular enthusiasm for the new nation. All of these should see Malaysia successfully through its first year. But after this there will be difficulties and they won't be trivial ones. Auld Lang Syne 25 YEARS AGO J. L. Wassmer was doing much traveling between Ottawa and Topeka. He was serving on the federal jury at Topeka. R. H. Conner, 110 S. Poplar, underwent eye surgery. Sheriff Olin Minckley was able to be up and around for a part of each day, following an operation. 50 YEARS AGO Miss Amy Waring joined the ranks of Ottawa autoists by purchasing a new five-passenger Studebaker "35" from John Nelson & Son. The new auto had all the modern extras, including electric lights and self-starter. Clinton Hughes of Manvel, Tex., a former Ottawa University student, sent a sea gull to Ottawa University for its museum. It was a Sabine gull. Robert Van Osdcll of the Soldiers' Home, at Leavemvorth, was here for a visit with his son, E. H. Van Osdell. Prayer For Today The cup which my Father hath given me, shall I not drink it? (John 18:11.) PRAYER: Our Father, we thank Thee for the submissiveness of Thy Son who was willing to empty Himself of His glory in heaven for our sakes. Give us broken hearts before Thee, so that we may please Thee and be used in Thy service to help others. We ask in the name of Thy Son, who taught us to pray, "Our Father who art in heaven. . . Amen." 5:55 4—Daily Word «:00 13—Continental Classroom 6:25 6—Fisher Family 6:30 4—Operation Alphabet 13— College of the Air •:U 5—Farm Facts 7:00 4—Today 5— college of the Air 13—Ruib Hour 1:20 1:30 5—Moment ot Meditation 1:35 5—cartoonland 1:45 5—King and Odle 1:50 9—Call to Worship 7:55 »—Newi 8:00 6-13—Captain Kaogaro. B—Columbia Lectures 8:30 8—Deputy and Felli (:UO 4— Say When 5--Jack La Lanne B—Romper Room 13—Calendar 9:25 4—New* • :30 4—Play Sour Hunch §-13—T Love Lucy B—Divorce court 10:oo 4—Price la RlfM 5-13—McCoyi 10:30 4—Concentration 5-13—Pete and Gladys 8—Day In Court 10:55 9—Newi 11:00 4—First Impression 5-13—Love of Life B—General Hospital 11:25 5-13—News 11:30 4—Truth or Consequences 5-13—Search for Tomorrow B—Seven Keys 11:45 5-13—Guiding Light U:56 4—Newi 12:00 Noon 4—High-Noon Cartoons B—Ernie Ford 5-13—News. Weather 12:10 5—Speak Op 12:15 5—Sports 13—Farm Report 12:20 4—News, Mai vets 5—Weather 12:35 5—Local Interview 12:30 4—Accent B—Father Knows Best 6-13—As the World TtllM 1:00 4—Best of Post 5—Password 13—Password B—Movie, v Ox-Bow Incident" 1:30 4—Doctors 5-13—House Party 2:00 4—Loretta Toung 5-13—To Tell The Truth 2:25 5-13—News B—News 2:30 4—You Don't Bay 5-13—Millionaire B—Jane Wyman 3:00 4—Match Game 5-13—Secret Storm 9—Queen tcr a Day S:25 4—News 8:30 4—Make Room For Daddy 6-13—Edge of Night u_ Wlir do you Trust? 4:00 4—Superman 5—Cousin Ken's Karnlval B—Torey and Friends 13—News. Weather 4:15 13—Turban's Land of Magle 4:30 4—Funtime B—Mickey Mouss Club tiu. 4—Sea Hunt 13—Huckleberry Bound B—Torey and Friends 5:15 5—Wblrlyblrds S:30 4—Dragnet B—Rebel 13—Chamber of Commerce 1:46 S—Walter Cronktt* 13—fiporU 1:6.* 13- Weather coo 4-5-13—News B—News «:1U 4—H ports 6-8— Weather tt:15 4—News, Huntley-Brtnkle? 5—Sports B—News 13—News 8:25 5—Speak-Dp 8:30 4—Internationa) Showtime 5-13—Rawhide B—Five Fingers 1:30 4—Sing Along With Ultch B—FUntsijnes 5-13-Routs M 4:110 B—"Here's Edie" Greeley News New Family Here From Garnett By MRS. HELEN LALMAN Mr. and Mrs. Lerry Morgan, Garnett, have rented the Adah Combs property and will make their home in Greeley. Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are the parents of Mrs. Dorothy Meows. James Morgan, Jr., has announced hiring of a new teacher to teach band and vocal lessons in the Greeley high and elemen tary grades. She is Catherine Belden, Atchison. Greely was without a music tacher the past term Recent hospital patients were: Jerry Sommer, 12-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Dick Sommer, an accident victim; Mrs. Raymond Katzberg, Bill Engert, and Mrs Anne Marie Wolken and Mrs Katie Landwehr. The city council met the first of the month with the new mayor, Jerry Fagg. Charles Ohmes was appointed city marshal. Max Nisely as police judge. Mike Rockers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Rockers, was the third student in recent years to win the County spelling contest. The other boys were Maurice Setter, son of the John Setters and David Lickteig, son of the Lee Lickteigs. Mike will compete in the state contest in May. To Your Good Health' Too Much Heart Strain By DR. JOSEPH G. MOLNER This is the first of two articles on angina pectoris—The Editor. Dear Dr. Molner: Please write about the heart ailment, angina pectoris. What causes it, how serious is it, and what are its symptoms? How careful does one have to be to prevent attacks?—MRS. D.M. That's a bigger order than you may have thought. Angina pectoris is featured by severe pain in the mid-chest region — tightness, burning, fullness, or a sense of pressure there. It may also radiate to neck, shoulder and arms. Indeed, it resembles the feeling of heart attack in many cases; yet it can occur without an electro - cardiogram showing any sign of abnormality. Or again the angina may be accompanied by known heart disorders. You see, therefore, that angina pectoris is not a single disease; it can, with the same apparent symptoms, come from a variety of causes. The simplest to understand is a narrowing of the arteries which serve the heart muscle. If the muscle is not getting enough circulation to meet the labor demanded of it, the result is pain. It resembles an acute muscular spasm or cramping anywhere else. As you might easily guess, too much heart strain can bring on an attack. This need not mean vigorous or prolonged activity, but only an amount which exceeds the ability of the heart to fulfill its functions with adequate ease. For one person this may mean walking up a flight of stairs, or strolling several blocks. For another awalk of half a block may trigger an attack. Likewise, since digesting our food draws blood to that area, a heavy Dr. Holnet meal can start an attack, and a person often may have to learn how much he can eat at a sitting without suffering. Exertion also adds up. A heavy meal, plus sonic walking, plus perhaps going up stairs, or cany- ing a burden — all of these together amount to more strain than if the heart had been allowed to rest between efforts. Other physical conditions may play a role. Hyperthyroidims, anemia, and disorders of the aorta are known to cause or contribute to many cases. Angina is relatively common among people with diabetes. And in some cases no physical reason for the attacks can be found at all. This, as you may well imagine, is the subject of some intense research. I'll continue tomorrow with treatment ot angina pectoris. Dear Dr. Molner: How long can a person live with leukemia — cancer of the blood? I know a woman who was expected to die from it in 1981, but she is still alive and drives her car. CouM thit be a miracle, or could she be fooling us to get pity?-R.J.H. She might fool you; she couldn't fool the doctor who is treating her. Who "expected" her to die in 1961? Keep in mind that there is acute leukemia, which usually attacks children, and also chronic leukemia, more common in adults, and the latter may continue for a long time. Lymphatic leukemia, properly treated, goes on for years. Dear Dr. Molner: What tests are necessary to determine if I have osteo-arthritis? Why do bones in my arms, neck and legs crack? — I am 30.— B.M. You're young to have osteo-arthritis, which is mainly a matter of wear and tear on the joints. (But rheumatoid arthritis, which can strike at any age, may be associated with osteo-arthritis.) X-rays are your best answer. Tonight's TV A gal named Theba is the center of attraction on the Perry Mason show this evening on Channels 5 and 13 at 7. Theba is a Greek girl and she's also a model. Models sometimes work for sculptors, of course, and in this story, the sculptor — his name is John Kenyon — falls in love with the model, Theba. The title of the show is, of course, "The Case of the Greek Goddess." Keely Smith will be a guest on the Steve Allen Show this evening on Channel 9 at 10:15. Earlier, Kate Smith will be a guest on the Andy Williams show, Channel 4, at 9. Late moveis will include "The Clock," a 1945 film starring Juday Garland and Robert Walker, Channel 5, 10:15. Ottawa Herald «-S*^ 1962 FIRST IN KANSAS ,*& IM-1M B. HUB Published dan* .xeept Buaoay ano Holldayi. Second olase poatafe M Ottawa, Kansas. Robert B. Welllnita Editor And Publisher SubecripttoD rate* to trade area—B> mall, one month $1.00, three months, 13.00. tlx raonthi, $5.00, one year 9.00. BuDjcriptiuo rate* outetde trade area —By mail, one month, H.SO; three month! $4.26; six month*, 18.00s one year. $15.00. MEMBER Or THE ASSOCIATED PRJEM The Associated Press le entitled ex- eiiutvely to the lie* lor publication ot el) the local news printed In the news. r>p~«r u wall a* all AP aewe die- pitch. Ottawa, Ks. NOW! SHOW TIMES! Pigeon Rome at 9:15 Gun Glory at 7:25 Thru Saturday! AT LAST! A MOTION PICTURE THAT DELIVERS.. fUN n M KM tt osa CeMrkjIMtt B .AND FOR APTTniMt Chill Wills Rhonda Fleming in Stewart Granger "GUN GLORY 11 STARTS SUNDAY! Twin Cities of Sin! Sodom and Gomorrah! HOOVER Spring Housecleaning Special HOOVER CONSTELLATION Fhe canister that offers mere of what you want in a cleaner. Model 86 39.50 HOOVER Steam/Dry Iron The only iron with a stainless steel soleplate. Glides easier. Stain and scratch resistant. 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