The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 21
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\ -- I ., ".1 I . t . H 1 I I ' -:• -,-. v J -' r f •_ "I '- f- I.' b . I • r _ J 'II- - /.-• -* P ' '* I - ->";".V J ,v : "*, f - •' t-&/: ; 'V' ; fe >yV^:; ; SH ?;--;-- . i'-.=/,."< h .'• .' i;-, i T . . t- '- '. '• • si -'. • ?i 4 . .. . • L^l •'.:-.'• !>V. -:-.< ". !' .1 ^ .•.!•: .••*. - - i*.^ ." — tx -i-f,' -- -'^ -. f r j L 1 -• • _ L- -i.^ /^" ,'' ^' --;( 1,/i .;• . i-' ••y _ \.- L j * i. --;* l, - i i • ••* • t • -- ,>,.- '-it. •1-- - ; ,^^",. ;_i t; ->vy;t. i L. in -r i - - .1 '.j<;:* •:•> frf< I-'- . . < L •*" 1 .-^l 1 <A T ' l' "P ^' ''V " -- 1 \ -. ' ' - _„ '» I* - M, » :- JH -I,'- . h - f I -. • *•' • ••L ~ t I - •". V?.V CALIFORNIAN ;PTEMB 17, 1088 *.* * I - r -.* • L '^?-*» -V* T.' -' '!' - V. ' '.• .- -. i/ , ' . v_ ^ - *'•• i. '^ ^> .«•• t r Honolulu Divers Into L ' .-11 II •*. SALE DAYS ONLY M W DOVETAIL • * , L I - I. ' MONEY DOW SMAK acttln* L for the 7 BLUB* \ WEE White Go :'s called "DOVETAIL" because of the novel manner in which the Dii- set DO 50 cents a week! See it at once I 1508 NINETEENTH STREET Open Saturday Evenings j I - era (Vnitcd Prtt* Leatcd Sept* 17.—Divine into tho witters of Honolulu bay for coins thrown by touriata from incoming vessels haa become a sonially organized "raekot, 11 according to tho frank admissions of members of tho organization. Soma day, however, they admit tho means will b6 found outalde of the L ^ . ^ ~ " — — ^ , i ' . " - - ' . - ,i - , ,' 1 IA ±1 • - .'^^^^ - -- ^ M ^* " T ' «^^__ ^ !— ' • m_ 1^ Miss Beatrice Bbroff Kcilli Kaufman; Couple Goes to Santa Matia ^ _**•. ^ f _ f^t-^fff «r V rf» V t -fc »»*•» •*•**» * «^*Q^^ **fc Mias Betttrico Boroff, former Tad &frl f to Kolth Kaufhmn of Madura was solemnised Monday at tho homo bride's parents, Mr. And Mrs, present racket system for bringing &alph Boroff of Aven&l, by the Re to the surface all tho coins that haVo erond Robert Crifthtbn. been missed by the diving racketeers Tho bride Was attlrtd in bluo crepe and when that day comes they - do* sportjl suit, with White accessories ^m. 1 ^ •_^___._, _44A • BtaA«k"A L » I ' carried a lovely bouquet of white carnations. She waa attended by her sister, Miss Ircno Boroff, and the groom by Karl fcoroff, brother of tho bride. A wedding aupfrar was served to Mr. and Mrs. Ralph-Boroff, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boroff tmd son KOsfl of Taft t Miss Irene Boroff, Earl Boroff, * t K- h . V -#V fc L *t *.— T — n '__ claro a small fortune will bo In store for someone. In earlier days, the diving- for coins wna a unique sport for island swimmers, before the Idea of business organisation or rackets had per* vaded the Islands. Now, It has become a business, moderately prosperous, that haa banded the youths into an organization firmly con-, At „ , „ . . T trolled in a business-like manner. tho Kovarond Critfhton and tho bride "Business hours" open at 8 o'clbckh 1 *" 1 srroom, Mr. and Mrs, Keith in the morning:. Tho arriving ves-1 Kaufman. Mrs. Kaufman is a graduate of Taft Union High Sbhool with the class of 1931. She was also a popular member of the Neighbors of Woodcraft. The groom is ah em- ploye of the Union Oil Company. Tho newlyweds will make their home in Santa Maria. — T — ^r- ^- — — v — •• B--B w >^ « ^ *^ *-^Ht v • V Mtm fl f^ sels aro off port at that time and the youths, garbed in bathing trunks, gather on the wharfs and piers to meet them. MANY NEVER SUSPECT CAUSE BACKACHES This Old Treatment Often Brings Happy Relief M»py *ufftf*r« relieve B*«in* biekteh* QuieUv, once they diieover th»t tho reU tau*« A« Wdn«y« ,w« NaturtSi chief way o/ UWnjr tht ciPMs acids *nd w«t» out ol the blood. Moot pftdpla pi«» fcbout 8 plutt ft o»y of About 3 pounds ol wntc. Frequent of scanty pawaeca with smsrilnc and burning shows there may be something wrpnf with your kidneys ot bladder. An excess of Sdds or potaons in your blood, when due to functional kidney dUordem, may be the cause of nasiinff backache, rheumatlo pains, lumbagot leg pains, loss of pep and en* w«y. mttinc up rdahts, sweUfnt, under the eves» beadsehea and .Don't waitl Ask your druto Puli, u»e4 succesafufly by mluTu_ ._. _.„ „, years. They give bappy relief snd wiU help the Ifi mUea of kidney tubes " ' wait* from y&u* ush Q«t Doan Woodcraft Juniors Will Meet Frid TAFT, Sept. 17.— The Juveniles of Woodcraft ^yill meet In regular nce- 8lon Friday at 4 o'clock. This Is an Important meeting for all members and officers, The new senior guardian, Mffl. ttdlth Woods, will be in chargo and as election of officers will take place, she requests that as many as can do so attend and bring Htualfl. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ SHKTMP TASTY UAJOQ CITY, Sept. 17. (U. fishing for Uio curious HtUo "brlno shrimp," only live Inhabitants of tho brlno-h«avy water, 'Ifl a new sport In Great Salt T^ako. Fried in deep butter, they aro considered delicacy. FELLOWS FELLOWS, Sopt, IT.— Mr . K. V. Smith ormilo** mnt l dA,y» Jn XM Anffelou en btisl- iteM-,iuid Tttlttftf ^relatives/ Mlfta MArfraret smitho hA» irofto Loa Ang^lea, where «h6 is taking H. O/ Hitmlin- of** Fallow* tt«j! hej* daujfhter, Mrs. a M* Nor ayk« of CoAungfa, for A w*ok. Air. and Mr«. J, I» Footer And son Wilbur spent tho W6<Jk end in Coal inpa vlsltinff relatives, Mr. and Mrs. O. T>. Young have returned from Greenhorn mountain, where they spent the week end, Mr. and Mrs, M. L. Vawter of Fellows motored to KernvWe to spend the day in the mountains, O. A, Tabe left for San Jose to* day to (ret Mrs, Taber, who has been visiting her dAughter. Mr. and Mrs, Carl Bethel and sons rrol and Billy have moved to Bak* erafleid. Mra, Charlie Watson of Arroyo Grande is visiting her daughter, Mrs. Myrtle Ford of FellOtvs. Mrs. Watson used to live in Follows before moving to Arroyo Grando. Krnost Krohn, formerly of Fallows. returned on business last week. Mr. and Mrs, Roy IX Norman, who were married recently, have returned to Fellows after a short wedding trip. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Faust, Mr, and Mrs. Claude Hunted and Mr. and Mrs. George SWinnotf diwo to Te- hnohapi Sunday for the meeting of the Kern county American Legion and Auxiliary council. visitors in Fellows over the wook end were Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Mer- o*r of Santa Paula. They spent their time vlaltlng several friends. Brides' club was held nt Mrs. Wilson Parker's homo in Follows Friday. Thoto who attended wore Mas- dames Wilbur Quigly, Charles Marquard, Efton Coltrln, Donald Dnr- gitB, Lee Barton, Horace Roherts, Floyd Cooley, Jr., and lh« hostess, Mrs. Parker. Refreshments were enjoyed at the end of the afternoon, Mlaa Mary Nlobel spent, the sum* mer visiting her slstor, Mrs. Mar* garet Towne of «an Jose. Mrs. Towno brought her sistor homo to Fellows nnd Is spending a few days here visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Nlehel. (M—i^^—^^f—^—^k^-lf—^^^—^^Lj MARRIAGK TIM RBKN 13 VIC VR US. Ohio, Sept. 17. (U. P.. William Davla and his wife Dorothy believe in having tho marriage knot "tied double." After getting marriage license No. 216 they demanded another license so that they could get married again In an adjoining county. ! • t • .-^ J r_, J f Frankle Frlsch, one of basebairs truly great» manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, says: "I know how valuable whole wheat is in the athlete's diet. HUSKIES get my vote every time 1" amwi>:sW:> '1^i:j ,- v '- Helan Hicks, called tho greatest of women golf champions, is a HUSKIES fan,too.Shestys:**IlU$KiK$ are so different ...BO good and being made of whole wheat, have a lot of food-valuer* • * * „:•/ •: *:-v,:; ..' ^ Hank Grecnberg, (Above) Detroit Tigers' great first-baseman, voted most valuable player in the American League, writes: "Take my word for it .. * HUSKIES are a taste-sensation!" lir. :iS^ : Helena Madison, (left) world-famous swimming record-holder and noted for bet fine training says: "HUSKIES are chock-full of food-energy. I like their rich, different flavor, tool" fe^»S ' f- -' f « Ft* H H .' »• nsational New Cereal is Rich in Food -i L * " J 'r , - I •. - 1 - ' POPULAR COUPLE 1^ ' — — v T- ^r -» ^ ^ ^^-www w^ir ^» ^^p^ ^w-^ ^B^p& Charming Ceremony at Baptist Church to FELLOWS, Sept, 17.—MIM Ruth Moore, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hobort A. Moore of Taft, and Bernard Owen of Followd were married in the First B*!»tlet Church of Tftft Tuesday evening by the Reverend JOBSO Smith, in the presence of about 280 relatives and friends* The bride waa lovely In a gorgeous ga\vn of white transparent velvet and a white finger tip veil with pink roso buds around the edge. She carried a beautiful bou« o.uet of talisman rosebuds. Miss WllmA Jolmaon of Taft was the maid of honor. She wore a pretty pink satin gown and carried a bouquet of white carnations, Tho Misses Marian Moore, sister of the brldo, and notty Jean Owen, slstor of the groom, wore the bridesmaids. They wore blue taffetA gown* and carried bouquets of red carnations. They wore white gardenias in their hair. Tho father gave thd bride away. Ray Matxenbaohor attended the groom, and they each wore pink butionalres. The ushers were Charles Pistole of Hollywood, a cousin of the groom, and Ixja Hunted of Van Nuys. Thfty woro pink buttonalres also. Tho wedding party stod with their backs to the altar, which was decorated very beautifully with *mn ferns and pink and white gladlotas. The rest of tho church was also d«o* orated with the fern and gladlolas. Lois Mae Conner played Lohon* grin's "Wedding March," and Mai- dames Lois linrton and Luana Marquard annff "I Lovo You Truly/' accompanied by Mrs. Frank, Among: the out of town ru«»ts were L*e Hinted and KUtabeth Wood from Van Nuys, Dale Adams and Mary Slrtglo of Los Angeles, Charles Matstenbacher, Mm. Matwn- bacher, Mr. and Mrs. Chartos and daughter niTd Charles Pistolo, of Hollywood, ami Margaret Ellen Parks of Kansas. Following tho ceremony a reception was held at tho homo of Mr, And Mrs. Robert A. Moore. There were 70 guests* After a weeks* honeymoon In the south and at Catalina Island, the young coupto will probably mako th*ir home in Taft. Fellows Rebekahs Have School Party FELLOWS, S^pt. 17.—Th« Ro- boknh lotlire hatl a school party Monday evftiiltiff ftt the hall, I5v0r>*onft camft <!roused in kldi11e» clothes snd brought a lunch. Tlio foaoher wn» AfrB» ^ada Unthhurn. Oarnm wore "drop the handkorehlof" and "the farmer Jn tho doll." Mm. Lou too \Vflttam0on of Ix>«t was nn out-of-town vlnltor. 8ho thft dtntrlct deputy nnd plann to vlult Taft lodge September 25. Other out-of-town viRitorw wi»r« Mrs. B«ok, noblo grand from Delano; Mr. and Mr*, Korby from Delano and Mm. Sophroiui KruUe« from Taft. H won dcoidod to hold a potluok dinner Heptember 30. The commit- too for thin IH Mo»iUunpn Nora Mnvln. Cora Cftvannii(jh, Mndelyn Halter Rffio Johnson, Tho next meeting on September will oelebrato tho annh-emar of tho 28 Officers Elected by Elks Auxili TAFT, 8*pt, 17.«-Tho Taft l* Club met Monday for Uietr first fall gathering with a good ut- landunc*. Mrs. Nancy lx*o And^rnon wan ^looted president; Mrs. BoulAh Baumgardnor, vIcft-preMldont; Mm. Ufttan Townu, aecreUry. and Mm. OltvlA Walling, tr«n«ur«r. Mm. Hell fc'an then Inducted into th* club a now member. Dainty rpfrouhinentii wero »«r by Madame* MaiT Mathln, noa<i MoCann, Mabol Differdlng and lior- th& Oiwon. In tho social that followed >r«i, Hardln wa« a guest of tho oluh. Mary Mathis and Doulah Baumgard- nor wore tho happy roclplcnU of the prUen awarded Tor tho day. Next Monday, Hoptomber 21, the club will hold Hn first guest day of tho fall ftfrofton. a doi»»ort brldg* with R bonuB of 200 pnlnlH. Energy—Helps Build Muscle/ too! |Drill Teams Make Journey to Delano HUSKIES GIVE YO FOOD ES THESE _ f 1» fhoiphorus and othtr valuabU mineral salts for throng bones and ^Nttft. 7 2. Iron for blood. * ' ' \ - ,'. • 3. Carbbhydrattt for food-«n«rgy. r J " * ' L 4. Prot«ln to htlp build h - . i . • ,; .• ' i •ftM •«- K OM the first spoonful, you'll be* ;orac a HUSKIES "fan" . . . like these noted athl^fes. You've never tasted such crlsf), crunchy, flavor- packed flakes before I But that isn't all! In every delicious bowlful HUSKIES provide real nourishment . . . valuable food essentials of whole wheat. (See panel at left.) arc's a treat in store for you you haven't eaten HUSKIES* A repeated treat if you have I They add a new lest to breakfast. A new delight to lunch and that mid-afternoon • \ i TAI'*T, H«|»(. 17.—Tho drill toam linil irnptnln of tho Neighbor* of \N>K»<lcraft Jotirney^U to Dolano on ^rontlfty night nnd put on tho drill work for the lodgo th^re. Th« OHU loaia coinprt*es Mea- VJIln J{o«f»voar, rnptaln, .Ger- iind Wllla MHO HhlHlng«. Hodman, (Htulyit Kchumak0r t MAU«r* aiui Klhol Bnrt>our. mouitHtra attending \voro Me«- I^ela Je/frcaa. Mae lilaiaftall, Mary MOHH, Anna Toitnan, Ara Harrington, Ix>rralno Brownsflcld and K<tUh WMMIII and Lincoln Tlitwi. Clota IMlth i ch arc gy • { ^. ,- Keeps Garbage Cans Sweet— Inoffensive ISven in the hottest weather you can keep that smelly and often dU- garbage can «we0t and clean from rnaggoU and oflenalve- .-I m ' + ^ r h ' ' L 5. And vitamins A, B, E and O—Important to " j " \-i* - *^" • 9 % ' - ' nutrition ^ Hlmply sprinkle BUHACH over the .'-• - L '.« ''-.I "1--- -I I .^m- ,>^T^ .1 Ir ' L " .• P/-" -.- This great. CO-year-old ingeoUcld* wJU *urprl*ft mid pletUMJ you*-it llko f naff If. tirtiAOir u mij Slfi*r u<> at all Drug. Grorfrrr, ^Md rf • r v n -# ' " J ' -' ^ -' ••vf- 1 ** l j*-- "' •' ' ;•?>'-•:.>;. ^ : ;;;. ;-/v:, ^h H\ _• ^-11 _t^J^r^ ^,^ _*_ V _ '^ .P'j ^,] , •. ^ , /"t* '.'V- '" • ' , * ', •';•:.. - -- * .iA... '/. •'>. .. I ' . I ^-&J ' • • •• .' '- l- : 'I i • ."•: :«s ' L ', I L ' < •l ^ ^ • ' - ' !•: -- '-" -,:-i" ;.'.- -^.^- ,^,,; r ••_., - I \' : : - ; T ; :;U-S^ """"*""--""' ' , 1 Tr^mmS'''^^ ^:n:.^V-:.V;^^-^ ' * - 7 ' " .•f&'WS'"': 1 , ' '. t. V *•?;* b- •• ri ' ', * i; '.-I •>1 ,.,'*. •fi ' ''-. ", [W* ':',!' .- rf* t •. •'It t- VM -\ra i. S'ji"-' .: v i,^. .,^- r - ." , .'\'- n . ' ^_ d^ ^ I ^^ ^ • _ - - _^B S'^'".f t,-V ')? 1-^- -t -:. i: . ,ii < , -' •, --.,- ••','... •..•;?•- '-xf-'f- vi -.-> •*> ii i ' ''i. L -™il •'->,' 1 *-TI <•-: --.•' .'- • i :':^ PRB8H NORTHERN 1 - 1 L - '. ' ~L r i L r - I r J J BLACK COD i ' ,^ -V." HAMS SwIH Qeorflu Pitnut Artnoofa Stir WHttlQ or I h Shink HilflU. ARMOUR'S STAR BLACK HAWK SLICED BACON, i-lb.pkg.19c GENUINE 1936 SHOUUDER FRESH LEAN GROUND BEEF PRIME RIB ROAST ... Ib. 27c . Ib. 15c ARMOUR'S WHITK CLOUD BULK SHORTENING 10c AftMOUft'6 STAR LINK SAUSAGE. VHb. pkg. 17c GROCERY SPECIALS BUTTER SuX 8 !! ond .39e MONOORAM E fiOS LAI ' oe ' «»* OuaranUad, do*. . l All A ^ tb - 17 ° LU Un CIQHT io.tb < Me O'CLOCK Et M ' id cc M«U i-lb. bag 40o OKL MONTE 81 or Halves DEL MONTS RAISINS > SUNNYFIELO CORN FLAKES LOG CABIN SYRUP P*g. ' ^ ^ ^^ Pk«. MONTI-SOLID PAC cam Tomato RAUSTON'5 RYE KRISP t UAIN On IOOIZBD ESLIE SALT SACRAMENTO FANCY CATSUP VITAPINB-SIICID 17c SALAD OIL THE "8-0" SOAP LIFEBUOY •^v w ^ AtSORTKO FLAVORS ^ DIXIE JELLIES 3&25c KRAFT'S VKtVBBTA CHEESE »17c *•• KA4AH SPREAD sandwich IRIS—VACUUM PACK M fftt Drip or Lib, rrCC gitsx Jar RBD HBART A^B-O DOG FOOD 3 c.'n 6 28c 29c TENDER SWEET PEAS SEASIDE LIMA BEANS 2?; IONA PORK A BEANS 3 CRYSTAL VINEGAR SAC ecu etn VAN CAMP'S TOMATO SOUP HKRSHeV* STRUP cho««uu 0 an * ARM 4 HAMMER BAKING SODA U b : 8c YUKON CLU» ROOT BEER (Plua D«potlt) GRANULATED RINSOSOAP X20c CORONADO—Light Meat TUNA FLAKES V," lie N. *. C/» HONEVMAID GRAHAMS Or«ek«n JkJ.'lGC PREMIUM LAQER -^ BALBOA BEER ,ouu I0c <PIU« TRIAM imcnvf ML. MT. 6 MON., srfTEMiijt H, it & 21. im <W« Rt«arv* th* Right to Limit Quantities) Open to All Professionals and Amateurs Residing in Kern County CALIFORNIA'S HOUR RADIO TALENT TOURNAMENT Six Arti«t« or Actt Will Win: 1. A f*JLtur*d app«aranoe on th« •TaUfornla'a Hour" eatut« to K«rn county, and gu^»t uurs over KEHN. Monday. 8opumb«r as. 3. Hound trip to T»s AnRftlei. 3, Forty dollar* each in ca*U. 4. A ohaneo to win up to |730 mor* in th« suite-wide toun Andltloni at KIRN Monday aatf Tittdiy, Stptinbir li an4 Q«t Pull Particulars at AH Kern Oeunty Special 50c Dinner ALSO De Luxe 75c Dinner Best Meats Kresa Garden VegeUblea Charcoal Broiler 0ak»r»Hei4*t Flac»t Cafe St. Francis Cafe 171? Chester Avenue (Ate* Sftt Umh. UM» i PHILLIPS SCHOOL OFMUSIC All Instruments Reasonable Rates OFFICE: 1512 Nineteenth Phone 1898 • b. I - • *^,^E h , V - -">•>-, . j: ,* J .-- r' " .'* '..,'- - , '\ -- •••f\-t ' • '- • • - * - ••:,.. /"• "'- ^/.'"^vCt 1 • -' h '' ," ' - .' - t*-- 1 /- -;r -:';-j,i^.^j£Vi ^.A^;.;:/;..:••^;^t:•.^4v^^^ -4hl r >-_^_ IH'^ r- >f -vtjJ Jlx P \ i "^ ^>r 4^Bri^M- +. fe^vrt ^J fcTJ^ I H ^-'"-1" ^."l~" ' * J^ *"l 'f'l '* ^ ' *l*U*f ^-'lp"J'^' "j VjV " r ff°" Tf

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