The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
Page 1
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TACB TWO BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS 'WEDNESDAY, APRIti 2S, 199% Truman Sticks to Guns On Steel Despite Fire By O. MILTON KELI.Y WASHINGTON (AP) — President Truman, under heavy Senate fire and facing a. House move to impeach him, stuck to his guns today in the fight with Congress over hi» seizure of the steel plants. A powerful Senate drive to force him to cancel the seizure order fell just short of the two-thirds majority vote it required yesterday. But its Republican backers led by Sen. Knowland of California redoubled their cries of "dictator" and cast about for other devices. Actually 47 senators. 11 of Diem Democrats, voted tor Ihc move, and only 29 voted ngafnsl it. Nol a Republican voted "No". A switch of four votes would have provided the tvvo-lhirds margin needed to suspend Senate rules and permit action on Knowland's proposal to forbid the use of any federal funds in the seizure. The Senate Banking Committee Commodity And Stock Markets- N«w York Cotton May July Oct E«c Open High Low 1:15 4015 4016 391)1 38!il 3952 3952 3921 3931 3670 3679 3659 3670 3036 3044 3027 3638 N«w Orleans Cotton May July Oct Dec Oi>enHtgh Low 1:15 4012 4013 3387 3995 3945 3946 3923 3926 3663 3676 3G54 3669 3631 3640 3623 3040 Soytaons May July Sep Nov High Low Close 287 283 283',! 234 280H 280^ 2 76 14 273", 273'/i 27114 268V, 268',i N.w York Stocks A T and T 154 3-8 Amer Tobacco 56 3-8 Anaconda Copper 44 3-8 Chrysler . 13 1-8 Gen Electric 66 1-B Gen Motors 535-8 Montgomery Ward 60 3-8 N Y Central 19 1-4 Republic Steel 3!) 1-2 Radio 26 7-8 Socony Vacuum 37 1-2 Standard of N J 75 fiears 53 U S. Steel 38 1-4 Sou Pac 71 3-8 Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. Ill I(B— (USDA)—Hogs 9.500: opened moderately active. Inter slow: steady to 10 lower than Tuesday's • verage; loss mostly on 180:220 Ibs; . bulk choice Nos. 1, 2 and 3 180-230 Ibs 17.25-50; latter mostly foi choice Nos. 1 and 2 195-225 Ibs top to packers 17.35; 240-270 Ibs full width of choice grade 16.25 17.15; 280-350 Ibs 15.50-16.15; ISO 170 Ibs 15.50-17.00; 120-140 Ibs 13.25 ordered a new Invest [gallon into government handling of the steel dispute, which ninny of its mcm- )Drs have denounced vigorously. But the group quit talking about reprisals Umt might demolish the whole wide structure of wage and irlcc controls, although It called a month's delay In the writing of bill to continue thorn past the June 30 expiration dale. KXpert to Continue Controls Highly placed committee members, Including vigorous critics of the program, told a reporter they now expect the controls will be continued without much but probably only until next March instead of the two-year extension the President had requested. Meanwhile, Truman's boss o! the seized steel plnnts, Secretary o) Commerce Snwycr, was reporte( about to lake his first official move to hand the CIO steel workers big part of a disputed pay boost Employers refused to fjrant the raise without government permission to increase steel prices $12 a ton. The Senate Labor Committee, whose ^ past, notions have had a strong"* pro-administration flavor, called Philip Murray, CIO President and head o/ the steelworkers mlon, to nlr the workers' side of lie story at a public hearing today. The White House planner! to rc- ease during the day findings of he Mobilization Advisory CommU- ec, composed of re present A lives of industry, labor, agriculture and the public. Industry Should Justify Demands Sources which declined to be named told reporters this group, shown bias. The latter point was described s a unanimous finding, but Industry representatives rcpovtedly voted the (I r.s t one, and won support of some farm representatives In'Opposing the second. In the House, some Republican leaders Indicated privately they are not too happy over the move to Impeach the President, launched by Rep. Hale (K-Mc) without consulting them. But Hale reported he had picked up support for his resolution calling on the Rules Committee to investigate the seizure and report to the House "together with such resolution of impeachment or other recommendation as it deems proper." The language was identical, except for the names, to an abortive resolution in 1932 nhncd at. President Herbert Hoover. 22-Foot Indian Python Goes AWOL in State; Authorities Differ As to If It's Dangerous HONOIl STUDENTS—Valedictorian of Dell High School's 1052 graduating class is Sally Tale Oetlj. She Is the daughter o! Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Tate and is a member of the Beta Club. Jean Martin is clns.s Milutntorlan. She is the (laughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. A, Martin and is also a Beta Club member. Announcement was made today by Superintendent of Schools A. E. CaJdwell. ARK-MO 'Ike's' Pennsylvania Victory Brings Cry for 'Lion's Share' FT. SMITH, Ark. to)—An Indian python, 22 feet long, was absent without leave today from a carni- whEch has been appearing at jicarny Mulberry. Its owner said the snake wasn't dangerous" to humans or livestock. But at Little Rock, Zoo Director Raymond Gray said he wasn't so sure about that. The non-venemous reptile, which kills its prey with its crushing coils, apparently slithered out of its glass- lopped cage at the Moore Shows sometime Tuesday night or earlj yesterday. The more daring residents of the little village of Mulberry, armed with firearms and heavy sticks went snake hunting after the disappearance was reported. Carnival Operator Joe Moore and Brown Harn, the snake's owner said they thought the cage uius have been accidentally left un locked. Dogs and pats were locked in doors by owners fearful for their pels. Harn said the anake was harmless except to birds and small animals. He asked that it not be killed, Gray said th« well-fed pythons of captivity customarily are docile and easily handled, but that n hungry python "won't discriminate in Its choice of animals It must come cross." He declared that a 22-foot python could kill a grown cow—-or a man. Gray recommended that anybody finding the snake might "try to worry It Into a box or cage or use a net such as a fishing seine." "Or," he added, "you could use a snare or a lasso." Gray said he believed the python probably would first hide and then travel by night and coil up by day The escape was the second from a traveling show in Western Arkansas within less than six months, Last Nov. l a truck of the Campa Brothers Circus overturned while traveling through the Ouachita National Forest. Two leopards, thre» bears and a number of monkeys got loose. Both leopards were killed later. So were' two bears; tiic third was recaptured. The night before the truck overturned, a lion belonging to the circus had clawed to death a small girl at Muna, Ark. <Cojitlnued from rape 1) nro Gu.s B. Walton, Little Koch; Henry P. Trotter, Pino Bluff; Vance M. Thompson, McCrory, Ark.; August, L. Oriosptllcck, SI. Louis; Ciuy Ficeling, LILUc Rock: ami Edmund S, Cummings. Jr.. Winetkn. Ill, Other Ark-Mo officers elected to snrve for the cotnlnp year Include Gns B. Wnlton. vice-president; Charles R. Newconib of Blythevtlle. secrntnry - (ren.surcr; Franklin B. Atkinson of Blythevlllc. nurtllor ami assistant secretary; ftixd E. R, Mason of Blythcvlllc, nsstslant after a 25-inlnutc meeting with Truman, voted yesterday that (1) the Wage Stabilization Board acted within fixed policy In recommending a \l\-i cents an hour Increase for the steel workers: (2) the Industry now should publicly justify its demands for any price Increase in excess of S3 a ton; and im condemned critics who accused the WSIVs public members of having Negro Deaths heavier sows 13.75-H.75; stags 11,5013.50; boars 10.00-12.00. Cattle '2,000, calves TOO; moderately active early demand for steers and heifers with some .sales about steady; few loads and .small lots commercial and good 2B,25- 32.00; utility to low commercial steers 2G.50; cows draggy and bare ly steady; little done to packer In- 1 lerests; utility and commercial 22.nn-2-t.00; dinners and cutters ID.50-21.00; bulls .steady; utility rtnd commercial 23.00-2G.fiO; cutters 20,00-22.00; vcalers 1.00 lower; most good (\nd choice 29.00-35.00; sorted .... Dennis Burns Gravc.slde services for Dennis Uurns, 72, are to he conducted Sunday at n a.m. hi the Fisher Cemetery by Rev. W. J. Johnson. Burns died yesterday at his farm home near here utter an Illness of about two years. lie leaves an uncle, Clevc Hargrove of O.sceoln. Home Funeral Home Is in charge. Hy JACK HKM, PHILADELPHIA i.-D — Gen. 1 Owight D. Elsenhower's whopping popularity poll victory iti the Pennsylvania primary prompted demands by his backers In day for a lion's share of the state's 70 GOP presidential nommnlmg voles, But backers of Sen. Robert A. TaTt. of Ohio, the general's chief opponent for the Republican nomination, called the results "meaningless" so far as the division of convention votes is concerned. Eisenhower, completing liLs duties as NATO military commander before returning tn the United Stales, banged out what may be on the final count a 100,000-vote victory over Tuft in the popularity race. Former Gov. Harold E. Stasson of Minnesota, on the ballot with Eisenhower, trailed in third place In the, primary election yesterday. Contract Wan OUR Sitlrd It was a one--sided contest from the start since Taft kept his name off the ballot, nnri urged his backers not to write It in. He siud the results wouldn't affect the delegate lineup. However, in head-on contests foi eight delegate places from the Pittsburgh area, a slate of Eisen hower candidates led for six S^ht places and the Taft_slate was head for only two. 17 Loan To Ike \ Of 52 other delegates elected by : districts yesterday nnd 10 chosen; at large previously, Associated Press polls showed that 17 lean own I'd Eisenhower, 6 are favorable to Taft, 19 are uncommitted j intl 10 races are not yet settled. ' In the Democratic balloting. Sen. ; •Isles Kefauvcr, the Tennessee ' coonsklu-cap campaigner con tin- •. tied his practice of walking olf with) popularity contests. . \ With the Courts (Circuit Criminal): James Garner, burglary grnnd larceny. Kenneth Fisher, burglary grand larceny. , Quick Comfort for ilching, burning misery of Simple Piles with soothing, oil-rich 11 Resinol *Confai"n$ ionol'tn RESINOL™ Attends TB Board Meet William H. Wy»tU of Blythevlllc,' president of the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association, attended a meeting of the board of directors of the Arkansas Tuberculosis Association in I.Hltc Rock yesterday. He nnd Hays Sullivan of Burdette represent Mif-sisstppl Gouuty on. the state board.-- SALESMAN WANTED The B, F. Goodrich Company hus opening for a retail salesman In Dyershurp, Tenii. This Is a salary position with excellent employee Iwncfils, such a.s paid vacation, Group 1,1 fc Insrance, Annuities, Hospitallzalion and etc. Applicant must tiave previous sales cx- perlenc*.-, not necessarily In our line. Musi be. aggressive and ttie prnmninhlc type as Mils positlnn otters good opportunities fr>r ;ul- vancrriifrnts, n£e 23 to 30 \viMi hiijh .srhonl education. Apply \V. R. Davis, The B. F. Goorjrlch Store, 117 West' M^lift'^SLrecl, Blythe- lle, Arkansas — Wednesday and Thursday, April.23 and 24th. 15.25; 100-110 Ibs 13.00-13.75; sow. prime 37.00; utility and commer- 400 Ibs down 15.00-50; few 15.75; clal 20.00-27.00. Moths—Stay Away From My Clothes! And They Will-In Our Storage Vault Our certified cold storage vaults give you full protcclion against moth damage as well as insurance against loss by fire or theft. All your woolen clothing, your blankets, your drapes as well as your fur pieces deserve the best protection . . . Certified Cold Storage .Call Hlythcville Laundrv-Cleaners NOW for free pickup service. The number?—4118. Laundry & Cleaners Phon. 4418 g COLD FDR 1 £ STORAGE : VAULTS Out They Go! This Clearance Wed.-Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. ALL LADIES COATS & SUITS Price This Includes all Ladies Toppers Buy Now and Save LaBelle Shop Includes All Girls Coats & Suits Here is the Chance a Life Time to be FOR PEREL APJD L3WEF3STEIZV -KNOT This is a real live television show . . . from the SI^'TO of the Malco Theatre in Memphis . . . every other Wednesday . . . starling lonighl. April 23, at 10 P.M. After tonight the show •will be n\ 9 P.M. This television show Will lecture the lop amateur talent of the Mid-South. The grand prize oi this amateur contest is d 5 day all expense tour to New York Cily with an audition on a big New York show plus $500 in cash. The 2nd Prize is A S300 Happiness Diamond Ring. Fnch show, the 1st priza winner receives a $71.50 Gruon walch. li you are an amateur „,. it you havft talent ... Clip and mail this coiap&n today! W M C T Memphis, Tenn. (Male) (Female) On Stage" Nom« Typ« of Talent. 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