The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 23
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 23

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 23
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'i fr-,^^:^. j v.,-3*,>v % T W* ^ fc Jf I + ** •. F j, _ n . .h >-, »'^l • .- 1 ."** ' I ' = n. 1 \ -i"-* V r "~-A. - . -'' • ' ' • . ::" "^--.'. : •' i/ 1 '',- - • L ' ' . ^. •,./-,.<_':" 'iV. ' ^ h , I-. '.f'i-f.^.--.-: ; ' •- • -•- - -- , , • ?--. j ' ^ ' * "•' 1, >Y '' -' '^ - •• ' " - - - JL f - " •'.•'- X V'.''-'-- 1 * •• ': . I.'--*'/ , : '- ' v -,- -'• • - . • . . . ; .' i . • . ••• • -" -Li- ,'.-,- i-;, ., '^frl-iV^^^.r--^' •H.'^'J.r T.VJ-.^ .'**•* .WS-V-'P- *-J>' - 'W* - .' r ; ,,- :\- ~.'v^.^,*VV' V -i' 1 *' ^', F- ' -.• •• • ,-'-' •' ' L '• ' l t •• -;•'_ -.I--.- .h-^vAl.r^'V * .v*\\ A 1 '-.. ..• ;-"•. .' v '--,^ -:- ..f '• --• ,-'*AVf ;,; ",'.,; -:^'K V- , •"•>*•' •--"'' " •-'•"•; '> ,' , • .-;: .' s .V' -:' *;*-:-«•• ^ — :-, ••-. > v; ; :v 'j •• l b " J^"^ll* -. F ri L. J . * - J n M •• 1 l _' l -S f ' l 'I 4 l- -. -.' L • h ^ '. ' | ' - • , • • .- 'I .'.,,'. - ... , '.I - r . I • - ' . -.- - . ' - - ' r .-'.-.- ' - ' . I- - . --- J -.'i' -- ' ' >~-L"^'f- ' ' •'&*••'•*•? -. H .' fi *, '/- '- ., •' ". . * '" I' -' i' ' v . . - f T ^ I ? - r n . r ^ ^ - r L r , r j • \ . L B** j ',!, - ; . . . . , , • j . , . ., - - , t -,- , ,.' . j ,. L i • - ..,-,*---•: Y - /-- • * • --,-•—-. ' ' >''-.-.<•• n ^ i-*;-••'*" -*•:'" * * - ^. -• • ''"V-'- 1 - ^-i .-•:—' . t-s • *-.• • *, j . • *- • -> L ;-': v 1 ; I ' - v -*-i < --^ : V-- -; L v ; .-, *L . " . ' L " • r M^Mdj^^^^«ta^B^U|^^^^|^^^taiUK^&f^*^^^^^^^^^L~^^^^^^ d <^^^^£a^£Z I J^l^l | l«^i^L!U^ 1 ^^ 1 ^AlJ,l^ < ^B^^^J^^ 1 ^^ H ^^^_ l _^_^^^r^^^^ u ^^L£ 1 1 * •. THE • L- - . ' PllLD CAUPOttiSIAN, THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17, 1936 ..'..-.- - ' i t-<. -----> . . . -. - . - . -V*tr**i-* ff^v-^-UJa^ri-***^ »'.*<><-l*<-r'^ **»i MB«M«4^-'««-fcn-»l*.I*-»^il*W<' Jfc*^«..*i.t-jHiMnunfc*t*>*-*>fcfcM><*^*. ^<^^^L»> -t---ff- I-.-'.,- i jri T"' .' I , h I L ' ^- F 1. . ^ ...^..y,.,^ , |L _ n > . f -> - . <s. -. -. ; , . ; • . .,- - -*,.-.., •- .,t,-.', -\.- ,.-•:,. i -f- r. -., • , h' - ^ . . * ~ . H i ' I * . •• " i i •- -• - i '. J . . - ~ , , . . . . . » . 1 . L . • ' , i ». - . . - L - . -h.-'r J^'-'l-.'-l'.'!^'''-' 'L J .' . j -j ._-' re ^ -- ,v >-'• v Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous *»1- **- WANTI3I>-Old burlap and iiiff :*.hftUlei and oth^r Junk. 3170 for ick-up wftson, 717 B^y- Call Sum- buy grood '«aed porta* Fhona,3g88> U "J3EST prlc*» • Datd for bottles, raga, Iron and -other* Junk. £*hone 4178 for ickup wa&on, Prompt flfirvlco. 420 Good and OthtrMt ^^l^^^^^^^^^^^i^_^^^*ri^^^ fc _^l^^^^.^^^^^ri^^^^^™.^^.^J ^^^^^•^^^^T^^^^^^^^^^^^-^T^-^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^* Olucko Koller canaries. «ing«ra, No reanonabto offer 817 Benrdsley avenue. 43 :' ' ' '.^;^iV:!>,H- '">: • "i * I.HH -^L -->, .v . • L 1 rH-ri- ^ horao, gaited,- gentle lot« of class, Bftr-0 Pl«rce.roart. near 08 highway. best for Bale—I tr!o Lady Amhorsts. i trio Silver; I trio Qol" <Un, J Oafr Monffolian, 2 trio» young- Mongolian, l pair Mbutau. Flret- o1a(tii stock nt attractive price. Mu«t have room for bird stock. K, Gage, (HpUd'H Cafe). Hhaftnr. L Mediator Assailed Returns to Scene of Labor Troubles FINANCIAL LETTER HAt«BJ-*6-year*old saddle pony, suitable for ladles and children. Inquire at Mltchel'fl more, 8531 North Chester. - 43 each l .youne; have had three lit* 8 to 10; clean condition. New Zealand, red does for wile, $2 ters 6f C street. 305 41 DELICIOUS,, fryers, feeds, fcattery milk fed. "Their feet never touch the wound*'? Tender, Juicy, pressed, delivered. 121 McCord. Phone 6667-J. ,.... ' •••'.' .'-^ ,'.' ' 4n TWO good 88-inch boys' bicycles; also fine Jersey cow, just fresh. Call P, 13. Cramer, at end of Beardsley avenue. 41 FOR BAT-.K—Threo snappy saddle horses for Frontier Pays. Call one- half mile north of Rio Bravo school, mlletf west, H mile north. ' 41 Legal Notion State of Qalifornla, Department of Public Works, Division of Highways < . \ . • f - . •"***l^^M I ••• ••!• » NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS SHAUBD PnOP08AT,S \v|l] bo ro- celved by tHo Pepartmenl of Publics AVorkH, Division of ,HIfthwayH t at tho office of tho District (engineer, State Highway Building. Kreimo, California, until 10:00 o'clock A. M., on September 28, 3930, at which time they will bo publicly opened and read for iier- formlng worjt art follows; Kern County, at railroad crbfiBlng one rnile eaBt of Tlpfledala (VI-Ker-r>8^Ij), about twon- ty-lhvee hundredths (0,23) mile In length., to bo gradod and mirfnced with crusher run base and road mix surfacing, Plans may bo seen, and forms of prouonal, bonds, contract and apeclfl- cnUotiw may bb obtttl?ied at tho above ndflret-H. No bid will bo received unless it Is fliade on a proposal form furnished by the District ISnglnoor. Each bid must be accompanied, by cash or 9- certified check or cashier's check mude payable to the Director of Public Worka for »n amount equal to at least ten per cent (10%) of thn amount' bid, such guaranty to be forfeited shpuld the bidder to whom tho contract la awarded fall to enter into tho contract. ,The Department of Public WorkH reserves the right to reject any or all bids, • ( In accordance with the provisions of Chapter 397, Statutes of 1931, the De. parttnent ,of Public Works has ascer- talnejl the general prevailing rate of wages applicable to the work to be done to be us follows: Classification— Hate por hour Tractor driver (GO h.p. and _ over) $1.00 Roller operator (finishing high type pavement, Including sub- grade for came) 1.00 Carpenter * 1.126 Operator of power shovel or other excavating,, equipment, shovel typo controls (H cubic yard or more) 1,60 Blade grader operator (finish , - — i- ^- -r ^\-n V v-rv^v — ^rwfr^fm operator (except shovel l.oo * *• steer worker. ' n * • » t * * * » ^ • • « * * t * 1.135 1.375 1.00 1,00 .6$ Concrete vlhratdr operator. Tractor driver (under 50 h.p).... TrUck driver (less than 4 cubic yards water levo! capacity) GS Truck driver (4 cubic yards water level Capacity or more) 75 Oiler (power shovelu or cranes). .82 tOrader operator (towing or motor, rough work).., 75 sr operator 00 Driller ,.,.., 75 Blacksmith 82 Sloper . * 75 Asphalt plant dry arm an or fireman .00 Mechanic (trouble shooter) 88. Concrete worker for .structures (wet and dry) 77 Concrete) mixer operator (except paving type) 03 Transit mix operator 03 Oil distributor bootman 75 Handyman (roustabout) 00 Any classification omitted herein not less than .60 Overtime, double the above rates. Sunday** and holidays (except watchmen, guards and, flagmen), double the above rates. EITMRNT .OF PUBUC WORKS DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS, C. H. rURCJQM*. State Highway Engineer. J3y R. M. OITj&IB. District Engineer, Pist. VI. September 11, 1986. Published September 16 to 24, Inc. Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous n WANTKD—Portable typewriter. Phone 8717-J-2. 42 — .. - ..^.i..:. .... -L^.i J .^!=.T TI :-:-.-":'.'.:-7'._' l f j'-'-"--7n- JL ^"*^' : -~' :i: "-f-' ^-^------------^-i Legal Notices ^jjf^^^^-^.^^^^^,^—^—.^^^^^.^.^.^^^ii^^ri^^j—j^i,-^^^ ^r^^^^^^^^»^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^|^^^F^^^«^^^F~^ L ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 2970tJ Action brought In the Superior Court of the County or K«rn, and Complaint filed in the off lea of the Clerk of the Superior Court of said County. In the Superior Court of tho State of California, In and for the County of Kern, JOHN B|?ATTH3 HUDSON, also known as John B. Hudson, al»o known as J. B. Hudson'r und HENHl- J3TTA J. HUDSON. hl» wife; OHARMCS U HUDSON, also known as C. L. Hudson, and 11UTH M. HUDSON, his wife; PKROV F. HUDSON, al«o known u« P. 1«\ Hudson, and I-OUUIONA M, HUDSON, also known as 1-orona Hudson, his wife; SUSAN A, HUDSON, also known an Busle Hudson; ROBICRT U HUDSON; C. DOUGLAS SMITH; TH1SODORK 55. McMURUAY, also known as T. '/, MoMurray, and C. W. WcMURRAY. Plaintiffs, vs. S. A. KLWTCHKH and MARV ROW KL15TCHI2R, bis wife; 1C. A. PAUKFORD, also known AS Hid win A, Parkford. and ROBKRT BHOMBKRO, Truntc-e In Bankruptcy In tho Matter of Edwin A. Parkford, Bankrupt, Caso No. 27256 in the United States District Court, Southern DiHtrlct of California, and MAUY JANK PARKKORD, his wife; W. J. BARNHART and TCUlo D. Barnhart, bifl wife; GUY I,. HARDISON and ZKTTA.N. HAUDISON. his wife] H. A. RARDKKN iind IQDNA R. BAR- D15RN. hl« wifo, and BARDWBN PIC- TROTjl3Ut\r COMPANY. Ltd., a corporation; Wn.LAUD MAI-LORY und MARY JANK MALLORY, his wife; LAKE YJI3W OIL LKASK COMPANY; WILLIAM T. BELL and BEHSIK BBLL, hia wlfet 13. V. R13D- MAN and MARY JANE REDMAN. hln wife; F. J. HUQHK8 and MARY JANE HUOHKS. Ills Wlfet WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, Jr.. and MARY JANE THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D. DOUGLAS and MARY JANE n.OUnLAS. hi* wife; JOHN DOE and JANE DOE, hlM wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY JANK ROE, his wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a corporation, und RICHARD ROE COMPANY, a corporation. Defendants. THE PEOPLE OF THIS STATE OK CALIFORNIA SEND OREET- IVOS TO: S, A. VLETCHKJl AND MARY ROE FLETCHER, his wife; K. A. PARKKORD, also known a« Edwin A. Parkford, and ROBERT BROMBEUO. Trustee In Bankruptcy in tho Matter of Edwin A. Parkford. Bankrupt; CaHo No. 2725C in tho United Stnten DlRtrlot Court, Southern District of California, and MARY .TANIS PAUKFORD. his wife; W. J. ARNHAUT and ELSIE D. BARN- RT, his wife; OtTY L. HAtlDlSON and XETTA N. TTARDISON. hlw wife; H. A. BARDREN and EDNA R. BARDEEN, his wtfa, and BARDEEX PETROLEUM COMPANY. Ltd.. a corporation; WILL ART) MAI-LORY and :MARY JANE MALLORY. his wife; LAKE VIEW OIL LEASE COMPANY; WILLIAM T. BELL nnd BERBIE RI3LL. his wife: E. V. REDMAN and *MARY JANE REDMAN, his wife; F. .T. HUGHES and MARY JANE HUC3H13S, his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, Jr.. nnd MARY JANE THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D. DOUO LAS and MARY JANE noUOLAS, hiH wife; JOHN DOE and JANE DOE. hi* wife; RICHARD ROE and MARY .TANK ROE, htH wife; JOHN DOE COMPANY, a corporation, and RICHARD ROE COMPANY, a corporation, Defendants. You are dlroctefl to appear In an action brought against you by the above named plaintiffs In tho Super* lor Court of tho State of California, in and for the County of Korn, and lo answer tho complaint therein within ton days after the service on you of this Summons, If served within the County of Kern, or within 'thirty days If served elsewhere, and you are notified that unless you appear and answer as above required, the plaintiffs will take judgment for any money or damages demanded in the Complaint, as arising: upon contract, or will apply to,tho Court for any other relief demanded In the Complaint. Given under my hand and seal of tho Superior Court of the County of Kern, State of California. May 1030. (Seal) r. E. SMITH, County Clerk of Superior Court. By E. D. Kuefrner. Deputy. C. Douglas Smith. Santa Maria, California. Attorney for Plaintiffs. 13. 20, 27; Sept. .1, 10, IT, 24; Oct. 3, 8. 1C, 22. PARIS, Sept. 17.—Rtrtkorv and non- Rtrfkers fought at Thaon, center of the textile Industry in the vosges department of northeastern Prance, to* day amid a spreading wave of idleness Affecting 25,000 textile workers. Jean I^eroy. Leftist deputy who wont from Paris to Tlmon to Intercede In the strike, was assailed by the nonstrlkors, who in turn were attacked by (strikers. Fresh street fights between Rightists and Lxsftistn punctuated official efforts to settle a strike of 36,000 textile workers at I*iHo today. Communists and members of the Social party of Colonel Francois do 14 Rocquo clashed m Paris streets after the appearance of posters attacking tho government of Premier Lrf»on Blum. Negotiations in nn attempt to solve the labor dispute at Lillo were resumed today. Camilla Chaulcmpa, minister of state, conferred with a delegate of workers while Roger Balengro, minister . of the interior* talked with tho employers. ThQ'mlll owners demanded nn end to occupation o£ lh« oHtabliHhments by the strikers and a guarantee tho union would not usurp the employers' authority before a decision on requested salary increases was reached. i Extortion Hearing Witnesses Called (Continued from /'flj?e Thirteen} J. AJ HOOLK A COMPANY Member* New York Stock Exchange Por whatever reason Jittery selling appeared yesterday it wat not followed throuirU Into today'* market. Instead cool headed buying made an appearance. Action wan extremely slow and volume small. Total transactions came to three-quarters- of a million sales. Better foaling: was displayed at the close for some lime past. Industrial averages olascd with a sain of 1.08 and ralla with a .43 cam, t In times passed, that Is, & and * years ago, one was always »afe In following strength or weakness an tho case may have been. However. If the same tactics are used today only grl«f can come. of according to tho past recortf, )?or example, If the market closos weak and It Is taken as en Indication of further weakness and acts on the assumption by selling stock tho next morning, that trader will find that he sold on the bottom and vice versa. From a -trading standpoint never wan It moro Important to do the opposite from one's inclination. That IH why w« say to buy on weakness and sell on strength. If the market i« going up ono should waft a few days to enter buying ordors rather than to bid for M toe.ft If one doslrcs to sell ho should do so an prices arc being bid up or on a strong market. l*tvprpool was lower today nnd the American markets wore a nen-saw affair most of 4ho day. Winnipeg picked up strength In the afternoon and Chicago about faced In the lust hour to score good gains throughout the wheat pit. Other gralnH followed, Chicago action should give the cue to Liverpool action in the morning. Much higher wheat prices, lire looked for during the next fow months and we would prefer to bo long on a good lino of this commodity. POULTRY. BUTTER* EQQS LOS and Trent ANOEI-EIS, Sept. Butter IT.—Bu'tUr Extra, Prime first*, Undergrade, S8Uc. OQi (Candled) enn extras. Sfic; llrht dtrly 04e; clean sUndards, 80c; dirty «tandnrdft f JS<-; chMsku, 8 Medtum— Clean oxtnis, 8»o; ettrajs, 2»c; clean nUndarda, Me; dirty Rtandardn, 26c; rheoka. 23r. ^mail—Clean extra*. 18«,*u; light dirty RXtrnn, 17o, Case count PR^S, 27c, Poultry Hens, leghorn*. 3U to flU 1be.» l»c, liens, leghorns, over SM and uji to Ibs.. I Jens, , Hens, rnlorod, 3U to 4 20c. Leghorns, over 4 lb*., rnlorod, 3U t liens, colored, 4 Ibs. and up Brollors over I up to 1H Ibs., 20c. Broilers, over IVfc nnd up to 844 Ibs., 20o. Fryers, l.egborns, over 3V4 and np to ;t n>s., UK-, Fryers, colored, 2% and up tn 3& Fryers, colored, over H 1 4 nnd up to 4 tbs., 1«e. Ufiasters, soft bone, Uurrorl Hocks, over 4 Ibf. and tip, 20c. soft bone, other limn r>r 4 lliH. and up, 20c. B»rro<1 Hooks, ovd StBLKtf 12C Old roo.Mt*r» t !>c. <4 lUf, nnd up, He. tinder 4^9 Ib*.. ISc. Old diiokff. lie. L A. PRODUCE MARKET YOUMR (oin turkeys, 13 Ibfi, nnd tO 1R 11)8., IP*', Young lomH. ovnr 1S lb«., 20c. Hnn (urkftyn. !> Ibd. ntul up. SOc. Old torn turhry*. 14i\ Old him turltoyit, 14c. Hq\mb« ( under 11 U>».. J»cr doRon, 11 llm. por dor., and up, iindor 7 Ibtt., I 34c tornoy Inloos dcnlod having: mado a statement, in tho nrescnco of wit- iKissca and transcribed, to tho effect that ho had threatened to go to tho district filorncy with a complaint again tit MUham, Interrogated further aa to how ho had arrived at tho flguro of $1000 a« a settlement of the affair, Tnlocn denied that ho had eot tho figure but eald that It was flxod by his wife. Jio eaid, on being queried further, that ho had not objected to tho sum and hud received tho money. State Case Opens Mr. Scott opened tho Btato'a case late yesterday with tho tentirnony of tho Mllhams. Mr. utand, said on the aabortod attentions hlu wife had been present, All he had done, ho declared, was to play with tho children by pulling them off some sacks while ho was grinding a bucket of feed, His wife was thnro at tho time. Ho denied implicitly anything improper in his conduct. On the stand his wife corroborated his testimony. Jurors impanelled to hear the testimony are as follows: Winifred Vercammen. Kay 8. Quinn, Mrs. Davis Kamun, Max B. Eddy, George Macftay, Henrietta Davis, Herbert Q. Arndt, Mrs. Olga Franlmuser, (Associated rrctt Lcatcrt Wire) 37,—(U. I,OS Dftnnrtm**tii of 1'eaH: Ouadalupa and Smita Maria polo bow t, 7 \i (Jf Be, fair W Oo; No. 2 pole und buwn, 303U«; IMenio-Oocano bnpih, AQ)3H**i I'olo beu*. THftf-Sc, fair HHo, poor 2Hs Ib.; King City poor to ordinary 2V4($8r Ib. MquaMh; 1-ocal white nummcr liiK» best ^101,10. poor lo ordinary 60(6^75*"; Italian dark, Si.2501.SG, funcy »T.bOfl> 1,60, fair. S5cft$l; light colored lug: yellow orookncoH fair best S101.25 Ing. Tomtttotts: Ventura county Stones and Globes, ItigH 4-Ga COfiJiBRr, |>-5« (JftftT 1 75t>,. 0-Cs 40©BOo: local Btnnea. 4-6» ("apnt»N. 7 Hal»bl(H, No, each, 12o. nahhltn. No And 4^ Ili8. nt Habbltv. No. , and up, S8o. 1 white, 3H ict 1, inUod colora, too. t, old, <Jc. COTTON FUTURES I lOOAY'S MAKER iH'^fPjHfJfjBHp'^B^fH.bB^PJPjHP^P^ri^if^^^p^^^ L Aircrafts, Steels and Motors ' Rcco\ip Wcdncsdny's Losses Today lly VICTOR Klin.VNK AwwUtKl l*rcas Ftnin-fU) KdHor NKW YORK, sopt. 17.—The contest In today's Block mark At wa* ono of endurance rather than ftpecd. While selected aircraft*, ntcels, motors, rall», oils and spoclalilcs trimmed nlx<»ah!c nmountn from \\^dnwiday*« IOSH^H or nddd to of tho proootUnff news ton. tho list n wholo churned laborlounly In a narrow urea. „ Near tlic fourth hour a few favor* UOH hnd rooordod ndvanoefl of u point or moro. but thoMO up Hinall frartlona woro in tho ^real majorlly. Numorotifl intnion won* imohaiiGTOil and hor« mid them lower prices r«- stilled from light profit-taking. Uufflnenn and IndiiHtrtnl nows wns on tho ronslruoiivH ^uio KOII nnd polltlcn u'lis^nQuht a minor mai ket fiirtor, Wright Aeronautical duplicated its porformanco of yemerday by Jump- Ing Heveral polntH on 10-Klmro deal- InffB. DouRluH, CuritKH-Wright "A," United Aircraft nnd Unelng nhowod IcHRcr Impruvrment. CM horn well out In front Included 1'Udlutn 81»M»1, llothlohem. Chrynlcr. Oonernl Motors, Montgomery Wnrd, Seur« Uoebuck. Western Union, In ternntionul Paper A Power pn»- forred, Preened Stool Car preferred, WoMtlnffhtiune, Connolldnted t)ll. Hatitn V>, Southern rudflc. Armour pinferred nnd Corn Pr<»ductn, A shadn either wny were Atner- icnn Tolcphono. North American, A merlon n Wnter WorU.v. Anncondn, Kenn«H»ott. Inlrrnatltmnl Nlcke.1. ("ienernl Kleotrlo. N. V.. t'Vntral and S, F. LIVESTOCK /*rfj* L Wire) • r ^ L >;\ '^jj : r^ ^v'T^ri Mii^lft^^>Xlp J^Y *'* •.•.•••iM.[Mt *mftA?ib* A:V.V,'-**''.'ari:in^, : r'(' ,-*,•'/:-^^\>Av.^^^';£ SOUTH SAN rnANCTSCO. Sept. 17. Hogs— Receipts 800; lop and bulk 160 to 200-lh. California.* $11.15: part load medium lR8-!b, weights $10.90; medium 120 to m-lb. alaughUr pips $10.00® 10.25; hulk of run ntlll back; packing sows oponed steady with Wednesday's lower close; few sales $8.25, Wednesday: Short load local butchers mainly $10.85. Cattle— Receipts 100; full load dosir- able &&0 to ftHS-lb. wai'med up California steera $7.75; load medfuni 1070 to ISfiMh. weights $8.7RC'7.00; dairy cows WESTERN SI NBPRA1 All Sections of List Make r Gains in Today's Trade at San Francisco ,' i - - r* t - He- (United /*rr« Looted Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Sept. 17.- versing the trend of the preceding M.35ft4."0; watered wiles low outtors ; BeafJion, western stocks staged a nnd cuttan* $3.00ff4.oo; odd bulls to j brisk rally In early trading on tht- $5.26. lAte \V«dn«*dav: Kond m«djum Snn Frnncinco Stock Exchange to- 890-pmlnd P tecr« off boot lops, $,.10. day> Rubstantial gaills W ere made veal lightly sorted. Calves— None, Good lo choice era quoted around $ft.GOiM-J».&0. Sheep— Heoplpts RBO. Part decl« good J3-lb. wooled C?aUfornliv $P; Hhort rtecU medium to 70-lb. wooled lambs $8.60; choice ewes quoted up to $3.75. I^ate Wednesday i Hood heavy wonted lambs quoted nbout ir>o lower, quotable top strictly good woolsUms NEW YORK CLOSE t Prr** l.rnnfH tr<rc) XKW YOUK, Hept. 17. RAllrosds Stock— Atrhlson Close Chenaueake Ohio.. Ohio * * 24% t > 4 * /Vro I,<w*cd OUon MUham, on the occasion of his to tho children. 4~5s <t0ttf>0r. 5-&R Santa Maria OlnbeN 4-f>H best C-6a 76(3>S5e, 6-CH 00©60c lug. PolDtoow- Good Hlnckton Wisconsin JVIdos, S2.RO©)2.40 owt.. fair $2.20, ordinary $1.^5, umall J1.4B; Tehaolmpl White Hoso partly graded. $2ff2.8r», home partly graded Huimetfl, 12.40; Hanta Vnoz \\^blle Hoa« U. H, No. 1, Mary B. Steman, J2rn*»»t Shugurt, Mrs. Susie O. Prlco, Mr*. Pauline McMillan. Roosevelt Is Host to Charity Groups (Continued JPVom l\ftge Ono) BAR SILVER I (United Fret* Leased Wirt) NEW YORK. Sept. 17.— Bar nllver NK\V .YORK. Hept. 17. ffROd off from an opening advance under continued hodglnc and liquidation today. A good trade demand WHK reported on a wcale-down, however and prices showed a tondoncy to Btendy uelow tho 12-ront levol. I.»noi*inbi»r sold off from 11!. 07 to 11.08, with the irenaral lint Hhowlnc net 1n»w»o» of about 2 to n points during tho middle of tho afternoon. Kuturws cloned steady, unehanged to fl h IK her. U«M., 11. »8; Dec.. 12.01 £-12.02; .Ian., U.W; March, 12.00; May, ll.tffi; July, 11.89. Spot steady middling 4 i Great Northern pfd Illinois Central Missouri rui'tflc .., Now York t>nti Northern rfcfilflo WnnMjIvanUi .. Southern l*Ar(fic I'nlon 1'aciflo Industrial* Can Tel. A Tol... HordfitiH Illur Tractor Hat*vlcto (.'nlumbln Own tc.d Ons . |*rodu«*i*» .... r.f , 27 In all sections of tho list and activity Increased as prices mounted. Lo Tourneau scored a new high with n gain of 3H points at 44. .Di Giorgio Krult preferred was up 4»^, tho common added H, Caterpillar gained l»J, Byron Jackson, General Motors and California Packing were up H. Emporium ft i. Pacific.Ameri- can Fisheries H. Onr-ral Paint U nnd Crown Xellerbach common, Lorkhepd and Magnln common moved up ^^. Ono r»f iht* few major InMeN on tho bortrd was taken by Schl<*slngi»r proforrcd down l!t- the oils Hancock moved to a now high nt 24, preferred nnd Universal i?d gained \b> Honolulu nnd Phillips Petroleum addod 6 cents nt 05 rents. In tho utility section Telephone Investment \vns up 1VS to a now- hljrh at 4S, Southern Pacific and TlnUvvny •tfMuhunr.nt $ por o^nt prc- ff-rr**d both ffulnod 1 1 i and Equipment common was up clflo (Ja?i tJ por <>Mit preferred lost a i up watr»r Con- was up • • • •••* . 41 *» nnd Pacific Public Service com- wn« do\vr. *4. Rnnk of Cnlifnrnla «oVl down 1 at 191. Transamerkra was off U nt 13H on a volume of only 800 fihnres. t.Vms(»lldatetl on *hnre« met. bu Ing mipport whon tho company'" * toi-H voted nn extra dividend. With KnniH Vc and Union Pnclflc portlng fluhntnnllnl IncrcnHeH In enrnlnga over n year ago, analywtn begun to revise- thetr previous flguren on probable profits for tho principal roads over the romitlndor of 1936. 12.38. CHICAGO GRAIN LOS ANGELES STOCKS I remained unchanged today at 44 fine ounce. 175,000 Men Sent a Into attle Line (Continued ^rom Vagc One) NOTICE OF STOCK ASSESSMENT Name of. corporation: Union Ave- nuo Telephone Co. Location, o f principal place of business: BaKersfield, California. Notice Is hereby ffiven that at a meeting .Qf the Directors held August IS, 1036. an assessment of five (|B,00), dollar? per ajiure M'as levied upon the thareu of the corporation payable to tho Secretary. Carrie A, Sw,0fford, Rt, 2, Box 95-J3, Bakors- field, California. Any aharea of stock upon which this assessment remains' unpaid on October J», 1936. will be delinquent and unless payinem IB made in the meantime., said shares shall bo sold at the resident of tho Secretary, Carrie A. .Swofford, on the 2nd day of November, 1936, at 8 p, m. of aatd day to pay the delinquent assessment with a five per cent (B%) penalty, '"CAmUE A. 8WOFFOIUX _ Secretary, •HI, 2, Box S5-B, * Bakersfleld, California. Sept. 10. 17, 24; Oct. l, 3, 1930. Kern Residents on World Tour (Continued From page Urge Repair of Tehachapi Road (Continued From Page Thirteen) ho* prpfcubly .changed their plans, according to friends and they may return to study at tho University of ** The CoppockB have a year*g leave of absence and the staff at the Indian Well* ocbooi during their absence includes DHUworth Pederaon, formerly of Fresno; Miss Beth ^Parks, tvho fonnerly taught in Bishop, und Wise Agnes Lasfoldt. part- ti»no inatructor. ACTRESS HOBBKD Sftpt. 17. (A. Alice J$lcjo,, Hljn a<j( tft pQW^n todity that 1600 worth of belon^ng* from oftit*' "Ther;ufet 'inblufl«4 ft dia Of api road, motorists on all routed arc traveling two sides of a triangle instead of using tho short third side through Tehachapi. "Travelers in tho San Joaquin val» ley, San Francisco and north to Oregon, Washington and parts of Nevada who dcsira to tako the route through Bakorsfleld, Tehachapi, Mojave and Barstqw to the southern part of California, Nevada and Arizona," says the report, "will not do so because of the 'bottlo neck* but will go over the congested Ridge route from Bakersfield. through congested San Fernando valley and Ix>s Angeles to reach the same destinations." The same holds true for travelers coming into California, the report points out. Urged "Nearly six million moro men und women are now at work in private Industry. Three million other* aro engaged In uneful work provided or assisted by government. Factory pay rolls the first Quarter of this year were moro -than $70,000,000 greater each week than they were in the first quarter of 1933. "(Systematic and successful efforts to raise tho buying power of wage earners and farmers have increased the bunlness of mechanUt and brought orders to manufacturers. Confidence has returned to the great masH of our peopln; confidence on tho part of, all except a small minority who seek to profit from the preaching of fear/' At tho outset, tho chief executive said that "clear evidences of returning prosperity" meant that private nodal services had a right to ox poet greater assistance. He added that a vast amount of Imnortant work, deferred during lean yearn, must bo taken up again. The government, ho said, has attempted through the social security act to remove at least part of personal and family Insecurity by cooperative federal-state welfare work, unemployment compensation and old age benefits. ' Quickly ho continued, however, that efforts of private agencies to encourage private employment for those on relief, t* provide medical caro, to look after special problem cases and to build up recreational opportunities- were "tasks more fitted to private than to government edminlstratlon." He expressed resentment at what ho termed "nupercillous and uncharitable sneers" at those in need and thoae seeking to help the neody. Hut the sneers, ho said, come only "from a small element among us." "The generosity of our American people," he. said, "is a fine tradition—we have never railed to heed tho call of third assault started from Htguenxa, 70 miles northeast of Madrid. Fierce warfare raged at intervening points in tho lofty Guaclurruma mountains which guard the capital. Kranco, the government said It had learned, had boasted he can rush Almost a million im-n Into action for n final assault on the capital "in two weeks." To Blow Up Fort Tho postponement also was or* dered to put finishing touches to tho mining of the stuOl-battered cltadol, the mayor asserted. However, ho said, the Alcazar I» likely to be blown up "moon." Government forces warned tho do- flant' insurgents ami tho nancombat- ants last night thnt refusal to ftur- render would mean destruction of the historic fortress with probable death to all inside. Soriullnt Inboror-Holdlcrft, working In cramped tuiineU under the Alctuar, completed laying the charge* of TNT yesterday. Bacli charge consisted of more than a ton of the high explosive*. The mliifH were placed on either side of the soutlnvent tower of ftie ancient fortress-pa luce under the Pu«rt» ile Cnrros (carriage gate) und under tho Pucrla Capuchlnoa (Kate of the Capuchins). Electric cables connected the charges along 100 yards of underground wires to two switches in the office of Mayor Perog Agua In city hall. Tho wires, which may carry death to the voluntary prisoners, were strung along Juan l^abrodor and BU- cult Oven streets. Lieutenant Colonel J.uln Burcolo, military commander of the Socialist forces In Toledo, asserted he would give the defiant Fascists another and final opportunity to surrender. its said hn might allow them a few >urs to make up their minds. Then, ho declared, if the warning were not heeded, ho would press Urn to blow the Alcawir sky end the singe of Insurgents defied all government ff- dislodge th<mi for two CHICAGO, t ember, $ $1.13H®'1.1JIH; Mny, Corn — Beptumhnr, December, Trrt* Lratrd \\'ire) 17. WhwU— Kep- DfM»<»mt>er, May. Oats—September, 42%c; December, ; May, 43 1 4<j;i4i t t%c. .yo~<Sn>ien)l!«r, S3 He; December, 81 He; Mny. SUUc liarley—neptemuer. S3c. December, 7flc. 4< I'fffn t.rntrtt Wtrr I 1 .< >R A \i; JOI .K1.KS. Si^tt. 1T iffrlrn BtorUs: Hid Industrial f'hryMnr Ill Noon Flrwt Nntlonal Stores Fox Film "A" Onnnrat Klori (lenflral Food« fjold Dupl .... Hoodyenr Tire A Hnbn^r International HnrvuMer Tntorimllonal Tel. ft Tel .. 1 241 TUUT1.K STAUBEU HUNTED TOTJ5DO, Sept.. 17. (U. P->— 7.oo of- ialM offered $ftOO reward for Information a« to the identity of tho per- non who Htnbhxl R Galapagos turtle In Urn hack wltlx n steel rod, severely tho turtle. Monlpfomory Wnrd NorMi 31 THE WEATHER Radio Corporation Saftwn Carbon . I y Anked Ik Tnylor Milling . , in 7r> I t:. S. Rubber.. rnrbidf Aircraft \Vnrnor llrotborn .,. . Union UPP Kleclrlo \Vonlwnrth - .. • ,1. C. T*f-niit>y , . Traiiftumfrtca . Metals Aw*rlonn » t t • t • 4 * ' • * » * * 30 v; 05 ti 25% Santa and Friday: ; northwest region: Fair Friday; mod- * * t , * • 4 * • • h • > 4 I • l LOS ANGELES LIVESTOCK (Attualated I'ress Leased Wire) J-OH ANO1SMR8. Kepi. n.«-H Hcoelpts nono; grain-fods quotod to IU.&0. Cattle— Heri'ijitH 000; ntnnd HlH«r« }G.40^6.50; KTOH« ln- down; cown $4.r>OO&-AC; cultnr grade* $2.75^4.25; hulls to $0.26. Calv««—HecefuiH C50; «low, lo 8Go lower; light calves J7,00(iJ7.50 heavlen $6,&0 down. Sheep—•RccelplH 150; holdovers S38 no sutew; Rood lambs auotnrt to FOREIGN EXCHANGE f United Pret* Lcated Wire) NKW YORK, 9i»iu, 17.—tfwrelgn exchange; Kngland, pound S.06 r>-l(I, off ,OOG-]fl. CO-ilay bill rate 6,058-10; dollar 1.00 3-32. frun<; .0658 7-16. 7£rucland, off .00 r..n Canada, Franco, .0000 1-16, Italy/ lira ,07R7. DetXltini. h«lK« -J6?n, up ,00004. Germany, murk .4022, off ,0001. Hwltfterland, franc .32&S, off .0001 Holland, guilder .07RO. fipjiln, pme(H unquolod. Sweden, kroiiH .{611 H. off Norway, krone .2546, off nenmnrk, krmio ,2202, off .0001. Japan, yen .2064, off .0001. unks NnMonal ....... Soeurlty-KIm National Trun«am«rlcn ........... Mlscollaneous K A. 1nve»tmrnl ...... Pacific KIiwniMj ......... I,. A. O. X- K. pfd ...... J'urlflo HUP fit Klon ..... Oa» A V:it-,-. A ...... uiKhtiiiK t otn. ..... C'ullf. Kill win rom Calif. J;;ciinoM fi pf.J. r'allf Ktlljmn r Calif. <ift« (I pfd H. H Oils a 52 ar, H17 3 w « r»u Ho. So. So So. Ho. *t t *.*! n 30 Intcrnnttnim) Nlchol Kenneoott Ooppor . Republic 8l*e] V. S, Kteol Vutmfllum Ht<»*l 1 Tobacco and Sugar JAmorlrnn Tobiiroo "A". AnifHoun Tob»n:o "H", Culmn Anu'rlrKti Ku«ar. < I rout n .r Oil* Atlnutlt* llpflnlni; • t • » r.8» .. • * - » « • • t • * • 4 I t f • • " • 08 ICHi 10U 35% 66 San Jmiquin ami valleys: Knlr tonlpht norniwl tumpcraturo wind, San Franoisco bay and mild tonight und erato wont \vliul. Northern OvlfforniR. Fntr tonlgrht and Friday, hui fogu locally on th«» Voast; no rhnnjro tn temperature-; Itentle to moderate northwest wind off t'oapt. Sierra Nevada: Knir totiight and Friday; Little rhange irt fempeni- ture; Rftntl*- variable wind. Sacramento valley: Fair and ron- tlimed warm tonight and Priduy; southerly wind. HallnaK vailwy: Fair tonicht nml FrUlay, but morning fogr I» lower valley, normal temperature; north- w«st wind. .Southern Cnllfnrnlrt: Fair tonight and Friday, but morning: clouds or foe** nrar const; IKtli* change in t«»mpArattir«; pontle to moderate imrthwi'st wind off coast. ., Moxtcan • « HUndard Oil (»f Union Oil of Calif 21 22 Standard of California. . Standard of New Jersey. Vnnuum ., <$» i METALS MARKET 37 Aftv'n. new Motors Auhnri) Molorn Chrynldr .... Mutorn Pre*» l.eatnt Wire) NEW YOHK. Hrpi. 17.—Copper quiet; (*otrolyl!«- »j>ot unU future JP.7C.; import IP.R7%. Tin firmer, sprit urn! nearby $4!UM)<Ii 4.Y12'*; future Hi.70 St. Lend t4.flO^'4.«fi; Kant dill); I'^iMt Si. KonlM pp<*t $4.K5. Iron. iiliiinlnum, platinum and V rk Xt-iv Yor *4.4iY '/An* Mti'l future antimony, wolframite Motor* TlmkiMi Holler Hearing 66>ji Equipments American Car Foundry 47% In .,, f j unk ................. M \Varnor .......... , ...... If L A. CASH QRAIN i 1'rct* Lea*ed Wire) I,O8 ANOICKKH, K«pl. 17.—Currcnt local grain quotation* wi^re reitortnd by Ihe Keil«ral-HUte Market Kervff.t an follow*; Price* quoted nro cwt., field run. in carlondw only: Argentine corn, quick delivery, bulk FUNERALS TREASURY REPORT Pretf Lrated on and Kuii*ral HorvU'OB for Albert JIuddox, 33, Kern Ueueml hospital orderly who wan UIHed In an automobile acddent nuiir Woody. Kuitiliiy, will bo rnnduntod I>ouKl!ty*< l aIIiuun-o'Mi*arH «.'hn I^VIday nftfrtiooii at 2 ttV-itH-U, nterment will follow ul Orvtoi I*arU. Mr. ll:i(]>li-x (n viv«rt hy hi* pai-Qtiti., Mr, on|l >x «r imnaM, \Vatih,; (ilen.i and *. nu«:r. ulttu of i, aiitl rivi> HtMcri*, Mr«. Harvi-v i;f Wui'ili'iigioii, Mr«, 1 Noviiii»i»;-, I'lHtu. «, Kan.; Mrs. ! Kdlth Wh«'*»li.-r. NtM)|»u ( i, rulo ; Mr» Alice left of \VfUlilnKtiiM, ni.d Yvonne Haddnv 'if wath'ngton. WAH1UNOTON, Sept- I".— Tho l»o- loii of th« Tr«a*ury on September IB; n<H?«lnlM, »1.00«,31Ji.747 25; « ««r- Mr», runtouiH rerelpU for Ihe month. 1)6, 01,2, 1)47, 1&. Hftoftlpi* for th« fUrnl y«*ar <«lnc« July It. |K3J.2r,0 ( 8»3.9«; nxuen4ltur«*. $1.270,8fl2,985.02, Including I463.2S2.- 56W.24 of »m*rff4ncy cxpetiditurBn; ex- ce»« of «'Sp*>titJI(iir(«w. $4;»9,fil2.004.36; gro«» dAbl, |33,Sir).f,28.(tOS.yS, un In- creaae of $464.?««,70|.76 over Ih* prftvl- d, iy; KI> I«J ^neu, II0.760.765.7P6.77. Mem 1017 CO HOGLE Eitablnh STOCK r.TCH OFFtC Btvtit r HlLM The accompanying resolution asks an immedlatd study of the highway with the aim of eliminating thu curves, "in order that Tehachapi and other cities similarity situated In Kern county may be afforded equal opportunities, from a business, safety and pleasure standpoint, with other cities and towns similarly situated In the state of California. The resolution asks that funds bo budgeted in order that the work may be started In 1987, high and who ha fort* lo California wln?nt, mucked. Mo, 1 or No. J hard white. tl.i7Hfltl.70, California barley, j»a<'Ue<l. 44 \\ttt. 2 Itrlyltt western, $J.C5; Ny. 1, iti milo, California t, $1.70. No. It'K. No. NHII*!*—Kuner«l hervliTH for Mr«, ln Km ma Hhinp, 00, of 24 H fitr«fit. wr»ro ronduoieil nt IIvp- »ou chaix'l Hi 10 o'clock thl« morn- Ing. Thn U«v. Chariot* Ihthnn of- flcttiUd and Hlrhard Kklnn*r was vcw.-al Nfflol«t. Interment wun in I'nlon i?«irtfrlery. Mr*. Hhlpp M. of Mr* Artillerymen Will *m If f ^T VI *-*»»»*w* mftt"—rw t^a iv«&«^*to^# ULAVVI fc^Tii i*uj f Maneuver in Valley °* *«o»"^ t« per«ua<j« IH^ men 10 r« *^ I 1 A A U A V t* Jk 1« «•! V* 1 M **<!* VV **-* HM •feJ^Vh'h I L«fe A tfh Jfe« 4 *• month*. The government'* "l«rHbl« tlaci* »ion t( — <jonaldered nuch l)ocavt»« of ihe posNtblo death of ihe wcwit'ii and chlldr«n-*-was reached afl«r ten day* fk a*M'til*'iit on ti SINGER TO MIL U>8 ANO115L.T5S, Sept. 17. (A, Jacqueline Graham, 86, a singor, was npUoduM to begin serving a five-day Jsjl sentence today following her conviction on a petty theft ohargft. Th<* young Moman, aocuBcd of taking box of clothefi from "a no!ghbor*H rage, MW given » tMay (.i*»aeiatcd Prcut Lea ted Wire) Ei- CBNTRO, Sept. 17.— United States artillerymen, 600 strong will move in here in November for four days of tactical maneuvers and antiaircraft practice. Four batteries of men from Fort Mac Arthur, together with a bund, are due in tor the field worK November B to fl. Captain Harry 8. Aid- rick was here today mak Ing arrangements. * KIRK IN STUPIO l!QU,VWOOb;. ; |fopt' IT. <U. JM- Plre, apparently canned by- a clgtir- Hie, broke out on »n old IN? t nt ih« Wftrner' Brothers-Fimt Nntional dto earty today bui wo» quickly the helplcBM DoncombatanU, by n*utra;-TjipJomat». Socialist offlcialu appealed to tho inanr- genU. Their P)KO» went unh«edtU. The government even promUed nafc conduct, food and clothing for tho women and children. The KuacUU refuted to answer* Then. In preparation for the explo- iion, authoHtie* ordered all bulldlngu within a S-mile rudiu* of the Alcuwtr evacuated — and »ent the waminur into the fortremi. KOHISMAN TAKB8 POST I INTENTIONS TO WED I fiinnrttl Ihlw fu In traf- Ultimo rttutw Ia«t outli ti>tlii> fot In Oruc** uhttpol at ami ln(«-i « y JIOWAHU jlouurd, Mt. 31. I»OUJfiTT Jr., 3D. and UI tidy* I*. both of JI i'oi roo WIUoii aiul Mr*. J. ANQBI.B9, »ept IT. (A* lUchard Ulb*on. retired y a*«u mod newly *t»pointcO a* foreman ,Qf tho federal Grand Jury. United State* Di»trict »cnU. 21 both of ATIUS- Earl L.Town- and Jwi-na M. Muthic, THORNTON-HCOTT—Nell K, Thornton. 81. and OdfcKKfl. Hcott, 30, both of Toft. i ! I Mirier iha|»*»i with JUONCIDO-UOi3~-Jftnie« U, lx>ngdo, 30, and AHhe Qo«. to. boUt of Uornmn. rero, 2, and both of BaHtrsfled. n« Cuer Aivarei, Thorn** H. Harmon, 49, ami HmUah H. Hearing, 41, both of Samuel t Jvnw ««rvlc«« for Wocxl* p. 22, «vn of Mr. MitUmn, J3i'3 Quincy m-tt-a at Klk-kInK*tr- thl« inornlng at 10 the Hwvwr*utt Mr. and with IU Kkinni-i (m \orul wololwl. Int. w*i» in Of (-fiiljtwh Mtfiiigrial 1'iU'U, l«oui«*; «lr«i»l. A Hun -.*•»* TL'UNi£U~*J<**t rill!* for Mrs Turner, 24, *U Twi-ntitfth went rcmduoua nt jfa at 1 o'clock thin th* H«ver*m) Mr. Powell offi ciating, interment was In Union Cem etery FLOW* Tlliph - '-.:•; -... i • i T., :t I . V TOR KAMERICA OMPANY ' '

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