The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 13, 1944 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 13, 1944
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, SEPTBMBKR 13, May Continue Election Probe Senate Committee LHints Of Thorough investigation By JOHN ][. IlEI.FOttl) ttnltfil Press Stuff Corresiiondenl LITTLE ROCK, Sept. 13. 1U.P.) -The general comment ground Little Hock during the Senate subcommittee hearings Into alleged elpetioi! irregularities In the recent .senator!!:! primaries wtis that the whole tiling would fl/p.le out—that the proceedings w.ere Just a lot.' of L'orernment hullnbaloacy. 'i'hnt is, that was the general opinion until the hearing brought i.ii'lh evidence of flagrant violations of the election laws in regard to voting mid the counting of votes. Now there apparently has been •• change of opinion. The average man is beginning to believe that maybe the Senate Campaign Expenditures Committee menus busi- ngs. In fact, the same folks who predicted a "wliileivasli" of Die matter now are predicting further act!.™—fiction fnr from a "while- wash." When: Senators JKmci n. Tun- -fll and Homer Ferguson, the subcommittee members which held tlic two and a. half day 'hearing, left Little Rock late Saturday for Washington, (hey drqppcd hints Ih'nl the Department of Justice might, have a look-sec into the election violations. And there were iilso indications thai the Senate committee at- a whole might come lo Arkansas to hold extensive hearings into the matter. Rumors flew thick and fast, following adjournment, of the. hearings Saturday afternoon. Most prominent, of these was that the sub- mittee would recommend a re- ii^'if i'H iioxes In the slate, lthough the rumor was traced to reliable sources, it was spiked as nnlriie by the vestlgating staff. committee's Tlic flagrant violations revealed dining the he.irings shocked even the most callous politicians. Rome —who thought they knew it all—were revelations. astounded by BLYTHEVILLMAKK.) COOlllBJl NEWS A Clay of Reckoning in France th e four s the four n .,'- . tot 10 youlig Frenchmen who, dur rs of Nazi domination of Uicfr counlry, chose lo side with the enemy Two ' lwo l ° " : "" labor im life - Thc rcmnlnlng iKorc co"- War Forces Drug Addicts To Take Cure By I ill Ml 1',.,-ss , <loire*|K>ml,.|)l |K> . LOUIS. Mo. < UP). -The wur willi Jiiiuui hns vlrliinlly hulled ihe siimituHng of opium Into (he United faliiles mill forced Ihmisumls of mir- cotlc addicts to dike the cure- wliothn- they want ID i,r not, Jolm M. Tulley. heiul of (ho st Ix>iils liiireiin or the 'I'renMiry l)e- imvtinnil's narcotic division, revealed today thin wartime cumin long have BiviUly reduced the number of drug addicts bermise of ihclr in- iiblllly lo obtain contraband drugs He predlctal Unit If the war willi Jiipim continues imollier your, drilfi iiddldlim In (he United Stales may be completely wiped out. '.I'ulli'y reported (hat lliero tire less Ihiin r>0 of ivhat he culled -non. medical users of iiiircoilc druiis" in the eii.ilN-11 rVdernl district of Mis- snurl as compared lo more (linn MO la 'i M0rt ""' K '"''' " ai ' lKn " "<- l»i|inrtnnr« of upturn, the basic properly ,,f practically nil hnljll- fpiiuliiB drugs." Tultuy cxplntnccl "Is so restricted today Hint (he .supply Is- barely ndctumtci lo meet (he demand for legitimate users of drug» Strict Kiiiirrvhlim > "There are only tlirce Onus i i! . • ' e - c rcmnnng o lo dead, and, as sec,, in (lie photo above, were summarily executed by a French of the Interior firing squad The strange part of the whole thing was that, n majority of the witnesses told the two senators lhat the two primaries this year , were probably the "cleanest" heir! m Arkansas in many years. ^The "cleanest." despite the fact that witnesses testified to the following violations: that residents of one county voted in another county; that tire certificates were offered for political support- lhat * ••• ij»i[jjjui i , ll in L, some election officials boasted of their ability to " that fewer persons vitllcc ing places llinn the of/ii si-owed votes east—and rumors of wide-spread , lation of ballots r.nd count. Informed sources say t;,. probe Is far from cimplete. it is believwl dial even m national developments will 'feat the Christian ciation snomorcd ansns voters wl Nov.//.election. Both the Ame Labor and the outlaw Hie closed shop. Tlie proposed ' the election; itcd the ])oll- >f/iical returns ind lumicrbus cad inaiu'pii- count. say that the implete. And en more sen- 's will be re- iveeks period. * ces are going fight to de- \merlca Asso"Freedom to idment to the i, which Ark- tc on in the Federation of have already ight to defeat icy say would lop. endinenl pro- shall be demise of mem- bership in or affiliation with or resib'nation from n labor union. And it would also make it illegal for an employer \ a deny employment because of reiusal to join or a[- fillalc with a labor union. The proposal prohibits any business or person to enter into any contract to exclude from employment members of a union or anv person ivlio refuses to join a union. Labor spokesmen say the Amendment, if passed, would virtually tear down all that organized labor has worked for— since it would do eivay with closed shops. Although it was pointed out thai li'.bor would be protected by some provisions of the measure, the labor leaders declared thev are already protected and charge tlmt the measure makes no pretense to favor labor, but is only a means of "kicking organized labor in the teeth." The labor .ipoHetmen point out lhat the Clirjsllnn America sponsored "anti-violence act"— which the Gen a typical "help" t (Sivc labo Lieut, fteceiv Lieut. Mrs. lit Kelt of nnd rece pilot in crcises 1 PW. To Licutci uatcci at lleuteiiai slroyer i trnnsferr Navcmbe He no course h 51's be ft Oct. 5, n his famll Vte«A Assembly passed—Is typical example of the kind of -'••" the association' wants to till'. United SUles lhat process opiain and the Treasury nepnii- luent Is able tu keep the Rlrlcli^l siipeivislon over the .llstrlbntiun m oplnm .Iruns from ihcsc niiinu- fficliners IhruiiKh retiil! soitiwa (« Ihe ultlinntc consumer. '"I'l.c grent nmoiiiil of narciillcs used by flic addict wns .snuiijulcd into the country mid was not processed by these three llrms. It wn.i :hls conlralmiu! sti|jply (hut. kept I^HOvernnienl l m ,y h, p , c . W ar ... Eugene Ilnrgett, son .of litua Hires and FlOyd Har- jf DJylhcvllle, wns graduated nnd received his silver wings as a pilot in the Army Air varies In ex-•"• held last Friday at, Ea|;lc Hnrcctl ^-as;. grad- iiunlss-.onci; 'u second the Army .'rank. Destroyer Unit in February, 1943, and ' ' to the Air'Forces .in [ Insi, year. -._ — .s taking a five weeks course in transition training In p- 51's before receiving his leave on Oct. 5, nt which lime hc will visit. uounw Km ANY AGE To work on Saturdays, rainy days anci other busy days. We can use up to 100 extra sales people to handle our business during this fall. We will train you to wait on our customers and make out sales tickets. Apply at the store in person. Blytheville, Arkansas PAGE Tulley iiddcd (hut Ihe few ad- diets who have n«l inken Incol- iiuliuy clues are bclnu driven i ,, ,, , ' "»'l>sJi iianle, t tip. Ml cues lo get Imblt-fomiliiB drugs Leafs tin atlcmpt hns been male '""' dopurtment Is rapidly to B lv e crcilcuco to Ihc phi _ In on their source of supply. "This condition dues not apply onlj' to tlui eiistcrn dln(rlcl of Missouri," Tnlly snld, "but Is niillnn- in °iinpll(;at((]ii o~f University"'!* Ar- kunsas approval—which lliu plan <foea not have." ; hundred leaders (roiii ov- in. . j '. iiiiuon- osvuriu mniurcd leaders from ov- Wllhtu uiioiher year, If (| 1C er the South ore scheduled to meet Japan should last tha; I" Momphls tomorrow lo the s - 1 " loue, we should luivc the traffic 6lain]ied out entirely with only a few ciises here nnd ihew where fiomeouo, nble lo gel drugs lc«i(l- inak'ly, misuses Dial privilege," The druggist win) sells parrijorlr Itmi'worn suolher of crying tables Is the nnrcotlt! nijouts' big problem' loday.. Tulley declared, lie C x- plaliii'd how nddlcls buy iwregorle In varying qunnlllles In several Mores, burn It tu remove the alcohol unri freeze It lo cllmliialc llic tinnpJior. "The residue." Tulley siiid, "Is then Ihnwed oiil nnd Injected by use of 11 hyiiodeniilc syringe or needle, tem- |mriirlly .sHltsfylng the adillpl's craving for ihe drug." Gates Denies A.U. Economist Wrote Co-Op Plan L1TTU.; HOCK, Sept. lit (UIM- Auurcy U. Gates—nsKOclalo director of Hie ArkniiMis Agricultural kx'tctislon Service—has denied tlinl 1111 extension economist In murkut- lii« of the University of Arkansas College cif Agiluillllire wrote ihc Itlnn for the Soiilhi'in Cumollilul- cd Co-opemt!v e Inc. Ontm denlcjj tlmt Hie extension economist—j. o. Kuiniie.—wrote |!H. plan for. In hts own words, "any. thlnt; iierlnluliig lo (he co-ojiprn- '('lu> dcnliil cum? on the )) ft .|j u j n statement niiulu by ilcgloiiul p,mii Security Admliilslratloii Director A l). Htcwnrt Lhiil-Kumix; hnd will- ten IIH. pliin—\vliloh hns been objected lo h v business lenders the South. (lutes fiililier sinles: "ny .'attacking Mr. lOunps'a name, 11 a|>- lli« ln the Chancery Court for <!lilek:iwm-l).1 District at Ml Kl|i]il County, Arkansas, A, M. Thompson, Plftltltl/r, VS. No. 8HI SylDe Thompson, Uefciutiint, WA!tNlN(i OKDMt Thft defendant Sybil! Thompson, Is warned lu upiieur In Iho Clinii- cery Court for the Chlekiisawbn Ills- trla of Mississippi oounty, Arkansas, within thirty days nnd answer (lie eomplnlnl of plaintiff, A,' M, Tt\oni|ison. Witness my htind. as clerk of snld eonrl, und the seal thereof, on thki (lie 22n<l dtiy of August, J014. MAHVEV MORIU8, Clerk lly M. Jiirrntt, D. O. NO'I'ICI! Of 1 CI,AI»I Uiillod .St;ilc.< IX>|i.irliueit( (if (lie Interior, (ienn-iil Lund Oflla 1 , lVii.vhln«l<m 25, 1). (;. Notice Is hereby given that Drnhi- ngo District No. 17, of Itlytlicvillfi, 'X'jK'vteiJ, hni filed BpjJiicatloh' 1 OTOU.'p. I/lOJprias.'luider^ctWn 4 of the act-oh February $$ l»29 (46 Stal. 1410),' to 1 purthwe Lots l-.' 2, 3 and 4 Boc. 1; W'i E(i Sea u, T. 16 N, R. 9 E, 5th P, M/Arkup- ans. ' ,, i , r , All person? claiming the land sd-" verscly will be allowed u'ntll Octo-' ber 18, 1D44, to (lie In,this O/lice Ihclr objccllbiiV to th« issuahce of a putent under the aforesaid applt* entlon. 'Ilios. C Ho? ell, Acting Assistant Commissioner WARNING (mi>FK In tlio Chancery Court, Chlckasuw- !);i District, Ml sh Ipjri CoHnly, Arkansas, ^ Joseph JuWc, Plaintiff, vs. No. &14Q Neltlo Jublc, Defchdant. The defendant., Kettle Jlitilc, Is hereby warned lo appear within thirty days in the court Jiafned Inthe cnptloii hereof nnd ntuwer tlte- complaint of the plaintiff Joseph Jublc. Dated t|ils IB day of Aug 1944 I HAIIVEY Monnrs, cietk Percy A. 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