The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1950 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1950
Page 2
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PAQE TWO BMrTHEVTLI-E (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAT 1, 1MW Cotton Used in Nearly All Sports Equipment Dixie's Top Crop Ploys Big Part in Athletic Activities . Bjr Gear ft Clark (Courier News Sports Kdllor) Football,'baseball, basketball, len- nl«, awlmmtng, fishing—just about •ny iport you can name Is a great ' u*er of cotton or a cotton byproduct. In" fict,cotton goes into the manufacture of equipment for all •ports, in one way or another. Sports .fans of the United States, Canada and Mexico currently have their enthusiasm centered on baseball, which, in . nil probabllly, is the biggest user of cotton in Ihe athletic field. Cotton Is used ill baseball uniforms, gloves, chest and leg protectors, socfcs, caps and even in the equipment worn by umpires. And baseballs, themselves, contain some cotton. Uniforms Contain Cotton Baseball uniforms contain anywhere from 30 to 70 percent cotton with the remainder woll. Socks and caps are manufactured of a cot- ton-K'oll combination, avcat shirts ^orn under the uniforms, are almost all cotton, cotton roughage is \ised BS padding in chest and leg protectors and in some gloves, and in baseballs 24 per cent of the stuffing is either cotton or a by-product. And the bases..too, are made of a tough cotton material. "' Cotton, when combined with wool or other fabrics, makes a tough material that can stand lots of wear and rough handling. That's the is so widely used in the manufacture of sporting equipment. , Football is another sport that uses » lot of cotton. Some uniforms are made of cotton combined with another type of fabric. Cotton U used in the manufacture of blocking pads, shoulder pads, thigh pads and socks. - And cotton thread is used In the seams of footballs'.',"'••:-.-. , - : • T . Cotton In Shoes ' • Borne basketball unifcvms are made of cotton and cotton goes Into the manufacture of gym shoes, mora commonly called tennis shoes. Tennis, ping pong, badminton and Tolley ball nets are made of cotton cord, as,. U a great amount .of flahlnc line. Manufacturers of •wlmmtnff suits use some cotton uid.quite a bit goes Into the making of aoftballs and Softball equipment. Golf ie the only sport thai doesn't nae much icottoh; that is, In the manufacture of equipment. Cotton batta ar« used, however, in driving instructions and some golf cub bags art made of cotton ducking, but otherwise,, very little Is used. : . " . iJgt.-^tSfere . .are .two ar tides that •re maae:of cotton-\hat.'£re '(musts" in every sport-the ; lowly shoe' lace •nd always-needed adhesive' tape. Prison Inmate Requests Booklet on Cotton Bags 'Th'e.. National Cotton 'council, which has.supplied ten million free booklets on cotton bag sewing to women in every corner of the globe, Is not easily surprised at some .of the odd requests It receives. But recently one letter did startle workers at.the Cotton Council—an Al- eatrai convict asked for a booklet Color, Romance In Fabrics Revea! 'What's in a Nome' If Mr. William Shakespeare shotr his famous "What's In a name?" question at Ihe cotton industry today, he would get an emphatic reply, "Plenty!" The cotlon experts o[ the National Cotton Council would tell him that there Is color, romance, and history in the names of nearly all the 243 different fabrics made of cotton. They could point out to the inquiring bard that many of the names of cotton materials date back centuries to origins in exiotic lands with strange peoples. The word- cotton Itself has a fascinating heritage. It Is derived from the Arabic word kutn, used by ancient Arabs to designate a plant found in conquered lands, Kinit's Cloth Since the time when the French save cotton corduroy Its name several centuries ago, the luxurious rich cloth has undergone quite a transition At that time the "cotton velvet" was so expensive that it could be worn only by tliR very wealthy—hence the name 'corde du roi," meaning "king's cloth." Today the once fabulously expensive cloth Is seen everywhere. It Is a favorite fabric for children's, womeVs, and men's casual and spoils clothes. In the pnst season it has become pop- 'ular for women's dre-s wear, also. The imaginative French plso are responsible for the name of the cotton cloth used extensively In bedspreads, balhrcom sets, and beach robes. Because the soft, tufted lab- ric resembled the fur of the cbe- nlllc, they called it chenille- French for caterpillar! The old clipper fleet days are called to mind by the heavy cotton canvas identified as duck. Until America developed Its own snll cloth weaving plants In Ihe IBOO's, sails had to be Imported from ubr^arl. Light weight fabrics were stencilled with the design of A raven as a trade mark. Heavier constructions were marked with a duck design. Soon duck came to mean heavy cottons. . From historic Mespotamla, legendary cradle of the human race, comes the word muslin, the cotton fabric that supplies most of the bed linens of the modem world. Muslin traces its name to the French mourseltne, which In turn was adapted Irom the town of Mosul in Mespotamla. Strangely, e n.o u g h, this city never 'specialized in x fine cottons, but was famous for. its Cloths Of'gold.;; - , , . , Tope Honored '." The crisp, neat cotton fabr|c that Is In great demand today for wo- ^en^ fashions and shirt.s received Its name, psulin, in the period between 1309-1317 when the p:ipn! residence was set up at Avignon, France. The term poplin was originally papeline, a fabric woven at Avignon as a compliment .to the elsnlng pope. At that time, however, poplin was made of silk especially for church vestment* and trippings. Sturdy cotton khaki, a must with the military man and the working man alike, acquired its name from India. The Bast Indian word khak' signified "earth color." Many of the hand-woven cottons from India arc earth-colored. An Indian city supplies the namr of still another of today's fine cotton fabric.!. In the coast town of Madras, a colorful cotton cloth 'was made especially for the bright kerchiefs worn by sailors who sailed out o! the port city. Now madras means a thin, but strong, cotton fabric used chiefly for shirts and dresses. Jeans, a course cotton fabric intl also the popular name for the heavy cotton trousers that are bestsellers today for work and play. year, originated in picturesque Genoa, Italy, where the material ws first manufactured. The French called the city "Genes." and the American "Jeans" was a natural by-product of the French word. Name Shortened Diaper usually signifies the garment worn by infants for the first year or so of their lives, but (here is u less known meaning for this word. Diaper also refers to a fine cotton fabric with a small, almost incomplcious pattern. At first a costly patterned sUk .from the Orient, diaper cloth was usually white and was used for ecclesiastical vestments. It) France the cloth vwas originally made of linen and wns known as "Unite d' Ypres." (Ypres is a town In West Flanders.) Gradually the term was simplified through usage to the more easily pronounced diaper. Just as there Is a colorful past behind each of these cotton materials, there is a story In nearly every cotton fabric to prove to Mr. Shakespeare that. a n^me in more than a mere appellation. on cotton bag sewing. j The convict explalnsri that he worked In the prison 'tailor shop arid wanted to experiment with some or the articles which could be made with cotton feed and flour bags. • DOWN RESERVES ANY LANE CHEST FOR GRADUATION Give Her o Beautiful LANE Cedar Hope Chest , She's so anxious to begin her very own Hope Chest—a beautiful .Lane, Cedar Hope Chest. So, give her this exquisite, romantic :i gift that is so practical, too. Any Lane model you choose from our collection will have all the exclusive Lane patented quality features . . . truly a lifetime possession. Come in NATIONAL COTTON WEEK Again We Offer the Famous Dependable MANHATTAN INNERSPRING MATTRESS AND BOX SPRINGS AT SUBSTANTIAL SAVINGS Reg. 39.50 312 Coil Mattress Reg. 39.50 280 Coi! Spring Total Values of Both $79 Special This Week Other Mattresses Pil-0-Flex Innerspring . 39.50 Windsor Innerspring ... 24.75 50 Lb Plated Felt Mattress 14.95 55 Lb Felt Mattress .... 24.75 Cotton Mattress 9.75 FINE CHENILLE BEDSPREADS 8.95 .0 12.95 BATES BEDSPREADS 195 Beautiful All Cotton CHARH-TRED RUGS In AfMrterf C«l«r< 24 x 36 .......... 2.95 24 x 48 .......... 3.95 34 x 54 ..... .... 6.95 CRIB INNERSPRING MATTRESS Water Repellent Covering ,0^95 FURN Cha$. Siemens Furniture MORE THAN MATTRESS The makrra of the f*mou< Restonic Triple Cushion Ridttres* realized that a truly comfortable Trunrett had to b« made en- tirtly different from conventional imttrew**. Tufting would have to go, ami with it would go the shifting, sagging <nd hollowing that irtade ordinary mattrewes out-tUted. The result wai the »mooth, clean, comfortable Reitonic Triple Cuihion mattress, with billowy cuthionj of felted cotton, sewed completely through to form the top. ' You won't know — you cjn't know —what modern sleeping comfort it like, until you tleep on a RrKonic Triple Cushion mattreaa. SLUMBER PRODUCTS CORPORATION CHAS. S. LEMONS v FURNITURE 1 - ; ; —

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