The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 18
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 18

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 18
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-M.yyqla^iy .111.0;.^^ , ",, , Y'*)???;-!* ""-*> 'f,,,;*-;-, li i ;«W^:;,'-*,'> < -'/,Pv;'.; ->\ , f? c '/ rf " >. S?®^^^ 1 ^ 1 '"^IgS^^^V'OT^^iJSW THE BAKERSFIBLD CAMFORNIAN, THURSDAY, StlPt^MBEft 17,19&, Appoint Trustees forL.A v Creamery LOS ANGELES, Sept. 17.—A Federal Court order placed the Rlchnmld Creameries, Incorporatetl, of tho harbor district under a temporary trua- teo today. John H. Chamnosa, manftRcr of tho concern's Long Beach plant, wnn appointed truslco by United Htato« Pin- trlot Judge Ocorjro Co»srravo after a voluntary dcbtor'ti petition declared tho Rlohnialrt fouslnomj had been hampered by labor agitation. The company'i) milt for $100,000 damages and a permanent InJuntiUon ftfralnst pIckeMnR by 500 union de- fomlantB 1» net for hearing Monday. Pope Has Faith in American Judgment (AttocMeA TrcM l,«n»tA Vftre) CA8TBL aANDOWO, Italy, Snpt. 17.~_Popo Plus XT today told George MacDpnald, papnl marqulu of Now York, ho hud "faith in the good HMiHti of tho American peoplo" on their reaction to motion picture*. Therefore, ho Bald, h« wa« sure MB recent encyclical, calling for a now campaign against Indecency in the cinema, would meet a warm, reception In the United fitntCH, ' Tho Holy Father awkcd for news of Patrick Cardinal Ilayen, and H6nt a (ipeclal benediction to tho American clergy an<i laity. Trend of Fashion for Men Outlined fOonHnittd From Pvge Five) will bo tho favorite fashion. Those also aro being shown In tho single brooBtod. shawl collar models and' the formal trend Is toward the Mnifc» llih lounge outline, which Is a broader shoulder, fuller chested, trim walsted model with a slightly longer coat, The Jacket will be made in a Soft tailored construction. The swallow tall suit IB worn at all formal occasions in England and Is rapidly being- accepted in the United States. .Why suffer from heat when you travel? These trains arc now completely air-conditioned —delightfully cool and clean. You enjoy this luxury even at our lowest fares. Examples: To O«« War RoMHdJrlp SAN FRANCISCO. ., „ „ • B $ 15.07 « . . $10.93 I.OS ANGELES ...'....*..,...'» 3.44 . . . 6.20 PORTLAND 10.44 . . . 28.70 —good in tool, clean air-roirtlltlontil coacbtt <mtl (hair tun, 4}la ht tlr-tondMontd. tovrltt tletfiing tori on ovrrnlghl lri(ii (plut imall herlb thargt). WEST COAST" MEALS -26^ TO 40Y On die air-conditioned West Coast to Los Angeles and Portland we are now serving breakfasts for 25tf, luncheons for 33#, dinners for '10*. Also the same delicious "Meals Select" •lid ">4 and 10* Tray Service as on our other trains. Southern Pacific H. D. JOHNSTON, Ao«nt. Phono 2«X> Q. N. 8HACKE.LFORD, Travolinfi Pnttenjur AQ«nt SCHULER'S Telephone 1U71 THE 1'AI-MS DRIVE-IN MARKET MEAT. FRUIT, VKGKTABLES, GROCERIES California Avenue at Chester Free Delivery SPECIALS FOR THURSDAY, FRIDAY AN!) SATURDAY MUTTER— First Grade.. Ib. C IIills Red. ASPARAGUS (While)— Picnic fy Tins... . ^ fur ASPARAGUS TIPS- Green; O OQ/» Picnic. . . £J for £ «/V/ TOM ATOMS- Solid Puck, 2'/i. < for,; for TOMATO SAUCE; AfJ Sunblest ____ do/., fit 1 C MORTON SALT £ for Free Balloon 17c IVORY SOAP— Medium.. TC for Large. ...& for 19c SCOT O TISSUE.. O for THOMPSON SEEDLESS-Q GRAPES. O Ibs. iGGS (Fresh Ranch) Medium, l)o/.on HACON— Hiked Ib. <IIOULI)ER POT ROAST nr- i7c FRESH GROUND KKKK— ;^° 9Q P 1.1)H -U «/ C LAMB 20c VKAI. SHOUM)KR ROAST, Lb W1HTK CLOUD SHOUT- IONING. Lb 13c LIMA *i i rr BEANS.. Olbs. 1 4 C BELL PEPPERS .. each lc JonuUiun APPJ'ES CELERY each '9 C COFFEE—Shulcr's Spcciul Ib. BAM 1100 RAKES JELL-O MIGHTY ELEPHANTS TO FABABE Hfiftfe These trains are THE SAN JOAQUIN to San Francisco and Los Angelc* THE OWL to SIA Francisco and Lot Anetle* THE WEST COAST to Portland and Lot Angeles and all S. P. train* to the East. Two Bands Go, Two Left Behind at LA. UMPBING a fow of tho mighty, lmntH which will parade tho of ISant and "WoNt Hakernfleld Friday morning 1 whon tho fainoua Coin Brothora-Clydo Boatty circus ar- rlvca here. Thoro will bo, In addition to tho big atroet parade, two porformanccH—Afternoon and ovo- nlngr—at tho now clrcun grounda, Alta Vlsla atroot. Krlvo and Bernard Due to tho rccont ab«oi*ptlon of the Clydo Tioatty zoo by tho Colo Broa. Clrcua, the monagcrlo 1« now tho largest traveling zoological collection. It con Ulna upwards ot 50 cagea of wild animals gathered from nil parta of tho world, 30 clc.pliantH, two caravans of Asiatic and Siberian cauiols and tho largest hippopotamus In captivity, Tho amalgamation of the two shows forma tho wouJd'a largest traveling amusement Institution. All appear In tho parade. Htara gathered from 18 foreign countries will be In this season's big show. There are 400 performers who will bo aoen In more than 200 Skilled Men Quit Service of State (Unlttt Preit Leatet Wire) . SACRAMENTO. Sept. 17.—Further evidence of buHlnoaa upturn In California waa nocn In a report of Finance Dlroctqr A. H. Btookburge'r that four out of five auditors In hla I^oa Angeloa offices nult one day recently to accept bettor ponltlona In private bUHlne««. Almoat overy aUte department head has reported almllar cxporl- Onega. John Qulnn, director of the department of military and^yctoraiiB' affairs, said he called on 24 mon on civil norvlco ollglblo llsta to fill a vacancy In hid department and found that all of thorn were oin- ployed at bolter nalarlen than wore paid In tho Btato aorvlco. On the Air nOOSTBR SLK15P8 SOUNDLY TAMWOUTH, Ont., Sept. 17. ttl.P.) Mark Qllmoro 1ms named ono of hla roosters "Rip Van Winkle." Tho rooster sloops so soundly at night that It tumbles from Its perch to the hard floor without waking up. soparato acts In tho three rings, olo vatod Btogea, ateol arena, aerial enclave and on a giant hippodrome oval. . ANOfitBB, Sept. It.— Aft American Legion band and two irum corps were en route from this ity to the American Legion eon* ventlon at Cleveland today, but two other bands remained behind be- cauae ot lack of wwuraneb of public funds to finance the trip. The police post bond and the Los Angeles and San Gabriel drum corps, 16.0 strong, left at midnight, their trip provided by a $ll,66o appropriation of the county board of supervisors. Following failure of unanimous adoption of an ordinance by the city council yesterday providing ITOOO for their trip, the bands of Kolly- tvood Post and Musician Union's Post remained at home. Action on the* appropriation waa blocked by objection of Councilman Evan C. Lewis, which required the measure to go 6ver for. one week lor a second reading. •"Wo dbh't need anymore advertising for Los Angeles," he objected II EPS ME bremkfait, I lyottld ^O^v - A a ti couple of dft^s of this, I would have to take a laxative. , f; "One mowing I liad a fltth" o£. AU^BRAM. Believe «i«, it beats any, laxative, as it.k6ebs jne In »h«p« every dayJ"—Wm. 0. Billing*, 1830 19th St., Denver, Colorado. ,, "Why t>ut up With half-sick days, •when a delicious cereal Will make , you feel BO good? Because Atl> BRAN has "bulk" -which absorbs toofcturo within the body, Then gently sponges out ysur system, "wipes away th* Hstlessness, the "bfues," tho headaches. Scientific tests prove th,ts nafr^ ural food is both safe and efltec* tive—worlds .better than, taklnif^ patent JrtedlcJnes. Aii-BiuK if guarantied. Take it a week. If not satisfactory, your money will ba refunded by the Kellogg 1 Company. Serve as a cereal or use in cooking. Au^BftAN also supplies vitamin B and iron.';At,:augtocers. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. GALLAHER'C ^^ (521 Twentieth Strut ^^ SCHOOL DAYS AGAIN Crackers ,. Crackers ,. 2-lb, box 23o Mb. box 15o KtlO-KPO — Nitlonil BriHifoMtlng Cum(«i Kfl. KIOA, KOW, KIX. KOMO, KHO. KIR. KB ue". KOMI, KDYU KOIH. KTAF. Kr(IC.CO»~0«n t.« «nil ColurtbU— *UP- pll.l proorxni tvi KHI. K0». KD8. KM). KflW, KrOK, KERN. KOL. KVI. K8L. KOIN, 6:00 to 6:30 p. m. and network — 7\InJor Iitiwen' Amat«ur Hour. WttXAt— nocordlnffs. Oi30 to BlOO p. m. KrenN and notworlt — Major Ilciwea' Amiltour Hour. WOXAI— RnrorrtlnlK!. 0:00 to 6:30 p. m. KKRN mid network — Then and W6XAI— NOWH K1a»he»; 8:16, Dinner row.urt to *:4B. NBC network— Muiilo HnJI, with Uob Biirnn. 6)30 to 7:00 p. m. KrcrtN liiml iiBtworU— March of Time: BM6. Malo Chorun P«i- SUGAR—Pure Cane; 10 n>8.56 c 19c PINKAPPU3— Sliced; 2Vt (In 17£c PEET'SSOAP CAMPHEU/S TOMATO O SOUP. .. .O W8XAI—(1:4B, Tonic. Tuned. NBC network—Music Hall. 7iOO to 7i30 p, m. KIDTIN anil not work--William Hard; 7:15, Utmfrow of tho Mounted. •\VOXAI--1Ioni6 Folks; 7:15, ZO-SO c:lub. NU<^ n"lwork—Amoii n Andy; 7:16, HhowlioRl. 7i30 to BiOO p. m. KHUN and nolwork—Southprn California. Republican Commlt- W8XAI — Ttublnoff-Jan Pcercc; 7:45, OPlI unr! Hnll.v. NUC not work—Hhow llotit. SlOO to SiSO p. m. KKRN—lllmbor'ii Clininplons; 8:1G, Phil liarrt* and oroh«iira. WGXAI—Hollywood on Vuradu; 8:16, Ktonk Wntnnabo, KMC network—Sluiwboati 8:Jt>. Hlnnfonl Hymphony lloui 1 . B;30 to OlOO p. m. KKIIN HIU! iiolwork~-I'nB»ln« Tannin; S:45, Corner Htuno Phllo- Konhor, WOXAI—Cub naportera; S:46, «lt» nud VlnnoreH. NtIO »io(work—Hlandard Sym- lihfiny Hour. 0:00 to »i30 p. m. KI'IHN and network--Mngatlna of Ihn Air. AV9XA1 — N«w» FlaKlifl". 9:15. IQcliOPS of Hlugo Hiul Sci'Oon to Nltr network -• Rtandiinl Sym- I'liony; 0:15, llnlljwwd Talent. »i30 to 10[00 p, m. K10RN nml nolwork—Harry l,owlu and Orithettra, W4XAI—0:<B, Uhythm and Ilo- niftnrn. N11C ni-twork—!>:<5, Ninety Dfcy« 111 Tlnif. lOlOO to 10130 p. m. ' KK»N—World In Itcvlew: 10:10. Oenn Cole nml OivlmMru. \V6XAI--AI1 Uovtue»t NBC network—News, ioiao to moo p, m. KMUN und iu'twork--barry Kent it ml (>foli«Mtv'ii, \V8XAt—'AH Heqneit Program. 11:00 to 11 ISO p, m. ICir.UN and network—l*hll Hivrrln unit tirohontrn. \V«XA1—All noquest IVogram. Flour . 24 17 -lb. sack 69c Corned Beef, Ige. can I5o Armour No. 1 Can Corned Beef Hash . . I go Vienna Sausage , . 3 cans 26o Deviled Meat. 6 oans I9c Hot Sauce , . 6 cans I9o NO. 1 rail can Pork and Beans . can 6c ' Oval Sardines . 3 Ige. cans 25o Peas . t Tomatoes Udhthouta Cleanser 3 cans 25o large oan 9c , 3 for (Oo Pork Neck Bones Boiling Beef . . Homemade Sausage . • • Salt Pork .. • Hams, Picnic . Pork Roast . . Beef Roast . , Shortening Ib, (Co . Ib, 7c Ib. 20c Ib. 20o . Ib. 226 , Ib. I6c Ib. I3c , ib. lOc Tender Beef Steak Ib. !5o Hamburger . . Ib. (Oc Rex Bacon. Piece , Ib. 30o Swlft'i Sliced Bacon . Ib. 2Bo Marshmallows Tru-Jell . . Brooms . . . Ovaltine . . . Ib. Mo 4 for (To each 25o . can 3lc Sugar . . 10 Ibs. 54c irown Sugar 2 boxes I5o Coffee . . . Ib. I2|o 3rape Juice 3rape Juice pints I3o quarts 23o Second Quality Butter, Wet Wrap Ib. 39o Certo . Pen-Jell bottle I9c . only 9o Oleomargarine . Ib. I2]o Sal Soda Mustard . . , qt. 20c Olives. No, i tall oan lOo Vinegar . . . pint 6c Wheat Krumbles . I2o Free—One Cannon Turkish Towel With 10 Bars Crystal White Soap at . . . 3lo Oranges . • . doz, lOo Lemons . . . doz. Hie Apples . . 10 Ibs. I9c (Box, 49c) Potatoes . 25-lb, sack 45o Bananas . . 4 Ibs. I9c Onions . . 4 Ibs. lOo Melons . . , . Ib. lo Mother's Cocoa 2 Ibs. I2c Toilet Tissue . 4 rolls 160 Corn FlaKts . 2 for I6e Eggs, Small . doz. 22o Long Grain Rice . . 6 Ibs. 39c TONIGHT'S OUR OPENING BROADCAST A FOR CHRYSLER CORPORATION! SNOWFLAKK CRACKERS— 2-H). box 17c HEINZ VINEGAR... qt Heat Foods MAYONNAISE, ""•^ 45c Sperry PANCAKE FLOUR; aJi? APOCKTTItrLLOrl SAVINGS! Put the*., in your jjocket, too: court ety, per tdnol at- tentionaiultfieexfrA •erVice that your home-owned IGA Store give* you. DAWN CREPE TISSUE 3.. 20C 5f*om SttriliteJ Special Friday «««i Saturday Huskies pkg. lie Trupak Bird Seed 9c Baker's Premium Chocolate , I3c IGA Flour 10 Ibs. 43e Eagle Brand Milk . . I9c I Dial Tamales . oan 5c Wheat Hearts large pkg. 2lc Dodge R«d Sour Cherries 2 for 21c No. !/ z Cam IGA Tuna 2 for 27c Trupak Sliced Plneappte v . I9c IQA Cut Strlne Beans 2 for 27o Trupak Venetian Plums • • 160 OAM'P EVAPORATED Tall Oans. IQA EVAPORA MILK 3 for 21 C PAR GRANULATED SOAP 27c Staley's CUBE STARCH Pkg..... 8c Wrigley's GUM 3 for . . lOc APPLES.. -box MAJOR AMATEUR HOUR EVERY CTHURSDAYJ NIGHT STATION KERN 5 TO 6 P.C.T. Columbia Coast-to-Coast Network Meat Specials You're bound to iind one oi your idvotii* dinner ehtrees on this lift of meat values. Pot Roast Beef. Ib. I8c Sirloin Steak... Ib. 29c Liver, .Ib. I5c Small Hearts... Ib. I So Fruit* and Vegetable* FANCY LONG OREEN CUCUMBERS ....... eachlc LARGE LOCAL EGG PLANT . ....... each lc FANCY STUFFING . „ BELL PEPPERS ...... each ic TOMATQES ...... 3 Ibs. Me pfe'Ms". . ....... 4 Ibs. 19c DELICIOUS CALIFORNIA _> _ BELLEFLEUR APPLES . . 10 Ibs. 19c STORE LOCATIONS Marty's Qrooiry Bill's Qrooiry Libby 1 * Grocery lin F Strtit 100 L Strut 1000 Paolflo strut Ml Pk»M (Mi Pktni nto 0 CLOCK TOHITEI PLYMOUTH • DODGE • DE SOTO • CHRYSLER Till.KM I I.I li>>! I HIM DEALERS Ca.h f or Old Oloid ooNoti«nto sham * *HWBS , -- ^ro^lo «tlm«nt» laf _., InUi. Milt *nd »»m«l« trouble*..

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