The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 12, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 3
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TL'KSDAY, MARCH 12, 19-16 ni-YTHKVlLLK (AUK.) COUK1KK NKWS Hosiery Makers Will Get Rayon Government Also Acts To Relieve Shortage Of Men's Clothing War Bride Loves To Shop Here For Clothes (Conlfnnen rrom rare I) tuul it co.sts more money for transportation [ 0 fnui a pali 1 Hum to buy llu'in. Tlicy must 1)0 ordered six months In advance and one must be a Hood "BUOSSOI-" to' B<'t the right size. Mrs. Hni'dlii likes Blytlioville and finds the jieople here "clinrnilni; and ft'teiuJly." Blytheville residents who have met and talked to the Jiretty housewife , feel much the same iibout her. She , Ki'ft'ts guests with "do come In" and a smile which she Mashes every few minutes. Her blue eyes dance as j.shc talks will) speech. pleasant clipped WASH TUBBS W\,YASHING;GN. March 11. iUI'i W-'I'ltc government moved ahead today with plans lo relieve Uie women'.s hosiery shortage alter announcing n new price program to get more men's clothing onto retail shelves. With l>otli Congress an<l ihe White' House gelling protests Irom stock-! Curly-haired chubby S T III is ingless wonie,,, ihe Civilian Piuduc- hiippy ami unconcerned with all the lion Administration was clrafiing a changes that' have taken place In ', S l inA ! " '• , llu '°"K h alloca- , the past few weeks of his life. Un- tion, i 3UO.OOO pounds of rayon yarn impressed with the information Unit monthly to hosiery m.inuiacuirers. : his new home town was named for CPA is expelled to uikc this step his great-great uncle, the Rev. Heti- in about iwo weeks nfter meeting ry T. Blythe, hell greets visitors with with representatives of rayon pro- u smile and promptly brings them d«cers. ' |liis "teddy," a large teddy bear In 1 lie plan would raise total month- striped overalls. Another Item of •j'.. 1 !.™ 1 . 1 . 1 ?.!;, 1 ""..? 1 '• ! >> l '»'_st<M:kmgs to! which lie is very fond is a wedding Vou'n? Ilijfhc Hero, Chum JUIKIE MttCES ONE PESPECATE EFFQgT TO Ger_TO His FEET. BUT.... WHc KG Y SOU'VE X I CM HARDLV f£fi. AVi I?. I l!At> US ALL. \ FKEE Of HIM PUmEP A?(XJf \ AT LAST,., THAT FOK. SEAKS.JULKIE! THEN A»OUr (f FA1K PtlW ! PAGE Include: I llmeiiu ot ships. H*.000,000 as compared with »U,790,000,000 In the cm-mil Ilsciil year; iiiirciui of Ord- NIIKT, $242,000,000 gainst 13,000,OOOKO: Hnreati of Supplies and Accounts, J1,033,B81.000 against |«,- I:«m7.uou'; llurenu of Medicine untl amiiery. $31,500,000 against $rjO,0'.!0,(juo; liiircau of Yards and Docks, $lXi.;i89,OOQ niinltMt 1180.- UCO.OOO; Marine Corps, 4353,241.000 $),3Jl',7ia.400; and Increase am! (''placement of navnl ve.wels (•ouseluftlon and imichlircry, 4300'.- OCO.COO nttulniit. $ NollilUK wtvs pi ci|)os:i'tl to be pro vlili'cl tor .(he training Mullen nt Norfolk, Vn. In WAKNMQ OBOBK the Chinrurr -tymri, '*• Ooldle D*Vtt ' ' .....Hitatlff, . .. 6. H. BriUUi '. .',*'. ;". . . The Q*f«n'4»nfB.;M,. Smith :-k^; hereby. .Darned .to , appear within thirty <Uy» in (lie court nmmed In the c«ptlon h«raof »nd arutwer the compldtnt of the plulhlltT Ooldio Davis Smith. r , . Dated this 27'dtjr'.'pf."Peb:, 194J8. " .HARVEY MORRIS, clerk . " daho is about 13.000.000 pairs. Production of picture of nylons is now running around 30.-'lie handles the 1)00.000 a mouth. A CPA official said present nylon production itself was enough to give every woman a pair ljut lhat some "piggish" women were buying up everything they could find while others got none. The Ol'A stepped into Ihe acute .shortage of men's clothing last night mother and father. picture wilh cnrc Hoover To Study Needs Of Europe Former U. S. President To Hold Conferences On Food Situation and pride and after showing it to .someone, toddles on his chubby legs back to the bedroom dressing table and places il carefully In Its original position. Mr. and Mrs. Hardin were married in Wales when both were in service. Mrs. Hal-din, the former Mis* Gladys Pollard, is a veteran of four chiani. He has been vacationing in, Florida but returned to Washington Saturday. . I Tile dt'inunds thls.llinc tor food! from America are smaller than al- . ter the lasl war. Hoover anld. Hut he warned that the supply Is smaller. The Agriculture Department proposed a slogan "reach for n iwtato instead of more bread." pro- . . fld ». Cook, Attr- <OT'pllf> - • O. W. Barhatn, Ally. Ml W.t<m. ... ... 2[M-at7-l'4.» Re«d ''' Navy To Spend ^5 ^> f -i A • i j + JoD /Vim/Ofl For Aircraft by announcing long-awaited revised j years service in the First Aid Nurse price schedules designed to end | Yeoman division. Many in tills serv- hoardmg by manufacturers and get ice drove ambulances and otlms more lower-cost apparel on the mar-| drove trucks. Mrs. Hardin. who OPA said its new program t passed 15 driving tests, drove everything from a motor bike to a five- ton truck loaded with ammunition and--'frcapons. The buildings and furniture here are different than in England or in Australia, where Mrs. Hardin made her home several years. She is proud of her apartment at 700 West Wal- ket would wipe out inequities iii clothing prices by substituting a new cost-plus-markup formula for (be "price freeze" now iu effect. It also restricts manufacturers to their priced line for 1<H2 but a five per cent increase to 'cover higher costs, Under the plan, manufacturers of men's and boy's tailored clothing will be permitted to base their prices generally on current rather than March 1942 costs as in the past. At the same time, however, they must return to the average markup of I94:i instead of using generally higher 1945 markups. The result. OPA said, may be a slight increase in the cost of lower- priced lines— a step necessary lo spur production ...... but will bring a compensating cut in more expensive items. Thus, it said, there will be "no substantial change" in overall prices. Louis RoMischild, executive director of the National Association of Retail Clothiers and Furnishers, predicted the new order would speed to the market large quantities of lower cost clothing which were being held up in hopes of higher prices. . • Rothschild said severai days ago that at least 700,000 men's and boy's ..suits were among "hoarded" slocks. A CIO officirJ charged 4,000.000 suits had been held up. OPA • said' its new regulations would be effective April 15 but that manufacturers could begin pricing under its provisions earlier if they get OPA clearance. nut and has learned to use her electric stove and. other electrical appliances. When, asked "did you [have a refrigerator at your home?" she replied, "No, few people did.- In fact, they were nut needed very badly, ft is cool there except during a brief period in the summer. "Articles that arc commonplace here are a luxury there and only the wealthier class have them." she added. Mi's. Hardin lias, gained weight .since coming to the United States and declares that the people in England are half-starved. "We had a meal every day." she added, "but r could place my food rations for a week in. that candy box." "And by the way," she laughed; "the'candy in that box were my fii-st chocolates in five years. Were they delicious!" At one meal in Ihe United States, she ate more meal than is allowed for a week in England. Nor'do you get your choice of meut. If the pork chops are gone, one must take neck of mutton or any other cut the butcher gives him. Mrs. Hardin and her son.came to' America 'on ihe S. S. James Pinker. After landing in New York on Sunday. Feb. 24, they were not allowed BY WILLIAM McMI'NAMIN United l»ress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, Mar. 12. (UP> — Former President Herbert Hoover leaves for Europe this week on a mission from President Truman to nveslUjalc .a threat of slorvallon lo millions of Europeans. Hoover promised to distribute re- ief to starving "peoples abroad 'without differential as to race, re- | ligion or political belief." His itinerary will not be finally determined until after conferences with officials here during the next few days. The mnn who became president after he did un outstanding job as Administrator of Relief in Europe following World War I was faced with these problems: 1 United Nations Relief and Re- hnbililalion shipments of food to liberated countries fell far short of requirements in February despite an increase in other supplies, 2. UNRRA Director General Her- berl ::. Lehman said Ihe .silualion "grows more critical each'day." 3. French Ambassador Henri Bonnet and Italian Ambassador Alberto .Tarehlanl appealed to Hoover for aid for their countries, ot- tering data on critical food situations. 4. President Trumnn asked American newspapers to appen! tc the American people in t\ campaign to cou!>?rve vital Uvhe:il, fats a oils. Bisbop Bernard J. Shell of Chicago 1 warned in an article in. the Washington Post- that the ideals for which the war was fought stand imperiled because "freedom is a hollow mockery and justice is a macabre joke to men with empty stomachs." . .. .. .. ; Hoover planned to .conifer tills week with secretary of, Agriculture Clinton p. Anderson and Secretary of State James F. LJyrncs. He also Plans to see Bonnet and Tar- Thcre are enough bituminous coal reserves In the Unlled States to Utst more tluin 3.000 years at the present rule of consumption. According to (be Blluminous Coal Institute. bated for that purpose In the cur- ivul year unif lilghlltthld the cm- pliasls bpliij; plum! on iiviullun In , the postwar licet. I The 1*17 npproprlullon rsthmite for the enllin uureali of Aerp- naitllCB Is 4595.000,000, u reducllon of 41.8M.060.000 from Ihe current I fiscal y«ar which reflects wartime T/68 Paratroops Lose Wings For Refusal To Jump WASHINGTON. Mar. 11 (U.P.) _ The refusal of 1G8 paratroopers to jump in an aerial "combat exercise staged for the Mexican Minister of war last month resulted in loss of their wings and prized flying boots, the War Department has revealed. An estimated 131) or the men who refused to jump reportedly had almost enough points to assure early discharge from the service. The "strike" reportedly look place at Fort Bragg. N. C., although the Wur Department did not confirm this. The Department said the 515th Parachute Regiment was the unit involved. The Department did not say specifically that Ihe men involved J^ 1 the case were transferred to ^K>n-jumping units, but said such nn action was '"customary." The men turned in their ermip- ment preparatory lo transfer, the Wai Department statement saiii. Yarbro P.T.A. Hears Of Malaria Control Morion Joiinson. of me Public Health Service, was guest speaker Wednesday of Ihe Yarbro Parent . Teacher Association. Mr. Johnson discussed plans for malaria control in Mississippi County. Two films. ''Spraying Time" and "The Anopholes Mosquito." were sho\vn. Much satisfaction was expressed concerning Ihe effect of Ihe DDT disinfectant used last year. Spray- ins crews,. again arc at .work in the rural communities and Mr. Johnson pointed out the steps which should be taken in preparing the home for the spraying. Mrs. vernicc Brister. was in charge of the program. The meeting was presided over by Mrs. Gene McGuire. It w'as voted during the business session to send a letter of appre- citicn to County Judge Roland Green for his efforts in improving road adjacent to the school building and the school ground. Plans were made for the County PTA meeting to be held April 12 when Ihe Yarbro association will be host to the group. to leave the ship until Thursday, Feb. 28. unless escorled'td the pier 10 make a phone coll by the dock Wftlchmau. "I'm not exactly sure why we \verc restricted there." she said, "but it had something lo do with transpoiialion." Before coining to the States, Mrs. Hardin and S. T. III. with about 2000 others, were at Tidworth Camp for 11 days. "Condition!; there were very bad."-she said, and for the entire group there was only one iron and little food. Mr. Hardin, employed at Delta Implements, Inc., is the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Hardin of Brooklond. Ark. His parents are well-known here where for a number of years his father was chief of police. Refrigeration Service! Phone 415 We have an Expert Service Man to take care of your Refrigeration and Washing Machine Service; also Electric Motor Service. We also carry a complete stock of New Parts for all makes of Equipment. Work Guaranteed. Reasonable Prices. FARM LOANS / Low Interact / LonjTwm 4 Fair AppralMtl / Prompt Scrrlc* RAY WORTHINGTON Serving This Section for Zt Years 115 So. 3rd, Blj thcville, Ark. Tom Little Appliance Co. 105 West Main St, Blytheville, Ark. TW PrW»Mii] Tune in Prudential Sunday at 4 p.m. over WREC B« on ih« safe side—don't let Ihe lack of accessories keep you from "playing ball" with food production. Better check up oa chains, grease guns, filter elements and other accessories so you can "itay in the game." II you need •upplies, come in and see us. We waul to help you "PLAY SAJEI" Headquorterc for Genuine IH Parts DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY Bfyth.vilU, Ark. BC WISE'EC AN Eatly Bird-ORDCR.NOW WASHINGTON, Mar. 12 (U.PJ —The Navy's $3.725,186.000 budget for ilir fiscal year 1047 carries an eslimale of $385,000.000 for «m- .striic'tloii if nava] aircraft. It was ivvealcd Monday. Tills represents a jump of $2W>,- HH.OO from the »94.137,'200 obll- A lircuter eni|>hasls on Intelll- none" work In the postwar pvilod also was ImlluUi'd by nn estlmali) (if $1.0M,000 for tin; Olflce of NKviH mlflllneiH'1'. This compares with 4158.500 tor Ihe current fiscal >' enr - Efillmute.v FOR RENT,,. Frozen Food to . Hams, Bacon/ Shouldtrs, SauiMge A Coittiilclv Meat Curing and Slorinit 5Ur»ie« FROZEN I»honc2tt02 : T * * . ' ' o Our Customers an c/F rien More than three years ago all of our male employees entered the Armed Forces of the United States, and, with the release from service of Assistant Cashier Jack Owen, we mark the return to thi$ Bank of these young men who have been on leave of absence in the service of Our Country. -Notwithstanding the extreme handicap under which we were thus placed, we have made progress, which, in a large measure, is due to the fine spirit of cooperation and loyalty evidenced by this community. During this trying period, due to the large turnover in our personnel, we were incapable of rendering the type of service becoming to this institution. We are grateful for your understanding of our situation and wish now to pledge anew the services of a highly trained and experienced personnel of both men an<) women. OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES Charles Rose J. M. Stevens Hermon Carlton Thomas Coppage Mayme Gean Fisher Beulah Hawkins S. H. Williams Viola Bennett Agnes Skeltcn E. M. Regenold Roland Green D. C. Pafford Jack C. Owen LaVonne Port lock Ella McCutcheofi The First National Bank IN BLYTHEVILLE THE ONLY NATIONAL BANK IN MISSISSIPPI COUNTY MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FD.I.C.

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