The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 28, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 28, 1947
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BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS IBB DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NOBTBEA «T AJUCAMUI AMD KIOTBXA8T VOL. XLIV—No. 82 BlrthevUle Dtll; Newt BlythevLUe Courter B)yth«viU« H«ntld Mlultolppi BLYTIIKV1I/LE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNK 28, 1947 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Kiwanis Boys And Girls Fund To Benefit From Operation Of 300 'Ball' Gum Machines Valiant Fighters , n „ „ , . n in T Poor Second to .0$mg Battle TO jsov/et Forces Mississippi River Water Laps At Top Of Levee As Residents Fight To Save Homes (By United Press) Southern HUnol s residents, sided by Servicemen, fought a desperate 1 battle to save their homes as the Mississippi River's highest flood h more than a century bittercd against levees along a 15-mile strctc) of the stream today. Along the Degognla-Fountaln bluff embankment south of Chester. III. Ihc 'fight appeared hopeless. Tho corps ol engineers s-ild the overflow' was hipping nt the very Courier News Photo £> Graham Sudbury (right), lieutenant-governor yl this Kiwanir, district, drops a penny in the slot; of one of the 3CO gum-ball machines tho Kiwunis -Jhib will distribute throughout this territory to acquire money for its Boys and Girls Fund. With Mv. Sudbury are Jimmie Sanders (left), president of tho club, and J. (Jodie) Nabers, chairman of the gun machine committee. The Blythcvillc Kiwanis Club's "chewing" campaign for benefit of its Boys and Girls Fund will be launched Monday when locations will ' be sought for approximately 300 penny gum vending machines in Blythcvillc and its immediate territory. The local service club, after careful investigation by its board of directors, has accepleO. sponsorship of the "ball" gum vending machines. Twenty per cent of the^gross receipts obtained through the machines will go into Boys and Girls Fund of the Kiwanis club, President Jimmle Sanders fald today. "We believe this project will provide an excellent method of raising funds lor activities oj our club in behalf of boys and girls of this communttjk" \SpBV-"»J*»*» »i»M* "It will be.«»rtetl*.»' non-profit der taki of whom to contribute .space, WflT be pro^c without 'ch.irge the siall space the ' machines will occupy. Tlie small 'inco-TO to be derived from one of these nmclilnrs would ae too negligible to interest, a merchant from nis individual standpoint but our elm, with appro-'i- malcly 300 inacV.'iys in service, ran realize a tidy su,n for support of our boys and ;>is'!s priiRfan:. "Particularly have v;c found our desire to assist the underprivileged children of the community handicapped by our limited funds and we arc most eager to carry forward our plans for them. Funds obtained from this program should go a Ion;; ways toward helping us in these endeavors," Mr. Sanders emphasized. J. L. (Jodie) Nabers has been named chairman of the Oum Committee of the Kiwanis club. Mr. Nabers has assigned territories to sub-committees. These committee! space donated to the Boys and Girls Fund of the Blylhevllle Kiwanis club" with the Kiwanis emblem distinctly imprinted on each machine. The "chewing" program for raising lunds for its benevolent .activities has \bcen under consideration by the Kiwanis club for some time. This ; method of obtaining money for similar undertakings has been used 'successfully in » number of eastern cities for several years, Mr. Sanders pointed out. "We feel that we are fortunate to be among the first of the smaller , cities In the south to obtain these machines, now that war time re| strictions have been discarded. iWe •fully realize our responsibility as a top of tlie dike. Jackson County Sheriff 'A. L. McGregor ordered everyone from the area of about 50.COO acrrs protected by the levee. McGregor's order followed a warning from engineers for Immediate evacuation. •At St. Louis, weatherman Harr: Wahlgren predicted a crest of 30.3 feet by Monday, highest flood stage on the .mighty river since 1844 wh< a mark of 41.3 feet was recorded, That crest is expected to reach St. iLouls Just slightly ahead of a new record crest rolling toward tho city down the Missouri which meets the 'Mississippi 20 miles north of here. ' ' 'i^i^ilP The river already was seeping beneath the dike and knec-hi^h water swirled through the river front streets of Grand Tower and several other to\vns In the vicinity of Chester, III. Walter Whilehead. Jackson County Disaster Chairman, said "anything can happen now." "If the levee break* it'll be like in 1913," he said. "The flood will take everything 1 vyc own along With it." '. : . • •: WASHINGTON, June 23, (UP) — Gen. Dwlght D. Rlsenhowei, Army Chief of SlafT. told » SenplJ group oday lhat this nation';; Army Is "a lioor second" to Russia's and lhat lie cftrinot "entirely exclude" Itv imsslblllty of n war In the next 12' months. Elsenhower cmphnsl'wd Hint the War Department does nut foresee the "probability" of war. But Army planners, having to plan for nil contingencies, do not "entirely <x- cludc such a possibility." Tin Chief of 8t»fT nnpoared bc- (oie a Scnnte Appropriation.! Subcommittee In support of Army budget requests. ing tills nation s nrmecl Klsenhowcr aai'l It war; cec- oml only to that of llusslii. "However, It is a poor second," ho nddrd. Soviet Proposal For European Aid Said Given Big 3 Molotov Wonts More Details of U. S. Help; Reply Reported Ready Expect Slim Coal Piles To Idle Over 2,000,000 Meii Elsenhower's views won) I'xpress-d In a formnl r.tntcmsnt which was made public after his appearance. He gave the committee a som- iwrly. worded review of U. S. armed .strength. The Army. .*s pictured b; the general, Is thinly spread around the world and Is computed larg'.ly of young and inexperienced volunteers. "As a result of tills weakness and spnrseness of our forces, the U. a. Army hns a lessened Influence to- wurd deterring aggression," he said Then the general polnle:! out that world affairs still develoo "In the shadow of military power." Eisenhower asked restoration o some of lire funds cut In the War Department's 194B appropriation l>j the House. The House wanted the Army 15,280,082,000 as comparcc with President Truman'. 1 * budget cs timnte of $5,716,719,500. rlous business establishments. Each machine will be labeled with a neat sign bearing the legend "This He denied a report tha^ the levee •would be blown to relievo.pressures. The repirt, carried by some news- D3pcrs yesterday, had;Increased the. anxiety of residents unnecessarily; he s ald. ." " '.<'.;• The Red Crass announced tfirnt mor n than 33,000 persons' had be^n evacuated from flood n'resa', in'.Ne? brB.Oca, lows. Missouri, Kansiu »n4 Illinois during the past month. More thin $4.000,000 was spent by the Red Cross for relief' supplies, U.S. Adopts New Chinese Policy Chipng's Government To Get Ammunition; Loan Set-Up Qualifie< slantully greater benefit future than in the past," Mr. San- | dels added: Hold Local Men For Car Thefts Louisiana Officers To Turn Men Over To FBI For Prosecution Chester Ferguson, 26, and Johnnie 7_,ont'. 24, both of Blythcvillc are being held by Caddo parrish authorities in Shreveport, Lx, charged with violation of the Dyer Act. Ferguson and Long wer c arrestct by Sheriff Stone of Shrcvcpor Wednesday on a hi-jacking charge 1 ond are reported to have confesses to the theft of a 1939 Oldsmobile belonging to Charles A. Hindman ol 1028 Holly Street, and a. Pack ard sedan belonging to R. L. Ward Jr., of Caruthcrsville. Hindman's car was taken from i fr6nt of his home sometime Mqn dM niclit and was found abandone iiRtearuthersviHc Tuesday. Ward' car was stolen from in front hi, home in Caruthcrsville and 'f Hindman car was left in its placi Tlie Ward car was recovered b Ixwisiana authorities upon the ar rest of the two men, the report staled. The two men ar e alleged to have wired around the switch on both cars enabling them to start them. Sheriff Stone said that the two men would be turned over to the FBI for prosecution. Pcmiscot County authorities Brc trying to link the two men with members of a possible stolen car ring that has bsen working In this vicinity for Hie past two weeks. The llindmnn car was the second stolen automobile that has been recovered in Csruthcrsvillc in the past several days. Oil, Gas Found By Well m St. Francis County TORREST CITY, Ark., June 28. UP)™Eyes of the oil fraternity Inlay were focused on a wildcat well n St. Francis County that appeared o have opened a new oil and gas >ool 15 miles West of here. Bottom-holed in a prolific ga sand at 2,243 feet, , the Englc Brothers No. 1 was awaiting installation of separation and storage equipment before completion. The operators reported good sands at 1,610 feet, 1000 feet and 2,243 feet They did not indicate which sum they wouici bring in or il they would dually-complete. Operators and owners ar c Glci W. lAWerbury of Albnci«cr<iuc r N Mcx.; W. J. Caples and J. 71. Coke of Dallas, Tex ; ami M. W. Martin Little Rock attorney. The opera tors arc reported to have near! 10,000 acre 1 ; iri th? drilling; bine under lease and royalty lights on nn addition:;! l.CCO acres. Several cities including Memphis are ncgoliatini; for the.natural gas which geologists say is present in ".iinple quaiilitic. 1 ;." Other operators recently aban- oned a wildcat lest about six miles cutluvcst of Forrest City with )il Shipments Get Aid from New Act Maritime Commission Can Continue to Use Ships Owned by U. S. WASHINGTON; June 28. (U.P.) —President Truman today signed into law legislation whicn will enable the United Stales to continue to meet some of th.; problems in tlie domestic aiv.l international oil situation. Mr. Truman signed a measure authorizing the U. S. Maritime Commission to operate o:- charter until next March 1 government- owned 'ships of which s-bout 258 arc tankers. About 60 of the- tankers are in domestic operation. Unless the law had \>rfn passed operation of government-owned ships in the Merchant Marl iC would have ended June 30. Gov- .;. BY WALTER LOGAN (United Press SUff Corresponds 'SHANGHAI. June 28. <ur>—01 nil's feeling that she had bee aljftndbned by the United Slat elation today int announcer, us rifle 'ammunl- d to the Chinese _. _ ;dro^ffic"iaft~arF<f T> 6r. Ulf gl<* >!•«•>a<T 4 cut rate. engineers' liad one note of good) Thr > Chinese had felt they had news to announce today, howcVcr.i 0 " 11 let rtown »' hcn Secretary of They said the "worst of the flood State George C., Marshall-nnnoun- 'ituation apucared to be over" Inl^cd the deadline for thoOialf bll- MiMoun and Iowa althoueh the De, >'on dollar Export-Import Bank loan PARIS, June 28. (UP) — Sovln ForelRn Minister VlKChcsluv M Molotov reportedly look a Hussl ixiunterphin Into ihe second mecl Inp of the B!K Three forelKii minis tcrs t<xlay us dlsciixslon of fl United sulrs Ald-to-Kuropc pla was re.sumed. Tim second seMlon bcnan shur ly after R p.m. Purls time, wl Mololov KclicilulCd to lako the flo and challenge the Western powc wllli a Soviet recovery proposal. 'I'hc Soviet foreign mlnlKler was expcclod to propose that I Big Three ask Ihe Untied Stnt exactly hoy much aid It will gun anlcc. The Hiisslan moves follow B'rcnch Vorclgn Minister Clcori duult's sussestlon of a Sept. ndllne for preiwrlnc n unit iropcan aid program, lildiiult (old Molotov at the scci '-shrondcil oixniln« se&slon that iccil was csscnlldl in mectlnp Bc- •elary of Stuto Geovnc C. Mar- lall'R offer of American aid under unllled program. Molotov in reply was reported to nvn opposed a hastily prepared ecovcry program. He wtmlcil mora ctalls about the Marshnll pioiu- il anil Indicated he w-,ml<;d first o settle the inuch-nrnuoil Issues of Gcrnmny's future and Soviet rc'.ia- nUons, 11 wiis- said. No official conllrmatlon ol Miilo- ov's views was avallnble bccnujo of the severe secrecy rc.sli'icllons applied to the meellni;, Hut a Titos dispiilch datcllnccl 1'arls, reflecting Mulolov'.s •lews, this momliiB• propiiscil trying o net .specific KUiirnnlee.^ from the United States ns Ihe Mrs', conference step. The Soviet dispatch nald Mololov nidault and Fvirclmi Sccielary Ei 1 - ncst iBcvln should nsk Wii.ihhiRtoi to lell how much money Ihc Untied States will put up, what, conditions It will 'attach to the crc'Jlts n«:l U Rive assurance that COIIRI'CSS wll approve tho administration's offer By CHARLES II. HEKKOLO ' WASHINGTON, June 28. (U.l'.)^-'lhe Nation , tod»y ;ati dipping into a acant 32-day supply of soft coal as 'a :oniplctc halt in bituminous mining threatened to idle 2,* 000,000 workers ( by mid'July. As the mines closed down for t\ 0-day vacation, Secretary 'of 'In- erlor J. A. Krug said tie .feared he Government would be nelpjcsj get the 400,000 members of John Lewis' united Mine Worker^ PL) back on the Job when ths' ollday ends July 8. Aides of Secretary of Labor Lewli i Bchwellenbach eald Lewis and lio <o«l opcrrilors nill be asked to Connie negotiations next .week. Go'; eminent labor experts worked .se^- rclly to lny the groundwork. for uch meetings. Olflcluls kept the way open for •resident Truman to Invoke' tlit inorgcnoy provisions of the, new Truman Gets First 1948 Budget Bill Treasury, Post Office Departments To Get Over $12 Billion Hy JOHN I.. STI.T.I.K (llnltcil Press Staff Oorre-ipoilrtenl) WASHINGTON, June 2B. (UP) — Congress today Rent President Till- niiin Its first regular 1MB itpproprlti lion bill, nnit with the start of the new llsciil yrar Ju.'-t three day* nwny faced u loud of 11 major supply bills Tho measure sent to the White House was a (12,40:2,688,011 ynint fm tho Treasury mid Post Office DC imrtincnln. It was some S982,60fl,03C nhort of the President'^ ''minimum budget reuuesl. Other, appi'opvla tlon hills still arc bclim conitldcrci the I Inline and Seiule. To miiko certain llvil Congress lurp to act before July 1, woul t cut ofT tho salaries of govern enl employes and benefits to vet rms, (lie Semite npnvnvccl will t debute a rcsolulbu author!-/ K ileparlineiitH to keop .Hpondlr present rates until thulr, ai>pi\ lations arc completed. Clinlrnuui Styles Bridges,R., N. H., the ApproprliiUoimJJomniiltoe, cx- alned thut ddpartmcu's and Irenes making advanco expenditures (HiId find tlie sums Mibtnir.lcd inn tlmli uupply bills when finally lacled. The House was exj>cclcd o take similar action, Th. bill sent to Mr. Truman a 1- >tletl the following sums for op expenses: Treasury, »1,6*3,48,400; post office, 11,531,631.030 'reasury also wa H grunled a pcr- iHnciil appropriation of some 86,0«),000 which Includes funds for U. S. May Demand Lifting Of Russia's 'Iron : Curtain Moincs ami Mi.woiiri Kivers were 1 to China still out of their banks along most plrc. would be • allowed to ex- of their valleys. ernment-owneri ships Arc now l«c- Chevrolet Trucks Displayed Jy Eich Company Tlie 1943 model Chevrolet truck 'ent on display in the show rooms f the Loy Kich Chevrolet Go. this Wilson Estate Heirs Will Appeal Dismissal Decision Dismissal of an ouster suit against J. IT. Grain, Ijcc Wilson estate trustee, by District Judge Thoinns C jajHmble will be Immediately r.p fllaled to the United Slates Circui Court by the plaintiffs, Mrs. Vic torla Wilson Wesson <wd Mrs. Ma rle Wilson Howells, It was an nounccd lost ntght. Tlie action against Mr. Crn'n dismissed by Judge Tr;mbl> in Lit tie Rock Thursday. Appeal of \\' decision will continue to prolong lit Igatlon begun Oct. 15, 1916. Th suit, charging Mr. Craiu with mil management and sedcl'OB his n moval as trustee, was previously riis missed by Judg"e Trimtfa Feb. 6 bu a new complaint was filod by II plalnlifts shortly operated. Congress extended the Maritime commission authority o:i the grounds that the ships arc needed for transput t. of oil, coal, grain and other supplier. Extension of the Maritime Com- Sudbury Named To Head Cancer Committee Harold Sudbury was named chairman of a North Mississippi Coimly Cancer Committee, ornarilxc-l at a meeting yesterday at tho City Hal!. Mrs. Gilbert Hammock was selected secretary-treasurer of the or- ganisation arid plans werc made for electing a commodore. Nominations for the third-officer will bo made by n committee marie up of Mrs E. F. Blomcycr, Snnford Boone, Mrs. Floyd Haralson and Mrs. Hammock. This committee will nee!. Monday afternoon, 5 o'clock. The committee will supervise cancer control activities nnd establish u ; cancer clinic for Nori,h Mississippi County residents. R. L. Mack of Fort Smith was finest speaker at yesterday'3 meeting, which 17 nttcii'led. He cjis- cusscd basic steps in organizing the standing Cancer Committed. It was announced that the quota was exceeded in the recent cancer drive. (But' today, pro-covernment afternoon papers printed, a Washington United Press dispatch on the arms sale under a banner equalling the one on the stnry .about the loan. The papers plnved up the angle thai the salr signified support by he United states of the national povemmcnt in its fight against Communism. Observers s nid that actually f ,he United Stales was not yet prepir- rrf to go on record (!•; applying the Truman doctrine lo the China civil var as II had done In the case of irecce. The Soviet Union must lift her eco nomlc "Iron curtain" uround Ens Europo and let those countnes turn to normal trade practices wl the West U the U.SS.R. is to ' Jn the proposed Europe! reconstruction program, 11 W learned authoritatively today. That Is the major "price" tl United States probably will dcnmi for participation In any ,nld pi gram that .Includes the Soviet U Ion anil her eastern satellites. "Tills..Is no tlmo for Russia come around! with her hand oil' one official snkl. American officials admti thai It will lie a big price—mnylw loo big—for Ihc Bovlcts ''.o pny. They " for .1 Icht. l») nicnts on: the publlq • M?»nwlille. the senate upprpprln- lous commUt».e^moved to »veft an ill-out lluht'tm the senate fltfpr'i)>; g lo'a $470,000 Increase In funds tor the itntc department's Volcu of America" foreign broadcasts. The action came after the com- mUlco was Informed that the department recently dismissed 1Q em- ployes "considered bad security risks." One senator said that socnf —but not all—of th« employes hut been connected with the "Voice program. ,' In a compromise move, the com inlttcc agreed to boost » tBn.OO top limit on payments to state' 'oadcnstlng personnel to $1,167.WX he original provision was Vrllle ilo Hi,. 1B18 department nnproprla on hill to force .liquidation o , Tall-Hm-lley Labor Law If Schwetl-' mbach'n conciliation efforts faP- ed. KIJUB, whoso department rcllnqul- ihes its control over the mine's wheA ,hu Government contract expires Monday, said he doubted the Ta't- Hartley Act could break a possible coal strike. He snldho:felt further congressional action would be' necessary to coi>e with ^uch an emergency. , • ',' However, • Hcpiiblican. filrateglsts tho House nnd Senate .cold- Khouldcred suggestions' that new .legislation would be needed. Sou. .Joseph H. Ball, H.,. Minn., one of the chief advocates of the Taft-Harltoy Law, snld the 'eirter- gcncy section of the new act em- \iowarcil tho government to dcul with a coal strike. That section provides machinery to delay strikes affecting national health and safety for n |>erlod of 140 days. Ho\isc Republican Leader CharlSs A. Hallock said he could see "litt)» IxMSlblllty" of any more labor legls- lallon at tho current session. Government officials estimated the Nation's coal .stockpiles abore ground at 48,000,000 tons — enough for 32 days. But steel mills hafS lily iibouljB .two-week supply,, and omc railroads abmit 2S days' sup- ly. Officials nald the 10-rt«y mln- r»' VacBtlon, followed by recognlzc that it will call basic change In Soviet, policy. And they also are awar c Suii'.U's answer will carry with It probably They felt that If the' United t the answer to the whole! pence- State,; was ready to apply the Tru- making problem—will 10 or will H man 'doctrine to tlie China con-1 not be worthwhile to holj any fllct, the Stale Department an- further coujicll or forehn mlnlB- nouncemcnt of the sale wouldn't ter iiiecllngi on the German |jcace required n IcnRthy rxplana-j treaty? lion of why the ammunition was sent to China. lowing. They arc reported ready .mission's authority to charter ai.;l up for anothev try nearby.' operate the tankers was .supported by oil interests. It was ncccs'ary for the present to protect the flow of oil 'domestically In lr>ier- coastnl shipments and Ihc exchange of oil with foreign nalio is. The Scnalc aulhori7,cd continuance until July 15 of tho government's controls over exnarts imports. The House is rxpeclcri to lake similar action Mo:ids,y wlie:v ruck is said to be completely new -. . ith a wider and deeper drivers e.\!»ru, compartment anl a longer wnecjbasc.' Mr. Ele.h staled that the new ruck is equipped with a flcxi- mountcd cab, rubber cushioned for irolcclion against road shocks, torsion and "vibration. The public is nvitcd to see the 1943 model, ne •said. to foreign roimtrle.;. Chairman Owen Brewsic.-. Mi., of Ihe Senate Defense 7nvcE- tigating Committee called for a probe of the entire oil situallor., Including exports, domestic transportation problems and the Navy's oil purchases. Dutch Army Report Says Indonesian Fire Kith 4 7.26 Inches of Rain Fell During Torrent Here The wind-swept torrent that struck Blylhevllle briefly yesterday morning brought more than one and one-fourth Inches of rain. A rainfall measurement of 1 26 Inches was reported this morning by Robert B. Blaylock, official weather observer here. Temperatures yesterday under went little change but an Increase was noted during the night. A high of 85 degrees was recorded and during last night the mercury went to a low of 76 degrees, from eight to 10 degrees higher than the avcraga lows of tho past week. Whole American Policy Toward China Reviewed WASHINGTON. .Tune 28 (UP) — Th,, United States. Its 18-monUi "neutrality" nollr.v In China's civil war discarded, today studied new moves to holster Generalissimo Chlanc Kai-Shek's tottering government and armies. Recent Chinese Communists' successes on thn M'inchurlaii military fronts placed the whole American policy toward China under review bv the White House and the Slate Department. Under a J210.000.0CO contract slgn- Thc answer that Is ho[>ed for If unequivocal evidence by 3 ivict, I-'or eign Minister Vlaclicslav M. Mllo tov at Paris of Russia's wilHni to relax her economic grip on Ell ro|>e and earnestly coopcrivti: In recovery plan for all of Europe. The answer that is feared repetition of the old Bovlut lin which will leave only '.h= r.ltcrii? live of organl/lng a jccovivy pri gram for Western F.iuope an solidifying the already cxlstci East and West blocs. Chandler Treason Case Goes To ong crihl strike, would thro?* 2,000,000 .wortwr. OKl/ol their. Job* t»r he rrllrfdle"6f rVext^mbhth. ^J" ~ • Meanwhile, northern and «cater n operators reportedly .were consider- ng another contract offer, to Lewis n hopes of satisfying his demands 'or a wage Increase equivalent tc 3D cents and liour aud other, concessions. ... ' Before the negotl^tibna broki down several days ago, Lewis stl pulated that he wanted »n tnorens that would give his miners $65.25 fo a flvc-dny, 40-hour ,week> and VKf If they worked a sixth day on ovei time. . " The soullicrn coal operators can closer to matching Lewis'- demand offering (G3.50 for a five-day wee But they refused to grant porta mst of stale's direct broadcasting to-portal pay to which, the mine ctlvllles within three months. . have been accustomed. The Increase, however, will cu- . lilo the department to retain for n additional period Its foreign ra- lo proiirriin, before! turning most f It over to private broadcasters n a contract basis. ' Ship Strike Parley Delayed Until Monday cd Aug. 30. 1946. China received lltlc to large stocks of ncm-mlll- *ry equipment left behind on Pacific islands by American forces after the war. Large supplies of military equipment still arc available in the Pacific and might be sold to China. A restatement of policv toward China, also U under consideration. Since December. 1945. when the present Secretary of Stale, George Rites Held For Infant Funeral services were held Ihte afternoon at pogwood Riclfie Ccmc- Find Bodies Of Plane's Crew In Philippines BATAVIA; June 28. (UP)-A tcry for Edith LudlneGutfey. 12- Dutch communique today reported.nay-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. that Indonesian .Republican -Army- Frank C. Guffey. of jica.- Hlg!;- kllled one HOSTON, June 2B. (UP) — The treason case of Douglas Chandler, 5Et, former Baltimore newsman accused of selling out his country lo the Nazis for 30,000 relchmarks, went to the Jury In U. S. district court at 11:50 a.m. (EI)Ti today. The gaunt defendant was a forlorn figure, as tho 12 men re- C. Marshall, bcean his attempts to tired lo decide his fate—freedom or mediate China's civil war, the a penalty which might range five United States has demanded that years in prison lo death on the gal- China pet Us political house In or-1 lows. - • • • Federal Judge Francis J. W. Ford, a Harvard classmate of the Into President nooscvell. whom Ihc defendant often maligned In his Nazi propaganda broadcasts, charged the Jury for'one hour and 25 minutes, dcr bcfor c It could expect help. Pine Bluff Youth Killed In Accident Near Maiden \ NKW YORK. June 20. W.' — Little progress wns repnrt-vl lortay lo keep the strike rf 41.MO ship-'. workers at 10 East Co:i',l yards I from spreading across the nntlo.i at Nfonday midnight. Federal conciliators hoped to arrange a joint session of union and nellileliem Stcelc Co., bl|t there was no Indication they would succeed. Nine of Ihc struck yards belong lo Bethlehem, and the other Is the Brooklyn plant of the Atlantic Basin Iron Works Co. The three-day strike by the Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers (CIO) has stopped repairs on 86 vessels Rtid construction work on 15 large shl,):;. Charles Leone, union director, snitl negotiations would lie esumcd at 10 a. m. Monday l»- wccn union locals and two other tilpynrrts—the Federal Sl'tpbulld- ng and Drydock Co. at K«irny 1. J., and Ihe Todd Shipyards. He reported "lilllc or 110 prog re: a' when they adjourned yesterday. Some 110,000 workers were sched- ilcd to walk out throughout tin ulton if the wage dispute Is no sclllcd by Ihc Monday deadline. Minister Given 5 Years in Jail for, Burning Church MILWAUKEE, Juao ia. (UP)r- John Lewis, TJ-yenr old Welsh-b< •Presbyterian Minister convicted burning his church, today was 3 tcncc(i to serve one to five years hard labor at Waujmn Statc'Prii A pury returned a verdict Ciillly against the aged clcrgyr and author yesterday. It car with it a possible sentence of - mortar soidier fire had and wounded Dutch Jour in a scrie s of skirmishes. Tlie ccmmuniqu e reported that the fighting occurred along the demarcation line near Mcdan In Noith Sumatra. tower, who died yesterday at Walls Hospital. The Rev. T. Ij. Lewis oflciatcd. Her parents only survivors. Cobb Funeral charge.' were the baby's Homa 'was in June 2R. (UP)— All si crew members pi a U. S. Army C-*5 plane which hit Ml. Makaltng werc found dead In the wreckage today, It was announced officially. Apparently all aboard the plane were killed Instantly when " ed against the 3,630-fool mountain about 150 yards from the top. The plane had been missing for two days. Names of the dead v,'cr c withheld pendiiiR Hies. notification of their fam- Charles Ross. n-y?ar-o!rt son of Jesse Ross of Pine Bluff, was killed Instantly Thursday when p. truck struck the bicycle he WAS riding one mile South of Maidon, Mo. The youth was en rjute by bicycle to Gideon, Mo., to visit his mother, Mrs. Sara Senders. Coroner Walter Hawkins said 18-year-old Colin Eugene niankcnmlp of Canalou, Mo., driver of the truck, failed to see young Ross because of the blinding lights of a 'oils he had just passed. reviewing the intricate case In detail. Judge Ford Instructed the jury to bring In a general verdict of guilty or not guilty. He said In the event of a verdict of guilty "you will make special findings on each act or acts on which your verdict of guilty rests." He gave the jurors a printed form to facllllalc the breakdown of their findings, In event of a guilty verdict, on the 10 overt acts submitted for their consideration. Thc firc TUIch swept his Cal' Church here last January toi an estimated J150.0M damage.' Lewis looked haggard and ihavcn after a night in col ill. 'He took the announcemen icntcnce hy Municipal Judge 1 >crt Steffes calmly. . Stcffc s denied the plea of nsc Attorney Harry V. Mci for a new trial. Mcissncr ni that there wa s reasonable dou Lewis' guilty. Lewis has terme< charges against him "fantastic "I regret that It Is ncccssar short lime to remove from. < vineynrd one of his own wor said Stcffcs. "However, a lire congested city area is a s< crime." U. S. Steel Company Lays Off J0,000 Workers PITTSBUnOH. June 28. (UP)— The nation's «0,000 soft conl miners sUrtcd a 10-day vacation today and U. S. Sleel Corp. Announced Immediate layoffs for 10,000 workers because of reduced operations in fuel-starved steel mills. Big steel said M of its 130 open hearth steel furnaces In the Pittsburgh-Youngstown *re» were forc-r cd to close because coal supplies. Urges Europe's Coal Production Be Uppcd BRUSSELS, June 28. (Ul Eric Johnston, president of thi tlon picture Association o[ Anl suggested today that John L. and a good American coal mtr era tor should be brought to E lo speed up European coal pi tlon. Unless something; !s done the cbai output soon, Johnstor Europe will face another cold tcr. He said a fully productive might put Europe'on its (cet und believed American tec skill might turn the trtct • The b»ck-siimm*TS, oc bugs of our lake* *nd poo* of depleted up»We down. They Ite ot 1 backs, and use tbcir ico tc

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