The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on September 17, 1936 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 17, 1936
Page 12
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THE UAKEK8KIJ5LD CAUl-'OUNiAN, THURSDAYf SBt»TfiMBBR 17, 108« . »«" ^*-'- J -;.*,-"'.';'• A ';"'"""<"'"*' : "' - ~ -'" * * .... -.,>-...- .. - >- ,.i .r.i..i.S-..'...->... ......._. ... . .....* ..- ..... g... ...->'.. t'.i- ,.. t. .,v,,, ^^^^j^m^m:^, -x? ^ ' , "•.! r *'•"••';/ i*,^ ''• " ' r ' ,.' ,i . „'..,',.-!:,„ TWO HAVE DRAMATIC ROLES, NILE NOW SHOWING "MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN" For the Boil Looking Qal In Ohlnt GARY COOPER Madeleine CARROLL IDE GENERA! atJM WIlUMlTlUWLEV ALSO Robert Young—Florence Aloe "SWORN ENEMY" POPEYE CARTOON—NEWS mid .In I lit liayden See What Happens IN A GIRLS' DORMITORY SUNDAY Three Days Left to Enter Contest Only lliroo more days aro left 'for boyu and glrtB of BaUersfield bo- twoari tho age* of 0 and 12 to sub- mil n««ay» of 60 wordn or leas in tho L.OH Angles county fair Shirley Toitiplo doll content, "Why I Would Ilka to go to tlio I..OB Angolnn county fair." J'jnna.yn urn to bo uubinlttod to tho titaimgern of the Fox, Nllo or California. UienierH on or boforo Saturday, Hoptnmber .10, nnd tho prize Hhfrloy 'rvmplo ranger dolla can bo Bpt-ii on display at any of thcso NOW| Ends SATURDAY 4 BIG HITS William POWELL Myrim LOV "The THIN MAN" Jenn PARKER "SEQUOIA" On the Stnuo • In Pernon J> Seer - Author, Paychologlut W\,. Lfl* Cnrtoon - Niiwn Event» GRANADA LAST TIMES TODAY Fny WflAY, Rnlph BELLAMY "ROAMING LADY" and IRVIN 8. COBB In "EVERYBODY'S OLD MAN" N«w» ontl Short Subjecto VIRGINIA Ln«t Day—QENB RAYMOND "LOVE OH A BET" and Big Alrplim* Thriller "SKY BOUND" Comedy, Cnrtoon and Nnws TOMOROW 2 ACE HITS OONTINUOUH AHEM 7 P. M. M*ttn«f 8*lurd*v 'i n m. A Thrilling Advnnlure With the Rough Rldori JACK HOLT In ZANE OREY'S "EKD OF THE TRAIL" With "Fill) nOY" WILLIAMS LOUIHE HENRY PLUS MARY BOLAND IULIE HAYDON DONALD WOODS I.AAT TIMF8 TOMII1HT 7 p. M, "CASr OF THE Vr.LVtl CLAWB" —«nd— "HOLLYWOOD IIOULKVAIID" BAKERSFIELD ^ 18 SEPT. ALTA VISTA DRIVE AND BERNARD 1080 .PEOPLE 812 WILD ANIMALS 30 ELEPHANTS $7,500 DAILY EXPENSE and CLYDE BEATTY'S Trained Wild Animal Exhibition IMPERIAL ILLINGTONS, AerlalKts HAROLD BARNES Intrepid Wire Dancer PEERLESS FLYING HAROLDS J 400 Circus Performer | DOORS OPEN 1 & 7 • PERFORMANCES - 2 and 8 P. M. I RESERVED AND AOMIBBION TICKUTB ON SALE CIUCUB DAY AT KIMBALL .t STONE, DRUGS. NINETEENTH AND CHESTER AVENUE TODAY UUffl Dunn In W hill ing Yarn "I CONQUER THE SEA" Edw. Mortoti, Olerutn rnrrntl "NOBODY'S FOOL" Atso Conietly AIU) Nowireel LAST DAY — 2 BIO FEATURES The Drnmntlc BurprUn of Ihn Ynnr Pal O'Ci'leii—J. Hutchlniun In "I MARRIED A DOCTOR" Biul DICK FORAN In "SONQ OF THE 8ADDLE" Coi»ody Cnrtoon News Boys' Classes Now Ht'intf Kornicd in 'I'lip and Acrobatic Dancing ut the Eddie Garret! Dance Studio 101 Trnxtun Avenue Phone KM Watch for Opening Date or the Fior D' Italia Cafe in New Location at 1001 Nineteenth Street See Tomorrow's Cflllfornlnn Old Locntlon Cloned Now Watch for Opening of the NEW HINKY DINKY I Oc HOUSE 1924 L Street Vlto Giuntoll, Proprietor Mo»t Unique Cnfe CHOW MEIN CHOP SUEY 25c Served From l > p. m. to HiJO p. in. Daily FREE COCKTAIL With ftOo Order or Moid Chilian or Anterlcnn Olnlicn THREE FLOOR SHOWS NIQHTLY EL ADOBE MOTOR HOTEL Union Avtnua it T»rrac» Way Speolilltlnf In Do Luxe Dinner* and the Flnut Mixed Drinks TV>NAI.D WOOIJ8 nnd Julia •*-' Haydcn liuve rolew both (Ira- malic ami romantic In "A Hon Mouifi" BOlimliilPil to opnn png(iKfni''iit nt lh« Nllo lln'/Hcr tiiiiKirrow nl^lit with Mury Holatnl In hor fli'Ml clrniiin- tic roli> on tho Horcon. Thn cuiii- ruiiilnii iilciuro "Knil oT Ilio Trull" wan wrllli'ii liy Aincrloa'H nco of uclloii wrlli'i's, Xiuin (In-y ami Hiarn Jacli Holt, tHipulur field favorite'. It IH a pul tali! ol' Did Anififlcari ItoiiKl) Hld- CI-H tlin daredevil battalion that Htfirrnotl thn road lo K'ory up th fl Iiulli'l-Hvvc'pl trull of Han HIM. This awarding of tho prlra dolls will take lit thn fox Mickey Mouno Clulj mooting on Saturday morning, Hrplombur 20, and other Hhlrk-y Tompl'1 clollH will bn awarded to thcmo aitt'tidliiK llilH meeting. Tho GonUml In sponHorod by tho l/o* AngelcH County Fair Association through tho co-oporatlon of the Fox theatvni and Tlw Hakomfleld Call- fornlafi. Tho hugo task of reading tho him- drodn of enBayw already received has begun by tho judges. «•• ......... More Research on Social Aims Need (Unlttid I'rrt/i leaned Wire) HAN FltANCIHCO, Sept. 17.— JiLtnvH \>. Matthews, chairman of tho California unemployment reserves coinrnliiHlon, told delcgatcn to tho (.•oiifi-roiMio on unemployment corn- pc'iiwitlon horn, that there wa« need roi- morn ri'Hcurch on social prob- lon»K. "ICIghty per cent of nil research Horn toward malorlttl PIH|«," ho wild, "and only 20 pi;r cent for nodal cndH. i IJiii'inployiiinnt compensation re pro- NPulB a frontier IIH dlil tho Orogon trull or California of tho gold ninh dayH." Other Mpoakcrn Included Mlchard M. NciiHlndt, n.'glonnl director of Ihn (..'fillfornln Hoolnl Hoourltk-H Hoard, nnd Otto Tt. Marl wig, of Kali'm, Oregon. POPULAR TUA.WTA RAY, popular local J nlnger will again entertain tho public at l/i Granada Ballroom which reopens Saturday, September 10. Duo to tho popularity of Thursday night dancos last year, thoy will bo continued again this year, Tine Johnson, manager stated. Tho first will bo held September 24 featuring Merlo Carlson's orchestra, recently returned from a summer engagement In Mono- lulu. Other well-known bands Will bo booked from tltno to llmo. Duncan Carlylo Johnson's 10- pleco La Granada Ballroom band assisted by TJIS Roy McRay as woll 0.1 M|HH Hay promise tho dancing public dollghtful enter- talnmnnt In Ibis ballroom render/- VOUH, tty MAE SAUNDBRS PHIS General Died at Dawn," now L at the Fox, IB a melodrama so plausibly -put together,, with such original photography that tho aver* ago picture, /an -will' overlook tho somewhat stale plot. The netting of war-torn China, u Chinese General Chang and unusual episodes fronhqn up the situation of the hero O'tTara, who Blights the duly of smuggling money through to the rebels plotting lo overthrow Chang, when ho fn.llM In lovo.wlth a beautiful blotide. The rent of his time he In bemt'on trying to undo his original HI Intake. The characterization la excellently done by the young playwright, Clifford OdetH, who managed-Nome real momenta'in tho tense situations that make the picture one of the beat Of hair-raising adventure stories of the past fow months. Gary Cooper la cast as the young American hero who Is bent on saving millions of plundered Chinese from the avaricious Chang, and Madeline Carroll Is the blonde lure, I1ABY GKTS TKKTIT KAKLY TAMPA, Kla., Sept. 17. (U. P.)— Robocca Wood has a full sot of 20 baby tenth at tho ago of 20 months anil holds the record for reported IrintimuoB of early thovelopmenl of teoth. Kobccca's nearest competitor la bollovod to bo a Boston child, who had 18 teotb when 1(1 months old. 1'OOH HUNTING BUBKEUL., Calif.. Sept. 17. (U. P.) With the California 'deer hunting season In full swing, t\yo hunters hero' admit that their entire toll to dale has been seven skunks anil ono JO-ratllo rattlesnake. X Is We&Kniiv * else Picture IN "SEQUOIA" Juan Parker I N ANSWER to the demands of thousands the Fox California theater haa brought back to their screen two of tho most outstanding pictures of the last 10 years, on tho same program. Tho first Is tho funniest mystery over filmed, "Tho Thin Man," starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. The second feature Is tho beautiful and thrilling "Sequoia," starring Jean Parker and Hussoll Hardle. Tho appearance of Doctor "X" on tho stago, a cartoon and news events completes tho program. JUdy, (Madeline Carroll), .who geta him to tako a train instead of a plane. O'Hara' Is betrayed Into tho hands at Chang and hte warriors, and held prisoner. Ho escapes only to fall into Chang's hands again when ho is attempting to'find tho money belt that Chang had on- trusted to tho father of Judy. Mut Peter, tho father, had Ideas of taking a midnight boat to America, and before he Is killed, had 'hidden tho money belt. Just as a general mas* sacro is ordered by Cliahg, a surprise episode turns the tables while In tho meantime, Judy has .proved that she really loves the young hero and that sho has a heart of gold. Climax Thrilling One of the best moments In tho picture Is Cooper convincing Chang that such a general as ho, cannot die so obscurely and that some one must bo left to tell of, his courage and the courage of his men who die with him. --'••' Most of tho ordinary cliches of photography ttro omitted and tho film moves at top speed. It has the clever directorial touches of Lewis Milestone. Mr. Cooper adds another triumph to his long list and Miss Carroll shows acceptable talent as tho heroine. Aklm Tamiroff is ox celtent as the vicious General Tang and Dudley Dlgges Is not quite convincing as the opposing oriental leader because of his Irish-Oxford speech. Porter Hall comes through with a ,fino performance as the dissolute father of Judy, and William Frawley has the small but effective rolo of Brighton, the man who is to furnish guns to whichever side brings him the money. More Gangsters Tho second picture on the bill is another run-of-the-mill gangster film, "Sworn Enemy," with Robert Young as "Hank" Sherman who sets out to uncover a bunch of racketeers who have done his brother and employer to death. Florence Rico Is tho heroine who aids Hanks and gives evidence ol being a competent little actress Joseph Oallela, as tho crippled gang ster boss, gives tho best charactorl zatlon of the piece. Lewis Stone Is Dr. Simon Qattle, an ex-convict who has been framed years before by the gangsters and Nat Pendelton Is cleverly dumb as tho pugilist who has a largo share In pushing the anemic plot around. . Como to Welll's for the Smartest Hats in Town buys the biggest Value in Electric Refrigeration EASY TERMS Rtjrigerator valuti you can jff/ /;/ Kelvinator, and only in Kelvinator, do you get all these outstanding Jeaturt): 1. lull|.|n,Th»rmom»t»r 2. Certificate of Low C»»t of Operation 3. Now beauty In doilgn 4t five-Year Protection flan 5. flexible grldi In all Ice Irayi In •londard model* 6. Interior light 7. food crliper 8. Vegetable baikef 9. Automatic defrosting twitch 10. Hiding iholvoi No more guessing about cabinet temperatures. Right before your eyes, when you open your Kelvinator, is Kclvitiiitor's unicjiic Built-m Thermometer that tells yuu your food is safe nt all times. A written Certificate of Low Cost of Operation assures YOU in advance that Kclvinator's current consumption will be amazingly small. Actually it will be one-halt to two-thirds less than that of many refrigerators now in use. Kelvinator gives you a written and signed assurance of dependable service, backed by the manufacturer's PROTECTION Five-Year Protection Plan. Yet Kelvinaror costs no more than other mechanical refrigerators. And you tan buy it forns little as 15c a day I NVc'll be proud to have you tome in and inspect the new Kelvinator today. 1936 KELVINATOR A «| gig s w n ' g^fc COLD ECONOMY nada all room Announces THE GALA WINTER SEASON OPENING Saturday, September 19 Duncan Carlyle Johnson'H La Granada Ballroom Bond Aulited by JUANITA RAY and LE ROY McRAY 40c OniKliij Until Coming Attraction—-Merle Carlson's Orchestra, Thursday, September 2<\ 1 It's an Edict for Fall!!! SPORTS ADDICTS- MIX YOUR OWN There's a Dashing Smartness to SKIRTS Tluit. makes them swing into line as prime fa dors in the Fall Sports Ensemble. Wool Sports Materials and Botany Flannel. Flannel CULOTTES Are Here! $5 95 Gadabout JACKETS Ultra smart, nnlined jackets with high built plateau shoulders. A real sport model with action back, full belted, hyo patch pockets and extra large lapels. In blue or brown. But What Good Is a Skirt Without a Smart Looking SWEATER s Choose your own pel styling, b6 it short or long sleeves or no sleeves at all! lligh neck, open neck, zipper uppers, button uppers or pull-overs! $195 to $595 TUNIC BLOUSES Of rustling celunese laffela in solid dark tones . . . Flattering lengths SPORTS BLOUSES Including those of gleaming satin. Some tailored broadcloth shirts. Ideal for sweaters. Other styles in smartly tailored and frilled types. $1.25 to $2.98 Girls' Genuine MOCCASIN OXFORDS » " Excellent for School—White Elk, Hrowu Elk, ^ Smoked Elk, Rubber Soles nnd Heels ..................... A Bonulno mocca«tn in something special Soo window dlHplny/nud lotim \vlmt It U tlmt wiikcm It rcii)! Skirts to Match Art Department FALL FASHION SHOWING Bucilla Handknit Ensembles . . .Coals. Dresses ... Suils . .. Blouses, etc., displayed on living models. \ 2:30 p. m.-On the Balcony Tomorrow arid Saturday The new Bucilla yarns are here. Ask Mrs. Lee to show them to you along with the new patterns. » Trans Radio News Flashes brought to you daily except Sunday—12 to 12:15 p. m. over Radio Station W6XAI by

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