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Akron, Ohio
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1 AKRON BEACON JOURNAL With The Best Features And News Service Of The Akron Times-Press The Town Crier Optimistic Democrat Kicks In For Don's Republican Campaign Chest PAGES 19 TO 34 PRICE THREE CENTS NINETY-NINTH YEAR XO. 303 AKRON, OHIO, TUESDAY EVENING, NOVEMBER lo, 1038 By ANTHONY WEITZKI, MEMO TO MISS (iOOBER: Don Ebright, Akron's gift to the Ohio G. O. collected a nice hunk of campaign dough yesterday from a democrat who was silly enough to bet on Sawyer at 3-to-l. Don Akronites Denounce Nazi Persecution ought to label that one a donation from tne hawyer-for-Ebright club The same downtown politicos who rapped Ebright as an inexperienced kid when the brain trust shoved him into the city hall finance job are now predicting Don'll be governor one of these years As for Don, he's taking the whole thing in his stride.

A sensible chap, he knows bet Call Hitler Policy Barbaric; AX MARKS THE SPOT She Dances To New Fame ter than most veterans that politics is a dizzier gamble than horse-racing CURTAIL VI E1P1IN1 Mr. T. Gobbler Nears Doom Some of the Daveycrats are already clutching madly at the coat tails of the G. O. P.

winners, but none of them is mentioning that mythical 70-30 fill WIWIWIMTOWMMIMJI job split One of the Chicago rags is getting ready to do a build-up on the Rev. Gerald L. K. Weitzel I I (f District Churches To Pray For Victims Next Sunday By HAROLD LENGS Akron's religious, civic, political, labor and professional leaders were unanimous today in condemning as barbaric and inhuman the renewed Nazi persecution of Jews in Germany. They expressed, also, fear that this persecution will plunge the world into another war.

Their wholesale denunciation of Adolf Hitler came after Catholic and Protestant clergymen decided to hold special prayers in Akron district churches next Sunday on behalf of oppressed No Assignment Being Made As Men Leave For Jobs In Private Industry Smith, whose rabble-rousing campaign for Uncle Mart Davey fell on its nose at the local armory just before the primary Incidentally, those rabble-rousing suspenders Rev. Smith sent to this columnist after the debacle are now owned by Frank Grillo of the CIO I couldn't think of anybody who'd appreciate 'em more Copper Art Adams is now wearing a marksman medal next to his police badge just to make the underworld uncomfortable That Aber tragedy at the Gorge probably won't be charged to the local traffic toll the coroner's examination indicated that death wasn't caused by the crash itself, but by drowning And the traffic bureau, which is trying manfully to lower the city's fatality figures, heaves a sigh of relief One of the nicest police jobs of the year was the arrest of that hit-skipper In a weeks-old case DENY ELECTION FACTOR 4J I I Zang Undismayed, Reports Gradual Decline In City Relief Load Note to journalism students: Yesterday's front page of Ohio's most complete newspaper is a bang-up example of Grade-A local news coverage when things are happening fast Maury Maverick, who comes here for the next Civic Forum lecture, needn't feel too badly about his recent licking at the polls. He's booked months ahead as The Akron Ministerial association yesterday resolved to hold special prayers as proposed by the Federal Council of Churches of Christ in America. Another resolution expressed sympathy for the Jews and others oppressed. Bishop Sehrembs Acts Rt.

Rev. Joseph Sehrembs, bishop of the Catholic diocese of Cleveland, has set aside next Sunday as a day of prayer for Jews. A letter to this effect was read at all masses in the Catholic churches here Sunday. In his letter Bishop one of the most popular lecturers of the season Oswald Garrison Christian and opposed to all humanitarian principles. The persecuted Jews are turning to their Christian neighbors for aid in their hour of need and all true Christians should gladly help in any way they can.

A true Christian should feel no racial differences. Hitler is leading the German people away from God by his brutal tactics." LEW McFARLAND, potentate of the Tadmor Temple of the Shrine: "A terrible situation to be very greatly regretted. It presents a real menace to world peace." MO SIGN OR JOSEPH O'KEEFE, pastor of St. Mary's church: "Bishop Sehrembs of Villard recommended Maverick to Hy Subrin and the rest of the Forum committee as a top-flight attraction and after half a century of newspapering, writing and lecturing, Villard ought to know. Vil lard, bv the wav.

has a book of memoirs coming out soon in which he tells the inside story of the thrilling old days of the New York Post and other matters of interest Continued curtailment of WPA employment in Summit county was in sight today as Fred Roose, district director, announced that for an indefinite period no additional assignments to WPA will be made. "We aren't going to fire anybody," Roose said, "but as men leave WPA for jobs in private in Dr. Martin Weinbaum, Hitler's gift to America via the purge Sehrembs condemned the "false leadership" responsible for the persecution of racial and religious route, taught his first regular classes at Kent State university yester day and is assured of a job for the next year. Which is great news groups, for that fine and cultured scholar, and for Kent State, which gets a 2lJ; EVELYN RAINEY dustry they will not be replaced." Asserting that this policy had man who was one of the stars of the University of Berlin before the Nazis discovered his grandmother wasn't Aryan Incidentally, the Weinbaum daughters are captivating Kent folks with their authentic British accent and their eagerness to become as American as possible. The other day Frau Weinbaum went to the store to buy a household Cleveland touched the crux of the situation in his letter to Catholics of the diocese received last Sunday, when he said that internal social troubles of every nation arise from this doctrine which I drives out all incentive to honest The Akron Industrial union council, central body for CIO unions, last night dispatched a telegram to Secretary of State Cordell Hull denouncing Nazi Germany for its persecution of Jews, Catholics and other minorities.

The message also commended gadget that she could only name in German. She couldn't for the life of her think of the American name. As she started to make motions, her daughter broke in, "That's easy, mother, it's a London Beckons Evelyn, Home For Visit After Rose Tour Hull for his action in recalling Ambassador Hugh R. Wilson for conferences on the persecution problems. Viewed As Menace Hitler was seen as the world's greatest menace to peace by those ER hair is as red as Clara been in effect here since mid-October, Roose denied inferentially that the impending reduction of WPA employment was in any sense a "punishment" for Ohio's failure to support democratic candidates in the Nov.

8 election. He denied also that any fixed number of WPA jobs was slated to be lopped off. Now Employs 21,515 WPA jobs in Summit county stood today at 21,515, Roose said. This was about 300 under the county's all time peak, it was said. Relief Director Jacob M.

Zang seemed undismayed by the WPA's new policy. While between 2,500 and 2.600 perons have been awaiting assignment to WPA most of them on direct relief there has been a gradual decline in the Bow's, and Clara's former living. There should be no doubt where any true Christian stands in this matter." COMMON PLEAS JUDGE RAY B. WATTERS: "This situation has dangerous possibilities of leading the world into war. Why can't the German government leave the Jews alone to lead their own lives That would be the only fair thing to do.

Hitler has stamped himself as a barbarian before the world." REV. RICHARD A. DOWED, pastor of the Church of the Annunciation: This persecution is a from whom an opinion was sougivi. Oddest accident of the month was what happened to Frank Schultz when his wife's maid forgot to throw out some wilted flowers. Angered, Frank grabbed the vase, dashed into the back yard, tripped on a pebble and threw his leg out of joint.

Frank wound up in City hospital and the maid in the doghouse Reddest kissers of the month belonged to two nice young fellows who swim at the Y. M. C. A. every night.

Saturday they stripped as usual, took a shower, ran into the pool in the nudist manner and dived into the water. When they came up, they were flabbergasted to see a covey of sweet young misses squealing unhappily for a quick exit. Then they remembered Saturday is "mixed-swim" night, when the boys bring their girl friends and everybody wears a swim suit. Guards rescued the unhappy lads with an armful of towels Martyr to a great cause, Mr. Turkey Gobbler poses mournfully, displaying a care-wrinkled neck on which the ax soon will fall that the Thanksgiving board may groan under his weight and the trimmings.

Turkeys will be cheaper and fatter this year. Turkeys To Be Cheaper Here are some of the opinions expressed: H. A. BRADLEY, American Federation of Labor organizer: "I hardly know how to put into words my feelings on the matter. It is the most inhuman, the most boy friend, Harry Richman, gave her a big photograph of himself, inscribed with the tantai'zing words, "To Evelyn Rainey, from her Harry Richman Remember?" And Nils Granlund, famed night club manager, who has just summoned her to his new "Midnight Sun" show in New York, once said as he watched her tap her way to fame at Chez Paris, Chicago: "You are a terrific buck dancer, For This Thanksgiving cruel thine imaeinabie.

i nese people who are being persecuted i very stupid policy. The whole Ger- Lady drops a line to note that she read the WPA worker's diary city's direct relief load, Zang said. are human beings, and any human certainlv has the right to live and Increased private employment, directly contrary to seasonal trends, took 100 cases off the di Birds Will Sell For Around 32 Cents Per Pound; Reduction From Last Year man nation is being condemned in the eyes of the world instead of Hitler and his Nazi aides. This has resulted in a very bad situation not in keeping with civilization as it is known today. It is another unpleasant chaper in the prosper regardless of where he lives or what he believes." othin-r More Terrible REV.

GEORGE C. BANER, pas and has a couple of recipes she used herself to take the culinary curse off the lowly bologna. So if anybody wants some bologna recipes, I'll pass 'em along Understand one of the sillier chaps around town called a local debutante to announce that he had his costume all set for the Rubber Ball. "What are you going as," chilled the weary deb, "a flat tire?" And one of the best scotch-absorbers in town claims he's going to the Rubber Ball disguised as a sponge! Wonder if the Rubber Ball committee has thought of hiring a bouncer? Oooh! rect relief list in the first nine Evelyn, but you have the biggest feet of any gal I ever saw." tor of the Universansi cnun-u days of November, Zang said. Private industry absorbed about 600 from WPA rolls during October, it was learned.

rvrmanv will kill herself bv this History or tne jewisn people. Germany will Km Arnther preat dantrpr that the YOU may get a better turkey for a little less money this Thanksgiving. Speaking only of retail prices, your turkey this year if Ohio- Hutnrv nas UI'Jcit "But they are only eight quads," wails Evelyn, looking at her pedal i extremities which have made 1 money for her almost since she nprspcution that a nation which wipes out re raised will cost around 32 cents a pound, according to best informed local sources. Note to Mareia L.t Give me a ring tomorrow morning. I'd like to talk to you Byron Larabee had a nice line in his radio talk last night, "Depressions and panics have occurred in Akron before each time this city as a unit has emerged stronger by reason of the lessons learned during these times of hardship" The Falls division of the Community Chest beat its 1937 figures at the report dinner last night and Bill Calvert is pretty happy about the whole thing This is a better consumer price than last year, when extra fancy Ohio fresh dressed turkeys sold "We don't anticipate any drastic action by the WPA," Zang said.

"Here in Ohio the cities and the state as well are not in position to handle a greatly increased relief load." Despite the official announcement that the only action toward reduction of WPA rolls would be the failure to replace men who find private employment, the im for from 35 to 40 cents Southwestern turkeys, which eat persecution will spread to other countries. This trend has already begun." MUNICIPAL JUDGE C. V. D. EMMONS: "There is grave danger that this persecution will lead to war in Europe if not another world war.

Before this the Jews were going through a melting pot by inter-marriage and acceptance by other peoples. This will now end and cause a cementing together ot the Jews which will ruin the progress they have made. The suffering Jews of Germany have my sympathy and I hope the persecution ends soon." was a babe in the cradle. The petite dancer is home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.

L. S. Rainey, 909 Hammel and her adoring brother and sister for the first time in over a year. They gave a big party for her Saturday night a combination 17th birthday celebration and farewell party combined, for Evelyn is off for New York on Wednesday. Featured In Show And all the girls she used to ligion cannot exist.

I cannot imagine anything more terrible than the present persecution of the Jews in Germany. There is no place for it in our civilization of today." L. G. TIGHE, president of the chamber of commerce: "This affair is more serious than the average person realizes. The present persecution of the Jews is breaking down all of the efforts of the English government to maintain peace in Euprope.

Germany is dragging the whole world toward war. DR. GEORGE PALMER, presi- Chicken will be about 3 cents cheaper than last year, retailing for around 26 cents a pound. Those who prefer duck or geese will pay about the same, 28 and 26 cent's. The nation's turkey crop was estimated to be 3.7 per cent larger than a year ago but 6 per cent under 1936.

Average weight was expected to be approximately three to six ounces heavier. The latest census reported some 17,000,000 turkeys are raised annually for the American mar Walter inn lu ll Giving New York Toivn The Double Mrs. Wilson Memoirs To Re Aired a lot of grasshoppers as against the grain diet of the Ohio variety, will sell for about 29 cents a pound. Turkeys as a rule may be plumper this year because of a bumper grain crop, but this favorable factor is offset to some extent by abnormally warm weather this fall. Turkeys thrive better in cold weather.

One Akron dealer estimated that pression remained current today that dismissals were being considered. The Akron Industrial Union council last night adopted a resolution opposing "the pto- posed reduction in WPA rolls. rlpnt of the Mercator club: "A The council took the position that most terrible condition. I can't un LAKES FIRE CAUSE AN About Town The Roger Pryors Ann Sothern have their ket and poultry experts estimate that normally from 30 to 35 per cent of the crop is eaten at derstand the reason for stirring up there should be no lay-offs "until everybody who needs work has work." 60 per cent of Akron families will eat turkey on Thanksgiving. REMAINS MYSTERY dent at Northwestern Mrs.

Hugh Dillman's Palm Beach di- voice suit will be gooey. Three of his golf-playing will be mentioned Sidney Blackmer, Le-tf-4 11 n0le 'r'c 3 ex-groom, Marian Grimes, who has know in Garfield high days and several of the shapely youngsters from Billy Rose's Aquacade, show last year in Cleveland were on hand to do her honor. For in spite of her feet, as Evelyn points out, she joined Billy Rose's show at the age of 16 and soon became a featured star known as "Baby Rainey" and, w-hat is more, she was the only girl from the Cleveland extravaganza who was asked to go with Rose on his tour of western cities. Traveling alone, she rode a bus back to Chicago after a successful season with Rose's "Show of Shows" in San Francisco. RUSSIAN DESIGNER RUBBER BALL JUDGE SCHORR SEEN CHOICE FOR COMMERCE POST Ml N.

Y. Detectives Are Barred From Squints At 'Birdie such racial bitterness as the Jewish persecution is doing. It is a sure way to lay the groundwork for another war." Sees History Repeating MUNICIPAL JUDGE DON ISHAM: "This Jewish persecution does not reflect the thought of the German people but of their leaders. It is a case of history repeating itself. Reports of the German outrages against women in Belgium in the early day3 of the ner own mint, are a miaaie-aisie uireat i-iena Lind, the Casa Mananactress, and A.

Goetz, the Wall Streeter, have the tremors Ambassador Kennedy's boy, Jack, is Stage-Adoring a "Leave It To Me" cutie who makes fun of the Kennedys in By The Associated Press A 22-year-old mother was the only person who could tell today the cause of the sudden blaze that fatally burned her 18-month-nld baby and put her in City hospital in serious condition when flames swept a Portage Lakes cottage early yesterday. While Mrs. Wanda Yost, 22, remained in the hospital, unable to talk, Fire Chief Sid Wellock of the Coventry fire department put down as "origin unknown" the blaze that destroyed the cottage, trapping Virginia Yost in her crib on the second floor. "It was imnossihle tn rlptermino EW YORK, Nov. 15.

New COLUMBUS, Nov. 15. (INS) Staunch republicans, those who have stuck with the G. O. P.

through lean years, are going to One of the nation's foremost designers, Count Alexis de Sakh-noffsky, will be an honor guest and judge of costumes at the Rubber ball Dec. 2 at the Mayflower York detectives can't look And in Chicago new honors awaited her at the Chez Paris, that hit The "Chip" Roberts, he's a biggie on the democratic nat'l committee and she colyums for the Washington Times anticipate a new democrat on Jan. 25 at half past three p. m. Maybe 1-2 past 4 N.

Y. gendarmes are hushing a 15 gem robbery at one of the department stores! The Phil Plant-Marjorie King merger is due any edition be rewarded with appointments to key posts in the state government after Jan. 9, 1939, sources close to World war did more than anything else to rouse the sentiment in America which led us finally into the conflict. The present resentment over this unwarranted Jewish persecution could have the same effect now if war should Wlnchell at the newspaper photographer's "birdie" any more. Commissioner Lewis J.

Valentine said so. Angered at the sight of newspaper photographs in which de where she has been dancing for the last 11 months and has a standing invitation to return. But now, the former Garfield high school girl is facing real (a me John W. Bricker reveal hotel. Assurance that the Russian nobleman would come here for the affair was received today by Mrs.

F. A. Seiberling, chairman of the recention committee, and Mrs. now Bob Topping's divorce hearing against Jayne Shattuck is expected to be decided in Friday White House intimates will tell you "over 2,000 were killed in Germany last week many at the stake!" break out in Europe It is a very the cause, because everything was sad situation. Hitler and nis 80 terribly burned," Wellock said henchmen are dangerous enemies "only Mrs.

Yost can tell us that of the civilized world." Wellock denied that the Coven- ed today. Prominently mentioned as new heads of state departments whfln the democratic administration of Governor Davey is officially retired were such republican stalwarts as Ed D. Schorr, chairman of the republican state executive committee; Hugh Huntington, Thomas Bateman, C. C. Crabbe, LEO WALTER, grand knight, i try fire department asked for help Knights of Columbus: "This perse- combatting the blaze, which cution is wholly unwarranted.

It threatened other cottages, is what can be expected from a 'During the last 10 years ue tectives appeared more prominently than the prisoners they were posing, the commissioner said he would take "drastic action" against any member of the force whose picture appeared in public print. Rescuers Speeding To Stricken Craft in New York and an engagement in London which has been offered her twice already. Mother Rainey hovered near and confessed she once was a singer and that perhaps is where some of Evelyn's musical talent comes from. For Evelyn as well as being a dancer could play the piano and the violin from babyhood. Her sister, Eleanor, is a well known accordion player, and her little brother, Richard, dances and plays the piano.

The Satevepost will publish Mrs. Woodrow Wilson's memoirs. Marquis James, Pulitzer prize winner, was her literary adviser Lillian Roth will see a Renotary about Judge Shalleck next week Bruce Fahnestock, social, and Tetare Du Pont, full-blooded Tahitian dancer, are swing-ding-zing! Former William Bray was promised a federal judgeship by Jim Farley which is why he didn't campaign against Lehman Many of the very biggest names in the TJ. S. will be on a petition to F.

D. R. to get legislation allowing Ger Wilbur Pearce, chairman of a secret committee of 12. Known as a designer of watches, automobiles, trucks and night clubs, the count is considered by many to be five to 10 years ahead of his time in streamlining, although practical in his designs. As plans for the ball went forward, Mrs.

Pearce announced her committee was looking for six beautiful girls and an equal number of eligible young men to serve as attendants to the rubber court. anri reflects the treat Jr neip only two or former attorney general, and oth ers. For his unyielding faith to the cause of the Republican party through periods when the party'3 three times, and that was befoie we got the equipment we now have," he said. Home Ec' Students To Confer In Akron man Jews to get at least temporary shelter here The producer danger of a Fascist form of government. World peace is threatened as the confidence of other nations in the German government is shattered because of the attitude shown toward different racial and reiieious groups.

Any minority JUNEAU, Alaska, Nov. 15. UPl of "Grand Hotel" the show and Rose Keane are ringing down the spirits were at a low ebb, benorr was believed to nave tne lnsine track when Bricker passes out the appointment of director of oom-merce, a post now held by Alfred A. Benesch of Cleveland. SIX DIE IX AIR CRASH AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, Nov.

15. Six persons were dead and 12 others injured as the result of a crash of a Netherlands airliner loaded with should be entitled to protection, liberty of conscience and freedom of worship." REV. R. J. HUMBERT, pastor of the Firestone Park Methodist rhnrrh: "This is all out of line LABORS IN VAIN PHILADELPHIA, Nov.

15. UP A contractor hauling dirt to fill swampy spots at a city airport discovered he had labored in vain. He unwittingly carted away about 5,500 cubic yards of an unpaved section of a "city street. Now he's carting it back. The motorship Patterson sent out an at 1 a.

m. today with the information it had a 75-degree list and it might be necessary to abandon ship. A heavy gale was raging. Immediately the coast guard cutter Haida set out from Juneau for the position the Patterson gave in Wrangell Narrows. Jewish refugees fleeing "Germany i with modern civilization.

It is un- yesterday. curtain Bob Benchley's description of a hangover: Two guys shaking hands in the middle of your stomach. Camille Southworth departs for St. Petersburg, to have the shackles melted that bind her to James If you wanna get richer, then make the bets that Henry Luce, the mag publisher, isn't buying any newspaper. The erratum keeps popping up regularly The new congressman from Conn.

Dr. A. E. Austin is Clare Boothe's stepop Peggy Pope, the canary with Horace Heidt's crew, and Bob Gibson, who thrushes for Ben Bernie, are youknowwhating Betty Terry of the 850 Park av. Terrys, and Britisher Thornton Avent, who have been courting since she was 14, are wedding ring shopping S.

Stanwood Menken, the widower, and Mrs. M. B. Philipp, the socially-prominent artist-widow, are tete-a-teteing lots Gamblers say Florida will be "wide open" this winter, because its administration took a licking. Bob Benchley's Harvard son, Nathaniel, and Edith Brooks, the post-deb, are on fire Lupe Velez always picks them tall.

Now it's The northern regional conference of the Ohio Home Economics Students' club will be held Saturday at Akron university. The organization includes approximately 200 students from Akron, Kent State and Western Reserve universities and Baldwin-Wallace, Lake Erie and Hiram colleges. Doris Kirby of Cleveland, a senior at Baldwin-Wallace will preside. Dr. Harry N.

Holmes, head of the chemistry department at Oberlin college, will be the main speaker. His subject will be "Have You Had Your COAT DOG BOX RADIO Nine times out of 10, you will find what you want advertised in the Beacon Journal classified section. Consult the want ads daily. Boy, 17, Called Bandit Leader, Is Troubled By Fear Arrest Will Keep Him Out Of Navy; Says Victim Lied About Loot FACTORY-BUILT DOO BOX, and carrier for automobile, for sale cheap. 756 Noble HE-0269.

Norwegian Cantata Will Be Presented By KEYES BEECH IT WAS hard to realize that the 17-year-old lad sitting on the sofa in the lobby of the detention home was a bandit. It was doubtful that he realized it himselL v- m.nine Gtitol a nlpar-pvpri. wasn't Why, they pulled two jobs the trigger, but course we knew it before I ever went with them' '1 was funny. I wasn't Detectives Pat McAleese and I. Barberton job but they told J.

Davis said other members ot me that the cops drove into the the gang told them that Charles station just as Drue was walking was the leader and that Charles out. They had tied up the guy when ouestioned who worked there. Old Drue even ONE slightlv used washer, practically new. Will sell on time. 100 E.

Market st. ONE used radio In good working condition. Will sell for J6.50. 871 E. Market st.

after their arrest. Asked By Others A Norwegian cantata, "The Frost King's Daughter," will be presented by the glee club of Sacred Heart academy Sunday at 8 p. m. in the school hall. A special dance number will be given by Betty Marie Dugan, soles will be sung by Olga Fiocca and Kathryn McCormick and instrumental music will be provided by John and Edmund Fiocca.

WESTINOHOUSE electric range, cooking school, Friday afternoon and evening. JORDAN'S ELECTRIC SHOP 270 S. HIGH ST. FREE PARKING "I suppose that they'll read this in the papers and it'll be all off." It didn't seem to occur to Charles that he might not be able to go where he wishes Dec. 1, or, for that matter, for several months.

Charles thinks that either filling station attendants or newspapers spoke to one of the cops as they drove up." Charles said he and the others never "planned" any holdups. "We'd just walk through Firestone Park at night and we'd get an idea," he said. "Shipwreck" Kelly The Frederick William Jaegers Molly jo- herty are the authors of an 8 1-2 pound boy at Woman's hospital Ex-Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin, 71, is gravely ill. May never walk again Cholly Knickerbocker's Girl Friday, the bride of B. S.

Ber-covici has taken up separate residence at the Waldorf An important head of the N. Y. Post will roll soon A prominent member of the Communist party will be tried by his comrades to answer charges of a not so private life, and underpaying his domestic staff Mgr. McCarthy of the Yankees has been served in an alleged as-sau'lt-and-battery action supposed to have happened in a beer bistro Janet Dawson gets her divorce from Santa Barbara's Bruce Pierce in a fortnight. The Duchess of Marlborough's niece, Audrey Grey, has a new distractionBilly Livingston of the lifted pinky set Bob Glaenzer, Jules' son, and Eileen Balfe, of the Social Register, are imitating an inferno That yarn about Lothar Mendes eloping with a Pasadena belle is hokum.

It's his own fault, though. He was "ribbing" friends, who forgot about his frau in Europe To the editors of the Daily News: Thanks for the editorial patty-cake, but the FCC's threat about the use of the word "Flash!" on the networks is not directed at news commentators only at radio dramatizations of news, etc. The repubs got more votes than ever. Who remembers when they charged that relief money was making democrats out of the people? F. Tommy Corcoran has lost his heart to a Colleen.

WALTER WINCHELL. LADY'S black caracul coat, kolinskv trim, size 36: platinum fox scarf. 14 Forge st. The others included John Ruble, 20, Edward Joseph, IS. Drue Mater, 19, who wears a peg-leg, and Martin Trondle, 19.

It was Joseph and Ruble who "interested" Charles in stickup earnings, Charles said. "We always used Johnny's car, but it was Eddie's gun a .25 cali- He said he wouldn't have gone curly-haired problem for the juvenile authorities, is not only a confessed robber but also is supposed to be the leader of the four boys, all his senior, who pulled six stickups before detectives put an end to their bungling two-bit crime career. Charles hopes that he will get off "with a kick in the pants and getting sent out of the state." His chief worry seemed to be that since this happened he won't be able to join the navy. "I had it all fixed," he sighed. "I'd gone up to Cleveland and passed the examinations and was supposed to enlist Dec.

1. "Now," he continued regretfully, along on any of the holdups if the: CANTON WOMAN' KILLED safety catch hadn't always been CANTON, Nov. 15. c.n on the gun. Eddie Joseph, he I Mrs.

Luella Hurless, 65, was killed, are awful liars. "Because we never got as much as they said we did in any of the jobs. The most we ever got was eight bucks apiece. Most of the time it was only a dollar and a half or thereabouts. "You say the other guys say I was the leader? I don't believe they would say that, because I The "Wearing Apparel" column is a live wire column for selling new and used clothing.

Phone BL-1111 ASK FOR AN AD WRITER Find your name among tonight's want, ads for Free Colonial Theater Tickets. ber automatic---and we always added, always handled the gun. i anrt ner nusnanci. junmeu, was had the safety catch on, so it I Charles says he was never ar- seriously injured last night when wouldn't go off. rested before, except for the time their automobile went out of con- "We used to kid about it.

Old three or four years ago when he trol and plunged over an embank-nmio would nut the cun up stole some fireworks from a stor- ment near their farm home soutli I of Canton. against his head and try to pull i age house..

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