The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 16
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 16

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 16
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^JV«, ~< ' >' *,'!*,*?'•?}&$&?*' ' '~>?f?$ THE fiAKBRSFTELD CAttfORNIAN, TflUltSDAY, SBPfBMBStt •» English Institute Declares. No Evidence of Mineral Wealth in Area (UfiMct frett ttatod Wife) LONDON, Sept. 17.—Thoro Is tin authentic evidence to warrant tho view that llthloplrt IH a country of vast potential mineral wealth, tho Imperial Instllutn reportu In a current bulletin, Oolil, it In wiM, In tho mn«t Important mlnnral prortuot HO far do- velopod, (lift annniil output l>filnR In tho nolRhborhood of 22,000 ouncoH. 1'lntlnum wan dlscovnrml Innt. century near Yodo, but thn nmottntwftK not nnouRh to Justify working tho primary rock. Deposits of mloa near Harar, oxploltnd hy an American company, havo ncarcnly an yst paid tho post of oxtractlon. MlfrJi trann- port contB chocked fho postwar dn- volopnmnt of potnnti UopoHltn In tho Aimal unit plain, which wan dtocov- «>rpi1 In 1(111. Coyote Proves to Be Smarter Than Bears at Eating Leaned Wire) PARK, Wyo, Sept. 17^-RanK«r« thought he waft a coward, bnt they discovered that « coyote here was merely being clever. The coyote Nklrta over the bear* feeding ground* each evening but carefully «tay* away from the feeding platform. Raflfferci, wondering why he came without attempting to eat, checked up, They found that one or two of tho hears have a habit of picking out appetizing piecen of meat and Ncamparlng to tho timber, where they will not bo molctdcd. Tho coyote followed them into the timber, took a quick nip at the bear's heeiM and, when the bear drop* the meat to defend him- nclf, the coyote grabs it and daoheH away. Four Women Move Up in Golf Play noYAL Montreal Oolf Club, Klxfa, Quebec, ttopL 17. — Four American women goltnrn today entered tho quarter-final round of tho Canadian women'* open golf clmmploimhlp, with Marlon Mlloy, XAxIniton, Ky., Ourtl»» cup plnyor, picked OM tho' ulronjfont hobo tot American ropro- Aontatlon in tho flimlH. It won tho lar«e»t American ttg- flrotratlon to renoll tho quartoiMUnnl round In nevoral yearn, Mln« Maureen Orotitt, who I* not entered In thin year'o tournament, wft* tho lant American woman to woar tho Cann.- dlan open crown. 8ho won In 1M1 and 1902, 'fho otltai? American* who havo Hurvlvad tho three rounds of play wcro Mr«< Doris Taylor ftudol of Now York, Marjorla Harrison of, Aimithlo Jforlw, N. Y., nnd Marlon MoDougall of Portland, Orfl. Tludsll eliminated tho defending champion, Ada Miiftkonzlo of Toronto, 2 and 1, yesterday, Tho Canadian*) remaining In tho tournamont wera War«cry Klrkham of Montroalj Mm, 13. W. QoodOrham, Toronto; Mm. A, B. Barling, Mon- troftl; and Mrs. M. W, 86per, Montreal. ' ' ________^ ALTA VISTA MARKET Phone 5800 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN MARKET Phone 3053 FREE DELIVERY Twentieth and L We Open From 7:30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Daily and Sunday Baby DAT Dft AQT Center Chuck ' lb '11C Beef •" I llvHw I Cross Rib .. Ib. ISc I I SHOULDER VEAL STEAK Ib. 18c OUR OWN PURE PORK SAUSAGE... Ib. 17c BOLOGNA, MINCED HAM.... Ib. 15c PRESH GROUND ROUND STEAK.... Ib. 18c SLICED BACON.... Ib. 32c ARMOUR'S FIRST GRADE BITTER Ib 41c STEAK Baby Beef Sirloin ..... Ib. Shoulder Ib. 15c 190 COAST FIRM TOMATOES.... 5 Ibs. lOc WASHED STOCKTON POTATOES, 25-lb. sack 55c KENTUCKY WONDER STRING BEANS. 3 Ibs. 17c DELICIOUS APPLES 4 Ibs. 19c Pint 23c Quart 42 C SNOWBALL LARGE COAST CAULIFLOWER.. each 9c BELLEFLEUR BOX, B7o APPLES 10 Ibs. 19c JUICE ORANGES, doz. lOc UTAH SUNSHINE GRAHAM CRACKERS.. Mb. box 28c CELLOPHANE PACKAGE EGG NOODLES. 1-lb. CELERY. bunch 7c Crystal Qi White Soap 10 Giant Bars . . . 39c Peat's Powder, Lirge Pkg., 20o; Mad Pko- Free 36" CANNON TURKISH TOWEL with 10 wrappvn from CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP ASK US TOR DETAILS Pink PURE CANE SUGAR, 10-lb. cloth bag 56c CARNATION With One Box Pe»rl» Of Whe»t OATS large pkg. 19c SALMON tall can lOc CORNED BEEF.. can 15|c ARMOUR'S MILK 6 tall cans 41c BISQUICK . large pkg. 28c PULL QUART Sour Dill.. 19c Sweet.... 23c U. 8. No. 1 PALACE TOMATOES, 4 tall cans 25c CAMPBELL'S All Vnrletlc» Excopt Chlokan SOUP 3for25c GROUND TO SUIT YOUR TASTE— OUR SPECIAL BLEND COFFEE Ib. 15c BLUB BAG With Money Buck Guarantee COFFEE lb.22c EGGS, medium .. doz. 29c ROYAL CROWN 1Z-OZ. BOTTLE Ginger Ale, Lime Rickey 5c PEAS, No. 2 .. 3 cans 25c VAN CAMP'S 16-OZ. CAN PORK & BEANS, 3 cans 17c PANCY No. 1 PABST BEER Case $2.65 2 Cans ........ 25c FRUIT SALAD .. can 1Hc WINEi>85c HIGH ROLLER C ILVIA WINTERS la a nursd at Astoria, Ofo., but sho recently qualified as a No. 1 log roller when, In an Astoria competition with some of the best loggers on tho lower Columbia river, nho do- foaled all comers to win contest. OFSAFEIY Each Ctly, County to Have Safety Unit; Meet to Be Held August 26 , Prtu Ltitied Wire) flAaRAMBNfO, Sept. 17, — Development of a safety unit In often city and county and organization of trafflo schools for offending drivers wilt be tho majof objectives of the ntate trafflo advisory committee during Its meeting in San Franclaeo August 2«, Rax Ingels, state dlrectoi- of motor vehicles, reported, California la said to be the only state in the nation which has started a widespread drive for trafflo schools In Its attempt to curb highway fa* talltles. Several cities already have Installed such schools where traffic violators are required to study and undergo tests, and the committee hopes eventually to make attendance at the sahools a regular part of all trafflo court sentences. Tho statewide contests to name tho city showing tho greatest percentage of accident reduction In 1037 will bo described at the San Fran- olsco mooting; by Guy 0, Maadonald, head of the contest committee, The winner will bo selected from the leaders In eight population groups. A. 3. Clary, chief administrative officer of tho Olty of San Francisco, and Walter U. tilfldersmith of the Los Angeles Trafflo Association, will tell about accident reduction campaigns In • the two metropolitan areas. An electrical Impulse released by President Roosevelt at the opposite side of the continent -sent 8,600,000 cubic f6et of water a minute tumbling through the 1.2 outlets at tho Boulder dam and tho might/ Colorado river to work. This air view shows a general vl*w of the great dam at its formal opening with mighty Niagara* of water pouring from outlets on both sides of the- dam, Believe Survey id Be First mud Ever Made; Will Be | Valuable Later. -',. v (UnitedPrttt tttnUlftrt) " , * SACRAMENT?;.; Slept." it-Colt, fornla state eniploymont service sta- * tlstlcs Indicated 179,670 persons were actively seeking jobs in California Up to a week or two ago—a reduction of 89,430 since last November 80. . • . » Tho tabulation believed by Roy SJ Stockton, director of tho ' employ* ment service, to bo the first ol iwl tlnd ever compiled On a stato-wldo basis, shorts that 78 per cent of those seeking work were men and 22 par cent women. Sixty-one per cent of the applicants had relief status. Twelve per cent of the men registered were war veterans. Of the men registered 10 per cent sought professional, technical and administrative occupations; 7 per cent clerical JobBj 7 per cent domestic and personal service; 28 per cent work as craftsmen, skilled and semiskilled; and 48 per cent Jobs as laborers. . ) Of tho women 8 per cen^ were looking for employment In prdfes* slonal, technical and administrative positions; 6 per cent wanted sales jobs; 23 per cent want clerical jobs; 49 per cent domestic and personal service; and 8 per cent factory work. Of this division IS -per cent wore students or persons without previous experience. WE CARRY COMPLETE LINE OF LIQUOR AND BKBR J Package lie CRISCO .. 3 Ibs. 56c 6 Ibs. $1.05 SCOTCH SOAP . large package 20c KENNEL KING DOG FOOD . can 6c SCHILLING PEPPER.... 2 ozs. 8c SCHILLING VANILLA... 2 ozs. 19c ASSORTED FLAVORS JELL-0 3pkgs.14c Batty Oreoker's PRAISE WINNING CORONATION MENU See our display of ... BISQUICK 28 C Knock -Knock Who's There? Hugo— Hugo Who? Hugo to the Security Market for Quality LEAN PORK STEAK . . Ib. 28c PRIME STEER RUMP ROAST . . lb.23c FRESH GROUND BEEF . Ib. 15c PRIME STEER BOILING BEEF . Ib. lOc EASTERN SALT PORK . . . Ib. 22c FLUFFO SHORTENING . 2 Ibs. 25c FRESH GROUND ROUND STEAK . . Ib. 25c MILK-FCD VEAL ROAST . . Ib. 19c DELICATESSEN Kraft Elkhorn Longhorn Cheace Ib. Italian Peppers, In Wins Vinegar pt, Large Ripe Olives.«..........,,pt. Hill's French Dressing... .8-or. bottle Seasonettes— can Knorr Powdered Gravy 4-oz. can 25c 25c 20c I8c 24c 25c P&G SOAP.... 6 bars 23C IVORY— A -fl A- large bar.. £ for I vv IVORY— J mod. bar.. 1 for Who's There? Luke-Luke Who? « Luke at These Values! . . . and then you'll realize why we are daily gaining popularity with Bakersfield shoppers. Added to our Free Delivery Service, the consistent low prices found at the Security Market ARE real values. DIXIE PRESERVES AND JELLIES 7oz. . . 9c 1 Ib. . . 17c CIGARETTES—All popular O rtT^ brands., fcpkgs. AwU Carton, $1.20 MARSHMALLOWS— Rose Gar- A 00A den; Ib. pkg. L for 4.VV LARGE 18" x 36" CANNON TURKISH TOWEL with 10 wrappers from CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP ASK US FOR DETAILS 10 Bars...33c 3 Rails 20c I ( ) k> I BAMBOO RAKES each Del Monte PINEAPPLE JUICE; AC- 46 ounces aVJV MINUTE TAPIOCA.... pkg. Kellogg's Wheat -iA- KRUMBLES; pkg. IX.C Maxwell COFFEE ...... Ib. 2 Ibs. 50c Del Monte A No. 2 1/2 PLUMS L cans BENUINE 70* INDIVIDUAL for orfg 25» ind t iilH;ilip| ihowingparchui d 12c WHEAT HEARTS TODAY 21c GALATAS BROS., FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Large Stone Tomatoes . 4 Ibs. 2Sc LOCAL KXTRA FANCY • Kentucky Wonder Beans . 2 Ibs. 19c OORANO -,..-, Telephone Pole Peas . 2 Ibs. 25c Extra Fancy Green Asparagus Ib. 19c Snowball Cauliflower . . head 15c Jumbo Artichokes . . . 3 for 25c Fresh Broccoli • . . . 2 Ibs. 19c Fresh Brussels Sprouts . 2 Ibs* 2So LAKR COUNTY M .. ^_ Bartlett Pears .... 4 Ibs. 25c Fr«»h Pl«i, Pln«»pplM, Avoc#do«, All Bunch Vegetable* . 3 for lOc LARGE WASHINGTON Freestone Peaches . . 3 Ibs. 2Sc WASHINGTON Jonathan'Apples ... 4 Ibs. 2Sc WASHINGTON Delicious Apples . . . 3 Ibs. 29c Bellefleur Apples . . .8 Ibs. 2Bc Walnut*, Soft Shell . . . Ib. 25c STOCKTON BURBANK Potatoes 7 Ibs. 2Sc f 25-lb. sack SSe U. 8. No. 1 KLAMATH Oregon Potatoes ... 6 Ib*. 25c p»rtl«n, .Q»t«b« Mtloha and All Kind* of Qraptt. These Prices Effective Friday and Saturday SECURITY MARKET Phone 5400 for Free Delivery

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