Independent from Long Beach, California on December 13, 1963 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, December 13, 1963
Page 46
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Johnson-Threat 'Joker* Admits Gun Guilt NEW YORK (UPI) --" A'duced bail for the youth, Omar Suarez told newsmen octslde.wts reported to have said he Cuban youth who "jokingly" threatened to kill President i Padilla. 19. from $25,000 to the courtroom. "He never la- intended to shoot Johnson, S2JXO. Bat PadilU's attorney, tended to harm the President Police said Padilla admitted he used a loft floor in the Johnson pleaded guilty Train- Oscar Gonzales-Suarez. said or anyone else." day to a charge of Illegal pos-jhe would not seek to have Padilla. like afl aliens. Is graving p l a n t where he session of a rifle and was held Padilla released in bail until forbidden to have any fire-jworked to fire his new 22 until; after the^ President's after Johnson leaves on Tues- arm without a permit. He was caliber rifle but he said the visit to .the United · Nations day. arrested last Saturday on the'threat against the Presides next Tuesday. · -He's a frivolous kid, al-«ve of President Johnson's was a "joke." t Judge WiEiam E. Ringel re- ways joking." G o n z a I e s -visit to the city for the Her- ibcrt Iifhman funeral after he SPORTSWEAR SHOWING WED. FRL --. 7:30 PJrf. I 5f «clcfa?i| li '· STEAM mwffi «PRI« WG -5, CINNAMON CINDER . YOUNG ADULT NIGHT CLUB * On The;Traffic Circle WES TAYLOR l«st lu{« riayer Tei Evtr Heard -NIGHTLY AT DON MAT'S CAT lO'l BURLAP SISTERS - ML t SAT. . . Cempl«f* DUiera Served Fnim S CLOSED MONDATS Don May's Gay90's 2508 PALM DR. Signal Hifl 437-321 Merchant Lunch ' from ll:00o.m. Melody Cove F. X. O'N.Ti Complete Focifiriei. 2951 Cherry Signal Hffl 427-3803 D.C u INDEPENDBIT-- P«s« j-Y* SPECIAL S7EAK Socp.rSa'oi S| Ar Msfoti. 6srfic trial I«7J PK1MI Kit OINNtK t lerrM Ttun. Onrr . TOP StKLOIK STEAK S*ef«o4* «rt m lint ijecFalfy '2.65 Cltui HCMiSS 2 tils. Ko. tf Pacific Cout Hwy. HIT FU.UIC DINNEt JJS 700 RED WITCH INN H wR R J Loi] leack Now At COMPLETE SELECTION " 1 ?SS-^ 11 ^' ALL NEW 1964 STEREO MICRO-TOUCH 7 Tu mam · Hdtt M2i7t Uadcn IM IJirjn . mma, BL2U* Actncotarua^ S^0c» Tilt DEBUSST-HwM IC12E8S B*eant French Promctal ityEng»n5i t Btwteg; tewsBrioottt*- «n E«»B» Cherry Fruitwood vene«ri«ml toikjj, r - · ' Vn-Jt» fincshed veaeers »nJ soQdi. AC onr/. Finest sound reprotJuctidn in frof"? stereo console. Set shown tbove hu 240-witti of peak music power, transistorized amplifier tnd cunj other feitarM youll find illustrsted brio*ZENITH STEREO PRICES as low as 149 63 t40 WATTS of Peak Music Fewer Zenith Qualrty System IS Tone Arm »ith~free floating" Stereo Cartridge PUSHBUTTON Stu jit Control find Iniunt flnjtr S Spiahcrt 2 exponential he 4--3Vi'con« typt tweetrrs. 2-1 r SoRd-Sttt« J«0» Ampliritr. JW ..til d pc»h mu*ic po*tr output (129 ..«» tlAX rain · f«i« Rerc* rccortf. New ZENITH 23-inch Roll-Around CONSOLETTE .Special 199 FIEC DEUTEir utnci AND GOAKAHTEt New 1964 ZENITH 19-Inch PORTABLE TV Li't^it u i feithtr. Front controls tnd jouni 63 FREE SERVICE AND GUARANTEE! Base optional New 1964 Z E N I T H Quality COLOR TV LARGEST SflfCT/ON IN THE INJIRf ARIA r7~~^\\f^ Lr7==r\sa DO OE SIT IIT »l*l YOU CAM OWN A NEW ZENITH COLOR TV As low as nt»3 nsv;«nfl. LOW EASY TERMS-90 DAYS SAME AS CASH! WITH DOWN PAYMtNT AND APPROVED CREDIT MAJOR $125 OK MORE I OPEN EVERY DAY · 5075 LONG BEACH BLVD.rHORTH LONG BEACH Kerplunk! He Got Stuck in Mud By TEDD THOMEY "Hey. let's see if we can sneak in freer That brilliant idea has occurred to dozens of youths ever since the Cinnamon Cinder young peoples' night club opened last year at the Traffic Circle. Plenty of 'em have tried it. And 993 per cent have failed, thanks to the dance emporium's rigid security system, which Includes extra guards and aa Infra-red alarm set-up. · ; ;The most tempting sneak-!n route is over a six-foot fence which runs for approximately 100 feet along the Coder's north side. As soon as a young fellow climbs over it, however, he runs into instant trouble. ..·The infra-red beam--invisible in the dark--shines along the top of the entire fence. As soon as he clambers over,', the youth breaks the beam, switching on half a dozen signal lights located near guard posts inside the building. -- · The guards immediately go the fence area and nab the culprit red-handed. Or should we say infra-red-handed? One of the most hilarious captures involved a youth who jumped over the fence with ereat athletic daring. He landed In a freshly planted flower box which had been watered a few hours previously. It was full of mud, into which he ««"V up to his knees. When the guards reached him, he u-oi still trapped, unable to pull even one leg free o/ the gooey stu//. -*- * * SINCE FT FIRST OPENED its doors December 6, 1962, the Long Beach Cinder has attracted over 150,000 paid admissions. The Cinder dance craze swept throughout Southern California during the past year, other new ones opening in San Diego and Alhambra, all operated by TV star Bob Eubanks and his partners, who started the original Cinnamon Cinder in North Hollywood in July of 1962. : The strict rales have not changed. Youngsters under IS are not tdmitted, although there has been strong pressure in recent months for the Long Beach Cinder to admit 17-year-olds. No alcoholic beverages are served and youngsters are not admitted if they are wearing capris, shorts, T-shirts, sweat shirts, any kind of club or school jackets, levis or tennis shoes. The $1.50 admission fee entitles the youngsters to dance from 830 pjn. to 1230 ajn. on week nights and until 2 am. Fridays and Saturdays. * * ~ * MANAGER OF THE LOCAL CINDER is youthful- looking Mickey Brown, a former police officer who is a non-dancer. He knows what the kids like, however, and allows the five-man Vibrants band to play as loudly as they wish. Which, thanks to a powerful amplifying system, is as loud as approximately 7,600 trombones and 7,600 electric guitars playing in your living room. The youngsters no longer dance the twist, considering it as out-dated as the waltz and turkey trot. When I asked for a de'monstratioa of the newest steps, pretty Judy Gabelich, 19, of 1300 Somerset Place, and Peanuts Knight, 20, of 1210 Loma Aye. volunteered. They "performed interesting, intricate steps and body motions which they described is 1--The Crossfire; 2--The Slauson; 3--The Madison; 4--Tte Mashed Potato; 5--The Stiff Leg; 6^-The Bounce. · , ' ··· To me, ell the steps--despite their fancy names-looked like simple variations of thatdead-as-a-doda twist. ' " ' * * '* OLD FRIEND, NEW PLACE--Mrs. T and I took a trip the other night to a new restaurant owned by twinkle- CINNAMON CINDER BAND Members of the Vibrants Band, featured at this Cinnamon Cinder, young people's nightclub at-' the Traffic Circle, are (rear row, from left) Cassey Van Beek, Armond Frank and Bob Young, and (front row, from left) Jessy Johnston and Larry Britain. eyed Jimmy Richmond Francois Beach'* 7 * who operated Long Manhattan for many yearsvil Jimmy's new place, ·which he purchased 7 list year, is the Wayfarer Restaurant, at J 2230 Pacific Coast Hwy. in Lomlta. H e l recently completed an extensive re-j5 modeling project, enlarging the res-Ct taurant so its two dining rooms andj » enormous banquet room will now ac-'l JULMY commodate 265 diners. The motif f*^ luxuriously continental with accents in red and black.'/ I'm happy to report that Jimmy has retained his master 1 * \ touch regarding food. We enjoyed fabulous beef Strogan- £ off dinners ($3.75 each) which included pieces of wonder-^ ful tenderloin prepared with onions, mushrooms," winc^ *nd sour cream. The accompanying items were hors' d'oeuvres, tureen filled with soup, tossed salad, wild,, rice, beverage and ice cream for dessert. " tetter! ' - - · . : Verdict Congratulations, Jimmy. You've rcver donfd J ' -*l\ * * ISUPEII ctr.sin u A SKCTMUUI SOTIKG -FRANK V E R N A GROUP with B O N N I E V E N T U R A 3109 E. FAC. CST. KWTV-IOIIG BEACH · GE M t l f ·m ktsi iiionrn immnmiT NEW GLEAM AT THE FIREFLY--Doug and Jana, Munroe and Ray and Maiine Martin, owners of the sue-" cessful Cherie's Can Can on South Street, are holding thj^ grand opening this week of their new place-;-Cheneys Firefly, 11318 Beach Blvd, just south of Katella Avenue. Stanton. The opening festivities include a courtesy buffet (ham and turkey) Thursday and Friday from 6 pm. on.- The Firefly's menu is similar to the Can Can's. * * * · FUN AROUXTJ TOWN DEFT.--A new show opens Friday night in the swank Sans Souci Room in the Lafayette Hotel. It includes the five Greenwood Brothers, who do Hootenanny '64 numbers, plus Du Pont and Yumi. exponents of sophisticated humor. In case you haven't !· visited the Sans Souci yet, let me assure you it is ex- travagantly handsome. And so is the hotel's newest public dining room,' the Cafe Lafayette. . . . Howard 'and t Schreiber, proprietors of the posh Rossmoor Inn, 12311 j Los Alamitos Blvd, have come up with a new gimmick--j a fashion show for men only. It will be held next Monday" night from 7 to 10-30 pun, giving the fellas a'chinct to do their Christmas shopping the easy way. , ; .- ,-:/' \ I itcp CI the »ey f» or Iron te Artia HOFBRAU CLUB TOP SIRLOIN Char-Broiled STEAK DINNER . "Gusraafiii DiHtTo A!io 2 251 Open:tiKnlls: Cemmnirr S1NS-AION CoH ZiUtr et acurdio* *-3rtir« "^-«. X new L.1- Areu RED LESTER '· IS BACK FAIABE OF STtAK ett LOXSTEK f.ia I2JS Qtttni Frcn rt« Kert «· Complefe OInen · I U C E F I S U N D A T J lLo-Ray «: 558 E. Willow g~ , 427-»3S7 "i! from 9 to S IffXCfPT SUNDAYS} ! SUNDAYS 10 lo 5 till Dec, 23 KtNT URStK TBT.bor« antf ·rt^e$tr» / for Cancir|-tn cxot'C SABRE ROOM CARUEX D'ORO L TRIO S»fcJ Serf S(i«S-*« CAUEOM ROOM JOE CHANI ftimCrrertrH. m STCcuur$ KAUiUKCTU. :N3 STDUT AN3 CUT r»C:riC COUT K!CKW«f to KG PHONE: 434-S4SI JACK'S ORSICAH CLCSID KCSD1TS OOM t£ 1-JSCE · 5-130 E '2nd St. AmcricaV Smartest Show Louree 1ELMOKT SMOKE ' LUXURIOUS DINING ROOM FOR YOUR CHNING PLEASURE HANI STCININGEI AT THE ITtlNOAT Fanatiftt e*t · AUSTRAUAI '? lOSITW . - JIECUt ' ~. J l l l . u l l . BIIIEB; '·:';·- i n^i.Ji t.*.- ' rum taiiitt Ttit nn U4T. tilt I fir \ IILEO'S ·nr Onip Entertainment Xightly George Kainapau Kuulei h^wcHizn y"T?yi? -- Ircls -^ * ff h?^'^T Ceatsc*» -- Astrxaa Tczil Tropical Dnaix 1UTTET S HEN~J tUSCHIOH CocttoiJ Hssi TZ1 li V FASHOT! SHOW 1 ' LODI « ^^ Tuei. S Fri. Kaon c! * K-.--nocj . BASQUET rAaUTES tt, DuPont Yuml Greenwood Bros. in Hootenanny '64 Lafayette HOTEL LANAI Yctr Hut h Le*t Btitl BROADWAY LINDEN HE 5-5681 46 iS E. PACIHC COAST HIGHWAY Season's Greetings m -- lut Him IE* TE1X |icu 41M42I Bill nunritliis O ; nr«r in4 Tx^l Hearntlm -- o far J KXf= t-» aunt tmr -- Fiict K;»»I«. i ta-w tar* «f tuft, fvwn . . DANCING TO TWO BANDS IKS t. Fsc'ifi* Coul MR. C's

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